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Update: 11/13/19

What shall we say? For the origin and the design of the world we see and the one not seen came by the Fathers desire for righteous children. Pictured in these appointed times are the ages, times that groups of mankind develope into trusting, and trusted children of-Mankind, or called el singular and of the elohim plural family. The development of a being able to function in a world of gravite yet to have understanding in a world moving freely with concern for the word in and responding with proper care of the family and creation, the environments. And to understand of the complete creation Torah and walk in this manner.

Then it shall be our desire to comply with His instructions. And therefore we seek the true way of worshiping the Father by His instructions, the Hebrew Scriptures. We are not to add or take away from these words, and in this way we maybe acceptable before His firstborn Yeshayahu having the leadership position, our King and He brought only His Fathers words. Our purpose the true way of worship directed to Aba-Father by our Kings judgment. The understanding of the history of a people Yisrael our fathers through the Torah Prophets and Writings. These are very clear He does not change the same yesterday and today for every, not a man El that " I " lie ,change. When as the Ben-Son of Adam-Man " I " repent or change, Ba Midbar-Numbers 23:19 and Daniel 9:24 the review of translaters words will reveal their teachings, example and to bring -correcting the "in" is not in text future not everlasting as man had two days-2000 years yet to complete, which we have or very close in months ? 

And to us the Fathers instructions, Torah these directions are how to love Him with all our beings walking in just this way. And the covenants binds Yisrael and " H " by oaths in obedience to instruction Torah in prosperity children fertilitly the good land trusting of Elohi. Character matters disobedience leads to the curses punishment because Yisrael bowed to other elohim, in manner of worship and way walking. Breaking of the first commandment, have no other elohim-who are not, to face of The El creater the King of kings.

Devarim 29:17 thru 28 [reading skip over the numbers and word symbol, will help in understanding] these verses, part of the Torah Parash lessons-to distinctly declare. The lines having the open word symbol over the letters or between, and other symbols hiding words of Hebrew, these symbols of calculation [Judah refers to as cantillation marks and punctuation marks, not of Hebrew, Stone edition ] there are very few marks in ancient Qumran Isaiah-Yeshayahu scroll-100BC. And based on the Semitic alphabet of the Phoenicians of 22 characters the Greeks combined alphabets the first example appeared 650 BCE Archaeologies of the Greek alphabet past early Greek. Also symbols appeared about the same time and the symbols found of the copyright previous to 1980 of the Webster's dictionary page 1691. The symbol like an " S' lying on it's side or vertical, meaning to designate difference of two quantities and the scriptures are pointing to time and two groups compared without defining the greater. Yisrael of old and Yisrael scattered of present time. Both of rejection Torah and destruction and removal from the land, and rejection of Mashiyach H4899 Yesha'Yahu 3470-Delivers Yah His. [ the open word symbol two short vertical lines, over the letter or between letters orgin not sure of was told German, also meanings the translation is wrong in most instants the letters are of a word thus the translated word will be wrong but still reads] The symbols appear in the Masoretic and Stone edition text, not found of other text. The following scriptures declare of, the destruction of the religion the word curse- pronounced alah Hebrew 422

Devarim-Deuteronomy 29:17-28: 17 lest that 6435 stands out where 3426 among you a man 377 desire 176 to found foundation ones of 803-[" two vertical lines open word letters missing vav yod applied is the word 803 text shows 559 amar saying] desire of 176 family 4940 desired of 176 to branch off, a scion 7626 who are 834 of heart His 3824 turns away 6437 the day 3117 among equally with 5973 " H " 3068 Elohi ours-is to the ratio of separates of 433-symbol to depart they 1980 to work bond servant of is to the ratio of separating [the .: symbol and must be clear not part of scripture vowels or marks] 5666 against 854 Elohi 433 in the nations-goyim 1471 that of such the same 1992 lest 6435 to exist stands out there 3426 among you-separated causes to take root 8327 that bearing 6509 poverty gall 7219 wormwood as poison accursed 3939:

: _(18). And shall happen-an acclaim thanksgiving choir-logical sum to union of points-people 1961-1960-symbol among hearing of His-the man 8093-symbol with the 854 speaking of things-showering he of 1697-7377-413 the curse-alah 422 the-separated deeds of such 2063-symbol with theirs who in adoration bless of 1288 in heart of 3824 when telling speaking of 559 peace happy friendly 7965 they shall have 1961 to Mine because 3588-symbol among hostilities of these 8326 in the heart of 3820 to you-because-is to the ratio of 413-symbols when among pay attention to purpose 6030 to snatch away accumulate scatter ones of 5595 they satiate filled with 7301 among 854 they suffer thirst of desire-libidinousness to love instincts manifested in development of persons ability 6771:

_(19). not 3808 will be willing 14 " H " 3068 to forgive 5545 to His of therefore because of 3588 desire 176 " I " shall smoke of-they that do of 6225-3299 the anger of 639 " H " 3068 with zeal of jealousy His-and separates 7068 symbol ones of cause to stink abhorred 887 they of such 1931 with crouching lurking making of lying of it-is to the ratio of 7257-symbol among His all-is to the ratio of 3605-symbol the curse-alah 422 the writings that are written 5789 in scrolls, books 5602 have of this 2088 shall wipe out 4229 " H " 3068 among 854 name his-is to the ratio of 8034-symbol spread out you of 4969 the destruction them 8060:

_20) And the removing by smelting of 913 " H " 3068 to friends, associates -separate 7462 remove to finish, complete 3635 to the branch scioned off, 7626 Yisrael 3478 this manner against 3602 the curse swearing 422 the covenant-is to the ratio of 1285 the writings written of this 3789 in books scroll-because 5612-symbol the Torah-bears fruit-the manner 8451 the having of self on this side 2088:

_(21). And with cause to make bitterness 3992 the generation 1755 the last following-[the destruction]314 beginning repairs to rebuild you 1129 who 834 shall make rise up establish His 6966 among seeing after of you 310 And the stranger Mine 5237 who 834 shall come 935 out of lands 776 distant ones of 7350 with seeing His 7200 you 853 were covered of 3680 the land 776 they that 1931 with among 854 you filth ones of it 2457 who 834 are not of 3808 " H " 3068

_(22). in houses of wood-cypress resin of theirs 1613 will disappear as dust 4417[with them to designate the difference between two quantities without indicating which is greater] in living designate the difference between two quantities without indicating which is the greater of it ] burning cremate of it 8316 all 3605 lands it therefore 776 not 3808 shall be sown 2232 and not 3808 shall sprout it 6779 and not 3808 shall rise 5927 among you anything 3605 herb 6212 like so from destruction 2018 deny facts because of words and actions them 5465 and ruined heaps of theirs 6017 and land it 127 as Zeboiim-[like area close to Sodom] 6636 which 834 turned things up side down 2015 " H " 3068 in anger His 639 and in fury His 2534:

-(23). And answers His 561 all 3605 the nations them 1471 Most High 5920 what purpose of why 4100 doing of this 6213 " H " 3068 after this manner 3602 when cause to split run shout alarm-the land 7323-776 the one the same this 2063 purpose what-because 4100 intense anger burning 2750 the anger-speaks-in the sense of cutting 634-6310-1407 the twisting ones of makes in mind large 1431 the this 2088

_(24). and saying with 559 Most High 5920 who 834 to let go of, commits self to fail 5800 with-since 584-symbol the covenant of 1285 " H " 3068 Elohi 433 the fathers you have since of 1. destroyed covenant 3772 over shadowed together 6004 when the bringing out ones of His 318 those 854 out of of the land 776 mitzrayim-Egypt, land of distresses 4714

_(25). And went with 3212 and the servants with 5647 elohim 430 others of them 312 and they who worshiped, bowed selves His with 7812 to burn rankle-therefore 3859 Elohim 430-separates-removed " I " head person 8269 not 3808 to know seeing them 3045 and not smooth-a symbol used to designate the difference between two quantities, not giving the greater 2505 to rankle-therefore 3859

