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Update: 9/14/18

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Image 0143: The heading contains symbols in the right Corner of appears rockets and the parallel lines meaning open.. The heading contains letters in letters and shading, meaning in amazement, dismayed of 8159 the dashing into pieces, slaughter of ours 7523. The header and footers content in small and shadows; With intentness a sinister design, truth 6656 root of to hunt destroy 6658 ones of habitation, a row 2918 loving theirs 1730 to conquer 7286 good 2896 gleams in the air 6731 image of the sun, out of the east. Open 8176 beginning 7223 Judaizers Mine 3054 they will sleep these 7290 loving to Me 1790 second time 8578 to give a charge commands 6680 they shall ones of subjugate 7027 have of dominion 7300 the nations, goyim 1471 prominent of 2117 tremble violently 7460. Also the header and footer contain symbols appearing to be rockets and silos and conveyers many symbols of rocket images scattered.

And the second week of the nineth month of 2015 in my sleep my mouth seemed full of something disgusting and I was trying to spit it out, wakening and nothing was and the "words for spit" out these implied a people, of no value. The day of April 20th, 2015, early morning before 2:00 a.m., a tumultuous noise and crashing was heard in my sleep. Then just two words were heard; "of man," meaning the end of man's laws and ways. I didn't understand this at first, but then I heard of the Supreme Court ruling on perverse marriage. It appears that this is going to be approved, and that would mean that Psalms 91 begins? The time of Roman calendar 2-24-16 the knowing the time parable of the fig tree now then the green figs, not mature then the maturing complete of character

In a vision shown to me the fifth month of year 2014 was said I am showing you what is coming and the thing was like concrete held in the air a large lump white and not was powder or anything living in it. [the farmers have killed the living creatures of the soil by their use of chemicals] One must act prudent and consider who you are serving. And now the first of the six month said to me it is close-[to coming the plague that comes from among us caused by us this is from Shem Tov]. And now the 1st month of the year 2015 the 10th day , I was shown three large containers like bowls and to stack them sealing each make sure not to push out anything of the lower bowl, cover to [seal to support the top bowls not allow the bowls to settle into the lower bowl of the food stored] he made sure to understand this. The three bowls are three years the food to sustain selves for the three year. Now the seed fails in the time of the plague, image 0087 line 26,27,28, first year of little no new crops, that means to recover it will take time to arrive at the next planting season, the seed available not to allow the planting of GMO-Genetically Modified Organisms, left over-still availability. The end of the growing season to regenerate seed and food, do not allow GMO seed to be used. A time of the year to repentance and change to the instruction given to Mosheh called Torah then the famine will have ceased. [read Daniel 9 for it applies to all peoples and to Yisrael, and the rains return] Psalm 91 states His people will have food. And Yoel-Joel-3100 speaking to the old men of the land and in verse ten-10 the word changes to adamah-earth or global for the harvest perishes of the field and of the trees and gather the people declare a fast set apart an assemble of the land cry out to "H" 3068 your El for the time is great a ruin is at hand. The food is cut off from the house of El joy and gladness cut off the granaries torn down the beast are vexed the herds the flocks are perishing. To My El I will call for the fire has burned the pastures of the plains the trees of the field and have dried up the rivers and the wilderness the fire has eaten. Yoel-Joel 1:17 shrivels the seed under the soil worked are laid waste the store-houses are torn down the granaries for has dried up the grain : 18 how groans the beast-cattle are perplexed the vineyard and herds for the morning comes not is the pasture burned up it gather's are missing are the sheep are guilty have punished: to ones of you "H" 3068 caused to call for the fire it has burned the pastures of the plains and the flame has burned all the trees of the field. :20 gather also the beasts of the field having panted to you for have dried up the river waters and the fire has devoured the pastures-homes of the wilderness-ruins of our lands.

Kneeling to our Father in heaven, and turning from sins because You have afflicted us and hear in the heavens and forgive the sins of Your servants and your people Yisrael. That you may teach them the way good which they shall walk and give rain on Your lands which you gave to your people for an inheritance. We confess, saying great and awesome Elohim, who keeps His covenants and mercys with those who love Him, and keeping His commandments. We have sinned and committed iniquity, we have done wickedly and rebelled this by departing from Your precepts and judgments. Neither have we heeded Your servants the prophets, who speak in Your Name. Righteousness belongs to You and shame of face to us, Yisrael, the ones near and the ones far off in lands which You have driven them. And to Adon Elohenu-Master our Elohim mercies and pardons, for we have rebelled against You. Not have we obeyed the words of our Elohim to walk in His Torot-Instructions, laws which He set before us by His servants the prophets. And now will pour on us the curses and the oath that is written by Your servant Mosheh. The blessing and curses of Devarim 28 thru chapter 31. And confirm His words which He spoke against us and against our rulers and judges who bring on us evil great which not has been done under the heavens. Daniel 9.

Why do you keep to your orthodox or doxology conforming to established teachings of doctrine of men, their formed religions theirs, commonly accepted a course of life in their religions their ways. We set through out the planet and watch from the grandstands the race to destruction following the words of preachers-priests you masters in the pits leading to the stacking of bodies a race to die, chose life in Messiah-Mashiyach Yeshayahu and His instruction to Mosheh, and win live.[ Numbers-Bamidbar 23:19: not 3808 a man 376 El 410 to lie-deceive that He 3576 Ben-Son Adam-man 1121-120 to change-repent of 5162, in this scripture we have the sure words of Elohim throught the mouth of balaam, warned to only speak the words given, and also the future for Yisrael, all of 23, and 24. Hebrews 13:8 the same change not, the I Am of John 8:58. Hebrews 8:13 covenant is not in the Greek text] Then the plague will cease and we rebuilt in His instruction-Torah, the days of man , his commonly accepted orthodox teachings are death. Something to consider Messiah-Mashiyach Yeshayahu has said through the prophets I hate your days and get your foot of My Shabbat Shabaton, Hebrews 4:9 The rest for His people, this word Shabaton only appears with the weekly Shabbat and the day of Yom Kippurim a Shabbat Shabaton and the land Shabbat Shabaton and for us, His people Isaiah-Yeshayahu 58:1-14 and see chapter 1:12. And a look in Luke 24 only Shabaton is present so this would make it the weekly Shabbat Shabaton and from the Interlinear Book of Scriptures the word order is not in order, translators made an improper word order, not according to the Hebrew. Hoshea 6:1-3 His people He raises and they rebuild the waste places and Yeshayahu heals the people and the land, it now becomes our responsibility to teach Torah from the Father made possible through Yeshayahu, He saves His people. Also should one see this in the called New Testament then we point to Hebrews 9:10 until the times of setting things right the things of the Torah being imposed, the translaters used the word reformation, of this they may justify their teachings-doctrine, called commonly accepted of their ways, orthodox teachings. The word order of the Greek in Hebrews 9:10, the last two words, the verse :9 unable of ability to deny the power 2596 according to 4893 moral consciousness 5048 to be complete in character of 5120-[this number left off means this one or of self] this one-[presented relative to Torah just and right of character H4672 spelling has the yod after the second letter] 3000 to do the service of El 3440 only 1909 as a direction toward 1033 allowed of the Torah-[they used the term Jewish law and in this case it would mean the law given to Mosheh and he to Yisrael] 2532 [also not numbered] as a force then 1313 surpassing-more excellent 909-907 to make overwhelmed of baptism 2532 as a force then 1345 equitable of deeds-implied of judgment of rightness 4561 of human passions 3360 up to a certain point 2540 a set or proper time 1357 meaning to straighten thoroughly-Messiah to restore 1945 to rest upon-to be impose upon verse 11 starts with the term in Greek for Messiah,do not use the Greek, the Hebrew we must use 3467 Yeshayahu to rescue-deliverer

Must see Psalm 91:1-Yeshayahu-Isaiah chapters 24-25 read all of each for it is close and be prudent wise you will need to store food, the ruin of the land see image 0051you must and image 0380 Mattityah.  The plague closes in image 0059, now with image 0083 the coming forth of His people continues. Now continuing to translate we must remember that those left are still in positions of leadership over the ones coming forth out of the ruins for Yeshayahu by Yeshayahu do not get involved in anarchy-lawlessness ask for help He hears. Also still a time of ruin and rationing and housing controls of many things out of control, one of the words used by the analytical lexicon to describe the Hebrew word of Psalm 91:6 # 6986 root is to cut off; ruin destruction or 6987 extermination also 1698 plague over all a contagion. Along with the ruin-plague there would be rapid communication of an influence [as a doctrine or emotional state ] an influence that spreads rapidly. The author of this word having related it to the French revolution? This to the whole of nations, this era of communications. Remember He is bringing out His. I cannot express the ruin, in ever way it is very hard to picture and the only way to stop it will be Yeshayahu and Ab-Father and our turning to Him so in Daniel 9, with our whole heart, and actions.

This book, and the twelve sections numbered are according to the writings in Hebrew of Mattityah-Mathew also the gift of Yah to Mashiyach containing His letters sent out and swept away by all the great ones establishing their brand of teachings-ordered readings. Find in the scriptures what you are doing relative to the Torah the foundation remove the stinking parts. For A time this has been hidden-asleep and it will remain to the world, we have been granted a vision of what shall come and in peace not by war. Wars are of man and not of the Creator Yahvah Elohim and Son. And it has been said that the people bring the things of destruction on them selves and so it will be for the awful things about to come and the disgusting things being done to us now, a time as never before and never shall be again. After completing the book numbered 12 also called Hebrew Matthew, the other eleven books also have the words to the notzrim-teachers of Torah, called the invited ones. Starting with book one and the first pages of each of the other eleven books, that we may see what great things have been given to the notzrim, bringing Torot-Torah from Moshe. The translating of the eleven books will take some time, wait and watch doing what is right and given by our Creator.

Also as a note having acquired a copy of a Shem Tov from Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New york, and compared the several lines to prove the usefulness of the chapters missing from the British Library Book Shem Tov. The word changes from the British Library copy are profound in just two lines there were 6 word modifications. And in this section of chapter 23 Tzadey Chet line four would have one to desire the Pharoshim and their wise ones, the teaching of Yeshayahu were that these we were not to teach-not a word, and if so He would have an inferior product-student. This copy of the Jewish Seminary can not be used to continue Mattityah-4993-Gift of Yah or Mathew 23:23 and end of 28. [note the translators added a "w" after each vav thus we have a letter not in the text.] Also the letters BDB stand for the Brown Driver Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, the numbers are of Strong's Dictionary some of the symbols used we do not have, // used to show text is not finished-waiting for the end of the age or time allowed.

Book one of Shem Tov-image 0001 none-0002 page one-0003 blank-0004 page 2, image numbers 0002-0023 are of the prophets addressing the notzrim: Copied out year-1492 translating began in 2010 to English And in looking into the writings I have seen that the first letter of each line and last letter of each line composes words, when assembled in order as written, top to bottom of the image as lines are numbered this adds two-2 more lines of scripture. Will number these as first letters of each line and last letters of each line of each image and work from this way, and then I looked and they read up, so see the following images 0002, 0004, 0005.

1. Of Image 0002 letters found in the image: you firm of 3581 commandments 6673 they need need 6878 conform to establish 8627 Mine gathered the despised 960-962 contemplate with pleasure, revelations 2372 completion of emitting ulcerous fluid, teachings 4358-7325 Shem 8034 Tov-2896-Name Good to light lamps His 5216 standing boldly out 5046 the notzarim-maintaining and protecting 5341 and to transcribe-valued thing, antique 6275-6276 able afterwards of ability 1767 to know, understanding of these 3045 also you are returning ones 7725 to Mighty one, The Most High and exalted on high 650-7315 and it occured 1961 the reward 8011 this cepher-scroll enumerates 5608 the sprinkled of, expiation 5137 on five 2568 expanding becoming honorable 142 from sleep 8153 of purpose 8567 to deliver 5312 them of 2088 purpose, preserving of 7760 to eternity 5957. first letters reading down then up Trust all the daughters-[tribes-nations-symbols] of worthlessness [this age mans way], perverse way of walking to that of [last letters down now up] this crying out to Yahh of hope corrupt of you woe having despised-[Mashiach][last letters down] 539-3605-1323-2151-1660-1980-3964 last letters up2088-2980-3050-8615-4167-1958-939

Image 0004 first letter of each line down then up and the same with last letter of each line: His apple of the eye [Yisrael covenants] He will deepen the cup to Him these for additionally inheritor guest caused to wander going astray crossing over-changing sides [to move to the Hebrew way-Torah] to name-have standing apple of the eye [letters up] govern and four square-straight cause to make abundant shaving off these to be clear shine these will be and He reveals [last letters down] to be bright from a deviation making amazed His gems-diamonds of worms lifting selves up out of for Yahh of Yahvah to cause to preserve you of torot [fem. plural of torah] of Mine before shall be day out of bitter poison by with drawing from contact they of the upright to be amazed teachers pointing out before [letters down] 892-3849-3914-5159-1481-8582-5674-8034-925-8074-8068-7415-3050-3068-3498 [letter numbers up] 4910-7251-6280-1548-1984-1540-892-8451-8452-1961-3117-4815-4185-8535-8074-3384

line 1. Saying this from joining fellowship Name Good-word order numbers 559-2266-8034-2896

2. Beloved of Yitzchaq lighting a lamp and from watchers of you lambs 1249-3327-5216-5894-2924

3. Create of You have these small little one being devoted and to both distresses of time and appointed happiness-well being His ones 1254-589-6819-2767-8147-6869-2163-4726

4. And being complete-have enough us and to give us abundant increase having intelligence-prudent-thinking us among men of covenant us which 7646-5414-7227-995-582-1285-834

5. send with command out of making perfect of us pursuing after us to these you bend in kindness in looking-eyeing thinking best of 3318-3634-7291-310-2603-5869

6. the notzarim these humble of tribes-peoples our as they were asking to us in trembling to you spreading making plain of the writings 5341-8430-5971-7592-7578-6584-3789

7. And will cause to make know what they are to perform accomplish as to royal laws an manners theirs will build up in trust of things true confirming to them and what of their words are shameful 1881-5046-4100-6965-1881-539-4100-1697-954

8.9. For these are by men to us in eyes-seeing of these knives of flint-distresses-words of evil masters of ours and they to us pounding flat and with hook for nose gathering of ones standing out of tribes people of our [Judah] many out of the wise these are knives of flint-words breaking down causing divisions by words of chastisement to our nation-people 376-5869-6864-113-1992-6341-4170-1571-3426-5971-7227-2249-6864-7323-8433-5971

10.11. These with perversity by iniquities of theirs glaring these are causing turning away distresses by words of evil shall exile and this befalls unto them and in anguish madness of theirs and the helpless and the Torah for this shall be firm and whatsoever dissolved (lamet as last letter of the word would mean lamad-3925 teaching of Torah) and not to exist and in anguish they for always it has power to stand to the elder to them like royal decree 5771-8273-5437-6864-1540-4745-575-579-1947-1800-8451-4581-4310-8271-369-575-3201-7869-1992-1881

12.13. And like this to manner for Shabbat to be continuous of us by deceiving as abolishing of us mourning us extortion of us and families of us and evil of them the levy to public service-labor over us to manner these of man fearing-face of like in hardness and his knowledge for and not in shame 3541-3541-7676-2956-6213-2429-584-5383-2945-5767-4522-5921-3651-4962-6440-2496-1843-3588-3808-954

14.15. to join in league scroll breaking in pieces words of this cause good for desires of the heart they will do desires of the heart by words like knives to us and shall be oblivious to us of El of Yah these also gazing stock seeing as we will be removed as ancient and to written record-scriptures such things of it the scroll-scripture 2266-5612-3807-559-8231-7592-7592-854-6864-413-7911-452 [composed of two-2 words 410-3050]-1571-7210-6267-3789-2007-5612 [Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 17:9 the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it?]

16.17. this of their desire and I spin around in violent emotion to these inducing to mislead-drawing out to death to the elders He will kill you El of Yah these. And such thing seen as spectacle-gazing stock of the scroll-scripture it is weighty to the senses honor will prevail to invited ones of scroll-scripture cause for joining walls of protection and Yahvah and words shall be absolute also they are wise to seeing they shall be contained as a limit of ground meal 1523-7952-7867-4191-452-2007-7210-5612-3513-7121-5612-2346-3068-561-2449-7200-5592-7058

18.19. joined together with Him sure trusting these will and shall enlarge to make plain these terrifying of these lawgivers to scorners they were of those by defaming to which not they just or right to manners of us. Also to release causing to make plain and those will bring in abundance of writings they like you and in that day 2266-389-539-7337-7737-1089-2710-3887-2778-834-3808-3651-1571-2010-874-935-7235-5016-3541-3117

20.21. Also not they bring words telling-declaring to people-tribes being of Him a Rock your El of Yah these causing oppression causing oppression. Also holding controversies prepare self consider direct not shall be this for when against these retreat-withdraw to a private place to command for parched ground understand a community of wisdom of blindness sudden hostility 1571-3808-935-1697-4022-5971-1961-6864-452-343-343-1571-7378-3559-5414-3808-1961-3588-518-7873-6310-8273-2268-2449-6696

22.23.24. shall return to be high to them and to be just and right will see to these also pluck up by roots those against declaring distinctly the written scriptures over way of life-walking will strip like a portion faithful in firmness of us will be firmly established to humble and poor of them also not shall be all His Most High our for the elders. And disesteem able to us people of Adoniu-Master our and those to be hostile to us. And all that 7725-5944-3651-7200-6131-6567-3789-5921-1869-6584-6310-530-3559-6041-3808-3605-3605-2088

25.26. of those wagging the tongue-slanders of soft hearted like working becoming servants of El Adoniu-Master of His And His knowledge all seeing of scroll of written-scriptures now this also times of many declaring distinctly the written records-scriptures and causing to make know by separating distinctly teaching will cast away the disgusting words taught also not words commanded 3960-7401-5647-410-113-1843-3605-7200-5612-2088-6471-7227-6567-3789-5046-6567-2219-3808-561

27.28. And to times you shall make know these causing to make distinct giving understanding measure in guiding by speech also stand prepared to making right cause to you also shall fasten up-enclosing to the elders against us distresses it shall be poured out [as a drink offering] to speak causing from associates companions desiring to them and calling out to shall be 6471-1961-5046-6567-3557-6310-3559-5274-7867-6869-1961-5258-6310-2270-176-7121

29.30. name of scroll of words declared of this to build of stones tried tested and proven paying attention to purpose sake who were selected and they shall have favor to graciousness by Him the stability of truth-trust worthiness from these He called out to and they cause to be right and clean causing these to cease from labor His called ones Mine the name of these for harvest in places [reverse of last word] corruption these were before 8034-7612-2088-68-974-3282-1305-2580-571-7121-6663-988-7121-8034-7114-4725[reverse of last word] 4167

Image 0005 Shem Tov first letter of each line down and up and the same with last letter of each line: searching out behaving pushing aside [choose good] sweating-work to Yahvah these to rise up ashamed they from like asking to be bound as sheaf-[firstfruit] [last letters] and these whom are to Me will lift selves up causing to declare give birth [new body] brightened polished blood [new] fearing Him of Yahvah appearance. To be ended cloud of darkness your and He shall turn with pride Yahvah His Majesty kindness this six [days of creation] maligning stabbing with words shall understand-having seen rushing eagerly coveting His Mountain [the City] to cause flames drawing out [figurative to deliver] them declare a day to grieve and with Me and these. [letters down] 1245-7737-2186-2188-3068-1342-955-1158-485-3487-176-7426-4137-7044-1818-7297-3068-8389 [letters up] 4390-5645-7725-1466-3068-5797-2580-2088-8337-6898-7200-1942-2022-1814-1802-3117-4470-225

1.2. In places which speak words of Most High of the Scroll-Book battles-to consume as food of Yahvah to declare My Scroll-Book of these Most High of His and will speak words of command these will repair-restore in places Yahvah inspired speaking they of good purpose and then will Yehudim 4725-834-1697-5920-7612-4421-3898-3068-1961-7612-2088-5942-1697-562-5640-4725-3086-5016-1992-4100-8033-3046

3.4. Call out to Me causing to become one and Name of renown He will be our Rock causing great numbers speaking of Most High trusting in faithfulness shall be these and to speak words of His wisdom also everyone of seeking running to explain declaring Me of this seeking out by inquiring also will be rock your, also they first the beginning in place 7121-3161-8034-6864-7969-5920-6310-530-6310-559-2449-3605-7323-874-2088-1875-1691-6864-6921-6932

5.6. above the 7 an 8 and these the humble to you these seek out inquiring to Him and will cause with you His just and right decrees of obligations of the Scroll-Book [Proverbs 8:15]. and to stand shall be called famous-renown are His. And then they will explain declaring to those seeking out to Him. And longing after separating they shall separate those seeking after to Him. 8083-1992-6041-1875-1931-854-2706-3559-7148-8033-874-1875-1931-3642-2505-2505-1875-1931

7.8. And to Me now the humble ones they to teach these from among. And not now speak of Him or seeing of Me. This to stand out to Me to engrave [figurative] to explain declare to them He also will appoint you a home place of theirs eastward as before of Scroll-Book His now. And shall be humble you seeking out inquiring after Scroll-Book 2088-6041-3925-4480-3808-2088-1697-1931-7200-3426-874-413-4487-4999-6924-7612-2088-562-6041-1875-7612

9.10. Now this to engrave-write [figurative explain-declare] foundations of greatness being humble in Me multitudes of peoples and desiring answers and they answer the notzarim announcing establishing trust truth to them of testifying these ones reapers of the grain [Harvested by Yeshayahu] and will explain making plain accordingly enough also they shall cause to rise to heart of courage being soft in sympathy 2088-874-3247-1419-6041-525-7592-8666-5341-5046-529-5749-7114-874-1767-7009-3820-4578

11.12. And they shall write a memorial record to themselves and when our Mighty Rock He to stand continually Mighty One of Most High firmness of security to moral fidelity our liberty free of hand with spoken words of before-meeting coming and going joining selves to community Him Most High now and Name of honor of character their causes to make plain explaining those seeking these shall become numerous, honorable as before Name of Him and dividing will [careful here the scribe is talking in their words as the book is today divided this would confirm the early followers used only Hebrew Matthew]

13.14. now out of the Scroll they two men. Have the fountain of knowledge, And by the action of making a new scroll these. And the fountain of knowledge it will be explained away 874 [this word can be in to river Nile-back to Egypt 2975] partially of the text cutting into portions will cease too exist of learning the Torah. And the action of making new it shall turn back these and will assault us. And having divided it gathered 2088-7612-1992-8147-5869-4639-5869-1931-2975-7117-6131-8451-4639-1931-7725-6696-2505-1571

15.16. these all to unite the two divided. When the fountain of knowledge they divided to divide was a miracle an omen it and out of this the first as opposite it's [Torah] presence the miracle of it to arrange words also came a miracle Most High cause to rise of them like appeared come forth and it to become one 1992-3605-259-8145-2505-518-5869-2505-2505-4159-6905-4159-1931-1696-935-4159-5929-6965-4672-3161

17.18. H-[Yahvah]. And will cause opposite its presence this with words against also not become high the miracle spit will cause opposite its presences this surely they have it in truth and in miracles and on them mountain of book of pages as thorn bush's and will be bad thing offered will having divided 3068-6905-1931-1696-3808-935-5944-4159-7556-6905-518-530-4159-5975-2022-5572-4639-2505

19.20. like this into two divisions. And it desires them to turn and to it they shall like for her divided portion all go its way from these two divisions. When the desires of the heart for portions to two again divided. They unite 1454-8145-2505-1992-7592-7725-413-1454-2505-3605-258-1992-8145-2505-518-7592-2505-8145-2505-259 [divided the book the woman]

21.22. in desires of the heart their ones rocks of your men. [this is explaining how the divisions were made-old and new into the book of today-King James commissioned the book and the printing press came on the scene all around 1500 a.d.] even something rolled of dung theirs they will have it inducing to mislead them. And they will turn this like theirs we have a portion to be divided. The first for you shall turn those of us over 7592-6697-4962-3789-4962-1888-1530-7952-7725-1454-2505-2505-259-7725-428-5921

23.24. requesting you to them. And the two to you will turn these of theirs against desires of ours. And afflictions ours now the scroll it restores our words and words as before binding fast and not of now words the same discerned in seeing-understand therefore of Torah 7592-8145-7725-428-5921-7592-6040-2088-7612-1931-7725-1696-1696-6440-6099-3808-2088-1696-1931-7200-8451

25.26. And shall be decrees-laws-justices enacted of Yah. And knowledge of His also many from Son of tribes-peoples of ours from men certain of wicked-bad ways of us cast those away and those holding in derision scoffing and remove from Scroll these and from ourselves as before will consult together setting in order. And from it surround selves be very zealous. And I gathering will be 2710-1847-7227-1121-5971-582-2154-2088-3988-3933-1992-3272-6186-1992-5437-7065-589-3528-717

27.28. cause this shall make permanent of also bring to me will make a gleaning wonderful to bind fast making powerful of and to this for joy and gladness of mercies to know by instruction to understanding from beginning to [intent was of theirs] profane of the customs of instructions [Torah Parsha]. And see advise self I have this front part fearful acting treacherously from bending oppression plucking up by roots the Torah and then consultation of Yahh 5414-1931-5953-6099-834-1524-2617-3045-2490-3928-7200-6921-8175-4598-343-6131-8451-5475-3050

29.30. time allowed-age shall cut short and will cause having to explain called out ones His fearer's of Yahvah they shall in order that to know Him and not cause fulfilling His request protecting bringing to an end and to these fulfilling and divide shall I celebrate these 5703-7114-874-7121-8175-3068-410-834-3045-369-7999-7592-5826-3607-7999-2505-5608-2088

31.32.33. not were asleep or growing rich. Barley grain [firstfruit] like weight out allotted of our love to raise up Sheep that hoped for of Us He's sending you Moshiach our and He to cover as branches also He shall hem in for protection Moshiach before Yahvah beginning a sense of an opening shall be of us. And He to love His they to love Him Husband [reverse] having tender heart He and are for a time to come His a day of desolation 3808-7252-6238-8183-4487-1731-7311-2089-3588-8615-1931-935-4899-6073-5910-935-4899-3068-8462-1931-7355-7355-406 [reverse] 7391-4279-3117-2717

Image 006: 1. The opening the first 8176-7223 There was seen the Eagle, and a second eagle, when ruin, sin has occured, perched on letters through out the manuscript in varied positions, relative to seeing, seen and judgement the whole translation will need to be reviewed and this symbol marked, 2-7-2017 have so at image 0138, and all of Mattityah-Matthew will need to be reviewed.

2. Will pluck up by roots of these in firmness and breaking off-separating of them they are His 6131-530-6561-1992 [in reverse] and these good things and made precious also these shoots propagated [figurative of perpetual] where I will be the expanse-sky before [reverse]4100-3365-6310-5125-165-7549

3. Phey-alph by requesting for light in every sense of training you will cause to be united alike [at this line they begin to number with phey-80 and the second letter adding to this 80 the number of lines to this point.].

4. Phey beyt to explain by what now of place as a condition of mind-teachable with Torah to you explaining will submit selves shall treat a person well in toiling and serving and to punish or fine accordingly [infinite-absolute] in body-life and to why not they shall explain by specifying declaring [Devarim 19:21 putting evil to a stop infinite-absolute] and they to justify right to why also when speaking setting a margin and then they blaze up in anger taking away things prepared they gather as a tumultuous crowd belonging to El they have and then He shall explain declaring horrible noise tumultuous destruction and they have regard and respect and they to keep in memory them of and He to cause depopulation-implied conquer-imprisonment of slime-frivolity of morals shall He of theirs and pierce through of these by Most High to be eminent as One above and they will have Torah and it shall rise up to witness 874-2088-4725-8451-874-6045-1580-6064-5314-4100-3808-874-6567-3651-4100-4100-8193-2734-3615-7285-3815-8033-874-7588-7200-7876-6808-8602-2944-5920-5329-8451-7012-5749

5. Phey gimel: for on it light glorious how great to them bellow as cattle and this of us to them and how to them to rule to judge and execute justice who's life is in the body to them 215-4100-1600-1454-349-1777-5314

6. Phey-dalet: For them to a good end the living and for this cause to be a remnant of them and because of this those thrown down and as a mark of character they will explain to good end what of these bereaved of children for these having committed habitually evil out of them and they surely see the living who are seeking after remove cause of wheel you [a recurring course directing or controling actions] -self to the body-self 4100-5315-7604-8058-8034-874-second line 4100-7909-6466-6466-518-5315-1534-third line 1610-1610

7. Phey-hey: for over these light glorious it above them the living in the body their seeking after and fearing Him complete peace-at peace with El to speaking [to measure your words] 215-5921-5315-1610-3700-8003-6310

8. Phey-vav: surely the adam [sees] from Him like pulverizes for the work by you of His and will submit selves and He shall gaze at-consider them and will have knowledge seeing them 518-120-7347-6468-6045-7688-3045

9. Phey-zayin: in coming forth they will become one joining behold quiet in peaceful body of selves and not to be firm for bad in body 4672-3161-1887-7599-1610-3808-3581-1610

10. Phey-chet: they explain with the new thing of the eternity 874-2319-5769

11. Phey-tet: they explain and declare what of this the messengers 874-4100-4397

12. Phey-yod: explain and declaring it will come to the humble of Mine these with other ones 874-935-6041-854

13. Phey-yod -aleph: Phey-yod [90] alph= 91this line When they unit as one who are of these able to guide over all words and will separate and shall declare the Name of

Yahvah not wavering continually of mine to these 518-259-3487-3557-5921-3605-1696-6567-8034-second line "H" 3068-3808-5110-6256-1992

14. Phey-yod beyt: by the separating and teaching being bright and cheerful to these causing trust supporting turning to the right also causing to rebuild renewing and for standing firm of Mount Sinai [ten words]

to this cause support and trust also they unit these having groped about for 6567-7797-539-2318-5975-2023-5514-second line 539-259-1659

15. Phey-yod gimel: they explain and declare out of humbleness in Me they spread out in the land 874-6041-7708

16. Phey-yod dalet: they explain an declaring in laying [Her] foundations Torah] and this cause will become to them and to mingle [if they were to mix truth and lies the scribe has written 8176 but in reverse 7493 quake in fear bottom of page must stay firm not to relent] 874-3247-1961-4197

17. Phey-tet vav: by making perfect of and with them whom have explain and declared from answers seen in understanding to these protecting and aiding of heavens from and will be just and right

He to create and qualify them with speaking-words out of abundant so of Yehudah in abundant My sweet smell they are gem stones

arranged in order fixed in time prepared will be first in place to be right as just and will say having respect for longed for breathed after and also shall be

discretion everlasting of them and time to come of Son [the day-1000 years the millennium] 3634-874-559-7200-413-5826-8064-1961-3651- second line 1254-559-7227-3063-7227-5561-7718-third line 5468-2163-6924-3651-559-7200-14-1961- fourth line 946-5769-4279-1121

Image 0007 the opening the second 8176-8145

First line standing alone then starts the Hebrew numbering. Will explain and declare in Torot-instructions [feminine plural construct of] Mosheh and to separate and specify of it these to be filled with accumulated ten [ten-10 commandments-words] [reverse reading] shall declare wrong-evil being rotten of what and make precious also speaking the Name and Torot created in them 874-8451-4872-6567-1992-7646-6235 reverse reading 7561-5685-4100-3365-6310-8034-8451-1254

Phey-aleph: Explaining declared established truths these cause to make restorations and they will turn from [ways of our fathers] and unit in likeness [notzrim coming H5341guarding and protect the Torah of Moshe teaching] these and will lift selves up by you [notzrim] 874-529-8027-7969-7725-3162-5927 [8027 intensify of 7969 related to third-many thirds, the Temple of Ezekiel, that would also mean Yerushalam and the prophet Hoshea in 6:2 the third millennium from first coming of Mashiyach Yeshayahu saying He will raise us [ teachers of Yisrael scattered] up the third day-1000 years [and teachers of Yisrael will teach the people H3384 rain is used as teaching either the lack of or the right amount or torrential rains to wash way filth, you must understand to purpose righteous children defined by Torah instruction to Moshe and the covenants]

Phey-beyt: seeing through having known by knowledge then from voluntary sacrifice in thanks to make restoration according to established truths His and having turned in likeness these uniting also having lifted selves up 7200-8002-8027-7725-3162-5927

Phey-giymel: Seen of Yah to having made restoration also the justices-ordinances-commands-4687 will never not fail like strip or putting them off then to reject overthrowing 7211-8027-4687-369-6584-2925

Phey-dalet: Seen of Yah to have made restoration over this cause for restoration from speaking words weighty and they cause these to turn 7211-8027-5921-8027-4405-5619-7725

Phey-hey: to writings written [Torah] willing to make practice of man then will make image of Yahvah to us like make an image of some likeness of Him 3789-6213-120-6754-1823

Phey-vav: in general a concepts for out of this restoration to closing the eyes [image] of this knowledge a fearful thing-dispose of it and destroy by reason of perverse of commandment [Exodus-Shemot 20:1-17] they being agreeable by close association 6045-8027-6095-1847-4171-5921-8359-6149

Phey-Zayin: Create of You have for them over the restoration and because of the dilapidation such things of themselves restorations [changes of laws] by men 1254-5921-8027-5619-2007-8027-582

Phey-cheyth: Create You have for them over the cause of restoration shall out of Writings written they of Yahvah cause the rain to fall over scorched areas

Phey-tet: Create of You have which the fathers go down they to valley of burning garbage-gehenna for misleading in going astray man and declaring why afflictions of your's the habitual sinfulness and its penalty 1254-1-3381-1516-2011-2398-120-874-6040-2403

Phey-yod: Create of You have to them over from judgment of El rising His to drunkenness [word lends itself to 8147 second as in returning] and crossing over to transgress from Writings written [second line] and they have sent away homage to Elohim with their cause of oppression these and arrogance theirs also exalt and oppose with means of power theirs 1254-5921-8199-410-6965-8358-5674-3791-[8358 maybe translated as second-second coming]

Phey-yod alph: Bringing will they to them above them lead away of Mine Mashiyach-one anointed to office of King consecrated to satisfy [debt] to instruct-reprove a branch off [literally a stick] from Yehudah 935-5921-7617-4899-4390-3256-7626-3063

Phey-yod beyt: Create of you have to them above from judgment of El rising His to drunkenness and because of abundance from licentiousness-open wide no restraining to commit [second line] to you kindle a burning keeping this in memory of them with Him Most High to prove-test 1254-5921-8199-410-6965-8354-7227-6589-6213-[second line] 8313-7876-225-5920-5254

Phey-yod giymel: Create of You have to them Most High Mashiyach and for the Cherubim 1254-5921-4899-3742

Phey-yod dalet: Create of You have to them over this from afflicted in misery theirs being hard in impudent's of theirs 1254-5921-2088-6041-5810

Phey-tet vav:[eighty and fifteen=95] Create of You have to them over the cause to restoration from having become licentious-with out restrain attention to hearing Yisrael1254-5921-8027-6589-8085-3478

Phey-tet zayin: Create of You have to them ascending up bringing your prayers-communications from laying open separating to surely cause to clap the hands [in understanding] 1254-5927-935-7879-6567-935-7126

Phey-yod zayin: Create of You have to them Most High of the restoration and murdered You Yeshayahu from Pharisees providing this time and henceforth [second line] because I myself who they are of like manner to Him 1254-5921-8027-4191-3442-6567-7200-6258-[second line] 3588-589-589-1931-3541

Image 0007 The opening the third page 19: 8176-7992 [continues in image 0008]

1. daughters to these of boiling pot to deliver His these declare alive [Reverse reading] hot indignation valued thing ransomed His decree and to the ark [figurative save alive gather] 1323-1731-6561-1992-2331-2534-3368-6299-1881-8392 [symbol, daughters-tribes of Yisrael remember all are grafted into the nation of Yisrael, as to the tribe, up to Yahvah]

Phey-Aleph: Create of Yah to cause restoration in portions over the restoration from licentious-without restrain measured determinative saying El of Son bring about 1254-8027-5921-8027-6589-5429-559-410-1121-857

Phey-beyt: Create of Yah to them to rule by judgments of El rising for cause of time to trim the vine of El of El who to what loosened permitting You have 1254-1777-410-6965-2168-410-410-4100-5800

Phet-giymel: Create of Yah to them to bring you Mashiyach He for declaring distinctly words said as commands of Mine removed-forgotten are by the king 1254-935-4899-6567-561-589-5382-4428

Image 0008 page one Phey-dalet: Create of Yah to them also came to kippurim-cover making clean the iniquities for Pharisees you these to cease then this knowledge and like manner of theirs 1254-935-3725 only in plural 5771-6567-7503-1844-3541

Phey-hay: Create of Yah to them for murder you Yeshayahu by repeatedly preserving by any means by Him molded to purpose Him for this will spread [second line] declared went up declared to go up from high to higher far above will remain name of Honor and Authority His to faces and of being brilliant like the sun He to rest as at home celebrated with praises His Name Honors Him 1254-4191-3442-5750-6299-3335-6567-[second line] 5927-4791-1961-834-6440-8121-5115-834

Image 0007 The opening the third- [reading in reverse]: earth to undulate 7493 it shall stand out 3426 to push out sheep 7716 from 7582 to lay waste [the sheep-notzrim lay change to the social systems of the world bringing Torah-Moshe]

Phey-Aleph The fig tree [symbol Yisrael] will mentally be weak-foolish rise in haughtiness to Me as measured-determinative to lop off mouth-words of restorers by bringing forth a resemble-likeness coming it wait 8384-2974-7311-7082-6433-8027-6213-8071-1961-6965 [establish their social world order]

Phey-beyt: they travel a beaten way path tremble as with fear-terror at sound of tumult they not they gathered they pure gold-made strong cause to these and they call aloud to Me in speaking back and forth coming it wait 6965-1961-3833-5205-6963-6337-717-3808-1999-2111-5410

Phey-giymel: putting to confusion crushing blows thrusting out oppressors them doing violence to Me causing to fail to Me setting fire utterly them and making hast You with desire against and to come wait 3637-3918-3238-3238-7411-8313-2439-8373-1961-6965

From image 0008 Phey-dalet and in like manner they repeatedly in a sense of running wild shall direct them completely overthrow cause to cure also joy all Father hears and to come wait 3541-5750-6501-8281-4974-5754-7495 and 2363-1-8085-1961-6965

Phey-hay: have power to rule of mouth-speaking and they run breaking down dividing of them to their slander of knowledge ashamed they shall put these front and to come wait 7786-6433-7323-1848-1843-954-5414-4136-1961-6965 [second line] And Moshe perpetual it sun it perish and out of this keep in memory of to alter [Moshe] a fearful thing to you, you utter in consideration 4872-5126-8121-5307-7876-4171-3216 [to negotiate away laws-Moshe of Yahvah-7896-8359 to mix a fearful thing] [end of line reversal]

Image 0008 of third opening page 20: Phey-vav: Create of Yah to them be glad in joy and to hide to Yehudyim assembles in you have crushed [Psalms 44:20] and were you His rock afterwards 1254-7797-5638-3063-3973-1794-6697-368

Phey-zayin: for having spread will not things to come [if] you turn back [seek the ancient path Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 18:15-16 Torah] you shall live of [among] us and to a desert-dry place they say 6566-3808-857-7725-2421-6724-559

Phey-Cheyt: Create of Yah over the restoring and over bringing you Yeshayahu from celebrating in music and Psalms to where Yahvah to gather we are 1254-5921-8027-5921-935-3442-2167-518-3068-181

Image 0008 page 20 fourth opening: 8176-7243-reverse reading earth undulates fear and trembling of them and crossing over they [move to the right and just]

line 1. To have dominion rule of redeemed His to be double 4910-6561-1992-8147 [reverse reading] portion wonderful and their spirit excellent of mouth-speaking to name by 4327-8047-7119-6310-7760

Phey-aleph: Create of Yah to them over the cause to make restoration out of declaring distinctly when receiving instructions to turn away-retreat for Just and right when shall come not of sense of asking 1254-5921-8027-6567-3588-3948-7725-3588-3651-1961-3808 [reverse reading] they come to unite you of Yah to when like to be ashamed to unite you to rule of mouth-speaking cause to make restoration they to be rash of words coming wait 9353867-3050-3588-954-2710-3867-7786-6310-8027-3886-1961-6965

Phey-beyt: Create of Yah to them over the cause to make restoration and love shall you El rising His in-nations for will obtain success cause to ascend they to heavens [only this word in the next line 8064] 1254-5921-8027-1730-410-6965-776-6329-3276 [reverse reading] they to be rash of words speaking they to wait for in confidence-collected mouth-speaking of Rock Father and they vilify of Me you love Him will make restoration of to the distortion of morality and the unrighteous coming it wait to rule having power [the word heavens 8064 in reverse]

Image 0008 Open 8176 Fifth 2549: reverse reading cause a day it to standout earth undulates-making shake: 3117-3426-7493 [the opening of the time in Daniel 12 that was sealed]

Line 1. In Daniel of breaking off his such as restorations-reverse reading the restoration what purpose and valuable withdrawn to cause to make great these volunteers offered freely [Judges 5:9 song of Debra verse 9] 1841-6562-1992-8027-reverse reading 8027-4100-3365-8381-5068

Phey-aleph: Create of Yah to them bringing you El rising His out of restrain open wide create set up these and like because-second line He comes keep clean-kadash most set apart kadashyim [reverse reading] impoverishment and also ashamed these abundant distribute set a trap of the mouth-speech and then swiftly you hating of rash of words and to come wait [second line in reverse] for to stand out few also few Father of 1254-592-935-410-6965-6589-1254-4427-834-935-6942-6942-reverse readings 7562-389-3637-7227-6983-6433-7031-854-341-3930-1961-696-3426-1851-1851-1

Phey-beyt: Create of Yah to them over the cause of restoration shall be of oppression-collapse of it and seeing His Yah enough a fourth to Me [the suffix figurative of pain] rest in silence by pure love of El raised our [reverse reading] to Me swiftly they will abundantly to these of measured judgment Mine will cross over worship with extended hands of Him to teach these of house of food [Hebrew idiom learn scripture] shall cause restoration rash of words [foolish] and to come it wait 1254-592-8027-1794-7200-3050-1767-7243-1824-1249-410-6965-[reverse reading] 7031-7227-4060-3674-3034-3384-1004-3537-8027-3930-1961-696

Phey-giymel: Most High to bring you Yeshayahu for to break apart laying open will seventy of seventy [seventy nation of creation-and seventy elohim] and like manner [second line] and to cause to bring make right and just of thoughts concealed of selves [evil Psalm 26:4] [reverse reading] from a day to them binding comes to their excrement sudden cause to make like manner these who are rotten push aside them to remove-annihilate pounded them and to place let alone [the word indicates the doing away with Torah a fear full thing] where then to affect wear out 5920-935-3442-6566-7657-7657-3541 [second line]-935-6663-5956-[second line reversed] 3117-6123-6627-926-[first line in reverse] 3541-4310-5685-3261-8338-7383-7896-335-1080

Sixth part Image 0008: opening to leave one sixth 8176-8338-[reverse] they rejoice-be glad to see bringing forth 7797-7200-6213[used only in Ezekiel 39:2 checked the spelling not a mistake, also only found in the Old King James translated correct, and a German translation, the vav has been dropped and the aleph replaced it-I shall one sixth you] also in image eighth line one in reverse Cause to destroy leaving one sixth out of these to inherit driving out society-over shadowing and they cast out speaking accordingly of they will do it.

Line 1. With Iyob-Job and deliver him they shall rise early-[reverse] from these covering hiding what and they valuable for they desired 347-6561-1992-7925-reverse 3780-4100-3365-6310-2968

Phet-aleph: Create of Yah to them over purpose bring you Yeshayahu for will spread and Reach-Spirit upon to pour out It [second line] to wait to expect El He shall stand and not a farmer they the act of see Him 1254-5921-935-3442-6566-7307-5921-6379-3117-5975-3808-406-4758

Phey-beyt: To speak accordingly and I to know Mine buying back and redeeming of life and following afterwards among the dust those they to rise 6310-589-3045-1350-2416-314-5921-6083-6965-

Phey-aleph: [reverse reading] And cause to be high tender hearted they to Him will weep they not and to live [end short line] and they branch of power rash of words to blanch with shame they to rule-power pleasant well them and a gift available shall desire rash of words and to come it wait 758-7390-413-1832-3808-2416 [short line] 3709-3886-2357-7786-3303-7862-8373-3886-1961-696

Phey-beyt: Cause these to build a wall in habitually practices covering their puliverizing desired expectations desired having treaded grapes because of implied violent's desired bright and beautiful against 7023-6466-6049-7347-176-3175-176-1660-5750-3238-1660-3302

Image 0009 opening seventh: 8176-7637 [reverse reading] they sweep away to sars having charge

Line 1. To Yirmeyah they like starved-becoming emaciated him they to rob and destroy 3414-7535-1992-8154

Phey-aleph: Create of Yah to them Torah renewed from their departing-become without restrain to walk the way of and proclaim calling out to you 1254-8451-2322-6589-1980-7121 [second line] with words-Debaryim because of these hidden-covered in darkness and like manner this. Seeing of Yah to them an assemblage of you to Most High AL [third line] bringing you Yeshayahu and give judges of His from words commanded illuminating. Now to declare-olive tree to flourish and I accordingly dominate-subjugating [fourth line] thousand fold overcome having power to slaughter [Psalm 37:14] 1254-8451-2322-6589-1980-7121-[second line] 854-1697-428-6828-7200-1571-5920-[third line] 935-3442-8199-6310-2132-7488-589-3533-forth line-502-503-3605-2873

Phey-beyt: To declare distinctly explaining and I cause to rise up to Me to love bringing forth as a sprout growing just and lawful to righteousness and and to set as kings and they to act circumspect-intelligent 6567-6965-1730-6779-6662-4428-4427-7919

Phey-giymel: To declare distinctly explaining it shall be in excellent principled from out of them and cause to bring near you and I cause these to boil up as done as in cooking of 6567-1961-117-4480-7126-1310

Phey-dalet: To declare distinctly explaining of voice calling aloud to the corruption feeding on the dead-society to hear 6567-6963-7415-8085

Phey-hay: To declare distinctly explaining for such as increase bringing in abundance to Yahvah fresh new thing-[Torah] to the lands 6567-3588-7235-3068-2319-776

Phey-vav: Create of Yah to them over confirming shall be of Torot [feminine of Torah] fresh new thing to falsehood and afflicted and oppressed you have been[second line] wells providing for You have [Zephaniae 2:6 as pastures with wells for shepherds] with house of Yisrael choosing of you fresh new thing-[Torah] 1254-5921-5975-8451-2319-8267-1790 [second line] 3741-854-1004-3478-1262-2319

Image 0009 opening seventh 8176-7637 reverse reading of letters: they to sweep away to sars having charge of 3261-8269-6213

Line one: The destroyers of what of these dignity honor virtue wealth you this day holding a controversy-defending 8154-4100-3366-2088-3117-7378

Phey-aleph: These to Me spit and to cease-destroying setting a trap of mouth Yahvah also to drive away friends and to come it wait 7536-3615-3983-6310-3068-1760-7327-1961-696

Second line: rash of words you collect exiles of the water course-[river crossing] and like manner these are his he delivers causing them to spread he marks off-designates 3086-1473-2975-3541-6475-3811-7234-8376: Third line: also complains bemoans for a home theirs to empty shall he now mouth words and they to be stupid them and they negotiate away laws of Yahvah hating [Fourth line] under obligation to cover over to prick a blister they are beans to Me 2326-2926-3554-6321

Phey-beyt: When they grow fat to be put to confusion by judgment putting to shame-dishonor these bow down in deference of bright clear evidence from chasing after hunting feeble oppressed to declare and for gathering obedient they survey for evil being bright fair for 3780-3637-3637-6915-6703-6658-1809-3349-7789-3302

Phey-giymel: to stray deceived they and to declare of self to you in thinness-emaciated and cause to shake-measure by hand of power of mine shall be this survey for evil-for good to be bright and fair for 7683-7541-4128-3027-1961-7789-3302

Phey-dalet: to impose a load you they many to Him make a conspiracy-treason to be bright fair for 6006-1992-7227-7194-3302

Phey-hay: trouble opponent crowding fathers insolence drive away to be in Existence [when Yahvah is reversed to be in Existence] the many hands of power survey for evil-treason to be bright fair for 6862-1-7736-1760-3068-7227-3197-7789-3302

Phey-vav: whom deepens spit transport into captivity also drive away over throw of Torot then weep sore for evil and unjust coming it wait 3487-3537-7556-7617-1760-8451-1830-5767-1961-696 second line they also push away you abundant against betroth [Yisrael] I have daughters of to Me a remnant superior you are His 1760-7227-781-1323-3499

Image 0009 opening eighth: 8176-8066 when this is reversed: they to my government to appoint 4951-6213

Line 1. Yah has saved redeeming His these twenty and six 3470-6561-1992-6245-8337 [reverse reading] Cause one sixth after destroyed five sixth a sixth part [image 0008] to inherit driving out possessors of their -society to be over shadowed and to cast out speaking accordingly they will do it 8338-3423-5980-6979-6310-3299

Phey-aleph: Create of Yah to them over the restoration from Pharisees and call out to proclaiming that El now of Him 1254-5921-8022-6567-7121-2088-413-2088-3541

and like manner He. Qadosh Qadosh Qadosh and to this manner 3541-6942-6942-6942-3541

Phey-beyt: Create of Yah to them over causing the violently rains to will for to declare explaining to eliminate dung such as themselves the future to-at will [as needed also the quakes will destroy the under ground water and sewer lines] 1254-5921-1652-6569-2007-5927

Image 0010: Phey-giymel: Create of Yah to them over bringing them EL raised, Him in the land among the Pharisees their holding [Him] in contempt in the land they 1254-5921-935-6965-776-6567-7034-776 [second line]

Zebuloon for to show lineage to having to show lineage to them and to increasingly the government 2074-3588-3205-3205 4766-4951

Phey-dalet: On departing from disregarding of correctness of rules moral or legal like such as they have sit down together and settle on Mount Tziyun to build examining-investigate into this 6589-2004-3245-6726-68-974

Phey-hey: On departing from disregarding of correctness of rules moral or legal to Me they doing violence of you having seen you to barter dispose of yourselves this you to them 6589-1961-3238-7200-854-4171-1454

Phey-vav: By disregarding of correctness of rules moral and legal and to remain as fellow citizen in wilderness out of judgment 6589-7934-4057-8199

Phey-zayin: Seen of Yah returning to Me El raised Him to pardon the iniquities out of separating them [line two] elation them it's to dwell as citizen with King in brightness and beauty His you shall see Him because to Me they progeny-sons 7200-7725-410-6965-3722-5771-6567-1931-4791-7943-4428-3302-2372-5209

Phey-cheyt: Seen of Yah to them over way bringing them Yeshayahu to the land from speaking they to be glad rejoicing us midbar-wilderness as dry place 7200-5921-1980-3442-776-6310-7797-4057-6723

Phey-tet: In declaring and explaining with them in wilderness land calling out to in wilderness 6567-859-4057-776-6963-7121-4057

Phey-yod: In declaring and explaining whoever like to knit together as sinews highest and their knowledge first in place Mount Tziyon [of Yerushalam Mount Zion] behold to see behold to see 6567-4310-1517-7218-1844-7223-6726-2009-2009

Phey-yod aleph: In declaring explaining distinctly they to work as servants of with them to you also and let stand words of the declaration 6567-2004-5647-859-7604-1697-6575

Phey-yod beyt: I Yahvah have called you in righteousness to open eyes blind [Yeshayahu-Isaiah 42:6] 589-3068-7121-6663-6491-5869-5782

Phey-yod giymel: Will spread this they to Me rest will it fresh new thing at that time it shall sprout, making to bud out-breaking forth 6566-2004-6314-2322-6258-6779

Phey-yod dalet: I have said-[emphatic] to green plants what taught ones I cause to hear these to EL peoples for Torah from these I divide to Me 589-561-3-4100-8527-7181-410-5971-3588-8451 859-2673

Phey-tet vav: Will speak without restrain and this time what to Me 6589-6258-4100

Phey-tet zayin: Will speak without restrain and this time Yahvah to send away wailing it spit theirs [old ways] 6589-6258-3068-7971-5204-7307

Phey-yod tet Will speak without restrain from womb calling out to Me from ruins as a collect of people 6589-990-7121-4596-523

Phey-yod chet: Will speak without restrain they balsam-healing from womb to keep in bondage to His kings causing to fear them and raises up captains-sars-rulers 6589-6875-990-5647-4428-3372-7054-8269

Phey-yod tet: Will speak without restrain they behave selves to work as servants of 6589-2007-7919-5647

Phey-kaph: Will speak without restrain shout for joy barren woman [Yisrael Yeshayahu-Isaiah 54:1-] not young girls 6589-7442-6135-3808-3207

Phey-kaph aleph: Will speak without restrain then again communities to give you Him sweeping away scales over ears yours 6589-2004-57503817-5414-2894-238

Phey-kaph beyt: Will speak without restrain the just and right having wondered away and shall come the truth will do as promised to Elohim you 6589-6662-6-1961-571-5087

Phey-kaph giymel: Will speak without restrain Spirit Yahvah Al Most High and they officiating as Priest of Yahvah you to call out to 6589-7306-3068-5920-859-3548-3068-7121

Phey-kaph dalet: Will speak without restrain crossing over to other side and crossing over to other side they by gates who come now from Edom [arab religion] 6589-5674-5674-8179-4310-2088-935-123

Phey-kaph hey: Will speak without restrain to do as promised to Elohim drunkenness-perverse of Torah will not ask or demand and 6589-5087-8358-3808-7592

Phey-kaph vav: suspend or interrupt having as a force of men-wealth-worthily young girls 2962-2428-3207

Image 0010 opening ninth: Line 1.For Elohim will strengthen and deliver His they of the restoration-triplicate [reverse reading] The restoration-triplicate what and it prized speak also to cry out shove aside [them] to bawl-cry 3168-6561-1992-8027-reverse reading-8027 4100-3365-6310-687-2118-2980

Phey-Aleph: Create of these this place working and they kneading dough [ try like bread dough it is still a lump] ease resting from forfeit lives they defend controversy the adversary they to mark as honor for [second line] master workman you are and also then you shall declare making plain from speaking words among like young lions of Yahvah just and right to manners open [third line] good and to let be redeemed-preserved 1254-6311-3888-7599-2325-7378-8034-3588 [second line] 525-874-559-738-3068-3651-8176 [third line] 2896-6299

Phey-beyt: Create of Yah to them to be eager in application study to be amazed a wonderful thing from departing lips [words] the open doors-gates [the] vision it shall be [second line] delivered for Yahvah a mass of persons coming to them 1254-3854-8074-6589-8167-1957-1961-[second line] 5462-3588-3068-6635-935

Phey-giymel: Seen of Yah to them over renewing change of the Torah [Instructions from Father] from words departing lips and to gather I Am giving you for them Commandments decrees judgments laws not very good like these 7200-5921-2498-8451-6589-1571-589-[second line]-5414-1992-2706-3808-2896-3541

Image 0010 opening tenth: Line 1. A section of tenth breaking off it they crying [reverse reading] to the west and they call out to separate-explain city restore answer 1335-6237-6561-1992-2980 [reverse reading] 3220-7121-6567-5892-8421

Phey-aleph: Will speak without restrain I to living as we from two days and by day the third and like manner this 6589-2421-3117-3117 7992-3541

Phey-beyt: From speaking without restrain repeatedly for it comes and rains [teaching rains-teaching also] to make right in cleansing to righteousness to you from hand of power requesting Him to deliver them 6589-5750-3588-935-3138-6663-3027-7592-6299

Phey-giymel: For Joel-Yahvah his Elohim to open wide lips speaking without restrain blow the shophar in Tziyon a sense of conspicuousness and among them shall give for cover protection His 3100 [410-3068]-6589-8628-7782-6726-1460-8566-2348

Phey-dalet: And Son of Tziyon pays attention being glad Him and also for hiding place of Yahvah Elohim raised your for to shout for deliverance to you with you a fearful thing-terror [second line] to rightness virtue subjugate prevailing to you violently rain caused and like manner this 1121-6726-1523-2327-3068-410-3588-7438-854-4172 [second line] 6666-7287-1652-3541

Phey-hay to impose a burden heavy against open lips without restrain over increase of vineyard-[same spelling also acquaintances] to fear just and right lawful to put a difference setting apart and not are taken away cause accomplished and like manner this 6006-6589-5920-3754-3700-6662-6395-3808-5486-6965-3541

Phey-vav: For who is like Yah [the prophet Mikah-Micah] and then your house to their house they to bear fruit them little-in noble when shall come and in like manner this. From a blow carnage to them caused to come when shall come to rule ones as princes of El 4320-854-1004-1992-6509-6819-1961-3541-4347 [second line] 3318-1961-4910-994-8269-410

Image 0010: Phey-zayin: Chabaqquq-Habakkuk-to embrace Yahvah to adjudicate-manner of lawfulness [4941 mishpat] to appoint you have and like manner this of Yahvah hear intelligently Me hear obey you flow as water I have this hear like seeing-understand sweet smell 2265-3068-4941-7760-3541-3068-8085-8085-3384-1454-7200-5561[the first word, name of the prophet]

Phey-cheyt: Chaggay-Haggai the prophet [festival of] like this manner says Yahvah assembled by orderd groups duplicating as one pairing off lesson these when exceedingly large very [second line] it shall be proper to separate as a branch the house vision contemplate with pleasure in agreement the first in place apart of the first 2292-3541-559-3068-6633-5749-259-4591-1931-1419 [second line] 1961-905-1004-1957-7223-4480-314

Phet-tet: Zekaryah-Zachariah-Yah has recognized here to reign as King he comes to you to gather with you in blood guiltiness- innocent cutting covenant you 2148-2008-4427-935-1571-854-1818-1285

Phey-yod: And He suspend their compensation with theirs thirty [years] silver-money and they will babble-speak rashly and against you and government to stab-to revile-wound with words 8254-854-7939-7970-3702-981-854-4951-1856

Phey-yod aleph: Instruction-law of as to manner truth comes by two edges and 8452-571-1961-6366

Phey-yod beyt: they to Me shall send away Malak sent as deputy of to these faces impudent course of life and this theirs 2004-7971-4397-6440-1870-1454

Line 2. to shalom-sleep it from disclosure-opening tenth part of and with four parts 7965-6608-6237-7253 [the three parts not opened appear in tenth book and you will see-understand now as I also]

Image 0011 opening eleventh: [reverse reading] when quakes the earth 8176 Hebrew leters letters used for eleven yod aleph [reverse] 335 7493

Line 1. To cause assemble selves together they shall teach and deliver His like this [reverse] this you are valuable thing precious speaking and wait silently to you Yahvah desired mark become numerous before 1413-3925-6561-1454-[reverse]-1454-3365-6310-1748-3068-8420-1711

Phey-aleph: They shall be one strengthened of Yah of them and dwell He raises these in time and saying when where Son David comes [second line] again also being able making intelligent of them to mixing of law-Torah-negoiate by their fathers with like manner [doing this again a fearful thing] 1668-2396-3488-7054-1755-559-370-1121-1732-935-5750-3201-8359-1-3541

Phey-beyt: They to you in harshness from refusing [to change] slandering defaming they Elohim Yahvah they have support political to them family of enemy hating of Him blind to Me 4995-1681-452-8356-504-8130-5956

Phey-giymel: And they inducing to mislead you to accordingly of land ones coming behind and like manner this. What and cause madness you and not have protection 7952-413-776-312-3541-4100-1961-1947-369-2387

Phey-dalet: Causing them to prevail to Me this iniquity causing one near of to approach bellow like cattle you Instruction of Yah another power out of pray and meditation?

Phey-hay: not this eternity it shall be Torah from speaking words of mind-commandments and they shall be consumed away to sheol [Psalm 49:15] 369-5769-8451-6310-1086

Phey-vav: coming forth you have from rejoicing to be able man it is written to be straight level happy of you when after four thousand and like manner this [2nd Schmuel-Samuel 1:18] 4672-1525-3027-120-3789-833-310-505-3541

Phey-zayin: When Son of David comes again accordingly they will search out to worship [seeking] fisher of man small in number and like manner this. Again also you bride perfect [second line] striped from among the cup again also to be able and all of their wasting and like manner this. 370-1121-1732-935-5750-1245-1728-6994-3541-5750-3618-[second line]-6584-4480-3599-5750-3201-3605-8074-3541

Phey-cheyt: Inquire-asking counsel seeing. These cause to lead astray to Eliyah-Elohim of Yahvah His truth in certain stability of Me Mashiyach-Messiah of My El by betraying to Me and like manner this [the word 7411 by large adversaries-1297 the implied teachings in word study] 7592-7200-2937-452-571-854-4899-410-7411-3541

Phey-tet: Saying seeing-understand Praise of El not never to these to anoint to office [same word as Mashiyach it's meaning] to Yisrael-they will rule with El also weaving together [laws] with all will cause in day of the strong hard and impudent to them 559-7200-1985-369-1992-4899-3478-3527-3605-3117-2389

Phey-yod: Speaking without restrain on this side Mine will act in circumspect instruct to work serving them search out seek to worship will cause to Al-Most High Mashiyach 6589-2007-7919-5647-1875-5920-4899

Phey-yod aleph: Also to set music Psalms-Oracls of Yahvah to Adoni My seeking out will cause to measure guide of Mashiyach-[the One anointed by Father to be King over Yisrael ] 4210-5002-3068-113-1875-3557-4899

Image 0012 continues eleven: Phey-yod beyt: Will speak without restrain and Spirit of El from moving in concern shall pursue seeking after worshipers and they shall be over the spreading 6589-7307-410-6965-7363-1875-5921-6581

Phey-yod giymel: Will speak without restrain separating and making great It shall advise prudent planning counsel of El powerful and will cause to be valiant to pull down and destroy according to a fifth part Most High Al Mashiyach-Messiah 6589-6381-6098-410-1368-2040-2567-5920-4899

Phey-yod dalet: And you shall follow the way of Me for involving you to rule to be earnest to enthrone going to and fro to teach people will engage for matrimony Him 1980-943-4910-3855-4427-7751-5971-781

Phey-tet vav: To purpose to call out addressing by name then these to enclose for protection also be ready to become to cause for protection to us the right and just saying Him [line two] to be straight happy to be as a plumb line Mine commands that which was commanded when to them and when to them punishments of these and like manner this 4100-7121-8033-2387-6257-2387-3651-559-[second line]-833-594-4687-1961-1961-6064-3541

Phey-tet zayin: And seeing where how will be harsh and fierce by mine to hate slandering-defaming of causing of drought hidden to them slaughter to these to prevailing mine [second line] then you to Me who are fresh made new 1887-349-5794-8130-1681-5045-5956-7820-1396-[second line] 859-4310-2961

Phey-yod zayin: Pride and arrogance also the cause of this Yisrael's living caused this before cause to kill 1466-3541-3478-2416-4191

Phey-yod chet: Good thing only body theirs destroyed 2896-1472-2026

Phey-yod tet: This cause shout of triumph and will have body these in the sense of out cast of us and like manner. These would have scattered firmly to oppress deceiving causing to fail making lower educing to mislead from pride arrogance [line two] And like manner from apart of with pride arrogance removing Torah to Yisrael and measured as nothing from a wild ass of them void of purpose [line three] by being perplexed of this vomit enducing to mislead nations binding to these gave to them man full grown you are void of cost [line four] cause to cherish to these for they completely His Torah they forgot of the way inspect and care for error to mislead pride arrogance accordingly war against pushing down [line five] error to deceive [them] Yisrael. They on account of over graves of nations foreign over daughter of harsh strong to them having destroyed as waste appointed manners theirs 7321-1472-4788-3541-2236-403-8496-2637-7952-1466-[line two]-3541-4480-1466-8451-3478-5429-369-6171-922-4100-[line 3]-6323-1668-6893-7944-1471-631-8566-1992-4962-2600-[line four]-2245-1992-4974-8451-5382-7789-7944-1466-5055-[line five]-7944-3478-5668-5921-6912-1471-5921-1323-5794-8045-[line six]-413-8414-2708

Phey-kaph-80 and 20: Before the Face of they revere and worship Him of cause sake whether in the body a live or dead theirs and to these He extends the hand His swiftly in light vowing to El Him and if rebellious or withdrawing fiery fire to these 6440-3834-7944-1472-413-3034-7031-5087-5637-5135

Phey-kaph aleph: incurable to loosen perish of us shall be send away to us Him these not in path as flowing along the way of Yisrael 369-6544-935-3808-7635-3478

Phey-kaph beyt: these will be laughing stock examined chosen calling aloud Him to them tested of men they to go up to Him to Yeshayahu to these compressed very select cause of El out of which [line two] rule by judging-excuting judgment to them that is to a people strengthened-be strong will be of El shall revere and worship in every day by sending with commandment it shall be it will boil well of you-[literal] make boil it is boiling Yehchezkel-Ezekiel 24:5 [line three] and just and right to manner thirty [age of duty in service of livitical duty] day of ancient-old the Pecach Yeshayahu He shall appear to ascend against 7047-1305-6963-4531-5266-3442-1517-410-335-[line two]-1777-1723-1396-410-3034-3605-3117-6680-7570-[line three]-3651-7970-3117-6917-6453-3442-3318-5266

Phey-kaph giymel: by causing to howl to oppressor that wasted first one [leader] they are to go downward as enemy separate cause to make great of you contribute to minster to seeing they speaking of Him to them [line two] they will hear of Me to wail these 8437-259-3487-3381-6381-8334-7200-559-[line two]-8085-5204

Image 0012 opening twelve: Line 1. Coming Him and captives His these and delivered His these to vomit [reverse] And He to raise up these costliness ones dignity and honor of this place it to be foul grieved midst of and prattling babble 935-1540-6561-1992-7006-[reverse]-7054-3366-6311-5122-3013-1459-178 [Judges 5:12 captive for good and verse :9 judges-rulers and the reason why oppressors :14 our time now verse :12 the word Abinoam-means Father of all pleasantness only one like Him]

Phey-alph: Also to mark as to remember they are they learn by experience diligently observing Yeshayahu [reverse] He a gift as available sweeps away of fire falsehood and untruth

Phey-beyt: to having crossed over rebelliously for without Yeshayahu aspect of form Ruach-Spirit the Qodesh and it is a wilderness it and then the malak-deputyship to them to befall unto them it [line two] to them a sweet smell will deliver 5674-4813-3442-7299-7307- 6944-6723-4398-7136-[line two]-5561-3467 [the word cross over 5674 to move from side evil unto the just and right side and also may move back]

Phey-Giymel: For shall go now to kings the rising sun east to those under [nations] to them to enclose them it shall be 935-2088-4428-4217-8460 2387

Phey-dalet: in the wilderness and will these the malak to do a thing accordingly bring down subduing peoples they like the rustling of a lion and when cause it Mitzrayim-egypt 6723-4398-3254-3381-5972-5287-518-4714

Image 0013 Phey-hay: in wilderness and becausing of them will have dominion able to when to smite with deadly intent all the children to break up ruin shall be to them and borders theirs [second lie] and killed they have in wilderness and of this a limit to turn back to land of 6723-7300-5375-2027-3605-3206-7616-1992-1379-[second line]-4191-6723-5592-7725-776

Phey-vav: to bring shall His ones bending in kindness because these are dipped-baptized will teach dipped-baptizing this to a people-tribes 935-2603-2881-3925-2881-5971

Phey-zayin: to restrain from chastisement of in kindness and good news of Him Most High AL the Mashiyach 4147-2603-1309-5920-4899 [restrain last untill you know-understand]

Phey-cheyt: to come Yeshayahu-He will save to cause diped-baptize among them shall be in kindness of His Spirit cause to rule having power these over His and then calling aloud appointed words commanded teaching commands you shall this of Son 935-3442-2881-2603-7307-7786-5921-6963-561-2088-1121

Phey-tet: from waste to unite to Yeshayahu of purpose sake to assail-accuser-satan to test try 1110-3189-3442-4100-7853-2050-5254

Phey-yod: by hearing to hear cause to come or go these to Yeshayahu for to join prepared in kindness 8085-935-3442-3588-631-2603

Image 0013 Phey-yod aleph: beginning shall Yeshayahu to seek follower of and shall be right correct speaking words of expelling-measured cause accordingly they to promise Him shall do 8462-3442-1875-3198-6310-2957-5429-5087 [second line] Then of Yaaqob-Jacob and to them in kindness being ashamed fishermen of tribes-nations [reverse reading second line] soft hearted whoever of foreign nation by hand of power king to settle to dwell they breaking forth-ready to burst of them 3290-2603-3637-1771-5971-[reverse]-4578-4310-1471-3027-4427-5117-1234

Phey-yod beyt: to teach of Yeshayahu they ashamed greatly of idols [feeling condition caused] of theirs by tribes-nations and to be weak-sick and they all to pervert of sorrowing and from the female sickness the menstruation [Vayiqra-Leviticus 12:2] 3925-3442-1322-5971-7503-3605-2342-1738 [following an expanding of naddah-5079 why and how]

Phey-yod giymel: to correct perversion of these will address in loud tone this the lowly and the humble ones those pursuing after wellness happiness being safe in body and mind 4561-7623-8217-6035-7291-7965

Phey-yod dalet: Saying to these teachers theirs that their rags-cloth they shall set on fire these by this imposed yoke of theirs and also she not to come or go [second line] where to violate to her for this to cause security and to be traquility of them 559-3925-1992-4418-215-5923-1931-3808-935-[second line]-6565-413-7951 [Ezekiel-Yehchezkel 18:6 and read all of chapter]

Phey-tet vav: to them enlighten and admonish teaching caution-warning the women to cause you to swoop down on railing to be like white-pure [not the white of leprosy] to avert the communty and assciates-people becoming guilty of tame-unclean and having to bleach the marble-to make white marble white you to be oppressed bringing self low-to dry up to please delighting in you your voluntarily to do [without external compulsion]

Phey-tet zayin: and by your covering over this wound yours from when comes quickly-easily causing to [tame-unclean Hebrew 2932] close freinds companions 6585-4116-7472

Phey-yod zayin: To miss the mark bearing the blame one delights in precious wife having a companion knit together and shall enlighten to be cautious to care forwarning her concern for she to me having additions-[raiser of family] 2398-2530-802-2270-2094-5921-637

Phey-yod chety: also take this yoke willing to permit as wife his for this when over spoken word to me with passion and cause to take [second line] with her consent our increase building up 631-5800-802-3588-518-5921-1697-637-3947-[second line]-225-637

Phey-yod tet: and to cause by care enlighten by caution teaching-warning her over concern for her turn away causing to commit iniquity her cause pain of child birth will cause her to withdraw from relationship by this reason she cause judgment 2094-5921-7725-5753-2427-7368-4480-1779 [Vayiqra-leviticus 15- bodily discharge,all for both male and female law of are unclean-tame and to make self clean-H2891 also to come before Yahvah unclean is death, also the dead body involving the red heifer must read Bamidbar-Numbers 19:11-12 and 9:7]

Phey-kaph: by this she will cause hate personally and to her doing well acting right him and this to cause you to intercede for judgment by testimony of them 1931-8130-2896-6419-5707

Phey-kaph aleph: when making of this right in manners of virtue moral measured in humility to them 6213-6666-6800

Phey-kaph beyt: also to make alarmed terrifing of them shall hear intelligently call aloud and over frivolity foolishness him and they are bound of relationship foolish things cause sense of want in feelings [second line] also in heavens and shall be the command you were caused to have pain in child birth to woman 1089-8085-6963-8604-779-8604-34-[second line] 8064-6673-5921-2427

Phey-kaph gyimel: wearing out in growing old it will this to know for it is determined-understand to be inward of the body will become sad [1086-7200-7760-6441-2196

Phey-kaph dalet: to cause to enlighten by caution in teaching this beyond the time the rightness [2094-5921-6666

Phey-kaph hey: turn inner most thoughts by honor as a mark of individuality and they not to be anxious of selves by this consuming fretting and will make self poor of them and on them as a wife 7725-2910-8034-3808-1674-398-7326-3830

Phey-kaph vav: keep in memory because judge all the adam-man to hand of power subduing making yourselves clean, just 7876-1855-3605-120-3709-2135 [Ezekiel-Yehchezkel 18:6]

