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Update 1/18/21

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Torah Parsha

One might ask why post the order of Torah study? First it would be on our part very disrespectful to YHVH our Elohim to assume we have been given the book of life and no ordered lesson plans, knowing all good human teachers use them. Why then would we of Yisrael think we are to establish an ordered plan for these Torot-Instructions-Torah-laws reading on each set apart day. The Parshas have always been apart of the old ways established by the scribes, Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 18:15 the simple way. Each of the Moadim have the commandment of a Miqra Kodesh-an assembly set apart for readings. We parsh-seperate the Scripture to establish an ordered reading for the Shabbats. The word Parsha H6567 a primitive root which means to separate, disperse, specify. In Vayikra-Lev. 24:12, the word parsha is translated as "showed", where Moshe is asking for understanding in the matter of one caught blaspheming the name of YHVH. In Ba Midbar-Num.15:34, one found gathering sticks (to light-build a fire, do not this) on Shabbat, to Parsha-"declare" what was to be done. Nechemyah-Nehemiah 8:8, so they read in the scroll of the Torah of Elohim the Parsha-"distinctly", and back in verse 2, and it was the first day of the seventh month, meaning it was Yom Teruah-Trumpets, (and Rosh Chodesh) so the Torah Parshas for that day were read. History indicates that these Parshas were established by the Scribes before this time, their names derived from the first words in each Parsha.The history of Brit Chadash-New testament confirms these Parshas were being read in the assemblies-churches in Maaseh Shlichim-Acts 15:21, (those returning to Elohim) to hold back from pollutions of the idols, and fornication, and the strangled, and blood for Mosheh from ancient times, every generation, in every city, the Torah readings bring to mind again (Torah of Moshe, which is the Word of YHVH) in the synagogues-or assemblies on every Shabbat. This is understood from the Greek Interlinear. The four listed requirements bring a person into basic kadosh-set apartness that the people of the assemblies may have fellowship and eat together and learn Moshe. In addition there are Parshas listed for each of the Kadosh Days-Moadim. And the name church came about long after the first century think, if one said, church who would know what and you might be stoned? For more information see Nazarene History.

The Haftarah Parsha's are readings from the Prophets Masseh Shlichim-Acts 13:27. These readings may differ somewhat according to differing traditions.

The Brit Chadashah-New Testament readings were established according to subject content and added at a later date.

The Haftarah and the Brit Chadashah-New Testament parshas compliment the Torah parsha for that Shabbat. These Parshas are best done in each group with all participating, including children in an order that is best for that group which will establish a CUSTOM-TRADITION for future generations.

The lunar calendar first light of the moon the first sighting determines the months for Yisrael and the solar for the annual cycle. The month Aviv (first month) determines when the year begins Shemot-Exodus 12:2, which means the seasons must be kept in their proper time. For the barley must be ripe for the wave sheaf offering, the first day of unleavened bread this way the seasons remain correct. [ this method by Juda: The extra month of Adar (to expand) is adding in the leap year which can occur seven years out of a nineteen year cycle which is called the Hebrew calendar. By following this calendar maintains the seasons, the correct way is the barley ripe for the wave sheaft offering or not then the added time for ripening of the barlet, the Moadim-appointed times months are by the moon sightings. This method adds 4 to 5 Shabbat's in the leap year, and you may see notes in some of the Parshas indicating their individual or combined readings. We have no records of an added month in scripture.

Torah Parsha Baruch atah before reading:

Baruch atah YHVH, our Elohim, King of the universe, Who selected us from all the people and gave us His Torah-Instructions. Baruch atah YHVH, Who gives of the Torah, and now may we Shema-hear and understand. Yadah-extended hand of confession and thanks.

After the readings:

Baruch atah YHVH our Elohim, King of the universe, Who has given us Instructions of truth and faithful prophets and planted eternal life in our midst, Baruch atah YHVH, Giver of the Torah. It is a Tree of life to those who take hold of it, and those who support its ways. All its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace. Bring us back YHVH to You, and we shall come, renew our days as of old, Berakah-to kneel, bow, to praise.