_(26). with to be high [root not used] angered 639 " H " 3068 for the land 776 that they-therefore 1931 to have brought forth 935 lofty ones of 5944 selves 853 the vilification, curse 7045 the writings written 3789 in books, scrolls 5612 have these 2088

_(27). And to tear roots out them 5428 " H " 3068 to act covertly of lands theirs 127 in anger 631 and with wrath 2534 and indignation 7110 great 1419 and shall throw awaythem 7993 not 3808 land 776 another 312 as day 3117 of ruin 1942:

_(28). His cover hide you-as to the ratio of-separating 5641 to " H " 3068 Elohi ours 433 and His to carry away exiles you-separate 1546 to habitation prepared 5115 and to begin to building ours 1129 again -separated 5750 kept out of sight 5958 in doing of His [Torah]-as to;the ratio of 6213 with 854 all 3605 words Mine 1697 the Torah 8451 these this 2063

In Yeshayahu-Isaiah 8:20,To the Torah and testimony, if they do not speak according to this word, there is no light in them. Yochanan-John 1:4, In Him was life and the life was the light of men.

In Devarim-Deuteronomy 13:1-3, if a prophet or a dreamer arises and gives a sign or wonder and it comes to pass, as he spoke, saying let us serve other Elohim, which you have not known and let us go serve them. You shall not follow or obey those words of that prophet for YHVH Elohim is testing you, to know whether you love YHVH Elohim with all your heart and all your being.

These three verses place the Torah as the foundation for our understanding, of right and wrong. Our walk and worship must align with these words, the book of instruction, Torah.

Therefore we need to establish basic rules, and principals, which must only come from the TaNacH, Bible or Book. Understanding comes primarily from following the principles of the "Word", John 1:14. That "Word" also reveals the Meanings and gives the interpretation of all that is contained in scripture. The book looks at and interprets itself and reveals wisdom and understanding to those who follow its rules and principals.

We need to look at Torah from a Hebraic perspective, knowing that Meshiach kept the Torah, observing Shabbats-Moadim in the Temple. Psalm 12:6 "The words are tested seven times..." Here we find Torah in 2nd Timothy 3:15: "and from childhood you have known the set apart writings". The Torah, (given at Mt. Sinai) is the greatest love shown in history, written to show man how to love and the love YHVH Elohim has for His children. It is also called the law, Neviim, Prophets, Ketuvim or, writings, (acronym, TaNacH) and is able to make you wise unto salvation, through trust in Meshiach Yeshayahu. Therefore, there is only one book from Bereshit-Genesis to Gilyahna-Revelation, the TaNacH-Renewed Covenant, and it must agree with our foundation,Torah.

You need to understand the plan for the people of Yisrael, and whom these people, Yisrael are. They are to be examples, priests and teachers of Torah to the nations, Malachi 2:7, that all may become one in Messiah Yeshayahu, (no one to be left out of the Kingdom, except by choice).

In doing this study you will need an understanding of the history, and peoples of the Middle East, as they come into contact with Yisrael and Judah and their language, Hebrew. Torah teaches that YHVH Elohim created all things by the Word, who became flesh and dwelled among man. And the language He used was Hebrew, Zephaniah 3:9, and He will restore this pure language to the people.

Look at this outline for understanding Hebrew words, phrases, and thoughts. The name for the order of understanding is PaRDeS, which has four levels.
1. Pashat=literal, just what it says, or written.
2. Remez=hinted, maybe there is more here than meets the eye.
3. Drash=looking into the words or sayings using only the TaNacH for a base.
4. Sod=understanding of the order and Kingdom, finally life, the hidden. Psalm 25:14 the secret and His covenant

The Ruach-Spirit leads you to the truth, a little at a time, as you grow and walk by the Torah. The Set Apart Spirit resides within those who walk in obedience, Acts 5:32 and Yeshayahu-Isaiah 8:20. To the Torah and testimony if they do not speak according to this word, because there is no light, (literally no dawn of, sod in meaning) in them, Yochanan-John 1:4.