Phey-kaph zayin: cause of these on account of purpose sake they to teach others they support direct help in purpose when because and not without ability knowing of them and not keeping back will these women when cause of seeing one of these 7945-3925-8454-1115-7200-3808-4513-7200

Phey-kaph chet: to come in affright-horrified acting as door keeper-think she in tight place trouble also think in acting she in to perishing make room-time they bending down by this oppression-misfortune-calamity 935-8178-6862-8176-11-7337-343

Phey-kaph tet: to cause to enlighten by cautiously teaching they will prophesy-tell of these to be alert because of their traveled path of life in their excess-unrestrain of selves 2094- 5012-8245-1870-5628-225

Image 0014 Phey-lamed: [80+30=110] for these shall hear intelligently this matter [monthly cycle] of theirs will make a practice of silence dumb [makes house tame-unclean people and contents-must be therefore caution] for will weep house of strong hold 8085-1697-6213-1745-1058-1004-5553

Phey-lamed aleph: to be set apart they for they will be stricken with leprous and so cause to enlighten teach are to them before-become nothing they practice abstaining like unto sinew-iron of this matter 2889-6879-2094-413-1077-1517-1697

Phey-lamed beyt: as pounded corn-grit and they apple of the eye-daughter prince from being sorrowful of because they bud forth 7383-1323-8269-2342-5132 [grit-firmness of mind or spirit unyielding courage]

Phey-lamed giymel: as pounded corn-grit and He to give daughter away in contract for marriage shall be firstlings His from burning fever they are visionary's you The demons caused pains of these abundant 7383-2859-6363-6920-2334-7700-2342-7227

Phey-lamed dalet: among the wise [to be wise Devarim 4:5-6] unite to be please with to walk the way afterwards together of Him and said to taught ones His shall commit selves [second line] Abba-Father His gives for burying place they walk away-vanish cause to flee make refuge Him 2449-258-7521-3212-310-559-8527-5800-[second line]-1-6912-3212-2620 [this word 2620 may also be 2621 a place chocah meaning hopeful]

Phey-lamed hay: here to repose quietness they will [from] being troubled rush upon the day 8252-5590-3117

Phey-lamed vav: by grit as pounded corn [firm of spirit mind] and He to seize of these The demons shall be collected by arrangement for enclosure-pen for hogs 7383-270-7700-3664-5739-2386

Phey-lamed-zayin: by grit as pounded corn [firm of spirit mind] and they to wait from because they to blossom [it maybe also carnage to blossom the prefix kaph mem vav carnage--H4347 ] for shall command Him to His having spots to them iniquities of these your 7383-2342-5132-561-413-5246-5771

Phey-lamed chet: for to take you to Him for a gift of Yah He will send away to Me and for her [bride] shall eat with them [line two] a people His [Yisrael] they are committing wickedness-moral wrongs and they break away more and more 3947-413-4993-7971-3588-1931-398-[line two]-5971-7561-6555

Phey-lamed tet: to what [the use of this word means lasting only a short time of pleasure for the body and sin] shall be destruction of theirs to nothing a failure you have caused afflictions 4100-8045-1077-6031

Phey-mem: [80+40=120] in their living of caused to daughters [nations-tribes of Yisrael scattered] head person-sar one weak in mind and he a fire of entity it will be a multitude of his by blood 2424-1323-8269-7504-785-8229-1818

Phey-mem aleph: by weak in mind double blind 7504-8145-5787

Phey-mem beyt: to make whole healing and these men tied fast of the mouth dumb and will take possession from demons and all the forces of them 7495-376-481-270-7700-3605-2428

Phey-mem giymel: clean you have to them be able any and always to be. Shall also hands of power His and form will send forth these [second line] and also of these and He to whoever walks the way He will do 1249-3201-3027-8388-7971-[second line]-349-4310-3212

Phey-mem dalet: will in form you shall lead for will send forth them 8388-5090-7971

Phey-mem hay: for will strengthen heart these ones sent forth 2388-3820-7971

Phey-mem vav: saying for when coming to appointed place peace well being approaching near near ones leanness-figurative limitation-limited to the breaking forth in strength 559-3588-935-7760-7965-7126-7138-7535-6499

Phey-mem zayin: like when sent away they will entreat before Yeshayahu-rescue twelve [tribes] common-profane from both hands [figurative all senses]when when of self [second line] the Mashiyach will address in loud voice His He will bend in kindness like which He gadol-great one from the prophets 834-7971-2603-3442-8147-2455-3027-518-1931-[second line]-4899-7623-2603-1931-1431-5030

Phey-mem chet: saying Yeshayahu on account of cause sake stir up strengthen to all children of man in general accordingly He will bend in kindness He also the same Eloahh-El of Elohim [this is very important He is El of the children-Elohim of Yisrael-all mankind in the end and the created spirits]

Phey-mem tet: for to compare this age to His of young men and also My commandments and judgments [Devarim 4:5]

Phey-nun-80+50=130: among to be despised will be before young men rulers of Mine in agreement of these His and not protect they in your returning [in that time age to come] 7043-5288-8269-225-3808-2387-7729

Phey-nun aleph: also to you rising up to give spirit of quick understanding to address in praise before Father His also He to hide concealing words of this matter unto them [line two] and also not they will know knowledge to way of entering for way of truth to Son 349-7311-7306-7673-1-5641-1697-413-[second line]-369-1843-3996-3588-518-1121

Phey-nun beyt: for shall bring over these in day the Shabbat among grain stalks of taught ones His to pluck up by roots they shall consume-food [in Hebrew eating food is Torah study]5674-3117-7676-7054-8527-6131-398

Image 0015 Phey-nun giymel: for it will be Torah He to mend-cure and they to Shabbat and how we are to plan to purpose over this the cause of poor ones 8451-7495-7673-349-6098-5921-1454-7326

Phey-nun dalet: also as ground like corn-grit and they remorseful-for sins against commandments-law by not at all they have descovered to do against vomit cause witten scripture they emphatic become servants of [second line] they take up follow close to His young men of joy approved these of living body they 7583-2342-6673-1077-1540-7006-3791-2004-5647-[second line]-8551-980-7521-5315

Phey-nun hay: to mend cure and He open eyes to them-sheafs of grain bound was the oppression in it's midst and they justify decide to right reason they a people the pharoshyim-pharisees [second line] and directed them also shall assemble selves in haste by chief man-master fly of stinging nature 7495-5782-485-7736-8432-3198-5971-6567-[second line]-561-1961-5789-1167-2070

Phey-nun vav: act in circumspect thus intelligently consider in prudents of cause by offending hacking with words reproaching they cause wounding driving away scattering you cause having hacked with words reproaching the spirit and cause of the paroshyim-pharisees will form opinion [second line] firmness of back bone closing the eyes and finished of word to purpose to be mischievous contrivance of intelligent reasoning 7919-2398-1442-2342-2108-1442-7306-6567-1843-[second line]-6095-4357-1697-3426-2050-2808

Phey-nun zayin: saying pharoshyim-pharisees [today this would mean Rabbies] also not to give to them to assent-acceptance of opinion to shake out you they to enfold together of spirit [second line] to rule associate with as friend with highest places to selves 559-6567-3808-5414-1992-225-2101-3664-7307-7462-1610

Phey-nun chet: how not to be pleased with to seeing this cause not no more and surely they at the least of taught one 349-3808-7521-7200-518-389-7535-8527

Phey-tet: in having power to disseminate-plant seed cause to be inferior the seed to scatter separating you and to stone [this word aleph beyt nun =aleph beyt-Father beyt nun=Son without both not] 4910-2232-5307-2233-921-68

Phey-camek: for seed planted it cause alter and it's manners spread out in fields 2232-2233-8132-3651-7704

Phey-camek aleph: for to rule having power cause to shudder making afraid against they to rule having their kindred by blood near 4910-2729-4910-7607

Phey-camek beyt: to parosh break apart declaring [teach] to rule He to nourish feeding you 6567-4910-2109

Phey-camek giymel: to rule they to go forth given to the tame-unclean or defiled these are and to rule shall procure stones to build they to obey Him [second line] and to rule after ability able of them 4910-4161-2933-7704-4910-7069-68-3348-[second line]-4910-1767

Phey-camek dalet: to come they to lands and shall speak words of answers to them of Him Son they to scatter kindred 935-776-561-2088-1121-5301

Phey-camek hay: In what manner causing slaughter of them free to rule they kept for themselves they were to bend in kindness and by which to hear from Yeshayahu-[deliverance implied second line] saying also of these He to bend in kindness it shall be. And in a manner to give a fifth for cutting off [implied selecting] and also [third line] fish as numerous to them thousands shall they eat of Him and they cause to point out-teach of Him He to measure [select] 349-2026-7300-2603-834-8085-3442-[second line]-559-1931-2603-1961-349-5414-2569-3772-[third line] 1709-505-398-3384-5429

Phey-camek vav: in what manner to declare sense of loving affection and shall be mine these in heart daily and will be to these little ones [line two] and shall eat for of a truth that bear you with both hands 349-4312-1961-589-3820-3117-1961-1992-6819-[second line]-398-3808-5187-3027

Phey-camek zayin: And they to be firm bearing fruit with peoples nations the Phroshiym-Pharisees shall be given to perceive to them these taught ones [line two] shall feed of for of a truth that bear you both hands 3581-5971-6567-5414-2938-1992-8527-[second line]-398-3808-5187-3027

Phey-camek chet: to be weak minded and My daughter for they are depressed trouble having taken possession they have the demons 7503-1323-6040-270-7736

Phey-camek tet: weak minded and they long for waiting in pain of child birth causing sides and from plaques and bound as sheaf's [line two] and burning about four thousand. Burnt accordingly cutting off causing to separating the men [line three] and the little ones and they eat Him and the will teach Him these ones measured 7503-2442-2342-6763-5061-485-[line two]-398-702-505-4198-3722-910-582-[line three] 2945-398-3384-2088-5429

Phey-ayin-80+70=150: To inquire requesting of Him by taught ones His who they will cleave to and measured You are Son [line two] El to rise and they say to them you are stones and over His river of stones house [line three] you official messenger and the way from draw swords [words as] of the heavens 7592-8527-4310-1931-6030-6362-857-1121-[line two]-410-6965-1931-559-857-68-5921-71-1004-[line three]-6432-1980-5414-6609-8064

Image 0016 Phey-ayin aleph: For also not pleased to give you coming to Pharisees-Rabbies [today called] and they will teach to My taught ones-talamadi [line two] causing to walk in ways [theirs] 3808-7521-5414-225-225-6567-2094-8527-[second line]-1980-1870

Phey-ayin beyt: to exile stripping of by taught ones Mine also take away by occupying in their place driving out to them and they with deadly intent seeking to destroy and behind your [back] He will preserve His1549-8527-3212-3423-2026-309-2421

Phey-ayin gyimel: by standing behind these in mountain having power people-tribes Mine will be gracious they Pathroc [indicating a return to Mitzrayim-land of distress these teacher have caused Judah to return to Egypt-4714 Mitzrayim-land of distress-4692 and Pathroc the southern part of Egypt and have made selves foul see following scriptures Yirmeyahu 44:1 and 44:15 and Yehchezkel-Ezekiel 29:14 and Tehillim-Psalms 68:31] liars in wait [line two] and also avenge selves to this and because of disgrace to these and Mosheh they have cursed crowding upon to it-Him [line three] that which is valuable and in order that making it rare one saying also making self poor by their way 5675-2022-1364-5971-2603-6624-6120-[line two]-5414-1992-1540-413-4871-422-1464-[line three]-834-3365-7326

Phey-ayin dalet: by commands of Mine of these to you taught ones His by failure they are disgraced and their view it's also known of them [line two] also their being gracious this to them 6673-8527-1077-1540-4758-3045-[line two]-2603-1931-413

Phey-ayin hay: by employment to these men they for door keepers from taught ones His this to befall to them [line two] Son they to fear bitterness breaking association and not weak to Him. And their tokachot-words of instruction[ called traditions of the elders][line three] Yeshayahu Gadol Kohen-High Priest them Most High now 935-413-376-8652-8527-935-1992-[line two]-1121-1204-4784-7462-3808-7503-8433-[line three]-3442-5941-5920-2088

Phey-ayin-vav: with feeding advice answers commanded His also taught ones His spreading out for purpose sake to enumerate value of commands to [line two] Pathroc-Mitzrayim-[to have become fou]l also they to throw out waiting a dry place to ones of unjust gain-dishonest of money-silver to be sorrow taking though [line three] and the first in place and was to give according to value 7940-562-8527-6358-4371-6680-[line two]-6624-7993-2442-6723-1215-3701-1672-[line three]-7223-5414-4371

Phey-ayin zayin: Saying who on account of cause remain to be small ignoble and not they front because of in Kingdom this destructive [line two] and they were in front to be watched for destructive acts of them from front with Mine 559-4310-945-3427-6819-3808-6903-4438-8060-[line two]-6903-6145-258-8060-1931-6903-225

Phey-ayin chet: for Him to equalize never He to be pleased with in perishing one from these young men 3588-7737-3808-7521-11-259-5288

Phey-ayin tet: He will give warning Most High He will be firm for good He will be firm for good of kindred you and they a failure not acceptable it would be blinding [line two] for companions face of [never are we to consider ones face in judgment]. missing the mark-sin to them Most High this twice?2094-5920-3581-3581-854-5997-1115-line two]-2266-639-2389-5920-2088-6471 [ones they are dishonest and now to ignore]

Phey-phey:-80-80=160: Kingdom of Heavens this to be dumb to walk this way by account of contrivances from servants His [line two] they weak-sick by after will be these never weak-sick of associates His and they blanch white by profane you from oppression 4438-8064-1745-1980-6903-2810-5656-line two-4245-310-1931-3808-4245-2270-2715-2455-343

Phey-phey aleph: imprisonment to inhabitants for saking causing tumult and so of Mosheh for to set a trap ensnaring of heart-emotions of the people causing you to become frighteed-fearful 612-5805-8351-4872-6983-3820-5971-3372

Phey-phey beyt: shall address in a loud voice to pacify by words commending these and their opposition to young men and saying also empty of them the words of [Yahvah the spelling of this word hay dalet beyt resh yod mem used for the giving of the ten words at mount Sinai hadebarim-Ten Commandments][line two] He make innocent to breath out and will command having lacerated the eagle to sort us also He making clean to them 7623-7147-3205-559-1238-1697-[second line]-2135-1600-1478-5404-4482-2135

Phey-phey giymel: Saying purpose sake of them they to judge sitting down dwelling taught ones His exult Most High exult [line two] thrones-seats of honor and will put on clothes before Abba-Father theirs and when they are within coming and going His Kingdom-Malkot of heaven [in singular] 559-7945-1777-3427-8527-2980-5920-2480-[line two]-3678-5844-1-518-1157-935-4438-8064

Phey-phey dalet: in dominion ruling earned wages doing works caring for breaking forth and others in midst of the day-[thousand years] [line two] and mirery places like your's [this term used earller in this text of the land of the exiles would be in America and Europe?] and in wilderness and afterwards like you to give a charge to maintain accordingly earning wages [line three] the former ones 4910-7936-6467-1239-312-2677-3117-[line two]-1207-6160-310-5414-3557-7936-[line three]-7223 [this last word in reverse reads who distressed gather-pluck]

Image 0017 Phey-phey hay: Saying to taught ones His-you teachers of Mine also these to have an aversion to an separating-[commiting apostatize] they to wrap around of them and these will cause to be smitten with deadly intent yet in a day [line two] murmuring in anger-pondering He will raise and wife gift of El they request also to marry will a second [time] Son of Yah [line three] behold to these portion out their and behold to the left hand of His and saying also the to be pleased with to become [line four] great in understanding these shall be straight with Him 559-8527-4560-3027-BDB page 460-2027-3117-[line two]-1897-3356-802-2068-7592-3427-8145-1121-[line three]-1887-4327-1887-8041-559-7521-1961-[line four]-1419-998-3474-225

Phey-phey vav: to invigorate and they a second [time] opening the eyes of them 7497-8145-5787

Phey-phey zayin: saying to you teachers of His-taught ones His also these to come forth being able among us as in a place guarded-city along side and they will bring so as to ride-dispatch ascending causing to rise and such things of you melek they come to you 559-8527-4672-854-5892-5980-935-[line two] 7392-5927-7010-2007-4428-935

Phey-phey chet: send with command to these making known the merchants from the Concecrated Place [Isaiah-Yeshayahu 23:8] they will mend the pain of them [line two] causing to rejoice and the young men then saying will do Yeshayahu Son the El and to protect His [line three] who hunger shall regard it's approach and not to come it to these it comes to the right time of them and will curse these to dry up 6680-3318-5503-4720-7495-2342-[line two]-8055-5288-559-3442-1121-410-2387-[line three]-7456-7200-579-3808-4672-579-7045-[line four]-3001

Phey-phey tet: for desires of the mouth-palate and slaking of thirst of them regarding Yeshayahu to come Him now being firm in force exulting they will cause to distinguish making Him great 7592-2441-7301-3442-935-2088-3581-7797-6381

Phey-tzady: saying to be silence hold tongue also these will break forth shall these of harlots [Hoshea 4:14] Mine clean innocent and from these shall speak 559-2013-6559-6948-2134-1992-6310

Phey-tzady alph: to rulers men have lead astray-seducing betraing by deception and they ascribe honor of Him by guarding and accordingly who [line two] to walk behaving selves then servants of His gather to Son these these stones polished 4910-376-2937-7411-8567-8104-834-[line two]-1980-8033-5650-1571-1121-7275

Phey-tzady beyt: to rule king will do from from a basis of political support to having veild of Son His and were called out to [Isaiah-Yeshayahu 48:1] [line two] not come they 4910-4429-6213-8356-2645-1121-7121-[line two]-3808-935

Phey-tzady giymel: they of purpose also inquire or ask and cause to these to prepare-make ready to these the rise of a burden [form of forced labor] scorning he will make prominent of to gather of [line two] to confine and they to retreat 4100-7592-3559-5921-4522-3945-3115-717-[line two]-7194-7725

Phey-tzady dalet: to inquire and they cause fire double devastation by this brother of measure and He will kill these before the day [line two] He shall restore life to whoever they deceived and saying also not they having lead astray His wife beginning to explain-declare what way that from commandments these mighty in dgnity and over who to say of 7592-800-8145-762-2088-251-4191-3117-[line two]-2421-4310-5377-559-3808-5377-802-227

Phey-tzady hey: to have explained declaring how this from commandments these great in dignity and are over who to to declare [line two] departing the lips when of Yahvah from the Adoni-Master of also over to right hand 874-335-2088-6680-1931-1420-5921-4310-559-[line two]-6589-518-3068-113-3227

Phey-tzady vav: saying Yeshayahu all which they say shall do of these explaining and declaring shall observe surely [line two] by setting in order making straight of it [Torah] they say, also not they called out to of them come for many will regard man [line two] 559-3442-3605-834-559-6567-6213-389-[line two]-8626-559-3808-7121-935-7227-7760-120

Phey-tzady zayin: for they have barked at as a dog Yeshayahu by Parashyim-Rabbies 5024-3442-6567

Phey-tzady chet: to willingly defame of Yeshayahu by Parashyim-Rabbies 2778-3442-6567

Phey-tzady tet: saying casting away them they pushed away the prophets to them separating as part of the body loading burdens on the back [line two] and were cast togather as polished stones and they attribute honor and praise over them selves to be considered all a prophet eternity Zekaryah-Yah has remembered [Matthew 23:35 Zechariah son of Barachiah, whom you murdered between the sanctuary and the altar] 559-7993-7971-5030-1992-905-7926-[line two]-7275-8567-5921-1819-3605-5030-5703-2148

Phey-koph-80+100=180: Saying also they have pulled down the Miqdash-Set Apart Place and desired you they will teach of theirs what [line two] it shall be and killed these it shall be bringing His and will cease theirs 559-2040-4720-7592-3925-4100-[line two]-1961-4191-1961-935-7725

Image 0018 Phey-qoph aleph: will bring of these His to bring forth of them for bring Him 935-6213-935

Phey-qoph beyt: saying also brought forth His they shall instantly open the eyes declaring for bringing you Him flowing as a deluge with pomp 559-935-1961-6597-935-3999

Phey-qoph giymel: within the pollution of theirs against taught ones His also straight they shall be to this nothing it to receive instructions from Mine 6675-8527-3477-1077-3948-1992

Phey-qoph dalet: saying that Malakut-Kingdom of heavens was silent before now to accumulate virgins [Ester 2:2] and shall spread forth [line two] by calling out declaring give daughters in marriage [Yisrael the woman-daughters nations tribes people] 559-4438-8064-1745-6238-1330-3318-[line two]-7121-2859

Phey-qoph hay: by ruling having dominion will walk course of life precious these and will govern you causing to be secure happy in hand of power [line two] third time-restoration guards protecting [the word govern implied 6490 mandates of Elohim primitive root 6485] 4910-1980-1870-7350-6496-854-7951-3027-[line two]-8031-8104

Phey-qoph vav: by bringing forth propagated shoots these slumbering-figurative inactivity of messenger deputies of His for will judge excuting-[mitzvot-4687] among the land 935-5123-4397-8199-854-776

Phey-qoph zayin: will gather the rulers by house to Me to thresh the olive tree effect of [fig. Yisrael] He has accepted [Genesis 20:3] and gently-move softly these first ones [line two] among pouring out moulded a beginning [head stone Zechariah 4:7] making fat heavey as valuable 6908-5461-1004-5363-3194-3947-328-259-[line two]-3333-5921-7222-8080-3365

Phey-qoph cheyt: for will sell they shall of selves to Me un true in words they will weave with words even of Yeshayahu in the the third time of restoration silver-money [line two] carving out for gold exemption-passover and saying [emphatic] consuming people as in food bowl theirs as merchandise to Me 4353-1688-8266-2901-854-3442-8027-3701-[line two]-3800-6453-561-398-5971-7086-4377

Phey-qoph tet: shall give to Him the bread-lechem and said to them now this then closed of these give to them nothingness and said this was dumb of 5414-1992-3898-561-1992-2088-1479-5414-1992-[line two]-1951-559-2088-1820

Phey-qoph yod: saying behold they to approach near who they made merchandise of us witness to the wilderness lands and there by [line two] cause as a people His having associated to increase-gather going to capture seize of them and they will bring these Him [third line] to house threshing of the olive tree extended-effecy and created His the taught ones and caused to let out measured to be untrue-liars [line three] like food spoiled twice-a second time 559-2005-7126-834-4377-5749-4057-2007-[line two]-1668-5971-2273-7535-935-8610-1980-[line three]-1004-5363-3194-1254-8527-6362-5429-3584-[line four]-897-6471

Phey-qoph yod aleph: saying to taught ones His also have caused pain-angar these they have twisted away the light into darkness and said [line two] also firstlings measured shall of priority of time will call out of these strong men He to cleanse this of you [third line] and He shall make judgment to cause to boil up a thorn holding together they die when after purpose His 559-8527-6087-5921-3915-559-[line two]-6363-5429-6924-7121-1368-3713-1454-[line three]-6419-5518-3563-4191-4480

Phey-qoph yod beyt: then will remain by dawn have brought and cause these to Yeshayahu for you will separate and will measure and He shall this one or another [line two] enclose on them He protects shall judge to see His and shall to them binding fast His and also to end sense of completion-perfect [line three] as judge Yeshayahu to restore to you 1961-1242-1980-3442-6381-5429-1668-[line two]-2387-2387-1777-7200-6105-349-1584-[line three]- 1777-3442-5414

Phey-qoph yod giymel: it cause mocking of among Yeshayahu's and they to beat down of these with Him and gives of these declaring to Him distinction piss-urinate [line two] stealing and the bag and causing it [size to be distorted-unjust] extoring by deception and provoking bitterness and cause with these also to cause a new thing Him [line three] to fear making known shall blow away-destroy of these and how closing up making an end because to bury these [line four] and will govern His that was set Highest Most High shall be guards-shomaryim

Phey-qoph yod dalet:-80+90+10+4=184: also coming a day one rebellious and vehemently it will come it and shall be time to come to bury these and coming forth His to [line two] accomplish you over graves theirs and saying to those also grievously maligning Yeshayahu and also He to walk [line three] to faces of them and He good news causing for taught ones His 349-935-3117-4813-3966-1980-4279-6912-4672-[line two]-4390-5921-6912-559-1992-3513-6895-3442-1931-3212-[line three]-6440-1319-8527

Phey-qoph tet vav: Also the women and they see Yeshayahu to face of them. And how they have hedged about guarding [line two] from richness of anointing cause to purpose explaining and declaring redness-to be foul insistent demands of also taught ones His thieves-implied to deceive and they cause stink-rottenness theirs 349-802-7200-3442-6440-349-8104-[line two]-8081-6567-2560-2543-8527-1589-4716

Phey-qoph tet zayin: also to reveal Yeshayahu to taught ones His in hills-mountains they seek an occasion and give charge Highest of to them to break apart dividing them [line two] cause of triplicate-restoration for eternal 349-1540-3442-8527-2022-1556-6680-5944-6536-[line two]-8027-7969-5769

Image 0019: line 1. Opening thirteen [13] for He shall cause to live the dead 8167-13-2421-4191

line 2. breaking off to deliver His those to complete making perfect a fifth part shall do 6561-1992-3634-2549

Phey-aleph: by explaining shall make plain completion-perfection you shall live and whoever they which whom are His and when [line two] to consume causing then and they cause to by hand-power His and they died His 874-8503-2421-4310-1992-834-3487-518-[line two]-398-227-3027-4194

Phey-beyt: by explaining will make plain also shall live-revive them declaring it shall be in a time appointed He shall regard 874-2421-1961-2163-7896

Phey-giymel: by explaining making plain a termination shall end written record the teachers of Most High they breaking forth they shall live [line two] and He comes with them Most High they shall live 874-7117-7117-3789-4175-5921-6499-2421-[line two]-935-5920-2416

Phey-dalet: among will hide you knowledge of you to people of theirs acting circumspect-consider they have neglected Yahvah of pleasantness-kindness-graciousness [Judges 5:1 and :13 Father of pleasantness-gracious Abinoam-#42] 5641-1843-523-7919-834-5382-3068-2580

Phey-hay: by explain and declaring [for with Him is light in ever sense, a word in this word 872 is 216] establish you speakers with intensive understanding in it's completeness for cause they will hold it in the skilful in wisdom and acting as gate keeper-think of the affliction to Me-[Yeshayahu] line two of these to Me and I to them [we know yet live in moral ruin]

Image 0019 opening yod dalet-fourteen-14 line 1. With affliction to Me the Mashiyach and they shall be redeemed He will 6040-4899-6561-1992

Phey-alph: by beholding they cause also to come back Him the Mashiyach future prepared to come 7212-8421-4899-6264-935

Phey-beyt: for will declare and explain that He shall revive [in the emphatic] He shall be by appointed time He Mashiyach 872-2425-1961-2165-4899

Phey-giymel : for will explain and declare after a portion of time a temination like to come back the teachers over the pour out [time of pouring out the set apart spirit] they shall revive [line two] and they shall see the Most High they shall revive-live 872-7117-8421-4175-5921-6379-2425-line two]-7212-5920-2425

Phey-dalet: for will explain and declare shall employment of these they are to Me the Mashiyach 872-6040-225-4899

Phey-hey: to cease from labor bearing in mind you say also they shall cease from labor and this from the heavens and all times appointed theirs and all [line two] sessions of person to assemble-intimate of persons in close deliberations secret meetings and He to create feeding as a forming process and following it shall be Torah good benefits 988-5452-561-988-8064-3605-6635-3605-[line two]-5475-1254-312-8449-2896

Phey-vav: for will explain declaring making plain tumult-desolation causing of El caused they as hating as enemy of them Him concealing to Me and first drying up just and right from words spoken [line two] lawful righteous man also prepared that shall come they malign with words to the revived turning back to be nothing these and will inclose-separating of these to dust the ones 874-8351-410-8130-5956-2297-2717-3651-559-[line2]-6662-6264-6895-2424-7725-369-2386-6080 [inturning to dust one must remember Yahvah can restor-revive in a flash after lesson learned timing is His]

Image 0020 opening fourteen-14 continues line 1. such as to them shivering in fear horribly afraid of cepher-book of evidence now these four 2007-8178-5612-2088-1992-702

2. ten [fourteen] He will appoint them because as lifted up hands [to] Yahvah 6235-5567-1961-5940-3027-3068

3. and breaking off-delivering He will raise up and will designate these binding together of Yahvah having renewed-springing up 6561-7426-5567-6960-3068-2498

4. to be firm to produce 3581

5. the opening the fifteen 15 8167-hay+tet+vav=15

6. of them to establish these after He cause safe happy of mark as a record-book now 8239-310-7965-5608-2088

7. for shall conceal your awareness of what to see sweep away to be distracted measuring these 5641-1847-3964-3252-2894-7200-413-6323-5429

8. they being stained or see a blemish and breaking off His these of Yahvah 3971-6561-1992-3068

Phey-aleph: by ruling of 4910

Phey-beyt: for Iyb-Job 347

Phey-giymel: by Yah has saved 3470-Yeshayah

Phey-dalet: by Yechezqel 3168-strengthen will El

Phey-hay: for Torah of to be great-grow 8451-6238

Phey-vav: by force for good rejoicing effervesing-[under the influence]

Phey-zayin: for they shall live sign of to them 2425-226-sense of appearing

Phey-cheyt: for in asking you the redeemed 994-854-1350-[see above]

9. completeness and integrity from drawn swords-words the book-Scrptures you teachers to live 8537-6609-5608-3925-2331 [last three words are letters first of each word]

10. shall these rulers make known when they bring to vile persons-refuse princes theirs 5046-834-935-3988-8280

11. will cause to learn to lift selves they will grieve in fear cause to sweep away 502-5375-4470-8175-2894

Image 0021 continues fifteen-15

Pehy-aleph: by rulings of they to bring requiring of these from the authority named standing out to these surely 4910-935-1875-834-3426-518

Phey-beyt: for Yeshayah-saved has Yah all these bringing near Him of these by treating violently and kindred their extension of hands to be nothing and to be ripe bring forth 3470-3605-7126-2928-7138-8426-369-1310

Phey-giymel: when also to cross over from this side [to change to the right side-way] to be redeemed shall these a ruin if over turned announcing good news His blood shed and fetters tied Him ruin if over turned the body [line two] witness Name of Honor behold King your He comes to you exaltations the domed building [line four] witness Name of Honor for Torah by it source of deliverance going forth a force a passage way for will consume foolish morally wicked [Job 2:10] [line five] and tearing [like a lion] to them witness Name of Honor to deepen as a barrel for collection taking refuge in rocks they taken captive of these as fish of ours these in light [line six]dalet-1875 seek surely to worship Mashiyach Yah testify Name of Honor subduing not you to smoke-angry of Him of these El to raise they greedy [line seven] not you will become angry with Him. Testify Name of Honor a second time they stupidty disintegrate to stpidity of them was to them [line eight] for as gate keeper the Gadol-Highest aphad [symbol of High Priest] from Him [Father] just and right 5674-1350-5856-1319-1818-5913-5856-6897-[line two]-5749-8034-8083-8034-3426-4899-6381-6086-1466-[line three]-5749-8034-2009-4428-935-1466-6898-[line four]-5749-8034-3588-8451-854-8444-2864-398-5034-[line five]-2963-5749-8034-3537-2288-615-1710-5105-[line six]-4899-5749-8034-7286-3808-6225-859-410-6965-3701-[line seven]-3808-6225-225-5749-8034-8145-6580-6580-1961-[line eight]-8167-1419-640-1992-3541

Phey -vav: also they malign with words you shall judge to intercede and like such 6897-6419-3541

Phey-hay: people to be sick-[figurative] full of destress their emptiness and like such just and right Yisrael shall begin to build that which spreads forth like such [line two] testify Name of Honor to gather them the Mashiyach to Yisrael forty years [line three] testify Name of Honor prepare the future with Torah to these it was as making water to them such like [line four] testify Name of Honor and to these they to perceive ruinness caused hostility of Yah like such this the Mashiach [line five] restore Name of Honor not having understanding for the eternity into those days the Mashiach and like such of Him 5971-5136-992-3541-3551-3478-1129-4666-3541-[line two]-5749-8034-1571-4899-3478-705-8141-[line three]-5749-8034-6264-8451-8366-3541-[line four]-5749-8034-7200-5864-8324-3541-1454-4899-[line five]-5749-8034-369-995-5769-3117-4899-3541

line 6.and 7. large letters: Uprightness to marvelous in completeness all from drawn swords [figurative of drawn swords-words maligning-Psalm 55:22] [line seven] on account of writings-book of scriptures now ]line six]-8537-3605-6609-[line seven]-7945-5612-2088

Images 0022-0023-blank 0024 book one of Shem Tov

Image 0024 1a: The opening 8176 the beginning 7223 [reverse] our kindred will 7607 quake in confusion theirs 7493

2b: from book-scroll 5608 His booty-spoil 957 to them bending in kindness 2603 to naturalized citizens 6133 [reverse] greening 3419 [of spring] sweeps away before 3261 to guide into exile His 5148 prey 957 comes 935 humble of them 7511

3c: He will support building up as a foster parent 539 [reversed] the caused drowsiness-slumber 5124

1. Deliver this beginning first it to bring light -6561-7223-1931-935-215 [reverse-1&2] mill stone 7342 a day 3117 will be jackals and 8565 body of light His 3974 hating an adversary before 341 pointing out us 184 a remnant hers 7608 [Yisrael] quiet 7119 portion 6310

2. building up supporting truth shall be in time to come here after -539-4279

3. Saying Shem Tov-Name Good to increase Yitzchaq [name changed to Yisrael] lighting a lamp Him-559-8034-2896-7227-3221-5216

4.5. Son will judge in seeing-intelligent those joining out of into fellowship of the ones will open the way as gate keeper to these a way of righteousness to come and for them letting go opening and to them-1121-8199-2266-2088-8167-6662-935-6605

6.7. gates of right-morally-national-altogether just in his sending on them causing oppression most vehemently this of Yahh [short and emphatic for Yahvah] saying these who delay hindering of My trusted one out of are measured and judged 8179-6664-935-181-182-3050-559-309-589-539-4060

8.9.10. by El united together also nothing un searchable to them double of trouble they are one and the same united to have become one shall fail to exist as thus causing to be [trouble]. Not to unite same as one will remove taking away by words-mouth which they to flatter with words-smooth stones to this will complete as perfect many. And of these 410-259-369-8145-1089-259-3162-1584-369-3644-3808-259-1898-6366-1931-2505-3634-7227-1992

11. [And of these-seeking apportion join] To do nothing of this sort-for these have a nature of oppression [schismatic heretic] and not to unite as to one of these to you their scattered words of seeming intelligence from out of this kind [schismatic heretic] the nature of oppression to a mouth of words which they to flatter with-smooth stones 4327--3808-259-1992-6527-7200-4480-4327-6366-1931-2505

12.13. for a portion by their smooth words many. And these are men [Psalm141:4 men of evil deeds]. And not unite with these shall pollute staining their grossness of thinking extremities to them understand to see? Like will protect and defend will want to sit down together to teach you desiring at least the round Those who sought found like the wheel back again of their mouth-words also if causing to become one and unite they all to because of smooth words for a portion for portions many many 2506-7227-1992-376-3808-259-1351-6580-7200-1598-3245-176-1535-6366-518-1961-259-3605-2506-2506-7227

14. 15. 16. And never like to join these for apart of them speaking with two edges also will join of you which become one being a part of them the same as from a just happen to meet by these for speaking and also they appear occasionally to serve-take hold on to cure you become one like them they say highest of men. Join and just and right over skipping about for joy join. Just and right over and above men [really they are Psalm141:1-4] many for apart will by smooth words seeking to oppress. Many, trouble-terrify these 3808-259-4480-6366-259-834-259-4480-1931-7136-6366-4672-1455-259-559-5921-120-259-3651-5921-5483-259-3651-5921-376-7227-4327-7227-1089-2088

17. 18. to join I have never of me defiled or become profane and not, being firm, to be defiled or profane and not they also to cause grief and from happen to meet is a cause for grief and these desire priority-first of us and to those who sought and were found being ashamed and to those will rise up as enemy of these who are found of them and not did seek having come forth these to cause to rise up as enemy-opponents 259-3487-369-1352-3808-3581-1352-3808-3013-7136-3013-1931-6924-4672-3637-7009-4672-3808-4672-7009

19. 20. to those coming forth who are found being left. Repeating also when shall command to you these ones cast out-send away those who were found. Those who have sought of whom not shall lack And when I shall command to you these ones cast out who are found and whom having desist from labor-cease and put to shame. And these whoever to separate and remove from living place being among. 4672-5750-518-6673-2904-4672-4672-3847-3808-263-518-6673-2904-4672-3487-988-3637-1931-3487-910-2333

Image 0025 lines 1. 2. will be found in coming forth take for good bind fast causing to be numerous these and to having standing all who were found coming forth seeking answers of this cause to be found these coming forth take captive for good binding fast making numerous these. And He these having qualified created ones to eternity and will remove from this age changing concealing to the time prepared His delight being acceptable 4672-4679-6105-7604-3605-4672-6592-4672-4679-6105-1931-3487-1254-5769-657-4171-3909-2163-7522

3. 4. for these are valuable as to plan His to spread out for teachers separating as a part of the body-as staff. And those who are before face regarding Torah to the nations-peoples [nations Exodus 33:16] and making it right as straight of Most High-Al the One of Mount Sinai [given to the nations the ten words-commandments] a ruin-as overturned of Moshe in splendor And will be a refuge our Rock the Mighty El He will to declare-dazzling declaring ones are rising up among praising and in honor celebrating not 2656-6584-905-1931-3487-6440-8451-5971-3474-5920-2022-5514-5856-4872-2437-6697-1931-6703-6965-8567-3808

5. 6.7. Shall you cause to cease and not you also with draw and these who are for shalom satiate by influence of good of right and just lawful of pure these will be from those rising up the ones having Torah and doing justices in judgement in them and by doing so righteously [Yeshayahu-Isaiah 33:15] these to be impoverished of living among the perverse by this constant-daily being declared His they called to as bellowing cattle. And will be morally wrong a new thing from natural force of them raising up out of these [Amos 5:2] 988-3808-5414-5750-1931-3487-7999-7937-2896-6662-6965-2063-8451-4687-6666-2088-7567-2416-5753-8548-7121-1600-7563-3892-6965 to be continued

8. Shall come as sign Mitzvot-commandments of Yah for they have destroyed by violalating them and possession of the covenant land shall remove of them and they whom [line 9] prepared to future shall come to deliver to us from captivity they that were carried away [Isaiah-Yeshayahu 45:13] then a ruin to be overturned Machiach our also He comes in a hurry they by His right hand His [line 10] which they shall be the adam-men and not these to be broken to pieces [Jeremiah-Yirmeyahu 52:4] the best and straight mine seeing El has raised and removed [line 11] wickedness. And He whom prepared to future shall come to the living of theirs and to these confirm appointed [Nehemiah-Nechemyah 7:3 chapter one the first regathering,yet it is now the third] causing to bury of theirs. And to these [line 12] whom to leaders [figurative of cities] to prostrate self in worship [worship the Father] numerous of them and will you judge making plain praying to intercede and will work and others of theirs our before you, set on fire [line13] wheel [a recurring course directing or controlling actions] not they all for Him to cause evil and not act right and to just and right He exaltation and praise us and they keep in praise will [line 8]-225-4687-3050-6-7561-3424-1455-1931-3487-[line 9]-6264-6304-1546-2088-5856-4899-935-4116-3225-[line 10]-834-1961-120-3808-411-1785-2898-3474-7200-410-6965-5493-[line 11]-4827-1931-3487-6264-2424-5975-6913-[line 12]-3487-905-5456-6099-6419-5656-2108-3808-8313-[line 13]-1534-3805-3605-7451-3805-2895-3651-7318-7623

14. in all flesh-human body of and in all able enough also you select young men His ornament of beauty honor Name in speaking to all living. Keeping in praise [line 15] Him for seeing and they to Him accordingly speaking over head to them. trust [line 14]-3605-5315-3605-1767-970-8597-8034-6310-3605-2416-7623-[line 15]-7200-6310-4605-539-trust

Image 0025 Shem Tov page six reshon 7223 first-line 16. breaking off to deliver 6561 beyt-two:

17. by making plain shall deliver declaring by where this place standing to you declared in Torah-instructions 874-2088-4725-874-8451

18. Employment-affairs of business treatment and to punish in the body. And to what not [line 19] to say where in separating to explain. And to what united togather belonging to El [line 20] prepare causing tumult. And to what not woman when making bed [idom one makes his own bed-for good or bad] [line 21] for foolish are of us understand of us to exalt making high of self of us. And thrust through these [line 22] over it was clearly of them the Torah-instruction and shall raise up these [line23] saying they cause third restoration shall trust in firmness declare you have good these in leanness [line 25] also they in want-lacking like also not you have trust [line 9]by third restoration which they to pulverize of mill stone [line2]-6045-1576-6064-5315-4100-3808-[line3]-559-6567-4100-3162-3815-[line4]-3627-7283-4100-3808-802-3331-[line 5]-8604-995-1297-2944-[line 6]-5921-6703-8451-7012-[line 7]-559-8027-539-2896-1931-7535-[line8]-1931-2641-3808-539-[line 9]-7969-834-1931-7347

Image 0026 break off deliver two continues: line 1.For you to who will trust pay attention things to come causing firm in trust for instructions pulling out rescue that causes the third-restoration [line two] to you making plain it in ruin for the increase in standing places to which gather where to you creative ones of these [line 3] slime running of those. Gather what also speaking of it also the righteous of us inspect consider in bewilderment having respect to for cleanse self and they cause impoverishment [line 4] haughty and proud in darkness will rise an opponent of the commandments from the Torah Moshe to be nothing surely they. When not [line 5] shall protect with commandments of the Torah anew thing which not you acquire for all I testify of [line 6] the Torah was asleep speak words of cause rescue deliver you these in flesh leanness all repeating-do again [Yisrael in oppression] His [line 7] they for doing well of them carry away for shall separate dividing. Gathering alike what of desolation caused bind together collect to Mashiyach [line 8] these found to be liars expectation of you to speak plait together coming and not make strange complete undefiled with Him accordingly so [line 9] also of them when shall be you for gazing stock of these among slime of these from these also return answer of them. And testify to be nothing of and knowledge of [line 10] what purpose causing injury standing out like also women they make ones bed theirs by foolish things [Job 6:6] of us for shall rage of them and understand think [line 11] El shall rise of us to cause you to judge and against these cause to grow to an end these and to prison belonging to El they who are by life long of theirs. And to remove cast far off island-Cyprus [line 12] mindful of to cause selected to them and to wail they and just and right and He shall judge for as long as they and the devastation shall put a difference between [line13] as this will be and to gather I for a profane thing to these causing to miss the mark trespass to Yahvah among rest state of the dead to these judgment for against you [line 14] saying His to be wise attributing honor and praise Him also let be joined a gem of El like enough inducing to mislead to Me these are cut off seeing this [line 1] 539-3282-857-539-8452-4871-834-7969-[line2]-874-922-7235-4725-834-717-165-1011-[line 3]-7325-1571-4100-559-6662-8159-6663-7567-[line4]-1341-5645-7009-4687-8452-4872-369-518-518-3808-[line 5]-2387-4687-8451-2319-3808-4672-3605-5749-[line 6]-8451-3463-1697-8668-5315-7535-3605-5749-[line 7]-1992-2896-5090-909-1571-4100-7612-6960-4899-[line 8]-3567-8431-6310-3527-935-3808-1970-8535-225-3644-[line 9]-3588-7210-7325-8421-5749-369-1843-[line10]-4100-5143-3426-802-4702-8602-3238-995-[line11]-511-6419-2583-2588-3815-3487-5750-1972-3794-[line 12]-2139-1262-5091-3651-6419-5703-1454-7612-6395-[line 13]-1454-1571-595-2486-2398-3068-2309-6419-5750-[line 14]-5749-559-2449-8567-3161-3958-410-1767-7952-6990-1454

15. [this] acting high of your's and for certainly you have. Not to unify these protected My people over these for when who is like El Prince of you [line 16] they seeing have respect also clothing parts of them in wilderness tribes-people Daniyel shall be again over they turning aside-gur by a witness [line 17] Yisrael to faces of the large building domed [Midbar-Nu. 25:28] it shall be he to search out requesting will surround to protect-help and those not coming forth emaciate-leanness who is like El [line 18] and shall write these deputy-messengers among these coming to Me penned-sheep fold of sin and like this. And for this purpose [line 19] those saying you shall accordingly the Torah cast away these to a goal declared not you it to give not is ignorant of knowledge of [line 20] from shall be progeny the Son to you also. And such things of theirs ban ban your writings and perversions also say hold a controversy-to defend against [their teachings against Torah] [line 21] which I commanded you will have uproar agitate greatly make uproar agitate greatly for merchandise of them and not to here after to make merchandise of them [line 22] also behavior theirs to roar as the sea of them You Mashiyach. And testify saying these to purpose mark to Me name theirs [line 15] 5927-3588-369-258-2387-5971-5921-428-3588-518-4317-8269-[line 16]-7200-3830-905-4057-5971-1841-1961-8145-1481-5707-[line 17]-3478-6440-6898-1961-1245-5826-3808-4672-7535-4317-[line18]-3789-4397-1458-411-225-4356-7451-3541-3541-4100-[line 19]-559-8451-7993-5331-3808-5414-3808-1847-[line 20]-5209-2088-2007-2763-3789-2015-559-7378-3925-[line21]-834-595-4687-1949-1949-6219-3808-4279-6219-[line 22]-2940-3220-4899-5749-559-4100-5348-8034

23. also protect prepare they will malign with their words to cause protection to us. And testify saying they and daughters filled-with child [line 24] not good they speak. Bowing in worship against Me push away that he see Me they cause hand of power to them. And testify when I protect in complete perfect in complete perfect good to be nothing you a pile these wise will be high they are to Me depart [line 26] bereaved of children him good to him not to assault you inspect consider like a pearl you He cause to heal watch anoint of them for put in bond for in pain they these to be acceptable before the King and will correct of the tribes the good of and was food it [food learn] [line 28] this bitterness they a failure because nourished to develop us to them distributing being in pain of in them. And testify of writings-scriptures with strength of El [line 29] And gather I to give shall I to them laws and decrees not good? and judgments not they will live [by these?] 2387-6263-6895-2387-5749-559-1323-4393-[line24]-1077-2896-6310-6915-1760-2098-7200-3027-1992-5749-518-2387-[line25]-3634-3634-2896-369-4071-2449-5942-5493-[line26]-7909-2896-3808-6696-8159-1858-7495-3252-[line27]-631-2342-3787-4294-5971-2896-396-[line28]-4843-1115-2117-1409-2342-1992-5749-3789-2388-410-[line 29]-1511-589-5414-1992-2710-3808-2896-4941-3808-2416 [last two words are from image 0027]

Image 0027 open first: line 1. by these. And testifying of the writings in Yeshayah-Isaiah [52:13] such like My Servant you changed barter to alter on these in splendor you cause struggle together 1992-5749-3789-3470-2004-5650-8551-2437-7533

2. they disintegrate-stupidity as a result of grossness and I to give you Spirit of AL-Most High His from judgments according to customs just and right to a body of persons you causing to parch drying up to Me and having written in the scriptures of truth causing these to parch drying up to Me 6580-5415-7301-5920-8199-1472-6723-3791-571-6723

3. a formal decree just and right according to custom and like this. And by instructions to Mosheh His was a day causing to hope waiting expecting and also sprinkling-former rain [teaching] on having expectations these to Torah [line 2] a new thing-chadashah. And writings of scriptures against those of treachery and deceit of them many days by frightening and when Yahvah He to cut this covenant selecting covenant [line 3] Yehudah covenant new thing-chadashah not like covenant with your fathers of these in the day they being strong of courage [line 6] by hand of power theirs when they were in the desert them among the land Egypt-Mitzrayim. And testifying are the writings against these treachery's and deceit for restoring admonishing calling to record 4941-3541-8452-3117-3176-3138-5921-8431-8451-[line4]-2319-3791-7423-2007-3117-366-518-3068-3772-1285-[line 5]-3063-1285-2319-3808-1285-854-1-3117-2388-[line 6]-3027-6723-776-4714-5749-3791-7423-3588-5749

7. redeeming as by next of kin He will the way in covenant and calling out to you the words these He will bend they will turn back sons [line 8] rebellious and like this and shall be when you will [becoming] abundant in number and bearing fruit increasing when shall be you in the land in days the great commotion 1350-1980-7121-854-1697-428-3719-7725-1121-[line 8]-7727-3541-1961-3588-7230-6509-776-3117-1993

9. when surely Yahvah not He will ask testifying restoring strength of covenant of Yahvah and purpose this. And foolish simple ones [seducible] against making afraid-fearful [line 10] then He called His to Yerushalom-[primitive root 3423-land inherited] fulmoon festival of Yahvah and come near to worship Him El of Yah all the nations to name of [line 11] Yahvah and like this and then He says Most High-AL bringing you Yeshayahu-Deliverance also in bringing Him opening wide these powerful-strong among [line 12] the nations. These to you explaining making plain from these accordingly the Mitzvots-collect of commands justices of the Torah they agree on times appointed-Moadim of these [line 13] not these were exposed to sun-light or elevated high and shall be knowledge of permanently they as a pendant of for the neck heard of EL [name of Samuel] a people becoming His united as an obligation [line 14] they shall be near of kin coming near Him you were against in affliction and now receive instruction-learning of covering the darkness lambs fat-richest and they go up ascend up-burnt offering [line 15] complete as a whole entirely consumed offering to Yahvah. And like this El of Yah on the mountain the Karmel-fruitful field they shall come near approach Him in separation. Exceedingly reverent fear 518-3068-3808-559-5749-766-1285-3068-3541-6612-1204-[line 10]-1931-7121-3389-3677-3068-5066-452-3605-1471-8034-[line 11]-3068-3541-2088-559-5920-935-3468-935-6589-5794-4480-[line 12]-1471-2007-874-2088-4687-8451-1992-2163-[line 13]-3808-6706-1843-7931-1931-7720-8050-5971-1961-3867-[line 14]-7138-7126-1790-3947-8045-2942-2459-5927-5930-[line 15]-3632-3068-3541-452-2022-3760-7126-7126-2351-3374

16. from all this these who Mitzvots not given these by Mosheh they not to be with them a fixed time [line 17] for you shall assault consider and to inspect. And for just and right in coming Yeshayahu Mashiyach our to faces to us afterward Torah shall be [line 18] good it and it's judgments rights and duties [Exodus 21-22-23, Micah 3:1] which have dried up being against them. And testifying seeing and they also shall have knowledge of [line 19] the Torah also you who officiate as a priest-kohn food spoiled to the weak and poor [food=scripture]. They unite to take as a strong hold on they make habitually-committing evil works and this of them [line 20] also causing rest from among bringing forth the Name for now the opening shall be the Torah. And on the right side [line 21] shall look on with disapproval-be jealous causing to make powerful the Torah respect the teaching the Mitzvots-collect of the commands of the coming of these before Him. And Yahvah gathers-assembles strong hold to take [line 22] shall prepare them and accordingly when you do the office of priest-kohn by instructing from Mosheh increase to be in abundance of us committing iniquity Yahvah exposes pour out-remove they nothing they haughty proud ones[of the nations1471] 3605-2088-4687-3808-5414-4871-3808-225-2163-[line 17]-6696-8159-3651-935-3468-4899-6440-8451-309-[line 18]-2896-4941-6704-1992-5749-7200-1843-[line 19]-8451-3547-897-6041-259-4679-6466-1931-[line 20]-5146-3318-8034-3588-2088-8462-8451-2052-[line 21]-7520-6106-8451-7200-3925-4687-935-1897-4686-[line 22]-3627-834-3547-8452-4872-7235-5753-408-1341-[Much of the last three line 20,21,22, are in the sod and example last word in line 20 once in numbers 21:14 and no record else were exist BDB page 255 right side and only in wars of 3068.

23. the poor and weak of shall come forth lacking among these. When in beginning for you shall rest [line 24] the foundation established of these by Elohim of them He praising and extolling sheep you of Most High the third restoration in raising up sheep of them from oppression [line 25] was hidden time of coming to them to declare explaining making plain by Torah the fresh new way-renewed. And when in second time and in third time restoration [line 26] to know and teach while Mitzvots-collect of commands laws of the Torah in separating word of it well-smooth for third time restoration [triplication] shall apportion assigning divisions from the Mitzvots-collect of command and laws of [line 27] judgeships over districts of theirs and they the Mitzvots-commands laws of shall teach intelligently being circumspect of them also of self be safe in mind estate shalom restored to adam [line 28] being numerous great these and high and abundant these they also shall be above people-tribes scattered shaking out His by ten to declare words [ten words are the ten commandment from Yahvah to Mosheh Exodus 20] [line 29] these invited ones disposed of el that were not el seeing they measured-judged because of Mitzvots-commands and laws of from judgments of the divine law-verdicts of they proclaimed these scattered of the nations known dwellers inhabiting wildernesses El of to watch-measure 6041-4672-2641-1992-518-7221-3588-5146-[line 24]3247-430-7318-2089-5920-8027-7426-2099-343-[line 25]-5956-1992-874-8451-2322-518-8145-7992-[line 26]-3045-3588-4687-8451-2505-7991 also-8027-2505-4687-[line 27]-4082-1992-4687-7919-2004-4919-120-[line 28]-6099-1116-7227-8595-5971-2107-6235-1697-[line 29]-7121-4171-410-5429-4687-4941-7121-1471-3045-6728-410-5429

Image 28 open first: line 1.these of the wilderness lands shall by their effort guiding selves they from the exiles and they will rule as judges for people-tribes. And to regard Mitzvots-collect for commands laws judgments [line 2] serving in the office as bond servants His shall they the Mitzvots cause making glad shall be in work of any kind as bond servants these then are complete making perfect in sheep [line3] they are serving of these and they His ornaments His invited ones a bloom glistening as a flower to see understand at the right hand of EL He measures for [line 4] they are saddened by slander dreg in mire seeing-thinking against El of Elohim. And Mitzvots the instruction from Mosheh who brought forth in want of them [line 5] by EL and nation divided of them. When in first place for they not shall cause destruction but like make straight-upright He will [line 6] the heart as the seat of emotion of their limitation in like being straight they will you were caused to make for in saying His not you to delight in beauty or taste after their behavior or desiring wealth of doing or making [line 7] transactions of business from among them they see His when shall come Him you having delight in beauty desiring wealth with kisses has ruled them He to see against yet nothing in what [line 8] regards giving causes admonishment enlighten teaching them to make clean the heart-emotions by measured standers the intelligent's of these like which [come by Torah] 1992-4057-5090-5090-1777-5971-4687-[line 2]-5656-1992-4687-7302-5656-8034-3634-2089-[line 3]-5656-1992-5716-7121-6732-7200-3233-410-5429-3588-[line4]-5620-3956-3121-7200-433-4687-8452-4872-4672-2640-[line 5]-410-1471-2505-518-7223-3588-1931-3808-7088-3474-[this word is abridged from 3474 the yod has dropped replaced with a kaph]-[line 6]-3820-7535-3474-6213-3588-559-3808-2530-2938-6213-[line 7]-4639-8432-7200-1961-2530-5401-7200-369-1992-[line 8]-7760-2094-5921-2889-3820-4060-2815-834

9. come by Torah it's a new thing. And when by a second time like they shall point out in teaching they increase by [line 10] scrutinizing taking knowledge away of it and it's words they shall breakout growing purpose sake causing to ensnare this also of things prepared. And again saying having put to death [line 11] by err He to exile because killed the priest the high and to twice it shall be His turn [line 12] from a portion His and to twice they killed in coming of His day also they exiled. Seeing in understanding how it will become [line 13] the sentence decreed suitable for shall rage violently these. Again saying also when deadly intent He shall redeem the blood [line 14] on these insolent presumptuous ones not they will kill of tribes being of these that murdered in mistaken error. And when in third year [Hoshea 6:2] [line 15] for Him not their punishment sufficient for making atonement complete over death of Yeshayahu and exhausted [line16] this side their character lacking mouth shall have these-speech impediment from oppression. Again also they will be in servitude [line 17] they were faint with terror it of them accordingly caused to make a burning shall this and suitable of them from kings wise [line 18] so be it true of them shall be in servitude of us with bread-food El raised of us He shall clean morally and whom which El He raises His [line 19] by bringing forth His not they teach words of evil [line 9] 935-8451-2322-518-8145-3588-1931-3384-7245-[line 10]-5234-1931-1697-3318-3369-3627-1571-559-7523-[line 11]-7684-1540-5750-4191-3547-1419-6471-1961-8447-[line 12]-4482-6471-4191-225-3117-1540-7200-349-1961-[line 13]-4941-7737-3238-1571-559-518-2026-1350-1818-[line 14]-2102-3808-4194-5971-1961-2088-7523-7684-518-7992-[line 15]-3588-1992-3808-5607-3722-7999-5750-4194-3442-4198-[line 16]-6654-1992-2641 from 2637-4679-2441-343-1571-5659-[line 17]-1992-1961-4199-8313-3787-4429-2449-[line 18]-543-5659-854-3899-410-6965-1961-6942-4310-410-6965-[line 19]-7126-3808-3384-1696-7451

20. To heed-pay attention will unite among these also these learn shall also the third highest [restoration of] to high place now [line 21] with Torah-instructions and gather also accumulate multiplying bringing Mashiyach they [line 22] these not they experiencing and not He exist [line 23] and like which this Torah and with gray hairs being high His. Again what also saying you accordingly not to come forth [line 24] over all He appointed the Torah words makes you free and bountiful you of the body-flesh the ones left from the gleaning [line 20]-6030-3161-3928-7991-7413-2088-[line 21]-8452-1571-3527-935-4899-[line 22]-2088-3808-7202-3808-4672-[line 23]-834-8451-7867-5927-1571-4100-559-3808-4672-[line 24]-3605-3260-8451-1697-7771-5315-1931-3491

25. from our dry place-wilderness with those being fined [Amos2:8] also saying shall utterly be cut off the [Numbers-Bamidbar 15:31] person-nephesh body that what is left in gleaning [line 26] these covenant of cut off seeking to worship Him El has seen these covenant cut off desiring a compact [looked upon with approval] you cutting a covenant against darkness Yah He pays attention when from wilderness our dry place [dry place-lack of desired control of body] [line 27] He will inflict a penalty in the body made to fulfill this enough to understand-separating mentally also when they to advance doing well and not [line 28] they miss the mark-forfeit by sin also shall live person-body theirs against darkness and prepare-establish 3559 this write they become in body expanding becoming great 6723-6064-559-3772-3772-5315-1931-3491-[line 26]-3772-1875-2371-3772-1158-1957-3772-5645-3068-3282-834-6723-[line 27]-6064-5315-4390-3605-995-834-6213-2895-3808-[line 28]-2398-2421-5315-3068-3559-3789-1961-5315-142

Image 0029 open first: line 1. 1st. Samuel 25:29 bound up in the bundle of life with Yahvah El raises of you. And will write record and will cause deliverance of you returning to the El bringing whosoever [line 2] to attribute honor. And when like this shall say to purpose not to remember against Torah like spoken those He to pluck up by roots this great thing [line 3] making circumspect-all of self He testifies to them and will inflict a penality to fine in their hardened impudentance My gray headed ones you in gold you return of it the first [[line 4] knowledge also will inspect and consider shall be charge from Torah to Yisrael to do it to defend the nations-tribes groping of it's spirit of freedom and cause to make circumspect. [line 5] and their not seeing it's richness. Like it will serve of these adam-men. In regions also not they will slander Him for when in serving shall cause [line 6] the dirt to be swept away and cause to be clear-white. That not will it be lonely from them. And by just and right to manners understand and consider it the wisdom the El causing to rise [line7.] also when they to them said if you indeed practice the commands commanded of Mosheh you make self poor low as cattle. And if you indeed practice [line 8] the crossing over to them you make self poor yet healing-cure of it to them. Not make self poor cause good and not I will restrain actions good or bad of them they sin [line 9] with crossing over willingly now to mouth-speaking also not discerning Him [recognize as different] also even I inspect against their word. And in chanting scattered words also these [line 10] they will slander understanding will collect as a community among oppression. Also not shall be in it [Torah] bring to negotiations of theirs in pit falls of destruction 7825[to have negotiate away the mandates of Yahvah Psalm 73:6-9 and figurative 8359 warp and weave in fabric 7896 Hebrew shiyt consider] [line 11] and by things offered they shall do accordingly also saying leadership not to know of you with Yahvah. And your knowledge just and right it [line 12] conceive with child [figrative] of them to need because of graves-dead bodies they caused El also He made know to them then and like enough also He will cause to know [line 13] to Yisrael. For just and right manners theirs taking crafty counsel with these cunnning wisemen will cause El to declare in rising in blaze-burning will cause to cleanse of them complete to make perfect [line 14] these from among us El He to cause breaking out pushing forth these to be eminent as superintendents declared accordingly speaking they cause meaning of them in living by us and they with meditation prayer 6887-6872-2416-854-3068-410-6965-3789-7307-7725-413-510-834-[line 2]-8567-518-3541-559-4100-3808-2142-8451-6310-2088-6131-1419-[line 3]-7919-5749-6064-5810-7867-2091-7725-259-[line 4]-1843-8159-5414-8451-3478-7378-5971-1659-7307-7919-[line 5]-5743-4220-5647-120-6285-3808-7270-3588-518-5647-[line 6]-2916-3836-3884-3173-1992-3651-7200-2451-510-[line 7]-518-559-1992-518-6213-4687-3423-1600-518-6213-[line 8]-5674-3423-1455-3808-3423-2895-3808-4513-4639-7451-[line 9]-5674-2088-6310-3808-995-8159-1931-1697-6527-1992-[line 10]-7270-995-523-343-3808-1961-7760-3739-7825-[line 11]-4639-3641-559-6546-3808-3045-854-3068-1843-3651-1931-[line 12]-2030-6878-7585-410-3045-8033-1767-3045-[line 13]-3479-3651-6191-2450-410-6965-6702-2135-3634-[line 14]-4480-410-6743-5329-6310-6591-2416-7878

15. And penalty inflicted on those causing tumultuous rage repeatedly also they are slandering Him who are disintegrating results of stupidity against taught one at this time of their teaching them Mosheh [line 16] and these aged ones-gray haired ones cause to know of them the truth to them. They not shall see-understand what-purpose also saying He will open wide and not [line 17] to be sorry El to bring a course of life to the land of Philistine-[wallowing in dust they were of them] and like this. Drawing off of these to know the El set in order of them like you also not [line 18] they will slander Him for when shall come to work serving of them and are humble and not they will slander Him in engagement fighting a war on ever side of them [line 19] against them a pestilence as an afair of travail to purpose also by making the few ineffective causing to make the few ineffective these will walk about slandering Him against engagement fighting a war and now also saying they shall write a record [line 20] then were caused with You bear up walking in the way with them declaring answering that how not they able to distinguish knowledge your fathers caused by reason of their [line 21] afflictions shall you and like this. In a channnel flowing as water to us also having surrounded you were caused to be desolate in among arranged word and have double eyes seeing and with drawing speech them [line 22] shall be to strike slaying these of them and by them cause to slander these by wearing effort grievious effort and they bellow as cattle also they surround removing of them He has caused to bring in of them [line 23] the powerful one in coming behind of them. And now to desolate by cause turn you on one coming behind of them you now not [line 24] to kill those among for the years of sinking in mire by course of life a sign and separating arrogant-proud turning. They unite as one which are nothing [line 25] from course of life the wisdom of good the El raised of you to give of them the words among sinking in mire them now when by distress you [line 26] fear. These coming that not to desist from laboring sinking in mire [metaphore for distress] He will interpret meanings to declare that laws and decrees enacted they to practise doing habitually. These haugthy proud also not to desist from labor shall treat persons well of good or bad and shall urge by inflicting penalty to fine and this He also saying and El has seen the whole of by hands of heavens [line 28] separate from teachers you heavens. By speech also to be in existence word of admonition instructing they will neting [fish to way of] Son to adam-man 6064-7283-5750-7270-6580-8527-227-3925-4872-[line 16]-2208-3045-571-3808-7200-4100-559-6589-3808-[line17]-5162-410-6965-1870-776-6430-3541-6310-3045-413-7947-3588-3808-[line 18]-7270-5588-518-1961-5647-3665-3808-7270-4421-5437-[line 19]-1698-6045-4591-4591-7270-4421-2088-559-3789-[line 20]-3212-4480-1696-834-3808-3045-3808-3045-1-4480-[line 21]-6039-3541-2975-5437-6272-1696-5879-7873-6433-[line 22]-1961-5221-7270-5999-1600-1992-5437-935-[line 23]-1368-310-2088-7725-310-3588-3808-[line 24]-7523-413-8141-2883-1870-5251-6381-1341-5437-259-369-[line 25]-1870-2451-410-6965-5414-1697-2883-3588-518-6696-[line 26]-8175-935-3808-988-2883-6590-834-2710-6466-[line 27]-1341-3808-988-1580-6064-2088-559-2371-3605-3027-8064-[line 28]-2351-3384-8064-6310-1931-1697-4561-7568-1121-120

29. And excellent things come becoming living place He will cause a turn of affairs which you to come forth by Torah shelter you [from 2620 flee for protection figurative confide in] to place regarded finish something prepared [from 3615 to end cease] [line 30] they tumultuous rage nations-tribes being declared of them to with hold-keep back in enactment of times [moadim] and commandments[ten words] His whom are to become of them causing firm in trust faithful supporters then [line 31] astonishment wonderful thing as of rushing horrible violently raining to nothing their arranged words and who also they say to Him they turn about-change not

Image 0030 open first: line 1. these will form as adversaries into enflaming selves finish. And their cunning maliciousness will cause foolishness into the simple one-seducible those affected with passion repeatedly also they will slander Him-[Yahsu] shall by customs taught [line 2] causing so a second time they again rave through insanity the certain truth of theirs clinging together the desire for with [line 3] the whom are His mlak-messengers of El His hindering of scattering from them will deliver and therefore declaring they faint with fear [line 4] glorious splender of Him such an arrayexplaining making plain by breaking off He will take hold of standing fast to these and such as these [line 5] for the way or course of life they blanch white with shame they withdraw into private place for adam-man here they act high superior of station-position will cause to revive Him such as also saying [line 6] they will write record to love You Yahvah El bring you to hear intelligently to obedience by His voice and to make thin-lean on them for [line 7] His reviving of you and shall be lamp you they who such as you also He making clean El of Yah Him and Mosheh he and second in order of rank 6696-1119-2552-3636-2803-5528-6612-3648-5750-7270-3928-[line2] 8145-5749-7696-571-1931-1692-5315-413-[line 3]-3487-4397-309-6504-1350-2005-4199-[line 4]-3519-3644-7896-874-6561-5564-2088-2007-[line 5]-1870-2357-7873-120-2063-4609-2425-3644-559-[line 6]-3789-160-854-3068-410-6965-[composes]-510-8085-6963-1851-3588-[line 7]-1931-2425-5369-4310-3644-2135-410 and 3050 composes 452-4872-4932

8. And to El of Yah His. And treating lightly you of them when it shall be out of the prophets and like this complete-finish of the people-nations for them cause to stand-confirm Mount Sinai [line 9] and this very this of the weak in mind and the wise in mind for depth of intelligent understanding of His in answer shall confirm-absolute and everlasting it-Torah you to perceive in living you [line 10] and surely shall declare Torah good it-Torah to come and declare they will declare the Torah strong vehemently of Yah's Instruction. These guide as a bud grafting growing [line 11] and will bubble up their coming forth His for He made ready for pillars before Yah shall a [line 12] third which have remained-surviving portion in body regarding righteous and clean their word among the mire they have [line 13] such as who He has a force in a good sense and He will weight mentally and will speak for having seen-beholding with having clarify-make clean pure of selves [line 14] such as are also able to make plain in explaining breaking off-delivering knowledge and deliver breaking off of Yahvah by surround protect aid you 3050-2107-5030-3541-3635-5971-5975-2022-5514-[line 9-1976-7503-2449-6007-2449-561-5769-7200-2425-[line 10]-389-8451-2896-1931-1961-3068-5749-8451-5794-4731-[line 11]-2563-935-3559-3068-5646-[line 12]-7992-7611-5315-6662-1931-1697-2883-[line 13]-3644-3581-6424-6310-7212-1305-[line 14]-3644-874-6561-1843-6561-3068-5826

15. Yahvah. Building and training in truth these He will appoint of them the highest places they of theirs on account of to Me like course of life-actions the settled imprints entanglements and difficulties when comes of us shall be [line 16] were caused things of course of life ruling mental actions also He brings opening wide to you He will strive of them the heavens and will limit doing [line 17] to them in softness of a set period nothing unless able covered well able will bring you were caused tenth accumulate making rich to house [line 18] the store house and tried of they are now cleave shall you when not He open wide to you with [line 19] causing strive to you the heavens and it a worthless thing of these it act high you in softness set period without unless able [line 20] nothing said in the mire of. And right and just will be they of the exiles from the land by crossing over [from] iniquity [line 21] will release debt [shemittah] His word sign of they compress [1464 attach] over when shall come the Torah from out of the heavens 3068-539-3260-1610-7945-1870-2883-3588-5414-[line 16]-834-1870-4910-935-6605-7378-8064-7535-[line17]-1992-7397-5708-1092-1767-3780-935-6237-413-1004-[line 18]-214-976-4994-958-518-3808-6605-3644-854-[line 19]-7378-8064-7385-5941-7397-5708-1097-1767-[line 20]-369-1697-2883-3651-1961-1473-776-5668-5771-[line 21]-8059-1931-1997-5251-1517-5920-1961-8451-4480-8064

22. destruction because of corruption a compact-to be enough punishment and they boil up thorn as spring up all compact to be enough punishment and cause to bring out and will bring out from weighted out-allotment prepared to set right those against plastering over [line 23] and to inflict a penalty-condemn on them causing tumultuous rage-insurrection and not which I declare and testify of you to put to death of them. And they know [line 24] that just and right I also [on] mount of [Sinai] I rendered clear from it before deeds of transgression they considered who presumptuous to hid secret thing to slaughter [line 25] Yitzchaq son He beloved life not to be replaced his that was as Lod-[a nation] to them for certain to continue ancient ones of them and not held in derision for are not [line 26] shall assemble selves now for gathering-expectancy longed for shall influence together also they multipling among from out of us [line 27] and they great copiousness glory this and they become son them and third generation change. You to know also mount of [Sinai] [line 28] shall know before this second time of them continuing like was said to them they I shield to you by stimulating influence shall 1097-5606-5518-3605-5606-5312-5312-4487-3651-2915-[line 23]-6064-7283-3808-559-5707-413-4191-1843-[line 24]-3651-1931-2022-1262-5652-7896-2086-7328-7819-[line 25]-3327-1121-3173-3850-6256-2205-369-5606-3588-3808-[line 26]-1961-5789-2088-8615-7937-1612-7233-854-4480-[line 27]-1419-3519-1931-1961-1121-554-8029-8138-3045-2022-[line 28]-6925-2088-8145-7235-559-413-595-4042-3738

Image 0031 open first:1. make many from fog [covering for hiding] He doing well to them what shall give to Me I am going childless and when You request to Me [line 2] lo an answer to Him reward You having made many from fog they shall be son of El of Most High His wages in flesh breathing bodies. And also [line 3] shall as our image now they treat well flesh breathing bodies of [man] not they shall cause to lead astray them to you turning back [to Father's instruction Torah] declared. He will turn back you [line 4] for with meanings explained to them by Name of Honor to give You for His wages-reward [stimulating influence of] great in owlam [refers to El everlasting] the breathing bodies. He turning back you [line 5] for these He has seen they whom will afterward seeing which they like this on the other side with kedorlaomer-[H#3540 Persia king B'resheeth-Genesis 14:1,4,5,9,17-meaning following] like a pearl stone against a heap of sheaves chastised ones weighed gathered [line 6] and the kings which were with him covered with flesh after the things these shall come answer of Yahvah [line 7] and like this. And now on this side commanding Him El you teacher-instructors of abraham-Father of the multitude exceedingly fearful also shall be to these standing in awe fearing and they will conduct affairs of business of life-troubles 7235-108-2896-4100-5414-595-3212-6185-518-7592-[line 2]-2009-561-7938-7235-108-1121-410-5920-7938-5315-518-[line 3]-1961-1897-227-1577-5315-3808-1961-2937-7725-7725-[line 4]-3588-6592-8034-5414-7937-1419-5769-5397-7725-[line 5]-3588-2063-4758-3487-310-834-3514-854-3540-[composted of 1548-6016 and prep. lamet]-[line 6]-4429-834-854-3780-310-1697-428-1961-1697-3068-[line 7]-354-2007-561-410-3372-85-3374-1961-6342-6045-6040