Torah Parshas, Haftarah and Brit Chadasha: (Please click on the links below for each Parsha study)

(1) B'Resheet-In Beginning 1:1-6:8 Shabbat after
Yeshayahu-Isaiah 42:5 43:10 Yochanan-John 1:1-18
(2) Noach-Rest-6:9-11:32 Yeshayahu-Isaiah 54:1-55:8 Mattityahu-Matthew 24:36-44
(3) Lekh Lkha- get yourself out-12:1-17:27 Yeshayahu-Isaiah 40:27-41:16 Romiyah-Romans 3:19-5:6 and chapter 6: all
(4) Vayera-He appeared-18:1- 22:24 Melechim-2nd Kings 4:1:37 Yaakov-James 2:14-24
(5) Chayai Sarah-life
Melechim -1st Kings1:1-31 Mattityahu-8:19-22 Luke 9:57-62
(6) Toldot-history-25:19-
Malachi 1:1-2:7 Romiyah-Romans 9:6-16
(7) Vayetze-he went out-28:10-32:3 Hoshea 12:13-14:10 Yochanan-John 1:43-51
(8) Vayishlach-he sent 
Hoshea 11:7-12:12 Qorintiyah-1st Corinthians 5:1-13
(9) Vayeshev-he continue living -37:1-40:23 Ahmos 2:6-3:8 Maaseh Shlichim-Acts 7:9-16
(10) Mikketz-at the end-
Melechim Alef 3:15-4:1 Maaseh Shlichim-Acts 7:37-50
(11) Vayigash-He approached-44:18-47:27 Yechezkel 37:15-28 Yochanan 10:11-19
(12) Vayechi-he lived 
Melechim-1st Kings 2:1-12 Ivrim-Hebrews 11:21-22 Kepha Alef-1stPeter 1:1-9, 2:11-17
(13)[ Shemot-Names-Exodus] 
Yeshayahu 27:6-28:13 Yochanan-John 17:24-26
(14) Va-Era-I appeared 6:2-9:35 Yechezkel-Ezekiel 28:25-29:21 Romiyah 9:14-20 Qorintiyah-2ndCorinthian 6:14-7:1
(15) Bo-go-10:1-13:16 Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 46:13-28 Gilyahna-Revelation 19:1-16
(16) B'Shallach-after he had let go-13:17-17:16 Shophtim 4:4-5:31 Gilyahna-Revelation 15:1-8
(17) Yitro-Jethro-18:1-20:26 Yeshayahu-Isaiah 6:1-7:14 Timtheous Alef-1st Timothy 3:1-17
(18) Mishpatim-rulings or justices-judgments-21:1-24:18 Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 34:8-22 31:31-34 Ivrim-Hebrews 9:1-22
(19) Terumah-contribution 25:1-27:19 Melechim Alef 5:12-6:13 Ivrim-Hebrews 8:1-13
(20) Tetzaveh-you are to order-27:20-30:10 Yechezkel-Ezekiel 43:10-27 Phylypseyah-Philippians 4:10-20
(21) Ki Tissa-when you take 30:11-34:35 Melechim Alef-1st Kings 18:1-39 Qorintyah Bet-2nd Corinthians 3:1-8
(22) Vayachel-he assembled 35:1-38:20, In 12 month year read with 23, 13 month year read separately Melechim Alef-1st Kings 7:40-50 Ivrim-Hebrews 13:1-14-the I Am Yochanan-John 8:58, Shemot-Exodus 3:14 and Bamidbar-Numbers 23:19 Son Of Man that He change NOT
(23) Pekudei-accounts 38:21-40:38 In 12 month year read with 22, 13 month year read separately Melechim Alef-1st Kings 7:51-8:43 Devarim 11:13 - 15 Maaseh Shlichim-Acts 1:1-26
(24) [Vayiqra-Leviticus]-He called 1:1-6:7 Yeshayahu 43:21-44:23 Romiyah-Romans 8:1-13
(25) Tzav-give an order 6:8-8:36 Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 7:21-8:3 Romiyah 12:1-8
(26) Shmini-eighth 9:1-11:47 the distinction of Kadesh and common and the tame-unclean filthiness defiled 2931 and clean, ceremonial and moral pure tahor 2889 Schmuel Bet-2nd Samuel 6:1-7 :17 Moshe-Markus 7:1-23 Shem Tov image 0397 lines 1-12
(27) Tazria-she conceives 12:1-13:59, In 12 month year read with Parsha 28, 13 month year read separately Melechim-2st Kings 4:42-5:19 Mattityahu 8:1-4, Luke 17:11-19
(28) Mtzora-Person with tzaraat-leprosy, 14:1-15:33, read 13 Melechim Bet-2nd Kings 7:3-20 Moshe-Mark 5:24-34
(29) Acharei Mot-after the death, 16:1-18:30

