"Listen to Me-says Yahveh, you that know righteousness, you people in whose heart is My Torah fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid of their reviling condemnations." Isaiah 51:7 (Yeshayahu 51:7)

"Because you have rejected My Torah, I have rejected you" Isaiah 5:6-7(Yeshayahu 5:6-7)

Learn the parable of the fig tree (Matthew 24).

These letters assembled into-twelve books-by sections Yeshayahu sent by courier post, have you not ever considered where are the letters of Mashiach, in book three they were swept away-rejected by rebellious ones. In sweeping away they changed truth, the good way to the way of dying. A complete text of Hebrew Mattityah-Gift of Yah 4993-[called Matthew-the w comes from the translates] also Mattityah- in reverse reading, refused sweeps away Him, The understanding of the name Shem Tov-Mashiach Yeshayahu-Name Good gift of Yah His of the Father Book Twelve called Mattityahu all the words numbered to Strong's Hebrew Dictionary. Know that the purpose has always been righteous sons-children, in addition to Yeshayahu Mashiach the Firstborn. Therefore Aba-Father selects those called and chosen to serve under Yeshayahu our King and every word of the book of twelve-12 -we need all twelve, relates to the Teacher. Teaching His kings and priest called for the foundation stones established by the Father given to Yeshayahu. Making clear what the book is called on image 0002 second line Shem Tov-Name Good also a term used as a title Even-68 Bohan-974 Stones Testing. The testing of stones of the Temple firm in Father and Yeshayahu and restoring Torah. Yeshayahu the Chief Corner Stone and other stones are placed in working positions of the Kingdom, building the Kingdom and Temple. A structured order established by the Father assembled by Yeshayahu, ruled by His instructions-Torah eternally. Instructions of the Father in the heavens and lands, the Torah-Scriptures teachings you must learn and apply. Adding, do not become discouraged in reading, be firm in these truths, it is not easy, Shem Tov a new thing, readings show the nations of Yisrael in ruin from lairs and acting high. Those coming do not assault they also are protected the goal to establish the worship of the Father through the Son and the instructions renewing of Torah Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 31:31. This mean laws according to Torah moral just and right according to manners established in Torah the new makes aware of the people returning never lived according to Torah and time of repentance and learning will be needed, not setting aside the Torah in it's allowing for teaching to the heart a desire to live according to Yeshayahu and the members of the host of the heavens. These instruction are for protection of us and to a point more so to the women. Consider that who among us gives life and to life living shall we treat them less than our selves, yet respect high as builder of the family, guard your family. Now 2-7-2017 In the image 0138 of Shem Tov, I see the Eagle formed in letters of words and images., Also when something leading to ruin, the oppressor caused the problem sin. There are letters formed indicating seeing and seen and judging and checking it is in all the images, not only is there this and also letters in letters and in some cases the reverse of the line maybe translated so in the book we have books.

In a vision the fifth month of the year 2014 was said am showing you what is coming and the soil was like concrete held in the air a large lump and nothing powder or anything living and the image of an oval race track cut in half and going away our car race tracks. I looked into Amos and chapter 4 describes the coming of ruin to the lands, one must act prudent [food] in understanding and the way that confirms who you are serving.[also see image 0380 reversed for those of the coast] The sixth month now saying it is close. Also 2015 an image of three large bowls to fill and seal.

Translating from the Hebrew Mattityahu Shem Tov, the words Even Bochan means Even 69 stones, Bochan tested proving remove worthlessness, the actual Shem Tov Hebrew Mattityahu, Hebrew words numbered according to Strong's Dictionary and in the order as received from the scribe. Each page has been assigned an image number, by the British Library. In copying from the images I have kept the reference to image numbers and numbered the lines for future word references. The Hebrew Script used Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic Hebrew, Hebrew means from the other side Ha-evrit the other side-5676, not of the world. The Hebrew of Mattityahu-Shem Tov, meaning Name Good refers to Yeshayahu, will open your eyes the desire to see. The Strong's dictionary numbers and word meanings were used, including some notes from Hebrew to English with scripture references also from The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon and Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee lexicon. Manuscript Add. No. 26964 has been written in an Ancient Hebrew script. In a time when the priest hood and the nobles of Judah were using the Aramaic script of the Masoretic Text. The complete manuscript Add. 26964 includes over 0414 images-pages. And so from the time of Ezra 538 B.C. and Nehemiah around 445B.C. when appointed as governor, until the Mashiach this ancient script would have remained in use by the people of the land. I can think of no other reason, than the development of a class division, apparent from the book of Jeremiah-Yirmeyahu Chapter 6:16, and the coming destruction from Babylon. Also that the people of Nazareth, John 1:46 can anything good come out of Nazareth, and yet the people of the land knew the time was near for Mashiach, and the Priest hood seemed void of the time.