8. for they shall from among stand in awe fearing in awesome respect given to His these Kings for double again words-commanded they unite as one also by the side [lesser sheep] [line 9]-and He shall and these again second time squeezing into shape-moulding to purpose good you for these of the dry land wilderness will apportion He for fighting a battle for kings great become His [line 10] and for you will district an inheritance these of eminence as superintendent them. And because of standing out announce as governor the first in order saying to them the El I Am shield [line 11]-for you and like commander-opposite the second double hired reward you will make many from fog-oppression all their bitterness to bleach whitened shall be to plumpness-lambs [line 12] and they shall push forward becoming profitable by accumulating treasures-spirit of His and when from you how interpretation of solutions gift saying of Most High reward spirit mine surely [line 13] what shall be to them for standing in awe fearing Him and to command also saying to them having made many from fog-oppression also they shall fear [line 14] Most High many and they will He push forward becoming profitable ones by accumulating treasures-spirit to heed-pay attention also shall quietly set upright causing to make powerful or numerous you for cutting to pieces oppression and deceit-fraud treading down subjugating 3588-1931-1961-6342-413-4429-8145-1967-259-3197-[line 9]-8145-3335-6723-4482-4421-3588-4429-1419-1961-[line 10]-2256-5329-5057-7223-559-410-595-4042-[line11]-5057-8145-7936-7235-108-3605-4751-7893-3733-[line12]-6743-5233-518-335-6592-7862-559-5920-7936-7307-3588-[line 13]-4100-1961-6342-6310-559-7235-108-7297-[line 14]-5920-7227-6743-5233-6030-7987-6105-8496-3533

15. with employment of affairs of life-troubles and like this initiating practices of theirs who request-ask will aid and protect of them also shall in doing quietly you causing to make numerous them by cutting to pieces oppression deceit, fraud treading down subjugating [line 16] as the fire was of Daniel-judge of El for husband man are lions not to become to be done of them-absolute what for expectations hoped for longed for you also a purchase prepared [line 17] a corpse as closed to sense to Me I not against like to pulverize in like a mill stone you standing out to you for I cause the commandments-laws these will cause to set up you for shall treat a person well spirit in them [line 18] which all He causes a home satisfaction and they have pots for cooking the showers [rain] of these will count of these was as nothing standing out conspicuous this [line 19] and startled sudden fear these rushing away discovered uncovered spirit of them which all they were palms of bloodshed the insignificant ones the showers of to them [line 20] for empty and to mark them will count these for as the same. And just and right they know Yeshayahu accordingly to mark to remember coming Him cause to illuminate-to shine as ornaments His [line 21] among Mine dirt and mire to be swept away breaking off before also asking counsel to Yeshayahu a rich noble man one coming of these speaking he to to sell by implied to own 6045-6040 2596-7592-5826-7987-6105-8496-3533-[line 16]-784-1840-1461-738-3808-1961-6213-4100-8615-3739-[line 17]-1480-3808-5921-7347-3426-1881-3559-1580-7307-[line 18]-834-3605-5116-6745-1653-2803-369-5046-[line 19]-6342-7323-6168-7307-834-3605-6450-6819-1653-[line 20]- 1892-8427-2803-1992-3651-3045-3442-2142-935-5050-3914-[line 21]-2916-6561-7592-3442-6223-935-2088-1697-7069

22. causing to revive [the word darkness has a Hey between the ayin and the bet normally would mean Yahvah, here the action of a rich noble man are being revealed? will translate the Hey as seeing the two times it appears] the darkness seeing and he brings to them Yeshayahu because will fasten up of them accumulating-taking tithe yours has words he procured will sell implied he owns [line 23] the adam-man revived-lives the darkness seeing overturning firm in faithfulness shall be yours [Hebrew by faithful ones will over turn darkness] [line 24] assemble what also ask counsel shall the grieve to refine stand out like change also the day be alert I Am I in you putting a difference making a distingtion of us [line 25] in ones His progeny to have intelligence in understanding in ones visions to do themselves he evil deepen or hollow caused turn of affairs of them [line 26] they go ones way also shall sleep also their days to be able and all ways his in Malachi they were as nothing these just and right even except nevertheless [line 27] they who guard of them in labour work of them from negoiating away laws of Yahvah thus also they shall explain making plain [[line 28] by acting as a gate keeper vision of to deliver graciously and this foolishness in word great it to leap forth like fire mighty over you he will give 2425-5645-7725-3442-5401-6237-1967-7069-[line 23]-120-2425-5645-2015-530-[line 24]-1571-4100-7592-3013-2212-3426-8138-3117-553-6395-[line 25]-5209-995-7210-2007-1931-7451-3849-5438-[line 26]-258-5123-3117-3201-4401-369-3651-7535-[line 27]-1992-3774-6469-7896-3944-874-[line 28[-8176-1957-6561-2896-5531-1697-1419-2131-1419-4605-5414

29. repeat again before faces my coming and to work servants regarding He will judge mentally to them for speaking also they will do a handful shall you [line 30] desiring searching out in worship these perceiving understanding also they will do it as were it nothing also wait be patient to also accomplish 8145-6440-935-5647-6420-1992-6310-3299-8168-[line 30]-176-1245-995-3299-1992-369-3176-413-6213

Image 0032 open first: line 1. The third day you- [restoration Hoshea 5:1-5] also to advise selves considering also He to whom were nothing they-we shall hear in obedience of Son His according [line 2] to Him Elyown-Most High of them [Psalm 82:6] from out of Him they will among all accomplish in the land [line 3] honorable Him and rising up spreading to join causing to bring with you [line 4] oppressed humble and humiliated of spirit making afraid you. And all among them by the words being brought for leading astray of them [line 5] in speaking of these [words] of theirs causing to widen-distant them from the appointed way and to their boiling up of thorns in grinder as grain of them from among His [line 6] and to place them for messengers-malak. And for just and right to manners said they El has seen all they are also cursed the name destructive [line 7] and speaking afterwards to afflict out of the age-eternally also saying a failure continually before YHVH-3068 for liars these and saying 7992-7200-413-3487-369-8085-1121-3644-[line 2]-1992-5945-4480-413-4390-3605-776-[line 3]-3519-4608-4298-680-7760-854-[line 4]-1792-8213-7306-3372-3605-413-1976-935-2937-[line5]-1976-428-7368-7896-5518-2911-4480-[line6]-7760-4397-3651-559-2371-3605-1992-8381-8034-8060-[line 7-1697-310-5916-4480-5769-559-1115-3068-907-559

8. a like-united they cause Altar of and to do by fire incense burning to fragrance and they cause depressed in spirit shall be repeatedly wasting of them thrust away these causing quivering glow of air parched ground [line 9] sons of very truthfulness of you from great commotion of heavens trust them and servants and from fragrance by fire incense of. [line 10] And also from depressed in spirit and among shall judge in judgment of them to Him and shall call-invited ones to Him also He shall inspect consider having respect will be of them [line 11] from distressing troubles-figurative of female rival-these. And what also saying these become thin of El giving him a bribe the goat of departure a mandate [he] understood [the goat is satan-these are arrogant rebellious ones-demons] [line 12] to be My opponent he the evil wicked one also he cause desolation and will put out eyes his them from treading about the good way [line 13] thus also to you declare make plain open acting as gate keeper again deliver know in protection you and like this. Gather what also saying you and yet were nothing man of respect who shall be strong of courage of My people He will say in humble ones Our 259-4196-6999-8459-5750-7582-1740-8273-[line 9]-1121-573-571-1995-8064-3689-1992-5647-6999-[line 10]-8459-6419-1992-7121-1992-8159-[line 11]-6869-4100-559-7329-410-8566-7809-5799-2940-[line 12]-6862-7451-1931-8037-5789-5869-1869-2896-[line 13]-3644-874-8176-8145-6561-3045-5826-3541-[line14]-1571-4100-559-369-376-2382-5971-1931-559-6041

15. slanderers of you shall see I have with YHVH-3068 He shall return Most High for carrying away and all to mass an army of persons [line 16] in the heavens and like this. And He directs to prepare in these His to have dominion-[rule as prince-8269] which see out of this side that side Daniyel-judge of El [line 17] great-rejoice to all apportioned by lots shall be by tribes from tremulous-fearfulness His sars-princes He to elevate in station covered with flesh [line 18] which apportioned YHVH-3068 El bringing you with them to all the peoples-tribes. And to stand out to all from tremulous-fearfulness [line 19] daughters of hatefulness exceedingly [tribes] also hardness caused and disgraceful confusion ignominy. Hope and expectation of these companions. They have caused oppression. They to drive on-following continually [line 20] from good His and now are nothing after hard in boldness they cause My people by all the stars-sense as a blazing prince-[leader stars demons] [line 21] and their object of hope theirs they shall know-knowledge of Yisrael by causing to revive-live of them for their destruction and pining consumption failing except had not were that 1848-7200-845-3068-7725-5920-5375-3605-6633-[line 16]-8064-3541-3559-428-8323-834-7200-2088-1840-[line 17]-7797-3605-2505-4294-2150-8269-4609-3780-[line 18]-834-2505-3068-410-6965-225-3605-5971-3426-3605-2150-[line 19]-1323-8135-6400-7036-4007-7453-6125-2956-[line 20]-2896-2088-369-310-2389-5971-3588-3605-3556-[line 21]-4007-3045-3478-2425-1992-3631-3884

22. The One Keeper of them firm in force for good Elyon-Spreme Most High in this to enlarge-increasing they He regards. And form glorious in honor to them the Malak-Messenger [line 23] to Daniyel also Yisrael was it not these causing to put away in rebellion of them by things set in order also they the branch-twig to be circumspect-make to understand [line 24] He shall set in order all things being of when shall come from living-revive before face your wondered away loosing selves them Yisrael implied they live and was their pining failing seeking increase. The mixing-negoiated away the laws of Yahh [line 25] not shall remain this to pacify for use or to speak of also their flattering by tongue or portion separating YHVH-3068 cause to bequeath-mode of descent His and were nothing of them from departing-rebeling [line 26] for causing to be loose morally-worthless and vile growing fat covered with flesh and with you received instruction of YHVH-3068. And just right to manners shall come forth one sixth of them like what [line27] shall be of truths firmness in faithfulness able to be trusted [571-emet is the construct-of 539 amen able to build up supporting in words of truth] greatness of these and strong mighty in abundance of these from Yisrael bride and flowing abundantly people-tribes-nations also not [line 28] to light upon to them from the evils and the ruins of theirs they shall destroy bringing to nothing of these when calling by name Him to Yisrael 7763-3581-5945-7685-7896-1935-4397-[line 23]-1840-3478-369-5493-6186-6074-7919-[line 24]-6186-1961-2425-6-3478-2331-3631-7896-[line 25]-3808-3240-3034-6310-1992-2505-3068-5157-369-5493-[line 26]-2151-3780-854-3948-3068-3651-4672-8337-4100-[line 27]-571-1420-6099-3478-3618-4530-5971-3808-[line 28]-7136-1992-7451-1530-8045-834-7121-3478

29. one out of concerning El His name Yisrael [Yeshayahu-Isaiah 49:1-5] not cease or vigor it cease. Accordingly also saying [line 30] He accordingly for like which the heavens renewing and the land the new [Yeshayahu-Isaiah 65:17] 259-4480-413-410-8034-3478-3808-3615-3893-3615-3644-559-[line 30]-8421-3588-834-8064-2320-776-2322

Image 0033 open first: line 1. which I to make these pillars standing before faces of oracles of YHVH-3068 and like this. And written record like such said YHVH-3068 making assignment [line 2] serving activities in day to make luminous day He shall appoint bounds of these [by] month-moon and such as this putting out of them to light in all senses night and such as this. When He by contact and will appoint bounds of. [line 3] And such as this gather seed of Yisrael dwelling remaining and they shall . And such like this. And written record for they to make complete at end in all the nations [line 4] which they have pushed down-outcast you and such as this. And written record and person worthy gather these remove bandage-cure His ones you shall in land hating an adversary to them and such as this [line 5] and what to purpose also which the malak-messenger take away and to agree with perception discretion in judgment they for shall send away of them shall be these to My face circumspect [line 6] from making regards to negotiate away mandates of Yah overturned ruin by them serving in Temple they will do making of favor His like Mosheh YHVH-3068 El bringing the heavens [line 7] And El remaining of the land He send away for be full now and like as this. And written record of them I will send out malak-messenger to faces of you 834-589-6213-5975-6440-5002-3068-3541-3789-3541-559-3068-5414-[line2]-8120-215-3117-2706-3391-3541-3518-216-3915-3541-518-4185-2706-[line3]-3541-5171-2233-3478-3427-3541-3789-3588-6213-3615-3605-1471-[line4]-834-1760-3541-3789-639-5171-2063-1455-776-341-3541-[line 5]-4100-834-4397-1898-413-225-2940-7971-411-6310-7919-[line 6]-6213-7896-5856-8334-5975-7522-4871-3068-410-6965-8064-[line 7]-410-6965-776-7971-4390-3541-3789-2007-595-7971-4397-6440

8. and like this for malak-messengers His give charge to you and like as this El bringing on the way Malak of Yah-Messenger of Yah deliver up-to surrender accordingly gather they shall to Me [line 9] not to be impure they will do in bringing will make habitual as a practice-commiting to without failure which of these beaten down of His on them what purpose to El 3487-like Mosheh they guard [line 10] from faces theirs and name Us in calling aloud all they rebellious also were as nothing in hand and to cause to cease the affliction and to these having crossed over from just authority [line 11] when not of these beaten down over these firm in trust and faithfulness of them Son of Adam kind Adam-Man of El merciful in Kadosh-set-apartness-clean consider judgment to intercede in voluptuous-given to pleasures without restrain was as nothing [line12] for now leanness of good things according to Mosheh and he shall judge in as far as long time and degree against and such as this. And able to bear shall you distinguish to faces also this [line13] from giving to him instruction-Torah good way by trusting in firmness they accordingly also they will hear in obedience to kindness as men of El out of morally loose to be worthless you shall and were nothing from rising up [line 14] to lead astray of them in how so to Eloahh of them accordingly also to malak-messengers. And to just right manners not like coming forth also searched out seeking to worship from charge consider 3541-3588-4397-6680-3541-410-6965-7971-4397-3050-5462-6310-717-[line 9]-3808-2933-3299-7760-6466-1115-834-7567-4100-410-3487-4871-8104-[line 10]-6440-8034-6963-3605-4784-369-3027-4229-6039-5674-6566-[line 11]- 518-3808-7567-5921-2088-539-1121-120-2623-7896-6420-5719-369-[line12]-2088-7535-2896-4872-6420-5704-5375-6395-6310-2088-[line 13]-935-8451-2896-539-1931-8085-2623-2151-369-6965-[line 14]-2937-1992-433-3644-4397-3651-3808-4672-1245-7760

15. kill appoint-consider judge in voluptuous-pleasure without restrain and He appoint sentence' shall inquire requesting counsel which it to rise up to also the opposite not from desert our also weak lest causing the people His also they judge for again him. And what also saying shall mark so as to remember to Abraham he shall distinguish [literally] put a difference in to El whom [line 17] also they mindful to remember as male marking as a record making clean of him to Yisrael also he seed his not also he shall consider judgment in repeatedly of them averting or causing [right] it come or go again and [line18] to lead astray of them by these the tumult afterwards kill them and written record cause to follow to the killing of them also they [line19] cause complete shall servants of Mine security in a force and then you shall see after this now in teaching our Torah of Ours it set apartness-qadash special in using it [line 20] Most High now with YHVH-3068 El bring you with reverent fear and with Him you servants also to taste perception in mandates understanding Him not to lie brag of these and not [line 21] to afterwards. And gather what also they inquire requesting of you from Progeny Son to Me also the Torah goal to splendor confidence and perpetual and not 4191-7896-6420-5719-6310-7592-5927-4136-3808-6723-2470-[line 16]-6435-6420-5750-4100-559-2142-85-1992-6395-410-3487-[line 17]-2145-2135-3478-1992-2732-3808-6420-5750-6435-935-[line 18]-2937-1992-1995-310-4191-3789-1875-413-4191-1992-[line 19]-3634-5650-5797-854-7200-3642-2088-3384-8451-6942-[line 20]-5920-2088-854-3068-410-6965-8493-225-5650-2940-3808-907-3808-[line 21]-310-1571-4100-7592-5209-8451-5331-3808

22. [not] you also present as inducement to bargain with to stand it shall to Me by this haughtiness you would have turn back of it [line 23] unite from the way the discretion of wisdom and it now. Know of shall be safe in body and spirit in making peace of it the completion ending in perfection [24] and He will to whom where His interpreting-explaining also to bring out from among them for when speaking words of peace [25] and will speak words the peace certain to render good their good truly the Torah instruction which bring out these among will cause whomever they to make peace they [line 26] and good it. Surely departing will cause licentious-live without judgment again I to give you shall to them laws decreed not good where when? causing meanings to give [line 27] also shall say rising up high and when these like cattle receive taking and they will by you protect the name separating distinctly will do and like this a written record [line 28] seeing-understand to give I have to faces you the day with cause to live-revive them the good and like this Torot-instruction from Torah of Mosheh of YHVH-3068 measured waters 854-3426-2088-1341-7725-[line23]-259-1870-7922-1931-2088-3045-7999-7999-8503-[line 24]-1931-413-3487-335-6590-3318-4480-3588-518-1697-7999-[line 25]-1697-7999-1931-2896-389-8451-3318-4480-3487-1931-7999-[line 26]-2896-389-6589-1571-589-5414-1992-2710-3808-2896-335-6591-[line 27]-559-5944-1600-4727-5826-8034-6567-3541-3789-[line 28]-7200-5414-6440-3117-854-2425-854-2896-3541-8452-3068-5424-4325

29. from gray hair-aged one you of flesh and like this judges of YHVH-3068 truth to be right-righteous one-united of these and write a record and who foreign nation great [line 30] which one to Me enacted laws and decrees and caused judges of just laws in righteousness like all the Torah this and such as this to walk you in all [line31] ways His and to cling in pursuit of to them. And like this for good to you and when He cause good and making peace giving to you [line 32] to live causing to revive and from gray hair you in the flesh and from their wisdom you silly seducible open wide and bitterness your eyes-seeing and like this. Out of this Yah has judged 7867-5314-3541-8199-3068-571-6663-3161-3789-4310-1471-1419-[line 30]-834-2710-8199-6662-3505-8451-2088-3541-3212-3505-[line 31]-1870-1692-3541-2896-518-1931-2896-7999-5414-2425-7867-5314-2445-6617-3992-5869-3541-8203

Image 0034 open first: line 1. sustain and keep the righteous ones these restore in returning for Yah has made them to be restrained against giving to change-alter and they shall do always-perpetually [line 2] for as they are given to change and these shall do always-perpetually these not shall be to Me to cause turning or causing us failure of carrying away into captivity. And testifying [line 3] also how just right to manner shall be habitually practiced these basic foundation of moral and social laws are used and lacking is a law for a profane thing as such things of them in acts of deeds and doing punishment [line 4] their sinking in mire [metaphor for difficulties and entanglements]not to come forth with their superiority to lacking they are further more in like in wages-work shall master [line 5] their sinking in mire and cause to drive away them they yet shall see this. And to you returning I am among these shall assemble selves by troops when standing out to Me [line 6] from hearing of them ones coming behind and in fear taken away these will assemble selves declare making plain these to seek asking Him and what [line 7] also saying you brighten making glad in Him thing lacking from against the making systematic-habitually are nothing of our just and right to manner causing failure theirs 3557-6662-7725-6222-4513-8138-8545-[line 2]-3544-8138-8548-3808-1961-5438-2637-7617-5749-[line 3]-518-3651-1961-6466-8356-2642-2486-2007-6468-[line 4]-2883-3808-4672-1992-4195-2642-637-3588-6468-113-[line 5]-2883-5090-7200-413-7725-1413-3588-3426-1992-[line 6]-8085-312-8175-1413-874-1156-4100-[line 7]- 559-7797-2642-6654-6466-369-3651-1077-1931

[line 8] Will make peace in them to complete and perfect the making of peace-shalim of these by His Torah-instructions and will testify the witnesses shall declare [line 9] in truth of this to seeing to see-to think on. Measure as a standard by grasping Most High take hold on YHVH-3068 and He labors to bring forth His [Most High is Yeshayahu, Father is YHVH the Son would be also YHVH the Son is El Most High of the Elohim and is YHVH being the Son of and the goal for all to become like the Son an El of the Elohim Psalm 82:6] [line 10] and He knows His and He puts forth a riddle He again also completes making perfect the people-tribes Most High accordingly to love an imposing form they and saying they now [line11] el of and we cause Him El rise up of the Father and such as this. And saying His will among stand He to select at this time [line 12] to know by seeing us for He speaks El rising bringing the adam-man. And write the record He hedge about-guarding diligently [line 13] to them spreading extensive of them to you for not beholding them all portioned in likeness to arrive behold to knowledge unaware [line 14] and like this and write recording and at this time Yisrael purpose YHVH-3068 El raises you up also they el from people tribes your for when 7999-2088-8503-7999-3588-1931-8451-5749-5707-[line 9]-571-7200-5869-4060-676-5920-4672-3068-1518-[line10]-3045-2330-5650-3634-5971-5920-7355-1935-559-2088-[line 11]-410-580-410-6965-1-559-5975-977-6258-[line 12]-3045-3588-1697-410-6965-854-120-3789-8104-3966-[line 13]-6581-3588-3808-7212-3605-8544-857-7212-1847-[line 14]-3541-3789-6258-3478-4100-3068-410-6965-410-5971-3588-518

15. to Me seeing and such as this. To guard you commands-mitzvots-4687 of YHVH-3068 and regarding statues chuq-2708 His [1st kings 2:3 mitzvot plural of contents of covenants] which who Iam [line 16]-from commands to you the day for good to you. and written as record of Yeshayahu seperating and explaining as appointed commands the great and mighty Him [line 17] also in Torah Him and loves like friend you with YHVH-3068 El raises you and like this. and He a second time you and loves like friend you [line 18] to rule associate as friend and Most High banqueting of mitzvots us all the el of Elohim you have attachment-ornament all the Torah and the prophets [line19] gather to purpose also saying also not you gather together in success good and high the heart and to measure of them [line 20] the contrive malicious sense of them leading astray of you and from want of memory to be oblivious not you hatful surely of you double hearted unaware you [line 21] and have affection you for YHVH-3068 El raising you and have affection you to dry up expire like become thin and doing exceedingly hateful things and will love them 7200-3541-8104-854-4687-3068-854-2708-834-589-[line 16]-6680-3117-2896-3789-3468-6567-6680-4687-1419-[line 17]-8451-1931-157-854-3068-410-6965-3541-8145-157-[line 18]-7462-5920-8354-4687-3605-433-3880-3605-8451-5030-[line 19]-1571-4100-559-3808-7088-3788-3820-4060-[line 20]-2851-2937-7911-3808-8130-389-3824-[line 21]-157-854-3068-410-6965-157-1846-4134-8135-160

22. not they enlarge self by eagerness and become despised in making perfect He all He measures of them they will contrive in malicious sense of them and you be taher-be pure make self clean [line 23] the heart and all the Torah keep be able fulfill measured of it good to you and the malicious sense of them out of them [line 24] from the scroll-book declaring Torah grow fat the way traveled His way-road our people-tribes and like this. And write record will cut short YHVH-3068 El raising you [line 25] with love transports you and Most High He write record and to make of you with all mitzvots-contents of covenants His which in an effort for successMine coming forth to be enough they are [line 26] shall cause Me to see also doing mitzvot with clean ceremonial-tahor you the heart [clean physical and emotional] [line 27] and purpose also saying you also to scrutinize acknowledge of you singing make know among these straw as dry they also things prepared not [line 28] knowing her to them not to be dense tough hard by you His Torah to those like returning not to depress abase to them 3808-7679-2363-959-3634-3605-4060-2803-2891-[line 23]-3820-3605-8451-3557-4395-4060-2896-2803-4480-[line 24]-5608-3780-1870-1870-5971-3789-4135-3068-410-6965-[line 25]-854-3823-5920-3789-6213-854-3605-4687-834-202-4672-[line 26]-1961-7200-4687-2889-3820-[line 27]-4100-559-5234-7892-3318-7197-3627-3808-[line 28]-3045-1992-3808-7185-8451-8421-3808-8459

29. all blow away these and when from weight out them cause for Torah shut-mind not accepting not at all alter for has prepared proper you [line 30] the Torah to them far long ago to come-proving our ways fail us among them and by giving under exceedingly hateful by maltreatment doing violence of us and by rage oppressing violence Yah caused again everlasting [fathers turned Hoshea 12:15] [line 31] And caused judgment exiled they dashed in pieces killing over mistakes inadvertently transgressions not to know of these to purpose hang up they that are exiled carried away he for killing 3605-5395-518-4487-8451-1479-3808-3605-8138-3588-3559-[line 30]-8451-7350-1992-5414-8135-3238-3238-5750-5769-[line 31]-8199-1555-7523-7684-3808-3045-4100-8518-1546-4191

Image 0035 open first: line 1. priest high not to ensnare will walk to away and he to taste by behavior to perception theirs high places and he to shudder with terror all these tribes-people will shudder with terror [line 1] mighty acts great things certainly to overwhelm from their sar-prince and great and like this I shall avenge self redeem as such this blood killing him draw near [line 3] He to test through behavior a bud opening to growth to buy back the blood long ago will make distinct-plain this in Torah for them [Devarim 32:43] of the flesh eating food [line 4] to unheart-stulify-[to make seem foolish and stupid rendering useless] and man set free has Yah compassion to us for this cause intelligent's to have also among these to be insolent-seething-boiling slaughter will He [line 5] to gather what also you say these offering brought near the Altar His ones caused to loath of them and to throw out theirs to be blameless-innocent of this strength of one him [kohen] [line 6] also again to come forth for offering brought near the Altar to throw out it this has become valued property of His to have come forth of them for offering brought near the Altar His [line 7] deceiving to mislead us these regarded [implied laws of Yah] from the heavens to those seeing causing to be burdensome by declaring [removal of rain-of teaching] through drought desolating not not you cause to cross over [from this way to Yeshayahu also Mosheh] but alienate 3548-1419-3808-3369-1980-2940-1120-2729-3605-5971-2729-[line 2]-1420-3588-5307-1992-8269-1419-3541-5162-1352-1818-4191-7138-[line 3]-2940-6358-1352-1818-3528-874-8451-3588-1992-582-3894-[line 4]-3823-582-6362-7356-3588-1992-2815-2102-2026-[line 5]-1571-4100-559-7133-2092-7993-5355-353-[line 6]-1571-4672-7133-7993-5459-4672-7133-[line 7]-7952-7896-8064-7200-3513-2717-3808-5674

8. in land you shall be seen and this to the gray haired ones. Truly in speaking as were nothing then will become special treasure [line 9] our seeing in them was nothing to the watchful ones with Him tribes-people for Most High special treasure of them He will distinguish in making great of them [line 10] shall be fixed quantity also saying the silver it shall be theirs searching out seeing and these also from affliction to become His turtle dove-term of endearment innocent [line 11] from the announcing good news completion the Torah they cling to follow close in it they regard in living among [line 12] like resemble and to cling follow close they in Him for they complete all they shall push forward of them [line 13] a second time they shall teach of sealed [ones] they to come of these write record in coming to an end they come forth His [line 14] to fix upon bringing you El of Yah His to mark as His instructed [implied from] Mosheh servants Mine which 776-1961-7200-7867-61-1697-369-8033-5459-[line 9]-7200-369-6179-225-5971-5920-5459-6381-[line 10]-8506-559-3701-8446-7200-3015-1961-8449-5355-[line 11]-1319-8503-8451-1931-1692-7896-2425-[line 12]-7737-1692-3588-1931-8503-3605-6743-[line 13]-8138-2009-4397-2368-935-3789-5486-935-[line 14]-3259-935-452-2142-8452-4872-3605-834

15. I have commanded these with consent these in the desolation and like this. Behold in reverent fear to faint with fear He will enlighten admonishing us Most High instruction of [line 16] Mosheh faces of ' by the fixed times appointed the redemption [the right of the kindred]' And will write record for He shall parash-declare in separating seeing these [perceiving] the laws-chapapim-khook-kah enacted in stone of lawgiver [line 17] and the judgments as sentence-penalty-mishpatim which you as guardian watch over as decreed to exercise [construct of-must do] and like this' And will write record for will declare causing these deeds-things [line 18] and shall for you coming. Will bitterly curse those not of obedience with sentence of the Torah these things [line 19] regard for must do with them will write record and shall be when will hear the hearing they will call aloud "H" 3068 [line 20] cause to protect-guarding commands-judgments-justices-Mitzvots His which I constrain coming of them and are just right as to manner your "H" 3068 Supreme Most High AL over [line 21] all nations of the land. And come His Most High of you all the blessings causing these and like this' And shall be when not 6673-225-2717-3541-2009-3374-4199-2094-5920-8452-[line 16]-4872-639-2163-1353-3789-6567-7200-428-2710-[line 17]-4941-834-8110-6213-3541-3789-6567-2063-[line 18]-1961-3588-935-779-834-3808-3348-854-1697-8451-2063-[line 19]-6213-225-3789-1961-518-8085-8085-6963-3068-[line 20]-8104-4687-834-595-6693-1961-3651-3068-5945-5921-[line21]-3605-1471-776-935-5920-3605-1293-428-3541-1961-518-3808

22. you hear by calling out to of "H" 3068 El raised you and such this' shall come Him Most High of your's all brightened and like this' Behold He will enlighten teaching-giving warning [line 23] Most High causing to rise the Torah judgment-mitzvots and will cause chuqaqah-khook-kah laws enacted in stone to again for a rising for a witness of Most High all [line 24] the blessing. And shall be their way ruin to cause cross over shall they and will do burnings upon their ones and write record testifying in declaring distinctly [line 25] to station appointed deputies and shall be for them coming over of your's all they speaking words these the blessings and the cursing's [Devarim 27 and 28] [line 26] and good shall again "H" 3068 El raised you and like this' And returning "H" 3068 El raised you with exile-prisoners of you and like this ' When shall be [line 27] push away you will cut off the heavens and like this' and said "H" 3068 El raised you with heart you and like this' And then you [line 28] shall retreat and hear shall you in calling aloud "H" 3068 El raised you and like this' Behold asking make luminous-light also to fix time appointed they to redeem kindred 8085-6963-3068-410-6965-935-5920-3605-7044-3541-2009-2094-[line 23]-5920-6965-8451-4687-2710-5750-6965-5707-5920-3605-[line 24]-1293-3541-922-5674-2734-5921-3789-5749-6567-[line 25]-5324-1961-3588-935-5921-3605-1697-428-1293-7045-[line 26]-2895-5750-3068-410-6965-3541-7725-3060-410-6965-854-7622-3541-518-1961-[line 27]-5080-7096-8064-3541-4448-3068-410-6965-854-3824-3541-854-[line 28]-7725-8085-6963-3068-410-6965-3541-2009-215-2163-1353

29. He of certainty of truth established in faithfulness to declare like which they return pushed off of us end in outer most border-frontier the Heavens to land our and they circumcise [line 30] heart of theirs to love with "H" 3068 a nd to do all commands-mitzvots which gave to us of ruins [line 31] Mosheh give thanks to Him from among this also the Torah to glitter from afar it shall 571-834-7725-5080-7093-8064-776-4135-[line 30]-3824-160-854 3068-6213-3605-4687-834-5414-5856-[line 31]-4872-3034-2088-8451-5329

Image 0036 open first: [begins a section of the third book-scroll of a incident] line 1. A third shall of writing record cause desire effort-ability will have exiles of us 50 [mem alph 41 tet 9] of desire break off to deliver shall be said Yeshayahu [line 2] to taught ones His to regard as His returning to Me with breaking forth the Torah [line 3] then of the prophets by not coming I to breaking forth yet they not to Me made peace [line4] in truth I speaking-[omer-vav inserted between the alph and mem resh it would be amar-559 with the vav absolute-emphatic-omer] to you also repeatedly having activity made to serve in day light His of the sea's [nations] and land with crumb's [line5] single one not they shall cease from labor from the Torah and form the prophets also will make all these to rise against trouble of El [line 6] and write recording to deliver He will for by Him will making clean allow to remain as against Him a perishing destruction of heavens and land among will cause depression-humbleness [line 7] from the Torah of the haughty-proud adversative shall be trouble of El. And write record to break off like' to 50 and [mem alph 41 tet 9] 7992-3789-176-202-1540-[the numeral values of the letters of the alph tav, as reflected in the Masorah of the Leningrad Manuscript-50]-176-6561-3027-559-3442-[line 2]-8527-413-2803-7725-6499-8451-[line 3]-176-5030-3588-3808-935-6499-3808-7999-[line 4]-571-589-562-5750-8120-3220-776-225-5350-[line 5]-259-3808-988-8451-5030-3605-6965-5912-410-[line 6]-3789-6561-5352-7662-1992-11-8064-776-8217-[line 7]-8451-1341-637-5912-410-5789-6561-[line one 50 same letters]-also lines 1. and 7.and 28. have a camek placed a short distance from the end meaning measured-judged-5429 to purpose and in image 44 one time]

8. to six-6 shall select ones to Me these better I to prepare to receive of these life He [H 3068] to cover-protect. And they turn [line 9] to Him when shall be pleased with debt satisfied to come living you among living them will guard with these the mitzvot-judgments. And saying to Him [line 10] what of this? To be heavy-burden some of your fathers of you and with mother your not you dash in pieces-kill and like this. Again [line 11] and love you shall to friends-companions you in such things as this of these will do speaking words among shall be calm all will separate from you [line 12] ascend of us among ornaments of Most High goal reached becomes chief having declared the Torah and causing to rise it for a witness and allow to remain His these they to inherit and [line 13] to live cause to cover-protect and when like this you saying also provide to you Yeshayahu become in tens-[accumulate groups of and] this speaking of them [line 14]- to separate alike with elder you for these two, you shall return again of them [Shemot-Exodus 18:18-22 explains ordered of this way] 8337-410-970-aleph-2088-2896-6213-7069-2425-5645-7725-[line 9]-518-7521-935-2425-2425-8104-854-4687-559-[line 10]-4100-1992-413-3513-854-1-854-517-3808-7523-3541-5750-[line 11]-159-7453-2007-428-559-8367-3605-2505-[line 12]-5927-5710-5920-5329-8451-6965-5707-7662-5157-[line 13]-2425-5645-518-3541-559-3559-3442-1961-6235-1696-[line 14]-905-7867-2088-beyt-7725

15. uniting also shall be Torah and the Nabiyim-prophets will make perfect of them all the enacted commands and the mishpotim-commandments-judgments-decrees of [line 16] the kathabim-written record-scriptures in it [=TaNaCh] [line 17] again Shabbat she first one among ten shall be of the words [the correct way of saying the ten commandments-ten words] and this day barak-to kneel in praise thanks of [line 18] Yahvah-3068 and qadash-set apart and in regions of turn again-take back to do Shabbat among all kings theirs and He make clean [line 19] for shall renew the eternity which it unites as one causing the foundations the greatest also in Torah [line 20] and all the prophets shall be warnings of to them acting high. Who they changed to you in day seeing will change [line 21] and what are a perverseness they cause will bellow as cattle for like them in changing self 259-8451-5030-3634-3605-2706-4941-[line 16]-3789-[line 17]-8145-7673-1931-259-6235-1696-1931-3117-1288-[line18]-3068-6942-6285-7725-7673-3605-4397-1931-2141-[line 19]-2329-5769-834-1931-259-3247-1419-8451-[line 20]-3605-5030-2094-5927-4310-2487-3117-7200-8138-[line 21]-4100-5931-1600-3541-2487

22. testifying when to you hasten away changes like words of you seeing and they also to you slide by changes in all boiling up scum of theirs to them [line 23] and surely at least they will yield to do from like these working in day first in place-beginning they to be contrary. And to cause stiff necked lifting self as on a pedestal they use left hand that way and shall curse. Also they not will do Torah and spoken-word to cause to assault-a rock figurative a refuge is El [line 25] to gaze at inspecting. Not also they to remove manners will delight in beloved things and shall Yah has seen to pull out of him of the dead he to approach near. [line 26] offering brought near the alter heard of El he was contrary not guard ship with mitzvots-commandments of "H"-3068 El raised you and when [line 27] from queen [moleket] you not shall rise. And like this strength of Yah natzar-guard to strike in to fix literally to plant-fastened of the Planter desired-or strength of Yah and caused to kill from leprosy [this is a compounded word] can mean to lead astray or strength of Yah causing to kill from stricken with leprosy [line 28] and like this remove him to desert by Yeshayahu to mark for remembrance by measured desired ability will exile of us breaking off like haughty to them moving softly gently of cause also crossed over measured-judged 5749-518-2498-1697-7200-2498-3605-2560-[line 23]-389-6213-3541-4399-3117-7223-5619-413-[line 24]-7185-5940-8041-423-1992-3808-8451-1697-413-6696-[line 25]-8159-3808-1898-3651-2530-7211-8025-7585-7126-[line 26]-7126-410-8050-5619-3808-8119-854-4687-3068-410-6965-6256-[line 27]-4447-3808-6965-3541-5818-5341-or-5193-176-5818-4191-6879-[line 28]-6724-3442-2142-176-202-1540-6561-1341-328-5674-5429-cemak

29. Yeshayahu breaking-morning will of the day His shall in day the Shabbat and taught ones His hungering intensely it shall by a force of an army of men trained His because of the pressure of the wicked crying for help of you [line 30] conduct-lead of them and to break apart fracturing cruelty with them having understanding praised of Yah these and to eat with them. And they said His they declare distinctly of for Yeshayahu these shall be taught ones you assemble selves hastening speaking also was nothing know to shine bright for Shabbat3470-1242-3117-7676-8527-7457-2428-6125-[line 30]-944-6531-225-995-3042-398-225-559-6567-[line 31]-3442-2007-8527-5789-1697-370-1779-6220-7676

Image 0037 line 1. And He said to them Yeshayahu not shall call to Face of also to do or make friend for when shall be hunger extensive also devouring [line 2] from war-battles their faces of trouble some I have seen also not will the Instruction it being profaned the Shabbat to ones making faces of [line 3] will be distressing troubles the hunger of like loved friends. And gathers stumbling-wavering for when shall come His giving witness of Most High to these trouble-some [Psalm 25:16][line 4] put death new thing by completion of ending of "H" 3068 young men in bringing shall spread out to do building toward the city teaching turning aside they [line 5] saying shall do interceding-praying [1st Kings 8:42 For they shall hear Your Name Great and Your hand strong and Your arm stretched out and shall come and pray toward house this You hear in Heavens the place of your dwelling and do according to all that calls for to you the stranger so that may know all the people of the land to fear You as Your people Yisrael and to know that Your Name has been called on House this which I have built.] belonging to El also not you shall out of vanish away shall you in Shabbat trouble some to reverent fearfulness [line 6] also Mitzvots-judgments-commands Shabbat we remove angry daughters completely the end and just and right they to desert-barren wilderness our [line 7] camek-measured also shall admonish warning upon their approach coming near us cause to break off and shall also say Yeshayahu to cause stricken with leprosy afterward 559-1992-3442-3808-7121-6310-6213-1730-1961-7456-398-[line2]-3898-6440-5912-413-7200-3808-8451-2490-7676-413-6440-[line 3]-598-7457-1730-1571-6328-1961-5749-5920-6864-[line 4]-4191-2319-8503-3068-59-935-5186-7151-7750-[line 5]-559-6419-3815-3808-1961-5127-7676-5912-413-3374-[line 6]-4687-7676-1898-639-1323-8503-5769-3651-6723-[line 7]-camsk 5429-2094-5921-7126-6561-559-3432-6879-310

8. also must make self clean-purify self with Him to you to priest and shall draw near offering near altar your like which give charge-commanded Mosheh [Vayiqra-Leviticus 15 and Bamidbar-Numbers 19 and others] in Torah [line 9] trouble some to cause of ceremonial and morally just commands charged to taught ones His break off these set apart these for also shall be follies madness of you to stand like receiving a battering ram-war put to death these [line 10 urination of us to Him this lame He seeing pen of sheep this also shall out of shall admonish warning of Most High the mitzvots judgments-commands [line11] and out of this will cause to rise them. And testify speaking of to give restore and caused knowing to desire what they shall do mitzvots-judgments-commands this new thing [2318 causing to rebuild] [line 12] to you from instruction [given by Mosheh from] Yeshayahu which to them these things He had shut up as wealth and good this to disgraceful exiles also telling [line 13] and how they the enacted laws and decrees they cause justices-mishpatim the good of them also new thing-rebuilding to you which [line 14] by crossing over these innocence-pure to deliverance-salvation their flesh-body for increase in numbers spreading free of them over all 2891-225-3548-7126-7133-834-6680-4872-8451-[line 9]-6912-413-6942-6680-8527-6561-6942-2088-1961-1947-6904-4191-[line 10]-7890-6455-7200-4356-2088-1961-2094-5920-4687-[line 11]-6969-5749-6310-5414-1843-4100-1992-4687-2319-[line 12]-8452-3442-834-1992-2063-5459-1540-559-[line 13]-4100-2004-2710-4941-2896-2319-834-[line 14]-5674-2136-8668-5315-3588-3527-2666-5921-3605

15. they are fruitful reward behold to see and I collect exiles of us and behold disperse send out in measure and not to come forth appearing were they [her-refers to Yisrael the mother] with these regards of mitzvot-judgments commands [line 16] new thing [feminine plural] lean emaciated out of these heavy sad them and they shall write a record in book-scroll recounting putting right bringing straight and the prophets [line 17] and in chastisements also of restraints warning and speaking complete friendly son of David again also not you come forth to Me out of saying [line 18] also you are all bitter to Me seeing now this new thing these. You have caused also in desert coming they to us in time rejoicing of us [line 19] and all to do again of them to throw out them He to the dying of these and not putting to death of them they are foolish-stultify-unsound mind-not responsible they are [line 20] And He speaking not they like having compassion and not barren of them. And what write as a record also they daughter [line 21] were nothing appoint to know made sad Him also He to make plain explaining all unite as one in a place theirs for help of wealthy 6529-1887-1473-1887-6461-2904-5429-3808-4672-1992-7760-4678-[line 16]-2322-7535-5620-2004-3789-5921-5608-3474-5030-[line 17]-4148-1697-8003-1121-1732-5750-3808-4672-559-[line 18]-3605-4251-7200-2088-2322-1931-3644-876-935-1524-[line 19]-3605-5750-7993-1992-413-4191-3808-4191-1984-[line 20]-1992-1697-3808-7356-3808-7921-4100-3789-1323-[line 21]-369-7760-7200-3512-874-3605-259-4725-5833-2044

line 22 break off third 6561-7992 [the incident resolve]

23. bellow as cattle and this of them and how where thankfully hold out hand theirs these of the flesh of them [line 24] for Him [line 25] saying they caused do the third time He henceforth will clarify examine in selecting purging out to all manner My Master [symbolic name for "H" 3068] [line 26] to be wise they acting intelligent again [line 27] out of you it shall be in vigor power force for good of them over [their] about your slaver-spittle [line 28] diligently inquire seeking also shall be when they shall be vigor power force of them and in humbleness of you to them. Seeing and they too were caused also to know by observation and in their slaver slime [line 29] their speaking and their ruins which they made from which you pulled out of them in it. and to just and right they shall know Me now 1600-1454-349-3036-5315-[line 24]-1992-[line 25]-559-8027-5750-1305-3605-1180-[line 26]-2449-7919-8145-[line 27]-3581-5921-7325-[line 28]-1875-1961-3581-6041-7200-1992-3045-7325-[line 29]-4405-8054-834-1992-4871-1992-3651-3045-1843-4994

Image 0038 open first: line 1. Then they like in delight having desired after for to give up spirit-die and heal us of them and how where? power of His Hand to do of the flesh-body in them [line 2] responding He shall cause here after knowledge of also breath out die for us of to a place [line 3] great high it pleasant luxury over there breath out die [line 4] they know by seeing in Torah also the same place [line 5] abundant-quantity the place of protection of them to sprouts that grow-[figurative of rulers] of them and these rivers of running water [2nd kings 5:12 Job 28:11 John 7:38] good for these shall delight-luxury in Him. And heal us of them [line 6] shall be just and right and they to a place that pours out of to these making a valley out of Hinnom also such as there a place [line 7] were from will throw out of them in it the dwelling of them and will display ethical senselessness cast together increasing the extended unrestrained of us and afterward cure know-knowledge 4994-7519-3642-1478-1455-349-3027-5315-1992-[line 2]-6030-4279-1843-1478-3588-4725-[line 3]-1419-8588-5921-8033-1478-[line 4]-3045-8451-1931-4725-[line 5]-7227-360-6779-5104-2896-6027-1455-[line 6]-3651-4725-6379-2088-6213-1516-996-2011-1931-8033-4725-[line 7]-1961-7993-2082-5036-7231-5628-310-1455-1843

8. also by this He marks among these seeking out for trade of your body causing you to [cover with] foilage and you shall be delighted to breath out the spirit in self [line 9] and then you shall delight that you have delighted in pleasantness of spirit in self not the body [like a hard rain figurative body] of it these in eternity the body living of theirs [line 10] not to be able of adam-man constrained mentally by El setting in order things to again in eternity now the body of [like] a hard rain for the region [line 11] also were nothing to be able to separate mentally and being prudent and intelligent between you shall delight in pleasantness of the eternity appointing giving charge I will be a refuge and also they I have become as spitting in the face round and araound [12] called select He to appoint by separating. And you shall delight in pleasantness these will increase to bring up enough of them house of and over above in priority His [13] Most High the shalom to them and their understanding to success His from secret counsel of His such like with them among they will be honorable. Like as such [14] the malakim and are such as like of them and you shall delight of them with them He being delighted they to be honorable the goal of truthfulness perpetually- 834 2142-8452-8315-5929-6027-1478-7307-[9]-6027-1931-6027-7307-3808-1655-1931-5769-8315-[10]-3808-3605-120-6735-6186-5750-5769-2088-1655-6285-[11]-369-995-996-6027-5769-7760-2622-BDB-page 1064-3884-[12]-7148-7760-905-6027-1931-7685-4672-1004-4605-[13]-5920-7965-7922-5475-2004-2088-3519-3644-[14]-4397-2004-6027-2088-8588-3515-5331

15. Also were nothing 369 seeking after Him 3642 and were nothing 369 in the midest of 2285 able to prevail they 3201 by the Scrolls-Books of evidence 5605 consulting taking advise them 5779 they split and divided of you 6385 prudence deliberate in the guide to purpose His 6098

16. And turning back they 7725 have above in priority His 4605 making large in mind of honor Him 1431 like Mosheh 4872 surely 3588 when 518 by such deeds 2062 they shall shine 1984 praising El 1985 He makes to shine 1984

17. And such like 3541. And write the record 3791 what of purpose 3541 many things 7227 good of you 2896 which things 834 to hide protecting you 6845 for fear caused of you 3372 and such things 3541. And write the record 3791

18. By the eyes regarded 5869 not 3808 she [church] saw 7200 El to Raise up 410-6965 and such like this 3541 to feed sweetness of it 4985 it to entrap catching 5367 coming of them [feminine plural] 935 exquisite delight of daintiness 8588

19. for eternity of 5769 set time 5704 in raising one up of 6965 in one seeing 7200 in the regions of His 6285 also he 1931 expansion 3315 ones of leaders of you 5437 will rise up high 6965 cause by deception to lead astray-sin by err 7683

20. with him 854 like such 3644 also will explain making plain shall I 874 and against this 2008 causing to fall 7411 they 2088 loose morally 2151 by answers them 562 also was nothing 369 for Yah 3068 to cover

21. not 3808 consumed food 398 and not 3808 drunkenness-alter 8358 and not 3808 closed to senses 1480 to Me not 3808 just and lawful of rightouseness of them 6662 they will return of their 7725 My crowns of theirs 5852

22. by head catain theirs 7218 and he of whom they 2005 exhausted caused 4198 also because these were His 3588 expansion 3315. And pleased with to satisfy a debt his 7521 by command-answer theirs 562 also they 1992

23. he will bring back 7725 seeing against 7200 also these 1992 rasing up of them 6965 Yah 3068 to these will lead forth 2986 sitting as judge make to dwell 3427 to come of 859 Yah 3068

24. for eternity 5769 a dweller foreign 8453. And pleased with they 7521 by command to them 562 to encircle for protection 5849 and regard as unclean 2933 created making 1254 when 8033 seeing against 7200 they caused to mislead of them 7685 [impressed with selves]

25. Like such 3644 by crowing 5850 also crowing 5850 to Me when His 518 also they 1931 to rule 4910 for in wisdom good 2451 and enclosed as a crown 3803 Torah 8451

26. And pleased with these 7521 by answers of them 562 by head of these 7218 seeing against body living of theirs 5315 [Romans 8] for 3588 they 1992 first of 7218 the adam 120

27. who are differing from what is normally expected 8565 to Him 1992 He causes to come forth of them 4672 and they finish whole complete 7999-8003 and in this 1992 they 1992 what of a good thing 4100 also became 1992

28. ones cursed of them 1455 they 1931 will drive out you 1644 the body living 5315 they joined together driving out from the inheritance BDB page 705 by causing removal and rights of inheritance and distribtion you 5157 Yah 3068 and hurry make hast cause to Me of them 4116

29. for because of His 6437 and they shall remain a remnant 7604 in as rain showers-body His them 1653 and I cut a covenant 3772 out of a portion alloted 4487 they to reach ability 5381 He to mark as to remember 2142

30. and you to Me separated 905 when to Me separared you are 905 and to cure His 1455 afflicted of them 6041 He cuts a covenant 3772 His saying 559 by Torah 8451. And like such this 3644

Image 0039 open first: 1. Also was nothing 369 to set in order 6186 and like comparing 1825-1819 will also spit out with contempt BDB page 1064 against such thing as this you of 2004 the body 5315 with 5973 such as this to Me of you 2004 they to be shut 1479 like this-comparative 3644

2. Also remembered by mentioning You have 2142 for Him and was nothing 369 arranged setting in order 6186 and resemble 1825 and He also will spit out with contempt BDB page 1064 against causing of you split-dividing 6385 will be numerous 6099 they to be ignoble 6819 those of suchas that 1931

3. equally with 5973 they to be ignoble-brought low 6819 they to close-shut to Me 1479 and they have caused a burning 8316 in Mighty Power 5797 shall call out proclaiming 7121 join take hold him 680 you of soft pliable 6026 and not-el 408 el not him 408

4. repeating 8145 My afflicted ones these 6041-6045 cause to fail 7411 these 2088 causing in mine rejoicing-gladness 1523 by commanded they 565 and became 1961 body living 5315 sovereign of 113 bundled up 6972

5. in the bag 6872 the living these 2425 with 854 Yah 3068 El 410 brings you 6965 and body living 5315 hating the adversary your 340 I sling as a door this 7050 in midst of 8432 hollow of hand power 3709

6. the vilification in Me 7045

7. and to Mine have dominion 4910 to you reigning over 4910 these multitudes 3514 for now 2088

8. they have on this side 2007 children 5289 these of lesser importance 6996 their delight 8588 the great noble 1419 which are to them 834. These inflamation 7822 and cause lamenting of selves 7878

9. they have on this side 2007 the young men 5289. And will be insignificant of 6819 the great noble 1419 also to Me 1931 will instruct custom to disciple 3928 and will guide of them 5090

10. they of sickness- menstrual flow she intelligent thinking of them. And when 518 I say 559 to them also you causing effeminate and sporting self 6026 He to remove by roots reproductive organs of 6135 these 1931 will instruct teaching disciple 3928

11. gathering 1571 will guide teaching of them 5090 the sickness menstrual flow 4064-1738 will intelligent thinking of them 2815 and also it will become small insignificant 6819 the great noble 1419 such as 1931 converse with selves complaining cause of 7878 children 3205

12. cause to cast out them 2904. It shall be 1961 then 227 from among will laugh in derision 3932 failure 1097 indignation and punishment 5606 and not 3808 they shall form to constrain 6735 will speak 1697 in rubing out these 4229

13. complete perfect. And they intelligent thinking 2815 He speaking 1697 to depart from revolting of them 7846. And when 518 He comes forth 4672 a Man 379 and being wise in words and deeds able to make one wiser 2449 great noble 1419 also not 3808

14. they tale bearers or slanderers 7270 understand being prudent 995 the young men 5288 and was nothing 369 to make clean 2141 among the works of Yah to them 4641 and He said 559 to them white precious stones 7893

15. shall be delicate pleasant 6025 in thinking to selves 7878 the children 3205 and the work of Yah them 4641 He rescued-delivered of them 4042 and white precious stones 7893 become small 6819 for will instruct ones of custom the teachers 3928

16. And with their leading forth along the way of them 5090 He measures ability 4058 the thoughts of them mindful of intelligents 2815 I the builder of thoughts 2815 their words 1697 to create of them Mine 6213 and not 3808 they ones of distressing 6696

17. for will blot out theirs 4229 completeing making perfec 3634. Just and right of manner 3651 the man-adam 120 in asking " H " desire will praise in boldness 1158-3068-5797 dumah praise of silence 1745 by the children 5288 and in eternaty 5769 the living body of them 5315

18. dumb-silence of 1745 to man 376 [120 adam just a man-ish a man 376] the wise of intelligents 2450. And knowledge of understanding 1843 when by a portion comes a termination 7117 the ones of a beacon of them 8650 cunning knowledge 1847 ones following after 312 [children of children become family in eternity]

19. by rejecting failing 1602 will be valley of gahinnom 2011-1516 and they 1931[He of hot anger 2534] also after 310 they die 4191 but comes 935 then 8033 a breathing body 5315 and closed to senses 1479

20 And they ones riding chariots theirs 7392 unite 3161 and judge of theirs 1777 over 5921 cause reward-wages theirs 6468 that united as one 259. And are an enemy-opponent 8324 they of such 1931 being of this 1961

21. the living body 5315 bottom-under 8478 covered throne 3678 the splended honorable 3519 and senses closed 1479 also allowed to remain 3240 and these confiscation of 6065 them 1931

22. who will spring forth as sprouts 5298 their living body 5315 of the desolation these 3451 in the sense of condition of the mind 4725 burning 784 sized on strong help to repair 2388 and they divide His 6385 with force there of His 2388 which 834

23. these 1931 firm and strong 2388 speedily 3966 remove from fire 784 to do so because of confidant of 5476 over 5750 which also 834 His to be able 3201 for have caused to make a burning of 8313 the living body 5315

24. And when 518 successful of ability His 202 door closed 1480. And the strong ones His 2388 these of 2088 knowledge cunning aware 1847 judgment by divine law justice of 4941 this will declare messengers His 5046 and will write the record of 3789.

25. And enough 1767 for what of purpose 4100 also mark declare they shall 2142 with them 2088. And which also 834 accordingly to seeing 7200 by Mine in region of 6310 the ruins 5859 and in regions of 6285

26. intended for hope by you 5452 becoming wise of 2450 their ruins 5859 from man of theirs 582 instructions theirs 8451 great extent of time 3528 mark and remember this you of His 2145 and also 518 a gift 3426

27. myriad-many 7227 from sons of 1121 tribes peoples ours 5971 they unwilling and refused Him 3986 before this 2088 THE truth 571 will point out teaching through showing 3384 by a course of life 1870 their Emir-President 5632.

Image 0040 open fourth : 1. Will in enlightened 2971 ones employed in the task of 6045 the breathed on -persons 5315 causing ones to turn back you 5437 shall recompense theirs 1578 [reverse] will disband 1986 the wine press-[distress] 1660 you ask 994 wipe away 5477 also regards 6437 to me these servants 5288 and hating enemy before 340

2. and ones employment this business, task 6045 the surviving remnant of them these 7605 will come forth you 4672 acting wisely being circumspect 7919 [reverse] to cover you 3780 ones strong and 684 in Torah 8451 adulteress 802 of Mine these shaking [bring force to displace the arranged order] theirs 5128] [the word numbered 5128 is going to appear many times in the text in two forms nun vav ayin, translated as staggering, inclined to alter the arranged order, writings and nun yod ayin as shaking, bring force to dislodge mix the arranged order, writings, the basic this may change according to text tense.

3. they will make habitually work practise. And when of 518 the breathed on body 5314 makes himself a head person 1538 [reverse] mound 8510 stones 1530 wine press 1660 among their faces 6440 from desire 176 to cover in obscurity these 5774

4. ones of the pestilence, plague 4046 to 413 open doors 1479 [reverse] enter 6310 carried away 1541 this place 6311 to gather 1571

5. declaring commands of 559 they made third rank-a captain 7991 what of purpose His 4100 ones employment of business, task 6045 the breathed upon -person 5314 [reverse] consealed as a treasure 8226 these of us 2007 remove them 5270 three [days] 7969-8027 intelligent-skilful these to Me 4106

6. cause what of purpose theirs 4100 they miss the mark bearing the blame [reverse] caused intermost thoughts and they are His 2910

7. which caused 834 miss the mark-sin 2398 desired of 176 [reverse] also moved softly 328 secretly causing 2791

8. the expansion will cause breaking away from just authority of Mine 6586 which 834 transgresses of just way-scripture they 6586 which 834 cause to fail they 3782 all 3605 will be brought low-ignoble 6819 the great 1419

9. speaking deliriously-raving 1957 and will in that time theirs 227 good her 2896 formed in the mind for a purpose theirs 6245 which 834 to her all 3605 the good 2896 speaking deliriously-raving 1957 the great thing 1419

10. and will cause dreadful fear 3372 and what of purpose 4100 this Yah has seen of them 7211 which way walked 1980 in the remnant of them she caused 7605 will one rise up of hers 6967 wtness-to put in order 5707

11. The Aged One 7867 He will unite become one 3161 to know cause to instruct of you are 3045 opponent-trouble 6869 to these bringing 935

12. this apeaking 1696 deliriously speaking raving of a female diety of the elamits 1957-2238 before these calling out 6963

13. indeed truely 551 to tire of making weary shall cause before you 3811

14. out of this to be straight honest 833 to crush to crush you I 1854-1854 from the midest of 8432 speaking words of 1696 cuting off chop in pieces you 7112 exceeding wisdom wise in teaching of us 2449 and in pratting words 6527 from like early rains 4175

15. cause to make right 6663 and among to be straight happy of 833 servants assembled 6633 from food shall be of 3898 Yah 3068 also of all fellowship knit together 2270 for His Son 1121 a refugee 1648 and to lead on straight and happy 833

16. to know discerning you have 3045 spread out bending away perverting 5186 making to advance-pushing out of the flock 6213-7716 declared in speaking 262 way walked 1980 to know by seeing you have 3045. Knowledge 1843 also of the nephesh-living body 5315

17. the living being of you declared 582 it-she 1931 among smooth stones caused 2505 to paint the eyes-blackened have seen 3583-7200 she to defend debating of them 7378 calling to will these 7121 living body of theirs 5315

18. and causing smooth stones in flattering to divide of them her 2505 like whether 575 to again 8145 to be firm of them 3581 such like this 3644 also smooth stones flattering dividing will cause 2505 to make thin famished against 7329 against again 8145 moulding the mind to frame thoughts right to purpose future of them 3336

19. forming the mind 3335 good 2896 and the purposed formed 3335 will cause evil displeasing hurtful. Caused to encounter these provoke to jealousness-envious of them 7121-7065 behold 2009 living body of theirs 5315 sisters 269

20. caused encounter her 7121 one beautiful you declare 2433 to the extremity of 6285 also she 1931 shall become 1961 one complete perfect she 3634 all 3605 will they covet to ruin her of them 1942

21. who are found of her tremble in fear by illumination of her 4672-7374-216 to end finish 3615 will My Master-symbolic Name of Yah of 1180 living them 2425 of the wilderness of theirs 4057 and removal you shall 2108. Again in second time 8145 caused encounter to her

22. nepesh-living body 5315 wilderness her 4057. To a region 6285 also was nothing her 369 by whoever finds her 4672 surely 7535 into the wilderness of theirs 4057 to be alone-separating 910 will say His 559

23. having in mind thoughts wise 2449 also this one thing 2063 the living body 5315 the mortal she was 582 she 1931 of us joining her separating 680 from knowledge of success 7922

Image 0041 open first: 1. The complete making perfect of 3634 will call out 7121 to them 1992 knowledge success 7922 they will make habitually to do 6466. And calling out they shall and 7121 just and right to manner 3651 to midst of 6285 who they 1931 will make to do habitually 6466

2. to complete perfect 3634 they to come upon anyone of theirs 4672 the haughty eyes to be humiliate 8220 in among saying of such 559 the El of elohim to declare 433 Most High His 5920 will cause to make habitually 6466 and going out among His 3318

3. the success by knowledge intelligents 7922 from these firm in vigor 3581 of El 410 they will do making habitually 6466 and calling out saying thus will do 7121 people of the nations you 1471 will give 5414 the confinement of them 6696 to a region 6285

4. also He 1931 He will give 5414 caused sign theirs 226 to end finish 3615. The lowly of them 8217. And the prophets 5030 proclaim and they will 7121 sign His 226

5. Ruach-Spirit of 7307 Yah 3068 will cause to become thin those against against 7329 Ruach-Spirit 7307 the Qodesh-Set-Apart 6944 then shall sing of 7891 the vanishing to eternity 5769. Has seen of them 7211 Most High 5920 from making know to them of Him 4672

6. foundation 8356 here-on this side 2008 the first 259 they to be prudent acting wisely 7919 among ones of reaching being able to take hold on 5381 all 3605 their speaking 1696 also 834 for when

7. from strength 6099 will be from invited ones 7121joining 3161 repeatedly 5750 these will be crossing over them 3161 they lead astray 2937 from association will over shadow 6004

8. many times over many 7227 like also of intelligent thoughts 2815 in speaking 1696 they will light upon desire in meeting theirs 4745 also they 1931 strong of body-assemblies. And this 2088 in regions of 6285

9. also they quiet excellents to meet them 7119 not 3808 it being present 4672 ones will take a stand of them 5975 in strength theirs 6099 thin 1851 in it's strength theirs 6099 as gathered 1571

10. in regions of 6285 also are nothing 369 the straying misleading through ignorance 7686 those being circumspect have declared You 7919 like such 3644 rejoice being glad 7797 by this straying from 7686 they will hurry with eagerness to His 2363

11. rejoicing 7797 to completion 3636 hastily-exicitedly 2363 from it being silent 2814 joining Him 3161 also hurry with excitement 2363 with seeing of theirs [experiencing] 7200 it wears out decaying 1086 causing to turn 7725

12. emaciation-starvation 7534 this from being conspicuousness 7214 and hasting away 2363 they hear 8085 the voice His 6963 will act circumspect-understand 7919 among reaching ability to take hold on 5391 [to Mosheh and Mashiyach 4899] all 3605 have strayed from instructions His 7686

13. in stength firm 3581 after 259 separation in presents of. And equally with 5973 being of His 1961 among reaching being able to take hold on 5381 like uniting 252 of such things on this side 2007 this they 1931 in strength and 3581

14. the great noble 1419 from spreading out themselves 6584 and from ones deciding separating declaring 6567 the pursuit of men 6679 they will cause to prosper of them 7919 complete 3636 the strength of them 6099

15. by not 3808 speaking 1696 they will complete 3634 to speaking words of this matter 1696 from these among of quiet excellent spirit 7119 the heaps of ones 2563 like doves 3123 these 2088

16. acting as gate keepers 8176 and this from scroll-writings 5612. And among barren places our 6723 to be circumspect 7919 this making know of women [feminine ending-also offsprings-those that came forth of woman 3329] remove selves firm-ability of 3581 El 410 they will do making habitually 6466

17. among them causing to prosper being circumspect of them 7919 reaptedly 5750 also for times of theirs 6471 not 3808 they reach being able to take hold on 5381 He makes one wise 7919 you of hollow of hand-power of 3709 with Him

18. these from Him quiet-silent 2814 blameless cleansed her-womam 5352 among out of His 4480 to Me nothing 1077 they spread out you 5186 accordingly 413 in the years 8141 times 6471

19. many. And accordingly 413 they will also reject because of impurity-menstruation excluding against woman 5079 the many 7227 those that came out of her 3329 they will be firm of 3581 for 413 their work practise 6466

20. squeezing-moulding into a form 3335 regular manner walling up 2905 enclosing 3195 to these He brings forth 3318 He finds enough 4672 4672 selected joining His 680 these 2088 they to heed answer affairs of them 6045 for will work practicing habitually 6466 He will direct sending with command they will do 3318

21. His such like this 3644 to stand out 3626 like for Me 575 will work habitually 6466 these-women enough His 4672 selected joining His 680 these 428 these among His intelligent being prudent causing success teaching of them 7919 they will work habitually 6466

22. revolving around-circuit 212 what of purpose 4100. Seeing against 7200 repeatedly 5750 appearing enough of them 4672 forming women 6696 prepared ones 3627 in living body 5315 they cause His from among 4480

23. they from bring forth 3318 these 2088 will be firm of power 3581 these 411 they will work habitually 6466. And heming in 5910 ascending being valuable these-women 3276 these 411 among shaking [ bring force to mix dislodge arrangement] 5128 wear out they-these declare 1086

24. among staggering of ours [inclined to alter the arranged order] 5128 these 1931 the intelligent and prudent making wise 7919 His dividing differing 914 and also these will know by seeing 3045 all 3605 these will arrange setting in order of this

25. which 834 in this time now 575 from strength 6099 and from excellent of spirit 7119 at the side of-[their way] 6654 will become of these 1961 among you uniting 259. With 3588 all 3605

26. these from His prudent causing success in teaching of them 7919 they 1992 will walk-the way of these 1980 from following 1980 these ones of them 7999 termination after portion theirs 7117 for ending a portion 7117 again 5750 work-labor produced results in Mine 3018

27. to speak 1696 afterwards 310 these 1931 shall complete 3615 the finish-ending of theirs 7999 making feel ashame 3637 and this puts forth a riddle-a propound knot them 2330 like this 3644 He will confirm in support 539

28. by the side of moving against the adversary 6655 they will arrange order 7468 it afterwards 310 how 834 in the body theirs 5315 to work habitually 6466 caused to wear out 1086 what of purpose 4100 they reach ability 5381 what of purpose His 4100

29. all 3605 the speaking of this matter 1696 the needs of theirs 6878 to 413 the arranged order 5468 this such way 1931. And to the extremity of 6285 also the arranged order 5468 unites 259 seeing and Him

30. also they shall be 1961 prudent making intelligent of understanding 7919 the work habitually 6466 first-unite 259. And was nothing 369 for caused bitterness 4751 also they 1931 an appearance-thing seen of woman 4758 they among cause prudent success teaching of them 7919

31 from wearing out of 1086 also they reached ability taking hold these 5381 like brilliance-sun light 8121 to among causing hush keep quiet 2814 also when 518 shall be 1961 just and right of manner 3651 shall be 1961 from reaching ability of them 5381

Image 0042 open first: 1. He makes prudent wise 7919 you bow in obedience 3721 from hundreds of them 3967 they among caused hush keep quiet of these 2814. and testify-restoring 5749 they shall revive before 2425 also they shall be new thing 2318 from out of us 4480

2. accordingly of manner 1696 in body living 5315 like thus 3644 also they shall be a new thing 2318 from the brilliance-sun light 8121 they to be ones pregnant 2030 [Amos 1:13] like strong 6099 they will write the scroll-record of 5612

3. which are 834 in Him are able enough 3201 to stand opposite in their presence 6905 the rebels 4754

4. And they a second time shall 8145 know by seeing of us 3045 who will make habitually 6466 the groping about of them 1659 they 1931 you will wear out 1086 the groping about ones 1652

5. in regions of 6285 also ones in darkness of theirs 652 shall be 1961 the groping these 1659 out of grouping 4959 with Him 225 not 3808

6. they will do habitually 6466 out of purpose His 4100 limitations 7535 also making distance of Him 2909 they are divided of Him 2673 to separate. And when 518 moulding into a form 3335 regular manner 2905 will enclose you 3195 for will do habitually 6466

7. these ones will do habitually 6466 in the midst of 8432 accumulating in abundance His 3527 they 1931 will act in prudence 7919 He selects separating 914 also they trusted Him 2620 to 413 all 3605 apportioning 2517

8. the groping ones 1659 they will trust 2620 uniting 259 and to regions 6285 also from dry area our's 6723 in coming to pass of you [as threatening] 1934 they are mixed wine an water of them 4197 and they will habitually practise of women 6466

9. first 259 seeing and they 7200 also shall declare 1961 among causing habitually to practise 6466 uniting 259. Like such 3644 they instruct wisely 7919 these will practise habitually 6466 seeing His 7200

10. also they shall 1961 groan-contemning against 5006 from maintaining ones cause theirs 3557 seeing against 7200 among separating of 4487 murmuring 5098 to a region 6285 also He 1931 will distinguish 914

11. in these 1992 and for just and right of manner 3651 theirs 1992 He will know by seeing 3045 all 3605 He will arrange the order of them 5468 will also from this day on of them 3117

12. will cause rain showers heavy of these 8228 from cause maintained them 3557 and from this He will know by seeing of them 3045 these of our's 459. And to an extremity of region 6285 which He 1931 causes abundances of resources 8228

13. out of this keeping back of injury of 4513 these because of circumstances theirs 1556 and such as others of His 2088 He will arrange the order 5468 the abundance of resources caused 8228 out of this to gnawing the bones 1633 they seek occasion to running down of these 1556 shall 1961

14. these will flee for protection and 2620 to 413these 2088 He arranges order 5468 He will cause protection of 2620 those running down on of them 1556 to 413 weight out a portion 4487 along side of 5980 which 834

15. they 1931 He causes protection 2620 the form woman 6699 to 413 the ones bubbling up 2563 maid servants 519 they have made plain declaring 874 also they caused arranging order of cause 5468

16. they will do His instructions 7919 how 834 in living body 5315 they to act prudent 7919 they will make habitually 6466 the way will walk 1980 from way walked 1980

17. I formed her-woman 6699 and will finish of them. All He will arrange the order 5468 from their rolling togathering 1556 and will know by seeing 3045

18. also they will know by seeing 3045 He completes making perfect of them 8003 by the rolling ones wheel 212 will remain and excel 3498 safe complete 7999 these 1931 also hand of power you and 3027 what of purpose of them 4100

19. the speaking 1696 which 834 to Me they complete safe 8003 marking of 8034 also to know by seeing 3045 what of purpose of them 4100 they savour scent of them 7381

20 these debtor of ones before 2326 and they know by seeing 3045 what of purpose of them 4100 He gives firmness of body of them 6096 and He to build of them 68 ruins of theirs 8047 the scent soothing Mine of them 7381

21 also pacification of 8013 to them 1992 And to just and right of manner 3651 decree of His 1504 the ones making wise 2449 also like which 834 created 1254 He regards declaring of base support [Torah] 7896-7878-8356 this 2088

22. they are prudent teaching of 7919 these will make habitually 6466 the ones abounding in resources 8228 above His 5921 for to Me from making ones bed 4702 all 3605 He who separating 914

23. holding back of 4513 the heavens 8064 rocks 6697 all 3605 His separating 914 which 834 to be pleased with 7521 to these presented us 4672

24. for eternity 5769 the humble 8213 and the abundance of these 8228 above His 5921 for not 3808 a time fixed 2163 and they are waverering-staggering [inclined to an altered arrangement] 5128 in regions 6285 also a fixed time 2163

25. herding 4719 and catching by pursuit 1692 to cause wavering-staggering of -[inclined to an altered arrangement] 5128 the wheels [a recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 and they 1931 beckoning 5130 company of persons 5475. And He separating 914 the victory the distance point viewed of Mine these 5331

26. because of wearing down failure 1115 made has stagered ours of them [to incline to an altered arrangement]5128 like such 3644 also I shall declare explaining making plain 874 and I One of abundance of resources of theirs 8228 will instruct intelligently being prudent 7919 they will make habitually to practice 6466

27 over 5921 the living body-flesh 5315 "I" will make completion of 3634 by bearing in mind you 5452 the One raising up of them 6965 presented being able and they shall of 4672 this 1454 like such 3644

28. suddenly causing to do 6597 wear out 1086 a time fixed 2163 and shall waver-staggering it [ incline to altered the arranged order, writings] 5128. And to create selecting 1254 He of these 428 He to mark 8376 the adam 120 at last 268

29. of you selected creating 1254 and they 1931 to Me taking hold on 4672 before Me of them 996 seeing against 7200 teachings to understanding of 995 Most Supreme High of them 5646 and the bottom most of them 8481 to stand up making right 3559

30. these ones able 5381 what of purpose 4100 for elevated of station 4608 what of purpose 4100 to remove distortion-pervertion 5186-4297. And when 518 they set in order 8626 humble ones of them His 6041 I cause to ascend 5927

Image 0043 open first: 1. from ascending up 5927 they will recover raising up 5927. And when 518 groping about declaring of them 3445 descending caused by 3381 rebels 4775 a brach-tribe 4297 distortion 4297 And such like deeds of 2063 the living body 5315

2. beast you have 2423 to exist 3426 never before 3808 to this one 1668 to be firm of them 3581

3. the principal ruler they are 7218 the spirit sprinkled to appease us 5137 and they 1931 will cause to sprout-bring forth 6779 and calling out 7121 those among longing-delighting 8378 and has shut up treasures-wealth 5459

4. these 2088 the firm-hard 3581 He shall stir up making bare of them 5782 by searching out 1245 the meat-food 4202 and they stagger-[to incline to altered the arranged order, writings] 5128

5. in going forth His 4161 and will be ignoble-brought low 6819 also will arrange order His 5737 and searching out 1245 they with consent 225 will give meat-food 4202 and out cast to declare-push out 1762

6. they flinched turning away 5472 from appointment His 4483 empire-goverment it will theirs 4951 these 1992 number-count 4483. And they 1992 will divide-free directing 8281

7. And out of strength 2388 and from work they will against you 5647 and cast out-to declare-show 1760-2331 sorting 2178 and honor against 4022

8. And against the Hand of power 4135-3027 like dumb they 1745

9. They repeat of 8138 this from tumultuous crowd 7285 and gather treasure 5459 these 2088 with vigor 3581 He shall stir up making bear-revealing of them 5782 for searching out 1245 and in these reaching being able to take hold on 5381

10. and for these an elevated platform 3595 the speaking of things 1697 these doing good 2896 and they will with consent 225 and he made profit valuable these 3276 to him

11. and turning things upside down these 2017 and by hatfulness 8130 the shepherds 7462 and he made a purging of them 2212 cause for selected youth 970 for doing good 2896 and he shall with consent of them 225

12. and he among has profited of them 3276 and he builds platform theirs 3595 for the ones behind these 1157 to turn looking at his 6437 and from ministers his 8334 these 1992 five 2568

13. he seeing high in value inspiring awe of admiration through grandeur 7200-7215 and he renowed-and they grow numb hearing 8074-8051-8085 he leading astray-seduced them 2937 he odor of perceived anticipated acceptance an joy 7381

14. And will cause delight in feelings of objects 4885 from 7797 and intensifying 8027

15. the third level [the level of messengers] 7992 this from blood womans 1818 and will shut up treasures 5459 these 2088 he sweeps away 5500 to him tumultuous crowd 7283 and to these mark for recognition 2142

15. will record of this 7559 the things spoken of them 1697 afterwards of this 310 the everlasting these 5769 and the herd these 5739 from before of Mine 6440

16. he hastening of them 2363. And by this twice 6471 they to ride 7392 things 1697 was making pleasant in singing 5273 for being of things 1961 dividing up 3699

17. reaching a given point in time 749 to learn by association 502 nations 523 divide half 2677 shut the door and 1479 compare them 7737. And divide half 2677 shut the door and 1479 these as before 2088. Will with draw of

18. a gem 8658 He covers-making obscure //

19. a fourth part of 7243 He sweeps away 5500 will among stir up making bear-revealing 5782 and shut up treasures of 5459 this 2088 He sweeps away 5500 for with love 159 speaking 1697

20. and by longing for 3700 El Him 410 firm in desire 176 to hate 8130 and to refuse 3973 speaking-things of 1697 and despised 959

21. He sweeps away 5500 to stand out 3426 the hateful 8135 and will love 160 the grieved 3707

Image 0044 open first: 1. He will desire 7522 these with fierceness 395 and will have compassion cherishing these ones 7356

2. they accomplish of His 3615 and will be nobility His

3. in regions 6285 also these 2088 firm in ability vigorous 3581 will assign 5414 Yahvah 3068 will investigate proving 974 they to wear out-grow old caused 1086 of wilderness 4057 to ones standing up living body in the opposite 5315

4. He to portion out of them 4327 and I called 7121 they caused diligently to observe 5172 they to live they are mine 2421 in regions 6285 also these 2088 the firm of ability 3581 hand of His 3027 by forming pressed out of them 6699

5. He has caused diligently to learn by experience His 5172 ones employment of 6045 excepting it's failures 1115 out of this learning by experience theirs 5172 such like 3644 also they pronounce judicial sentence-the punishment 8196 they cause to bring out the ones 6629 among the wolves 2061

6. also they 1931 will hate 8130. And in shepherding 7462 also they 1931 desirous of theirs before 183. And they love for 160 and are exceedingly hateful 8135

7. with failures of nothing you have 1115-1086 from their diligently observing 5172 caused of nothing 1077 they in the feminine 1931 these look narrowly 7688 what of purpose 4100 with failures they declare 1115 intelligents to declare 7919-[intelligents of theirs-the scribe has placed a letter inside of the last letter changing the suffixe from to declare to theirs]. And these of man 120

8. haughty and 1341 like such 3644 Mine also withdraw 4185 despised vile person 959 they to be firm 3581 increase in number casting together 7231 from mishpat-formal decree of judgement His 4941 and are lead away 5090 despised person 959 from driving 5090

9. they by trail 976 the failure they declare of nothing 1077 to wilderness 4057 like such 3644 also He a sentence of punishment His 4941 in desire greatly before 183 He to hate as enemy 8130 also they-woman 1931

10. hated of 8130 Him Most High 5920 these 2088 speaking 559 He has written the record 3789 these to resemble-becoming 4911 like large beast-animal 930 to be dumb astonished-putting to a stop His 1826 and from ruin of corruption 4893

11. this of 2088 these firm 3581 all 3605 caused of select feeding 1262 these are closed 1479 in firmness 3581 of the eye-affliction want 5869 to be seen of them 7200. And firm 3581 of the countenance seen 5869

12. for these shall be insolent acting 1369 desiring 176 to point out-teach 3384 and firm 3027 their hand 3027 to seize taking possession 270 and firm 3581 these walk in the application 7270 to carry the way 3212 of such things 2007

13. such deeds 2063 smoothness of deception 2513 these 2088 the body 5315 the large beast who they have 2423 for will cut short of the harvesting 7114 and from thing of purpose 4100 also necessity from trouble of opponent your 6862

14. you to know by seeing it 3045 perception-intelligents 2940 being of 1961 by deeds of such 2063 the body 5315 and firm in ability to produce theirs of them 3581 it which were found 4672 to complete 3634

15. the proven tested 974 were nothing of hers 369 like portioned out 4372 first 259 also they will gather tumultuously 7284 also He gather of 7284 in Him the Adam 120 they 1931 mac.