Some tools we need for effective study are: 1.The old King James Book, the best English translation. 2. A matching Concordance, which shows every word in scripture. 3. An Interlinear Bible for exact wording of scripture and word for word translation. Know that all translators are biased. Consult as a reference: Page H. Kelley "Biblical Hebrew An Introductory Grammar" ISBN 0-8028-0598-1

Scriptural Guidelines for Bible Study:
(1). The warning to not add or take away from this Book, Revelation 22:18-19. Deuteronomy 4:2 and Proverbs 30:6, do not add to His word, lest He reproves you, and you are found a liar. Deuteronomy 12:32 YHVH commands us to be careful to observe, not to add or take away from these commands. Deuteronomy 19:15, by scripture there needs to be two or more passages as witnesses to establish a matter.

(2). The Book, (TaNacH), is the word of YHVH Elohim, which is literal and will in reading afford greater understanding through study.

(3). The Words of YHVH Elohim are truth, John 17:17, Psalm 119:160, Daniel 10:21.

(4).The scriptures cannot be broken, John 10:35, Isaiah 55:11, Numbers 11:23.

(5). Scriptures are not for any private interpretation of prophecy, Isaiah 28:10, 2nd Peter 1:20, 1st Corinthians 4:6. Hosea 12:10 is very plain, YHVH Elohim has used SYMBOLS to give understanding through His Prophets and the interpretation of visions, therefore we must be careful to not use MANs interpretation of symbols and VISIONS. Note: YHVH Elohim is not the Author of confusion, but of peace, 1st. Cor.14:33. This means that the use of symbols in scriptures and their meanings must be consistent in interpretation and understanding and will be consistent in context.

(6). Scripture is by inspiration of YHVH and is profitable for doctrine and correction, reproof and instruction in righteousness, Isaiah 45:19, 2nd Timothy 3:16, Romans 15:4.

(7). The scriptures are to prove all things, with precept upon precept, line up on line, here a little there a little, Isaiah 28:10-13.

(8). YHVH Elohim the same yesterday today and forever, changes not, Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8, Micah 5:2, Hosea 13:4, John 1:1-5, Hebrews 1:1-3, and Psalm 89:34. The Torah is our foundation, by Torah we will be judged. John 12:48, this Scripture gives us the 1,000 years the Last Day the first day of the Olam HaBa (the Eighth Day).

(9). Messiah didn't come to destroy Torah or Prophets, but to establish them by writing Torah on our hearts. Not to establish a new covenant, but to renew the existing one according to the olam-era, Matthew 5:17-18, Jeremiah 31:31-33. "This is to bind up the testimony and seal the Torah among my disciples", Isaiah 8:16. To the Torah and testimony! If they do not speak according to these words, it is because there is no light in them, Isaiah 8:20.

(10). Do not believe every spirit but test the spirits whether they be of YHVH Elohim, because of many false prophets, 1st John 4:1 and 1st Thessalonians 5:21. Build upon the Rock, and the Word, both are Torah, book of instruction Luke 6:48. Devarim-Deuteronomy 13:1-5. This is a warning it will happen and Torah will have to be YOUR test or base for right or wrong.

EXAMPLES of Symbols:

Living Water


Yod Hey Vav Hey - Yiremyahu-Jeremiah 2:13, 17:13
Shabbat Shemot-Exodus 31:17 Sabbath is a sign between Me and the children of Israel for ever, for six days YHVH made the heavens and earth and on the seventh day He rested and was breathed upon, refreshed see Yechezkel-Ezekiel 20:11-12.


Beast Defined in Daniel 7:17, which are four, and are kings. These are best described by the word Bestial, check the Dictionary.


10 Horns Defined in Daniel 7:24 and the time of there appearing is given in Rev.17:12 and when they receive their kingdom and from whom.


Mountain Kingdom or Nations Isaiah 2:2, and 30:29, Daniel 2:35, Micah 4:1


Mountains of Yisrael Joshua 11:21, Ezekiel 36:4-8, the west bank, very important today, when these fall to Edom, it is very close the end of evil in the covenant land.