In 12 month year read with 30, 13 month year read separately



Yeshayahu-Isaiah 52:13-53:1-12

This Haftarah was changed by the Rabbinic leaders, as it reveals the coming one, Yahshua Meshiach. last word verse 5 to stay permanently, first word verse 6 first word, our end

Ivrim-Hebrews 7:23 to end, and chapter 9:10 to straighten and impose-Torah see later to read Pslam 110 also Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 31
(30) Kedoshim-set apart people, 19:1-20:27

In 12 month years read with 29, 13 month year read separately

Ahmos 9:7-15 Maaseh Shlichim-Acts 15:1-21 Shem Tov the circumcision stands
(31) Emor-speak-21:1-24:23 Yechezkel-Ezekiel 44:15-31 verses 23 and 24 teach between clean and common Qolesayah-Colossians 2:11-23
(32) BaHar-on mount

25:1-26:2, In 12 month year read with 33, 13 month year read separately

Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 32:6-27 Luka 4:16-21, Galutyah-Galatians 5:1-13
(33) BeChukkotai-by My chukim-laws-26:3-27:34

In 12 month year read with
32, 13 month year read separately

Yirmeyahu 16:19-17:14 Ephsiya-Ephesians 2:11-19 circumcision

Shem Tov imsge 0352 line 6, image 0355 line 9,

and 0356 line 7, 0362 line 4

(34) [Ba'Midbar-Numbers], in the wilderness of- 1:1-4:20 Hoshea 2:1-22 Gilyahna-Revelations 7:17
(35) Naso-take-4:21-7:89 Shophtim-Judges 13:2-25 Maaseh Shlichim-Acts 21:17-32
(36) B'Haalotcha-and when you set up-8:1-12:16 Zecharyah 2:14-4:7 Ivrim-Hebrews 4:1-16
(37) Shlach Lecha-send on your be haft-13:1-15:41 Yhoshua-Joshua 2:1:24 Ivrim-Hebrews 3:6-19
(38) Korach-Korah 16:1-18:32 Schmuel Alef-1st Samuel 11:14-12:22 Yahudah-Jude 1-25
(39) Chukkat-Statue-Ordinance-19:1-22:1 [red hefier] In 12 month year read with Parsha 40, 13 month year read separately the replacement of the red hefier now by the cleansing by sprinkling the nations Yeshayahu 52:15 and Shem Tov Image 0120 line 8 word # H5137 a concealed secret thing of the heavens and Image Shem Tov 0374 line # 32 Kippur # H3732 and H5150 repenting of Mattityahu The book numbered 12 begins image 0352 Shophtim-Judges 11:1-33 Yochanan-John 3:9-36

(40) Balak-22:2-25:9 in 12 months year read with 39, 13 months year read separately note: 23:19 not a man to lie El [the words] Ben Adam change


Mikah-Micah 5:6-6:8


Kefa Bet-2nd Peter 2:1-22

(41) Pinchus-25:10-29:40 Melechim-Kings Alef-first 18:46-19:21 Maaseh Shlichim-Acts 2:1-21, the Chag, Festival of weeks-Greek Pentacost count 50
(42) Mattot-Tribes