16. to Him assembled 7284 you were caused he will one by one 2297 and just and right to manner 3651 they skip for joy 5483 and they of the red ass-donkey [kind knowing the masters crib] 2543 and all 3605 portioned out 4327 and portion out of 4327 cheerful rejoicing 7797

17. by Him a living body 5315 living ours He declared 2421 made He will a new thing 2323 in firmness vigor of these 3581 made us rejoice glad 2302 failure not at all shall they 1077 to be straight 833 to portion out 4327

18.after 310. And to carry away His 3212 they to attributing honor to Him 8567 will do habitually of them cause of them 6466 from waiting along along side to ambush 6679 urine these 7890 they cause to do habitually of work theirs 6466. And when 518

19. tent peg to their cause 3499 [Judges 4:21] will terminate ending 7117 and not will complete 3636. Even seeing this which is now a great while 3528 they ask of Him 994 teach early rain 4175 to make right cleanse 6663 to liken in resembling 4911

20. these seeing now a great while 3528 disesteem vile person 959 from do the third time 8027 condition of mind of theirs 4725 ones of darknesses 2824. They unite 259 from cause 1992 to rise as the sun her-it

21. most high her's 5920 this of brilliants-the sun 8121 and will a second time 8145 this moon 3394 and will be of third rank 7992 I was persecuted by him 1814 to light 5215

22. And lo and behold of his 2005 to do the third time 8027 complete 8532 will appear 4672 to make luminous 215 surely 389 as judge in ambush 3427 He separate 6567 mentally 995 cause to light 215 to light 215

23. And such thing on this side 2007 to restore 5414 they in abundace 7230 figurative language 4911 to cause him changes 2498 he to lift up 5375 tribes-people 5971 being of them 1961

24. from letting rest-dumb 1826 surely 389 not 3808 shall grow gray-old 7867 he shall change of them 2498 the tribes-people 5971 being of them 1961 he will abound in resources 8228

26. from places inhabited 4725 after 310 this 1931 they will go around lurking for evile against 7789 their making habitually to work 6466. And with figurative language use 4911 to hold back Me 680 disesteeming 959

27. from one falling shall be 5303 burning 784 one 259 in trees 6086 withered 3001 become small 1854 and as a limit 5592 and the goee-nations 1471 and by the archers 3384

28. and by the trees 6086 to live them and grow thick stupid of them 5666 from stubbornness of them 7186 from hiding from them [from lexicon root not used] also was nothing 369 punishment 5606 also to pierce in teaching 8150

29. they come forth 4672 cause to light 215 first 259. Firmly 403 stand out 3426 surviving destruction 2475 able to separate mentally 995 caused to light 215 to light 215 catching men into strong hold 4679 these in front explaining to them 6903

Image 0045 1. as surely 3588 they come forth 4672 the light in all senses 3498 fasten on it strong 2388 and greatness 1419 and being bright 925 and dazzling clear 6703 among the trees 6086 the dryed up disappointed 3001

2. He scrapes out removing 5595 the ones exalting 1466 the tender hearted 7401 among whoever 834 those appearing 4672 of the waster of these 1111 he among the ones hard and obtinate 7186 they are thick-stupid of them

3. And gathering 1571 from loathing making to stink 2093 also on account of not 3808 they ascend 5927 from this 1992 light 216 clear 6703. And these going about 3212 caused to stand out 3426 to us to cause bitterness of rebelion and maltrearment 4654

4. also like in such deeds 2063 their person-body 5315 He shall keep alive to Him 2421 shall come forth 4672 in adam 120 will be the remainder 3498 finished one's of woman 8000 will be the remainder 3498

5. from all 3605 the tested to prove 974 strong hold of men 4679 happy of pacification 8013 will bubble up His 2560 and when of them His 351 and person of rank these 8269 and the living body 5315

6. their wilderness shall be 1696 [feminine fem.] they fem. 1931 the firm 3581 His come forth 4672 in adam 120 to separate 905 for 3588 they will act in wisdom 7919

7. these will be prudent in teaching of them fem. 7919 putting to confusion 3637 and in this they provoke to jealousy 7096 all 3605 very wise women 2454 and they remove dross-covering 913 they are becoming pleasant 4998

8. remove from their garden 1593 and the good thing-woman 2896 out of this evil 7451 and the stability of truth sure 571 from their dealing falsely-deceit 8266 and in flattery separating selves 2505 their actions-operations 4640

9. who also despise 959 the firmness 3581 knowledge of instruction seen 3045 the man 120 their direction of guidance in good advise 8458 the message of her's 4400 the day 3117

10. the needs according to all needs 6878 to his 413 by a thron pricking-a brier theirs 8068 and one will rise up confirming this 6965 like one a master workman fem. 542 and removal only to save them 2108 from the harm perverted guidance fem. 8458

11. the work of any kind cause 5656 the man her's 120 and disesteemed despised 959 he firm in hardness 3581 they divide into parts 914 from removal to save theirs 2108 from the test-proving of 974

12. and in this it shall be 1961 the man 120 man 120 " and they 1931 the column 5982 stability of truth his 571 and powerful of theis his 6099

13. will know by discerning of instructions 3045 also0 the living body-person 5315 will keep alive to declare 2418 My portion of Yah 2518 in regions 6285 also when 518 not 3808 let it be his 1961

14. they make hast 2366 they who were found 4672 not 3808 it let be his 1961 their eyes of them 5869 were of those seeing 7200 and whoever 4310 also not 3808

15. they seeing 7200 Most High 5920 a course of life-the way 1870 sense of superiority 4912 who is of them 1992 they will boil up of them 7570 these 1992 hold on to of them 2388

16. flattering and smooth of tongue 2509 will remain 3498 great and high 1419 what of purpose 4100 will be solution of them 6592 not 3808 they reaching able to take hold on they 5381 act intelligently 7919 also that which is coming fem. 935 something befalls fem. 4745

17. by raining violently 1692 and will rain violently 1652 powerful 6099. And just and right of manner 3651 when 518 not 3808 seeing 7200 it shall be white to them 3836 beating regularly trouble 6470

18. and will also you as a doomed thing destroy of them 2763 to impel-agitate regularly 6470 " and they will enflame selves 2552 to impel regularly agitate 6470 and will grow calm of them-build a wall 6979 impel regularly agitate 6470

19. not 3808 they reaching being able take hold on 5381 they act intelligently 7919 to this how where of them 349 from another incident met 4745 by rain violently 1652. And when 518 not 3808 they seeing 7200

20. Ruben 7205 and Shemon 8095 and these 2088 they skip for joy 5483 and skip for joy 5483 after 310. Not 3808 reaching being able to take hold on 5381 they act intelligently 7919 they will move 5130

21. also 834 understand 995 Reuben 7205 and Shemon 8095 and understanding 995 second time 8145 they skip for joy of them 5483 and they portion out 2505 also 834

22. understanding 995 again 8145 the portioning out of them 4327 and not 3808 they reach being able to take hold on 5381 the speaking 1697 of this among them of the border 5299 El of Yah theirs 452 such like this 1931

23. will retreat 5472 from spreading out and stripping of them 6584 remove boiling up cause 2460 and whoever 4130 also not of 3808 moral reverence 3374 the gummy ones 1706 and will cause expulsion 8462

24. and not 3808 it shall be 1961 to them to hurry 2363 the judicial sentence 2941 not 3808 they reach being able take hold on 5381 they to act intelligently 7919 prudent with 7919 sweet 4966

25. heat 2527. And the living body 5315 they act intelligently to declare 7919 they-fem. 1931 like a rock her's 6697 in regions 6285 also they fem. 1931 shall act wisely in being prudent of 7919

26. to His 413 these among caused bereavment 7909 from this among these hastened of it 2363. And caused to carry her 3212 like that has caused found wanting 5737 the rock her's 6697 it to be left leaving 7604

27. this will cause to boil up 2560 accordingly not 3808 shall be 1961 accordingly thing's prepared of to cease 3627 not-never 369 bending to by the delight of the mind in acceptance 2624 in them. And opinion 1843 shamefulness of shame 1317 the living body-persons of them fem. plural 5315

28. that which 428 they appear in and 4672 He will by wrath [fem. plural absolute] 5678 and so has commanded-Mitzvoot 4687 when 518 that may live He declares 2421 in firmness 3581 those among will make tumultuous rage 7283

29. they by removing shall cause to be blind seeing of 5786-7200 that 834 not 3808 they appear of hers 4672 will defend-holding as a controversy 7378 the ones of wrath of them [fem. plural absolute] He has commanded-Mitzvot 4687 when 518

Image 0046: 1. that may live He declares 2421 in a force for good firm 3581 they will make passionate gathering 7284 and He removing cause of blindness seeing 5786-7200 how 834 not 3808 they to come forth appearing His 4672 controversy of wrong 7378 will of passion cause 5678

2. these His Mitzvots-commands 4678 these His shall hang up-sense of devotion 8518 like this of 3644 Most High 5920 and actions doing good 4639 for deceiving-stealing 1591 will cause to kill 7523 and you cause to guard 8119

3. Shabbat [Her] and honorable making weighty 3513 of the Father "1" and when 518 will make light of removing the esteem them 2108. And when 518 in living body 5315 they will cause to circumspect to declare 7919 in firmness strong 3581

4. will by intelligents 7919 how 834 to Her they came forth and 4672 their out burst of passion 5678 to do the Mitzvot-commands 4678 and they hang up in devotion of them 8518

5. in knowledge theirs 1844 and to do in firmness of moral fidelity 530 by their trusting 539 also to the eternity-the age 5769 from New Moon 2320. Then desired 176 of the eastern ways 6930

6. and also this 1931 they make plenteous 3498 unite 259 desire of 176 twelve-tribes 8147 to show living 2331 declare living 2331 and after 310 this 2088 knowledge 1847 have the tribes 6971

7. when shall come 1961 in the living body 5315 they may live to declare 2421 you have missed the mark-sinned 2398 for in the works of ones to Her 6468 insolence and arrogance ones of them to Her 2087 these 1992

8. accordingly straying ignorantly of them 7683 this which 834 was nothing 369 empty 922 of ability 3581 to this alloy-actions 913 this a good 2896 remove this distressing evil ruin 7451. And the untruth of deceit

9. from the truth // for just and right to manners 3651 not 3808 He against beauty 3308 in these treatment desired 1576 will inflict a penalty 6064 [the word inpart remember watch the eyes-eye make up-3876-5770] the living body 5315 I make self circumspect to declare 7919

10 A stand out 3426 ascending up 5944 to these will guide 5090 that they may live He declares 2421 in strength and ability 3581 they made selves understand 7919 that in order 834 not 3808 will lead astray from Her 5090

11. good Hers 2896 and up rightness Hers 3477 and among children Hers 5764 and to these a remote place Hers 7352-7350 among turning of them 2015. And when 518 shall provide 6213

12. after this manner 3602 shall make habitually 6466 this is good 2896 to Her. In regions of 6285 also in the living body 5315 they made selves circumspect in understanding to declare 7919 shall be habitually 6466 [provide for womans needs]

13. among suckingly children of them to do 5764 shall cause among to make bed-couch floor space of theirs 3331 retaining ability to do 3581 that they 1992 will be eager-make ready 2363 and the apparel theirs 1825

14. it shall be exceptable only to them-women 2108 and according to this 834 to wound it will be shamful-confusion of 3637 good of them [masculain] 2896. For regions of portion theirs 6285 caused to bring forth 3318 the habitually practise 6466 good [fem.] 2896

15. and will over turn perversity 2015 in changing 2015. And way walk 3212 when will be 518 pleasant-sweet 5207 with her 225 to practise wrongly wrong 7750 afterwards of 310 shall be to covet-lusting for to do 183

16.He cause to rain violently of them 1652 there 2008 this evil great 7451 shut up in prison will 3607 it comes 935 to them. Seeing against 7200 by prudences they will declare 7922 according to this 834

17. practise hers 3627 of friends7453 and causing to fail of them 2637 and split up-reach into midst 2637 works of judgement will measure of deeds 6467 companions of 7443destitution-in want 2641. And to walk the way His 3212

18. the treatment as derserving 1576 and He will inflict a penalty 6064 to the living body 5315 this wilderness you are 4057 to separate 905. And seeing they will 7200 also know of you 1843 the tribes-peoples [People of Yisrael] 5971

19. what of purpose 4100 it to grow great in number 3527 to know by seeing you 3045 also will bring forth of them 4672 the living body 5315 to stand out 3426 they come 935 ones searched out of them 2713

20. I will remember their 2142 ways 3212 in harvesting these7114

21. Formost and first part 7223 when 518 they 1931 to come forth shall 4672 then 176 not 3808

22. second part to do 8145 when 518 they 1931 what of purpose 4100 they 1931// and when 518 they 1931 binding fast 6105 also 176 from chance encounter 4726

23 third part 7992 except 518 to feed selected 1254 when 518 not 3808

24. fourth part 7243 except 518 they 1931 first 259 in all 3605 the time allowed-age 5769 // then 176 increase of them 7235

25. and the men of

26. fifth part 2549 except 518 he to feed his 1254 unit alike 3162 in time 6256 will firmly feed 1277 the time allowed 5769. Also 176 when 518

27. these 2004 He to create of them 1254 for a finish 3634 day 3117 for a rock you 6697 will close of them 1479

Image 0047 1. sixth part 8337 when 518 He 1931 to create you 1254 from standing out 3426 desire 176 from nothing 369

2. seventh part 7637 when 518 He 1931 to select you 680 among living body 5315 the Father "1" like this 3644 He closes 1479 then 176 not 3808 //

3. eighth of 8083 when 518 deliver will 579 from the Father "1" from spinkle to spirit 5137 speaking 1697 they 1931

4. ninth 8671 surely 518 they 1931 shall die 4191 when 518 not His 3808 //

5. tenth 6224 will deliver 579 out of death shall 4191 surely 518 they were His 1961 faint 3856 all 3605 firm strong of the able to do 3581 accordingly let be His 1961

6. weary 3856 seeing against 7200 they by words having to be upheld 5143 they were among ones of insurrection 7283 He killed 4191 to stur up-opening the eyes 5782 and they caused to act circumspect of 7919 after of this 310

7. separate seed 6507 from those closed 147 surely 518 not 3808

8. unite 259 to give tithe 6237 surely 518 not 3808 they shall be 1961 faint-weary 3856 to maintain them 3557 sprinkle to spirit 5137 what of purpose them 4100 remain remnant 7604 weary 3856 //

9. again 8147 to give tithe 6237 when 518 the flesh living 5315 from you seek ocassion to remove head 1538-1556 from closed 1479 El 410 close 1479 then 176 not 3808

10. these growing gray-aged 7867 will petition requesting 7596 the first-foremost of place 7223

11. surely 518 such of these 1931 who are of a great while now 3528 they have seen 7200 also these 1931. And surely 518 they 1931 after being old are of 1086 Him reverent fear declaring 3372 among these showing 7200 ones of works and rewards 6468

12. strong and firm of them to do 3581 in regions of 6285 acting and making circumspect 7419 working and making rewards 6467 causing to come forth 3318 from a force good 3581 what of purpose 4100. Surely 518 works and compensation of these ones 6468 firm and good 3581 they may live of them 2421

13. which 834 projecting selves anticipating 6923 will of record them 7559 remove it in stalls of animals 723 and surely 518 will reward you 6468 strongly 3581 they have trampled you 5541 [Ps.119:18]

14. in this 1455 like such 3644 in reverent fear of Him 3372 in speaking of this 1696 looking down on 6031

H-A: 15. because of will push out of flock to Me 7716 among reaching being able to take hold on 5381 they caused showing of 7200 separating one from another 6504 making selves deceived of 5377 and they waviered in this-staggering [ incline to altered the arranged order, writings] 5128

16. He shall make a separation of you 6504 from these making staggering staggered [ to altered the arranged order, writings] 5128-5128 just and right of manner 3651 the light you [Ecclesiastes 12:1-2] 216 and He made of quick understanding before 7306 which 834 was nothing 366

17. in firmness strong 3581 strength of them 3581 the living body 5315 He they may live to declare 2421 to these reaching being able to take hold on 5381 limitation 7535 for their vanity these 7722 also 176 ones will bubble up of the mire of them 2563

18. H-B: 18. grown fat and "I" cause 3780 among reaching being able to take hold on 5381 the ones straying by enrapture these of His 7686 from lack of 1097 theirs having practise habitually 6466 by portion of among 4480 they among will reach being able to take hold on 5381

19. and will of firmness in strength 3581 they may live I declare 2421 I will mark as to recongnize 2142 and will make of selves deeds 6467 among these making eager them 2363 as seeing against 7200

20. also their eagerness in making 2363 continues to advance 5710 to become like 4911 among taking hold of 6901 from among will hold peace theirs 2814 of the urinate-piss and of 7890 what so ever 4100 in regions of 6285 also will cause to stray 7686 boiling up of the mire you have 2560

21. and to establish 3559 good 2896 squeezing into shape to purpose you of 3335 El 410 prepared purpose 3627 bubbling up of the mire 2563 closed to Me 1479 He to admite choosen 6901 these strayed by enrapture of His 7686 will to Me among bring out His 3318 and to establish 3559

22. accordingly whoever of these frail-weak of 2523 the purpose prepared 3627 they weakest of 2523 the strong in firmness 3581 this 1451 just and right of manner 3651 and for these 2088 when of also reaching being able to take hold on 5381 words of this purpose-matter 1967 seize upon in strength 2388

23. will call aloud of them 6963 the strong-clear of them 2388. also 176 revealing self 5869 the activity in light 8120 to the weakened 2523 to these reaching being able to take hold on 5381 then 227 call aloud the sound of a voice 6963 weak of them

24. and illuminating 215 ones weakened 2523 in regions 6285 also these weak of 2523 the prepared purpose 3627 for I will instruct-Torah 8451 strong 2388 in regions 6285 also the Rock Mighty One theirs 6697 these among lay the hands on being able you 5060

Image 0048: 1. from these among will hold peace 2814 shall inscribe making note of 7559 to purpose prepared 3627 head-first these 7218 what of purpose 4100. And will overturn-changing 2015 in among will act wisely being prudent 7919 also they cause suspend trading and spending 8254

2. among they will act wisely 7919 will seek deeply-profund 6009 and strong clear 2388 and like progney-Son His 5209 out of a portion His 4480 El 410 He shall instruct 8451 of the weak 2523 they will be able taking hold on 5381 His Torah 8451 calling voice of 6963

3 And the third part 7992 also they act wisely 7919 they will punish taking vengeance 5358 they 1931 made powerful of them 6105 purpose of what 4100 also they reach being able take hold on 5381

4. hemming in shall 4692 these among and acting wisely 7919 in appearance-humble His 5869. And in regions 6285 also will consider making to understand-behave selves 7919 are nothing His 369

5. to Me Mighty Powerful-[UL the Hebrew] these adress by additional name 3655 for separation set apart 905. And way walk these 3212 it shall be 1961 with Him the wise and prudent 7919 and they among will act wisely considering 7919// and they among will make wise of understanding 7919

6. speaking 1697 unite as one 259 in eyes His 5869 like such 3644 they are ones of empolyment of business 6045 in these having gone astray of them 7686 were caused to separate out of them 914. And surely of truth

7. in these reaching being able taking hold on 5381 they may live He to declare 2421 was nothing His 369 just and right to manner 3651 in regions 6285 also these a form as pressed out 6699 which 834 shall create provoking to jealousy 7069 the strength in firmness 3581

8. it shall show 7200 among these who will see 7200 they will make hast 2363 they being old 1086 strong firm 3581 it causes to show 7200. And gathers likewise of manners 1571 their rock these 6699

9. these they 1931 were nothing 369 He makes to see-understand 7200 these He shall bring forth 4672 separating out 2351 to the living body 5315 to make hast these 2363 that they 1931

H-D: 10. who are to the work of them of 6466 the living body 5315 these to act wisely to be successful I declare 7922 they shall seize on in strength His 2388 in a time of 6256 their old age 2209

11. and in this time of 6256-5703 from deficiency-want 2642 the close 1479 and like making hast 2363 and are turned 2015 will do the work of

12. that may live of you 2421 in regions 6285 also they 1992 they have reached being able to take hold on 5381 ones boiling up of the mire of His these 2560 will appear 3318 interlaced-among His 8308 El 410 prepared 3627 close in Me 1479

13. accordingly will mark 2142 and to regions 6285 who He has prepared 3627 that these 1931 the frail and weak 2523 in time 6256 according of old age 2209 shall over throw His 2522 and gather 1571

14. who have reached being able to take hold on 5381 will cause among the exiles of them these 6808. and from these 428 will employ of them 6045 I seeing 7200 gathered 1454 that of 1454 like such 3644 who are circumspect prudent 7919

15. will provoke to jealousy 7069 these 1931 speak 1697 to different to select 914 to wear out 1086 will boil up of these 2560 like this 3644 also they shall declare 874

16. ones let search out examine 2713 different of 8133 and this 1931 in passion-angry 639 this 1931 to ordain 4483 this 1931

17. query one not 335 reeling in judgement 6328 seeing 7200 turned they 5186 and have defiled they 1353 flee 5127 reverent fear of Him 3373 also their living body 5315 tempered wine-mixed water and wine 4197 and they 1931

18. also like which 834 they shall be 1961 the mixed wine-temered 4197

19. he who is near 7138 from these will lead astray and they 5377 among My head persons 8269

20. from My appointed and 4487 they will commmit adultery-idolatry 2181 and the genitor-Son 4140 like from to be dumb1745 and like which 834 ajust to resemble 7737 He will instruct-Torah-[manner 8448]

21. they to develop 4900 from appointed 4487 firmness to produce 3581 after 5921 ones aquire substance of 7075 He caused to make circumspect-consider prudent of them 7919 and which 834 they had strayed in intoxication theirs 7686

22. the men they will be. they will see after seeing to do 7200 to them 1992 over 5921 this 2088 also like which 834 they shall be fettered 2131 they are tempered wine mingled 4197

23. He also to be disappointed and 954 these 429 the works of them 6468 and like such 3541 the body living 5315 from uncleanness disqualification

24. and to Me an escaped portion they are 6412 inclosure-hedge about 1448 like a generation 1859 according also they 1931 bind fast 6105 will separate 914 ones will debar from bennnefit 4513 He closes

25. and gathers of 717 becoming derelict-turning aside 7750 and deceiving enducing to mislead 952 I measure-judge 5429 hedge about 1448 according also these 1931 will rise up 6965 beginning first generation 7723 from peace with you 4918

26. closed 1479 sinking of 2883 will put a difference-separating of 6395 living 2421 in firmness 3581 from their speaking 1697

27. He from these ones bringing forth 6965 and will rule these of them 4910 He to be pleased with 7521 will appoint His 562 raises up 6965 beginning of 7723 to be glad 7797

Image 0049: 1. changes of 8138 they are hot and active 3120 ones raised up 6965 beginning 7723 My changes 8138. The beginning 7723 they 1931 will declare answering 1696 they weigh out-constitue officially 4487

2. and in restoring His-[Torah ways] 5749 these labor 6213 will declare by answers 1696 of theirs 1931 ones of truth certain of Him 571 and binding fast making powerful and great Him. The rulings over dominion 4910 forming 6699

3. their way will terminate-end 5486 also these 1931 ones among rising up shall 6969 will out of peace shall 7999 will labor as you have 1934 their way will terminate-end 5486 except also these 2108 not 3808 shall come will 1961

4. will terminate-end 5486 in ones of having made habitually-[the way] 6466. And will raise 6965 changes 8138 they 1931 speaking of this way 1697 have become 1934 to making in practice habitually shall 6466 of purpose speak 1697. For these are determined 2852

5. to cause termination-end of 5486 and the nephesh-living body 5315 He 1931 will raise 6965 beginning 7723 by closed [body as dead] 1479 that 834 will be ones laboring as you have 1934 going out 3318

6. He to close 1479 for have worked 6466 and except of these 2108 not 3808 shall be 1961 they to be able 3557 to become of 1961 us attaining and ready 4672. And pleased with accomplishment 7521 in words answering of Him

7. to close 1479 settle sinking of 2883 for the removal of alloy [old ways] and 913 to give work of messengers-manner of work 4399 accordingly will terminate-end 5486 and will cover-secrecy Mine 3680 and except these 2108. Appointed answers 562

8. things prepared of 3627 seeing against 7200 their masters 1167 they are consumed by them 3615 to this separating out His 913 from these in silence 1748 because 3588 will be growing sprouting up of these 6779 and He is testing-proving 974

9. will enclose-protecting // 3823 and creating new thing // 1278 and made heavy // 3513 and given occasion to scorn 5006 to defile 2933 and grieved // 3512 were caused 1992 to live 2421 // will cause eyes of them // 5869

10. and will cause ears of them // 238 and cause hands of them // 3027 and by the sides of them // 218 and when 518 they will grow sprouting up of them 6779 will extend out of them 3670 and will cause on of them 5921

11. and will cause to root and produce fibre and muscle and nerves of them 8327 [primitive root BDB page 1057] /. Then 176 they to observe 7521 by word thing produced 562 prepared thing of 3627 will separate 914 Who of ability 3581 He begins lays foundation of these 3247 like gem stones 7718

12. not 3808 they will work-labor and 6468 for control-govern of them 6346 the nephesh-living body 5315 limited ability 7535 by bones of theirs 6106. Seeing against 7200 in speaking of 562

13. to live 2421 in vigor 3581. And after 310 living 2421 by one working 6466. And at this 227 will finish 7999 behold consider of these 1934 these of the same body and stronger very will do 6106

14. and pleased with accomplishment 7521 in speaking of 562 from words of this 1696 they among bring one up of them 6965 and he among completes-finish of them 7999 also they 1931

15. strong 6105 not 3808 cause to bring about 7136 like such 3644 also who 834 not 336 what of this manner 375 calling out to 7121 a gift 7862 and they vision of selves 7210 Yah has seen 7211 [teaching 3384]

16. to His 413 when woman with child they 2030 in testing-proving 974 a stand out 3426 cause to destroy of them 6 increasing in number 7231 will separate of them 2505 to you one of maturity them 3624 and how of you them 349

17. and like such of you of them 3644 will bore of you these 2490. And a pan for holding blood 5592 by the lips of the valley of you them 1516 and a hook and noose for snaring of these them 4170 causing shower of you them 8164 and take away of you them 2505

18. and then flee for protection 2620 after end them 7117 to end you 7117 not 3808 they have caused to make water-piss of her 8366 to remove 5709 by disposal 7760 one 259 from to be straight 833 the portion out 4327

19. and when 518 shall be 1961 these meet with accident hers 4745 not 3808 these have sense of loving affection 4312. And will protest 5749 also when 518 will decree His enactments 2706 in wisdom never hers 2449

20. and in cunning knowledge aware 1847 Most High Him 5920 not was nothing 369 to one holding pan 5592 and from a part of this 4480 to be gone 369 to destroy 1438 and this mixed water and wine-mezeg 4197 spit 7536

21. by wisdom in a good sense 2449 and in cunning knowledge 1847. A testifying 5749 these at ease 7599 one found who of them 4672 in a vehicle riding 4817 ones of pacification 8013[multiculturalism]

22. many-thousands 7231 and of peculiar treasure and property of them 5459 not 3808 they sowing to develop His 4900 by considering habitually 7760 uniting 259 among disintegrating-stupidity 6580 present-and 7862 they not 3808

23. to complete of them 3634. They like such 3644 stand out 3426 to complete 3634 rise high up of 5940 nephesh-living body 5315 speaking of this matter 1697 united 259 they 1931 will be of smoothness selves 2505

24. from these of such 1992 these among roam through lust 7904 from out of His 4480 by such 1992 all 3605 to be strong and 193 the ones of pacification 8013 and in such as this 1931 what of purpose 4100

25. with such 1992. And they 1992 bind fast-close the eyes 6105 they like such 3644 with His 225 the speaking 1696 also of selves 1931 lightning-swords of swift destruction also[ against to bury 6912] from so many 1992 these 1931

26. close the eyes in strength 6105 and this of 1931 the living body 5315. And to know 1843 also this 2088 will close up 1443 that 1931 to the nephesh-living body 5315 the common area of to declare 776

27. He will close buildings you shall 3635 to complete 3634 [take hold of Torah and Mashiyach Yeshayahu complete] masters of 1167 the nephesh-body 5315 will to branches that grew out of shall 6780 that they may live declaring 2421. Permanent of them 539 to nephesh-living body 5315

28. the mortal man of them 582 to separate to these 910 not a thing 369 to these the enclosed building 1443 by mouth-doors 6310 who- also nothing 369 to these flinch go back 5472 and for a part a thing 915 by the mouth-door region 6285

29. who flinch go back in 5472 of self 1931 they to say 559 over or on 5921 ones will deceive-seduce His 5377 for the crowd of people women you 5519 and not 3808 will come to you to do 4672 [will cause you to lie-kills]

Image 0050: 1. speaking 1696 they say 559 over concern for 5921 the nephesh-body 5315 who among speaks of the matter declare 1696 will over concern for 5921 removal of this 2108 by the crowd of men-women from it 5519 [they have by objectification of women-children just a thing]

2. cause for like this 3541 not-nothing 369 to them flinch-go back 5472 and not 3808 this like such 3644 the part or a piece 915 in regions 6285 who will take an object 915 this 1931 troubles ours 6040

3. to them their object 915 portion of 4327 among portion out 4327 give allotment 2506 flinch go back 5472 they will to enclosed building 1443 from these riding in vehicles 4817 give a flinch go back 5472

4. and will for a part-a thing 915. Cause like this 3541 not nothing 369 in this enclosed building 1443. Trust me them 539 there is substance 3426 to them of ones to slide by 2498 and give change alter to us 8138

5. out of to remove shall you 2108 and they will give record 7559 for this. And giving record it will 7559 cover for secrecy of this 3680 closing the eyes 6105 this to wear out-growing old 1086 violently to rain 1652

6. their 1931 clothing assumes their form-transparent 8008 will violently rain 1652 was prepared of 3622 account of Mine 4480 to these by this selecting of the young men My 970 out of these in a sense of the beginning the opening 8462

7. also when you complete 3615 in firmness and vigor 3581. And appointing speaking 562 prepared of 3622 by this selecting 914 works of deputy ship of His 4399 and these a company of person in counsel 5475

8. And saying these 559 among will begin 8462 also will complete you 3615 the selected 914 among will test 974 they to grow old you shall 1086 teaching in the wilderness 1996 [this social system]

9. And saying these 559 in firmness and vigor 3581 the selected 914 from the living flesh 5315 the wheels of them-roll away the reproach [Joshua 5:9-a recurring course directing or controling actions] of them 1534 also they 1931 out of to Me carry away 3261 by these 1992

10. you measured and judged 4055 having made and practiced habitually 6466 He examined intimately these 2713 third level you 7992 when 518 He 1931 will create you 1254 [large letters]

11. they turn back 7725 never 3808 they deliver 4422 all 3605 arranged words speaking 1696 from becoming 1961 to Me Mine will create // 1254 to Me these selected chosen and cleansed 1305 causing to be Mine [first word large letters]

12. ones shall be a peculiar treasure 5459 they to be strong // 193 seeing against 7200 speaking words 1696 to delay draw along 4900 by being strong His of 6106 the Torah 8451

14. like Messengers deputies of 4397 by cunning knowledge 1847 after age comes to an end 6310-5486 and the living body 5315 it not to exist 369 will create 1254 and not 3808 messengers 4397

15. causing like such 3644 these 1931 He creates of you 1254 and lift up restoring 5749 conduct selves wisely 7919 speaking of this 1696 He to make large 1431 was nothing us 369 in completion end perfect 8503

16. finish of His 7999 ever lasting-perpetuity 5703 caused to make large His 1431 and they present selves 3318 of the wilderness 4057 afterward 310 are safe in mind peace 7999 also they 1931

17. among completed finished [Isa.44:26] of Him 225 and the nephesh-living body 5315 path you have walked 1980 and great you 1419 in wisdom 2451 and complete friendly 8003

18. fir and sure 403 stand out 3426 to Him from the finish 7999 and they 1931 from the beginning you 8462 firmly and sure 403 He to declare 874

19. He searched out examining these 2714 fourth part you 7243 when 518 they 1931 first 259 also

20. myriads a great number 7239

21. they are el 410 also they 1931 first 259 in completion perfect 3634 dominion over and master of 1166 living body-the nephesh 5315 You have given 5414 to sprout bring forth growing up of them 6779 like a sprout one of such these 6779

22. and by testing proving 974 He will gather 7278 and in the wilderness of theirs 4057 will act wisely 7919 longing for of 3642 companion 3674

23. they will bubble up of these 2563. And they of 2088 knowledge cunning 1847 cease from labor. Who to Me just and right of manner 3651 also to Me were nothing 369 also not 3808 attain readiness 4672

24. will make to grow up of them 6779 speaking of this matter 1697 what of purpose 4100 from this dry stubble 7179 and will live 2421 speaking of this matter 1697 from these making to understand guiding 7919 in time when 6256 a part of 4480

25. ordain of them 8239. And recorded 5749 to Me all 3605 shall live as before 2421 who are His 1961 all 3605 will shoot forth you 6779 a wall as gathering inmates 3796 those doing adultery and idolatry-whoring 2181

26. will be able of these 3557 ones 259 and also to nail-hang up like a tent peg from His 3489 by working will of them you 6468 gather// all 1571-3605 in regions 6285 consider deal wisely 7919 firm and vigorious3581

Image 0051: 1. each one 259 then developes 4900 from a portion given these 4480 ones rising in priority 4608 first 259 are to Me such as 354 seen of Him 7200 also they will come forth 4672 by growing of these sprouts 6779

2. not will 1097 commit idolatry-adultery 2181 how 834 by proving 974 and I will see 7200 and will be honorable 3513 and they will be astonished 1826 in ones working of them among their own people 6468

3. and then when 518 of great joy 7797 first 259 complete 3634 to Me stand out these 3426 will portion out 4327 like such 3541 cease from labor-rest 988 also just and right to Me 3651 they shall live before [Me] 2421

4. also are of His 1961 keep and maintain them 3557 by ones marked out 8389 first 259 and were His 1961 to keep being able these 3557 being wise and able to teach wisdom 2449 and lawful just righteousness of these 6662 also 176 turning things upside down 2017

5. will what soever of purpose 4100 also knowing by seeing will understand 3045 also 176 their foolishness 5528 know by understanding seen 3045 anes of His community His 2268 and will cease their foolishness-5528-3615 of the tribes-peoples 5971 ones of His community 2268 for just and right in manners 3651 standing out 3426

6. to us to them bitterness 4751 act wisely being prudent acting 7919 uniting 259 to living body 5315 among theirs this new thing 2323 My hand 3709 companions these 3674 will by wrapping as skin of the grapes 2085 will among these 2088

7. reverence fearing 3374 gathering like such 1571-3541 causing to stop 989 think intended you 5452 I will answer 561 to the wheel [a recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 the living body of them 5315

8. He has searched examined of these-feminine 2714 a fifth part shall be 2549 when 518 He creates His 1254 guiding-sustaining them 3557 [Rverse reading left to right] will rign as kings 4427 and waiting the ones 696 what of purpose 4100 shall My ones making to rejooice 8085 looming up the Mountain 2042 receiving instruction 3948

9. will be amazed you shall be 8159 ones I create of these-feminine [reverse] desired 185 growing great 7235 you labor for 6213

10. in regions 6285 will caused to make ready 3559 out of hostile manner 6584 subduing of 1697 with pleasure against 2370 fearing they 3372 also I create of these 1254 guiding them 3557 to a place 227 these 2088 will be to Me [reverse] will lust after 183 this 2088 to reign 4427 and waiting you 696 ones left of Mine 7604 into that time 227 living 2421 hastening to pounce on 2907 mouthed words 6310 theirs will punish 5221 He to distinguish-putting a difference 6395

11. answers commands Mine 562 is it not of 371 the Son 1121 David 1732 coming 935 as far as long 5704 also to be able Him 3201 they caused ruins 8054 when by closing 1479 [reverse] slack to cease 6313 shameful and confusion 1322 and doubling in amount 4932 for maintaining 3557 grow fat 3780 with knowledge of 1843 the Father "1" loving you before 1730 one's of the harshness 4995 and the caused to fall 7411

12. and will distinguish putting a difference of His 6395 to an end 5487 concealed thing-protection 5647 this 2088 their ignorant cunning knowledge 1847 will say 559 will know by seeing 3045 waste thing 8047 to be astonished of it 7583 closed doors 1479 and not 3808 [reverse] to His 413 the feeble cease 6313 and were desperate being one's of hope 2976 these 1992 looking about for help 8159 seeing 1768 caused heap of bodies 7419 they take away 5710 the disgusting 2214 accumulated heaps 5595 military mounded 5550 of this place 6310

13. a force bad 3581 in causing plagues 5062 not of 3808 his son 1121 in this or apart of us 4480. Caused not 3808 when shall come 1961 it rising up 5927 they will by impulsive action-able of conditions 5953-8586 also [bamah Hebrew word]-to be high 1116[reverse] this 1992 odious 1314 wailing 3213 are dealing oppressively 5792 and were vain in actions 1819. One's of progeny theirs 5209 and in foolishness will they 5014 to do 413 being feeble 6313 of the mouth-training 2441-2596 [also Ba midbar-Numbers 1437 used 5061-5062 Psalm 106: 29-30 used 4046 root is 5062]

14. then separate-dividing and 6504 also they cause calamity-plague of them 5062 not 3808 they will separate selves-quarantine-isolate 6504 together are strong 193 by this [action] bodies to die of them 1480-5062 and heaps of them -[corpses] 2563 then-now 176 will divide-separating-quarantine of them 2506 [reverse] these He called 6963 hiding cherishing His 2245 high branches 534 these a wall of protection 2346 the plague before 5062 that causes 413 it's generation 1859 portion of 6310 to 413 plagues of 5062 the waste [body waste] 7736 slackening of 7503 [discouragement and fear]

15. to divide-separate of them 6504 from plagued 5062-4046 ones 259 like strong together and 193 shall say 559 ones of priority-elevate 4608 and ones beneath 4295 they to sort out 4327 and turning to the left hand 8041

16. turned away of them 6437 and backwards 268 and caused living body of these 5315 not 3808 the making right turn 6663 to be thick 931 in regions 6285 will live carelessly proud 7600 close doors of them-[feminine]

17. and protest 5749 when 518 shall be 1961 presented of them 4672 the living body 5315 was as before 6925 to closing doors 1479 not 3808 they keep back benefit 4513

18. from their portion-flatterig 2513. And they 1931 when 518 who shall be defined to release 6299-5429 among these measured-judged to deliver 6299-5429 they closed the doors 1479 also 176 not 3808 their possessions 276

19. who shall be delivered defined 6299-5429 how 349 it shall be 1961 to present of them they 4672 when closed doors 1479 by the good for nothing 7489. Their possessions 276 also not 3208 you measure-judge to deliver 6299

20. for I measure and judge to deliver Mine 6299-5429 truly not 61 you shall be left 7604 ones of standing you 5975 like which 834 with these you are profane things 2486. Causing like such 3541 they shall be 1961

21. made to present of them these 4672 by causing to stop these 989 when closing the doors 1479 tribes 5971 also for a great while now 3528 they are cold 7135 to Mine making these small ignoble 6819 by deceitful dealings of them to Mine 2048

22. by closing the doors 1479 from among My spotters of sheep 5349 the closing of doors 1479 and you make selves disgusting of His 3811 and He will separate 6507 from out of these 4480 and restore 5749 to Me like such 3541 you shall 1961

23. present to these 4672 that was as before 6925 to cause to stop to these 989. In regions of 6285 whoever will present-happened of them 4672 the living body 5315 was nothing of us 369 surely

24. when 518 by this to finish 7999 the closing of doors 1479 and by this bring out will 3318 regard in making to practice habitually 6466 and by this will finish 7999 this 1931 to Me from the exiled of them His 6808

25. like thus 3644 who He shall declare 874 to these 2088 they to separate and deliver 6561 and to establish proper 3559 the person separated and 1508 He to make wonderful and fulfilling to an end 6395-5487 also the living body theirs 5315

26. they 1992 He to create of these 1254 in complete of 3636 a day 3117 bowing self 3721 the one of a colleague 3674 these will boil up of them 2563 and they 1931 humble are humble of you 6041 precious her 3365

27. in living body 5315 and to a body [Daniel 3:27] 1655 which 834 for His you shall be 1961 a body 1655 one 259 certain kind 389 wears out 1080 time appointed 2166 her movements 5270

28. in regions 6285 also measures will rescue 6309-5429 will of the living body 5315 one preferred I declare 5330. Gathered 1571 was nothing 369 to you staggering [to incline to an altered arranged order, writings] 5128 among and beside of and against the adversary 6655

29. abundance of strength her 6109 like such 3644 also will point out and teach she will 3384 like such 3541 was nothing her 369 she will be swift 6431 beneath 8478 appointed time His 2165 and cunning knowledge of awareness 1847 gaze upon against 2370

30. causing to separate of them of you 6567 will act as gate keeper 8176 will cause to cut off of them 1415 by surrounding protecting you 5826 the named authority

Image 0052: 1. Examine trying the ones of you 2713 considered to become His 1934 this side 1975 and will live 2331 and these 1992 when 518 He selects creates of you 1254

2. the living body 5315 from a living body 5315 the Father "1" then also 176 from the plague 1696 afterwards 310

3. increase in abundance 3527 will explain making plain He shall 874 also they 1931-[in feminine] He creates you 1254 among to Me from the exiled of them 6808 the intelligent and prudent 7922 these will make habitually to practice work 6466

4. when so 834 they will abound in resources 8228 above 5921 all 3605 senses of the body-rain 1655 forming the rocks 6699 unite seeing 259-7200 He to release let be redeemed 6299-measured 5429

5. rocks as a form feminine 6699. In regions 6285 also these of wisdom and skilful in knowledge of 2451 the Eloha of you 433 will live among ones of 2421 on account of cause 7945 in the lacking or failing and bereaved 2637 pestilence 1649-[plague see Psalm 91]

6. what of this matter 4100 seeing they will 7200 to His and to just and right of manner 3651 ones unripe-not fully mature of His 648 He measures let be redeemed 6299 will form as pressed out rock [fem] 6699 He of these 1931 not 3808 shall be restrained 3234

7. among these doing well and 2896 with His 225 a time fixed 2163 He will pare off thinning 4593 to regions 6285 also those 1931 remaining ones of 3498 good 2896 among let become His 1961

8. among over 5921 in the future-eternity 5769. Strong of strength and 352 shall become 1961 from nephesh-living body 5315 the fathers "1" they shall live ones of among 2421 from these 2088 will finish 7999

9. four

10. the first one 259 who also how 349 it shall be 1961 dumb of 1745 the Son 1121 by the fathers 1 to future eternity 5769. And they increase 7235

11. acting wise in mind 2449 they will in the hand and 3027 to grow stupid of them 2954 and will turn about pervert of 2015 you people of the nations 1471

12. H // B. these among make a distinction 996 also how 349 they shall live among 2421 also shall be lacking- poverty of 2637 living body 5315 the father 1 will of them cause to bear young 3205 to the Son 1121

13. like thus 3644 also they are bereaved of 2637 will close door 1479 among these to bear young causes 3205 will close the door 1479

14. H // G. also how 349 it shall be 1961 the fathers of 1 will give 5414 a form pressed out-rocks 6699 remainder of -acy high haughty 3499-7311 they are heavy and burdensome stupid caused 3517 among living body theirs 5315

15. for 3588 nothing 369 among vigors 3581 of living body 5315 the fathers of 1 for the ones reached being able to take hold on [Me] 5381 dominated 3532 to making habitually to practice 6466 strong theirs 193

16. the works of these 6468 they will do acts wonderful in judgment-[Exodus 3:20] 6381 because 834 practice habitually these 6466 of the living body 5315 the selected joining you 680 from after this by reason of appointing 4480 disperses scattering in Me 967

17. which 834 not 3808 to be fragrant 1313 one 258 from the men 582 will be able 3201 to these reaching ability ones of taking hold on 5381 the arrange order 5468 which 834 for ones formed to purpose determined of you 3335 [Job 36:24 remember you magnify His works of which you have sung]

18. the adam 120 and ability of these His 3581 will to Me render clear His ones 1262 accordingly act as gate keeper these 8176 and accordingly to die these 4191 and to Me they have wounded striking lightly them 5221 and make to write the record of them 5608

19.and He to have compassion 2347 portion to end of them 7117 to end afterwards 7117 and how 349 it shall be 1961 this 2088 the living body 5315 the firm and vigorous good 3581 among reaching being able ones of take hold on to Me 5381 such as this of 2063

20. theirs will stray by intoxication 7685 they will shrivell up 6916 and not 3808 it shall be of 1961 the man 120 among ones reaching being able take hold on 5381 with you 225 of this 2088 how 335 to Me a solution-interpretation 6592

21. to regions 6285 also the man 120 not 3808 will be able 3201 to grant you 5414 ones remaining 3498 among what of purpose 4100 gladness-joy 7797 to these. And to 413 you stiff necked 7185

22. acting high they 5927 among His were let be 1961 now 4994 region of 6285 two men 8147 will have room free to breath they 7304 lamenting 421 who have tasted in perception of understanding of His 2940 also shall select dividing against 680 over His 5921

23. hold together 3717 what of purpose 4100 also " I " to select joining 680 over his 5921 placement-appointing's 7760 when 518 ones in compact join self of his 2266 sons of 1121 his will bring of them 935 for to rule by judging 1777

24. in the furnace 3564. Then 176 a taste perception by intelligence of decrees His 2948 who after 310 shall declared His 1961 will receive instruction 3948 overhead of his-theirs 4605 El 410 elevates 4608 will excel 3498

25. greatness 1420 and of strength and in a multitude 6099 to Me to complete 3634 in high places of theirs 5927. He selected 680 over his 5921 of double of them 3717 responding hurry 4116

26. which 834 shall be 1961 to Me henceforth-straight way 6258 will anticipate hastening 6923 these to receive instruction His 3948 to places high of theirs 5927. Also how 349 to pour out ones request-prayer to Me them 8211 [start with Baruk to give praise]

27. making to be circumspect and intelligent 7919 will separate 914 they cause ones of to abound of abundance 8228 strong of body and 193 the rocks-[Job 28:10] 6696 like thus 3644 also among the rivers you are 2975

Image 53: 1. draw out 1802 to Me like such 3541 these our children 3205 seat of the generation 4578 spread of 6335 the land 776 also was nothing 369 by these 1931 father 1

2. and just and right to manner 3651 these that sprouted of them 6779 these our children 3205 ones to not yet 1097 of seed 2233 from what of purpose 4100 you were given and I will 5414

3.of living body theirs 5315 and bring 857 who will desire of Yah 1942 He shall draw 4900 settling-fastening 2883 accordingly I will sift 2219 ones not yet 1097 who it shall be 1961

4. to mark 8034 will make to practice habitually 6466. Now 2088 how 335 a solution 6592 consider 1934-and will also instruct 3384 a place in the land-3497 of the purpose 1697 out of making to increase His 6105 like such 3644 [numbers 3384 3497 are from 1934 the scribe has altered a letter or letters to see these according to content and there are many in the following text will hyphen ]

5. also to you declaring making plain 874 in settling of them 2883-good thing 2896-light a lamp of them 5215 and like such 3541 of Most High 5920 like unto a millstone you [high value] 7347 they shall of gladness 7797 weeping them 1056 will make to practice habitually 6466

6. and to continue also they will make to practice habitually 6466 will now 2088-make to become thin-emaciate 7329 these practice habitually 6466 will not 3808 change 7760 acting intelligently being prudent 7919 or cause flattering titles 3655 or in making ones of these 6466

7. in firmness of ability 3581 they to settle down of them. Now 2088 a desirable spot-land 339 to Me a solution 6592. also 349 they shall 1961-satiated of Yah 7301-to live to declare Yah-2331-life giving of Yah 2332 this 2063 this will desire of Yah 1942

8. they shall distingush making great works 6381 among they will flee for protection of your 2620 El 410 the hostile encounter of 7147 insolent and proud to provoke 2102 will protest 5749 also will meet by accident 4746 not 3808

9. they shall have sense of loving affection 4312 and this 2063 these ones labour for reward 6468 among you portion shall be of Most High 5920 complete-friendly of these 8003 eternity 5769 and duration 5703

10. and to Me like this 3644 hem in-surround 5910 when His 575 ones needs of them 6878 for will cause bitterness 4787 also this 2063 the desire of Yah 1942 they 1931 among will make to practice habitually 6466

11. will practice habitually 6466 will ascertain by seeing to know 3045 show self wise 2449 and I separating 914 also to come 857 also they 1931 will bubble up of the mire 2563 arranged in order prepared 6186 they shall live among 2421

12. also they shall be 1961 like mighty-powerful a help 2220 then 176 separate by a wall 2351 to you finishing seeing of 3615-7200 the living body 5315 the Father "1" then 176 out of living body 5315

13. a master 1167 the mighty powerful 2220 and by sending out 2904 accordingly they shall 1961 from the Father "1" will make masters having dominion 1166 the seed 2233 like this 3644 declare making plain by explaining they shall 874

14. they will become exhausted 4198 by the perception of behavior 2940 in power theirs 6099 to cease laboring 988 accordingly they shall 1961 by sowing 2232 also to Me just and right to manner 3651 great 1419 complete of them 7999

15. mighty-powerful-the conceived seed 2220-2232 they who cast away 3988 and they were turning morally corrupt 444 among of these finish 7999-last letter a shout of deliverance 7438 master the mighty powerful-the conceived seed 2220-2232 accordingly 834 their resources abound 8228

16. from weight out portion 4487 appoint 1697 will excel 3498 peaceable-safe 7999. And testifing 5749 to Me just and right of manner 3651 they shall live before 2421 also they were His 1961 in strength power-conceived seed 2220-2232 prepared weapon-things 3627

17. will happen a tumultuous crowd 7285 they reached ability taking hold on 5381 with them such deeds 2063 they have caused to mislead-by senses of intoxication 7686 in regions 6285 also these among reach ability to take hold on 5381 bubbling up of the mire 2560 not 3808

18. they reach ability to take hold on 5381 for 3588 when 518 with things prepared of them 3627 heaping up of them2563. And seeing to see 2009 appeared coming forth ours 4672 their posterity of sown seed 2233 prepared things 3621 makes to resemble-be like-testing of men 1819-4531

19. the inheritors-portion 2506 not 3808 prepared things of 3621 these 2088 will surely you 3588 this cease 988. And just and right to manner 3651 stand out 3426 to us causing to provoke to bitterness 4843 also will be desire of Yah 1992

20. these-[feminine] 1931 from ones habitually practicing 6466 He will know by seeing 1843 be wise-make selves wise 2449 will separate of 914 them 1931 will cause out of to depopulate-exile 6808 ones of political support 8356

21 and will divide exiling of them 6808 cause acr wisely being prudent 7919 will make to practice habitually 6466 like such 3644. also they shall-have declared making plain 874 and those away to captivity 2088-7617 He will place-planting 5193

22. ones listened by the ear 238 they are not 3808 hearing Him intelligently to obedience 8085 and like such of purpose. Accordingly cause bitterness provking 4843 also kindle fire 228 also causing to withdraw- confide in 5117-2620 will desire of you 1992 these 428

23 they will keep quiet will express in writings 2814-7370 His numerous of them 3515 to 413 will practice making habitually 6466 no exception 1115 wil know by seeing 3045 and will understand mentally distinguishing 995 of affairs of purpose 6045 they to be eager-hasting of 2363

24. His of these 428. And writings and number of 3789-7227 distinguishing of His and having an end 6395-5490 also of the ones such as 2063 to exist of Yah 1934 they flee for protection will confide in in want-poverty 2620-2640 from pregnant women-from the dead 2030-4191 lusted after pleasure them 185

25. they are haughty 7311 they work 4399 from these things 1697 make to bring forth they of them 6213 by work 4399 bearing young 3205 like such 3644 also work 4399

26. making selves a new thing her-they 2318 from self pressed out form 6697 how 834 in living body 5315 they will bring up trusting 539 for this way 3541 the desire the have 1992 making selves a new thing her-they 2318

27. made selves one pressed out form 6697 how 834 in living body 5315 they to 413 excel 3498. And like such 3644 also they will bring up trusting 539 they make habitually to practice 6466 for things prepared these 3627

28. for like such 3541 they to 413 excel 3498 they making to practice habitually 6466 this these 2063 the desire of the have 1992 for things prepared these 3627 and her-they 1931 the living body 5315

29. And like such 3541 also the things prepared these 3627 they work habitually and practice His 6466 what of purpose 4100 also they work habitually and practice 6466 in firmness and vigor 3581 He will give 5414 to these 1992 from the ones of support building up 539

30. to wear out 1097 also they shall be 1961 to these-covered in secrecy 1992-3909 appointing places 7760 they to grow up increasing enlarging 7685 in what of purpose 4100 also they work making habitually to practice will do His. For like such 3541 firm in ability of these

Image 0054: 1. the nephesh-living bodies of theirs were causing 1992 deeds habitually to practice 6467 of this way 2063 they eagerly coveting of these 1942 from strength in firmness 3581 He will give 5414 to these 1992 among the El 420

2. preserved remnant 3498 by Me from the exiled of them 6808 making to act intelligent and prudent 7919 they will work practicing habitually 6467 not 1097 also these reaching being able to take hold on 5381 by these appointed 7760 any such matter 1697 from alloted portion 4487

3. And like such 3644 also these trust in truth and are faithful 529 He will establish 3199 thing prepared of theirs 3627 by observing 8053 causing to do of them 4672 things of this matter 1697 make to prepare and they 6213 just and right of the manners 3651

4. those remaining also to regard 3498 He will appoint 3559-familar with 5532 these 428 they firm of abilities by the briars still adamant of you are 8068 these men 376

5. will examining penetrating these of 2713 the ruins 1962 and these 1931 when 518 of the living body 5315

6. will die 4191 then 176 to be eminent-preferred I declare 5329 are Mine these now 2088 made firm in ability these are His 3581

7. they that remain are 7604 to Him

8. will appoint 562 for such 2088 knowledge 1843 also the left over of these 7604 the living body 5315 standing out 3426 keep in mind having hope to these 5452

9. thousands 7239 to the ones first of them 6933 I mark to remember 2142 walk the way 1980 things of this matter 1697 will shorten 7114

10. how 349 chastisement sufficient 5607 understand caused of them 995 they may live I declare 2421 firm of ability these they are 3581 ashame 3637 also I measure defining and ransomed His 6299-5429

11. what of purpose 4100 measured and defined ransomed and preserved 5429-6299 of their caused plague 5063 has caused this 2088 desolation-ruin 7582 and from it being violently of 5424 the adam-mankind 120 out of a portion 4480 the beast 929 not exist

12. trusted them 539 in the living body 5315 they speaking to you 1696 to stand out-shall be 3426 double 8145 ones of knowledge in deception. Stand out shall be 3426 whomever 4310 also appointed words saying

13. also you mustering of people 5739 in the mustering of people 5739 caused to inflict plague 5062 firm in ability they are declaring 3581 and their 1931 knowledge skillful in deception 1847 in a sense of strength like a fortress 663 and they make small ruin dripping to pieces 7450-7447

14. cause failure 1077 He puts a difference His will come to the end of them 5486 the representives of Divine Power and Majesty 430 veiling covering 3682 calling to proclaiming 7129-7121 they bind fast of 330

15. has become deferred doing violence 738 it wrongly practiced 7750 and will break up of oppression 2928 defined 5429

16. Mine keep in mind have hope and 5452 when they 1931 will burn setting on fire to declare 3341 ancient age-a time 5769 and again 5750 will take ones stand against 5975 these of such 1931 skilful in deception of 1847 Torot Instruction of manners [given to Moshe in the feminine] they will and

17. the Qadosh-Set apart according to 6918 like thus 3644 also will be ones explaining making plain you will 874

18. deliver 6561 assemblies 1571 and seen as spectacle I declare 7210 the strength of a fortress 663 and making small the ruins of them 7450-7447 he-they do a third time 8030

19. they unite-alike 259 roaring mighty and 7580 will see of them 7200 also will come forth encountering of them 4672 will act circumspect dealing prudently 7919 it provokes to jealousy these 7069 by acting and dealing prudently-intelligently 7919

20. their heaps 2563-in rebellion 4811 sweeps away of 5500 which 834 their 1931 flattery tongue of allotment 2506 that will remain-left over 7604 by skilful deception

21. put a difference-will set apart His removal of to take away of them 6395-3596-5486 He 1931 to draw 4900 to these reaching ability to take hold on you 5381 those bubbling up of the mire of His these 2563. in regions 6285 desolated-ruined 7582 My ones to spread 6581

22. to these reaching being able to take hold on 5381 determined 7760 lacking in intelligents to be prudent 7919 failure because of 1097 they have gone astray morally of them 7686 being eager with excitement they will be 2363 like such 3644 also anticpate for help 6923

23. will measured to define of these ransomed-preserved 6299-5429 like such 3644 they shall live before 2421 will learn to be circumspect being prudent 7919 His created purschase 7069 also they are measured-defined and ransomed preserved 6299-5429 in regions 6285 also they will ascend up of you seeing 5559-7200 [a tav has been placed in the root word and form altered giving us the you seeing]

24. the ones turning of affairs 5438 they shall ascend up 5559 He will reverse be changed to set 4142 in these like a mill stone 7347

Image 0055: 1. This a second time 8145 also I to make to be circumspect, intelligent 7919 these 1931 making complete of them 7999 to the living body 5315 the mortal individual I shall 582 like such 3644 also these shall come forth 935

2. to the ruins against 5856 caused like such 3644 they shall live before 2421 also I will measure defining to deliver 6299-5429 the living body 5315 the mortal individual 582

3. that may live of them 2421 I let be delivered measuring to define 6299-5429 also like such 1571-3644 will act circumspect-intelligent 7919 the ones bubbling up of the mire 2563 which 834 they 1931 made complete of theirs 7999 for them // [not complete yet]

4. A officer of the third rank he 7991 also the chief person 1167 he will cause to give a portion to drink 8248 and a governor 6346 he will of these 2088 he defines to deliver 6299-5429 also will complete those 3634 in turning back of you

5. I define and deliver 5429-6299 adam-man Mine of them 120 and to Me like such 3644 I see 7200 being of you 1961 the intelligent being circumspect 7919 were hung up 8518

6. in it [ruining] negation 61 to gray headed 7867 in shalom-peace to Me 7999 account of to Me 7945 they shall live before 2421 out of these shall ascend up of them 5559 the turning of affairs 5438

7. these shall ascend up His 5559 from ones turn of affair 5438. El caused 410 by turning of affairs 5438 the bone of strength I of them 6106 and doing by mistake misleading by enrapture Mine of these 7686 the ones bubbling up of the mire Mine of these 2560

8. in such like them 2004 revolving around selves 5437 wisdom of theirs 4626 in what of purpose 4100 in such like them 2004 of youth and servants of them 5288-5271 and from ones rendered sure of them 3559 by these to have hands on you 5060

9. of these will know by seeing-understand 3045 truly never the less 61 was nothing these 369 bone of strength of selves 6106 in regions 6285 also was nothing theirs 369 for good thing it was 935 also they were to His 1961

10. from this making to be circumspect and prudent of Mine. And forming a form pressed out of rock 6699 their bone of strength I declare 6106 they 1931 I will arrange order 5468 will be from these conducting selves in circumspect and intelligent 7919 in strength of the Bone His 6106

11. which 834 they 1931 in the living body 5315 the ones of foundation. Will testify 5749 to My speaking 6310 having made to wander 5110 being of theirs 1961 to ones returning 5437

12. Bone of strength of His them 6106 such in them 2007 they 1931 to 413 you hands on 5060 acting circumspect being prudent in intelligent 7919 not 3808 to 413 to one coming forth of theirs His 4672

13. and to establish firm 3559 not 3808 they a living place as before 2333 they then are defined and delivered 5429-6299 like the defining and delivering of His 5429-6299 in regions 6285 also was nothing 369 one coming forth of them and 4672 it will stand 5975

14. surprise-behold 2005. And build up support these 539 what of purpose 4100 also I define and deliver 6299 like they defined and delivered of them 6299 they 1931 to get 7096 the ones to know by seeing to understand will 3045 also not 3808

15. they get 7069 of seeing of theirs 3045 testifying 5749 they will move to midst 8432 in regions 6285 also they bow in kindness to His 2616 finish of them 3615 like such 3644 on account of cause to Me 7945

16. they shall live among 2421 like also ones reaching ability taking hold on 5381 from their acting circumspect and intelligent 7919 what of purpose 4100 a strong hold 4679 seeing of them us 7200 failure 1097 firm in ability you were 3581 caused it of them 2088

17. firm in ability them 3581 also I measure defining to deliver 5429-6299 will from these acting circumspect 7919 in these defining and delivering 5429-6299 the thing prepareds 3627 in regions 6285 also the things prepareds 3627 that these 2088

18. providential turn of affairs 5438 to having substance 5438 will from these making circumspect and intelligent to be prudent 7919 not 3808 for ones coming forth to His. Also ones coming forth to His 4672 they 1931 I will arrange order 5468

19. will from these act circumspect and intelligent 7919 which 834 in living body 5315 are firm in ability 3581. And alike in mutual relationships 1571 having seen of them 7209 this second time 8145 were nothing they 369 in regions of 6285

20. also not 3808 they shall live before 2421 defined and delivered 5429-6299 full of heaviness and sick to Me 5136 I sent away of them 7971 defined I and delivered 6299 the ones of pacification 8013

21. to Me not 3808 in this pacification 8013 among being agreeable 6146 like full of heaviness-sick to Me 5136. Like such 3644 will have place to remain to dwell of us 7931 in confinement of them 6696 the ones will boil up of scum of them 2560

22. what of purpose theirs 4100 also are nothing 369 just and right 3651 in making circumspect of intelligent 7919 they will buy back into 7069 also they 1931 they 1931 are a failure because of 1115 among you will meddle with engaging in 6148 to cause to lead astray 5377

23. which 834 they 1931 are a living body 5315 they may live by of you 2421 they will remember once a relationship of you 2143. And gathered alike a mutual relationship like such 1571-3541 they to show to live by them 2325

24. the finish I declare 7999 was nothing this 369 in regions 6285 also now 2088 will make valuable 7365 for the regions 6285 where of the living body 5315 full of heaviness caused to Me you 5136

25. against making to be circumspect-intelligent 7919 and to compare resemble of us 1819 first 259. Like thus 3644 also the ones declaring making plain the engravings-scriptures of they have 874 and to just and right of manners-the way walk in it 1980-3651 in the light as of day so it was to you 8120 of the living body 5315

26. will become of them 1934 firm in ability of us 1819 I have concealed Mine 5957 will work of them 6468 those making circumspect and intelligent I declare 7919 in regions 6285 also firm in ability 3581

27. not 3808 you clap hands in compact with 5606 for foundation of political support-[will mix up the Torah laws] 8356 will labor for reward of them 6468 unite become alike 3161 not 3808 also I defined or delivered 5429-6299 like such 3641 also My future one concealed 5957

28. fear and trouble 1204 I to place to deliver 7896-1802 first ones 259 from firmness of ability and vigor of these His 3581 accordingly will work these to reward 6468 being eager hastening of excitement of You to declare 2363 then 176 to sink of theirs mire 2883

29. He to place you to deliver of them 7896-1802 great 1419 and walking just and right of manner 3212-3651 in the agitation of grinding like corn and they 7383 of this age His are 1755 Mine turning back 7725 circumspect and intelligent being prudent these 7919 by extensively [experience of ] 3497

30. and these returning of His 7725 being in of them 1961 I will know by seeing of them 3045 everyone 3605 having made it so acting circumspect and prudent of these 7919 having stability of certain truth being trustworthiness of these 571 also shall be His 1961

Image 0056: 1. They will be know by seeing of them 3045 will project selves 6923 not yet 1097 to put forth change 7760 the taught ones of them 8527 and when 518 shall be 1961 will be circumspect and prudent 7919 His teachers 7069

2. delivering and defining 6299-7069 according to words of you 1697 their needs needs good 6887-2896 El 410 will instruct 3928 and He also draws to deliver His 1802 in them according will be first these 7223

3. And what of purpose 4100 also I cause to bring about 7136 to these 1992 the needs needs goodness 6887-2896 El 410 will instruct 3928 these 1931 will remove-withdrawing 4185 finish you 3615

4. these unless will 1115 slaves of mine these 519 will scatter you 2108 a turn about of Yah these 5437 also of these 1992 I call out to His 7121 among these to be circumspect His 7919

5. will overwhelm you 7779 the honor-Name 8034 to separate

6. who they are seeing of you 7200 after reliable of them 5329 the living body 5315

7. accordingly bear in mind hope you 5452 He puts a differences they have an end of them 6395-5486 and bear in mind hope 5452