And according to Romans 3:2 unto Judah was committed the scriptures and this manuscript was assembled by Judah. And all that I have translated of the Hebrew Mattityahu, except portion of 23, 24, 25, 26, at this time it has not been possible to confirm a second witness of these chapters. Mattityahu 16:15, And He said to them, Yeshayahu, and to you what saying on paths and ways of Me And He eyed, verse:16, Simon they called Petros and he said you Mashiach, speaking in foreign language Kristo [returns to Hebrew] son El of raising-Elyaqiym, also you to come in this time. In the following selected verses you will see that the scriptures are directed to the restoring of worship to the Father 5:16, that the nations are the scattered people of Yisrael and the fruit of Torah and the words of the prophets have power to stand, fruit of Torah in verse 5:17 means the tree of life or the tree-you that produces fruit, by Torah, these are the words of Mashiach. Also that not one jot or tittle shall pass from Torah, Matthew 5:18 or be abolished. Also set the time in history, the church has grown and becomes intolerant and the kings agree and Judah is being persecuted, pushed out of Spain, scattered. And some of Judah are converting to the Christian religion, this scribe used Shem Tov to show that the Torah stands even by Mashiach, he would have had no other way to use these writings. You must understand that Judah also is veiled and that, those responsible for the murder of Mashiach, were the Priesthood and His elders and not the Jews-Judah. All ways pursue the truth, and be wise. Also having acquired a copy of Shem Tov from the Jewish Theological Seminary of america with intent of completing Mattityahu 23:23 and the rest of the book as we know from the Greek writings, there has been much changing of letters and words, thus this copy cannot be used. And parts of the British Library copy of Shem Tov were compared and many changes were made in letters and words to the Jewish Seminary copy of Shem Tov and the section breaks, and form was not maintained, and we would be looking to the Pharoshim and the wise one of theirs thus it is of no use. This in Line four of section Tzadey Cheyt, and compared were the last line of the British Library copy of Shem Tov, an example select and feeding the last word of Mattityahu, it was changed to lightening along with other changes from Shem Tov add .26964. The letter "w" was added after the vav thus we have a letter not in the text this by translaters.

This thought, the book Maccabees in 175 B.C. to 134 B.C. describes how Judah-Yisrael fought the Greeks to restore the Temple and stop the adoption of Greek culture. They also killed many of their own people, traitorous Jews, the use of this word is not proper it must be Yehudah, you also find the translators had no regard for the names in Hebrew, people, or El of Yisrael, but used g, o, d, who had no regard for the Torah and Covenants, also had fallen for the Greek culture. This alone stands to why the Hebrew script would have been the only script used by the first century followers of Yeshayahu and the language spoken. So many people were killed by this push to turn the world, of that day to the Greek way. And Judah-Yisrael would have no part in this move away from Torah and the Covenants the true worship of El, " H " into idolatry. And all this followed by the Romans with Latin.