In12 month year read with 43, 13 month year read separately

Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 1:1-2:3 Mattityahu-Matthew 5:33-37, Romans 11:11-36, Hebrew words tribes 4294 and 7626 grafting and scion wood
(43) Masaei-Journeys pull up to travel-33:1-36:13

In 12 month year read with 42, 13 month year read separately

Yirmeyahu 2:4-28 Yaakov-James 4:1-12
(44) [Devarim-Deuteronomy Words]-1:1-3:22 Yeshayahu-Isaiah 1:1-27 & Yirmeyahu 51:5-10 Yochanan-John 15:1-11
(45) VaEtchanan-I plead 3:23-7:11 Yeshayahu-Isaiah 40:1-30 Matthew-Mattiyahu 4:1-11 Mosheh-Mark 12:28-34
(46) Ekev-Because


Yeshayahu-Isaiah 49:14-51:3, 52:1-15 Luka 4:1-13
(47) Re'eh-Behold


Yeshayahu-Isaiah 44:11-45:5 and 54:11-55:5 Yochanan Alef-1st John 4:1-24-2:18-25 Hebrews 4:1-12
(48) Shoftim-Judges


Yeshayahu-Isaiah 9:1-6 and 49:1-6 He The Father calls Yeshua, Yisrael, verse:3 Maaseh Shlichim-Acts 7:35-60
(49) Ki Tetze-When you go out-21:10-25:19 Yeshayahu-Isaiah 40:1-11 Moshe-Mark 1:1-15
(50) Ki Tavo-When you come-26:1-29:8 Yeshayahu-Isaiah 60:1-22 Mattityahu-Mathew 13:1-30
(51) Nitzavim-Standing 29:9-30:20, In12 month year read with 52, in 13 month year read separately Yeshayahu-Isaiah 61:1-63:9 Yochanan 9:1-34
(52) Va Yeilech-And he went-31:1-30

In 12 month year read with 51, in 13 month year read separately

Hoshea 14:2-10 Ivrim-Hebrews 9:1-10, Mattityahu-Matthew 28:16-20 [verse 19 added from earth to teach, not of the text]
(53) Ha Azinu-give ear-hear 32:1-52 Schmuel-2nd Samuel 22:1-51 Romiyah-Romans 10:14-21
(54) VeZot ha Brakhah-And by the Blessing-33:1-34:12 Annual Shabbat in Sukkot Yahoshua-Joshua 1:1-18 Mattityahu-Matthew 17:1:9, Yaakov-James 1:8-11

The Kadosh-set apart days, Moadim-appointed times of YHVH: Vayiqra-Leviticus 23 His appointed times- H4150 The Kadosh Moadim-Set Apart Days-Annual Festival days-Chagim a full moon day: Shemot-Exodus 23:14-16 three times a year you shall keep a festival to Me.

Readings the Psalms 113-118, for each of the three Chagim-Festivals days, Chag Matzot-Unleavened Bread, Chag Shavout-Festival of Weeks, Chag Sukkot-Festival of Tabernacles-temporary dwellings or tents these are also called foot Chagim, full moon days and all the males shall appear before YHVH Devarim 16:16, and for all dedications.

When traveling to the Chagim ascending up, Psalms 120 through 134 are read and to sing.