8. Instruction of ours-[feminine plural of Torah] 8451 His qadosh ones 6918 you were caused 1992 eighth above the seventh 8083

9. H-A// such things of selves 2007 all 3605 what of the matter 4100 also to go and to come of 3318 El 410 they to do and make habitually 6466 among the plague 1698 they will sink of His ones

10. a great while now 3528 shall be 1961 before Me 6925 you carry on His 3318 to labor in habitually 6466 in firmness of ability. And all 3605 the going and comings 3318

11. what of part 4480 of the firmness of ability of 3581 El 410 who will work habitually 6466 these of such things 2007 He of the Ruach perceives and anticipates to do 7306 to carry out accordingly shall of 3318 affairs 1697 here after 310

12. their coming forth 4672 in working habitually 6466 who were nothing 369 of the purpose 1697 among He brings out 3318 powerful and numerous His 6099 alike together 1571 were nothing 369 of purpose 1697

13. also they 1931 are in firmness of ability 3581 who He will bring forth 3318 to follow 310 who will of purpose 1697 He will arrange as to a battle 5737 how and where 349 they will come forth 3318

14. to follow 310. Such like to Me 3644 they are like a millstone 7437 for us for purpose 1697 who come forth 4672 they will work habitually 6466. To Me like this 3644 for may live of them 2421

15. binding fast making powerful and numerous 6105 unified 258 also they 1931 to live before 2421 in ones working habitually 6466 and will rain violently 1653 [teaching rains 3384] very surely indeed 552 live 2421 for these shall join together of 2266

16. the living body 5315 a people His 5971 and to stand out 3426 for Yah has seen 7211 this such of these 2063 frail and weakened 2523

17. H-B// on this side 2008 in the living body 5315 fearing 1204 they urinate-piss will 7890 you seeing 7200 the plague

18. the concealing of secret things 5956 what of purpose 4480 they have the tumultuous assembly 7283 also then 227 the plague 1698 making a stripping of them 7758

19. from purpose 4480 they will bubble up with redness 2563 then how and where 349 cause solution 6592 this 2088. Whether or 518 not 3808 also was told 559 also the of living body 5315

20. Seeing you 7200 then shall reach ability to take hold on 5381 their plagues 1698 they of Mine mocking 2048 in the bubble up of the mire 2563 and will among spoils 7998 from out of theirs

21. and after 310 also this 2088 manner 3651 was nothing 369 and a portion of 4480 it was kept back from benefit 4513 also shall reach being able to take hold on 5381 in the living body 5315 afterwards they 310

22. mourning 1993 formative of hostility of the 6696 removed spoils of them 7998 will bubble up out of the mire 2563

23. H-G// of this way transport into exile of ours 5148 seeing of them 7200 lead away to captivity-drawn 7617-4900 these adam-men 120 after 310

24. these having lusted-desired these 185 it shower violently it of them 1652 I will drive out and 2957 they will consider it making wise His 7919 among the ones misleading causing to stray by enrapture 7686 what of purpose

25. also to be firm in a good sense and 3581 by this ones of misleading causing to stray by enrapture 7686 from this making one prudent 7919 and all 3605 what of purpose 4100 also I remove relation 7368 from these 1992 and I divide-separating 914

26. I will take away 622 in firmness for good 3581 and I will know by seeing 3045. Also 349 according whoever it shall be 1961 from spoils will 7998 take out a portion 4480 from the whole 3605 will complete 3685

Image 0057: 1. they shall be 1961among the reaching ability to take hold on 5381 having remained 3498 and they having strayed-mislead 7686 was nothing will 369 accordingly then 176 to live 2421. Also will be circumspect making wise 7919 live 2421 afterwards 310

2. being moved to mourning of them 1993

3. H-D// increase in abundance 3527 seeing of us 7200 also will live of them 2421 these 1992 by making a stand you of 5975 the living body 5315 during-in the plague 5062

4. and mourning 1993 for to go out of you will 3318 from a portion His . And which 834 saying His 559 also in the living body 5315

5. shall wander away 6 in perishing 11 of the plague 5062 they will keep in mind 5452 also in the living body 5315 it 1931 shall master 1167 the tumultuous crowd 7285 [it being contagious-communicable]

6. will be mourning of them 1993 they 1931 accordingly were lacking and in want 2637 from portions 4480 this 2063 there will be tumultuous assemblies 7285 and when 518 accordingly of the destroying pestilence of them 1698

7. will make know ours 3045 who 4310 appointing 5414 to living body 5315 this 2063 tumultuous crowd 7285 then 176 they 1931 to hate 3856 in closing the eyes being mighty 6105

8. then 176 in assemble meeting 4746. And when 518 in assemble meeting 4746 out of nothing 369 comes 935 hate 3856 these 2088 meeting assembled 4746 then 172comes 935

9. among these the plague 5062 then 176 from the pestilence destroying 1698 after 310 sever separation // 2351 and to Me you 859 from the plague 5062 also how 349 they shall live among 2421

10. also in coming and going out you of 3318 the living body 5315 it's food 7607 had determined the tumultuous assemble 7285 in the plague 5062 and these 2088 untrue liars 8267. And to Me you

11. among following 310 and these 1931 bind fast 6105 Spirit in Mine after 310 also will provoke to jealousy 7069 to His 413 the tumultuous assemble 7285 in strength 6106 then also 176 to take counsel inquiring 7562

12. by them 1992 and to mark His 226 strength of 6106 to stand out 3624 to them these 2088 had determined the tumultuous assemble 7285 in strength 6106 then 176 in assembled meeting 4746

13. And to manner 3651 following 310 and they cause to spread 3212 the pestilence 1698 because not 3808 you cease to declare 3615. And what of purpose 4100 who are nothing 369 to them shall cease of you 3615

14. by making habitually will of 6466 untrue words 8266 causing not 3808 they of such 3541 to stand out 3624 to complain 3885 to thank you 3034 also the pestilence 1698 it 1931

15. in strength 6106 to living body-mankind 5315. And what of purpose 4100 also these 1931 from the ones of tumultuous assemble 7285 in strength of these to His 6106 desist from labor 989 also their arrangement 5738

16. from portion theirs 4480 and this 2063 will see Yah 7211 people-tribes-Yisrael 5971 being of them 1961 and He commends in loud voice 7623 afterward to terminate 7117 putting a difference measuring according to them 6395-5429-6310

17. they were nothing 369 I select to separate 680 seeing of Yah 7200 be strong will 2388 also act treacherously 5230 against in bitterness 4651 also they will tumultuous assemble in insurrection 7285 coming 935

18. for away coming to an end 5486 from these acting intelligent and prudent being circumspect 7919 they will make habitually to practice 6466 then 176 like wheels [a recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534. For surely 3588-834 of firm in ability vigor 3581 the body 5315

19. peaceable complete 8003 because they are honest of them 3651 and they 1931 in model of manners 1823 they luminousness 219. And to establish and prepare 3559 like which 834

20. My arrange vineyard and 5737 the firm of ability 3581 they of such 1992 My arranged vineyard 5737 had a tumultuous assemble 7285 because to us come to an end they 5487 their lamp 5369

21. by the arranged vineyard 5737 are fruitful 8081 again 8145 who also 349 living bodies 5315 swell up a remnant 7604 trusting for a refuge and confident 982

22. will not except 1115 from pestilence of them 1698 goyim-people of the nations who 1471 bubble up of the mire 2563 a remnant these who may -adhere to waiting 7604-2442

23. H-H// 23. these 2007 are young servants 5288 will become 1961 servant 5288 they become few 4592 they begin to build a good thing shall His 1129-2896 and will enlarge growing His 7685

24. and accordingly also I shall be Great 1419 His ones a conclusion 5490 in skilful wisdom 2421 and in knowledge you 1843 perpetuity 5703 they shall be 1961 skilful in wisdom

25. peace and safe 7999 who 6310 I give 5414 and because 3588 to My knowledge 1843 from nothing were they 369 have become 1961 with providential turn of affair 5438 in knowing to understand these His 3045 desire 176

26. you shall be 1961 living body His 515 also 176 close and 1479 also 176 years theirs 8141 accordingly unite-first 259 a sham untrue 8267 also this to exist 1961

27.the plague 5062 to separate His 905 to be astonished 7583 also how 349 they shall live among 2421 also in greatness 1419 the plague 5062 shall enlarge 1419 it will be made know 3045

28. and in kindness of His 2616 My kindness 2616. And these 2007 master of 1167 the blight blaster 7711 the remnant of kindred living 7604 to be ashamed 3637 repeatedly 5750

29. mourning great 1993 because hand of power against 3027 in loading up on the backs of men 7925 and their untrue words lying 3584 and My favor put forth 2584-2590. And just and right to manner 3651 the very old men 3453 remove them 5595

Image 0058: 1. their 1992 wisdom 2452 cunning of deception 1847 like thus 3644 also speaking 559 the writings 3786 with the aged old men 3453 wisdom cunning-unwise 2450

2. and causing to draw out lengthening 748 days 3117 you will build up 1129 why-how 4100 was nothing 369 of just and right in manners 3651 in the flesh 7607 when will reach being able to take hold on these 5381 the living body it of them 5315

3. pushing out the lesser ones of them 7716 in want-poverty of them 2638 and will cause journey of them 3922 to regions 6285 pushing out lesser ones 7716 will boil up of the mire 2560 and My little ones they will 6819 to a thing prepared 3627

4. will boil up of the mire it of these 2560 to establish prepare 3559 they will waste away His 2522 among the wasting away of them 2522. And fainting with fear-exhaustion 4199 people of the nations 1471 shall see 7200 also theirs 1931

5. untrue deceitful words lies 8267 whoever it shall be of 1961 the plague 5062 their arranged vineyard 5737 and those seeing 7200 faint with fear 4199 people of the nations 1471 being of 1961 they consider-understand 7919

6. will separated 914 from the[remove] plague 5062 not unless because of 1115 boiling up of the mire it-Mine 2560 //

7. H-V // when 518 shall be 1961 they consider-understand 7919 will boil up of the mire it 2560 and shall be 1961 to these they hang up 8518 in the plague 5062

8. shall be 1961 from separating 2505 in the separating 2505 to prolong to develop theirs 4900 in regions 6285 to consider 7919 to produce firmness 3581 in the plague 5062

9. out of you separated 2505 in the separation 2505 the plague 5062 for 3588 the adam-man 120 in great insolence 1419 firm and 3581 with drunkenness of 8358 power of hand His 3027 from against hand of power 3027

10. first 259. And will complete 3635 firm His 3581 among in drunkenness of theirs 8358 hand of power theirs 3027 and to cause ours 5168 will act wisely 7919 the rocks 6697 the ones perfected of them

11. among they will spread out in hostile to strip of them 6584 from those bubbling up of the mire 2563 and from the meeting of theirs 4744. Causing like such 3644 the consider 7919 from this to spread out in hostile manner 6584 among the ones bubbling up of mire 2563

12. and from their meeting of theirs 4744 and after 310 also they 1931 make bare-naked 6174 from the meetings of them 4744 cause like such 3644 they 1931

13. without [this] 1115 among you to separate 2505 and afterward 310 also they 1931 just of manner 3651 also how 349 was nothing 369 to these to hang of these 8518 in the separation 2505

14. and the same 1931 violent rain 1652 not 3808 it defining to sever to deliver 5429-6299 in the defining to deliver 5429-6299 and protesting 5749 pay attention to purpose 3282 will consider-being prudent 7919 of these 1931

15. except without 1115 bubbling up of mire of 2563 like such 3644 also will make plain of us of 874 also how 349 was nothing 369 to His a providential turn of affairs 5438 dined and delivered

16. in regions 6285 also were defined and delivered 5429-6299 in the destroying pestilence 1698 from regions shall of 6285 these will bubble up of mire 2563 not 3808 from adversary 6654 they have confined

17. so of the same 1931 like which 834 they are strong to prevail 1396 will bring forth His 6213 among 5921 those accomplishing 6213 like such 3644 also of written record 3791

18. they seeing are terrified 7200-1204 confusion-shame 3639 the seeing of vigor and firmness 3581 His working laboring 6468 they counsel working together His 3245 among 5921

19. these their deeds 6467 and what of purpose 4100 also was nothing 369 to them of willing turning self to them 5437 they were defined and delivered 5429-6299 what of 335 causing solution 6592

20 also I define and deliver 5429-6299 also how 349 will act circunspect intelligent 7919 His will attain 7069 also He 1931 divides making a difference 914 because not until 1115 having bubbled up of the mire 2563

21. what of you 335 breaking away from just authority-rebelling 6586 also I define and deliver 5429-6299

22. the nations 1471 accumulating in abundance 3527 our knowledge 1843 circumspect, prudents, intelligent 7919 circumspect, prudent, intelligents 7919 from His to dispatch 7392 out of these spreading selves 6585

23. like which 834 destroy the secret thing-[mystery religions] I will protect of 2387 all 3605 ones of the spreading out of selves 6585 to assembles of theirs, sesions in counsels 5476 their spreading out of selves 6585

24. which 834 from a portion His 4480 to make clean-blameless you 5352 also how 349 the adam 120 from theirs to dispatch 7392 among the living body 5315 shall 1961

25. to them rain violently 1652 pay attention to purpose-the reason and cause 3282 every time 3605 apportioned 2517 the plague 5062 will protect of them 2387 to regard their living place 4725 they shall live among 2421

26. also shall protect of 2387 the living body 5315 regarding the place standing of these 4725 young lambs 3776 and the Ruach makes of quick understanding 7306 you turn back-retreat 7725 EL 410

27. will cause to rise up 6965 and like this 3541

Image 0059: 1. will revive 2421 of themselves 2007 a living body 5315 these alive they were I declare 2421 shall join selected 977 in such like to Me of you 2004 will rain violently He will cause 1652

2. and they shall be circumspect of you 7919 you flee-run away 1272 from this such. And when like kills 4191 these 2088 just and right of manner 3651 the killing 4191

3. these 2088 also how 349 stand out 3426 remain they are 3498 priority 4608 to live Mine I declare 2421 a portion 4480 they are circumspect intelligent to learn they shall 7919 according also of this purpose 1931

4. they will finish 7999 will be pleased with 2654 and will show delight 7522 and they act circumspect of you 7919 not 3808 of manner. And also how 349 stand out 3426 preeminence 3504

5. to foolish-stupid 3684 portion of 4480 they to be wise showing so 2449. Will sprinkle 5137 they flow out like water 6387 they have been silent 2814 and these among will act circumspect 7919 together growing in numbers abundance 3527

6. they shall declare making plain 874 to walk the way spreading 3212 presenting shall 4672 they in the living body 5315 and the kindred remnant of them will remain 7607 to Most High 5920. And who are firm in ability 3581 His remnant

7. from a portion theirs 4480 they 1931 circumspect intelligent and prudent 7919 His purchase will own 905

8. and I make search examining these 2713 these to desire 2968 when of 518 the living body 5315 to make you head-top

9. out of the plague 5062 to shut close 1479 to direct going forth 3318 also just and right 3651 and theirs 1931 cunning knowledge skilful in deception1847

10. to be hollow 990 to dry up become extinct 1846 weaving-mixing interlacing out of them 2935

11. H-A// these in abundance augment 3527 to you declaring and explaining making plain 874 also the living body 5315 it 1931 a fresh new thing shall be 2319 in renewing 2318

12. will bubble up of the mire they 2563. And also how 349 it shall be 1961 by bubbling up of the mire 2563 first 259 assuredly banquet of 835 living body of theirs 5315

13. causing you have in living of them 2421 413 to mingle-mixing His 4197 and of this 2063 they will come 935 to Him out of the communities theirs 2268. And also how 349 they were His 1961

14. to speak 1697 united 259 again-a second tine 8145 making powerful of them 6105. And such as 2088 false 7724 and ample large of glory good 155 also are nothing 369 to Him cause not 3808

15. they will come 935 from ones of the community theirs 2268 also how 349 you shall be 1961 the companion of arrangement [one like us]3675 they-these 2088 will bubble up of the mire 2563 also will cease from labor 988

16. and when 518 you have assurance-the right hand 539 [trust me] these 2088 shall have assurance-[trust me] 539 also you shall enfold self in the relationships 3664 receipt of manner mutual agreement 1571 of manners just and right 3651 will bubble up of the mire 2563 as a male ass 2543 // and you 859

17. also like 2088 having mingled-one of 4197 dumb 1745 [figurative death] to mingle-one of 4197 having bubbled up of the mire 2563 they see change of 7200 and regard so 7760 how and when 518 was nothing 369 like coming to nothing 205 high 1538

18. negation indeed 61 they like such 1931 will see7200 change and regard 7760 in eyes theirs 5869. And also how 349 they will come forth 4672 men 376 after of it 310 the arrangement found wanting of His 5737

19. and seducing to lead astray 2937 commands spoken 562 when 518 when I kill 4191 insolently strong 1396 he will live 2421 and right of manner 3651 a man 376 take rest 7901 and not 3808

20 I confirm 6965 and such as 1931 for purpose sake 1697 these to come forth 4672 in every 3605 day 3117//

21.H-B// also shall come forth ones 4672 mingled-mixed 4197 dumb 1745 when after 310 these 1931 purpose sake 1697 who of to hold back portion benefit 4513 not 3808

22. they attain 4672 to thousands increasing of 7231 will do again-second time of them 8145 in regions 6285 to go forth expelling to 5327 shine -fire light a lamp 5327-5216 also they shall be 1961

23. fixed spot [like] military post 4673 the head persons wheels of them 1538 and will be rolling like stars of them 3556 over-above 5921 having employment of 6045 the first in place 7223 failure not yet 1097 shall be away to remove you 5595

24. and will restrain you 1639 to regions 6285 barren-bereaved of children them 7909 out of a place to lying mouth of them 8371-6310 when they come forth of His 4672 like such 3644 also to you making plain explaining 874

25. in sinking and drowning of 2883

Image 0060: 1. H-G// these 859 who have mingled-mixing water and wine 4197 He sweeps away 1931-2894 united 259 indeed never the less 61 such ones 2088 they make of 6213 these 428

2. in manner of the way-walking 1870 as standard-like a banner 5251 by regarding of 1580 the living body 5315 then also 176 in these will labor making so 6213 causing elders you 7868

3. of themselves 2007 not 3808 such a thing 2088 I with hold benefit 4513 among will remove allotment 2513 because 3588 like which 834 the living body 5315 you will have caused the head-leadership 1538

4. the right and just shall be 6664 theirs these 2088 with the mingled-water and wine 4197 shall be 1961 seen of His 7200 in the living body 5315 will duplicate-copy 8138 by those then also 176 will remain 3498

5. cause finish 8000 then 176 will remain in the present 3498 lacking 2641. being ample large of glory good 155 behave so resembling 7737 to these also how 349 not 3808

6. you shall be 1961 by making you head-leadership 1538 consider 7760 are you to be high 5927 in highest of them against 1538. And ample large of glory good 155 also to remain of 3498

7. will finish 8000 and also how 349 they will oppress in unjust manners and violence 2555 "I" the El 410 of expansion 3315 these 2088 having bubbled up 2563 like to gather-as a bag of stones 810

8. denying benefit 4513 good things 2896 out of being a master I will 1166 profaned things 2486 never not even 408 out of wrong-evil 7561 and to spread covering up falsehood and transgressions 4603

9. and assembling being dependant 1571 they will oppress unjust and in violence 2555 in confining distressing of these 6696 has seen of Yahh 7211 writhing in pain by his. And ample large of glory good 155 also who remain 3498

10. will be in want 2627 also how 349 they will by violence and unjust of manner 2555 these 428 expansion of 3498 to this-[oppression] 2063 the living body 5315 as bottom 8478 being of will become 1961

11. to these a burden to bear you 1581

12. H-D// ample large of glory good 155 cheerfulness 7797 to them cause of them to change 8138 in treading out a way of life 1869 accumulating goods-wealth 5233 also to be recognized of 2142 themselves 2007

13. like such 2088 people of the nations 1471 not 3808 will He with hold benefit 4513 distribution 2515 then 176 also you shall be 1961 living body 5315

14. caused you have a new thing 2319 by having mingled-mixed water and wine a worthless thing 4197 they have caused to remain 3498 seen of Yahh 7211 removing from you these head-wheels head persons 1538 then 176 will dispose of 7760

15. to these desired 176 not //3808 and when 518 they 1931 to leave 3498 having seen of Yahh // 7211 these 2007 weary of 3019 these

16. from this will inflict a penalty 6064 He removes you head person 1538 without cost // 2600 and when 518 He 1931 will cause to leave 3498 want 2641 these 2007

17. shall inflict a blow-wound 5061 to living body 5315 He removes you of the head person 1538 out of this they hasten to assemble 5789 without cost 2600 and ample large of glory good 155 such like with them 2004 will drink 8354

18. also how 349 not 3808 you shall be 1961 in rightness you 6663 appointing 7760 will conduct selves you 8585 in head person-wheelers they // 1538 negation truly indeed 61 to suffer damages-loss 5142

19. because of them 834 which way 335 cause a solution 6592 to them making to become you 1061 occasion to serve 4672 acting as gate keeper you 8176 in the Standing Place 4725 Mishkanah-Whose House It Is 7907

20. and will divide these 6504 making to a portion theirs 4480

21. I BREAK OFF 6561 THE FIFTH PART 2549-Reverse-stand out 3426 I erase wipe away 4229 wall 7023 speaking- language 6310

22. in you will ascend of you 5927 the living body 5315 explaining and making plain you 874 ones standing out you will 5975 in plague 5062-reverse-feeble 6313 in the ruins 922 able among 1767 trouble and afflicted 5916 His Father "1" conceals as a treasure 8226 will of you in oppression before 5792

23. SAYING 559 THEY MADE THIRD LEVEL 7991 these 2007 examined selected of you 1305 bright-beautiful 3302 ones of employment humble 6045-reverse-to these He moves 5270 speaking 6310 as a turn of events divine 8449 rain 7377 great quantity 7991 what of purpose 4100 to be high take away cause to Me 7311

24. the living body 5315 and they are kindred of them will be 7607-reverse- the Torah [instruction to Mosheh] 8451 foundation to His 787 concealed as a treasure has been 8226

25. and when 518 according to words your 1697 what of purpose 4100-reverse-such like it 1992 for 3588 to spread 7234 longed pined for caused His 3644

26. are His ascending of you 5927 to them in the plague 5062 and to what of purpose 4100 their prophet 5030 and the wisdom of them 2451 these become pale in longing for fearing and shame of them 3700 they are His-reverse-and are who 4310 of the expansion in abundance His 6451 from that day 3117 firm of ability will be His 3581 among Mine when 335 to build 1129 in fullness 4393 feeble 6313 terrified 927 you to overthrow 5754

27. will live these 2421. Like such 3644 being conspicuous us 4696 as of Mosheh 4873 to these in graciousness 8467 to faces of 6440 their pit falls to destruction seeing 7825-7200 also enlightener of you 2971-reverse-because 3588 see as gazing stock 7210 of the pit falls of destruction also shall 1961 blow away 6284 to these descending 5181 will to these mark 8034 of discretion 946 fasting 6685 also of the carnage 4347 who were 6310 hidden until 3160

Image 0061: 1. Day He has 3117 spoken of which 559 causes a crossing place of 5679 harshness and refusal 4995 and to Me having seen 7200. And just and right of manner 3651 loving 1730 not 3808 established truths 571 because 3588 of living with 2421

2. and shall mark in a record 5608 to make this of 4639 Yah 3050. And of the manner 3651 having maltreared and oppressed, the proud 3234 and the strong of them 2389 so of purpose 4100 are high 5927 to them 1992

3. in living of them 2421 and they 1992 able to maintain theirs 3557 by want and deficiency to be 2642 remote-cast far off removing 1972 good 2896 when shall come these 1961 by trouble and violence 1607 vision theirs looked on with approval 2374

4. against the tribes-people of 5971 YHVH 3068 and among those of contary-opposition 7147 against will be able they 3201. Causing to 413 override 5921 planning of you 3739 standing out 3426 obstinate 3885

5. to have bitterness 4751 also in regions 6285 where was nothing 369 just and lawful 6662 we regard 8159 in causing to make right His 6663 Most High 5920 coming 935 Mashiyach ours 4899

6. were His 1961 silver-money of theirs 3701 to live of them 2421 to become of them 1961 ones afraid in reverence and fear 3373 made going down 3381 in destruction 7845

7. respond give account 6030 caused you were alike-united 3163

8. petitions -implied loan request 7596 great thing 1420 you have ask 7592 and have caused destruction 7665

9. by knowledge 1843 when you have completed 3615 all 3605 forms of a resolution 6696 to cover up acting treacherously 4603 and under 8478 such like 1931 for these to abide 1692 not with 413

10. expansion 3315 for 3588 them 1931 when you complete 3651 where you to advance of them 6744 prospering they shall be to you 7999 able to provide them 3557

11. so this of such deeds 2063 where you to advance this 6744 to become preferred-chief of they are 5330 to produce-work 3018 to man 120 for cause comes forth of them 6808 what of purpose 4100

12. who work producing 3018 in way of walking 1869 it not 413 such like 3644 also to demand or request of 7592 sovereign ruler 113 the prophets 5030 they shall know to Me 3045

13. entreating-pray of 4994 way walking-course of life of you 1870 and have cause to dry up 1846 for are able to purpose 4616 to Me come forth 4672 in kindness 2603 for eyes to desire of you 5869 one will explain making plain 874 walk way of His 3212

14. take captivity 7617 shall grow up-increase 7685 course of life to walk 1870 they to 413 reach being able to take hold on 5381 with His 225 and among will grow up increase 2088 ours coming forth 4672 in favor 2603 in eyes of theirs 5869

15. and these 2088 when you complete 3615 before the elevated platform 4608 and where of figurative splendor and gracious 3515 accordingly astonished 7583 they will join 1692 with His so of will write the record 3791

16. because 3588 when 518 of the punishment coming of Your's 5771 shall be His 1961 made by smelting-remove impurities of them 913 separating mentally to understand of you 995 and inform 995 causing to cut off of them 7082 and will write the record 3789

17. because 3588 when 518 by this 2063 they will make a showing boasting so 1984 because you have boasting 1984 they make to act circumspect 7919 and He will know by seeing 3045 with Him 225 because 3588 in them 2088

18. they will become united with His 3161 He will know by seeing 3045 seeing will know 3045 and they shall be stronger of His united 3161 like such 3644 also of this you have declared 874 in redeeming to deliver 6561

19. these before the presences of 6925 to these 2088. And will mark 8034 because delighted-approved of His 7521 to make clean of them 2135 they formative of hostility of confining them they will 6696 to 413 this 2063 they have strayed misleading by enrapture

20. and they had prospered and successful of Mine 6743 their chief he declares 5329 to curve-bow down 3721 He insight interpret of them 6590 by removing opposition to receive of them 6904 to regions 6285 also among staggering [ incline to altered arranged order, writings] 5128

21. the finish 8001 against these ones to abound in resources 8228 out of finishing theirs 7999 after 5921 also they 1931 who 6310 where against expansion 2298 from a portion theirs 4480

22. in finishing of them 7999 He will know3045 El of Yah theirs 452 course of life walking they will 1870 when of Mosheh 4872 will be know of these 3045 by course of life walking theirs 1870

23. in Mosheh-the rescuer 4872 to sons of 1121 Yisrael-[will rule as el] 3478 effects of the purpose of El's exploits these His 5949. They see 7200 who are His 1931 will be known by understanding 3045 to Mosheh 4872

24. course of life walking causes these 1870 how 834 by the arranged order-ordered discipline training of them 5468 it will of one hemming in-sense of limiting of them 4692 in the living body and 5318 they to abound 3498 seeing 3588 in this way 2088

25. when having united 3161 they will know of 3045 according to knowledge of seeing 3045 according to 3644 who were of ancient time [Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 18:15 seek after] this way 3644 also bringing you 935 in it making plain declaring of 874

26. in delivering and redeeming 6561 they take hold on favorable of 5564 and to the Son of Yisrael 1121-3478 also were nothing them 369 complete-finish 8003 according to Mosheh 4872 effectiveness of Elohim of them His ones 5949

27. walking about slandering 7270 the destroying pestilence of them 1698 it's affect of them 5953 from a portion theirs 4480 expansion 3315 accordingly against being bitter 4751 will of selves make habitually by practice of these his 6466

Image 0062: This page has been set in the shape of a high sided funnel, with words across the page until line 15 then dropping words on each side centering shorter and shorter until one word centered in the page, meaning filling to complete. The last word and the last letter a Tav has a line arching up down making a large finger and making five smaller, a hand with six fingers, and a spiral off the bottom line pointing back to this last line.

1. Among you coming forth of these 4672 which 834 out of these 1992 will be useful 3276 to 413 Him being able to take hold on [feminine] 5381 they will walk the way 1870 and this they 1454 also say 559 they are bringing 935

2. these of theirs being able 5381 causing to arise in priority 4608 and to stretching 4297 the wisdom cunning 2450 among in the distortions 4297 and to a superiority of station 4609 and to establish preparing 3559 in regions of 6285

3. also of the living body 5315 you need need good 6878-2896 in this over taking of His of theirs 5381 to 413 these transgressing by misleading by enrapture 7686 rising to surface of the mire of these His 2564

4. are eager with excitement 2363 to do to be dumb-will be astonished of these they are 1826 such like 3644 also was to you declared making plain 874 in delivering of 6561 this before of it 6925 to these 2088 also in causing among making one's bed-lies spread of theirs 3331

5. you have provoke to jealousy 7069 they have made selves bereaved 7909 having made ashamed 3637 and of such 1931 things prepared 3627 to these. And in this misleading to transgress by enrapture 7686

6. caused withdrawal 4185 finish failed 3616 it coming 935 to the ones of reaching ability to take hold on 5381 the course of life-way of 1870 the strong 193 shall be His 1961 that were brought forth of them 935 and they made selves wise of them 2459

7. shall be His 1961 accordingly will in speaking of theirs 6310 will live these 2421 so being able enough 1767 to receive of them 7069 to living body theirs 5315 by caused from making one's bed their's 3331 of the plague 5062

8. and firm of ability these of His 3581 the recompense-repayment of them His 8005 made ashamed 3637 like able enough 1767 also out of the oppression theirs 8496 they came 935 to the ones of reaching ability to take hold on 5381

9. the way-course of life 1870 having of El 410 expansion 3498 and adhering-joining 1695 in Him. Building up support being true these 539 following after they 310 also to gether augmenting 3527 their dwelling 7064

10. for the body their's 5315 the recompense of them 8005 made ashamed 6337 was nothing 369 are His ascend 5927 to them 1992 in present of to live them 2421 limitation of 7535 suffer lost 5142

11. from inducing to mislead 7952 they will build up support trust 539 which 834 they finish 7999 His dispatch as messengers 4397 were nothing 369 to Him are His ascend 5927 with instruments 3627

12. lamenting 60 they 1992 to reserve and 680 to bear burdens 4853 weight great and number 3514 and these will 2088 also say 559 will augment 3254 and after 310 in good honor splender 3519

13. have taken to Me 3949-3947. Walking about slandering 7270 pursuing after 310 also the finish-complete safe in peace 8000-7999 in living body 5315 to 413 their good 3519 and such as 1931 [these show up in image 0134 beginning line 8]

14. the finish of them 8003 in the body and they 5315 have taken to Me 3949-3947 [Ezekiel 5:1-7 Yisrael has changed My Torah-Instructions given to Mosheh] among your's 413 because 3588 were nothing 369 against My bringing to purpose 7760 His shall ascend 5927

15. as a rock formed you 6697 in living of them 2421 will remain of 3498 like such 3644 also to say His 559 has seen of El 2371 will break off and deliver 6561 He will take a handful 7061 they run guarding-not yet 7323-2958

16. to cause to keep alive 2421 living body and 5315 they kill 4191 to close door and 1479 and flavor of them-figrative of judgment on account of 2942 where the living body 5315

17. having testified 5749 Yah is Master of these 1183 something an event happened 4745 and dies it 4191 in the sinking-drowning 2883

18. and the plague 5062 alive 2416 among the sinking-drowning 2883 and dies 4191 by an event happened 4745

19. and afterwards of 310 the death 4191 the destroying pestilence 1698

20. by a turn of events 2015. Then in regions 6285 where in at that time 233

21. shall see 7200 mighty valiant man of 1368 the EL 410

22. will remain 3498 kindred 7607

23. the land theirs 776

24. and when 518

25. they complete 3636

26 accomplished purpose-filling-full 4390

27. splendor-honorable His 3519 so a fugitive of the serpent you 1281 of the mire 3121 His are ones of firmness in ability 3581 shall be 1961 will long for desiring 3700 Mosheh 4872 for transition because of order sake 5668 Name of Honor 8034

28. to receive of them 7069 will come forth these of His 4672 will remain 3498 complete of these 8003

Image 0063: 1. Delivering 6561 a six part 8345 then a sixth part to EL-as an over plus of five 8337-410 these from a third 7969-reverse-a third 7969 reduce and mix to Me 4107 a sixth part 8345 stands out 3426 also of quiet excellent's of 7119 speaking-mouth 6310 [image 0062 the handful line 15, and the hand drawn with six finger the over plus-image 0060 line 25 and the reverse reading line 25 ties to the third part out of the plague He-Yeshayahu made know]

2. He has made know in Me 3045 by entreaty-pray 4994 when 518 to stand out 3426 your retreating of 7725

3. Most High concern for 5920 which 834 to inquire of 7592

4. on this side of 2008 El 410 know by seeing to understand 3045 the things that shall come of theirs 6264 putting to shame-confusion 3637 if 518 not 518 // so then you will 857 not 3808, when 518 it shall be 1961

5. in lacking-need 2642 by decrees theirs 2706, and ample large of glore good 155 when so will know it being of them 3045, this way of 2008 them 1931 will understand 3045 by man 376

6. he such as ones 2088 also they will have charge of 6213 good 2896 then also 176 distressing evil 7451 by fixing times 2163 of known to understand 3045 will make to do borders and boundaries 1379 causes to kill of 4191, also how 349

7. it shall be the man 376 these of such 2088 making these like moon month 3933 making to work His 6213, and when 518 of self 1931 will have made like moon month 3933, were nothing 369

8. to My people-tribes 5971 to treat as has served 1576 and will inflict penalty 6066, and giving warning 5749 when 518 disgusting evil 7451 in eyes of Mine 5869 to what end of purpose 4100 selecting of His 1254. And was nothing 369 way walked 1980

9. retreat flee 4498 from these 2088. That not 3808 also you say 559 after this manner 3602 cutout a person of such 1508 skilful wisdom good His 2451, with judgment on account of sentence commanded 2942 to be blind-to faces 5956

10. from portion their's 4800, when 518 just and right of manner 3651 when 518 saying 559 who of the people of the nations you 1471 cutout person-separate 1508 skilful wisdom good theirs 2451 on account of fault theirs 7945. And who are perverse-sin 5771

11. the persons of them 606 shall humiliate of them 3728 in reproving of corruption 1602 because 3588 when 518 in this shall rain violently 1652 what of strength rolled together 1931 and they receive accordingly 6902

12. He will kill 4191 accordingly to establish trust in truth-trustworthiness you will of ourselves 529 what of purpose sake 4100 lay a trap-snare of ones 6983 standing out 3426 despised and vile 959 remaining ones 3498 from vile person 959

13. the elder-gray headed 7868 will cause becoming united 3161

14. people-tribes 5971 being of becoming one 1961 also were nothing 369 His will judge 1835 dumbness 1745

15. to seeing of to them 7200. in regions 6285 also I cause to rain violently 1652 be deficiency-in want 2642 in power feebleness 6099

16. in strength together. And this of deeds 2063 not 3808 just and right of manner 3651. With elders you 7868 over 5921 ones will pluck up 6131

17. they will petition 7596 what of purpose 4100 also I see 7200 to these in ones of will curtail-loathe 7114

18. to bow down of 3721 will become impoverished these 4134 to Me 413 from words of 1697 instructions according to manners of Mine by His 8452

19. the qadosh-set apart of 6918 and ending portion of 7117 wisdom of Mine will do. knowledge 1843 also in looking down on as weak of them 6031

20. has looked at narrowly of 7688 to reconnoiter-walking about slandering 7270 they are ones of guards 8108 and will know ones by seeing 3045

21. not against 3808. To exist 3426 bear in mind hope of them 5452 multiply thousands 7231 and will be excellent 7230 teacher 4175

22. making right 6663 they bring 935 what of purpose these 4100 a fifth part 2569 knowledge of them-feminine 3045 in a fearful thing-to be feared 4172

23. break off delivering 6561 Yah seized 3059

Image 0064: H \\ A: 1. to stand out 3426 whoever 4310 also they think having hope His 5452 to have eternity 5769 in perfect completion theirs 3634 as in scattered words of theirs 6527 will by instruction 4560

2. in a hand of power 3027 they were caused to bring about 7136 it having sent out sowing 7971 but was nothing 369 to Him from ones leading forth 5090 and having hope thinking 5452

3. complete to perfect 3634 and this 2088 of their knowledge cunning-ignorantly 1847 cause to stop 989 also plaiting together in great number 3527 will take 935 engage for matrimony-betrothed defining of 781-5429 sense of conspicuousness in signs-wonder 4159 My dying 4191

4. to rejoice 7797 to eternity 5769 have hope 5452 and from leading forth 5090 like such 3644 also they those seeing explaining and declaring 874-7200 such as these 2088 delivering 6561 to puff bring into a snare 6315

H \\ B: 5. knowledge ignorantly 1847 from because make haste they 2439 who have interpretation 6592 and they conceive-by fabrication of 2803 intelligent's of consider expert 7919 they look down on of us of them 6031 out of will pulverize of 7347

6. they are nothing 369 in eternity 5769 bringing 7760 their interpretation of theirs 6592 complete 3634 and they hope 5452 as considered intelligent 2919 the staggering [ incline to altered arranged order, writings] 5128

7. the adam-man 120 will remain 7604 they to trust-refuge 982 and they sprout fourth-causing to grow of them 6779 keep-maintaining of them 3557 such as these 1992 among the destroying pestilence 1698 out of will accordingly have compassion of 7355 and from will have hope-thinking these 5452

8. And from they will set bounds twisting together of them 1379 when shall come 1961 according to the time relative to 6256 also shall be 1961 from their strength 193 expansion 3315 and not 3808 shall be 1961 able of them 3201 when shall come 1961

9. having come before 6923 will not 3808 here after-again 259 and not 3808 will afflict of them 6042 afterward 259. And they hope bearing in mind and 5452 these ones of the slain shall 2027 be in lawfulness and righteousness 6662 He cuts out 1505 from strength His 193

10. expansion 3315 and not 3808 they shall be 1961 of these 2088 unrighteous distorting 5765 in commandments statutes and 2706 who are just and right of manner 3651 figures of person cut out or polish 1508 cunning wisdom ignorantly of theirs 2450 expansion 3315 you people of the nations 1471 of theirs 2088

11. the cunning knowledge 1847 cause to stop 988 also how 349 will of strict decision and decrees of theirs 2782 to speaking 1697 untruth-lies in words 8266 will cause to stop and 989 you also have caused to cease of His 3615

12. and will cause you His teachers 3925-8527 they will grow in abundance plaiting together 3527 ones coming 935 defining and engaging for matrimony and 5429-781 will record 5608 they interpret interceding teaching 4426 sense of conspicuous signs and wonders 4159

13. against 5921 will cause of to cease to His 989

14. H\\G: their 1931 knowledge and awareness cunning 1847 terminate-end 7117 of mans 606 also they think hope His 5452 also strong as a body rolled together 193 expansion 3315 not 3808 they to yield in doing 6213

15. moral evil-iniquity 5766 and all 3605 courses of life-way their's 1870 remove judges 8199 and then bear in mind and 5452 when of their pit falls to destruction 7825 will know by seeing understand 3045 all 3605

16. arranged words speaking of 1696 and from labor coming forth 1518 in them. And to prepare 3559 decide and exclude 1504 also paying attention of purpose-to indicate the reason-cause 3282 also together powerful 193 expansion 3315 will know by seeing-understand to purpose 3045 will die you 4191

17. in pushing out a member of flock 7716 good exiled of 2896-3020 the wolfs 2061 course of living way 1870 ruling having power 4910 and also they lead away 5090 these of such 2088 you have the hand of power 3027 testify-restoring 5749 it shall be 1961

18. such as this 2088 commandments, enactments, customs His 2709 when 518 not 3808 they deliver-saves these 5337 from hand those-other. Cause not any failure 1077 stand out 3426 to us to those bitter 4751 in this like to pulverize 7347 success in the sense of understanding

19. humble of to Me 6041 the Adam 120 and they will live 2421 will make ashamed 3637 these 1992 causing to give understanding to them 6590 not 3808 among will like moon month 3393they have evil great 7451

20. to just and lawful of mans right 6662 they 1931 remove the pit falls of destruction 7825 because of seeing of this 1768 by doing of they will be straight-make right of selves 3474 and to these will increase by the myriads-thousands 7231 to become stimulated boasting of deeds His 7937 to have crossed over-the other side 5674

21. and prepare establish 3559 will tear out as a fragment you 2964 the wolf 2061 to push out a member 7716 these 1931 seeing of 1768 by doing this they will be straight making right 3474 to such 2088 and to give shall 5414 to him wages-reward 7936

22. will remain 3498 good 2896 these to such things of themselves 2007 this deed 2063 they keep in mind 5452 will cause to cease such 989 to the regions 6285 also of children of pedigree 3205 from weighing out portion 4487

23. again 8145 in turning to the contrary of this 2015 also when of 518 the pit falls of destruction 7825 will know by seeing-understand 3045 every 3605 word spoken of purpose 1697 and against 5921 pointing out in teaching His 3384 to bring forth 6213

24. to cause peace causing completion 7999 in a qualified sense stimulated influence-[double joy] 7937 good 2896. Also how 349 will to Me interpretation-solution His 6595 by hand 3027 they will trust-refuge 982 and when 518 I cut off-decide and 1504

25. will cause interpretation-solution-understanding of things 6595 in His of such 2088 will break forth in wild strength 6499 and causing to stop 989 //

26. H \\ D: knowledge aware of 1847 defines for engaged for matrimony His 5429-781 and "I" see 7200 also their pit falls of destruction 7825 from looking sharply at-narrowly 7688

27. will act as gate keeper-hedge about 7763-8104 the completion of them 3634 walking about slandering 7220 who were caused of you 1992

28. by reason of concern 5921 arranged order 5468 straight just and right 3477 they will stand of 3559 His Most High 5920 were nothing 369 to these "I" will set limits 5592 and made after His 4480 were nothing 369 will lesson keeping back 1639. And preparing 3559

29. to the purpose of them 1697-[may also be of in the plague of them 1698] "I" caused to remain behind these 5975 to make perfect of them 3634 no doubt-surely 551 all 3605 humbled of to Me of 6041 the men of them 376 they 1992

30. the bottom 8478 were caused by an incident 7137 not 3808 a disqualification 7137 from dismissal of a wife 7964 surely by limitation 389 in them having arrogant's and presumptuousness proud out of this will have to His 2086 as a colleague by the same title 3674

Image 0065: 1. they will bubble up of the mire 2563 and will separate-[commit apostatize-to go away from accepted truths-true] 4560 you will be able to overcome 3201 by Adam 120 in a force firm of ability 3581 He makes to be circumspect-prudent and intelligent of 7919 have been caused to stand making to be with 5975 to finish complete of 3635 by trying selecting 970

2. for good 2896 and to refuse abhorring of 3988 evil 7551 and to cause you to delight being pleasant 6027 as one rising up 6966 binding fast and numerous and 6105 His diamond you 8068 to portion out and 4327 surely of a truth 551

3. a remnant reserved 7604 humbled these in Me 6041 The Adam 120 such like 3644 ones sinking shall 2883 He covers hiding of them 5603 and ones intent to put to death shall 2026 He covers hiding His of them 5603

4. Speaking words of purpose those 1697 joining-taking sides of us 681 were drawn in the sowing of them 4900-reverse-who 6310 because of shine 8080 and to come out 3318 from reverent fear 3373 separating self 905

5. H\\H: of their 1931 cunning knowledge 1847 cleansing you have in Him 2715 they will make self clean and observe clean setting apart 6942 to this 1931 also have pit falls of destruction 7825 [mixed in and substituted of the Torah] to 413

6. firmness as in truth 530 and are nothing 369 distortions morally and dealing unjust 5765 their battering tower-strength 1785 and making prosperous as straight 3474 this 1931 their course of life of Him 1870 out of judgment in governing selves 8199

7.and not 3808 will inflict a penalty-punish 6064 because 3588 when so 518 to have committed sin-evil making reconciliation 2398 and they 1931 received 5414 ability 3581 by hand of power 3027 the Adam 120 to have trust-refuge 982

8. making ashamed 3637 by works of 6466 and to waver [to incline to altered arranged order writings] 5128 like to satisfy a debt of them 7522 accordingly astonished-wondering 7583 seeing-[questioning to understand] 7200 I shall give 5414 against your faces 6440 the day 3117

9. like such 3644 also I declared making plain 874 and to regions of 6285 also the prophet 5030 and will in pain theirs 2342 and they of divination 7080 he 1931 a man of them 376

10. they reach ability to take hold on His 5381 to be strong his 193 they looking down on of us of them 6031 men ones of them 376 and a plan of them-a bad one 2154 like such 3644 also he to explain making plain 874 and after 310

11. this 2088 knowledge-opinion 1843 of the week you 7620 are going up 5927 on them fabrication will 2803 the pit falls of destruction 7825 to create selecting of 1254 the ancient time 5769

12. will ascend 5927 by intentions to purpose of plan theirs 4284 expansion 3315to have created 1254 the wheel wheel of theirs 1535 and like it extinguished the anger of theirs 3518 and also My week His 7620

13. Most High 5920 will arrange order 5468 it presented of his 4672 they are depressed-humiliated 8213 know by seeing of 3045 all 3605 who staggering [ incline to an altered arranged order writings] 5128 those seeing His of them 7200

14. also these draw along His 4900 what of purpose theirs 4100 and knowing by seeing 3045 a time fixed-prepared 2163 in regions of 6285 also their 1931 meetings 4746 to cling to-fasting together 1692 to staggering [to incline to an altered arranged order writings] 5128

15. to hold the tongue-say nothing of this of them 2013 the record 5608 with consent 25 like front of place 6924 and accordingly among you afterwards 310. And also how 349 seeing His 7200 to them also to know by seeing of 3045

16. all 3605 the words 1697 those seeing of His of them 7200 also ones hidden of His 3160 and they will arrange the order 5468 among the staggering [ incline to altered the arranged order, writings] 5128 the wheel wheeling of them 1535

17. in his reconnoiter slandering 7270 in appointed seasons and times of 2165 Most High 5920 all 3605 they will structure into purpose of theirs 3338 they abase selves of them 8213 such as this 2088 the stronghold 4679 they will arrange order 5468

18. they will complete 3634 which are 834 in living body and 5315 expansion 3315 ascend 5927 afterwards 310 causes to ascend 5927 by ones formed in pressing out 6699 the appointed seasons times 2165 and in regions of 6285

19. making to be circumspect 7919 staggering of theirs [ incline to altered arranged order, writings] 5128 the Adam 120 causes to purpose by intentions of thoughts planned of theirs his 4284 they 1992 out of will arrange order and 5468 bow of 3709 the neck 4665

20. to Me to Me like such 3541 you alter these 8138 and have changed course theirs 2487 "I" select and to chosen will 972 the person-man I declare 582 for good 2896 also 176 evil-sin 7451

21. to know by seeing to understand 3045 with them 225 like such 3644 they will build up trust to be true 539 His to mark 2142 also they 1931 will know by seeing 3045 by the structured way molding to purpose His 3338 they will complete finish 3634

22. all 3605 staggering of them [ incline to altered arranged order, writings] 5128 will see of His them 7200 when of "I" shall make a new thing 2319 perfection complete 3634 united 259 out of revolving-a wheel 212 then wheel wheel Mine 1535

23. the flame of Elohim and they are His 222 and all 3605 will speak of the purpose 1697 they out of you a new thing of them 2319 what of purpose them 4100 like one pressed out of rock 6699 from the appointed season times 2165

24. will again 5749 press out as rock of you 6864 these shall have knowledge 1843 also in regions of 6285 of such 2088 the arranged order 5468 they 1931 finished complete of 3635 reconnoiter slandering 7270

25. having also played tambourine 8596 to finished 3635 ones 259 completeness simplicity in rightness 8537 and united in 259 declaring wrong 7561 bow self-neck [only]3721 toss violently 7280 of them by hand of power Him 3027

26. and faint with terror 4199 they heavy-valuable 365 to quarters 6285 tribes-peoples 5971 just and lawful righteous 6662 this evil 7451 by them declaring wrong 7561 and good 2896 to their arranged order 5468 the pit falls of destruction 7825

27. to set straight the order 8626 these 2088 will split the ear with sound 7321 the arranged order-cedurim 5468 with 854 men of theirs 376 from the side 6655 will look narrowly at of you 7688 the pit falls of destruction 7825 by the men of you 376

28. and they 1931 among will unit-alike 3162 to My seeing-mirror 7200 Yah-3068 and by those willingly esteeming of My 2803 Name and 8034 fearing and being careful of them 2729 to 413 words His 1697 and follow close clinging to of them 1692

29. on Him the ones raising up 6965 the Torah 8451 and Mitzvots-commands, judgments, ordinances of Yah 4687 enlarging upwards-increasing of knowledge you 7685 repairing the foundations of it 3247 and removing the bandage from the wounds 1455 the arranged order of 5468

30. rambling free unhappy nothing will comfort-dejected seeing of pushed away by their dissatisfaction removing their 7300-7200-3014 elevated haughtiness acting exceedingly proud will 1364 vehemently fast 3966 out of the arranged order 5468 the complete perfect of 3634 He marks making to recount-remember 2142 to the regions 6285 where of these 1931

Image 0066: 1. shall repeat-do again 8138 with him 225 and these one to be straight 3474 and were straightened set in order 8626 they leaped forth like a firebrand and 2131 will know by seeing His 3045 like such 3644 who say will 559 El has seen 2371 Most High 5920

2. dispersion and vomit 6461-6892 who 6310 they testify 5749 making to provoke to rise as a symptom of leprosy 2224 causing to make right 6663 I encounter in the way and 7125 to slander and 7270 also saying 559 to his will malign in words 6895 understanding 999

3. to Abraham 85 what of 3964 cunning knowledge of you 1847 they caused a beating 1845 making right 6663 made to provoke a rise as a symptom of leprosy 2224 with and in lodgings caused 3210 by Yahh 3050 to remove close associate of agreements 6149

4. and saying 559 he will come out 3318 with him 225 they will split 2673 of their going out 3318 separate by a wall 2351 for eternity of the age 5769 to be hard Him-babble angrily unadvisedly 1894-981 beware 9104

5. the ones of them are destructive 8060 out of their teachings of 3925 also they will pay 5927 for restoring 5927 were caused to bend subduing 3711. And shall be 1961 this 2088 just and right of manner 3651

6. also will adhere to this 1692 in strength 193 this way 2008 they 1931 will afterwards 3318 out of to complete 3635 this way 2008 in eternity of age 5769 and shall finish 3635

7. for eternity 5769 having made to be circumspect and prudent sense of wisdom 7919 like such 3644 having to you declared explaining making plain 874 in humbleness they of them 6041 they had strayed deceiving by enrapture-emotional attachment of self 7686 and these 2088 also are of tribes-people 5971

8. saying they 562 were nothing 369 from loose morally-shaking in the wind 2151 to Yisrael 3478 in regions of 6285 because they 1992 were from ascent above state of 5927-4608 for Him as leading 834 they cling and 1692

9. by strength twisting together 193 accordingly testifying as to a record have 7717 separate selves to 2505 Yahh 3068 El raised of you 410-6965 with them 225 to complete 3634 the tribes-peoples 5971 and with you 859 to accept of 3947 Yahh 3068

10. because 3588 they cling 1692 in strength of twisting together 193 these 1931 separated of 2505 Yahh 3068 will inherit a possession theirs 5157 and complete 3634 ascend of us theirs 5927 and out of twisting together thinking to their purpose theirs this one-his 2803

11. and staggering these of His [ incline to altered arranged order, writings] 5128 from the arranged orders 5468 from an adversary moving beside of and against in regards of 6655 this way of 2088 the arranged order-cedurim 5468 the man of it 376 like such 3644 according to theirs 1992

12. removing the arranged order-cedurim 5468. And like such 3644 also they are in a sense of splendor 2437 you will walk that way 3212 in altering 8138 they have caused of the arranged order-seder 5468 from an adversary moving beside of and against in regards of-sidle 6655

13. arranged order-cedurim 5468 the one of complete and perfect 3634 just so after this manner 3602 you will walk 3212 to an altered one 8138 were caused to an arranged order-seder of 5468 cause to blow away you shall 6284 such as 2088 their arranged order-cedurim 5468

14. the man of theirs 376 for good 2896 also 176 to evil-sin 7451. And to render sure 3559 appointed things 562 also making know you of 3045 the El 410 by words of 1697

15. to the men of and people of them 376 failure of causing continually 1115 who shall take hold of 5564 regarding words 1697 they causing you to rebuild of them 2318 thin emaciated of 7534 and concerning for 413 a second time ? 8145

16. the arranged orders 5468 for these 428 which 834 they 1992 appointing's 2712 in living body and 5315 expansion 3315 arranged order-cedurim of 5468 will make circumspect to understand 7919

17. and to prepare 3559 I made you a new thing 2319 removed the adversary moving beside of and against 6655 he in a sense of splendor 2437 that which 834 they 1931 to evil 7451 not 3808 to know of 3045

18. for him the El 410 in regions 6285 also was nothing 369 I look sharply at theirs 7688 I will keep and measure 3557 in perverting to grieve 2324 by evil of them 7451 like such 3644

19. also they have gone to you 935 for I will look sharply at this 7688. And to establish prepare 3559 will know by seeing 3045 how so of them 4100 and have humbled selves of His 6041 they complete 3634

20. together strong to Me 193 will cause a new thing 2319 remove from region you 8285 second time 8145 the ways arranged and order of them 5468 the El'oah-Elohim of elohim 433 like such 3644 also have caused to make plain by explaining 874

21. to trust and build support of truth 539 like also He will by sense of splendor 2437 you shall be 1961 for good 2896 such things 2007 to know by seeing to understand 3045 in Him the El 410 removal of the adversary moving beside of and against in regard of 6655

22. he catches by pursuit 1692 the just and lawful 6662 in them and he enfolds together 3664 according to arranged order of 5468 they again 8145 his mark to remember 2142 not 3808 from adversary moving beside of and against 6655 whoever of them 1931

23. of man 367 such of them 2088 also accumulating in number 3527 to make water-piss this 8366 by afterwards 310 like kindred by blood 7608 and he shall beat severely I declare 5221 you in Torah 8451

24. and shall be overthrown you 2015 to man 376 afterwards 310 walking bout slandering 7270 also then 227 condemning sending out so 3318 causing to the arranged order-cedurim 5468 of his complete they 3634 shall be gathered heaped 3664

25. the men of theirs 367 in regions 6285 also at that time 227 to break up-ruins 7616 from what of purpose 4100 also he 1931 a man 367 breaks forth in wild strength-dung of 6499-6569 a man 367 complete of finish 3635

26. walking about slandering 7270 man 367 he apart of 4480 like the sun 8121 and accordingly I to pulverize 7347 like such 3644 to write the record 3789 see to gush over 7200-1158-He sees a son 7205 by this 3588

27. these a portion separate out 2505 accordingly also they follow close clinging to 1692 complete finish 3635 the return 7725 all 3605 will yalak-way walk His 3212 follow close clinging to 1692 having gone astray ignorantly these 7686

28. angry 639' of in the presents of cunning knowledge 1847 they put a difference making knowledge wonderful His 6395 termination of theirs to end 5490 in regions of 6285 also which like a sense of candlestick-menorah-Light 834-4501 the Adam 120 in humbleness of us 6041 the ones asleep 1957

29. every 3605 humble of us His 6031 and among fabricating plotting thinking maliciously of them of His 2803 and staggering of them His [ incline to altered arranged order, writings] 5128 will know by seeing of them 3045 to support the foundation their-[this means the mixing of laws or substituted and applied the "religions"] 8356 in regions of 6285

30. acting circumspect intelligent thinking wisely these 7919 then 227 among will set boundaries area enclosed of theirs 1379 and out of arranged order-ceder of theirs 5468 in regions 6285 also they to be in great commotion together 1993 then 227 success understanding these of them 7922 and to do wisely consider teaching 7919

31. were nothing 369 to Him together strong 193 beside the adversary 6654 united 259 and to prepare 3559 not 3808 they fall 5307 in great commotion together 1993 they were given to change they will 8338 thread down ruling 7287

Image 0067: 1. from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 binding fast becoming numerous these 6105 like such 3644 the humble of us 6031 in the men of 367 the portioned out 4327 building up support of trust 539 you have caused a new thing 2319 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655

2. having in it a sense of splendor 2437 that which they 1931 do when is evil-sin 7451 not 3808 by seeing to understand 3045 in it this twist together strong 193 expansion 3315 complete 3635 like such 3644 also write the record 3789

3. He sees-gush over-see a son 7200-1158-7205 in clapping hands enough punishment measured 5606-5429 for 3588 by seeing to know understand 3045 Yahh 3068 is course of life the way 1870 lawful just and righteous of them 6662 their course of life as a road 1870 evil deeds of them 7561 shall destroy -6- [the word 5606 has the camek in the middle indicating judged by measure-5429]

4. And saying 559 and were nothing 369 clap hands punishment enough 5606 by 3588 the El 410 will know by seeing 3045 the completeness of them 3635 in doing scattering of words 6527 and in completing of them 3635 you were caused of 1992

5. the living body 5315 all 3605 living 2421 their doing scattered words 6527 you were caused 1992 all 3605 portioned out 4327 and portioned out 4327 before faces of 6440 binding fast causing to make numerous His 6105 having caused falling His 5307

6. all 3605 ones selected-choosen 1262 in faces of 6440 will binding fast causing to make numerous 6105 for 3588 out of actions good 4639 by hand of power theirs 3027 measure to keep them 3557 leanness-emaciated 7535

7. in course of life road of traveled 1870 completion 3635. These 2004 in ones just and lawful to righteous 6662 these 2004 regard morally wrong 7563 will know by seeing of us 3045. And to conceal them 5769 will know by seeing 3045 training to truth of them 525

8. His will know by seeing. And on account of in 5668 also your relationship stand by reason of to theirs 5975 living body of them 5315 the ones just and lawful righteous of them 6662 and these shall be among theirs 1961

9. raising up of them you 6965 to protest 5749. Set in order 6186 know by seeing-understand 3045 causing they enflame selves 2552. Walking about slandering 7270 also they of 1931 the expansion 3315 will know by seeing 3045 all 3605 humble needy they of His 6041

10. just and lawful to righteous of them 6662 and they morally evil of them 7563 course of life way 1870 all 3605 their manner as a course of life 1870 to be smooth flattering separate 2505. Build up firm assurance of them 539 not 3808 know by seeing 3045

11. with them 225 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 what of purpose 4100 also He 1992 from you rebuild new thing of them 2318 leanness emaciated 7535 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the arranged order-cedur 5468[this would be the arranged order of reading of Torah-Prophets-writings] they will complete 3635

12. while 834 in living body and 5315 expansion 3315 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the arrangement 4635 build up firmness trust of them 539 were causing you a new thing 2318 ascend going up these 5944

13. from a corner 6284 will in splendor 2437 to Him know by seeing 3045 with these in strength rolled together 193 in regions 6285 also letting an occurrence some accident 7137 expansion 3315

14. from these 2088 alter and he 8138 will leave behind 7604 he will of Mine cast out of them 2904 will mark of them 2142 in loading of them 2943 the ones making falling and perish ceasing of them 5307-5486

15. cause not 3808 any more 518 just and right of manner 3651 it shall be 1961 with these separate out 2505 also will complete 3635 and they 1931 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 clinging to them 1692 living body theirs 5315

16. by this expansion 3315 like this 3644 also of will declare explaining making plain "I" cause 874 and establish preparing 3559 write the record 3789 for 3588 they complete 3635 will know by seeing 3045 separation of 2505 to do 5648

17. all 3605 not 3808 of Most High 5920 of course of life way 1870 separate 2505 walking about slandering 7270 also their pit falls of destructions 7825 [mix and substitute laws of Torah] will know by seeing 3045 all 3605 humble of us 6031 the men of them 367

18. that also 834 they 1992 separate 2505 failure 1115 separate of them 2505 in this to do 5648 all 3605 not 3808 to do 5648 separate 2505

19. walk about slandering 7270 also in their pit falls of destruction 7825 [mixing and substituting laws-Torah negotiated away] will know by seeing understand 3045 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the arrange order-cedur 5468 they will complete of 3635 the ruins-desolation of theirs they 8047 not 3808 to do 5648

20. separate 2505 walking about slandering 7270 not 3808 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 he causes new thing 2318 they have caused new thing 2318 also judgement and 2941 to do 5648 all 3605

21. which they turn back of 7725 the separated 2505 all 3605 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 he clinging hard and 1692 in pit falls of destruction 7825 [mixing and substituting laws Torah-negotiating away] like such 3644 also in declaring and explaining making plain I declare 874 not 3808

22. like who they 1931 separate 2505 walking about slandering 7270 failure of cause not 1115 cling to 1692 in regions of 6285 also I look at narrowly "I" will 7688 the man "I" declare 367 a failure of caused not 1115 following close are 1692 among men 367 leanness-emaciated 7535 for good of them 2896 also they 1931 all 3605 and because of those 2088 write the record 3789 towering up before His of 2036

24. the One El 2088-410 in regions of 6285 clap hands punishment enough measured 5606-5429 by 3588 seeing to know I have and 3045 to heed motive in order that of purpose 4616 which 834 they are commanded 6680 also write the record 3689 and the One El 2088-410

25. He has prepared 5225 in eyes of 5869 also they 1931 one of to will know in seeing 3045 in His out of partiality 4856 they act high-exalt selves these 7311-2088 by ones seeing know of you 3045

26. wealthy 2044 also they 1931 have looked narrowly at His 7688 in the olam-age 5769 they humiliated-putting down 8213 to cause to fail deceive His these 7411-2088

27. will complete of them 3636. And gathering 1571 My own hand 3709 Edom 123 caused have will guide transport-governing of them 5148 to met with unexpected fortune 4745 again 5750 coming 935 time of 6256

28. collect of Torah commands causing these 6490 negation yet indeed of 61 by a man of el theirs 2623 they consider 7760 el of theirs 410 the heart wills theirs 3820 to cunning knowledge 1847 with him 225 in scattered words 6527

29. to be of when comes 1961 as a thorn pricking his 8068 will adhere to joining hard 1695 with his from hand of power 3027 not 3808 you to separate to be alone with 910 they will know by seeing 3045

Image 0068: 1. will cause marking to remember 2142 out of prepared His 4487 to complete 3636 according to perceived inculcation and teaching [repetition and persistent urging] 2938-8150 not 3808 "I" keep back 1639 to the just and lawful, righteous 6662 eyes of Him 5869 they will declare making plain 874 out of these 2088

2. handful His and bringing 6451-6965 increasing by myriads 7231 they of like such 2004 respond because of 6030 Yah 6030 El 410 His ones of reverent fear 3373 so beside of 2108 these 2088 hemming in 5910 El 410. And will complete 3636

3. in this side 2088 peevish-sad and 5620 all 3605 a burden these 2943 will put a difference and measure to define His according-[to cost 1st Samuel 13:21 6395-5429-6310 and remove of alike-receptive dependence doing these of them 1571 in regions 6285 after 310

4. also making know to you 3045 they have the pit falls of destruction 7825 failure 1115 He shall punish-[plague-kill] 5221-4347 root -[spelled nun hey mem kaph tav the hey has been shaded] to men of them 367 not 3808 doing well in forming to purpose-work you 3336-2895 after 413

5. eager making hast like joy these like 2366 and never 408 had hasten to meet in anticipate of His 6923. And in regions of 6285 good it 2896-1931 these will take hold of 5564 El 410 in the cedurim-arranged orders Mine 5468

6. I have caused making circumspect able to teach of them 7919 also in living body-nephesh theirs 5315 expansion 3315 also of 834 who were found coming forth of them 4672 by His you have caused by the hand of power 3027

7. will make habitually to practice of 4672 presented to them 4672 will cause to be circumspect and prudent-wise 7919 and will become united 3116 like such 3644 also ones of declaring and explaining making plain they shall 874 not 3808 you or these attribute honor selves 8567

8. making know of His 3045 to pointing out and then 7227 the one of making know of them 3045 and I shall a new thing of them 2319 also will elevate 8524 people of the nations 1471 in the arrangement of the flock 5738

9. in regions 6285 also they will know of 3045 which 834 for Him they shall be 1961 making know of Him 3045 expansion 3315 these 1931 knowing of 3045 ones alike-unified 258

10. to come forth 4672 you caused by the hand doing 3027 in making habitually to practice 6466 not 3808 let these attribute honor of this 8567 in making an ambassador of their 6737 expansion 3315 and to establish prepare 3559 not 3808

11. they restore 7999 the governor-captain of them 6346 when so will be burdensome 3513 in regions 6285 because will make selves know 3045 in expansion 3315 they 1931 failure unless continually insatiable 1115

12. will of setting up selves 5564 act to hold back forbiding 3607 to 413 the cedur-arranged order 5468 making completion of thing prepared of selves 3615-3627 in living body will of 5315 expansion 3315 and also how 349

13. making know their 3045 failure unless continually to do 1115 creating ones of you 7069 acting to holding back of forbiding 3607 making eyes closed binding fast become strong [Job 7:15 rather than] these of theirs 6105 not 3808 they have desisted from labor of 988 the sinking and drowning 2883

14. they to Me cause interpretation 6592 in regions of 6285 also cunning secret theirs 2791 will of give 5414 to these by His to adam-man 120 to do a second time of these 8145 they have removed ceder-arranged order 5468

15. remove spot- blemish 3971 also it shall be 1961 of the arranged order-cedurim of 5468 the Eloahh-El of the elohim 433 of truth 518 for good 2896 when 518 to turn-reverse theirs 2016 lambs-sheep of flock 3776

16. violently toss 7280 "I" speak 1697 over and against 5921 person him 1465 and Most High-AL 5920 will remove king 4428 and like this 3541 and return-turn back 7725 themselves and " I " 2004

17. the ones of this 1931 remove of their companionship 7462 because 834 you have spoken of 1697 against His 5921 then repent of they will 5162 over 5921 the evil of 7451 [Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 18:9-]

18. and a very short time 7281 they are speaking 1697 against daughters-[tribes and nations Ezekiel 16:61] and against the planter of 5193 and doing so 6213 the shepherds 7462 in eyes Mine 5869 then I will repent 5162

19. over 5962 of doing the good 2896 and like this 3541 this way 3644 also "I" cause making plain declaring. And was nothing 369 the vineyard 5737 making know of His 3045 expansion 3315

20. when such a one 2088 beside of an adversary moving against 6654 out of the second time 8145 separated "I" 2505 will cause a solution 6592 a work 3018 walking about slandering 7270 they cause to ceder-arranged of order 5468 by Mine own hand 3709

21. to the cedurim-orderly arrangements 5468 I mark to remember 2142 also 176 you have caused a new thing 2319 out of a corner 6284 this selected one-a puzzle 972-2420 wanting-deficiency

22. in My bosom-by My own hand [2706 enactment] 3709 expansion 3315 to the regions 6285 also after 310 who of theirs 1931 expansion 3315 to know by seeing 3045 things theirs 1697 they caused to the cedurim-orderly arrangements Mine 5468

23. by hand theirs of 3709 the cedurim-orderly arrangements Mine 5468 this to be clear to make a showing of them 1984 this they have caused new things-to have spots of 2319-5246 from beside of an adversary moving against-from an opponent trouble 6655-4712-6862 of the ones selected-choosen of 972

24. because of you shall exist 1961 for badness-evil 7455 in regions 6285 also where is nothing 369 by settling-drowning 2833 abound-abundance of 8228 the Eloahh to declare 426 to make separation follow close 1692

25. with shepherds 7462 not 3808 they to light upon 7136 to these from side of an adversary moving against 6655 wanting in deficiency 2642 indeed not 61 restore of them 8000 for also 834 will of words chastise correcting 3256

26. and "I" withdraw relationship 7368 remove from hedge your's 4881 out of will buy back 1350 yet to be foul 2930 and making to point out-teaching and of 8150 this such 1931 on account of to receive instruction them 6903 in regions 6285

27. also caused the destroying pestilence of them 1698 which 834 caused they 1992 wanting-destitution 2642 in sinking-drowning 2883 the twisting together for strength 193 not 3808 Mine fall in with to them

28. causing were to muster find wanting them 5737 deficiency lacking 2642 will drown 2883 twisting together for strength 193 not indeed 61 finish of them 8000 because 3588 saying we will do 559 accordingly this-that 1931

29. expansion 3315 was nothing we will do 369 violent rain 1652 and not 3808 you cause staggering staggered [ to altered the arranged order, writings] 5128 and failure 1115 when comes forth 4672 in standing place 4725 there is nothing we will do of 369

30. in this want-deficiency 2642 not indeed 61 finished of these. And you like this 3541 if 518 not 3808 to know by seeing-understand 3045 the twisting together for strength of 193 the man 376

Image 0069: 1. exceedingly wretchedness-evil 7451 and not 3808 have caused you a new thing 2319 [to erase 4229] in chosen of His 972 of the shepherd 7462 complete [one] 3636 in regions of 6285 also he 1931 to exist opposite 5046 sinking to drowning His [the brackets indicate words made from letters distorted to indicate additional words hidden-code-5475]

2. expansion of 3315 tribes-people 5971 also he to light upon 7136 to these fainting in fear 4198 altering and he 8132 in making known his 3045 like to these bitterness 4651 in strength of selves these of his 6106

3. and swelling up 7604 they will of stop-cause to cease of them 989 I will mark to remember 2142 in loading up of them 2943 will put a difference and measure to define Mine according to cost 6395-5429-6310 except of our 369 not 3808

4. deficiency-wanting 2642 nevertheless 61 complete friendly 8003 //

5. to rule 4910 to be many prevail 3513 in disesteeming 959

6. themselves 2007 to know by seeing of us 3045 also because how 834 useful to be will be valuable 3276 the activity in day light 8120 over 5921 the land 776 it hot 2552

7. and reverent fear of 3374 they cause and being silent of them 2814 when 518 not 3808 it shall be 1961 to mix 4537 out of the alloy [removed the dross by smelting] 913

8. understanding cunning knowledge of theirs 995 and that which 834 they light upon 7136 understand of theirs 995 having mixed 4537 they have allow 913 and will revolve around His 5437 not 3808

9. they light upon 7136 to cause and hold peace of theirs 2814 break of day-light to appear 215 the activity in day light 8120 and warm and 2345 not 3808 they light upon 7136 faint of fearing 4198 change or altering it 8132

10. will be deficiency and wanting 2642 in making known you were of us 3045 also the activity in day light 8120 reverent fear 3374 then 227 will cause to be silent of them 2814 and they hot these 2552

11. to regions 6285 also He will made known 3045 that which 834 to us disesteems 959 who to lean on-take hold shall be 5564 by words speaking 1697 those causing you new thing of them 2319

12. leanness of 7535 El's 410 cedur-arranged order 5468 they have caused this consider 7920 how 834 in living body of us 5315 it was from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 with us of 225 the cedur-arranged order 5468

13. ones tired full of labor 3023 with these 225 the break of day light 215 and they are hot these 2552 to cause to be silent of theirs 2814 then 227 as long as 1097 to be enough punishment 5606. And that which 834

14. they guard a place 5892 providential turn of affairs 5438 of subduing strikes 4272 then shall be 1961 the change and they 8132 will cause to be silent-hold peace of them 2814 not 3808 in making known you have of us 3045

15. this not 3808 it shall be 1961 such as 2008 people of the nations you 1471 change and they 8132 will by activities in day light 8120 to the regions of 6285 which was nothing 369 but for sinking and drowning and 2883 for hot 2552

16. and to these showing 7200 they have caused to be silent of them 2814 although 7535 like which was nothing 369 understand they were caused 995 a covering veiled 4539 from alloy caused 913 and like such 3644

17. also the activity in day light 8120 that which 834 turned off-rebel 5493 the covering veiled 4539 you have alloy to be removed 913 understand His 995 to understand 995 they caused to be silent of them 2814

18. and they hot of theirs 2552 and they rise up 7213 not coolness 7135 to His from these 2088 alter-change and these 8135 in regions of 6285 which they 1931

19. will in sense of loving affection 4312 over 5921 ones poor 6033 first 259 not 3808 pit falls of destruction 7825 leanness-limitations 7535 they alter or change of Mine 8132 to that of selves 1931

20. in making instructions of them 6903. After this manner 3602 in the pit falls of destruction 7825 from ones abounding in resources 8228 you loving 4312 a luminous body-thing of light him 3975 and favor to honor him 1921 over 5921

21. My forming a rock of Mine 6697 and such like 1931 the resources [to keep quiet] 8228-2814 this consider I mark to remember 2142 these from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 these 2088 let be his 1961 all 3605

22. to afflict 6031 sweep away them 3261 from cederim-orderly arrangements 5468 will make their boundaries 1379 and to set up and confirm of 3559 to understand by seeing 3045 in regions 6285 also to be in splendor 2437 to turn away of theirs 6657

23. from causing to pass on of them 2498 nothing to exist of them 369 move to a corner 6284 will make to understand 7919 in leanness 7535 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 it will bubble up of the mire 2563 like such 3644 also I make plain in declaring 874.