Hills Smaller kingdoms or nations


Coastland People, defined in Genesis 10:5, as isles in the Old King James


Waters Revelation 17:1, people as explained in 17:15 see also Psalm 1:1-3, 144:7, Isaiah 30:25, Revelation 22:1-2


Elohim Psalm 82:6-8, Zec.14: 8, Hayyim-Living waters, set apart ones, John 4:14, 7:38, Jeremiah 31:9, Matt.22:43-45


Edom is   Esau- Yishmael Edom, Gen.36:8,43 and his land, Mt. Seir, southeast of the Dead Sea. Also known as "stubble" (see BaMidbar-Number 24:17-19). Edom is also of Egyptian blood, see 1 Kings 11:14-20. Edomites are not Roman they are Arab.


Breath of   YHVH Isa.30:33, fire and brimstone


Tree of life This is Torah, Proverbs 3:18.


2nd John :7 describes one who denies that Messiah Yahshua is Messiah: YHVH Elohim in the flesh. Mark 13:22, this defines a false Messiah, would be an imposter, liar, and is altogether different. He is also called the man of sin, 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-12, and is going to make void the Torah see Daniel 11:32-35. Also see Matt 24:24.


Day Genesis 2:17 in the day that Adam sinned he would die, 930 years, and 47:9 days as years, 2nd Peter 3:9, one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years are as one day.


Last Days-Latter Days A term used for the last week of Daniel's seventy weeks prophecy, close of the 6th day and in the midst of 7th day and at the close of this day. Ezk.38:17 and 39:8


A Day One thousand years example Yeshayahu 49:8, 66:18, the eighth one thousand year day this would fulfill Tehillim-Psalms 22:29.


Zion The city Jerusalem, Heb.12:22 and more, Judah, Ezekiel 23:1-4


Visions The interpretation defines the vision, therefore look to the interpretation for understanding.


Daughter-Vine Ezekiel 16:44-63, 23:1-4, one of the symbols for Judah and Ephraim the two houses of Yisrael, see Hosea 1:11, daughters of Israel, the mother, the elect lady, in 2nd John, Vine Jer.2:21, Joel 1:7, Psa. 80:8, Ezk. 19:10


Ephraim Psalm 60:9, symbol used to signify the scattered of Israel whose head is Ephraim, see Hosea 11:1, Jeremiah 31:9 and :20.


Assyria Cedar of Lebanon, Ezk.31:3 and Isa.14:8 speaks of a time before
man in Eden and places s.a. tan there, using many symbols.


with a blue string)
We look upon the Tzit-Tzit and remember Torah and do-BaMidbar (Numbers) 15:37.

Note: According to Ex. 20:7, the name of our Elohim is to be above all Names. For us to not use His name properly would diminish its value, making it vain. With this in mind, see Joshua 23:7, Shemot 23:13 do not bring those pagan names before my face, Yeshayahu-Isaiah 42:8 and use the following names: YOD HEY VAV HEY ELOHIM as our Father Yeshayahu YHVH ELOHIM as our Meshiach. I can think of no place in Scripture that says one must pronunce the name correctly, Yaheh, Yahveh, Yahooah, or Yahuah we do not know how the vav was pronunced or used, for certain. [not the w in the Hebrew it was added to give the sound to the vav]

Do not use these terms Jesus, Christ and God are not valid names or identification, but are words the translators selected for names. Bill Burton, in his study of the NAME, defines "god," as found in several well-known reference works. The consensus of most reliable sources is "god" came into the English language by way of the Teutonic dialects, referring to pagan deities.

By not using the name of YHVH or " H " , Yeshayahu and Elohim, we do not comprehend the potential greatness of the life to come and the meaning of born again, as spirit. You are Elohim but you are not YHVH Elohim, Psalm 82:6, John 10:34.

We understand the translators have altered the scriptures, therefore we need to use the original language, found in the Interlinear Bible, a word for word translation of the Hebrew and Greek text, relying on Torah as our foundation.

Yirmeyahu-Yeremiah 6:16-19, Thus says YHVH, stand in the ways and see, ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, "we will not walk in it", verse19, because they have not heeded my words, nor my Torah. [the "j" came into the English language around 1500's, the time of the printing press]

Look back at this time before Meshiach when this was written and take stock of how we worship YHVH for He says He does not change.


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