The Shabbat Shabbaton, The Moad of YHVH six day are to work and on the day seventh a Shabbat Shabbaton-Seventh day Rest an assemble kodesh-set apart any work not shall be done, a Shabbat to YHVH in all your dwellings. Reading on the Shabbat Psalms 145-150 and 135-136

The Moad of Pesach-Passover-Haggadah-The Telling: The evening of the 14 into the night of the 15th, this month to be the head of the year, first month Aviv Hebrew word number 24, Vayiqra-Leviticus 23

Choq Matzot-Unleavened Bread Day one for you a memorial: An annual Shabbat, Shemot-Exodus 12:14-51 and 13:4-10 Barmidbar-Numbers 28:16-25 Devarim 16:1-12 Mattiyahu 26:17-32 Vayiqra-Leviticus 23

Bikkurim-Firstfruits-Wave sheaft Offering: Vayiqra-Leviticus 23:9-16 Deuteronomy-Devarim 16:9-12 Yahoshua-Joshua 5:1-12 Corinthians 1st 15:1-26. The counting for the Omer begins at the cutting of the Omer, evening of the fourteenth into the fifteenth dusk, 50 days and the 7 weeks.

Choq Matzot-Unleavened Bread: Weekly Shabbat among the days of Unleavened Bread, Shemot-Exodus 33:12-34:25 Yochanan and Mark 14:12-26 hymns are Psalms 113-118 also read Psalms 78 and 113 thru 118

Choq Matzoth-Unleavened Bread: Day seven Annual Shabbat, Shemot 13:17-15:27 Bamidbar-Number 28:17-25 1st Corinthians 10:1-16

Choq Shavuot-Festival of Weeks: Shemot-Exodus Chapters 19 & 20 Bamidbar-Numbers 28:26-31 Vayiqra-Leviticus 23:16-22 Deuteronomy-Devarim 16:9-12 Acts 2:1-47, Devarim 26 to a place YHVH shall choose, Psalms 113, and to the ending of 118, Yeshayahu-Isaiah 40:1-5, 48:15-22, 49:1-13, 51:15-17, 51:6-7, 52:15, 58:13-14, All of the Mashiyach-Messiah Yeshayahu

Choq Yom Teruah-Festival of Trumpets and A Rosh Chadesh, seventh mounth: Beresheeth-Genesis Chapters 21 & 22 Vayiqra-Leviticus 23:24-25 Bamidbar-Numbers 29:1-6 Mattityahu 24:26-51 Rev.19:1-2, Nehemiah chapters 8-9-10 read as a short history study.

Choq Yom Kippurim-Day of Atonements: Vayiqra-Liviticus 16 and 23 Bamidbar-Numbers 29:7-11 First John 1:1-2:6, Ivrim-Hebrews 7-10

Choq Sukkot-Festival of Tabernacles, on the fifteenth day of month seven, Annual Shabbat First Day Vayiqra-Leviticus 22:26-23:44 Barmidbar-Numbers 29:12-16 Zecharyah 14:16-21 Matt. 17 all, Psalm 122 , 123, 124, read each day of Chaq. Devarim 14:22-29

Choq Sukkot-Festival of Tabernacles weekly Shabbat: Devarim-Deuteronomy 33:12-34:26 Bamidbar-Numbers 29:17-31, Psalms 113 to the end of 118, Rev.21:1-27

Choq Sukkot-Festival of Tabernacles-Seventh day-Hoshana Rabbah-save we beseech thee: Vayiqra-Leviticus 23:39-44 Yeshayahu-Isaiah 12:1-6 and 65:18-25 and 66:15-24 John 7:1-39, Psalm 122, 123, 124.

Choq festival of FULL MOON by sight-seeing: Psalm 81:4-5 blow in the new moon the ram's horn and at the full moon on the day of our chog, festival: for a statute-choq-H2706 for Yisrael this was an enactment decree commanded of time by Elohi of Yaaqov, [Yisrael] a testimony in Yahoseph [the added hey in the spelling] He set it when He went out over the land of Mitzraiym a lip not I did understand I heard: Yahoseph the " H " the Elohi of Yisrael will unite the tribes, Yehudah and Yoseph scattered among the nations.

Seven year the release: Devarim-Deuteronomy 31:9-13 this Torah Scroll-Devarim shall be read through on the moed of the seventh year, the year of release (the moed is counted from the day of Yom Kipprim, the seventh year of Yom Kippurim begins of the year of release), and is to be read at the Moed-Chag Sukkot-Festival of Booths following the Moed-appointed time-Yom Kippurim, and it is saying included shall be your children.