24. and if 518 they 1992 break away from just authority-rebelion and 6586 in closing eyes allowing to make powerful away 6105 and to accept allow to succeed 3787 the dealing deceitfully acting covertly of them 898 their filthiness to issue out of theirs 6674 in ones working of affairs of 6045

25. not 3808 will be able 3201 to Mine adhere together 1692 in them by the abundance 8228 what of Eloahh I declare 426 they were to keep and honor you 2142 in regions 6285 also were nothing 369 out of sinking-drowning and 2883

26. to also set up proper 3559 to be offensive 887 of just and right of manner 3651 out of will buy back-redeeming of 1350 and after 310 will turn away rebellion 5637 the garments covering 898 they were filthy of them 6674 will cloth as clothing these 3847

27. festival clothing 4254 and to be clean 2891 then to adhere together 1692 in these the abundance of resources 8228 the Elohh I declare 426 if could shall be 1961 this 2088

Image 0070: 1. will do again and I 8138 made sad 3512 in making to stand in front of them 6903 because 3588 I concealed as treasure of 8226 the Elohh I declare 426 continually 8548 over ones affair 6045

2. first 259 not 3808 you also attributing honor 8567 surely 7535 they will of repeating 8138 in causing to receive to stand in front of them 6903 they 1931 that rule 4910

3. the day light activity-minister 8120 tribes-people 5971 these will be silent of them 2814 accordingly to mark remember 2142 and in regions of 6285 to be circumspect-intelligent of 7919 the speaking of 1697

4. " I " gave the ceder-arranged order to them [dry twig and thrones theirs 2003-1863] 5468 to know in seeing you of 3045 their pit falls to destruction 3315 and will be known theirs 3045 to adam-man 120 like such 3644 also having made plain and declared they have 874

5. an ample large goodly seeing 155-7200

6. in such thing 2007 this 2008 it is right 6664 for a prophet 5030 in regions 6285 also they 1931 will of cling 1692 to El 410 firmness of truth indeed them 551 He trust them 2342

7. and the diviners of theirs 7080 are nothing among 369 you bringing 935 to them 1992 this 2063 he made known his 3046 and in scattered words 6527 the diviners theirs 7080

8. also he 1931 to do again and "I" 8138 he removes withdrawing relationship 7368 from part of portion his 4480 expansion 3315

9. to Me growing old you 7867

10. a great while ago 3528 this cunning knowledge 1847 what of purpose 4100 also saying this 559 makes self thin famished El 7329-410 dreamer 2572 one 259 groping searching of them 4959 out of will become [thieve-stealer will to Mine] 935-1590

11. and to nothing 369 will erect setting up you them 3559 also they 1992 make to apostatize 5472 united 258 ones causing to profane-take inheritance 2490 in strength to Mine 193 will of set up you them 3559 to bring forth you 5414

12. to ones affair of 6045 resemblance like-counter part to 1825 and the ruling 4910 like such 3644 also saying they 559 give woman to lie with 7693 one 259 to search out of them 4959 on breathing out-dying 1478

13. and these 2008 who have prophet 5030 as this which 834 they follow performing 7999 with intelligent's of his 7919 and they shall divide 909 among for distinction 996 to swell up-as leavened 7603

14. receive apportion of 2506 the living body 5315 the enosh-mortal man they will 582 which of 834 project selves 6923 will a sign of them 7560 breaking off bowing down the head stooped 6561-6915 they were caused 1992

15. the firm of ability [honest] 3581-5228 they may live I declare 2421 these to mark to remember 2142 name 8034 and I to refine purging away dross [fusing making good] 6884-2896 to of Mine 413 in delight 7522 the El raising up 410-6965

16. it shall reveal of 1540 to Me 413 among strength of them 6099 "I" will separate-dividing selecting of them 914 the El raising 410 6965 what 834 will be to Me among to spread of them His 3331 abounding resources 8228

17. the understanding 7919 one hundred 3967 in the pit falls of destruction 7825 AL-Most High 5920 the adam 120 will reveal of them 1520 acting of self in wisdom and intelligent's 7919. Then 176 the ones abounding in resources of Him

18. Most High of His 5920 exhausted of His them 4198 and proud these 1921 indeed so 61 not 3808 reverent fear have 3372 they 1992 in strength numerous them 6099 and they 1931

19. that which was of 834 their prophet 5030 a failure 1115 they perform 7999 they cling to of them 1692 and then you at once united alike 3162 and they 1931

20. in that wisdom 7919 and in those 2088 it shall reveal Mine 1540 to Him 413 all 3605 ones of affairs in Me and 6045 My ones of affairs of 6045 the man 367 [higher lever of man than 582 mortal] which 834

21. they 1931 among searched out striving after 1245 and the way as a course of life theirs 1870 which 834 I arranged fair and just equalized 8505 for His to cause defending and delivering 5337 from theirs another way 2468

22. having seen of His these 7200 regarding coming 935 Al-Most High of His 5920 one hundred 3967 cedur of the arranged order 5468 they will complete 3635 it will mark as to recognize 2142 in regions of 6285

23. also will desire companionship associate these [fem.] 7462 then like such 2004 "I" cause interpretation for solution of theirs 6590 causing different of 8138 with turning away 6657 //

24. from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 will of the chosen-selected will be

25. H // B: from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 He will look narrowly at 7688 the man I declare 367 will of one raising up 6965 the Torah-seeing 8451-7200 and Mitzvots-collect of laws and judgments seeing-[enactments an appointments decreed] 4687-2706-7200

26. like such 3644 because having declared-seeing and explained making clear seeing I have examine 874-7200 seeing-[examine 1305 and these sheep 2088-2069 has caused revealing of them seeing 1540-7200 of form aspect 1931-7299 over 5921 altering-changing of 8138 the way as a course of life of them 1870 [words in words]

27. the one 259 that which will reveals 1540 to Him 413 all 3605 the cedurim-orderly arrangements 5468 that completes making finish of them 3635 that which 834 you are 1992

28. in living body 5315 the strength of same 6106 the El raises of 410-6965 they have 1931. And they 1931 I clarify will cleanse 1305 from bringing them seeing 1946-7200 all 3605 affairs ones of His 6045

29 and ones of affairs of 6045 the ones humiliated of them 8213 regarding Him 413 and ones of affairs of Mine 6045 the man 367 which 834 they 1931 caused searching out to worship 1245

Image 0071: 1. And if 518 failing-wavering to Me 3782 "I" reveal 1540 to ones His 413 causing not 3808 the arranged order-ceder 5468 for with His 225 affairs of employment 6045 they will inquire asking counsel 7592 among and 1157

2. to liars-bragers 907 and these 2088 they to make 6231 like also the prophet 5030 firmness of ability and 3581 great 1419 like Mosheh 4871 to stand and 5975 will cause annunciation-announcing 8093

3. what of purpose 4100 they give a charge-command of 6680 " H " 3068 to regions 6285 also like which 834 the prophet 5030 firmness of ability and 3581 great 1419 by also to shame 954 you 859

4. from out of his thinking 2803 also not 3808 bend away morally 5186 although 7535 in matters of purpose arranged word 1696 unite 259 to lying-brager 907 "I" reveal 1540 to him 413 He gives one ceder-arranged order 5468

5. to matter of purpose arranged word 1696 that he 1931 into before lied 907. Like such 3644 causing you have ones to separate 910 in living body His 5315 to the ones of reaching ability to take hold on 5381 from and making circumspect intelligent 7919

6. what of purpose 4100 of also tribes-people 5971 becoming of 1961 he caused this making self prudent-wise [feminine] 7919 putting to shame 3637 from your uniting of them 259 in living body 5315 in the pit falls of destruction 7825

7. like so 3644 also ones of liar they were 907 not 3808 "I" remove 1540 for concern of him 413 twisting together in strength causing 193 by this with 225 him having caused these to be circumspect of 7919 which caused 834 ascribing praise [him pushing out a member of the flock] 8567-7716

8. from fabricating weaving of cunning man this way 2803 among His 413. And these 2088 in regions 6285 these have become circumspect prudent 7919 this they boil up scum of 2560 molding into a form for purpose of [good] 3335-2896 El 410 these causing to mislead being enraptured of this 7686

9. to 413 accomplish of them 3615 boiling up of scum it of theirs 2560 and they 1992 will become ready excited 2363 who will resemble him these 1819 and "I" make estimate regarding value 2807 and "I" will draw out-figurative deliver these 1802

10. in speaking 1696. Like such 3644 who of the living body 5315 they will of perceive 7200 ones of need need will 6878 by this caused going astray these of His 7686 to 413 their coming forth 4672

11. to faces of His 6440 they were caused and hastening 2363 terrified fearing 1204 My ones of rising to light 2225 ascending 5944 making luminous [gathering embers] 215-181 the activity of ministers of light 8120

12. and on this side 2008 will know by seeing to understand 3045 to a prophet 5030 numerous-powerful of 6105 only except His 2108 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 changing 5186 plan of purpose it ' 4284 by His

13. and ones of mental understanding heralding constrained by the principal [good] 6735-2896 in living body 5315 forming rocks His 6696 among 1157 He shall cause to separate of them His 910 and will walk the way-course of life them 1980 like these clinging pursuit of 1692 with His

14.the numerous powerful 6105 they to 413 bring 6965 the clinging pursuing 1692 with ones pressed out-rocks formed 6699 were these 1931 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 being of it 1961 in ties bound they 7194 in living body 5315

15. then so just as 3602 the text previous or following

16. \\ the whirling of sand these 2342 he was doing divination 7080 like which 834 they completed 7999 firm 3581 they resembled of His to Me ? 1819 returned His 7725 and I shall have separated 910

17. and they I have united-alike 3162 from separating mentally to understand 995 a remnant 7604 firm of ability 3581 in the living body 5315 the mortal man in general "I" declare 582 which 834 he exiled and 1540 to him 413

18. from the bones-[figurative of strength] these of them 6106 the Spirit Mine in them 7308 the ones a multitude of His 8229 over His 5921 firm of ability 3581 ones lofty heavens His you 8064

19. which 834 what of purpose these 4100 they abound of resources Mine 8228 before adam-man 120 will resemble of them 1819 also 176 these ones a multitude of resources His

20. over His 5921 light as bright cheerful these luminaries 3974 and they become one joining His 3162 and they shall make powerful His 6105 resembling they will of Him 1819 also 176 reverent fear of Him 3372

21. and were revealed they 1540 to Him 413 in pressing out forming rocks 6699 alike of His [good] 1571-2896 and thinking to scorn 959 they were uncovered 1540 to Him 413 all 3605 these will be known

22. by you 859 the cedor arranged order 5468 the ones lofty of the heavens 8064 to 413 the powerful of 6105 the Spirit Mine 7308 this "I" 1931 to do 5648

23. I will mark 2142 for have reach ability to take hold on 5381 the inspired man-prophet 5030 they a portion theirs 4480 to stand out 3426 in distinctly declaring 6567 for they will grumble-murmur 5098 will also push out to pasture a member of the flock flock 7716

24. ones affairs of employment of them 6045

25. H // A when reaching ability to take hold on you 5381 the inspired man-prophet 5030 will remain 3498 ones complete will 7999 and cause to die-kill "I" declare 4191 accordingly let remain of ours 3498 [inraptured with a woman before all-previous text 5381 or things]

26. the insight of 7919 Most High 5920 they compare to resemble they will these 1819 also how so 1992 ours crashing destruction from it 7582 and to way walked theirs 1980

27. from you same as [repeating] 8138 the inspired man-prophet 5030 also it shall be 1961 wise 2449 and intelligent 995 and master confederates 1167 measures 4060 good things 2896 like such 3644

28. who then El 227 410 to be nothing 369 the prophecy 5016 in rows-lines 7795 they strong 193 over 5921 afflicted-humble of 6041 being wise 2449 noble rich man 6223 powerful tyrant 1368

29. and will writhe in fear these 2342 and "I" arise [define-measure-determinative] 6965-5429 in doing will overturn of the perverted 2015 in regions 6285 also that which 834 it shall be 1961 residue left 3498 in want-destitute 2638 the cunning knowledge skillful in deception 1847

30. it shall be 1961 among brought to silence 1820 taken away and 7953 will be left 3498 by reason of and they 6440 will 3588 not 3808 corrupt or reprove 1605 in Mine the instruction of 7919 and to render sure faithful 3559 let it be because 1961

31. from when will kill 4191 the foolish 5228 will reserve 3498 one making right of them 6663. And will come forth 4672 will like snap at-bruise 7779 in the woman-wife 802 will reserve 3498 to Me of death 4191

32. provoked in causing the woman-wife 802

Image 0072: 1. H//B Also the prophet 5030 will know by seeing-understand 3045 from the arranged order of 5468 the man of Mine 376 then to mark to remember 2142 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655

2. the clinging and pursuit of His 1692 among the pit falls of destruction 7825 and in a manner of working as a pattern theirs of it 4399 then will selective in differing of theirs 914 out the mire it will bubble up 2563 like such 3644

3. also will mark to remember 2142. And the dumbness of to dreamer of 2492 and will distribute by determination in divination 7080 not 3808 in regions 6285 also the ability to take hold on you of them 5381 not 3808 shall cross over on account of intent 5668 the rolling wheels [recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534

4. H//G also the prophet 5030 shall reach the ability 5381 shall cause chanting wailing 6969 the good for nothing 7489 their doing of ceder-arranged order 5468 from altering of the one Mine 8138

5. the orderly arrangements 5468 it to remember of them 2142 in your chanting and wailing 6969 in the living body 5315 and permanently rising up 7011 Mitzvots-commands judgement's

6. the pit falls of destroction 7825 and to render the sure way 3559 "I" give warning 2094 Most High theirs 5920 and to His 413 not 3808 in regions 6285 also this to overtake it shall of them 5381 this 1931

7. in causing to remove to exiling of these 6808 by blood of they are 1818 which 834 He 1931 to bring forth 3318 these seeing 7200 and they are 1931 firm 3581 bubbling up of the mire of Mine 2563

8. and to prepare establish 3559 not 3808 they have choosen 977 except of 7285 the plague 1698 having bubbled up of the mire they of them 2563 //

9. H // D also the prophet of 5030 tribes-peoples 5971 being of and 1961 to become impoverished these 4134 they need need good 6878 2896 concern from 413 the Elohh 426 toward His 413.

10. the showing of desire voluntary 7522 will the El bring 410-6965 like this 3644 also saying His 559 from El 410 richness-fruitful 8081 [8083 number eight cardinal-the eighth day] shall instruct unaccustom of ' 3925

11. becoming His 1961 regarding Him in presents of praising El 1985 the ancient Man 2205 thirty 7970 from these 1992 seeing and they 7200 also you to prevail have power as a prince 8280 ascend up these 5944

12. fellow citizen ones of these 7934 like Mosheh 4871 and like this 3541. Toward Me 413 also were nothing 369 remain dwelling His 1752 seeing and they 7200 to stand up firm prepared [Ezekiel 38:7] and no doubt indeed 551

13. behold his 431 not 3808. In regions of 6285 also these firm of ability 3581 the ones higher they of them 8064 they will abound as a resource His 8228 causing to eternity 5769

14. the humble ones 8213 you loving 4312 by My hands 3721 stand up prepared you 3559 have caused to undertake of them 6901 nothing not yet 1097 to covey 7760 things prepared 3561 and delighted being acceptable 7522

15. out of them 1992 in regions 6285 also He 1992 will remove having pity 7355 in labor of when they 6468 remove seleves of the pit falls of destruction 7825 and to stand firm prepared 3559 all 3605 is made ready 3559

16. they will accomplish confirming 4390 with 859 hands of His 3027. The prophet of Mine 5030 "I" have abundance of 8228 will delight in favour 7522 the pit falls to destruction 7825 //

17. Al-Most High 5920 He shall of them bring out 4161 in kindness 4161 in eyes of His 5869 in the course of life-way walking 1870 having caused to stray being mislead these 7686 the men of to declare 376

18. H // H also the prophet 5030 removed and pulverized 7347 he you cut off 1415 prophet theirs 5030 your speaking 559 Yah will raise 3414 [Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah]

19. will remain 1961 in heart of 3820 like a flame 784 will kindle feeding you 1167 like thus 3541| and prepare Yahvah 3068 cause against bringing up 413-6965 arranged words theirs 1697

20. who 4310 not 3808 shall prophesy 5012 in regions of 6285 also by these they will announce to those 5046 standing out 3426 you chanting-wailing 6969 finish of 3634 to tribes-peoples 5971 and they to be straight pleasant when they 3474

21. to 413 work acts of bond servant of you 5656 the pit falls of destruction 7825 and [because] to confirm 3559 passion of anger 639' "I" will purge 2212 also then 176 they will take 3947 the prophet 5030 over 5921

22. they will declare him 5046 "I" will pulverize 7347 one to be high regions of 6285 also was nothing 369 out of the way walking-courde of life 1870 the wisdom in a good sense 2451 will ascend up His of these 5927

23. will with hold benefits of 4513 good 2896 wil increase 7235 in a path 7635 hurtful evil 7451 becoming fewer 4591 and untrue in words deception of 3584 being cheerful of 7797 with firmness 3581 [if deceived do you know, you have to return to the foundation Torah not found the lier has found you]

24. the prophet 5030 to watch 8104 from among and 4480 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655' he will cling pursuing hard and 1692 in the pit falls of destruction 7825 like such 3644 also causing to declare explaing making plain of 874

25. and these 428 not 3808. And were never to exist 369 declaring distinctly 6567 being prudent cunning 995 the dreamer 2472 and the will to divination for reward 7081 to Me not 3808 restrict-prohibit 3607

26. dumb this to fail these and us 1820 will remain 3498 cause to strengthen-cure 2388 anf safe in mind 7999 and complete 3634 to these you will of divide alone 909 from understanding cunning 995 leave 7604 smooth dealings 2506

27. the flesh-body 5315 in calling of voices 6963 prepare setting up 3559 they reaching being able to take hold on 5381 will mislead by enrapture 7686 when in the harvest 7019 they cause breaking ones word 2490 dumbness failing they and us 1820

28. prostrate-to over throw 2522 not 3808 will be able 3202 to these you will divide alone 909 in calling of voices aloud 6963 because 3588 "I" to expel ones of and they have caused 2957 leaving a remnant 7604 the firm of ability 3581

29. the dumb they of us shall be 1820 theirs to mark 2142 and to confirm 3559 they need need good 6878-2896 in present of will do again 8138 also then 227 they gather together 3664 they will enflame selves 2552 to faces of faces 6440

30. and they will be heavy-rebellious 5637 remove from the assemblies 7284. And shall be 1961 this 2088 manner 3651 in regions of 6285 whoever of the flesh-people 5315 they are 1931 first 259

Image 0073: 1. Like such 3644 in having made plain I have 874. And to stand up render self sure 3559 like this how 834 you also the weak dangling 1800 for bright-thinking 6219 making work habitually 6466 will cause these to have hope and confidence trusting 2620 first 259

2. among firm of ability those who are 3581 and will become His 1961 with ability 3581 then afterward 310 causing to make stop of them 989 that which 834 not 3808 you are able 3202

3. to this also you withdraw contact 4185 feeling of shame they 1322 the having to labered of working these [feminine plural] to become one 3161

4. H // vav: also have caused to repeat these 8138[Chaldee] the prophet 5030 on account of caus 7945 will fall out of being accepted 5307 from speaking of him 1696 cause to go away 7323 like astonished 7583

5. how of what 349 his knowledge 1843 with 853 the arranged word 1696 which 834 not 3808 word of Him 1697 "H" 3068 when 834

6. the arranged word of 1696 the prophet 5030 in name 8034 "H" 3068 and not 3808 it shall be 1961 such of this 1931 they speak 1696 which 834 not 3808

7. speaking of Him 1696 "H" 3068 in being presumptuous they are 2086 speaking of him 1696 the prophet 5030. And these are 2088 in regions of 6285 also the judgments of 8201 in the arranged order 5468

8. he will complete 3634 many 7227 and have portions 2505 by judgments-mishpats theirs 4191 all 3605 with 854 bending-subdued these 3711 sinking-drowning of 2883 and they shall mingle-mix 4197

9. like this of 3644 the tribes-peoples 5971 firm 3581 joining by spell charmers and 2266 like astonished 7583 because of 3588 elevated arrogants 1364 sin-treacherous of 4604 elevated arrogants 1364 he sees 7200 arrogant pride of them 1364

10. loftyness and acting high 5944 became 1961 the workings of 4399 increasing of 4766 and it lives 2421 reaping of the harvest 7114 to these reaching being able taking hold on 5381

11. a verdict-sentence-mishpat to them 4941 accordingly seeing and they 7200 when 518 beside of an adversary moving against 6655 their bones-figrative of strength theirs 6106 and when 518 beside of an adversary moving against 6655 they shall join charmers of spells theirs 2266 against you shake out them 2107

12. except 7535 also these will determine by divination 7081-7081 and the prophet 5030 he divides separating 909 all 3605 with 854 in regions 6285 firm his 3581 in regions 6285 also the prophet 5030

13. now will 645 out of failure 1097 being of 1961 firmness his 3581 great 1419 then 645 also he's tyrant of 5303 from words of him 1967 of Mine accomplished pleased with 7521

14. and after 310 this 2088 shall of knowledge have opinion 1843 according to the good ones of these [fem.] 2896 they will of female additional ones 7468 were from arranged order-ceder of these 5468 one hundred 3966

15. the pit falls to destruction 7825 caused of them 1992 hurt and ashame 3637 good ones of 2896 in regions 6285 also they 1992 to have resources abundant of 8228 making to complete-restore His 7999

16. upon reverant fear of Him 3372 to cause bringing them 935 to 413 Him He will promote 6744 they become overseer "I" declare 5330 and they 1931 to Him to cling follow close 1692 by His

17. will excell 3498 like such 3644 also write the record you have 3791 to pervert do amiss wicked against 5753 break off and deliver 6561 "H" 3068. And shall be 1961 these 2088 just and right of manner 3651 in regions 6285

18. also the ones additionally of them 7468 they shall be ones of straight and upright His 3477 to serve in bondage you 5647 the pit falls of destruction 7825 and from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 these 2088 this such 1992 good ones 2896

19. out of raking together embers 181. Like such 3644 also holding peace these 2013 will change 4171 selves 1931 good 2896 out of beside of an adversary moving against 6655 cease doing of 7503 have a sickness 4245

20. And this 2088 by reason of 5921 cunning knowledge 1847-from 3045 treading out away [Nehemiah 13:15-18]

21. H // A: for this 834 in providential turn of affairs shall 5438 the wrong 7451 they return and 7725 El of 410 "H" 3068 accordingly to regard 7896 clip off thing 1219

22. way walked 1980 and out of to take hold on cause to do 4672 all 3605 the arranged words 1696 and like this ' 3541 and will turn back 7725 witness of record-Eda of 5707 "H" 3068

23. El 410 raises you 6965 and prepare 3559 like how the 834 established foundation togather 3245 man 376 with 854 Son His 1121 "H" 3068 El 410 brings you 6965 just so of manner 3651

24. by fasting 6685 to Him with calling out by 7121 "H" 3068. And preparing 3559 when of a truth 518 to exist standing out 3426 making just and lawful righteous of them 6662 also out of the plague 4046-from 5062 will of strength them 451

25. their actions good or bad in affairs of 6213-4639 the wicked bring wickness moral wrong, criminal [2nd Schmuel-Samuel 4:11-Yeshayahu-Isaiah 13:11] they 1931 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 causing ones of you breaking away from just authority-rebellion these 6586 will close the eyes causing to make powerful these 6105 like this 834

26. heavy-sad and 5620 among afterwards 310 "H" 3068 shall be separated His 6504 removing the clinging having joined 1692 in His of the duration 5703 also when 518 shall lay the hand on-punish 5060 strength of them 451

27. from this will inflict a penalty 6064 will remain 3498 out of what of purpose 4100 also "I" will of lay the hand on punish 5060 to whoever 4310 also not 3808 will join together 1692 in His from eternity

28. never His 369 morally evil 5767 within bosom theirs 2436 expansion 3315 mourning lamenting 56 they concern of this 1697 seeing and they 7200 then shall make ready 3559 like which 834

Image 0074: 1. watch of them 5770 elder of insolent-proud thing 1419 vehemently and swift 3966 in these 1992 to be recognized marking 2142-when they are extoling of selves 7313 confederacy-treason 7194 they will cling together 1692 according to this 834 drawing out 4871

2. and looming up of them 2042 also will inflict a penalty and 6064 will fining 6065 bubbling up of the mier 2563 will present selves they 4672 shall slander of 1681 the land 776 for business afairs 6045

3. they were sent to decry it 8446 conspired so as a compact 7194 were clinging together of 1692 with whoever 4310 will make a complaint-defend 7378 will enclose on every side you 5437 making a complaint-defence of your's 7378 the tribes-peoples 5971

4. like such 3644 also out of to make become famished-thin 7329 were seen making a breach-dividing 7200-1234 and these 2088 also saying 559 their Hoshea-deliver 1954 for Yisrael 3478 making afraid terrified

5. commandments precepts His 6674. And when 518 evil-wrong 7451 in eyes of your's 5869 to bondage-will make to serve 5647 with 859 "H" 3068 will try acceptableness 977 way walking these 3212 with 859

6. whoever 4310 shall be of servitude 5658 when 518 with 859 the El 410 to take upon self 6965 which in order that 834 to work serving and 5647 with 859 father's your's 1

7. in order that 834 will transition on account of intent 5668 the sheen of a river figrative-assembled together cheerfully 5102 and when 518 El 410 to be blunt 6949 the commands Mine 562 which 834 with them 859 in the land of their's 776

8. and like how 834 intermixing with 6035 and will declare 560 a directive for a profane thing forbid 2486 by ours done among to loosen will commit selves to fail 5800 with 859 "H" 3068 the Elder

9. cause to rankle-burn 3859 not 3808 shall they finish 3615 by servitude 5647 with 859 "H" 3068 because of 3588 El 410 an edict as raised up in law 7010 to be clean of them 6918 such as this 1931

10. El 410 zealous to make so 7065 that 1931 not 3808 they seduce in leading astray 5377 by you breaking away 6586 and this wispering in a bad sense incantation of a charm with you 3908-859 except 3588 letting go for a price 5801

11. with 859 "H" 3068 servitude shall they 5647 El 410 raising of vomit 6958 He will scrutinize to be suspicion of 5234 and then 8033 cause associates 7453 to you and finish 3615

12. with you 859 after of doing this 310 how 834 will they be accepted of successful right 3190 regarding you cause to explain make plain 874 by how so 1992 also remain [future] 3498 associate 7453

13. will inhibit being heavy 3365 to them 1992 out of the Torot-[fem. of Torah 8451 they to tie in compact-treason 7194 and to work in bondage you 5647 cutting a covenant 1285 what of purpose 4100 also inhibited being heavy 3365

14. to them 1992 when 518 not 3808 they to work in bondage and will they? for eternity 5769. In regions 6285 also like which 834 not 3808 they will collect together 3664

15. in cutting a covenant these 1285 and not 3808 they to work in bondage will cause to 5647 for eternity 5769 not 3808 they as water draw out-gushing forth 1518 in them 1992 to complete 3636 they to prepare 3559

16. not 3808 will inhibit 3365 to these 1992 associates 7453 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 causing Me to look narrowly at these 7688 the man of you 376. Negation-not yet 61 like which

17. he to work serving and they shall 5647 and they gather together and 3664 in cutting a covenant these 1285 and the remaining will 3498 cause to tie compact-conspiracy 7195 and they cross over-transgress will 5674 the covenant-complaining-mourning 1285-1058

18. they come 935 to rankle-a burning 3859 male companions 7463 one hundred theirs 3967 expansion 3315 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 He has looked narrowly at this 7688 the men of you 376 in these

19. like such 3644 also having explained and declared "I" have 874 and now this 2088 you will explain make plain 874 in living body theirs 5315. And these 2088 also declare saying of 560 the same 2088 El 410

20. and turns about of selves they 5439 it was stormy shiver in fear they 8175 vehemently and seedily 3966 from this goading to learn 3925 also will execrate-stab with words He will 6895 made small small 1851-1851 as long as before of 5973 the making of just and lawful of 6662

21. passion in displeasure of 599 were to be untrue in words 3584 to open the gates-doors will 8179. In regions 6285 also of their companions 7463 desire of such 2088 these 1931 doing well 2896 to rankle-a burning 3859

22. in regards of doing to make right to those ones 3474 for working in serving shall 5647 they to 413 remain 3498 as before these bending to serve-thus to humilate 3665 to think those understand them 3824 this wanton commiting idolatry will 2181 and think [you] to scorn-disesteem 959

23. they to return and 7725 to ask change of 413 "H" 3068 and He to pity having compassion on them 7353 if when 518 desired to ask of this of "H" 3068-1158-2088. When 518 to inquire before "H" 3068-1158 and of such a deeds 1931

24. that which 834 you shall do 1961 they shall return of these 6625 will finish-and they singing for gladness 7999-7440 they shall clap hands in satisfaction 5606 for will remain 3498 those are like moon mounth 3393 anticipation will have fled 6923

25. H // B: to fail-finished of you 3616 active bad persons-morally wrong of them 7563 in coming 935 afterwards 6256 punishment shall be of them 6489 accordingly transport into captivity 7617

26. to seize and hold 270 will remove to distant part of them 3671 the land 776 and was adolescence-imature servants and 5288 to be declared evil deeds of them 7563 remove allotment weight out 4487

27. accosting a person calling out to-bewray of self 7121 to commit of them 7760 in cornor-border area these 3671 of the land 776 by being of them 1961 give places established and appointed 5975-5977 by Me 225

28. with causing having caused making ones bed 3331 with staggering caused these [ incline to altered arranged order, writings] 5128 there to remove of them 3670 to owner-master of 1167 the cornor, area 3671

29. and shall stand 3426 in this as the man has 2088 people of the nations 1471 shall have upper of his 5942 [reverse] they shall blurt out-utter inconsiderately they will 3216 soar high haughty 1361 these 2088 with debt theirs 5386

Image 0075: H // A 1. Also will allow these to stay 3240 among these the just and right-righteous of them [in the absolute-masculine] and these will punish-take vengeance 5358 caused of them 1992 when transgressing or misleading 7686 there 8033

2. commiting what is declare wrong 7561 will make to cease 2308 will of fear 7246 and then 8033 they will cease 5117 tired and weary of their 3019 firmness 3581 //

3. H // B received of you 3947 among them 1992 the chastisement 4147 when to transgress 7686 and they shall remain of them 7604 they having intelligent hearing 8085

4. and reverent fear 3373

5. also the companions [feminine plural] 7468 with these 1992 were nothing of them 369 companions [fem. plural] 7468 of selfsame strong [fem. plural] to adam-man 120

6. like this 834 these were nothing 369 to Me from beside of an adversary moving against 6655[ meaning being influenced by] because of their 1992 adam-man 120 saved 7535 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655

7. also they 1992 refuge-to trust as one-woman safe 982 in regions of 6285 also the companions [fem. plural] 7468 in these 1992 were nothing these 369 companions [fem. plural]7468 living body of His 5315 [Yeshayahu-Isaiah 4:1-]

8. like this 3644 also saying 559 the record write 3789 saved 7535 you 854 of the living body 5315 hedged about-kept 8104 // [the two vertical line mean this is not finished, when seen in text]

9. Vav H // D-stretched forth the hand 1911 like this 834 increasing in numbers 3527 will establish 3559 the pit falls to destruction 7825 preparing 3627 for Adam 120 for the rescue-deliverance 5357

10. by Him from the thoughts-ideas of companions 7454 they labored for 1934 and considered skillful of wisdom 7919 this which 834 they cling to 1692

11. in among 413 and "I" deliver 5337 from all 3605. Evil wretchedness 7451 like such 3644 also haveing to explain making plain "I" have 874 and knowledge of 1843 also of appointed words of 562 the selected required Mine 977

12. you duplicate-repeat 8138 the arranged order caused to have 5468 and to duplicate-repetition of 4932 the orderly arrrangement of 5468 Eloahh 433 for good 2896 then 176 to associates 7453

13. these 1931 from speaking 559 they Yah has raised and 7422 to do-practise 6213 that are peaceful-quiet 7282 to My arranged words 1696 and among 5921 nations-peoples-goee 1471 those over 5921 dominion-ruling 4467

14. to tear away 5428 and to overthrow 5422 and to make perish of 6 then turning 7725 the nations-peoples 1471 the existing ones 1934 from the good for nothing you will 7489 which 834

15. I shall caused it to end an estate-according to the orders 1700 Most High His -[Yeshayahu] 5920 and they have repented 5162 over 5921 the eviles 7451 which 834 contrived of reasoning they shall 2803 to do of them 6213

16. to Him. in regions 6285 also the good things of theirs 2896 and the feeding upon 7469 to their singing songs of and 7892 to prepared works of their 5648 pit falls of destruction 7825 [mixing and substituting of laws and manners Torah]

17. like such 3644 also having declared and explained you have 874. And the way walking theirs 1980 like which 834 they have perverted of 2342 with good 2896 and they cling to 1692 with these

18." I " look narrowly at this 7688 the man doing of 376 to this well 2895 to them 1992 and this 1992 heavy-sad and 5620 following after Me 310 "H" 3068

19. and the ones of to shake off violently and 5425 their league of conspirators 7195 this exist 1934 to rule in the cause 1777 it 1992 also "I" to inflict a penalty 6064 upon 5921 these 2088

20. like this 3644 also ones of heving declared making plain you will 874 and to 413 you will be dense-stiff necked 7185 upper of 5942 from among speaking words of 559 Yirmeyahu-Isaiah-Yah will raise 3414 strong powerful His 6105

21. to Chananyahu-Yah has favored to 2608 a son 1121 will sourround protecting 5826 the prophet-inspired speaking 5030 which 834 he speaks by inspiration 5012 for safe welfare complete 7965 for brings 935 a pestilence-plague 1698

22. they have brought 935 will know by observation having understanding 3045 pestilence-plague 1698 the prophet 5030 which 834 sends out and of 7971 "H" 3068 in truth certain established 571 and confirm prepare 3559

23. answer saying 561 this of El 2088-410 in truth 571 whole 3605 of fixed agreement 3259 also to exist 1934 for good of it 2896 to be enraged 599 | over 5921 | you to entreat-asking so of to repeat 4994-root not used of Chaldee this last word

24. were nothing His 369 will protect 2387 also was told 559 and at this time 6258 they are restful a sweet odour 5207 to Me and tarry longer-delay 3186 faces of 639 and to Me working-accomplishing 6213

25. with you 225 to nations-peoples-goee 1471 great of matter 1419 and write the record 3789 and begin to build of 1129 Yah has enlarged 7345 upon His 5921 to speriorty of station 4609 from a land 339 to a relation of state-figurative priority 4608

26. by progression up 4609 searching of them 4959 myriad-thousands 7239 in regions 6285 also I dispersed 6566 greatly 1419 1419 to stand out 3426 separating mentally in understanding 995 skillful of knowing 3045

27. the good 2896 by seeing on oberservation of 3045 the evil 7451 when to come-being among 1961 the pit falls of destruction 7825 [substituting and negotiated away laws and mixed of Torah] when defered of 748 faces of them 639 and abundant 7227 favoring 2618

28. and having lifted up desire of 5375 perversity 5771 and breaking away from just authority 6586 of strength and 353 shall be 1961 among well doing 2895 to make right and lawful 6662 so to of evil deeds 7563 not 3808

Image 0076: 1. they thing to value [in a malicious sense] 2804 to Me expansion 3315 against [them] wanting and deficiency [Ec. 1:15] 2642 to Me nothing 1077 to complete of them 8000 like this 834 they of light to rise 2225 activities of light His 8120

2. over 5921 the whole of 3605 then will dwell 3427 nourishing-[as a form of sorting] 2177 picking out Mine 5365-4726 being lifted out of them 7213and like this 3541' pining after-[intense desire longing] 3642 to be of-become of 1961 a bond firebranded of His 2131

3. He will collect the prey-that was torn of them 2963 and the adam-man 120 honorable being grieved 3513 from these 1992 by the integrity seen 5228-7200 and will write the record 3789 of this 1992 and to love be compassionate His 7355

4. above 5921 all 3605 from doing-observed of these 6213 in regions 6285 also removed sinking-drowning of 2883 they completing of 7999 to the crossing over of 5674 among-after 5921

5. disease of theirs 4064 and in the aboundance of 8228 over 5921 the completing. Then to disregard-bring into subjection 3533 in the presents of being in 1961 their pit falls of destruction 7825 [substituting of laws and mixing] causing forms of 6696

6. all 3605 the ones coming forth-presented of them 4672 and were nothing 369 from the treading out a course of life 1870 these will of forms 6699. Before the presents of the plague 5061 from among a portion weighted out 4487 nothing but as 7535 good 2896

7. and ones rising up 6965 of guarding 8109 against what of purpose 4100 also they 1992 to Him forming pressed out 6699. And to confirm 3559 that which 834 known by seeing of it-understand 3045

8. against 5921 good 2896 like crying out after 188 who they will establish 6966 lest removal 6435 they to plot to purpose cunningly so 2803 to His expansion 3315 in order to fufill 3615 desire 176

9. by want deficiency in failing 2642 might be able of you 3201 so like this 3644 also saying 559 Mosheh said-commanded 561-562 out of failure 1115 might be able you 3201

10. "H" 3068 and like this' they to paint the eyes 6320 these 2088 cause to 3588 protest 5749 this evil 7451 because 3588 they have plotted cunningly to purpose 2803 to them to make rightness moderatly 6666

11. and to have compssion and love of them 7356 like which 834 not 3808 shall you be ones of establishment 6966 will aflict of them 6041 who are satisfactory lovely and pleasant 5116 them to trust-permant 539 knowledge of 1843

12. also tribes-peoples 5971 being of 1961 they will know by seeing understand 3045 like also they 1992 will be good 2895 he establish ones of 6966 this which 834 they lead astray 2398

13. the men 120. They have established of 6966 in affliction of them 6041 not 3808 they glad 8055 with him among on account of this cause 6903 the good 2896 this they of such 1992

14. like which 834 bring about 7136 for will cause bringing of 3318 mitzrayim-Egypt-land of distress 4714 who of killed 4191 in the desert wildernes 4057 shall you to establish of this 6966 to do of will know by seeing 3045

15. He has of Self 1992 the good 2896 for Yah has built us-them 1141 and among them-against us 2088 the adversary moving against 6655 startled shaking with fear 6342 i have the results 6118 lest removal 6435

16. i will establish of 6966 doing of know by seeing 3045 the good 2896 for their desired 176 for if would terminate 7098 seed of posterity their 2233 and it would distinguish these 6395 let remain 7604

17. will direct 3027 to do and 6213 out of the adversary 6655 evil this 5771 desired 176 day 3117 and not 3808 they will die 4191 and just and right of manner 3651 take hold on 270 El 410

18. And shall be 1961 they an army-company 4264 they to remain 7604 to escape-be delivered they 6406 reason of 5921 integrity theirs 5228 these companions 7464 like able enough 1767 [most of directed in feminine]

19. also they shall establish appointing of 6966 to do of will know by seeing 3045 the good 2896 and confirm 3559 to appoint-command 562-561 El has seen perceived with pleasure 2371-2372 to deliver 6561 pearls of knowledge 1862

20. Eyes of 2869 "H" 3068 El brings you 6965 they from these spontaneous and abundant gifts 5071 . Timely fit of these 6262 for well being they 2896 timely fit of these 6262 for companions 7464

21. because of adversary moving against 6655 became pregnant 2029 also were 1961 making well of things they right and just of them-2895-6662 in trouble 1283 He brings measured 5312-5429 to them 1992 heavy rains 1653

22. from many 7231 to disesteeming of them 5301 from them 1992 where-how 335 interpretation-solution of 6592 also seeing then 3528 to an enclosure as separated 1508 decreed so 1510

23. to these 413 the pavilion 6898 will make to have dominion these 7287 also not 3808 will fix a time 2163 and over 5921 the land 776 this also was nothing 369

24. they of need need 6878 for these 1992 like this elevation 7312 the hills 1389 and these to be theirs 2088 he rendered sure these 3559 will supply-furnish to define 6329-5429

25. restful 7282 to Me commune 1696 also like happy to be level 833 they purify selves making reconciliation will 2398 they to be sorry and repent 5162 the El 410 made the good of these 2896 and He will take 935

26. accordingly the afflictions-humbleness our 6041 not 3808 they shall rejoice or brighten 8055 in this. To regions of 6285 also they to do seeing to understand 3045 the good 2896 where placed 335 causing solution 6592

27. also not 3808 they shall appoint-establish 6966 when 518 in course of life 1870 they in front according to 6903 with His, His ascending shall 5927 with His and when 518 in course of life going 1870

28. after following of 310 like this 3644 also having explained making plain you have 874 saying 559 Yah will rise-Yirmeyahu 3414 for Yah has favored 2608 son 1121 will protect of 2826

29. because 3588 in these 2088 He tested 974 the prophet 5030 for 3588 like how 834 he to know by seeing 3045 against 5921 good 2896 who to send 935

Image 0077: 1. And he to establish 6966 the ones to know by seeing 3045 in regions of 6285 also when 518 they are stable certain of truth and trustworthiness 571 here now 645 also not 3808 they send away 935 anger 599

2. he to sin 2398 the man 376 if desired 176 he will whether or not 518 like this 3644 also making plain declared you have 874. And and think to scorn 959 he will make right 6663 repeat of 8138

3. the writings 3791 and shall make so in speaking 559 fault is negligent 7952 in kindness of El 2580 410 will of self same 2088 they to show others consider 7200 to him dispied 959

4. and so are teaching 4175 make right according to 6663 writings 3791 by face of ' 6310 open to change of you 6605 was caused change of you 8138

5. also they to feel secure in confidence of you 983 their pit falls of destruction 7825 will separate mentally to know 995 he able to of distinction between [the nun has been hooked by the trailing line of the word 6343 sudden alarm fearing shaking in awe]

6. the prophet 5030 to separate 910 will be able 3201 to him to give of theirs 5414 for turning self 5437 they missing the mark 2398 and to confirm 3559 sudden alarm shaking in fear and awe 6343

7. He sized be the heel-figurative to restrain 6117 trusting of them 539 that which of 834 constituted commands precepts set in order 6680 to the prophet 5030 also have the feeling of security and confidence 983 to afterwards 310

8. over 5921 the well doing 2895 was nothing and 369 laking will of give 5414 like this 3644 also saaying 559 Yirmeyahu-Yah will raise 7311-3050 Chananyah-Yah has favored 2603-3050

9. son 1121 will of surround-protect-help. And so on this side of 2008 those cruel heavy and impudent 7186 over 5921 these 2088 will cause to succeed-desire 6329-5429 causing to express suddenly 7280 My arranged word 1696

10. if not 3808 when 518 laying open declaring distinctly 6567 My arranged word 1696 mentally distingish to understand of 995 to the distinction between 996 strong of substance Mine 6106

11. And to bring out 3318 and confirm 3559 knowledge of by seeing to know-cunning so 1847 head person that rules 8269 regularly organized appointed times of 6635 "H" 3068

12. also the good 2898 which 834 not 3808 he who gave of theirs 1931 these 1931 they have the order arranged-seder 5468 remove the ordered of arrangement of cedur 5468 causing to make perfect 3634

13. to build up support in trust of them 539 will out of orderly arrangement-ceder 5468 removed from their arranged ordered-cedor of 5468 the mans his 376 they of 1931 beside of an adversary moving against 6655 he will look narrowly at 7688

14. exppansion 3315 the mans to declare 376 it of all 3605 to these it is a gift of these 5414 in regions 6285 also they come forth 4672 with others to be a home theirs 4998

15.and they 1931 raise an arising 6965-7012 the Torah 8451 and Mitzvot-commands judgments justices of Yah 4687 3050 and out of these 2088 will portion out-sorting 4327 shall be 1961 will know by seeing 3045

16. of Ya'aqob-Jacob 3290 and confirm 3559 to be startled stand in fear 6342 a Name of Renown Mine 8034 be afraid causing to them 3025 they have missed the mark-sin 2398. And of themselves 2007 they to be dense cruel stiff-necked 7185

17. over 5921 these 2088 when also how 349 not 3808 you shall do 1961 testing of you 974 the prophet 5030 for when will laid hand on for punishment of you 5060

18. to do good 2896 in stability in certain truths "I" have 571 for 3588 ' I " cause interpretation 6590 to know by understanding 3045 this 2088 out of one moving against beside of 6655 being among His 1961 having divination of an oracle 7081

19. desired that 176 to be wise 2449 in this judgement of 8199 the stars. And alike 1571 causing to fail to Me 5782 they come 935 not 3808

20. they shall be 1961 for His to appear as a sign 226 against 5921 untrue and deceitfulness of their doing 8266 because 3588 they made interpretation 6590 shower violently 1652 on this perversity-evil 5771

21. and Mine will establish 3559 like such 3944 also you have made plain 874. And ample large good 155 after they 310 act circumspect and prudent 7919 working of them 6468

22. He to 413 these 1992 doing good of 935 for 3588 not they' 3808 abounding of resources 8228 from portions 4482 except 7535 good 935 also how 349 these to sbundance 8228

23. from portioning and 4480 having fed firmly you these 428 the men 376 the shepherds 7462

24. Mine having grow gray hair you 7867 among these of 2088 "H" 3068 returning of these 7725

25. H // A also feeding firmly you shall 1277 who draw in sowing you 4900 given of El of Yah 452 against drowning 2883 will bubble up of the mire 2563 to make clean His 5352

26. were to die 4200-4191 among them 1992 chasing after you 6718 these flies of venom [deadly] of them 2070 to make clean of these 5352 these having caused illumination 215

27. among them 1992 gathered and were to die 4200-4191 and will make fresh of them 6212 the shepherds 7462 when will make clean of His 5352

Image 0078: 1. in the land 776 having of sucked out by hunger and exhausted [Devarim 32:24] who were 4198 in it 1992 and after following 3651 saying 559 the wisdom of 2450 thorns theirs 6975 of my-self 589 finished to cease 3615 portion of 4482

2. in the vineyard 3754

3. H // B also will create His 1254 by doing of these [fem.] 6213 songs of the 7892 commands Mine 6680 for the well being of them 2896 for their good 2896

4. in doing of these 6213 and having the services of you [fem.] 5656 the Adam will 120 like such 3644 also saying 559 the wise in mind 2449

5. blessings of 1263 who created 1254 all of 3605 these 428 for activity in ministry to Mine 8120 and write the record of 3789 made few 4591 made few 4591

6. cause to drive out theirs 1644 from face of you'r 6440 not 3808 cause to drive out our 1644 from faces you'r 6440 in altered 8138 truth firmly you 571-403 faces of 6440

7. you shall be 1961 in the land 776 desolate grow numb-waste [Ezk. 35: 12 and 15] 8077 and in abundance 7235 on of your 5921 assembled company 2416 the wife-the powerful 7705-7703 //

8. H " G like enough 1767 also they will instruct 3947 in them 1992 in the making right of them 6663 chastisement of will 4147 they 1992 that slso 834

9. work to produce and these 3018 remove the evil good for nothing 7489 His will distinguish of them 6381 like this 3644 saying 559 and completing 3636

10. the tribes-peoples 5971 they hear will consider 8085 and they have respect will 7200 and write the record of 3789 comes 935 after 413 ones having let loose 6544 because 3588 selves 589

11. they made heavy you have of 3513 the 854 heart theirs 3820 shall mark as a record 5608 by listening thinking with ears displeasing of 238 Son you 1121. And will write the record 3789

12. and in the sense of solitary-seek to be alone 198 for on account of transit will of 5668 this 2063 they will stand to you 5975 and the pepole of the nation His 1471 //

13. H " D to Mine instruct-correct 3256 with these 1992 the tender of the flock-shepherds 7462 accordingly young lambs 3776 alas exhortation of 1945 branch off a scion for correction 7626 anger displeased 599 //

14. H " H to these will bring to birth 3205 Son 1121 making right-cleansing of selves 6663 like such 3644 Abraham 85 Terach 8646 and Chizqiyah 2396

15. Achaz 271 from refining-purge out impuretes 6884 to these 2088 which makes honorable 3513 I will confirm of 3559 the pit falls of destruction 7825 by wrong-wickedness 7561

16. prepared of manner 3627 "I" composed setting in order making straight 8626 also "I" protect of 2387 with His for chastising-correcting before of the tribes 4294 and they 1992 in making circumspect being prudent 7919 because 3588 their nets of them to ours they cause 7568

17. they shall give 5414 like such 3644 also having made plain you have 874. And if-when 518 testify-repeat 5749 shall turn back 7725 and they request to enquire 7592 they collect ones thinking-thoughts 758

18. acting circumspect 7919 out of doing-following 6213 His to be mindful of this 2142 same of seleves 1992 good 2896 how what 349 they to abound of resources 8228 these so 2063

19. will be in splindor 2437 for appearance sake-will reject abbor 8389-5010 also they act treachously-defraud 5230 for causing to draw along 4900 dividing weighed out portion-food ration 4490 associates 7453

20. and see they have 7200 dividing of selves and spreading 4666 when to eat-feed 2939 given of your's 5414 will lack-food of theirs [maybe yaresh-3423 to seize inheritance, impoverish if the yod were dropped and the hey acting as will-future, now see line 21]

21. and they 1992 skillful in deception of 1847 captain-sar 8269 to mass an army-servants-followers 6633

22. "H" 3068 where of the pit falls of destruction 7825 [who had a gift as available 7862] it was fixed 3559 for them such as of them 2088 [Shemot-Exodus 12:49 Torah one shall be to native, to visitor in your midst]

23. the prepared thing 3627 they delight of acceptable 7522 to cause bitterness 4751 will in splendor they 2437 to have hedged about-guarding His 8104 accordingly able 1767 to establish an confirm 8627 with His the associates 7453

24. they will do keep and maintain 3557 to go 935 up His 5927 His scattered into corners 6284 will do the arranged order-cedor 5468 they will complete 3635 like such 3644 who in strength together growing in numbers 3527

25. they were fixed 3559 to His of ability and firm 3581 cast together increasing 7231 to the Rock Strong you 6697 of His edicts arising in law decreed 7010. And among they shall live 2421 and who of fearfulness of cause were caused to make bitter-grieved 4816-4843

Image 0079: 1. And Myself 589 shall say 562 who of strength twisting together they 352 shall be 1961 just of manner 3651 shall be 1961 seen and they 7200 on account of cause 7945 you will be 1961-for shall be [Judges 5:9 to teach in Yisrael Torah yet to be seen splendor yet to be]

2. in splendor 2437 to forever 5769 desired 176 by reason of 5921 the greatness 7230 for 3588

3. in good 2896 will cause to be valuable 3276 for which 834 they will be found 4672 in a remnant 7605

4. in the firmness of ability 3581 were sinking-drowning they of them 2883 and was causing to disintegrate of them 6580. And they were found 4672 in greatness 7230 twice 6471

5. to 413 the associates 7453 and they 1931 were of ones ran after with hostile intent 7291 after 310 they shall desire long for His 183 and the home suitable theirs 4998 the rain showers His

6. they testify 5749 also of disesteem and despised person 959 of turning about-changing 2015 they shall chant and lament 6969 which 834 in pleasantness and 5207 with His 225 also in turning one self while doing-whirling of you 5437

7. doing in splendor while doing these [fem.] 2437 this 2063 they bring forth His 935 high ascent of them 5921 [a line connects the word chant and lament to the hey of ascent implied while doing] distresses [fig. of female rival] 6869 increase multipling 7231 so of female associates 7464 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655

8. He will glance narrowly at these 7688 the man-person of you 376 will let remain 3499 from purpose thing 4100 also will determine 1505 among of these 5921 one hundred 3967

9. in the arranged order-cedur 5468 will complete 3634 with ones of turning selves shall 5437 the crossing over these shall 5674 in the covenant 1285 and to do instructions-[torot fem.] these 8451 by this a conspiracy 7194

10. how 834 knowledge understanding of it 998 to distinction of 996 El spue out-as vomit these 6958 like such 3644 also having explained made plain it was 874

11. and to stand out of substance 3426 promise of them 562 also having ascribed to would El yield 5414 with man 120 like this 2088 in vigor 3581

12. for able enough 1767 when I wean 1580 and they to Me desire 5375 who except of 3884 962

13. just and right of manner 365"I" shall cause to stop 989 sinking-drowning 2883 when they to distinctly separate 6567

14. and they have stopped 989 reward of 1577 and will inflict a penalty-fine 6064. And gather 1571 these 2088 not 3808 straight 3474 in eyes of Mine 5869 strength of Him 352

15. shall be 1961 cause to interpret 6590 to man 120 also I to try select of 977 for good 2896 to eternity 5769 accordingly of work manner 4399 the ministering servant 8334

16. they will remain 3498 in the good 2896 and having weaned of 1580 they shall be 1961 to Me like which 834 it shall be 1961 continual daily sacrifice of 8548 Most High 5920

17. El to raise His 410-6965 and "H" 3068 peoples His 5971 in employment of affairs 6045 they divide-separating of them. And to render sure 3559 reverence fearful so 3374 to Me- laboring to bring forth 1518

18. also they will select 972 by turning away of them 6657 continuing of them 5126 will develope drawing along you 4900 by concern for 43 drowning-sinking 2883 will bubble up of the mire 2563

19. walk about slandering 7270 in bubbling up of the mire they of theirs 2563 also mountains My [Ezekiel 35 all specific in verse 12] from the desert wilderness theirs 6723 will examine prove 974 the failure of nothing failure you of 1115 wilderness theirs 4057

20. according to fashion of 1823 in splendor 2437 in ones employment of His them 6045 will receive a portion 2505 He has you stired up exicited 5782 which 834

21. among them accordingly mark to remember 2142 to ascend to 5927 delivered break off of 6561 this 1668 And the Adam 120 they drive forth guiding self 5090 among this side 2088 guiding forth selves these 5090

22. like such 3644 also will mark to remember 2142 name 8034 also on these 2088 the firm good-straightforward integrity plain right 3581-5228 they drive away put to flight 1272 the flock of men migrating 6629 removing the wolf 2061

23. and they increase magnifing 7679 they shall intercede entreat judgement 6419 and they to love like friend 157 the words of the matter of commands 4405 and they draw near 7130 to sheperds tending a flock [Ezkiel 37:24] 7462 and they 2088

24 also they herald as messengers constrained by the principal 6735 their shaking [bringing force to mix, dislodge the arranged order] 5128 in making selves stired up excited, excited 5782 [double resh]. And they make you excited stiring up 5782 to delight showing pleasure. And to confirm 3559

25. declaring commands 562 drawers of drawing 8025 making circumspect intelligent and prudent 7919 will create of 1254 eternity these 1992 to glitter being eminent they of them 5329 in the drowning-sinking 2883 were nothing 369

26. for these 1992 selected chosen ones 972 lean even so 7535 for good 2896 in regions of 6285 acting circumspect and prudent 7919 presenting of these 4672 their 1931

27. good. And they who were found 4672 to continue 5769 they shall live in 2421 also they turn aside and 5186 to 413 the good 2896

28. to continue 5769 and doing turn about 2015 will finish 3635 will create of these 1254 expansion stretching out 4298 who were drowning and sinking these 2883 to 413 having had here the arranged order 6311-5468

Image 0080: 1. will complete 3635 the portion arranged 6310-5468 companions. To reach a given point 749 they will spread out declaring of Me these 5186 to continue of 5769 tending a flock 7462. And those are His 2088 who will take hold on El 270-410 were nothing 369

2. companions 7453 they will bring down 3381 out of among 4480 the ruins grown numb-be destitute of 8074 . These 2088 in behavior 2940 of the satan-adversary 7853 in his speaking and thinking 562 from traveling about pushing forth 7751 in the land 776

3. and makes selves walking about-circling about 1980 in it and their way walked 1980 in regions 6285 also in the delight of voluntary 7522 was also the pit falls of destruction 7825 [substituted way-laws of Torah] was it1961 in to it to abundance 8228

4. over 5921 all 3605 being distressed His 3334 and to this bringing these 935 also 413 shall complete of you 3615 they have to push forward to become profitable 6743 My own hand 3709 will cause interpretation of 6590

5. on them in front of their assemblies 6904 the heaps of rubbish 6194 were caused as pawns-security for debt 2258 what a course of you 423 in making selves clean-be transparent 2135 they 2088 have bubbled up of the mire 2563

6. their portion arranged 6310-5468 will portion out of Mine 4327 flies of theirs 2070 and "I" above over-figrative against these 5924 also they are insolent-to seethe because for your 2102 portion among theirs 4480 having bubbled up of the mire 2563

7. the Adam 120 which 834 to be of preeminence 3504 makes selves clean His 2135 and sheep of His and they 7716 to mingle water with wine of His 4197 among will make ready 3559 to the front 6904 will finish His 7999 [Isa.-Yeshayahu] 42:26-Ezra 5:16]

8. the way prepare His 3559 they will of abundance these 8228 among theirs 413 in deeds of 2063 the living body of 5315 having caused the plague of your's 1698 shall with savour smell-figurative to perceive 7381 like wise 2063

9. they will be of splendor 2437 they will come 935 to His out of the corners 6285 bubbling up of the mire 2563 for 413 the good 2896. They turned to 7725

10 the Adam 120 they being of 1961 will portion out arranged 6310-5468 for man 376 of ones raising up 6965 they excel. In regions 6285 also will be in splendor 2436 they have come 935

11. from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 in circumspect-intelligent's 7919 were nothing these 369 married-mistresses [B'resteet-Genesis 20:3] by the side of these 6657 because of 3588 being circumspection 7919 were nothing 369 to Him forbid prison 3607

12.[cause not] 3808 beside of 6654 united as one 259 and they see 7200 the good 2896 when it was declared 518 to separate for purpose 905 in employment of affairs 6045 in these divided to distinguish of them 914 and ample large good 155 [the first word has a line centered through it very plain not do it appear they will see]

13. how 349 they shall live among 2421 exhausted-to suck out 4198 also they shall be 1961 sought out 4672 the ones the same 2063 they a form pressed out-rock 6699 "I" will divide to distinguish of you 914 in ones crossing over 5674

14. these 2088 in a wall of protection and they 2346 the good such as of 2896-2088 the tribes-nations 5971 also they to be alert-watchful 8245 in powerfulness-numerous's His 6108-6109 also to be sought out His 4672 will bubble up of the mire 2563

15. among the ones crossing over 5974 in a form pressed out [fem.]. Causing to bring you 7725 to His speaking things of promise 562 also the El 410 explained making clear 874 in the flesh 5315

16. they caused the plague of you 1698 within the time during 5704 this 2088 they bubble up of the mire 2563 you of the right of manner 6664. Causing anxiety of the heart 1079 Mine 589 were nothing of 369 the promise 562 surely of leanness 7535

17. who were of the pit falls of destruction 7825 explaining making plain 874 clean-pure you 2134 these 2088 bubble up of the mire 7563 like so drawn of 8388 these 2088 by employment of My affairs these 6045 you waiting 2342

18. for Him such as these 2088 in the flesh 5315 they caused the plague of you 1698 which 834 explain making plain 874 and were fixed preparations [Nahum 2:4] which they 1931 finished made ready of them 8003

19. for will bubble up of the mire 2563 of the self 1931. And these have 2088 a company of persons in intimacy of consultation 5475 and they will bring 935 to 413 the Adam 120 by this 1931 they will be known of seeing understand 3045

20. in regions 6285 also were caused to act circumspect 7919 and they to resemble 4911 by such 3588 disesteeming 959 mine to be complete and 7999 also to mine they 1992 were to let be and 1961 to announce good news 1319

21. unified 258 they 1931 act circumspect 7919 He made clean has 5352. And knowledge 1843 such like these 2088

22. and they of employment work 6045 because 3588 they are of a form pressed out 6699 shall need need to the good 6878-2896 for were against of 1961 and they were against Me 1961 in form pressed out

23. when 518 "I" pressed out forming 6699 causing need need to the good 6878-2896 for were against Me 1961 among ones bearing with them 5375. Walk about slandering 7270

24. to become 1961 to Him for drawing along by sowing to His 4900. For 3588 the pressing out forming-a rock 6699 not shall stand on the platform 5982 among failure 1097 will bear [a rock immovable

25. and they were His yet against Him 1961 these need need good 6878-2896 to forming in pressing out 6699 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 having happened in 4672 walking about slandering 7270 because of 3588 the pressing out in forming 6699 [pressing out =pressure or stress of doing having to choose-from what is available the way]

26. out of completion shall be 8003 presented 4672 they were His against Him 1931 because 3588 they were nothing of His 369 scorning 5006 by closing the eyes they 6105 [ignore]

27. presented 4672 to be complete 7999. Repeating 5750 also they will be 1961 high and like such of ones 2088 in making habitually of practices 6466 will require and 7592 shall 1961 come forth 4672

28. rightly of manner 3651 not 3808 shall 1961 make selves to covet 1942. Because 3588 His come forth 4672 not 3808 they cause ruin 1943. Nevertheless 61 they 1931 will come forth 4672

29. presenting selves 4672 weak-frail 2523 destitute in want and failing 2638 and were pressed out formed 6699 from completion of you 8003 with Him 225 and out of this to fasten-being strong of His 2388 and will give you 5414

30. to His presenting selves 4672 restored. And high His such like 7413-2088 in His 413 by acts of work 6467 //

Image 0081: 1. Will know 1843 Him once again-third time 6471 increasing thousands 7238 they will remain His 1961 men-persons of 376 the completion 3635 they being old 1086 those of the seeing [understanding] 7200

2. from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 strong and numerous these 6099 and shall cling-adhere to 1692 by many 1992 He will look narrowly at these 7688 the men-persons " I " shall

3. from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 finishing of them 3635 in regions 6285 theirs from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 such like 2088 the many 1992 friendly-completion of them 8003

4. will see His of these 7200 to also 413 having the ability to take hold on 5381 the men-persons they have 376. And to confirm 3559 catching with an accessory idea-way of El 270-410 to 413 cause separation of 6567

5. a portion 4480 will gather of into 6651 and saying 559 like also will be to declare distinctly 6567 a portion 4480 of in gathering into-aggregate 6651 were nothing 369 to Him to be smooth of words 2505 poisonous-wormwood of before 3939

6. and "I" will give warning 2094 for "I" shall judge 6419 tribes-nations 5971 the gathered into-aggregated-heaps of 6651 by altering and removing 5709 which in a great while ago 3528 it came forth of Him 4672 with men of theirs 376

7. it became of these 1961 our companions these 2271 wealth as shut up-close of them 5459 having abused 7533 with knowledge of His 3045 a failure of 1115 whoever causing to find His

8. and were known of them 3045 not 3808 will appoint 7760 one 259 portion 4480 in the men-persons of 376 and not 3808 will finish them 3635 because 7535 they sowed to delay Him 4900

9. in forming by pressing out His 6699 complete they and they shall 3635 like such 3644 also they sowed to remove 4900 among companions of 2271 and they mingled-wine and water mixed up of His 4197 the foundation Him 3247

10. tribes-nations 5971 they became 1961 dead bodies 6296 dying of them 4191 formed rocks 6699 kings of you 4428 these 1931 in the living body 5315 in the caused plague of you 1698

11. and to establish and confirming 3559 Who brought forth you 4672 of such deeds 2063 He has looked narrowly at of these 7688 greatness 1419 in finishing 3635 Yisrael-He will rule 3478 tribes-nations

12. being of them 1961 beside of Me 1115 seeing of them [the sign for integral the expression following is to be integrated]

13. And for a great long time 3528 you have caused 1961 Me to have looked narrowly at of this 7688 in spreading of them 7473 from the side of an adversary moving against 6655 becoming of his 1961 in well doing of them 2896

14. because 3588 you have spread out stripping-plundering 6585 causing you to have abundant of resources 8228 in the El of raising' 410-6965 His selection made narrow 680

15. above 5921 the well doing of theirs 2896 over their 5921 young men-lambs 3776 setting aside "I" have 680 a portion 4480 "I" make of quick understanding 7306

16. will be 834 over of you 5921 and to place-appoint "I" shall 7760 over of them 5921 tribes-nations 5921 being of them 1961 they being old 1086 seeing Me of them 7200 and these His 2088

17. who also say 559 they write will of the record 3789 then in regarding I shall 5375 in completion 3635 will cause to confirm 6965 with account of them 5668 and write the record of it 3789 will liken 4911

18. in the Adam 120 make right of 6663 having likened 4911 were you afraid 3372 El 410 to bring up. And after this El 310-410 "I" 589 will use figurative language 4911 with man 120

19. and whoever 4310 will use figurative language 4911 "I" to consent 3820 causing to make right 6663 also the saying 559 make right 6663 of figurative language 4911 to you fearing of 3372 El to bring up 410-6965 shall know 3045

20. who they have cursed-malign 6895 will of cut down-exclude 1504 the person 1508 and they 1992 cause to stop-cease of them 989 with this 225 what of purpose 4100 also were nothing 369 firm 3581 in hand of power 3027

21. works of employment 4399 will contribute serving 8334 the sign integral : [ to make whole-complete the following parts, bring together as a whole the sign for completion appears at the end of image 0083]

22.-23.-24.-[are of larger letters and are translated also in the reverse]-22. And afterwards 310 will write the record of 3789 these 2088 came forth "I" caused 4672 to rank of captain-ruler 8269 battles of 4421-[reverse] you are from dumbness 2492 seeing 7200 inducing to mislead of 7953 being strong 684 talk-raving of 1957 break in pieces you will 1327 month 3391 av-fifth [relates to 9th day]

23. "H" 3068 they to be wise in words and deeds 2449 walk about slandering spoiling 7270-897 also write the record 3789 in making known it 3045 "I" will glance at narrowly these 7688 [reverse] the Chag-Festival 2282 pushing out sheep Mine 7716 will overturn 5856 able 1767 daughter 1323 like to defend 7682 in seeing 7200 among will excerpt selves 3581 "H" 3068

24. to be dumb 1745 regarding these 2088 also write the record "I" declare 3789 in termination after a portion ending 7117 [reverse] shall a wing as gleaming in the air 6731 stabbing with words 6895 of you daughter 1323 covered in flesh grown fat-overwhelming 3780 will blow down 2151 shake measuring 4128 [Zechariah 8:1- , 2nd Kings 25:8-9 , Yirmeyahu 52:12-13]

25. and saying 559 also they have the pit falls of destruction 7825 will be known 3045 all 3605 the words of the matter 1697 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 pushing out members of the flock-lambs these 7716 tender and weak ones 7401 in that you 1768 [reverse] ones of lying 3538 who 4310 plot 3738 and to be high these 1116 lying like demons 7700 fasting 6685 who 4310 spread 7234 a way walked 1980 as witness and they 5707 of you have pushed out sheep-members of a flock 7716 hurl-[figurative] to delude deceive His

26. examine and select 1305 and in limits set 1379 of the arranged order 5468 among will act circumspect 7919 in regions 6285 pushing out members of the flock-lambs 7716 at that time 227 not except 1115 fixed a time and place of them 2163in regions 6285 [reverse] I judge them 6419 rage and suppressing these of 3238 the olive tree 2132 to spoil 958 what of purpose 4100 a gift 7862 to judge 6419 change regarding 7760 free be lord 7300 desire 5429 the heart 3820 of this theirs 1454 slaver-drool 7325

27 without children theirs 7921 were first of them 259 with His of the expansion of 3315 indeed of truth 551 knowledge of 1843 also of tribes-nations 5971 being of them 1961 one of arranged order of them [reverse] to descend 3381 and define measure 5429 from to die 4191 and will remain 1961 actions 4639 knowledge 1843 portion of 4480 what 4100. Lawyer-sheriff 8614 and with who 4310 pushing down out cast 1760 becomes of them 859 will make an end complete 5239 as a lamb 7716

28. they 1992 to Me spreading declaring Me of them 6567 for the ones good of them 2896 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 he will select 972 the man-any his 582 will exhaust 4198 beside of the ones to catch 6679 [reverse] leap-exult they 1750 to talk deliriously they 1957. Shall standout 3426 they caused expression of pain 162 of making room they 7337 to be turned of these 1750 from to lend on security 5670 to be high they 1116 to occupy driving out previous tenants 3423 scatter into corners 6284 what of purpose 4100 to see 7200 [note the resh and lamed seeing against are the writen order beginning of image 0082. The scribe post the first word of the following page as a note]

[The fifth month the 9th day five events fell to Yisrael, our father not to enter the land, Nebuzaradan and he burnt the House 586 B.C.E. The second the Romans in 70 C.D. Events of Judah that fell on this day tragedies like expulsion from Spain 1492; a side note Judah is composed of all of the tribes according to history in Chronicles, must know this to understand the prophets. And on the seventh of the fifth month the heathens entered the Temple and desecrated it, and at dusk on the ninth set fire to it. Also this the time of the Maccabee's 157 B.C.E. many of Yudah, traitors to the Torah, and covenants, and the way, many they killed to restore the keeping of the way of the Hebrew's. This also means the scriptures were and are in Hebrew, the other side.]

Image 0082: 1. walking about slandering 7270 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 they who are 1992 failing 1115 from the arranged orders 5468 and have removed the boundaries 1379 and this he 1931 beside of men catches 6679 which were to Me 834 [the word 5468 commands or instructions the Torah backed by authority, laws in which right of actions and condition existing for the purpose in safety and peace.]