For some time now the review of other writings, by their common names, the Peshitta, Munster, Du tillet, and the [Shem Tov] manuscripts polemical-disputation of Hebrew 28 Bibliotheca der Rijksuniversiteit, Leiden, Germany, and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America of New York City Manuscript 2426 [Marx 16]. The reason for this work was to confirm that these do or did have the same words as are being used in this translation of Shem Tov MS # 26964 from the British Library. They do not have the same words and order of the Shem Tov of the British Library and in translating portions from these the changes are dramatic. Will show an example, the same word location in all three manuscripts having different words, the section or break off to deliver # 9 and the German Shem Tov used a tet as nine-9 this is image # 0363 line 14 Matthew chapter 4 or deliver # 9, German Shem Tov # 28 the last word # 5916 spelling vav yod ayin kaph resh vav hey-meaning and He caused to disturb. The Jewish theological Seminary of America MS # 2426 the word is vav yod shiyn resh tav hey vav and markings not able to identify, and He a menial worshipper will be Him word # 8334. In placing these corrupted and the correct word in reverse And He disturbing He was He will in tenderness over turn of theirs and demolish of theirs and He cures making whole and He will He will do it separating His. He watched.

. The important thing to keep in mind that none of the copies kept the word order or the line order and words to each line. In being able to reverse the letters of the words of the line you must copy as the scribes in this copy of Shem tov. The first page of Shem Tov the ordered way right to left, then left to right, first and last letters down and up and 7th and 8th letters down and up, this page reads according to the subject even so the goal to finish the right to left of Shem Tov. This makes the Shem Tov # 26964 of the British Library the only book to use all others including the Greek are only rubbish. Shem Tov the written instruction relative to how, and when complete in the restoration of Torah and Yisrael to the lands from writings of Yeshayahu gathered and recorded for His in this the Shem Tov- of Yeshayahu, by three. The name fitting for Yeshayahu has been hidden it appears to be in book 5

Why it is important to look into these Hebrew words, and compare the English translations word for word in our worldly oriented thought. Start with Zecharyah-Zechariah 8:23, like this says YHVH of the assemble in days of great commotion or tumult, rage of war these shall take hold , ten men from all languages of the nations and they will take hold of the corner-tassels man Yahudah for speaking we will walk with you , we hear and understand Elohim with you. Look in the Interlinear ISBN #1-878442-82-1 and New Strong’s Dictionary ISBN #0-7852-4537-5 and compare the Scriptures, and the words in your Bible-Book. See Jeremiah-Yirmeyahu 30:6-7

We must study and prove the text according to the Prophets according to the Hebrew translation, knowing that it will take some effort and then the rewards and the reward is great. And now selected parts of Hebrew Matthew Shem Tov, And Yeshayahu speaking to taught ones-talmyidim Matthew 5:16, this [My] light in all senses from light yours before faces all men of mountains-nations theirs-[Yisrael] from your activities-actions yours these goodness’s they which are praising and are honorable to Aba-Father Mine and yours who’s in Heaven in time always.

Matthew-Mattityahu 5:17, in eternity this "I" say, Yeshayahu to talmyidim His not you to think "I" would take away this "I", for the fruit of Torah I never to this let fail, 5:18 in truth I say to you accordingly eternity, heavens and land "I' abolish-do away a mark these not never they to cease from Torah or Prophets that these all have power to stand.