Chag Sukkot-Festival of Tabernacles-Shemini Atzeret- Eighth Day of the callled out Assembly, an annual Shabbat Devarim 14:22-16:17 Bamidbar-Numbers 29:35-39 Yeshayahu-Isaiah 26:19 Gilyahna-Revelation 22:1-21 John 12:48-50 This day is also Simchat Torah-Rejocing in Torah and the Torah reading renew for the year.This day not coounted of Chag Sukkot and is very special to YHVH, noted of John 7:37 and man, the great day-eighth day when save now happens and the former things, (7days=7 thousand years) , are forgotten Yeshayahu-Isaiah, 25:7-9 and 66:23 And it will be what is enough from new moon to its new moon and what is enough from sabbath to its sabbath shall come all flesh to worship before Me says YHVH. The Miqra, H 4744 called out public meeting, a rehearsal, assembly Qadosh, 6918-6942 set apart, sacred, observe as clean dedicated, rehearsal [the new earth and the new city Yerushalam, from the root of 3423-3425 yarash-Yerush to occupy, a conquest-heritage

Rosh Chodesh-Renewed Moon month by sight when able to see: Bamidbar-Numbers 10:9-10 And when you go into battle in your lands against the adversary vexing you, then you shall signal with trumpets and you will be remembered before YHVH your Elohi and you shall be delivered from your enemies. and in the day of your gladness and in your appointed times and in the beginning of your months you shall blow with the trumpets over your burnt offerings and over the sacrifices your peace offerings and they shall be to you for a memorial before your Elohi " I " am YHVH your Elohi, Bamidbar-Numbers 28:1-15, Yeshayahu-Isaiah 66:22-24, for as the heavens the new things of and the land the new of it which " I " make stand before Me states YHVH so shall stand your seed and your name and it will be from new moon to it's new moon and from Shabbat to its Shabbat shall come all flesh to worship before Me says YHVH. And they shall go out and will see the dead bodies of the men who have transgressed against Me for their worm not having died and their fire not was extinguished [their evil inclination never ceased] and they shall be an abhorring thing to all flesh. and verse 23 elevates the Rosh Chodesh-renewing the birth of each moon-month to a Shabat a rest day no work. Reading of Siddur Baruk atah [to honor] Kadosh-Set apart days. And the day is a called out assemble-the Moed of the Rosh Chodesh, Amos 8:5-10 and Psalm 81:1-17 and Second Kings 4:22-23, Genesis-B resheet 1:14-18 the scripture are clear when the moon makes a showing, Job 31:26 H1984 a lunation the moon month H3391. Will add to this the sighting of the moon takes place from 18 to 36 hours after the moon starts the orbit reflecting light visible to the eye this allows all to be on the same time and was commanded, this is true of the Chag days, festivals the full moon. One can go into great detail and that is not necessary, some points to help seeing the new moon crescent in the evening sky, about 20 minutes after sun set the first an extremely thin crescent will need optical aid to see, it will set before twilight ends, and the light passing through the atmosphere dims the light more and reddens. To make the observation of the new moon crescent by eye, the atmosphere clear helps, seek a high place where maybe seen the horizon, planning the observation. Note where the sun set, the moon will be five degree to the north or south of the sun set position. Because of the orbit the moon rises later each night than the night before this time is about fifty minutes later each night, the variation can be plus or minus fifteen minutes. Three quarters of the way around its orbit, moon rises around midnight and is waning moving to thinner crescents and darkness then new birth at the crescent seen by the eyes. The conjunction occurred when the moon is lined up with the sun this is the technical term commonly called as new moon, this period is 29.53 days and is called lunar month, for our lunation moon month it is by sight of the crescent later in the orbit, this the way commanded. It appears in the western sky after sunset low, between 3 and 4 by the clock position and must be viewed through the twilight, keep searching the sky, and sets shortly after sunset about two hours.



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