2. causing interpreting-solution Mine of them 6590 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the selected ones 972 not 3808 they shall be 1961 to him for these 1992 to change 7760 will make known 3045 in regions 6285

3. who they 1931 not have 3808 known 3045 the things of theirs 1697 the scattered-chanting words his of them 6527 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 which they 1992 are chanting in scattered words his of them 6527 [the word 6528 one berry not they to use]

4. will cause failure to Mine of such deeds 7411-2088 to these 413. In the regions 6285 will ask 7592 not 3808 will "I" laud or increase 7679 because 3588 when 518 in the vessel-[body]3627 they have bubbled up of the mire 2563

5. and they live among 2421 out of this 1992 repeating and " I " 8138 will make to leave off 7604 in causing to stop of them 989 also making to remember us 2142 will in making known of His 3045

6. expansion 3315 and were nothing 369 in the vineyard 5737 making known you 3045 strong of body rolled together 193 causing to atone for 5137 they a section of Levtes-[course] of 4255 they cause interpretation-solution 6591 produce in laboring 3018

7. they interpenetrate-contrive on account of cunning workmen 2803 to Me deficiency of character causing to fail 2642 never the less-yet 61 divide into third parts 7992 surely 3588 they will know by seeing 3045 they cause to kill "I" declare 4191 by this thing 1697

8. they mingle 1934 when also they have strayed ignorantly 7683 against 5921 what of purpose 4100 also "I" 1931 cause to come up they will 5927. No doubt surely 551 when these shall have strayed ignorantly 7683 against 5921 will of change hastening 2498

9. what of purpose 4100 also they 1931 pluck up by roots will 6132 caused to lead astray of them 2937 not 3808 will have made know 3045. And to confirm 3559 when 518 the word of 1697

10. which "I "1931 cause making interpretation of 6591 in sinking-drowning and 2883 the misleading 7686 strong rolled together 193 being of them 1961 "I" make of quick understanding 7306

11. these reach ability taking hold on His 5381 hasten to change 2498 whatsoever 4100 which they 1931 will do such like 2088 in ending perfect 8503 will make cause to cease 989 and to Me they to be elated 6075

12. whenso multiply in abundance 3527 to be heavy-valuable these 3365 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 these in splender 2437 speaking 1697 among on account of in front 6903 to why 4100 they were to fall before His 5307

13. making know of you 3045 the strong together 193 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the arranged orders 5468 they will complete 3635 not obeyed because 3348 exhuasted 4198 of making to stop causing cease 989

14. their intensity in pointing out diligently teachings 8150 in making know of You 3045 the strong together 193. In regions of 6285 also from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 which 834 will cause to fall-fail 5307 being in him they have made known 3045

15. and these 1931 beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the arranged orders 5468 they have made to be circumspect 7919 shall be 1961 in the speaking 1697 from results of working 3018 among the destruction-ruins 1097 clap hand enough punishment 5606

16. will be a providential turn of affairs 5438 remain remnant 3498 let us consent 225 were it not of this, destruction 3884 also they are of selected 972 changing you have 8138 with Him 225 because of astonishment of the ruins 8047

17. with it 225 how of purpose 4100 free to separate and they 8271 who work producing results 3018 and on account of to Me 7945 produced results 3018. And to prepare 3559 you making know 3045 the strength together 193

18. not 3808 you ascribe to their 5414 disdaining 959 in the regions 6285 which shall be to Me 1961 will take hold of you 5564 always 8548 to 413 the arranged orders 5468

19. they were caused to be circumspect-intelligent 7919 which 834 will in the body-flesh His 5315 expansion 3315 not 3808 concern for 413 the pestilence-plague of theirs 1698 He makes you a new thing of these 2319

20. their ruin 8047 not 3808 shall light upon 7136 to preserve 7760 will be known 3045 because 3588 they 1931 not 3808 know by seeing 3045 the plague of them 1698

21. from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 also they 1992 are strong His 352 in the plague of theirs 1698 and to fall these of deception 7411-2088 strength of theirs 451 nevertheless-even so 61 in the course of life to the manner 1870

22. from which they play on the drums-timbrels[over and over repeating repeating] 8608 maintain of one's cause-course 3557 and to confirm 3559 they who dissever-breach and 8520 the prophets 5030 to do of their songs 7892 the people 5971

23. will choose of them 972 to these guard 8104 among 4480 the evil 7451 they render sure 3559 ascending up 5927 above they will 5921 to come 935

24. on them 5921 humble selves 3721 arranged orders 5468 they will finish 3635. In regions 6258 also He to divide 1504 these 1931 He to separate of 6567 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655

25. choosen ones 972 to these guard 8104 from the evil 7451 He to render sure 3559 on His 5921 and also how 349 they were His 1961 strong His 352

26. the employment of affairs of them 6045 the scattered words pratting of them 6527 know of them 3045 and out of the arranged order of theirs 5468 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 and coming 1934

27. from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the arranged order 5468 they will finish 3635 and mixing shall they 1101 making know of them 3045 and removing arranged orders of 5468 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 after 310

28. and coming 1934 from beside of the adversary moving against the choosen ones His 972 and making known you 3045 the strong 352 not 3808 you will judge 8199 who work tp produce results of labor 3018

29. it was met with by accident or fortune 4745 by man 376 in these 2088 in the deception and these 7411-2088 to Him 413 because 3588 they 1931 not 3808 you judge of 8199 course of life-the way 1870

30. separate so 2505 surely 7535 in way as a course of life-manner 1870 everway 3605. And seeking 1934 Most High 5920 all 3605 who 4310 also they arranged order of His 5468 like such 2088 the arranged orders 5468

31. accordingly to cause bitterness 4751 who to bear young 3208 on them as a station of life 5324 they seek 1934 also work results of 3018 to her with them 225 this accident brought upon them

Image 0083: 1. was made the arrangements of order 5468 the nation-tribes 5971 who would know by seeing 3045 also this atoned [to extinguish the guilt incurred] 2088-5137 to Me the interpretations 6590 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the selected 972 the man He has

2. not 3808 who to know by seeing 3045 the employment of travail 6045 scorning 959 the man 367 in scattering and pratting of words they 6527 in what of pupose 4100 also this 1931 pratting of words 6527 in regions of 6285

3. also twisting together in quantity 3527 from these 2088 duplicating speaking and 8138 in making known shall of His 3045 expansion 3315 and of theselves 2007 shall lay the hands on 5060 they will of seeing teach 3045

4. to inspired speaking 5030 in this 2088 the arranged orders 5468 this of 834 perverseness 3868 in man 376 deluding and betrayal His by these 7411-2088 tribes-nations 5971 being of 1961 their substituting-[laws] you have

5. failure because of 1115 having slandered 5413 and among the multitudes 8228 like of strong 193 closing the eyes making numerous His 6105. This they 1931 arranged the orders 5468 they have completed 3635 and this becomes 1934

6. failure 1115 fixing a time or places 2164 in regions of 6285 also they 1931 not 3808 will make known 3045 to them this 2088 what of purpose 4100 also they 1931 are of pratting words 6527

7. deceiving and in this 7411-2088 to His 413 nevertheless-indeed 61 to what of purpose 4100 also they 1931 live of theirs 2421 life 2417 making afraid in fear and 1204 will in station-position 4673

8. and like a wheel revolves 212 what of purpose 4100 to make act circumspect 7919 who were children born 3205 in a certain time 6256 that one she 1931 and in a fixed spot 4673 that they 1931

9. they will revolve around 212 that they 1931 who are precious 3365 to them 1992 they have caused the bringing about of uncleanness 7136 in these 1992. And have acted circumspect 7919 in this they will weary selves of it 3811

10. they confront on account of 6903 these 2088 the man 376 has deluded betraying of the same 7411-2088 over 5921 everone 3605 they to widen-removing relationships 7368 by this theirs 1992 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655

11. will be on the lookout 8245 to this 1992 on account of cause 1945 to come forth 4672 then 227 will select 680 a man 376 after 310 disesteemed 959 the appearence 8389

12. scattering theirs 2108 how? 349 they will of multitudes 8229 they will be 1961 to complete they declare 3635. And will of the front-[in face] 6903 they will 1961 of pratting words 6527

13. since of themselves 2007 tired of 3019 to this arranged orders 5468 this 2088 the man 376 and to deceive such of this 7411 will remain 3498 among except scattering and 2108 from faces 6440

14. turning-changing 5186 intentions of thoughts 4284 the prophet 5030 in man 376 that they 1931 not 3808 beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the circumspect-intelligent 7919

15. spreading out 5186 intentions of thoughts 4284 the prophet 5030 in man 376 that of this 1931 not 3808 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the circumspect 7919

16. in deeds of work 6467 for are powerful-numerous 6105 because 3588 they 1931 not 3808 will be known 3045 of this 2088 the arranfed order of 5468 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 also they 1931

17. to man376 talk deliriously-dream 1957 except-surely 7535 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 who of this 1931 arranged order of 5468 will complete 3635. Not of these 3808-2088 men 376 the proud presumptuous a part of 2066-4480

18. Also they will 1961 arrange the order of and 5468 such of this 2088 their arranged order of 5468 to why to be enraptured these 7686 and in the present of a pricking thorn these 8068 out of failure not yet 1097 who they will 1961

19. in theirs with man 376 and man 376 in what of purpose 4100 also they 1931 now 2088 the man 376. And this very thing 1976 not 3808 good need need 2896-6878

20. whoever of shamefulness are of 1317 who they will 1961to teach 7919 in deeds 6467 will make known 3045

21. also this 2088 the arranged orders 5468 this 1931 in man 376 this they 2088 of scattered words pratting 6527 for 3588 this 2088

22. the very deeds theirs 552 will 1961 blot out wipe away of it before 4229 when 518 rest is given 5117 also you shall be 1961

23. they "I" will make known 3045 in these 2088 the man 376 will remain 3498

24. scattering His. Any longer 5750 anguish in meeting 579 in the seeing 7200

25. from destroying pestilence they 1698. And when 518 they

26. out of to prolong 748 in these 1992

27. oppression 343 [the integral sign completness of subject]

Image 0084: 1. To deliver 6561 seventh part-[reverse] sweeps aside 3261 will bag the grain [refer:wheat and tares] having become feeble-weak 7503

2. in presenting it 4672 the name 8034 He of together unites-[the name] yachdo His-[us]-[reverse] will trust away to cleanse of His 1740 Mosheh 4872 to mark 8420 to Me bring out these in-[bag]

3. request-desired 7592 they make restoration 8027-[reverse] also gems 3958 remove far away 1973 burning fire 784

4. after of 310 bright and cheerful 7797 shall stay permanently 3885 in speak to arrange 1696 what of purpose the El 4100-410 expansion 3315 they will teach of Me 3045-[reverse] the movement of 5270 sickness-[plague] 1738 oppression fraud 8496-[8432 midst of] not 3808 they will be 1992 mighty 7227 drawing out His 1802 end-complete 5239 cheerful and glad 7797 lunation-of the moon cause 3393[red moon]

5. will stand out 3426 way walking-course of life 3212 conspicuousness 4159 to be harvested 7114 Most High 5920 presenting these His 4672 and together united His-yachdo-[reverse] will trust away them 1740 and to mark 8420 condemn of them 3318 to dread terrifiy 6206 a cord to measure-judge by 6957 to drum on timbrels 8608 and bitter 4751 against being mindful of the rock that made you [Devarim 32:18]

6. these grown gray-headed 7867 He has united together 3162 pushed down and driven away 1760 what of purpose 4100 among He will level 3438

7. knowledge 1843 also wanders and signs 4159 myraids-large number 7239 with these 2088 and they were sinking drowning of need need 2883-6878 regarding the former state 6932-[reverse] measured for judgment 4055 [they] convoke an assemble 6950 to bargain planning 3739 good 2896 desert land 6723 to dream 1957 highly adversatively 1297 drum the timbrel 8608 and what of the purpose 4100 the eternity-perpetuity 5703

8. thousands 7239 of the sense of restoring to soundness His 724 and were nothing 369 ignorantly of this knowledge 1847 from cause of misleading [anti arranged order Torah] 7686 in the speaking of inspiration man 5012-[reverse] hostility and hatred 342 against shall rain violently 1652 you have lived voluptuously 5727 these with Mine 225 it they have seen 7200 will examine and select 1305

9. with these 225 will of shortness of spirit-impatience 7115. This very deed 552 to love of your's 160 the fraternity-the brotherhood 264 for you [reverse] journey 3922 and show 2324 writings will 3791 to 413 portion among 4480 the land 776 designated-specify 5344 of Mine the adult men 4962

10. knowledge of [reverse] they shall advance 5710

11. saying 559 to gather define and measure made good of His 717-5429-2895 [reverse] will be bright and pure 2891 measured 5429 seeing of 7200 lifted up to Me 7311

12. were nothing 369 clap hands in compact punishment enough 5606 because of the destroying pestilence-plague 1698 measured cause for able these 3557 to become of them 1934 out of the valley of bloodshed 6450 also 176 to be permanent it of theirs 5329 [Yirmeyahu-Jeremiah 31:33-40 the renewed covenant and the valley] and 176 then 176 whoever 4310 "I" hold firmly in bosom 2683 and with loving affection 4312 hide and reserve 5603 and who 4310 then to do they 1992 unit of you 3867 among He will contend 3377 walking gently 1718 to the bag 8342 [grain fruit of] abundance-expansion these 6451 to be suitable

13. a termination afterward a portion out of 7117 comes to them 1934 out of the valley of bloodshed 6450. And the termination a portion these 7117 to be permanent they of them 5329. And to be a reminder this 7876 measured of cause for able of them 3557 [reverse] from uniting of you 3867 and they stand out 3426 and whom 4310 I held firmly in bosom them 2683 shall pour out in narrowness [guidlines] His 6694 among by power of hand 3027 hiden-reserved and 5603 who will do 4310 shall be poured out narrowness 6694

14. wo ! becomes of them 1934 out of valley of bloodshed 6450 untrue-deceitfulness 8267 also we 587 are of those seeing 7200 by eyes to see 5896 who were found 4672 [reverse] to mark 8420 strong these 684 they will ascend valuable 3276 who 4310 will cause to make light 215 and are gracious and kind they 2580 choice vine noble 8321 honor name 8034 power of hand 3027 hide reserve 5603 whoever they cause in doing 4310

15. thousands of the 7239 destruction 1942. And when 518 to come these 1961 measured able of these 3557 ours make a sepration-distinguishing of these 6395 depressed under instead of 8478 these of the valley of blood 6450 who were existing 1934-1961 [reverse] where ever 1961 they console will 5110 to gether will accumulate 5595 the ones under 8428 the oppressor that wasted 8437 to turn being preplexed 6323 from uniting 3867 and they to do what of purpose His 3964. Mark out 8427 will be fragile-broken 8406

16. they shall be 1961 all 3605 one united 259 what of purpose these 4100 "I" make interpretation-explaining 6590 they were of the valley of blood 6450. And were despondent and grieved 3512 they shall live of among 2421 also they of valley of blood and 6450 [reverse] a shout 1906 to accumulate they 5595 also asking 994 unite of 3189 accordingly raking together 181 accumulate will 5595 an arrow as flashing through the air-specific to fever or of burning heat 7565 nation people 523 causing overthrow 4072 journey 3922 will let be 1961

17. all 3605 who happen to appear 4672 in the covenant 3772 in regions of 6285 what of purpose 4100 who exist 1934 "I" make interpretation-explaining 6590 with whoever 4310 where 335 "I" make interpretation-explaining 6590-[reverse] an arrow as flashing through the air-specific to fever burning heat 7565 how-what 335 to frighten 366 examine select 1305 becomes visible [word of Arabic] desiring lust after 183 also they 1992 to be bright beautiful 3302 to turn as a manner of 8447 like this 3541 daughters His 1129 strong these 684 walking the course of life 1980

18. from nothing 1097 becomes His 1961. And also how 349 to be able will prevail and 3202 all 3605 the existing of them 1934 by this lunation 3391 and His we 5168 to see-watching 7200-[reverse] they gather theirs 717 these transport into exile 5148 desired also 176. Entangled or snared of this 2760 with whoever 4310 will do away walking theirs 1980 to regard because 3588 despondant grieved these 3512. And mark as desired 8420 they were 1961 to be high 1161

19. was to happen 4672 thousands 7239 existing 1934 togather 1591 causing us 5168 to find of them 4672 these 2088 untrue 8267 and they again 8145-[reverse] shall forget 5382 and nothing 7535 also they had a plan and a bad one of 2154 being strong theirs 684 and to abode 2583 to Me fearing faint of heart 4127 sweep to ruin 8429 will be broken 8406 His are strong you 684

20. people of the nation 1471 words untrue 8267 in regions 6285 who now they 577 to see 7200 to the poor theirs 6033 who happen to appear 4672 thousanda 7239 existing of you 1934-[reverse] mark to do 8420 will be broken 8406 they will be strong these 684 to Me will fasten 5274 the toughness of strength 766 and they a flame 784 "I" separate-to distinguish understand 6395 seeing 7200 to be tough hard labor 7185 accordingly gathered 1571

Image 0085: 1. out of the valley of bloodshed 6450 also how 349 not 3808 it remains a 7604 portion 4480 it has been divided 2505 to the ones of 413 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the third part 7992 and they 1931

2. bright and to be glad 7797 to be found these 5330 and to exist 1934 out of the valley of bloodshed these 6450. And also 349 over 5921 lunation of theirs 3391

3. stand out 3426 according to when 575 to be found 4672 to be perferred it 5330 among the living it will be 2331 it presented to them 4672 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 to this close the eyes and 6105 were nothing 369 to Him

4. He to interprete and explain of these 6590 complete 3634 of such things 2007 they 1931 burnt offerings 5930 all 3605 His who were found of these 4672 5. //

5. And after 310 of such 2088 to you explain making plain 874 who were nothing 369 to this 2088 among the living before 2421 were presented of these 4672 to place 7760 has caused a turn of affairs 5438

6. also when 518 shall be 1961 to these just and right of manner 3651 you shall be 1961 by a turn of affairs His 5438 they caused the living of among 2331 the presented of His 4672

7. not 3808 exist 1934 in regions of 6285 what of purpose 4100 bright and glad cheerful 7797 to present His 4672 a providential turn of affairs 5438 He 1931 causes interpretation and explains 6590

8. the presented of these 4672 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 strong of substance-stuff 6106 in regions 6285 also he 1992 shall present his 4672 turning they have 5437 they shall arrive his 857 and when 518

9. I will arrange My vineyard 5737 they shall work My vineyard 5737 cause to prosper they 3212 to stand out 3426 shall dwell 3885 also these 2088 will among the living of among 2333 the presence of them 4672 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655

10. strong of substance his 6106 they 1931 revolve around in the borders your 5437 in selves round about doing 5437 and a circuit of 3883 they 1931 not 3808 shall be 1961 mark or position 8034 in coming forth 4672

11. in eternity 5769 not 3808 will exist of them 1934 out of valley of bloodshed 6450 and not 3808 among in mixing 1101 consider of them 1934 and are valley of bloodshed 6450 he to be pleased with 7521

12. they to seperate of to distinguish 914 who 834 they have caused 1992 to fail they have 1086 will exist of them 1934 and are the valley of bloodshed 6450 to gain things evil his 7489 in regions 6285 also this 1992

13. will over do in maltreating of dealings 5953 elevating in priority of the relationship 4608 from living they before you 2333 the presented of his 4672 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 burnt offering these 5930 and cause interpretation and explaining it 6591

14. the presented of these 4672 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 binding fast closing the eyes theirs 6105 in regions 6285 to what of purpose 4100 cheerfully 7797 a turn of affairs-providential 5438 behold 1934

15. causing interpretation explaining 6591 the presenting of these 4672 like such 3644 also having explained declaring "I" have 874. After doing so 310 just and right of manner 3651 to say 559 also these 2088

16. from living of among 2333 the presenting 4672 how what 335 cause interpretation explaining 6591 who of shall do 1961 rain violently 1652 and not 3808 firm for good 3581 will rain violently 1652

17. and not 3808 master 1167 considered 7760 increase in dignity it 7238 in regions of 6285 also when 518 shall be 1961 just and right of manner 3651 to you living in it 2333 for this

18. vehicles-chariots 7396 by this lunation 3391 and all 3605 speaking 1697 he will use saddle 4817 [Lev. 15:9] theirs 1931 revolving around the borders his 5437 and the enclosure for protection 2387 the thing 1697

19. for punishment 5606 the first in place 7223. Assemblies 1571 to stand out 3426 to them from ones riding 7393 in regions 6285 also was nothing 369 thing 1697 among ones riding 7393

20. you of 853 strong substance and. Also how stands out 3426 falsehood a transgression 4603 to His these 1931 the ones living of before 2333 he presented of them to them 4672 [a nun incerted]

21. and not 3808 this 2088 also that we have caused 5168 and this 2088 a sense of conspicuousness a sign 4159 when shall come 1961 the pit falls of destruction 7825 brothers 251 how which way ours 335

22. closed 1479 and not 3808 firm 3581 in closing 1479 a sign 4159 after 310 beside of the adversary moving against 6655 sinking drowning 2883 the presenting 4672 [of Torah and Yeshayahu] long for pine after 3642

23. this 1931 happened 4672 to say 559 was nothing 369 punishment 5606 who then will come forth present 4672 not 3808 they shall 1961 cause a return of affairs [providential] 5438

24. be strong of substance 6106 also when 518 shall be 1961 just and right of manner 3651 shall be 1961 the thing 1697 ascending 5927 and of thrusting one's self to introduce or enter into 5954 together alike 3162 making so trouble terrified 1204

25. unify collect one's thoughts 258 and this 2088 untruth a sham liar 8267. In regions 6285 who brings up such 5927 and will of one's introduce so thrusting self into 5954 they 1992 to cause purifying 2891 refiner of them 6884

26. and will make purifying 2891 the refiner of them 6884 this 1992 making sense of the opposite the presenting of according to of them 6905 not 3808 it will stand 5975 intending to cause changes 5186 unite in 259 fearing making to terrify 1204

27. first one 259. And exhausted they shall be declaring making plain 874 assembled 1571 just and right of manner 3651 who will of the introduction 5954 a failure 1115 ascending 5927 for the burnt offering 5930 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655

28. when shall come it 1961 of thrusting one's self to introduce-present change 5954 by it the-[adversary]. In regions 6285 also when 518 shall be 1961 desired 185 ascending 5927 for the studing 1571 and to trust 983 ascending 5927 by intense study 3854

29. and the assemble 1571 ascends 5927 to how-how 335 also then 227 they shall live among 2333 who it shall be 1961 in the things 1697 introduced by thrusting selves over-[the assemblies] 5954 for will by strengths of 6106

Image 0086: 1. And to prefer-ascending 5927 and will if not it would 3863 unite-[mixing] because 3588 it shall be 1961 again 1571 making to rise up 5927 to failure 1097 will ascend 5927 for the assemblies 1571 and this-these 2088 to make cease 989

2. and shall tell 559 with them again like such 1571-3644 burnt offering-sacrifice 5930 the complet perfect 3634 it 1931 ascending up 5930 to complete perfect 3634 unite-first 259 from man it 376 the complete perfect 3634

3. by it security and prosperity 7959 just and right of manner 3651 they shall live by it 2421 also let remain will 1961 at the end of a portion 7117 man of 376 the complete perfect 3634 continually 1115 will make habitual of these 5953 and to increase in number abundance of 3527

4. these according to lunation of us 3391[the light of Mattityah-gift 4993-Matthew] also the complete perfect 3634 having habitually practiced 5953 this 2088 the sprinkingly in sprinkling you 5130 and to stop ! 989?

5. who are transplants-who are also you by security of abundance to these 8362-7962 and going up 5927 and will of habitual practice of these 5953 for being old they have 1086 extremity-ending perfect 8503 also quiet excellence 7119 lamenting 60 ascending as valuable useful His 3276 [implied leaving behind to build again]

6. to 413 ascending 5921 a deposit 5182 to glitter eminent as overseers they shall 5329. From living of it you 2331 will present of these 4672 [coming out of] to be strong of substance these will be 6106 [fem.] in regions 6285

7. who also complete perfect 3634 all 3605 mighty strong rolled together 193 causing to go up 5927 and have habitually practiced of these 5953 effecting thoroughly in practices 5953 and to stand out to Him 3426 ascending up 5927 in this because of lunation 3391

8. also when 518 not 3808 just and right of manner 3651 they shall be 1961 with His 225 the complete perfect 3634 among living in it 2331 will present of these 4672 to strong of substance of these His 6106

9. and this 2088 also of quiet excellences 7119. In regions 6285 also presented of these His 4672 shall unite to remain 3867 in presenting of these 4672 to apportion of His. And cause like such 3644

10. this 1931 I cause interpretation explaining 6590 the apportion of these 4672 and this on account of purpose sake His ascend 5927 by this according to lumantion 3391. And this

11. they will ascend 5927 when 518 they 1931 [fem.] and again like such 3644 with His 5921 to them you shall be 1961 together accumulating in number 3527 like gathered heaps of grain you 3664 [scattered over the fields ready for harvest] in completion perfect 3634

12. these going up 5927 they will practice habitually these 5953 sacrifice ascending 5930 these 2088 the perfect complete 3634 ascend 5927 to completion 3634 unite-one 259

13. following of His 310 because they recognized 2142. Also how 349 they shall live of among 2421 who also it shall be 1961 will complete 3634 ascend 5927 in strength of these His 6106

14. and these 2088 who are of quiet excellence 7119. Also how 349 they shall live in among 2421 also they ascend His 5927 keep in maintenance will measure of them 3557 to ascend 5927 alph-first 259 out of the living with you 2421

15. those coming forth ones of them 4672 for strength of substance will of them 6106. And all 3605 who were found 4672 shakin out of them 2107 the ones 1931 "I" interpretion of explaining 6590

16. the presented of His 4672 beside of the adversary moving against 6655 strong of substance his 6106 walk about slandering 7270 who have come forth of them 4672 who to be clean 5352 among shaken out His 2107 these 1931

17. are to 413 expansion 3315 to render sure 3559 these 1931 to separate and 910 expansion 3315 from living of among 2421 the ones presented-came forth these 4672 to be strong of their substance these of His 6106

18. and will project selves of east and her [eastern religions all have it to some way] 6923 to cause to die this 4191. And faint with terror they [the yod bottom of line] 4199. They have explained and declared made plain 874 to the people of the nations 1471 who consider judge it 1934 expansion 3315 circumspect intelligent consider 7920

19. expansion 3315 consider circumspect intelligent 7920 will stripe falling upon 6584 for completion end 8501 will stripe ones of them 6584 were nothing 369 in them to place 7760 large number thousands and they 7239

20. will make to ride chariots [fem.] 7396 in regions 6285 also when 518 shall 1961 remove will the team 7393 shall 1961 cause Me to interprete and explain 6590 the presenting-ones coming forth these 4672

21. who have come forth presented of these His 4672 you to remain of 3867 for presented these 4672 to seperarte of his 2505. And to establish prepare 3559 they shall live of among 2421 also not 3808 it shall 1961

22. rain violently 1652 and not 3808 vigorious 3581 in rain showers 1652 in regions of 6285 act circumspect intelligent 7919 rain showers 1652 removing they the team of chariot 7393 will bubble up of the mire 2563 and forming as pressed out of the rock 6699

23. and just so following text 3602 all 3605 firm of vigor 3581 will close 1479. [figrative of door closing] Sure of truth 551 they come forth 4672 for presenting of these 4672 full of distress heaviness caused His 5136 also how 349

24. they 1931 cracked under pressure 6875 by ones coming forth finding of Him 4672 for afterwards 310. And were nothing to Me 369 from living among 2333 the presented of these 4672 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 strong of substance his-[his]

25. wonders and miracles signs 4159 after 310 the wheel-round and round [recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 [goes no were] not 3808 delivers 4422 removes first 259 altered-changed of 9133 employment and affairs of them 6045 then also 176

26. drinking of them 8354 staggering of His [ incline to altered arranged order writings] 5128 the goal of truthfulness of you 5331 then also have cause new thing you 2319. And when 518

27. it 1931 from the new thing shall 2319 also how 349 stand out 3426 to them making presenting of 4672 to regions 6285 where was nothing 369

28. thing it 1697 from presenting 4672 coming forth His 4672. Also how 349 will make fall 4672 after 310 the flock muster 5739 they will make to snatch at catch 2480

29. consider 1934 the pit falls of destruction 7825. And when 518 they 1931 the goal of truthfulness your's 5331 acordingly hope and bear in mind you 5452 My masters 1180 the one front in place of these Me [the yod high in the line] 6924 also how 349

30. the one's to stand His 5975 by this-such deeds 2063 their staggering [incline to altered the arranged order, writings] 5128 the goal truthfulness your's 5331 they 1931 have the pit falls of destruction 7825 in regions 6285 also they shall living ones of among 2421

Image 0087: 1. Also not 3808 it would be 1961 closing of-door 1479 and not 3808 firm 3581 In closing 1479 to regions 6285 circumspect intelligent considered prudent of 7919 closing 1479 firm 3581 in closing 1479 the same 1992 inhabitants-Master of 1167

2. completion ending-perfect 8503

3. of the wonders signs miracles 4159 over 5921 these 2088 will give rest 5117 returning of 8138 vomit 6958 to love 158 abrading 1623 in describing 3789 of speaking against it 8138

4. beside of and by design the adversary 6155 acting covertly 898 and afterwards 310 will give you to do 5414 causing vomit 6958 abrading of 1623 vomit 6958 to honor 1935 make afraid terrify 1204

5. in regions 6258 where is nothing 369 to select 972 for a refuge 982 proud thing 1419 one of charmers fascinations his 2266 in regions 6285 also great proud of 1419 and will detest loath of Mine 6962 who are moving with the adversary against [Mine] 6655 when will it complete of you 8503

6. And now of such 2088 to stop-cause to cease 989. And also how 349 it shall live among 2421 where of shall be 1961 vomit 6958 honored 1935 a gift 1890 and also how 349 that thing 834 it to have an end 5486

7. ascending up 5927 vomit 6958 people of the nations 1471 divorcing 3748 they have 1961 they cause of the assembly 6908 from portion it 4480 and their 1931 vomit 6958 abrading 1623 and divorced 3748 in regions 6285

8. on account of cause 7945 they have charmers-fascination 2266 from divorce 3748 thing 1697 because of divorce 3748 also how 349 they 1931 divorce 3748. Their charmers and fascinations 2266 this we of theirs 5168

9. make like-to resemble 7739 to vomit 7739 also how 349 again of them 8138-1992 masters theirs 1167 completeness 8503 in the lunation 3391. And after 310 also will you explain declare make plain 874

10. rises up 5375 who 518 to this comes forth 4672 vomit 6958 and not 3808 it expanded-spreading 7849 by disgracefulness shameful 3640 from having to explain 874 who are firm of them 3581 disgracful shameful 3640

11. like such 3644 consider set up 7896 explaining making plain [for vomit speaking] 874 will break it off 6561 will of lean on as unfavorable 5564 to it 2088. And these 2088 then to be pleased with 7521 by Me in speaking of thing it 562

12. this destructiveness of them 8060 make the record of it 5608 splendor honor 3519 El 410 because about to die they, now these 4194-6256 the goal truthfulness continually 5331. Gather of 1571

13. removing perishing about to 2475 strong of these 1636 about like to die those 4198 like wise of this manner 1571 among about to perish 2478 shinning-blazing [figurative prince] to them 3556

14. given and now it 5415-6256 it received 3948 as a gazing stock-spectacle of theirs 7210 concern for 5921 comes forth-presenting it 4672 in the pit falls of destruction 7825 arises of our's 5375 close 1479 and not 3808

15. firm 3581 in closing 1479 and from bringing forth 6213 they accordingly able of His 1762 eminent-valuable ones 4022 the ones pounded out 7554 because 3588 He 1931 makes you new thing 2319 will complete 3635

16. day-age 3117 from bring forth 6213 for head-chief of you 7217. Like such 3644 who take possession El 270-410 these have mighty acts-greatness 1420 the little ones [fem.] 2945 they caused to come forth of you 4672

17. to advance 6213 in ones pounded out 7554. And answering of 562 causing staggering you have [inclined to altered arranged order, writings] 5128 to the goal truthfulness continually of you 5329 were nothing 369 prepare ones of have 3559

18. ones of a profane thing and far be it so 2486 also you shall be 1961 ancient hero of these [ancient ancestor] 6917 leanness even so 7535 who afterwards "I" 310 Who gives them 5414 not 3808 they fall-perish 5307 when

19. having had open wide lips-feet, licentiousness 6589 like this 3644 these of Mine declare and explain make it plain 874 discontinue-break it off 6562 "H" 3068 will surround and protect you 5826 the things made 5826 and these things 2063 they [fem] 1931

20. reserve of 680 will render sure you 3559 to be changed by reverend fear 4172-3372 just and lawful of manner 6662 will of first 7217 mark as a number 5608 conscious of the knowledge-intelligentence 3045

21. testify of 5749 spectacle of to Him 7210 the Most High 5920 these 2088 say 559 gather to see the book to be opened His 717-7200-5609-8365

22. also they are stunned amazed 8074 will maintain 3557 assemble of them 6633 will cause distortion morally these 5765 for to finish and 3635 to the desert worthless things and 8414 remove strength of them 451 failure 1097 preserve purpose 7760

23. providential turn of affairs 5438 will of you anticipate meeting you [for help] 6923 and because 1097 preserve purpose 7760 from arranged order 5468 and charioteers 4491 consolation in Me 5165 from them 1992 also the woman with child-pregnant 2030

24. to complete 3635 cause Alph [the letter] give out bear child sprouting of them 6779 and caused choice young man 970 stand out 3426 to them 1992 turn of affairs providential 5438 then 176 drowning 2883 then 176 success 7922

25. then 176 silence 1745 to them 1992 not 3808 they have a perverse thing 1942 because a chance event 4745. On account of cause 7945 they have such a thing 2007 how of these 334-2008 thing 1697 also they are insolent proud 2102 by reason of 4480

26. from all 3605 seed 2234 and from lying [with woman sexually] 7903 seed 2234. Cause not 3808 to sprinkle of spirit-expiation-atone 5137 the seed 2234 it shall 1961 die 4191-[reverse] [three words of line 25 to 413 adulterate mix to reduce 4107 shake and causing 4128 line declare day 3117 shall be 1961 His watchful-open eyes 6147 these of this 2088 their plan and a bad one 2154 to cause 413 to be destitute-empty 6168 this 2008 you by support weakness-overthrow 3782 like such 3644 to be destitute 6168 these 2088 to pine after 3642 [devarim 32:24 this chapter of the plagues for not obeying Torah]

27. and from lying sexually 7903 seed 2234 it shall be 1961 of man 376. And when 518 to His 413 in the plague [Psalm 91] 1698 it will take away-die of theirs 1639 not 3808 will of His 1931-[reverse] because Yahh 3050 to 413 who 4310 wakes up and watches of 5782 this 1454 among He will contend 3577 of them to gather a people 3816 also suitable 2969 shall be His 1961 eyes open watchful 6147 you lamentating 1058 ruins astonishment the waste 8047

28. from bones-strength theirs 6106. Was nothing 369 to be astonished-quiet selves and 1826 complete 3635 the eternity-age 5769 to you existing 1934 among to strength rolled to gether of His 193-[reverse] and they gather a people-community 3816 existing and to become 1934 a monster-jackal 8565 out of to be rash 3886 making a show-boasting 1984 it brawling and contentious 4079 they when 518 to squeezing out 4680 tribes-people of 5971

Image 0088: 1. And a continuance restoring 5750 such things 2007 examine-find out of us 2713 accordingly among 5921 everything 3605 to sprout-begin to grow of these 6779 and to loath shamefulness 973 profaning in midst of selves 2671 consider knowledge of 7919

2. man and man 376 376 from these 1992 of ones doing affair of and 6045 in completion ? 8503 the right way to be straight 3474 and doing the arranged order 5468

3. and in scattered words 6527 will loath-abhor 973 coming forth of us? 4672 many and he 7227 one of Abraham's 85 and having changed 2498 rocks these of them 6697 and shall refer to previous text shall of them 3602 [image 0087 line 26 forward]

4. And mingled wine and water them 4197 against this 5921 the arranged order 5468 the right way 3474 and to render sure of 3559 accordingly of this 5921 is it not 371 to this make and end of 5486 and from among His 4480 is it not 371 to make small ones of 1639 [line three-3 prating words]

5. And when 518 referring to previous text 3602 will close of them 1479 will humiliate of these 8213 tread down 3728 in closing of these 1479 the Supreme Most High of them 5946 His cause honorable of them 3513

6. will of act circumspect intelligent of them 7919 will create of them 1254 over this 5921 arranged order 5468 to be just and right-straight 3474 and will render sure 3559 not 3808 they marked of us 7896 and afterwards 310 also you will explain making plain 874

7. also was of these considered 1934 it was nothing 369 by chance event 4745 it shall be made plain explaining 874 also nothing of them 369 will create of them 1254 for strong of substance-strength them 6106

8. truly yet 61 stands out 3426 to these 1992 providential turn of affairs 5438 from living among you 2421 being of them 1961 just and right of manner 3651 And also how 349 to stand out 3426 to us for would trickle into bitterness 4843

9. cheerful 7797 for eternity-age 5769 from carried away of selves 5090 and from arranged order 5468 arranged order His 5468 referring previous text 3602 they have substituted [arranged order-Torah] 5352

10. And will restore 5749 seen as a spectacle of these 7210 over this 5921 these 2088 who were of the plague 1968 also will observe and maintain His 6213 in the course of life 1870 this event happened 4745

11. a failure 1097 removed arranged order 5468 was nothing of them 369 you among in power of hand they of them 3027 and not 3808 defend or rebuke of them 7378 and it like how 1992 against 5921

12. will make few 4591 finding ones of them 4672 refer to previous text 3602 and to measure being able 3557 affairs of it 6045 such as this 2088 that have presented 4672 many 1992 you among of power of the hand of them 3027 [the term present, actions that are habitual of the arranged order-Torah always true of this very document]

13. desired 176 out of having power of hand of them 3027 will defend-rebuke 7378. In regions 6285 which is destructive of them 8060 will being able measure contain 3557 masses of persons appointed these 6635 many 1992 you among power of hand it of them 3027

14. growing old 1086 among who ever bring forth of them 5414 to continue 5750. And establish preparing 3559 Establish preparing 3559 in eternity-age 5769 in humble of rank 8216 the rocks 6697 were caused to rise up of them 6965

15. portion out of these 4327 they 1992 shall among able of power of hand theirs 3027 when is hot it among these 2552 the man turning away-changing of them and 5186 sidle off-beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the relationship to state rising up or priority superiority of station 4608

16. and by coolness 7135 this to the land 776 and turning away they 5186 to sidle off beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the branches-tribes. And doubtlessly when 518 of scattered words 6527 harsh of strength 5794-5797 not except these 369

17. by chance 4745 how 349 it shall be 1961 to complete and 3635 by chance 4745. And such things 2007 these 2088 a miracle 4159 glad-cheerful 7797 to eternity-age 5769

18. from arranged order 5468 action wise in wisdom 2449 and among acting wisely 7919 from living place of among 2333 the presented these 4672 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 and strong of substance his 6106 in a position of state-officer of ones and 4612 over this 5921

19. the arranged order 5468 talk deliriously-dream 1957 then to separate caused making difficult hiding things 6381. Consider this 1934 in pit falls of destruction 7825 to be vile 2933 one of 259 those will live among 2421 good it shall be 1961 from a living place of among 2333

20. the presenting of these 4672 first 259 in regions 6285 rejoiced have they 7797 are going up 5927 will separate make a difference of them 914 not 3808 not 3808 he shall live of among 2421 from such like 2004 will of maltreat abuse 5953

21. of certain 259 will afflict His 5869 in regions 6285 also presented of them and 4672 this 2088 in maltreating 5953 removing from completion 3635 desired 176 removed from going up 5927 the living place of among 2333

22. being of his 1961 a failure of completion 1115 ones of need need 6878 liar 5520 another 312 [1st Kings 7:8] and they living place of among 2333 also shall be 1961 older being of 1086 one of need need 6878 to replace 7760

23. one certain 259 from them 1992. Will together augment in number 3527 will of quiet release-rest 2010 among living places with among 2333 from completion 3635 first 259 these 2088 of the overturn changed 2015 and caused to cease 989 and branches full then6058

24 also together argument in number 3527 they come forth 4672 gleaning thoroughly 5953 first 259 out of ascending 5972 charioteers [fem.] of 4818 in such of them 2004 these 1931 from faces of before 6440

25. acting circumspect intelligent 7919 what of purpose 4100 also tired and weary 3019 make to prepare 5648 this of the charioteers [fem.] 7396 and they were of who brought of them 5414 tired and weary 3019 to 413 ones the same 259 [fem. plural]

26. what of purpose 4100. And also how 349 they shall 1931 in ascending 5972 these 2088 first ones of 259 not 3808 also ones of orphanage. After 310 this 2088 you will explain making clear 874

27. like few 4592 they have discretion His of them 946 also these 2088 lived in among 2421 they presented of them 4672 which 834 belonging to El 3815 expansion 3315 become old 1086

28. you who presented 4672 to another 310. in regions 6285 also when 518 they come forth 4672 to pursuing next 310 they shall live of among 2421 also they shall be 1961 employed in affairs 6045

29. from living place of among 2333 the presented of these 4672 speaking of things 1697 will stand continue firm 5975 in binding fast-close the eyes become strong [not judging by eye sight] out of will augment continue to do being strong of 3254 Most High 5920 the El of elohim these 433 which 832 out of will weight out officially appoint 4487

30. all 3605 the presented of these 4672 by these 1975 and to after 310. To Me like this 3644 it shall be 1961 all 3605 to yield take upon willingly 2974 from these 1992 charioteers-riders [masc. plural] 4817 [from 7392] will complete 3635

Image 0089: 1. of charioteers 4717-7395 ones of need need 6878 to 413 charioteers 4817 like this 3644 making circumspect and intelligent 7919 will of make habitual 6466 ones of need need 6878 will make habitually 6466 in regions 6285 who will of the charioteers do well 7395-2895 [the word translated do well is a tet on a 45 degree angle also acting as a hey]

2. shall be at home-pleasant they 4998 in presenting of these 4672 they of the merkkab-chariots 4817 and how 335 "I" make interpretation explaining 6591 when they shall be 1961 the appointed 1697 ascending 5927 in presenting His 4672

3. when to Me like this 3644 they shall be 1961 the appointing 1697 a providential turn of affairs 5438 to weight of value strong of substance of these His 5543-6106 [here the lamed acts as three letters] and these 2088 untrue of words 8266 also how 349 His scattered sowed 4900

4. according to these 413 untrue in words 8266 also how 349 to stand out 3426 to these 1992 of the chariots 4817 and among associates 2270 . Also how 349 a sign and 225 the charioteers 4817

5. He the Eloahh-Elohim of the elohim 433 not 3808 with these-His 225 also He would descend 5181 He shall declare and explain 874 also He gives living place among 2333 the presented of these 4672

6. land 339 "I" cause to make interpretation explaining 6591 who it shall be 1961 except 7535 one 259 to separate and 911 will of spread out 6584 for completeness-perfection 8503 He will strip away of them 6584

7. was nothing 369 among them purpose preserved 7760 many-thousands they will 7227

8. and ample large good 155 circumspect 7919 united 259 from living among 2333 the presented of these 4672 for completeness-perfection 8503 He of striped away of them 6584

9. was nothing 369 in preserving of purpose 7760 united 259 what of purpose them 4100 to place 7760 the charioteers 7395 [fem.] will point out teaching and they 8150 will say 559

10. when 518 according to the words of your's 1697 was nothing theirs 369 alter of 8138 words theirs 1697 truly 61 like such 1992 united 259 in regions 6285 ones of making circumspect intelligent 7919 doing again of 8138

11. words speaking 1697 having of you resembling of theirs 1819 who's were nothing 369 separating mentally understanding of them 995 surviving-implied orphans of the destruction 2475 something from nothing 3972. They become 1961 the united 259

12. these 1931 afterwards 310. For just and right of manner 3651 strong and 352 are His 1961 twelve-12 seeing and these 7200 who I finish complete them 3635 the speaking 1697. And they 1931 will have a dwelling place theirs 5116

13. to such things of 1992 the Elahh of these [Chaldean] 426 and speaking 1697 "I" divide and select 914 mentally distinguishing of them. Also how 349 paying attention to purpose sake 3282 will stand out 3426 in finishing 3635 united 259

14. of things spoken 1697 removing alloy 913 from communities-society and 2268 of such things of this side 2007 these 1992 ones of the merkabs-chariots [masc .plural]. And multiplying in abundance 3527 [earlier in the text those bringing good news were in chariots-vehicles, it is clear that a change to horse drawn or other animal means of transportation will come about,from the prophets] explaining and making clear having of us 874 acting circumspect 7919

15. making circumspect 7919 ones of the merkab-chariot 7395 the riders His 7392 these are 1931 causing change His 5437. And also how 349 ones turning back shall be of them 5437 they will ascend 5927

16. the first they 7223 not 3808 like such 1992

17. And ample large of glory good 155 who it shall be 1961 employed of affairs 6045 they cause removal of alloy 913 will unite 259 not 3808 will perverting of it [arranged order]. Also how 349 with His 225

18. by reason of 5921 having these divide selecting 914 nothing except us 369 in Eloahh-Elohim of the elohim 433. And the Eloahh-the Elohim of elohim 433 these 1931 they unite

19. Will reiterate 5749 when to pay attention of purpose and reason caused 3282 to exist 3426 will rise up of them 8524 in speaking 1697 and they 1931 were present of His 4672 shall remain of interwoven among and they 3867

20. among His riders of the chariot-vehicle 7396. Also how 349 was nothing our's 369 from living place among 2333 the presenters His 4672 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655

21. binding fast his 6105 for 3588 presenting his 4672 shall remain of 3867 among after 310. And were nothing 369 to answer things 562 who they say 559 and will not 3808

22. these teachers 7919 his divide and separate of them 914 like such 1992 ones of the stripping off-out 6584 of the assemblies like wise of manner 1571 and were nothing of them 369 remove who gives directs of them 5414 to know by seeing shall of 3045

23. the idea of projecting-arrows 7232. Not 3808 will go back [figurative apostatize]. And not 3808 will portion out 4327. And not 3808 among a man 376 and are nothing 369 of sliding off-to let it pass 2498 with it will blister as smarting them 3554 surely 7535

24. who will present of them 4672 after 310 ones of ascending these 5927 will project selves cause of this 6923 and causing delays of 3186 in regions 6285 who of to put-cast to house his 7760-1004

25. and who speaks of 559 this 2088 having had direction given of them 5414 which 834 separates mentally 995 from living they among 2333 the presented these 4672 not 3808 they to benefit 4513

26. entrance of 3996 flowing down 4127 of employment of affairs 6045. When 518 who it shall be 1961 will make a record 5608// Also 176 will portion out 4327 // Also 176 in projecting of selves they 6923

27. will coming behind 268 // And when 518 shall be 1961 will alter and they of 8138 distinction it of them 996 in portioning out 4327 also how 349 letting it be causes 1961 mixing wine and water of theirs of them 4537 in portioning out 4327

28. also how 349 it shall be 1961 all 3605 aleph-one echad-uniting 259 of the chariots-charioteers 7395 from speaking 1697 will complete 3635 and among unite 3162. And when 518 shall be 1961 will alter-changing and they 8138

29. in presenting of them 4672 to separating only 910 who they say 559 of the ascending will 6921 and causing they will delay 3186 accordingly of affairs in employment 6045 also say you 559

30. how will of separating of them 914 they caused living of among 2421 who it shall be 1961 they projected of selves 6923 in presenting of these 4672 turn of affairs providential 5438 the A Man One 259. Such things of 2007

Image 0090: 1. these 1931 they to 413 expansion 3315 . And was nothing 369 for thing spoken 562 also they say 559 who they will divide-separate of this 914 accordingly who each unites 259 cause to come up 5927 to one having imposed [self] 5953

2. after 310 like strong asa chief and 352 to say 559 who they unite 259 lift selves up 5927 to wavier fall cast out [by] iniquity [to] guard station 4131-4297-8104 and they have the pit falls to destruction 7825 to him she dripping-weeping concubine 1813-3904

3. in a region 6285 also another 317 also different of them 8133 having also caused playing the timbrel-timbourine [Job 21:11-12] 8596 but what of purpose these 4100 and will of forfeit 2325 the presented these 4672 these pile of rubbish 4596

4. such like 1931 also they shall live among 2421 out of the uniting 259 purpose of what 4100 on account of cause 7945 they have lived among 2421 causing they to repeat-do again 8138. And restoring 5749 they shall live among 2421

5. faint with fear 4199 also they shall 1961 contraction in anguish to meet 579 eternity-age 5769 one 259 from who caused played the timbrel-timbourine's 8596 by this 2088 will complete 3635 such things 1697. Will accumulate 3527 depart 935

6. will wonder 4159 among 5921 by casting out and 2904 in rings they of these 2884. Also how 349 they shall live among 2421 also have living place among 2333 the presented 4672

7. one 259 and they 1931 will follow seeking to worship asking 1875. Will exhaust 4198 whom having lived among 2421 also from living place among 2333 the presented 4672 was nothing 369 turn away 2015

8. to them in regions 6285 also when 518 shall be 1961 to them turn away 2015 they have lived among 2421 also they shall 1961 like contraction in anguish of 579 presented 4672 ones 259

9. turning away they 2015 to these 2088 in regions 6285 who were nothing 369 to put out 7760 one 259 among will turn away of these 2015 who makes clean 5352 from presenting these 4672

10. turns away him 2015. And accumulating 3527 to you explained made plain 874 act circumspect intelligent 7919 they who come forth were found of them 4672 present these them 4672 who make clean 5352 from having a living place among-portion 2333-4480

11. that had happened 4672. Also how 349 they have lived among 2421 also having living place among 2333 that had happened 4672 was nothing 369 turned away 2015 to them alike 1571

12. the shall live among 2421 faint with fear 4199 the desolation 8049 give a living place among 2333 caused to come-give up these 4672 failure 1115 from who have played the timbrel timbourines 8596 to when except His 2108

13. in regions 6285 carry away 5376 ones-aleph it shall be 1961 among these becoming these His 1934 expansion 3315 what of purpose these 4100 to beside of His 2108. And not 3808 take away portion 2505 what of purpose these

14. when except His 2108. In regions of 6285 desolation and 8049 expansion 3315 to spread out of 6584 in extremity 8503 will ones separated in spreading out these 6584 were nothing 369 to put 7760

15. the chariots-charioteers 7396 in it. And when 518 it shall be 1961 from who have played the timbrel-timbourines 8596 when except His 2108. It shall be 1961 for His chariots-charioteers 7396 in regions 6285

16. give up-presented 4672 will except of His 2108 to repeat they [Chaldean root not used] in presenting 4672 they also have timbrel timbourines 8596 for 3588 the things 1697 not 3808

17. they who played timbrel timbourines 8596 strong of substance these-His 6106 . And will humiliate 3728 also was nothing 369 these becoming His 1934 expansion 3315 chance event 4745 following of 310 because 3588 was caused by accident 7136

18. not 3808 they found 4672 to Me 413 in presenting these 4672 will be able to bear His 5375. And also how 349 it shall be 1961 causing to become His 4672 expansion 3315 you Levite's 3879

19. Will follow 310 and faint with fear 4199 who were nothing 369 among coming these 1934 to His 413 to go out 3318 among what of purpose these His 4100 expansion 3315 in regions 6285 where they shall lived among 2421

20. where they shall 1961 mentally distinguish-making to understand these 995 also have played timbrel timbourines [Job 21:11-12] 8596 and accumulating 3527 projecting selves pleasing 6924 in sending out His 2904 and to just and right of manner 3651 not 3808 they cause to make void 5010 expansion 3315

21. how they were 1931 apostatizing 5472 and not 3808 to things 1697 following 310 Such thing of themselves 2007 vomit of theirs 6958 disesteem-despised of 959 the presented 4672 and were together 3162

22. they of the pit falls of destruction 7825 faces of passion 639 for hope to purpose you 5452 in Allay-El Most High 5943 in the beginnings 6932. And which He 1931 expansion 3315 from living among 2333

23. the presented 4672 in presents of powerful and numerous His 6099 And not 3808 to purchase 7069 out of except His. And who were nothing and 369 close the door 1479 [Nehemiah 7:3] and not 3808

24. to exert oneself [root is Syrian] in closing the door 1479 will complete 3635 to those that were found 4672 those of abundances 8228 from a portion His 4480 and were nothing 369 except His 2108

25. and they 1931 unite 259 and were nothing 369 who have played the timbrel-timbourine 8596 for His to glitter of eminent as overseers 5329 were nothing 369 turning things upside down 2017

26. to them were nothing and 369 rain violently 1652. And not 3808 a force for good 3581 in rain violently 1652. Here and there 2008 it 1931

27. will not of 408 expansion 3315 . Surely 551 for obedience against 8445 those causing to let be joined 3161 the setting-among 7760

28. words 1697 clear and pure 1305 from El of theirs 410 like sharp to the point 4593 skilful of understanding these shall be 8394

29. in regions 6285 making circumspect intelligent 7919 from chodesh-months 2320 ones of need need 6878 to make new things-fresh 2319

30. beside of His 2108 also were nothing 369 the things 1697 out of fresh new things 2319 of selves 853

31. powerful. And upright restoring 5749 it bringing in you 935 these in the fossils and canals of Egypt-Mitzraim [land of distress and it's ways having integrated into the Book-Scriptures]

32. despised 959 break of rend in pieces 6561 who have become thin and impoverished 4134 to this 2088

33. He opens the door 8179 ninth 8671 He brings in you 935

34. will among say 559 for you gather-pluck up of them 717

Image 0091: 1. Deliver 6561 eight 8066

2. And they 1931 from words 1697 by the new thing 2319 the eternity-of an age 5769

3. saying 559 they made third level-officer 7991 when seeing 310 who of these have knowledge in Me 1847 knowledge your 1847

4. by presenting 4672 these to 413 expansion 3315 He will of unite His 3161

5. they have knowledge of Me 1847 gathered 1571 like this 3541 knowledge your 1847

6. In fresh new thing of 2319 the age concealed 5769 which 834 from a portion His 4480 they receive 3948 Yah has seen of 7211 Most High 5920 established trust of the truth you have 529 that which of 834

7. the fresh new thing 2319 How when 335 "I" interpret and explain 6591 being old they are 1087 has caused new thing of these 2319 will of mark out 8388 in the pits falls to destruction 7825 and they 1931 become His 1961

8. Expainsion 3315 will select create of 1254 one-unite 259 on account of to Me 7945 shall be 1961 like this 3644 the ones employed of affairs 6045 in establishing trust of truths you have 529, gathered 1571 they will know by seeing to Me 3045

9. knowledge of your's 1847 what of purpose these 4100 messengers-administrative 4401 and the prophesy 5016 and commit adultrey apostatize-woman Yisrael breaking wedlock the ones-tribes-nation 5003 [Hoshea 1-2-3] He causes new things of these 2319 the signs and miracles His 226

10. And in conspicuousness of miracles 4159 what of purpose these 4100 in regions 6285 also they 1992 you people of the nations 1471 speaking 1697 not 3808 they will stray and 7686 from beside of the adversary still moving against 6655 these ones of examine find out number 2713

11. to separate these 910. in regions 6285 also their 1992 employment of affairs 6045 such of this of them 428 conspicuousness it of them 4159 causing standing opposite confronting of them 6904 from beside the adversary moving against 6655

12. the Torah 8451. And referring to previous text 3602 the ones employed of affairs 6045 for establishing trust of the truths declared 529 //

Heading: The aged ones-elder 7868 will cause uniting 3162-[rversed last letter is first and so on] pushing 1762 self goodly and pleasant 3303 asking 994 those sheep grazing 7716 [this page has been written in large script and eloquent of ancient Hebrew and I have maintain this format]

13. plaiting together in abundance 3527 they will by knowledge your's 1847 repeating stroking the order of information to them 6471 thousands 7239 who will of them such things belonging of purpose of them 1697-[reversed] He will contend 3377 walking gently of 1718 the pit falls of destruction7825 [substituted of and mixed laws of Torah] and surely-used adversative 1297 these from the tribes-[Yisrael] nations 5971 because 3588 you a witness of the assemblies 5712 increasing in numbers-myriad of you 7231-[much of this takes place during the plague, His are not dying]

14. by the Elohim Most High-of the elohim 433 deep and profound making of 5987-6009 diligently and extremely fast 3966 and were of nothing 369 knowledge of it 1847 error misleading causing transgressions of you 7686-[reversed] shall rain violently of you 1652 repeatedly 5750 [think think] wailing 5204 bending down oppression of the ruins 343 when 518 obedient of their 3348 stomach 4578 making to weary selves 3811

15. by these cause to stand presenting selves they to you 5975 concern for reason of 5921 cause, of gift to them 4191 will cleanse-make clean to these 5352. Having caused the plague of them 4347-[reversed] from the striking-punishment-[plague] of theirs they caused 5221. "I"-[Yeshayahu] created to own 7069 will kill "I" declare of them 4191 by having 413 troubled 5912 dumb 1820 bruhing away against 3261 [MY Torah]

16. to have caused the desolation you 1326 of the brotherhood-fraternity 264 by your knowledge it 1847 out of which 834 small dwarf small very little to declare 1851 1851-[reversed] they shall bow the body bend the body 6915-6915 grown fat-[figrative rich] 3780 when 518 "I" shall summon to engage for marriage-[Hosea 2:14-23] 3259 the bride the Sons wife 3618 and cause to live 2331 write the record 3789 the El 410

17. And so has happened to declare 4672 by wisdom in good sense of our's 2451 in theirs 1992 and when of scattered words-and chants 6527 to be a fearful thing or deed 4172-4171-[reversed] will raise up to 7311 supply with food 2963 in elevation of the 1116 Son 1121 those among firm to Me 3581 you strong of Him 684

18. to make right cleanse to rightness 6663 And to a prince 8269 to mass-called assembly 6633 giving bread-food the ones of His 3898 "H" 3068 "HE" will caused to remain-a remnant 3498-[reversed] trembling-terror they will be of 7578 Yahh 3050 attributing honor and praise 8586 causing to bind firm a dream to Me 2462 to be isolated-like gathering prapes 1219 to be secure-rest 7954 to bend the body-deference 6915 soiled 6674

19. so also to have food 400. And to Me you are a resource 2428 by seeking to worship diligently of 1847 knowledge 1843 cheerful and glad 7797-[reversed] also to be safe delivered Yeshayahu 3467 bring forth His 1876 make to have dominion-rule 7287 in ones of fresh new thing 3892 you desired longed for 176 to the window-[correspondes to 3854 eager looking into studing] 3551 Mine a head person 8269 grows hard and firm to pour out 3332

20. in the established truths trusting of you 529 the beginning of His 6924 staunch and able of 2571 the ones of knowledge 1847 His by appointment will direct 3259 make glad rejoice 8055 to be complete 8382 fine as a thin curtain [to see through no deceit1852 Yah 3068 to mark out His 8427 gift of Father "1"

Image 0092: 1. H // A: knowledge cunning 1847 a termination-after to have an end 7117 He will select to feed-choosing to eat of 1262 who to watering 4325 who of the first in time-ancestors of them 7218 out of these 1992 this bear in mind hope and 5452

2. also of the age-eternity 5769 [they have lost the day when all stand up in order the earth remade as Eden, your purpose to bear the responsible as a teacher to these descendants of creation and in the millennium rule of Yeshayahu] to you fresh new thing 2319 and to be redeemed certain to measure 6299-5429 twice 6471 a very large number-thousands 7239 were nothing 369 seeing enough 1768

3. to cause marking as a record-numbering of them.5608 And to standing out 3426 among the following after of them 314 who declare His 559 also they have turn back-to the beginning 7225 to separate 905

4. redeeming certain measure 6299-5429 because of perception of the mandates and intelligent's in behavior these 2940 in regions 6285 also they 1992 going forth out of their 4725 standing place it 4725 of ones high and proud 1361 their minster's in the sun day 8120 who of such 1931

5. covet the perverseness 1942 with beside of the adversary moving against [Yorah] 6655 the hidden one 6828 among staggering staggered [ to an altered arrangemed order, writings] 5128 staggered these to an altered arranged order, writings 5128 grievously burdensome it's 3513 duration 5703 also to have an end 5486 dealing with 6213

6. taming a wild ox 504 double 8138 it shall be 1961 of ones high and proud 1931 in the sun day activities 8120 it's standing place 4725 also such thing of this 1931 this at a time now 6258. Consider 7919

7. exalts of selves 7311 to be beside of the adversary 6655 a hot south wind 1864. And all 3605 because they shall be put far away 7368 in the sun day activities 8120 from beside of the adversary moving against [Torah] 6655 the hidden mystery 6828 they are cool-quiet 7119

8. and they have vigor vigor 3893 3893 the ones of the east light 217 and these lords masters act insolently strong 1376-1396 but they sit down together to repair 3247 the water 4325 and they shall inflame selves 2552 will do who have the south-negeb 5045

9. being beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the south [dry land] they 1864 who like announce this exposes of 5046 and they of the impudent and arrogant 6277 will be of them 1961 from the standing place will be of his 4725 from the south 1864 and they turn back 7225 to 413

10. the hidden mystery 6828 and are seeing 7200 they are ashamed confused and disappointed of selves 3001 with beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the south 1864 in standing place 4725 to do[restore of] water 4325 and these shall 1961 then 8033

11. they begin to return 7225 by knowledge of these 1847. And see text previous 3602 shall of loving affection 4312 will enclose as protection 2387 for a profane thing 2486 an elevated thing 4608 learned 502 repeating 8138

12. to ascend 5927 to teach 502 again 8138 //

13. H \\ B: knowledge of 1847 the messengers of these 4397 like to remember-mention 2142 and they 1931 who are of eternity 5769 a pristine hero 6917 and who they 1931

14. will make setting up to finish and 3635 imposing thoroughly 5953 among the pits falling to destruction 7825 to select choose take away 680 among he removes separating noble ones 678 and also then 1571 agree on a time and place prepared 2164

15. and they staggered [ to an altered arrangement] 5128 a failure it 1115 ruin of them 1942 and to be confounded 1101 to measure and buy back-redeem of them 5429-6299 surely 7535 will present of these 4672

16. to prepare 631 and not 3808 they turn away 5493. Ascend they 5927 were nothing 369 to havean end of it 5486 and from a portion His 4480 were nothing 369 for will of remove it 1639. And in regions 6285 knowledge of theirs 1847

17. this 2088 was nothing 369 will complete 3636 the presenting 4672 of word 1697 who they hang up high 3494 belonging to El 3815 His delight being acceptable 7522 in them and not 3808 in a sense of splendor 2437

18. And not 3808 to be able to overcome you 3201 because 3588 not 3808 will of defraud 5230 to Him bitterness 4751 in knowledge of theirs 1847 also they come 935 after 310. When 518 not 3808 they living among will cause to 2421

19. sink-drown 2883 in the ruins 343 and not 3808 to deny benifts or with hold and 4513 when 518 they live among of it 2421 sinking drowning 2883 in the ruins 343 in regions 6285 also the ones bubbling up of the ruins 2563

20. not 3808 will you consider 1934 toknowledge them 1847. Causing failure nothing at all 1077 just and right of manner 3651 shall be 1961 and they shall be 1961 sinking drowning and 2883 in the age-eternity 5769 will to Son draw along develope 4900

21 to present His 4672 expansion 3315 ascending 5927 after 310 ascending 5927 and according to 3644 who how when 335 "I" make interpretation explaining 6591 to when being of [His] 1961 in activity of light sun day 8120

22. of the sun rise-[sunday system] 2224 and not 3808 it shall be 1961 day 3117 refer to previous text or following 3602 here now 645 to knowledge of them 1847 when 518 it befall of ours 4390 will be dense these 5666

23. violent rain 1652 ask counsel request 7592 the land 776 not 3808 it a worthless thing and 7335 in regions 6285 Who afterwards 310 also 834 arranged order 5468 in the pit falls of destruction 7825 this 2088

24. the presented 4672 not 3808 they to present inducment 8566 and not 3808 measure buy back 5429-6299. Also when 518 not 3808 just and right of manner 3651 they shall live among 2421 the duplicate-alike- [of kind doing] 8138

25. with knowledge of His 1847 expansion 3315

26. and Mine 589 together in abundance in creasing 3527 they were concealed-disguised 2664 in the plague they 1698 of the mire desired to engage for matimony seeking Him 781-5431 and not 3808

27. coming forth they will 4672

28. to His these 2088

29. in knowledge cunning good 1847 His measured and redeemed 5429-6299. And bringing forth you have 4672 to His in turning about become converted 2015 these 2088. And they 1931 plaiting together increasing 3527 these ones of bowing the knees 3766

30. will load up of His [picking out knowledge] 2943 bright cheerful rejoicing 7797 to the age and eternity 5769 from the arranged order 5468 wisdom 2429 will know by seeing 3045 and among of will act wisely 7919 for good 2896 of the arranged order His 5468

31. And they will be straight making right esteeming right 3474 like such 3644 also write the record they will 3789 for ones ascending 5927 will of deliver 6561 these 2088. Indeed although 61 he who sees 7200 among the pestilence of theirs [His] 1698

32. such 1931 of this 2088. Because they will made habitually to practise 6466 glittering of to be eminent as overseers And they will in habitually to practise 6466 how 834 not 3808 as a ram battering or bitter 3733-4753 and not 3808 they degenerate-turn back 5493

Image 0093: 1. will of instruct-chastise 3256 faint with fear these of His 4199 will make habitually to work 6467 shall in the sense of loving affection 4312 over and above 3148 seeing-discerning of His 7200 to address when meeting 7121 ones of working making habitually 6466 among and with His-seeing 225-7200 in deeds of work 6467

2. fixed time and place 2164 chopping and shaping to remove 7094 and after 310 they shall cease from labor-seeing 988-7200 from working in reward of wages theirs-seeing 64667200. So of manner just and right 3651 will make themselves a fresh new thing 2319 the goal of truthfulness continually 5331 more over better 3148

3. and their descerment of seeing 7200 to address on encountering 7121made a fresh new thing 2319 apart of 4480 the new causing to rebuild 2318 in a place and time of it 2164. [5957 future] And refering to previous text 3602 they will make selves to do habitually of work 6466

4. who have made selves fresh new thing 2319 shall be in a sense of loving 4312 who were nothing 369 to His you are causing to labor for wages and His seeing 6468-7200 fixed time and place 2164 and chopping and shapping-to remove 7064 reconnoiter slandering 7270 will cause comencement of 8462

5. desired 176 conclusion 5490 better 3148 discern of seeing 7200 by calling out to meet 7121 among you of fresh new thing 2319 desiring also 176 they shall do habitually 6466 among with His seeing 225-7200 they who made selves to work habitually 6466

6. and who have made selves fresh new thing 2319 shall love 4312 who were nothing 369 to these have caused to labor for wages and His will see of 6468-7200 a time fixed and place 2164 and shape and cut out -to remove 7064. And better more over confirm 3148 discerning seeing and they 7200

7. from being with His225 They will caused you to work habitually 6466 and it has caused a fresh new thing 2319 in urging on of progress 6471 if so maybe-perhaps 194-[At word number 2319 to establish 3561 pit falls of destruction 7825 a handful8168 these words marked over-hidding]

8. And after 310 will of leave-remain 3240 settle quietly 8252. Also how 349 will work habitually 6466 and made fresh new thing 2319 were nothing of 369 of the falling 5307 in this causes to kill of these 4191

9. act to hold back-forbid 3607 with pit falls of destruvtion 7825 because 3588 these 1931 fresh new thing 2319 in completing 3635 day-required 3117 having a sense of loving affection seeing 4312-7200 from laboring to bring forth 6213 at the beginning seeing 7225-7200

10. like this 3644 who they have declared in explaining 874. Caused of Mine this way 3541 the everlasting 5769 by liars and 907 they 1931 have made new moon-new month 2320 when it shall be 518

11. because 3588 they 1931 making selves to declare new moon 2318 having sense of loving affection 4312 because ignorantly 1097 of appointed seasons and time 2165 but nevertheless 61 new moon-new month their 2320 of a pristine hero of ancient time 6917 according to beginning his 6924

12. expansion 3315 will cause to feed-eat scripture and 2939 also action of working 6467 these 1992 to do the third time 8027 //

13. H // A deeds of work 6467 will delight in good pleasure 7522 //

14. H // B acting in working of deeds 6467 in sinking-drowning 2883 like fire 784 who having been hot of you 2552 so of a conveyance 591 shall be know 3045

15. who made to be hot you 2552

16. V H // G caused from imprisonment 6808 was between Me and them 996 and their 1931 doing of deeds 6467 on account of to Me 7945 in sinking-drowning 2883 and pleasing 7522

17. and they 1931 will of strength 193 remain 3498. Because 3544 they 1931 are a ship of conveyance His 5911 doing deeds of work 6467 in sinking-drowning 2883

18. like such 3644 where of you declared explaining 874 from a better preeminence 3504 the wisdom in a good sense 2451 and the arranged order 5468 who were found 4672 will complete of 3635 a refuge of 982

19. and shall of these shake out 2107. Will attain 639 surely 3588 in completing 3635 will feed to finishing of 1254 among causing to ascend 5927. And of manner 1571 Mine will have 589 in practise and habitually 6466 to be pleased with 7522

20. dumb 1745 to be pleased with I have 7522. In regions 6285 who will be pleased with 7522 rainy-teaching 3139-3384 among 5921 deficiency of character 2642 will make to run away 7323. In regions 6285

21. on account of cause 7945 theirs ones of mental pressure constrained by principal 6735 it established of these 3559 and pleased with 7522 having discerned understanding will separate of 995. To Me how and where 349 it was done 1961 they will make to confirm 3559 and they will delight 7521

22. these and 459 will remain 3497 seeing and they 7200 of a place dwelling 4349. And were delighted 7521 will demolish secret thing theirs 5642. When 518 to search out for worship 1245 the acts good in service to hast 1576

23. Also 176 to address loud in commending-praising 7623 desired 176 the habitation a pleasant place 4999 also 176 having cured you 8585 what of purpose 4100 because 3588 were nothing 369 one of work in affairs 6045 their throes of mental pressure constraied by mental pressure 3559

24. causing not 3808 bending away of ones His 5186 to 413 what of purpose 4100 who also ones of fear horribly afraid 8175 when they 1931 are good 2896 and they consent 225 to Him

25. and they of the 1931 expansion 3315 continually 1115 ones of need need 6878 in presents of the plague 6698 exhausted 4198. Also how 349 they 1931 being old 1086 they rush 7323

26. will know by seeing ours 3045 who consider 1934 expansion 3315 making habitually 6466 in the age always 5769. And of strength His 193 not 3808 to be pleased with 7521 not 3808 making habitually in their practise 6466

27. also how 349 to stand out 3426 by bitterness 4751 desiring His 7522 are nothing and 369 dumb 1745 by desiring of us 7522. in regions 6285 which desired these 7522

28. they to become old 1086 lacking in distribution of gifts 5414. And in regions 6285 which to satisfy a debt 6521 in presenting 4672 in the age everlasting 5769 their explaining 874. And in regions 6285

29. which desired these 7522 they 1931 strong of substance and 6106 and they shall live among 2421 on account of to His 7945 they shall be 1961 among their desired 7522. And in regions 6285

30. which will be age-everlasting 5769 will maintain 3557 what of purpose 4100 Shabbat you will of His 7673 to relish make sweet of discourse of it 4985 when staggered these [ to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 in making amazed in astonishment in the waste-ruins [Yoel 1: all]

Image 0094: 1. Their habitable places 339 "I" interpret and explain 6591 staggering it [to be inclined to alter the arranged order] 5128 among the wheels [ recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 because 3588 when were 518 among ones of His holding back 4513 getting work 6467 with you 225

2. since they acted as gate keeper 7763 declaring ones of measured judgments 4055 these shall live among 2421 who they have caused 1961 in the holding back of 4513 in the wheel [recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 the same 1931

3. in getting work 6467 into 854 the age-everlasting of a time 5769. "I" Am acting gate keeper and 7763 from beside the adversary against 6655 being of you 1961 from presenting 4672 these staggering [to alter the arranged order, writings] 5128

4. when 834 will they rise permanently His 7011 and in regions 6285 when shall apportion it 2505 their staggering [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 being old 1086 who were found 4672

5. in mitzvah-commands of 4687 united together 3161 for 3588 when 518 to apportion 2505 after others 312 apportioned 2505. Who are found 4672 these staggering [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 making themselves a fresh new thing they declare 2319

6. in completion 3635 to apportion of them 2505. And these among shaking [to bring force to dislodge the arranged order] 5128 cause fresh new thing 2319 with you 225 ones declaring measuring judgment 4055 all 3605 to apportion 2505 and apportion 2505 of these

7. after 310 this 2088. And let be-remain His 1961 to apportion of it 2505 in future-everlasting 5769 it to exist of them 1934 and these are to measure and let be redeemed 6299-5429 making selves fresh new thing 2319

8. in completion 3635 a day 3117 what of purpose them 4100. Also how 349 in regions 6285 knowledge cunning 1847 these 2088 they shall be 1961 into the future-everlasting 5957 from ones of fresh new thing 2319

9. will apportion of His 2505 // and to be chief-preferred of 5330 in completion of His 3635. //

10 These of such His 2088 He who sees 7200 among knowledge cunning 1847 gather defining thing best 717-5429-2898 and these to reach a given point suitable shall they 749-[reversed] who grieved 3735 existing of His 1934 of their rebellion 5627 the declared assemblies 5712 what of purpose 4100 herding place theirs 723 raving about 1957

11. with His to be ones of kohath-to ally with 6955-[BaMidbar-Numbers 16 rebellion of Korah 7141] to pierce in teaching of 8150 the ones of Kippurim-redemption price 3724 in ruling-Adon 113-[reversed] His sorrow in fear 1670 not He heals and 7495 like such 3541 they of the ones removed 5382 sweeping to ruin be amazed 8429 assemblies of self 6950 and when