Image 0399 Matthew-Mattityahu, 16:13-20 this reveals the use of the greek name while still teaching and He reminded Simon that El is merciful, why? Torah says do not even speak the name of other elohim, who are not el's, line 5 and in line 9 he uses the greek term. Matthew 16:13, And going out 3318 Yeshayahu 3470 toward 413 land 776 Caesarea G4947 and land of 5375 Philippi G5375 they call 7121 Philippos G5376 And He ask 7592 to taught ones His 8527 to speaking 559 What 4100 saying of the 561 Son 1121of Man 120 on paths and ways of Me 7635 Mattityah 16:14 And He spoke this 559 to them 413 from their 1992 saying 559 also consider 1933 He implore mercy 2603 they pleasing to EL 2870. And from what are they 4100 saying of 561 Him 1931 Eliyhu-Elijah 453 and also 4100 Yirmeyah-Jeremiah 3414 or 176 one from the Nabiyim-prophets 5030. Matthew 16:15, And they said 559 to Him, 1992 Yeshayahu 3470 And you 859 what 4100 saying 559 on paths and ways of Him 7635 and He eyed 6030. 16:16, Simon 8095 was called 7121 Petros G4072 and he said 559 You 857 Moshiach 4886 speaking in foreign tongue 3937 kristo G5547 [Greek back to Hebrew] Son 1121of Elyaqiym-El of rising 471 lives-revives 2425 also for sign to come 857 in this 2088 the set time 5769. Matthew 16:17, And he said 559 EL of Him 410 Yeshayahu 3470 that after Me you 834 Shimon 8095 to explain 874 Yanah-[Him as] 3123 also the good news 1319 and to think use symbols-like to 1819 not 3808 to uncover-reveal in a disgraceful sense 1540 walk the way 1980 [in the imperative] except 3588 only-always 518 to the Father 1 also in heavens 8064. Mathew 16:18, and I 589 say 559 to you also to come 857 stones [Zechariah 8:9 the root word 1129 to build, see Zec.9:16] and river of stones [2nd Kings 5:12 word #71 only used once until here in Hebrew Matthew words used to covey rivers of living stones chosen], effect-glean I your House of frivolous things Your, “I“. And open doors I, never I and all these to stand boldly out, you. [Yeshayahu, here is saying to be in the back ground, He new that they would make merchandise of the people in mass assembles]. 16:19 continuing to speak I with them to you an opener keys to Kingdom of Heavens and all who you bind in covenant on land they to exist eternally in bound covenant in heavens [Hebrews 8:9-10]. And all they who teach Torah on land they shall be preeminent in heavens.why was mercy spoken of here? the Torah forbids the use of other deity names, Shemot-Ex.23:13-Yehoshua-Joshua 23:7, they knew these scriptures, and He was teaching us, as He could not speak it. This also would have been His sin-2403 chattam, He did not sin. And He was reassuring Peter that Aba-Father was very merciful and would forgive him. Also complete means of character, presented complete acceptance of Torah, just and right of manner, and when the time of setting things right has been imposed Hebrews 9:10. And making distinction between the Qodesh-set apart clean 6944 and profane vile, unclean common shall teach Yisrael, Leviticus-Vayiqra 10:20- the clean and unclean 11:1-47.

The translation of Shem Tov Hebrew Mattityahu book twelve of manuscript Add. 26964 beginning image of Shem Tov number 0002 introduction page of Shem Tov and the last page of book eleven leads too, Mattityahu begins image 0354 ending with 0414, we may copy the images only transcribe. The previous translators have started by matching of text to the Greek text, image 0356, the genealogy of Yeshayahu. And only using the numbered sections that match to the Greek, The book is a book not for us to select what we desire to read and some of it, hard to understand and it must be copied as it appears in the book to translate reverse and vertical. And the understanding that these scribes were messengers among Judah-Yehudah in Spain at this time, five, by image 0002 line 6. Root words and Brown Driver, Briggs-BDB lexicon for spelling and context also used The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon by Benjamin Davidson-AHCl and Strongs Hebrew and Aramaic dictionary for word numbers.

(Torah is the first 5 books of the Bible)

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We follow the teaching of Meshicah as He showed Moshe and the covenants. The assemblies worship as the first century followers. For in Hebrews 13:8 Yeshu Messhiach the same yesterday, today, and forever and the same in Malachi 3:6 for I Am, Yahvah, I do not change.

Ephesians 3:14 For this reason I bow my knees to Avinu-our Father and Father of Adoni Yeshu Messhiach from whom the whole family in heaven and earth are named. Yeshayahu-Isaiah 49:1-3 and He said to Me-[Yeshu], You are My servant O Yisrael-Yeshu in whom I [the Father] will be glorified.

Therefore Messhiach is called Yisrael and the family being built in heavens and on lands therefore is Yisrael, the sons name. The family will include the Ministering spirits of Hebrews 1:14 the trusted Melak-messingers of Yahvah in the heavens and the earth becomes our home.

Walking in righteousness and hating lawlessness. In western philosophies the natural state of man is morality and evil results are of social complexity. There is nothing pure about man, he is subject to the simplest of social structures, in which reside the seeds of evil, family. Morality is not natural and instincts cannot be trusted, just being yourself is trouble. Morality is a difficult course of training and restraint, the Instruction from our Father through Yeshu to Moshe the Hebrew Torah must be the guide. Change, and using the righteous guide requires great effort in a course of training and restraint for true morality and real peace leading to the Kingdom.