12. the everlasting-eternity 5957 and out of one taking hold on Him 4672 and they shall howl in pain of the reprimand of their 3214 knowledge of deception causing of theirs against [true knowledge]-[reversed] will die 4191 as long as far until 5704 uphold words of His and 4405 will cause to come out of theirs 3318 stained 3971 to Him having brushed aside 3261

13. will know by seeing of it His 3045 the ones of preparing away-to weight mentally of their region 6424-6285 He rescues ones of ours 5337 these of such 428 discern in seeing-beholding of 7200-[reversed] manner and customs [Torah] 8448 not 3808 to be light acting of 1951 by these that come forth-off springs of 3329 theirs to be bright pleasant-beautiful 3303 measured and 5429 to My mouth-according to commands 6310 they have done the stated assemblies before 5712

14. from a plan intentional of purpose cunning 4248 it to make a play it turns to foolishness of them 5528 a yoke it of 5923 in process of many 7227-[reversed] to select cause to feed of His 1262 for a people-tribes 5971 to walk the way 3212 measure to define 5429 they in humbleness among them 7807

15. H // G knowledge skillful in deception 1847 evil tongue speaking 661-3956 and Mine observe 7200 these to kindle hot 228 who they to fall on 4672-[reversed] one's of strength 684 to stand out 3426 here now 645 also He gathers 717 they shall be distressed full of heaviness 5136 to a region 6285 shall declare stated assemblies 5712 this

16. His of such these 428 expansion 3315 the plague 1698 being at an end-accomplished 4390-[reversed] to these 413 to spread 7234 to designate 8376 tiring wearing selves 3811

17. the plague 1698 and not exist 369 these 2088 deficiency of character 2642-[reversed] shining fiery 5135 sweeps away 5500 raving in Me 1957 desiring 176 to spread 7234

18. with the commandments His 2706 expansion 3315 who were of the destroying pestilence 1698 who of these 1992 are from the ones of agreement 5276 in commands theirs 2708 not to exist 369 wanting-lacking in character 2642-[reversed] shining fiery 5135 sweep away in Me 5500 the caused rottenness of theirs 4716 cherished of theirs 2234 paying attention to purpose 3282 portion of 4480 what of purpose 4100 then 8033 it to spread 7234 will also designate 8376 will confirm 6965 the cherished 2243

19. in these 1992 also how 349 also were nothing 369 of character deficiency 2642 with appointed commands His 2708 who also not 3808 shall come forth 4672 accordingly have died 4191. And way walking it 1980

20. "I" have seen 7200 who shall be 1961 a gem 3958 remaining 3498 will bubble up of the mire 2563 will project selves in anticipation to meet 6923 in beginning and shall be His 6924 yet not 3808

21. they come forth 4672 except of 2108 leanness of the flesh 7535 failing of theirs 369 with the way up as a journey and 4609 truly not 61 it 1931 in power of the hand theirs 3027 because of the bubbling up of the mire 2563

22. in power of hand 3027 His will mould into purpose of 3335 Mine making habitually to practice 6466 from a portion His 4480 what of purpose 4100 these shall accomplish being pleased with 7521 // agitate regularly 6470 [out of] the heavens 8064 //

23. will agitate regularly 6470 the land 776 // will agitate regularly 6470 the fire 784 and beside scattering of them 2108. Will agitate regularly 6470 shall turn things up side down 2017 the heavens 8064

24. in the land 776. Will agitate regularly 6470 land 776 by the heavens 8064 for to be acceptable and 7522 they shall kneel in blessing-barak of-[Elohim] 1288 and they shall kneel in blessing-barak of-[Elohim] 1288

25. H // D knowledge-understand 1847 the abundance of thousands 7227 teaching rains 4175 will make right cleanse selves 6663 and was gracious of 2603

26. they have caused to be small-little small little 1851-1851

27. and they 1931

28 who have pit falls of destruction 7825 selecting as formative process 1254 the ones of the future-everlasting 5957 a cessation-stopped it 657 from the creation to the end 657 you have caused to catch 2480 and to complete 3635 they have created new things unparallel choosen of them 1278-from 1254-[to pick out by preference from what was made available choice-testing of ]

Image 0095: 1. their creation and 1254 with desire of pleased with 2654 to delight in and 7522 expansion 3315 fully as worthy 4390 things spoken 1697. Exalting 5927 after 310 ascending 5927. And misleading-to enlarge of them-7686-7685 theirs will be staggering [to the altered arranged order writings] 5128

2. and their appointed occasions 2165 their creation a novelty theirs 1278 in regions 6285 also they shall propagate-to continue in perpetuity of these 5126 meeting 4746 clinging to 1692 to cause promoting to staggering to an alter arranged order 5128. With their appointed occasions 2165

3. meetings 4746 clinging to-keeping fast 1692 to cause propagation to continue in perpetuity because of. And when 518 they cause staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 their creation 1254 also how 349 they cause propagating to continue in perpetuity these 5126

4. appointed occasions 2165 also of their 1992 meeting 4746 their mighty ones 352 are created theirs 1254 and they twist together as a body strong 193 expansion 3315 shall be 1961 ones front of place from before 6925 by elder 2205 for messenger-ambassader 6735

5. appointed occasions 2165 desiring also 176 to act as gate keeper 8176 of appointed occasions 2165 not of 3808 their community 523 appointed occasion 2165 in regions 6285 also the appointed occasion 2165 meeting 4746 and they 1931

6. having created 1254 like this 3644 who's novelty created it was theirs 1278 and saying 559 the abundance 7230 also theirs having 2088 cunning knowledge of 1847 Torot-[feminine of Torah] our's 8451. And such things of themselves 2007

7. saying 559 this now 2088 faces of before 6440 when fresh new thing 2319 the separation making a difference of them 6381 by cunning knowledge and 1847 standing out 3426 from nothing 369 they are the same these 1992-[wrapped an extra mem into this word] will establish render sure 3559

8. the covering 3724 for fresh new thing 2319 to stand out 3426 from nothing 369 their 1931 covering 3724-[figurative redemption price] on them. And shall be found 4672 covering-ransom 3724 will complete 3634

9. the Torah-Instruction-Law His 8451 to keep in and maintaining ones cause 3557

10. H // H knowledge cunning 1847 center of strength twisted together 8270 mass of persons organized 6635 to declare general warfare 4421 "H" 3068

11. a command 3928 leave but one sixth part of 8338 have an end perish 5486 to break off 6561 He will make prominent 3151 and these 1931 also shall be 1961 in separating 680 the pit falls of destruction 7825 [substituting and mixing of laws-negotiating away Torah and living in the results] violently rain 1652 to muster finding wanting 5737

12. out of completion 3635 a form pressed out 6699 and drowning-sinking 2883 will be able 3202 to touch you 3237 from a portion and 4480 to rain violently 1652 hard adamant you 8068 will fashion out a likeness 8544 and to a region 6285

13. knowledge cunning it 1847 such 1931 knowledge 1947 evil 7451 to Him 413 surround-protect 5826 will deliver of His 6561 promised of word and 562 of heavens 8064 from when they were established 3559 by the creation His 1254

14. from luminary in ever sense light 216 to clothing and 3847 on account of cause 7945 they have a burying place 6900 and of such things 2007 flattering titles giving selves 3655 to bubble up of the mire 2563 these 2088 for these to luminary in ever sense 216 were failing in mustering 5737

15. from completion 3635 a form pressed out 6699 like such 3644 also this will enlighten in ever sense of 216 them 1931 were failing in mustering 5737 from completion 3635 without seeing 7200 and prepare 3559 to covering up transgressions theirs 4603

16. astonishment of the ruins done 8074 who caused consider 1934 every 3605 perverseness ruins 1942 boiling up scum of 2560 and such things of themselves 2007 flattering titles of self and 3655 regarding garments-clothing 3830 deceiving selves by this 7411-2088 [it appears to be clothing that points out someone as special-different-titled]

17. by reason of 5921 these project selves these of His 6923 and ones of debt and 2325 remove the pit falls to destruction 7825 like garments 3830 for ones putting on clothing 3847 and like such of theirs 3644 also the clothing 3830 ones falling-and rocking back and forth 5307-5130 [lamed ending against doing this 5130] regard ones putting on clothing 3847 after this manner 3602 these 2088 will bubble up of the mire of 2563the tribes-peoples 5971 being of and 1961 will project selves 6923 in projecting selves these 6923 they substitute laws and mix 5352 will fail 5307

19. to Me. And like such 3644 who will in clothing 3830 they 1931 adhere to 1692 because will separate selves 6504 removes portion theirs 4480 after this manner 3602 these 2088 bubble up of the ruins 2563

20. of the tribes-peoples 5971 these after 413 having explained making plain 874 tribes-peoples [Yisrael] He will enlighten 215 and to establish rendering sure 3559 the vineyard His 3657 you people of the nations 1471 in the tongue-speaking a flame 3956 kindles a fire 215 and will separate 6504

21. from portion theirs 4480 in relationship of elevation 4608 and finishing of them 7999

22. and to admonish-repeating 5749 making large 7337 before them the authoritative edict-commandment spoken 3982 having an end-perish 5486 these 2088

23. they are horribly afraid-shivering in fear 8175 what how 349 will cause to turn back breaking away 7725 to affairs of purpose 6045 these 2088

24. and to faint with fear 4199 they bubble up of the ruins 2563 to you trembling 1934 of every 3605 perverse thing 1942 boiling up of the scum theirs 2560. And their 1931 power of hand 3027 their substituting and mixing of laws-Torah 5352 accordingly bubbling up of the mire 2563 of the powers of the hand 3027

25. they are distressed of 3334 those committing evil 6466 among them like to be acceptable will 7522 be finished of them 3615 from ones taunting and insulting 3637 to ones of pease and restful of them 7599 and shall be 1961 these 2088 in regions 6285 also like such 3644

26. who are the opening-beginning of this 8462 all 3605 formative of distresses of theirs 6696 these 2088-[fem.] forming a rock 6699 descent to restfulness 5183 in making the record write it 5608 just and right of manner 3651 of like such 3644 who it shall be 1961

27. the opening-beginning of this 8462 all 3605 bubbling up of the mire of them 2563 ones bubbling up of the mire 2563 unite-first 259. And accordingly which 834 ascend 5927 by theses making Shabbat the rest day 7676 they had pit falls of destruction 7825

28. by the ones of creation 1254 these of 2088 the age for evermore-and eternity 5769 as a mark-conspicuous position 8034 an end of 7117 these 2088 bubbling up of the mire 2563 guarding 8104 opening the eyes stirs up His 5782 they of this 1931

29. the bone of 1633 the heavens He 8064. And will terminate-bring to an end 7117 mark to remember 8034 by their sinking and drowning 2883 "I" cause to interpret and explain these 6591 to admit-choose 6901 all 3605

Image 0096: 1. Will form as a rock pressed out of these 6699-[fem.] and they 1931 to be white as snow 7949 also beneath the throne 3678 who are honorable 3519 and also how 349 you shall be 1961 a new thing unparalled 1278

2. to lift up 5375 from nothing 369 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 and these 1931 accordingly as 834 the rain 1653 are mischievous 1943 to the vineyard 5737 from completion 3635 forming the rocks. And existing

3. among the standing out 3426 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 these 1931 [fem] to desire 1942 removing violent rain. And saying 559 also were nothing 369 regarding His to ditinguish 6387 how 349

4. it shall be of 1961 the ones bubbling up of the mire 2563 to the vinyard 5737 from ignorantly of 1097 forming the rock 6699 in regions 6285 which these 2088 are faithful 539 they are denied benefits 4513 presented of His 4672

5. after 310 seeking to declare 1934 the everlasting 5769 among faces 6440 the rocks 6699 the foundation of these 3248 who have come forth of these 4672 among them

6. also desire a habitable spot 339 "I" interpret and explain 6591 to strip of them 6584. And surely 551 before presences 6925 were to declare 1934 the everlasting 5769 who not 3808

7. let be His 1961 to His 413 these by oath swear it of them 7650 who were found 4672 not 3808 shall be 1961 except 1115 "I" interpret and explain 6591 who shall bring forth 4672

8. these 2088 the ones bubbling up of 2563 leanness 7535 among the completion 3635 forming the rocks 6699 truly 61 they 1931 from living among 2331 to become 1961 just and right of manner 3651 like this 3644

9. also they shall explain making plain 874

10. And ones of the front-boldness 6925 who to Me of the ones sinking-drowning 3766 which of these 2088 from the knowledge of His-know by seeing 1844

11. over and above-profitable 3145 seeing and they 7200 cause to Me take a stand 935 who have answered of them 6067 and "I" raise up-elevate of these 7311-2088

12. over 5921 the weakened of you 2523 after having procrastinated-waiting behind 309 to take a stand 935 seeing desired land-living spot of these 7200-339

13. they who have seen 7200 become of them 1961 ones of certain and stability in and of the truth they of these 539 regard ones raised up in law 7010 firm and of security in truth-faithful of you 530

14. the fresh new thing 2319 by 3588 to rely upon-trusting in Him 8172 they are the ones declaring and explaining Me 874 in first place of ancestors of theirs 7223

15. these 1992 restore-[Torah] 8027

16. H // A in regions 6285 who have caused to make barren land ours 6723 all 3605 the orderly motions and systematic instincts-[GMO SEED] 1682-1696 that were brought forth 4672 to separate and hold back of theirs 680 it being of them 1934

17. And "I" define and measure to preserve-redeem of them 5429-6299. And shall be 1961 confirmed 1115 seeing of and they 7200 who it shall be 1961 that changed or negotiated away-laws-[Torah] ones making habitually to practice 6467

18. continually 6256 and quietly 3240 when of due season 6256 they are living among 2421 keeping in memory of it 7876 of portion-where 8034 very long time ago of theirs 5769

19. are nothing 369 also 1768 to have written and celebrated of theirs 5608. Also the ruins are of them 1942 end them 7118 after 310 will define and measure to preserve-redeem 5429-6299 and end them 7118 like such of this 3644 whoever it shall be 1961

20. of man 120 unite 259 not 3808 of man 120 failure of 1115 completion 8503 //

21. H //B remove sinking-drowning 2883 their appointed occasions 2165 and when staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 also when 518 shall be 1961 the appointed occasion 2165 perverse things 1942

22. in appointed occasion 2165 and shall be 1961. Also how 349 to faces of 6440 their appointed occasion 2165 in the first place 7223 appointed occasion 2165

23. And after this manner 3602 removal of employment-business 6045 they staggered [to the altered arranged order] 5128 it you shall declare explain make plain 874 faint with terror 4199 also was nothing of it 369

24. regarding staggering [to the altered arranged order] 5128 and their appointed occasion 2165 ones of to be 1961 truly not 61 seeing and they 7200 whoever it shall be 1961 to the face of 6440

25. the age a very long time 5769 sleep 1957 age everlasting 5769 after. And these 2088 to 413 not 3808 complete 8503 in course of life 1870 whoever it shall be 1961

26. in fixing a time-amount 2165 a failure 1115 removing fresh new thing 2319 //

Image 0097: 1. H // G to lend with interest-usury 5378-[nun drop verb Exodus-Shemot 22:23 this would be one of the many changes being made in the lands] I-Yeshayahu make interpretation and explain 6591 who it shall be-was 1961 by causing to rain violently 1652 will before 5921 completion-perfect 8503 because of ones agitating of theirs 7322 about which 834 will rest 5117

2. standing of 5975 in ruling 4910. Having in application severe-dense 7185 these 428 make afraid-terrify 1204 shall be separated 2505 with His 225 being of instruction 3925 smooth of tongue of them 2506 if 176 were to remain 3498 and these 1992

3. entraped of Yah 6984 to love 157 by pressing upon-attach 1413 of this 1977 and when 518 it shall be 1961 in completion 3635 one-alph from strength their 353 accordingly the shouting 1959 accordingly making afraid-terrify 1204 they shall live among 2421 where they caused 1961 among afraid terrify of 1204

4. greatly 1419 among ones of associates 2275 because 3588 firm out of 3581 breathed after content 14 great of 1491 out of firmness 3581 love 157 and crowding upon 1464 in which 834 they 1931 great 1419

5. from maintaining these. And so prepares to establish 3559 all 3605 unite 259 of associates theirs 2273 and these 2088 without cause in untruth 8267. Because 3588 not 3808 they coming forth 4672 to make afraid terrify 1204 great 1419 and when 518 just and right of manner 3651

6. after 310 lending with interest-usury 5378 "I" interpret and explain 6591 who it was 1961 will consider 7760 desire their 183 from strength theirs 352 will strike with deadly intent 2026 separating taking away a portion theirs 2505 make afraid terrify 1204 wherever here now 645

7. who it shall be 1961 measure and keep of His 3557. "I" interpret and explain 6591 of grasping in collecting together 6908 Master of 1167 completion to perfect 8503 the cause to rebuild-new 2318 the matter 1697 accordingly to make afraid terrify 1204

8. And after 310 who of these 2088 just and right of manner 3651 these living among 2331 who to let be His 1961 in the heavens 8064 will measure to define to deliver of them 5428-6299 also these 1992 [7718 gems] master of 1167 completion to perfect 8501

9. in the barley harvest [first fruit] 8184. And the front of place 6925 who "I" to stew over-implied to cover 2962 bear in mind hoping shall these 5452 to My bringing 035 diligently teaching of these 8150

10. the ones going of them 1980 in a course of life and actions 1870 to My seeing deviating from duty-going aside of His 7200-7847 in regions 6285 who "I" have stewed over of them 2926 to have rankle 3859

11. from also having played on the timbrel-timbourine 8596 will end of 7117 they were caused 1992 to give thanks and praise 3029

12. H // A also their appointed 2165 "I" see 7200 among their affairs 6045 when shall come and 1961 making afraid terrify 1204 in regions 6285 lending with interest these 5378 "I" interpret and explain 6591

13. also they dumb 1745 becoming His 1971 judged of 1934 desire 176 to measure and to deliver 5428-6299 in regions 6285 placeing of 7760 where among shall living among 2421

14. to His this such of 2088 Mine living among 2421 to His becoming 1961 there 8033 appointed occasion 2165 before ones 6925 becoming His 1961 they shall be 1961 for His ones will consider 1934 and appointed occasion 2165

15. after this "I" 310 will measure to deliver 5428-6299 they shall be 1961 among His to measure and deliver 5428-6299 in regions 6285 in making circumspect-prudent 7919 will consider of 1934 these 1931 in a set time 2164. And complete 3636

16. will measure defining to deliver 5428-6299 our measure to define to deliver 5428-6299 in set time prepared 2164. And to repeat 5750 they shall live among 2421 in presents of His they shall dwell 5117 a fixed time 2163 of before 6925 ones who were theirs 1934 they shall be 1931

17. among His confirming 1934 and of a set time 2164 after of it 310 "I" will measure to define to deliver 5428-6299. Shall be 1961 again His who were measured to define to ransom-deliver 5428-6299. In regions 6285 who were confirmed 1034 shall be 1961

18. in confirming 1934 afterwards 310 then also shall be 1961 to vow-promising of 5087. And they shall 1961 also how 349 in a set time 2163 will come forth 4672 before 6925 ones who were of theirs 1934

19. And in regions 6285 also the set times 2163 not 3808 My messengers ones of 6735 failure 1115 the staggerings will be [of the altered arranged order, writings] 5128. And not 3808 you ones of the messengers of 6735 those staggering [of the altered arranged order, writings ] 5128. Among the destruction 1097

20. because staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order] 5128. Their community 523 in causing rest of 5117 the set time 2163 in making to fear afraid terrify 1204 . Among to Me 413 by their leading down 5181 staggering [to the altered arranged order] 5128 ones first 259

21. out of clinging to His 1692 and first ones of 259 theirs and 2088 failure 1115 "I" interpret 6591 to hold back forbid 3607 in causing shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order] 5128 they will turn selves doing "I" declare 5437

22. they shall explain and declare making plain 874 cheerfully 7797 like when 575 rain violent showers 1653 to be chief-superintendent theirs 5329 having caused staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order writings] 5128 in turning selves doing 5437 of loving affection 4312. And sucking out 4198 the adversary moving beside of and against 6655

23. they shall explain making plain 874 lending with interest-usury 5378 "I" interpret 6591 who it shall be 1961 in the time prepared 2164 who shall do a second time of them 8578 will measure to define to deliver 5428-6299. And when 518 shall be 1961 to measure to define to deliver 5428-6299

24. they shall live among 2421 the measured to define to deliver 5428-6299 in set time 2163 and it shall be 1961 the set time 2163 will measure to define to deliver 5428-6299 after it 310 the measuring to define to deliver His 5428-6299 and by this 2088 they shall live among 2421

25. who it shall be of 1961 the set time 2163 to be eminent of Temple service 5329 so they staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order writings] 5128 to be permanent of them 5329

26. H // B who staggering [of the arranged order writings] of His 5128 they 1931 have staggered [of the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 before of you 6925 to remain 7604 the caused staggering [ the altered arranged order writings] of these 5128 and those

27. will in the lunation-moon month 3391 shall complete 3615 to have 413 remove shaking [to bring force to dislodge the arranged order] 5128 first 7223 beside of the adversary moving against 6655 strength his 6105 and to prepare establish 3559 when 518 it was of him

28. in the heavens 8064 will of confirm it of them 1934 they shall live among 2421 who it was 1961 when 518 caused removing the staggering staggered [the altered arranged order scripture] 5128 in conditioning of the mind to take a stand 4725 shall ascend 5927 to His 413

29. becoming they shall of these. And after this manner 3602 their living place among 2333 in caused removing staggering staggered [the altered arranged order scripture] 5128 in these 1931 when 518 they settle down to rest 5117 from new moon 2320 and after this manner 3602 will do after 310.

30. and also how 349 to go ones way 3212 the thing 1697 to 413 not 3808 complete and perfection 8503. And bringing 4672 heavy rains 1653 was nothing 369 completion and perfect 8503 in regards to measuring to define to deliver 5428-6299 dealing falsely-liars 8266

31. Also how of what 349 they having lived among 2421 who it shall be 1961 the place 8033 from causing the staggering staggered [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 from beside of the adversary and moving against 6655 closing the eyes his 6105 beside of Mine 1115 existing 1934. And also how shall having lived among 2421

32. who it shall be of 1961 the eternity-future 5769 of time as before-[time] 6924 //

Image 0098 1. H // G: when 518 in eternity 5769 existing 1934 they having lived among 2421 who they shall have 1961 presented of His 4672 in firmness 3581 will of anticipate 6923

2. presented of theirs 4672 in making habitually of 6466 in appointed times 2163. By 3588 these 2088 employed of affairs 6045 all 3605 labors 1934. And also how 349 it shall be 1961

3. the appointed time 2165 will of anticipate 6923 were 1934 in eternity. And also how 349 to stand 3426 time fixed 2163 it shall be 3426 caused the staggering [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 and caused staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order writings] 5128

4. in a region 6285 who these 1931 chance to meet 4745 following 1692 in this 1992 like them and to recognize 2142. And when 518 among staggering staggered [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 these. When 518 in sinking-drowning 2883

5. when 518 by lunation month 3391. When 518 their 1931 lunation month 3391 also how 349 to exist 3426 to His staggering [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 sinking-drowning they caused 2883 by 3588

6. their having accordingly lunation month to declare 3391 you say 559 in this cruel 7185 to drowning sinking they caused 2883 and was nothing 369 staggering [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 drowning sinking of their 2883 removal of 2108

7. among His 413 who come forth of His 4672. How also 349 it shall be 1961 of the eternity-future 5769 will anticipate 6923 were of His 1934 and these 2088 untrue deceitful liars 8267. Also how 349

8. they were sowing 4901 to His 413 untruth-vain thing 8267 and they 1931 who in eternity 5769 to exist 1934 a vain thing 8267 //

9. H // D: who having made habitually to practice 6466 afterwards 6256 and will at home 5116 now 6256 of themselves 2007 the conspieuous position 8034 in this accordingly a lunation month 3391

10. to point out it 8150 they have opened eyes 5782 beside of and among His 1157 in forming the mind to purposes 6246 these 2088 the deeds and acts 6467. And they shall 1961 when 349 to faces 6440

11. they will alter it 8138 doing again it 8138. And will admonish-restore 5749 who have accumulated 3527 shall be of 1961 of actions 6467 in firmness 3581 the diety of Syrians-chadrak and cause 2317 to break up destroy 7616 acts of and way 6467

12. in acts of 6467 and they 1931 will of do again it 8138. And calling to record 5749 whom they declared fresh new thing 2319 among His will of purge away dross 6884 among 997 by with holding benefits 4513 for causing among starggering to stagger [to the altered arranged order writings] 5128

13. and causing to rebuild 2318 by purging away dross 6884 how of 335 "I" interpret and explain 6591 among caused failure 1097 altering of theirs 8138 //

14. And restoring admonishing 5749 whoever is going to be of 1934 Mine hastened away 6923 before these doing again and they 8138 will of this according to lunation month 3391 in regions 6285 whoever hastens away 6923 to His "I" interpret and explain to be cleared of 6591

15. this 2088 in doing of it 8138 and where 349 they shall live of before2421 when staggering to stagger [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 also will settle having caused 5117 first in place these 7223

16. and from new moon -month you 2320 who caused shall be a 1961 failure 1115 first in place these [fem.] 7223

17. and a sign 226 whoever alters they have 8150 by this 1931 are first 7223 of such things 2007 these living among 2383 with His whoever it shall be 1961

18. you people of the nations 1471 a failure 1115 first 7223 by this 2063 it's coming causes 5438 against her eyes 5869. In regions 6285 who have the meanings of 6591

19. this 2088 the altering of it 8150 have before 6925 to the new moon-month His 2320 and these 2088 to 413 not 3808 shall cease to you 3615. And that which 834 they will declare-explain 874 of the desolation to them 7582

20 accordingly complain of 596 staggering [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 making new moon month to declare 2320 bewailing 56 of it 1931 the goal shall be 5331 to you to declare-explain 874 whoever will die 4191 causing staggering [the altered arranged order scripture] 5128

21. they who staggering staggered [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 by the goal 5331 to faint with fear-terror 4199 having lead astray these 2937 by closing the eyes 6105 Mine shall explain making plain 874 here now 645 whoever caused shall be 1961 then of 8033 [ the month-new moon is by sight not by orbital calculations, think now by this we all over the planted will be together same day-in 24 hours peroid were ever we maybe]

22. staggering [incline to alter the arranged order] 5128 following behind to it 314 //

23. H // H: among the drowning and sinking 2883 they are to Me 1961 also when 518 shall be 1961 to exist 1934 shall be 1961 in His ones of acceptance 5375 to you coming will be 1934

24. from appointed count 4487. In regions 6285 from the ruins 8047 also in firmness 3581 not 3808 they to spread selves 6504 cause of purpose 4100 which they 1931 exalt of deeds 6310-6467

25. and also how 349 they have lived among 2421 which they have of 1961 them brought forth 4672 of before 6925 were of His 1934. Desiring 176 whoever it shall be 1961 to come forth 4672 in making to practice habitually 6466

26. and these of 2088 untrue words 8266 complete of His 3635 and confirm 3559 they shall live among 2421 with His of this 2088 being rolled together and 193 "I" measure to define release-preserve 5429-6299 and in regions 6285 which they will come against Mine 1961 not 3808

27. they come forth-appear 4672 except of leanness 7535 of Mearah-[Joshua-Yoshua 13:4 land belonging to the Sidonians] 4631 they shall live among 2421 when shall come 1961 the time everlasting it 5769 presents of 6925 //

28. H //V: Among drowning and sinking 2883 the wheel-round [recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 in strong of substance theirs 6108 in regions 6285 making to be circumspect-of understanding 7919 eager in desire 1942 to you to have 1933 made turning about-change to His 2015.

29. And these measured and delivered 5429-6299 El 410 He will after this manner His 3602 and the wheel-[recurring course directing or controling actions] 1534 was nothing 369 to His turning about 2015 also how of 349 their 1931 failure 1115 to exist 1934

30. and became old worn out "I" 1086 to measure and define to redeem 5429-6299 //

31. H // Z: from drowning and sinking 2883 the existing 1934 as a body and 5315 in regions 6285 making circumspect-understanding 7919 existing 1934 will measure to define and to preserve 5429-6299 according to who you declare making plain 874

32. in sinking and drowning 2883 they shall live among 2421 having what of purpose 4100 which it shall be 1961 failure except 1115 to measure to define and to preserve 5429-6299 it will be 1961 failure except 1115

33. by the ruins 1942 //

Image 0099: Hey // Cheyth: 1. which were except 370 to bring about 7760 to have appointed 1934 the strength of perpetuity of it 5331[Lamentations 3:18] in regions 6285 which hammered against 4717 the arranged order-in the vineyard 5737-5738 by these 1931 with His in firmness 3581 will be in front 6925

2. in the sinking-and drowning 2883 among 5921 the ruins 1942 accordingly 3644 which are mindful in calling to mind 2142 in the falling as to perishing 5307-5486 and how 349 it shall be 1961 to Mine

3. in a remote time of 5957 firmness and vigor 3581 were over 3581 the vineyard. 5737 And what of purpose 4100 rejoicing 7797 in Him firmness and vigor 3581 among 5921 the vineyard of 5737 theirs 1931 a failure 1115 of strength 5331

4. and were nothing 369 in causing bitterness 4843 also in firmness 3581 these saying 559 among His this of such 1931 they will pity [Psalm 72:13] for nothing 369 the crossing over-eber 5674 a regions 6285 also in firmness 3581

5. indeed 551 saying 559 will He pity 2347 to 413 the ones made fit 6257 //

6. they stand out 3426 in being of 1967 the pit falls to destruction 7825 of holding back benefits 4513 the wheel-round and round 1535 like a blazing sense of a star these 3556 in among ones rising of them 7011 like such 3644

7. also they shall explain 874 presenting as 6561 a good thing 2896 these living among 2333 which they shall be 1961 in the eternity 5769 ones of before 6925. In regions 6285

8. also when they will settle 5117 in this 2088 of such things 2007 it shall be 1961 in the pit falls to destruction 7825 troubling and agitating 6470 by the league-one knit together 7194 with 5973 this 2088

9. the wheel-[a recurring course directing or controling actions] 1534 accordingly a course of life 1870 which it shall be 1961 to His completing of them 8003 and they are fruitful of their 8081 living 2416 and trouble 6470 not 3808 and how also 349

10. these having lived among-and against 2421 with His in the altered they have 8138 //

11. of the things His 2007 in being of 1961 the pit falls of destuction 7825 who waste with disease 4549 strong His of 193 these who were found 4672 with the arranged order of them 5468 and the will have power as a prince these 8280

12. they shall live among 2421 on accoubt of cause 7945 having come forth 4672 while before the testimony-edah-witness these 5713 for 3588 they remove these made circumspect 7919 in order that 834

13. to His the ones leading astray 5377 to separate 2351 to make circumspect 7919 fabricated in a malicious sense 2803 being of His 1961 by their raving up and down 2070 //

14. will bring out 3318 when 518 shall be 1961 in the pit falls of destruction 7825 it 1931 becomes seen 1961-7200 cause to kill of it 4191 in ones working habitually 6466

15. all 3605 these who were found 4672 like such 3644 who of it will cause these to believe 539-547 master of dominion 1167 the new things 2319

16. also how 349 it shall be 1961 all 3605 with their 225 appointed occasion 2165 they among make afraid terrify 1204 ones of working habitually of 6466 in presenting to cease of their 989. Arranged order comparing of 6186

17. He who sees 7200 from their words these 1697 in the rising up 7011 the beginning these 6924

18. and with a multitude 7230 teacher-teaching 4175 to make right 6663 rebellious revolters making selves strange-5637-1970 everone of 3605 these 428 will load up of these 2943

19. smooth of tongue 2506 in among with delivery 6561 such as this 2063

20. like a harmless white spot-leprosy [root not found] compares and resembles 1819 first one 259

21. and will of those 1931 who are sinking and drowning 2883 these who were found 4672 of it before 6925 with sense of eagerly coveting to declare to them 1942 shaking out you 2107 sinking and drowning theirs 2883 make afraid 1204

22. sense of eagerly coveting to declare of them it 1942 to the sinking and drowning these 2883 making afraid 1204 sense of eagerly coveting to declare to these 1942 shaking out you 2107 sinking and drowning of theirs 2883 after of 310 the recompense of your's 8011

23. sense of eagerly coveting to declare these. By 3588 blood 1818 who's hands 3027 will become his 1961 flee suddenly these 1272 by reason of 5921 a course of life 1870 mentally superiority 4912 except of them 1115

24. sinking and drowning 2883 making afraid 1204 in conception 2032 like which they concur to meet together of his 6298 posterity 2234 will mark to remember 2142 and they shall be a force of men 2428

25. to those staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order writings] 5128 and sinking and drowning and 2883 at that time 227 not except 1115 sinking and drowning 2883 will live 2421 to complete 8000 and others 317 they will birth 3205 and also how 349

26. was nothing 369 to it bring forth 935 ones shown 7200 among the sinking and drowning 2883 the destroying pestilence 1698 and others 317 are coming forth of them 4672 in presenting 6925 sense of eagerly coveting to declare to them 1934

27. they will bring forth 935 to have dominion-ruling 4910 will receive honor 3513 to these 2088

28. having made you a young sapling 3242 the greatness will cause of 1419 for a place of standing 4725 on account of causing 79457945 to see 7200 in holding out the hands of worship 3034 and on account of crossing over-eber 5664 to regard a place 7760 and asking counsel 7592

29. also how 349 to feed-forming 1254 in the man 120. And that which 834 He says and 559 to His for speaking 559 who of such things 1931 in the inner most part of the heart 990

Image 0100: 1. when His of 518 the mire-calamity 2916 fresh new thing of these 2319 regions His 6285 sweeps away of these 5500 having by Me examined and 952 drawing out-let go free 6605. Saying 559 who of He 1931 to keep back of benefits 4513

2. in regions 6285 whoever the adam-man 120 when 518 they stopped-implied to repair a breach 5640 regions His 6285 let go free 6605 will of accumulate and 2872 then 176 I collect 3664 will within-bosom-womb 990 refuge 982

3. after 310 then 176 not 3808 they to eat 398 in regions His 6285 then 176 not to walk of Mine 3808-3212 will strike of these 5344 they die 4191. Also 1571 the adam-man 120

4. accordingly who he has collected 3664 within his 990 selected 977 afterwards 310 they die 4191. And how also 349 they shall live of among 2421 their dead and 4191 then when seeing 518

5. He will separate making a distinction 996. And such of them 2007 everyone of 3605 these 2088 saying 559 from the sinking-drowning 2883 such as this 2088 causing to present 4672 then surely of 6965 their ways are worthless 369

6. turning shall to the way 7725. To His causing to ascend 5927 these 2088. Cause not 3808 who to say 559 to Him they are worthless 369 by the bringing of 935 ones seeing 7200

7. out of the sinking-drowning 2883 this 2088 in causing to come forth-found 4672. After 310 becoming His 1961 from sitting down as judging 3427 among 5921 the complete-in safety 7999 who are of the affairs of His 6045

8. in the presence of 6925 these were existing of His 1934 and established 3559 of the tribes-people 5971 becoming 1961 circumspect-intelligent 7919 of these 428 who speak of them 1696 become derelict wrongly practing idolatry these 7750 will be living among of them 2421

9. in the sinking-drowning 2883 such of this 2088 the coming forth-presenting selves 4672 the opponents of 7009 them 2006 were caused 1992 failure 1115 among you living of them 2421 in the sinking-drowning 2883

10. presence of 6925 eagerly coveting to ruin of His 1942

11. And ruler 8269 a mass of persons battles as to war 4421 " H " 3068 opens eyes stirs 5782 upon 5921 these 2088-reverse- raving 1957 watchful for trouble 6145 to sweep away 3261 " H " 3068 they are profane thing 2490 out of isolation to Me 1219 desolating evil 7723

12. A third 7969 indignation-punishment clap hands 5606 -reverse- they are over powered 8630 measured 5429 the three 8027

13. H // A . Also these have you[mem in the tav caused] living among 2421 from this 2063 they will anticipate meeting for help 6923 like such of this 1931consternation and astonishment of the ruins caused to Me 8047-8037 they will come forth of 4672 what of purpose 4100 on account of cause 7945 they who have lived among 2421 when they come forth 4672 [remember we have no way to stop the unrestrain of laws of our judges and leaders passed the point the return without destruction by our selves or controled by the Creater]]

14. in these 2088 will mark out of 8388 that these 1931 indeed negation of 61 not 3808 they shall live among 2421 give allotment count 4487 when what of purpose 4100

15. presence of 6925 will consider they declare His 1934 will mark out 8388 that these 1931 indeed 61 on account of cause they have lived among 2421 given to allotment 4487 when of purpose 4100

16. accordingly the shall live among 2421 to things of 1697 regarding before faces of 6440 becoming His 1961 who came forth 4672 will cause expiation-atonement [covering] 5130 marking out 8388 who it shall be 8388 who it shall be 1961 not 3808

17. those found 4672 with His making afraid-terrified 1204 will consider they declared His 1934. And will of explain and declare 874 from strength of His 193 will load up these 2943 on account of 7945 strength theirs 193

18. causing to make fail 5307 comes to an end of these 5487 [A line from the final mem runs down to the line below to the resh of 1698 the destroying plague] parched ground these 8273 to have received 3947 of distilling running water of you 5140 of the ones having learned by experience 5172 by setting forth in out line 8388 the word 1697. " I " to be pleased with 7521

19. of the quivering glow of the air-to parched ground 8273 of the destroying plague of these 1698 you caused this 1992 living place among of them 2333 in existing 1934 for what of purpose 4100 who they 1931 seeing existing heeding and judging 1934

20. mentally distinguishing in understand 995 who it shall be 1961 will present selves and 4672 of desire 7522 also 176 in sinking-drowning 2883 to these by existing 1934 in smoothness of tongue 2505 for purpose 4100 also of their's 1931

21. in smoothness of tongue 2505

22 H // B. if 518 having received of 3947 this 2063 will into project selves 6923 by the revolving wheel-round and round 212 of completion 3635 not 3808 will allow to stay-suffering with 3240

23. of these and 459 determine to change 7760 of perverse thing 5753 existing among to declare it 1934 who are found 4672 and gather alike 1571 not 3808 will hide it 5641

24. will be obstinate of 3885 the perverse thing bowing down 5753 behind back after of 268 consider will declare of it. And also how 349 they are living among 2421 on account of cause 7945 it shall be 1961 afterward 310 existing of these-considered 1934

25. in the remote of time 5957 they are not 3808 what of purpose 4100 who "I" give they cause 5414 sinking and drowning of His. And also how 349 not 3808 it shall be 1961 to stay permanently their 3885 urine-piss 7890

26. they were going up ? 5927 they will descend 5182 in rebuilding of 2318 to rise 6965 established in security 530 conspicuousness of them 4159 push out as a member of the flock these 7716

27. shall be His 1961 afterwards 310 will declare you have 1934 the eternity 5769

Image 0101: 1. H // G And also 176 "I" make interpretation to understand 6591 after 310 ruins will declare 1942 the hidden-distant 5867 to Mine 413 what of purpose 4100 which 'I' will reveal to them of 5414 the sinking and drowning 2883

2. who are found of these 4672 accordingly 3644 who are of reverent fear exceedingly 3374 from the words of His 1697 also 349 not 3808 they remain 7604 these of our 428

3. way of walking of 1870 El 410 in the truth and in stability being firm 530 with a sense of conspicuousness by signs 4159 and to rendered sure 3559 saying 559 also being of 1961 the seen 7200 good 935 they 1931 also were saying 559

4. they were nothing 369 to these will ensnare 6983 it is going to be 1934 after this manner will finish 3602-3635 among 413 in flattering speeches. And to this very thing 1976 not 3808 they to live by and among having 2331 been against finishing of you 3635

5. purpose of what 4100 mixing of law 7896 living among 2421 with flattering speeches 2506. And they of such 2088 which plait together in number 3527 from aridity lands theirs 6723 for were of you 1934 in the Adam 120

6. they are smooth to declare 2511 and they 1931 are the highly fed wanton of 2181 things 1697 they have had in living before and 2417 behaved senselessly 3856 a failure 1115 from having lived among them 2421

7. to consider of them 1934 they declare to complete 3635 will lead away 7617 walk about slandering7270 also seeing that now 3528 they come forth and 4672 in the highly fed wanton of selves 2181 of the body-nephesh 5315 wanton idolatry 2181

8. walking about slandering 7270 in heart 3820 and are grievously stupid 3513 and "I" will with draw good and will become thin impoverished to such 213-935-4134 in regions 6285 also they 1931 have not 3808 made habitually to practice work of 6466 oath theirs 422

9. and such of these 428 having strength of these 83 not 3808 they come forth and 4672 will divide-separating of them 6504 shall remove and scatter 7604 remnant of 7604 the strongest ones of them 83

10. to a region 6285 also not 3808 they come forth and 4672 in them are these firm and of vigor 3681 in the nephesh-body their's 5315 removing scattering these 2108 and also how 349 when 518

11. shall be 1961 such as this 2088 in the man 376 existing 1934 they having lived among 2421 whenever it shall be 1961 such as this 2088 in a man 376 when found 4672

12. presence of 6925 being of-their former rain-teaching these 1961-3384. And after this manner 3602 if 518 he were to rest-quiet 5118 in perpetuity so 5769 to exist-consider 1934 shall be 1961 as the past-in eternity 5769

13. it to come forth 4672 before 6925 becoming of His-teachers 1961-3384 with 3588 the Adam 120 perpetually 5769 waiting these 6960 and in a way walking these 1980 like this 3644 also they shall live among 2421

14. who it shall be 1961 the burning fire 784 and smooth of His 2511 who were found of them 4672 before 6925 this 2063 that are highly fed 2181 when 518 they shall live among 2421

15. in calamity of of them 1942 in finishing of 3635 what of purpose 4100 when they shall live among 2421 in smoothness of tongue to declare. After this manner 3602 they having lived among 2421 in the ruins of to declare 1942

16 the eternity 5769 walk about slandering 7270 before ruins to declare 1942 complete 3635 in the eternity 5769 who it shall be 1961 the future 5769 before 6925 this 2088 who were found 4672

17. in making to practice habitually 6466 surely 3588 with His they come forth 4672 round about of 5437 this way 2063 in the ruins of them 1942. in regions 6285 which they of clamity of ruins to them 1942

18. not 3808 you shall be 1961 among the vilest-loose morally 2149 staggering [to the altered arranged order writings] 5128 shall of as before 6925. And maintain 3557 the staggering of them [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 set to benefit, set forward and 3276 to 413

19. make to staggering [to the alter arranged order writings] 5128 in the skeleton like causing 1633 it will stun-devastate of them whoever 8074-4310 they live among 2421 these let remain and 1961 all 3605 it will establish of these 3247 and will cause their increase by the myriad 7231

20. from these 1992 who were found 4672 and to prepare establish 3559 will say 559 the observant mind their's 7907 to be astonished wander 7583 ones-alph also they come forth 4672 the man 376 by eyes theirs 5869

21. presence of before 6925 in the ruins were 1942 and not 3808 flattery of tongue-smooth 2509 from among and 4480 shall ascend 5927 to these 413 they of the ruins these 1942 will of this 1931 just and right of manner 3651

22. not 3808 they living place among 2333 will finish of them 3635 in eternity 5769 when 518 valuable they are 5238 consider 1934 who it shall be 1961 who come forth 4672

23. ones to meet-anticipate 6923 these ones going to be 1934 and not 3808 flattering of tongue 2509 shall ascend 5927 out of portion His 4487 strong twisted together 193 will let be 1934 nevertheless 61 will need good need 6878-935

24. regarding will give rest 5117 from shaking [bring force to alter arranged order writings]5128 among to be urgent of 5169 putting a difference 914 despised seeing of you 2107-7200 having caused shaking [bringing force to alter the arranged order writings ] 5128 the kindred-near of kin 7138 in ones of shaking [to bring force to alter arranged order writings] 5128 for to consider of these 1934

25. their flattering tongues of these 2509 . Having made to shake [bring force to alter arranged order writings] 5128 for ones of to consider these 1934 "I" cause to bring forth-literally to sprout 6779 will have a refuge-trust and safe 983 which 834 these 1931 will be circumspect 7919

26. making habitually to practice 7919 like this 3644 also hasten to meet 6923 besides 2107 having made ones of to shaking [bring force to alter arranged order writings ] 5128 when shall come seeing of 1961-7200 ones approaching 7126 for having caused idolatry 2181 the man 376

27. will consent 225 he shall live among 2421 exhausted 4198 becoming of 1961 therein 8033 having caused staggering staggered [to alter the arranged order writings] 5128 with condition of mind 4725 will ascend 5927 to His 413 ones going to be His 1934

28. like this 3644 also they shall live among 2421 let be 1961 man 376 presence one of 6923 man 376 keep in mind hope you 5452 in the beginning 6924

29. our elders 7868 who of these 2088 came upon by accident 7136 a man 376 from beside of and against the adversary 6655 which he 1931 one of going to be of these 1934 to separate 2505 smoothness of tongue-flatteries of theirs 2506 in the eternity-everlasting 5769

30. like such 3644 the ones poor 6033 against the idolatry-wanton 2181 which they liken to resemble of theirs 4911 for 3588 such as this 1931 not 3808 you are doing 6213 flattering of tongue smooth 2505 will be of the power of the hand good 3027-2895

31. when 518 not 3808 shall be 1961 the hand of power 3027 ones of presence 6025 and surely indeed 551 from beside of and against by the adversary 6655 what of purpose then 4100 whatever they 1931 suppose to mean 1933 like thing of what end 4100

Image 0102: 1. who ? He of 1931 man 120 not 3808 shall come forth 4672 flattering of tongue 2506 but from Him 4480 shall ascend 5927 these of mine 413 who were declared His 1934 because 3588 He there is 786

2. the Master1167 the sowing-diseminator of seed 2232. How where 349 they need good need 6878-935 El 410 going to be 1961 the ones of this 2063 among shaking [to bring force to alter arranged order writings] 5128 to unify 258 to separate 905 to these not 3808-3809

3. like these 3644 who to write the record 3789 will designate of 3567 full of age-old 3624

4. And I 589 will say 562 also ones of adjusted of His 3559 will increase in number 1227 ones of purpose 4100 making rightness 6663 whoever like this 3644

5. these were nothing 369 before being brought in 935 Yah has seen 7211 removing the sinking-drowning of them 2883 when they were found 4672

6. others ones 317 are going to be of them 1934 who are soundness of submission these 7999 in the sinking-drowning of theirs 2883

7. terrified-fearing 1204 are going to be these 1934 by reason of 5973 what shall become of them 1961 also withdrawing contact 4185. Found to be untrue-deceiving 3584 also are nothing 369 in the bringing in 935 Yah has seen 7211

8. among the sinking and drowning of theirs 2883 within time 6256 what will become of them 1934 ones flattering of tongue-smooth they are 2505. Untrue of words-deceiving 3584 others 317 who are going to be of them 1934 in the sinking-drowning of them 2883

9. in time 6256 these ones will become of theirs 1934 in the completion of shall be 3635. Because of deception 3584 in the sinking-drowning of them 2883 ones before 6925 will let be-and what shall become of them 1961 in the hidden 5867

10. the completion of the hidden of these 3635 in regions 6285 which will exist of theirs 1934 that they 1931 will have become 1961 a part of 4480 will arrange 5737 they are caused to be afflicted of sickness these of His 2470

11. to be cunningly ignorantly these 1847. And in regions 6285 which were made to flee these 5127 separating-selecting His 680 out of a new thing of them 2319 to exist-stand out 3426 from nothing 369 it shall 1961 be training of you 525

12. of the new thing 2318 beginning of you 6923 And the way as a course of life 1870 to cause 1992 and these a remnant 7605 in the ruins 5859 among those of the ones found 4672 from beside of and moving against is the adversary 6655

13. causing sinking-drowning 2883 they who were found 4672 to them 1992 other 317 it will cause a new thing of them 2319 and appointed a ration of food it before 737 by His will bring those seeing 935-7200

14. knowledge by seeing 1843 which has existed of His 1934 these 1931 over 5921 people of the nations 1471 faces of theirs 6440

15. H // A: for the way as a course of life 1870 in the sinking-drowning 2883

16. H // B: will delight

17. H // G: in the seat of the chariot you 4817 among the sinking-drowning 2883 having delight 7522 like this 3644 by the myriad 7231 among the sprouts 6779 [line two-2]

18. who shall need good need 6878-935 by the servants of His 5647 the Adam will be 120. And after 310 this 2088 knowledge-[known by seeing] 1843-3045

19. they who were in the destruction 1942 will rejoice 7522 shall divide separating 914 from the ruins 1943 in sinking-drowning 2883 by a sixth part 8341 travails of affairs theirs 6045

20. H // A: by which 834 were nothing 369 they shall trust him 2620 according to 413 their appointed occasion 2165 completion of it 3635

21. H // B: by which 834 was nothing 369 they have trusted 2620 to 413 their making habitually of practice 6466 will cause ruin 1943 in sinking and drowning 2883 they have trusted and 2620 to 413

22. their appointed occasion 2165 they shall trust and 2620 you people of the nations 1471 such as this 413 the ones making habitually to practice 6466 . By maintaining ones cause 3557 who were of it they will 1934 by this cause to make grow again 6779

23. keeping in bondage of work 5647 ruling over 4910 they seek refuge 2620 for a time 6256 in standing firm 5564 to destruction-extinction these 6783 from before of time 6256 was far off 2350 and they having trusted of this 2620

24. to 413 the hot displeasure of anger 2534 in making to practice 6466 they are domineering in character-very great 7260 out of it they shall take refuge 2620 by this 413 occurrence will of 7137 it make to practice 6466 will cause ruin 1934

25. will favor of 7522 to stroke twice-blows to anvil 6471 shall be by practice 6466 will bubble up of it 2563 in a great while to come 7350 will rest 3240 till near of time and kindred 7138. to make to do-practice 6466 to search out of it 1246

26. the one building 1129 and having rest 3240 good 935 the one building 1129. And they seek refuge 2620 to this 413 hearing-8095-the tribe of Shimon 8095 will unite to mine 3867 with oath theirs 422

27. will adjust becoming suitable 7737---[The number of Shimon's men able to go to war Ba Mid bar-Numbers 2:13 was 59,300, after the rebellion of Korah, Ba Mid bar-Numbers 26: 9 and the number able to go to war men verse :12, 22,200. This is that hot anger of Shimon and many left the nation. Also that "H"-3068 was going to mellow the two tribes through the other nations Shimon and Levi Bresheet-Genesis 49:5]

Image 0103: 1. Are lifting up 5375 in the sinking and drowning 2883 they shall trust 2620 El 420 will bubble up of the ruins 2563 excepting 2107 will bubble up of the ruins 2563 except it having to exist 1934 to point out and teach-3384

2. such a thing 1697 having to kindle heat 228 such a thing 1697 to the insolent provoked to move 2102-2086 never the less 61 they need need good 6878-935 to cause bubbling up of the ruins 2563 from eyes seeing 5869 this having to exist 1934

3. to be voluntary of acceptance 7522 [because] they are sure to trust 2620 all 3605 the male asses-donkies 2543 in resembling 7737 accordingly of the ruins will bubble up 2563 by power of the hand yielding 3027 in their distresses 3334 their habitual to practices 6466 among it the portion His 4480

4. adjusting to the standards of His 8498 thousands 7239 and conforming of His 6696 making the changes of theirs 2501 //

5. H // D also that exist 1934 among the sinking and drowning 2883 not 3808 it shall exist 134 a thing desired 1697 or cause to exist 1934 by desired favor 7522 it shall exist 1934

6. coming to an end 4390 desired thing 1697. And they 1931 who exist of it 1934 to be at an end 4390 a formed image of 8544 El 410 image formed 8544

7. because 3588 in the sinking and drowning they 2883 shall bring forth 6213 making officially 4487 to purpose 4100 which are nothing 369 to it a made image 8544. But the 3588 image-a made form 8544[Devarim 4:16 act corruptly making an image of anything for selves]

8. are nothing 369 to it change turn about 2015 //

9. H // H which these they 834 cause to interpret 6591 to be of us 1933 in the sinking and drowning 2883 it 1931 from living with 2331 who are going after 3318 in habitually to practice 6466

10. to fear 1204 by reason of 4480 the times 6256 who are seeing 518 not 3808 just and right 3651 shall be 1961 caused to interpret and explain 6591 a failure 1077 will deny benefit 4513

11. and "I" cause to explain interpretation 6591 will continue His 1934 in working 4399 it was nothing of us 369 from living among 2331 which they bring forth 3318 by habitually to practice 6466 in regions 6285 which they 1931 shall unite with-joining to 3867

12. with voluntary of will 7522 in making habitually to practice 6466 and " I " interpret explain 6591 not 3808 to be pleased with 7521 in doings these are 6213 by concealing secret things 5956 will remove ornament 5710

13. H // V which they cleave to 1934 in sinking and drowning 2883 standing out 3426 to His firm 3581 after 5921 they have defined to release 5429-6299. From beside of and against an adversary 6655 what of purpose 4100 which they have 1931

14. become 1934 like thus 3644 which to declare 874 in loading upon His 2943 "I" distinguish to separate will 6395 come to an end of them 5487 they will exist 1934 in the work of general employment 4399

14. are nothing 369 to Me firm 3581 over 5921 this to measure to release 5629-6299 from beside of the adversary 6655 what of purpose 4100 which they 1931 have become 1934 empty-cast out 7324 from beside of and moving against an adversary 6655 he delight of self 7522 in habitually to practice 6466

15. to break apart 905 and will divide 914 of habitually to practice of 6466 the El 410 in pleasure of self "I" declare 7522 from habitually to practice of 6466 the Adam 120 will delight self "I" declare 7522 separating 910 employment of affairs of them 6045

17. H // A which in doing habitually to practice 6466 in general employment 4399 they need good need 6878-2896 in bubbling up of the mire 2563 become suitable 4998 in making habitually to practice shall be His 6466 without 3588 not 3808

18. will be able 3201 in making it 6213 out of much pain 2342 in regions 6285 who are nothing 369 in firmness of His 3581 what makes getting by purchase 7069 to finish of 3635 manner of thing 1697

19. firm 3581 they on account of 6901 pleasantness of His 7522. And doing pit falls of construction 7825 all 3605 in bubbling up of the mire of these 2563 becoming suitable them 4998 by this these 419

20. H // B also will of make habitually to practice those 6466 that exist 1934 in work of general employment 4399 they [fem] 1931 separate 2351 removing from the thing 1697 for 3588 nothing 369 also to be able these 3201

21. will build up support of 539 in making of to practice habitually 6466. Manner of thing, examine 1697-952 pour it out 7324 hold firmly between the arms His [hug] to break apart 905. And in the pit falls of destruction 7825 of making to practice habitually 6466 in all 3605

22. portion of 2505 the bubbling up of the ruins 2563 out of oppression-chaff 4160 even so 1571 in the face 6440 in leveling 7737. Like this 3644 when saying His 559 El has seen 2371 are nothing 369 confine 6696

23. because El raises our 410-6965 were nothing 369 makes as if ambassador 6737 also El raises of us 410-6965 good 935 and to see 7200 on account of cause 7945 as a measure 4060 He will scoop out [figurative to malign] 6895 the limit measured 4060

24. announce good news 1319 their adam 120 Adam 120 opponent 6862 a form of 6699 so how-where of him 335 to be able 3201 by mental pressure of a herald 6735 by it coming near of them 7131 and building it up 1129 out of the crooked and perverse 5753

25. having disesteem 959 it has divided 914 you people of the nations 1471 this exist-consider 1934 by employment as a result 4399 from that existing 1934 against sinking and drowning 2883 and when of seeing 518 after this manner 3602

26. ones of working to make habitually to practice 6466 in sinking and drowning 2883 disregarding the treading down 3533 will rule as Master of His 113

27. H //G discretion of knowledge prudent in wisdom of 7922 the Rock 6697 that exist 1934 will work habitually to practice 4399 people-tribes 5971 when shall come 1961 revolving around His 5437 attaining His will 4672

28. from the Rock 6697 which 834 in the nephesh-living body 5315 they trust of 539 Him good need need 2896-6878 El 410 you have found 4672 by the bubbling up of the mire 2563

29. to 413 these shall rejoice- be glad 7797 by the hand of His 3027 when 176 by foot solders-men of His 7273 and to 413 these to blush in shame 3637 and shall need good need 2896-6878 to 413 fixed times 2163 will cling of His 1692

30. And will see become numerous 7200-1711 and shall make habitually to practice 6466 doing pit falls of destruction 7825 [mixing of laws] a failure 1115 ones of need need it 6878 to 413 the making of gladness 7797 and not 3808 to 413 their fixed times 2163

31. and not 3808 by 413 the twigs 5536 save 7535 from hand of power 3027 also injustice 5766 forms 6696 the thing 1697 in living body it 5315 you will exist 1934 of the ruins, by bubbling up out of the mire 2563

32. it will make ready 3559 by this means 6903 it forms 6696 such like 3644 also saying 559 and they became 1961 just and right 3651 and it became 1961 just and right of manner 3651 //

Image 0104: 1. Making circumspect 7919 to do the works these 6468 have pit falls of construction 7825 these 1992 also are not 3808 ones of need need 6876 in a region of 6285 also finishing those of His 7999 these 1931

2. these in their bones-strength of 6106 and not 3808 they finish 7999 and were burdensome-grievous 3514 in word 1697 will of separate 2351 to them. Surely-nodoubt 552 their acts of work 6467

3. what of purpose 4100 these shall act circumspect 6466 over of 5920 beside of and against by the advesary 6655 they have a turn of affairs providential 5438 and doing favour and graciousness 2594 to 413 the creation of His 1254. And to strength 353 you acted obstinate 7158 acted high of it 5927

4. causing to stumble and measure 5429-6328 all 3505 who were called 7121 in My name 8034 and for My glory 3519 created of His 1254 a window eager to study intense mental application 3551-3854' who were nothing 369 who beside of and against His 5980 [to over shadow hiding 6004] who created formed to feed these 1254

5. for on account of crossing over for intended purpose 5668 who "I" have caused to make numerous and honorable 3513 what a profain thing El forbid 2886 not truly 61 who along side of and against Mine 5980 who for intented purpose 5668 being of 1961 the El 410 to be honorable numerous 3513

6. and out of the sinking and drowning 2883 all 3605 to be honorable 3513 to make abound of resources 8228 causing to finish of these His 7999 over 5921 all 3605 who to draw out 4871 from a portion Mine 4480 created 1254

7. all He formed of them 1254 and just and right 3651 saying His 559 El has seen 2371 and because of 3588 great desire 183 one of dignity of hand you 405 to exist 1934 to collect-together 6908 to meditate-to muse pensively when shall be 7742

8. on the neck as binding a load 6676 then 176 to meditate muse pensively good 7742-2896 because of 4480 the project 3670 ones faithful to support 539 their stiff neck 6203. Also 518 to cause to make right you 6663 what of purpose 4100

9. gather together 5413 to His. shall be many increasing and 7235 quarreling breaking away from just authority they 6586 what of such 4100 shall do gather 6213 to His. Behold glistened a lamp 1887-5216 not 3808 who you established of 3559 He will collect-togather 6908

10. to cause 413 to refining-removing dross 6884 by this 1992 you 859 make many these are His ? 7235 being of 1933 all 3605 shall say 559 "H" 3068 will purify-try prove 6884. And He will fix to establish 3559

11. for these 1992 for El 410 consider 7920 of ones these had happen 4672 give a shout of deliverance His 5414-7438 to the Adam 120 to become these singing persons and 7891 El 410 "I" finish of them 7999 "I" cause to interpret and explain this 6591

12. to mine on account of 6903 that which 834 out of the sinking and drowning and 2883 to be straight 3474 by the bring 2896 to complete 3635 to tame-humble selves 374 which 834 will ofbe able to overcome 3201 the desolation 7612 because 3588

13. of this 2088 among the sinking and drowning 2883 these safe in mind 7999 in the desolation 7582 El 410 shall hold back benefits 4513 good 2896 from it's owners 1167 completing 3636 not 3808 shall deny benefit 4513

14. good 2896 to ones who were going 3212 with integrity of truth 8549 also 3588 to become 1961 expansion 3315 a failure of 1115 completion 3617 covering up 4603 the profane thing 2486 to His

15. on account of cause 7095 they are ones of abundance 8228 among making complete of theirs 7999 over 5921 all 3605 who 4310 were able 3201 to confront the opposition 6904. When 518 to be His 1961 all 3605 who declare and explain making plain of them 874

16. are able of these 3201 to confront in opposition of 6904 finishing of these 7999 from the spoil-good for nothing 7489 shall be 1961 our gift 5414 to 413 them 1992 young ewe sheep 3776 and who 4310 shall give 5414

17. all 3605 people of 5972 "H" 3068 prophets 5029. And manner following 3651 who 4310 they give 5414 and shall be 1961 to unheart 3823 of this 2088 to them 1992 and like for this 3541 and to prepare establish 3559 were ever 518

18. shall be 1961 "I" make interpretation to declare 6591 will bubble up of the ruins 2563 also was to qualify-create 1254 among portion His 4480 let become the ability to support 1961-8454 to cause create of these 1254 from portion His 4480 food-meat 1279

19. remain 3498 from these actions will recover 5927 shall be 1961 to creating 1254 out of a portion theirs 4480 consume of 1086 to be enough 5606. truly and yet 61 to exist of these His 1934 not except 1115

20. become impoverished these 4134 to remain 3498 finishing of these 7999 terror 4199 with against 5973 letting be His 1961 to complete these 7999 without lacking 2638 not 3808 shall deny benefit 4513 from portion His 4480

21. make small or few 4591 the good 2896 that they 1931 they shall separate 914 testifing 5749 that seeking 1934 to please 7522 the El 410 reserves 3498 to separating His 910 what of purpose 4100 take heed 1934

22. by causing to make one's bed 3331 the sinking and drowning 2883 will again-a second time 8145 affair's of theirs from 6045

23. H // A for which 834 were nothing 369 laboring to do His 6466 for completion of 3617. And in existence 1933 in a course of life 1870 the sinking and drowning 2883 it is going to be and 1961

24. for completion of 3617 shall give 5414 to things of 1697 sinking and drowning 2883 these are oppsite 6905 ordained work of His 6466 //

25. H // B also not 3808 shall drive forth 5090 against 5921 driving forth 5090 sinking and drowning of 2883 and shall consider 1934 in course of life 1870 it's sinking and drowning 2883 not 3808

26. it repeats 8138 from out of sinking and drowning 2883 has drowned 2883 finished 3635. It was nothing 369 to have separated 6381 when 518 it existed 1934

27. by desire of 7522 the El 410 not 3808 it to drive forth 5090 from it's driving forth 5090 of the sinking and drowning 2883. And looms up 2042 it the driving forth and 5090 will subdue-destroing 1696 from driving forth 5090 sinking and drowning it 2883

28. because 3588 a great while now 3528 it had favor 7521 to arrange things 1696 they who to do of them 6213 by messengers 4399. And to gather 3637 by them their riders 7392

29. by way walked 1870 to you sinking and drowning 2883 wealth of theirs 5459 great 1419 they remove and 4900 to forms shall 6696 complete entirely of them 3634 not 3808 they bring forth 4672

30. will determine 7760 first 259 having depolyed and striped of theirs 6584 and not 3808 before all of them 3605 like this 3644 also in number accumulating 3527 having light upon by accident 7136 will remove you joiners by spells of chamars 2266

31. will rise up against to measure 6965-5429 and will grind 7058 and have closed the eyes firm this place 6096-6310 the darkness of 7838 and when 518 not 3808 they present 4672 to feign devise 908 have judgement punishment of theirs 8199

32. and not 3808 before pinning with their teeth 8127 [Mich 3:5] pinning through-hold fast 3498 will remain 3498 faint with terror 4199 also growing in numbers 3527 to draw by sowing 4900 remove from chariots-vehicles 7392 the foundation as a beginning theirs 3247

33. My people 5971 being of their 1961 dead bodies 6296 dead ones of 4191 a living body 5315 shall be 1961 and from-out of destroying pestilence you 1698. just and right of manner 3651 were nothing 369 by Him a marvellous thing 6382

Image 0105: 1. when 518 honorable 3513 shall come forth 4672 will separate selves 2505 to maintain ones cause 3557 pursuing it 310 which to a region they have moved 5299 making to set up-finish 3635 in the future 5957-5125

2. speaking in strength 1696 from having lived among these 2421 to cause of 413 which 834 not 3808 shall comes forth and 4672 and was made living among His 2421 to exist of shall 1934 finish 3635 the future 5957

3. and appointing 3559 dull-severly so 3513 findings of us 4672 for ones going to be 1934 in separating of selves 2505 because of 834 for Adam 120 walk about slandering 7270 existing of to declare 1934 separating selves 2505

4.the strong ones of them 47 they have caused to cut off of 1820 the portions 2506 need needing good 6878-2896 to the living body 5315 the nourishment 2177 and the mind as interior of self 3629 forced 3612

5. and are in difficulties 3515 and are strong of good this causing to be grieved 684-2896-3512 and will cause seeing ones of 7200 with exception them 2108 not 3808 they shall seek 1934 to leave 7760 separating 2505

6. flying away 47 and to His 413 they blush ashamed of them 3637 a failure of 1115 who were found these 4672 among existing shall be 1934 in man 376 ones of completing in understanding 3634 also when 518

7. shall be 1961 just of manner 3651 they are living among 2421 and were and continue 1933 in man 376 putridity-rottenness 4716 and was found 4672 of before 6925 being of His 1961 like this 3644

8. also were these declaring making plain 874 by concerning 5922. And after 310 which these 2088 just of manner 3651 complete 3635 will set traps He shall 6983 these desist from labor 988 when 518

9. the first 259 on account of cause sake 5945 they divide the heavens [Isa. 47:13 astrologist] 1895 heavens 8064 for what of purpose 4100 shall do systematically of 6466 times 6256 and they rest 5117 time 6256 in a region 6285

10. also these 2088 shall measure out telling 8505 to ones asking 7592 when will exist 1934 in course of life 1870 the sinking and drowning 2883 sure the very deed 552 will consider 1934 among the course of life 1870

11. delighted to please 7522 which are nothing 369 they will trust in 2620 to 413 their times 6256 completing 3635 like thus 3644 which having explained and declared they have 874 and found to be untrue in words-liars 3584 to deeds 6467

12. also not 3808 in ones of need need and 6878 finished 3635 as strong 193 expansion 3315 was nothing 369 to asking counsel of 7592 they to perceive 2938 speaking deliriously 1957 for 3588 their 1931

13. speaking 1697 suspending of 8518 in pleasing of Him 7522 expansion 3315.And ample large of glory good 155 have caused not 3808 to be pleasing 7522 expansion 3315. Ample large of glory good 155 and cause not 3808 pleasing 7522 by political support of substituting of laws 8356 you have thing revered 3034 over 5921

14. affairs of business 6045 united 259 and have not 3808 just and right of manner 3651 they are living among 2421 with His they will do again of His 8138. "I" will restore you 7725 also having wanting of character 2642

15. shall be 1961 from beside of and against by the adversary 6655 in the mire bubbling up 2563 surely 3588 not 3808 shall be 1961 with firmness of theirs 3581 for account of 6903 what of purpose sake 4100 good 2896 of ones presence-before 6925

16. and was nothing 369 by asking counsel 7592 and they have not 3808 all 3605 the words of the things 1697 being suitable 7737 with firmness 3581 in the moral and political support 8356 in regions 6285

17. which will tell 560 when like this 3644 on accout of cause 7945 they to mark out 8388 [union with-a direction a deity of Syria 7417] in the place 7760 be able to declare 3201 over 5921 causing to create a new thing 1278

18. doing again 8138 their pouring out 6379 when ones of will receive 5375 one 259 in time 6256 one 259 in regions 6285 it sinking and drowning 2883 in the mire of the bubbling up ones 2563

19. they deny benefits to cause his 4513 after this manner 3602 not 3808 they will mark out 8388 [7417] when strong 193 being able to declare 3201 like which they presented 4672 they revered 3034

20. the good 2896 because of bubbling up of the mire 2563 accordingly who created 1254 from a portion His 4480 in eternity 5769. How-when 3588 in lacking of character2642 how 834

21. strong of substance these 6106 in the bubbling up of the mire 2563 they of this 1931 living among 2421 who not 3808 it shall be 1961 among His in the good 2896 to come forth 4672

22. having revered [what] 3034 truly not 61 from new thing 220. And after 310 which will sink and drown 2883 living among 2421 when shall become His 1961 from a new thing 2320

23. nothing 369 conditioning of the mind 4725 to inquire of 7592 to what of purpose 4100 not 3808 whatsoever having a new thing 2320 presenting 6925 for 3588 when 518 shall be 1961 of actions 6467

24. to appear-signs and 226 before of 6925 desire 176 afterwards 310 not 3808 shall fall 5307 the request 7596 to what of purpose 4100 not 3808 shall be 1961 of before 6925

25 will appear a sign 226 a fixed time 2163 which shall declare a gift 5414 desired 176 after 310 and ampl large of glory good 155 here of 2007 this 2088 shall make right 6664 to give rest 5117

26. before 6925 it is going to be of 1934 the bubbling up of the mire 2563 projecting of self 6923. Surely a failure 61 to promise a thing 562 which it is to bring forth 1961 became 1961 from the arrangement 5737 [to miss the mark]

27. dancing around good 4234-2896 not 3808 to stand 3426 rebellious 4784 whoever afterwards 310 this is going to be of ones 1934 coming 1961 in pleasing 7522 " I " kill it 4191 [cause to kill it]

28. in the pleasing-desire 7522 by this 2088 employment of His 6045. Also shall satisfy a debt 7521 now 6256. And not 3808 shall accept 7521 now 6256. And to become His 1961

29. expansion 3315 deeds of 6467 on account of cause 7945 to need need of His 6878 on account of cause 7945 by account of transit 5668 thing of 1697 afterwards 310 these 1931 a failure 1115

30. from which they delivered 5414 and not 3808 becoming His 1961 of deeds 6467 henceforth 6258 and not 3808 before of 6925 desire 176 after 310 which the ones of produce fruit of His 5108

31. expansion 3315 in regions 6285 which delighted in of His 7522 expansion 3315 and to be pleased with of us 7522 to tell of them 559 in which to spit out as contemptible before the faces of [from a root not used] will place 7760 to regions of 6285

32. which will please 7522 Him what of purpose of these and 4100 afterwards 310. And will despise 960 selves coming forth 4672 in fear-terror 4172 making right 6663

Image 0106: 1. smooth of tongue 2505 a distinction 996 delivered 6561 to be right justify 3198

2. and who 834 when to see 7200 to us despised 960 these 1931 that have pit falls of destruction 7825 [mixing laws of Torah] creating 1254

3. removing the arranged order 5737 they caused it to be profane 2490

4.And "I" winnow ones of cast out yet 2904 in favor His 7522 expansion 3315

5. to separate 905. [implied as a part of the body] and feeding as formative process He will 1254 to beginning-former state it 6924 as of a fore time-formerly 6924 delight His 7522 expansion 3315 but out of this will 4480 do habitually to practice 6466 swell up-remain 7604

6. seeing of the things 7200-1697 on high 5927 after 310 ascent 5927 and were considered against coming of 1934 not 3808 shall be 1961 in sinking and drowning and 2883 to admit 6901

7. removed good 2896 before 6925 from it's portion 4480 well fed and firm 1277 the eternity 5769 you have twisted 1383 in the Torah. 8451. And again even 1571

8. having loaded up-stabing 2943 the distinction 996 from the sinking and drowning 2883 the times fixed 2163 and like this 3541' to exert oneself in vain 205 in regions 6285 which already 3528 by us show the light 215

9. were deeds of 6468 these 411 it 1931 to cause failing 1086 of fixed times 2163 accordingly of affair 6045 so were continues 1934 the rocks 6697

10. and prepare establish 3559 telling 559 also like how 834 shall exist 1934 in the eternity 5769 not 3808 shall exist in fixed time 2163 of before-former 6925

11. and strength theirs tread down His 352-7287 you say 559 where now when 6256 the first in place-beginning [pre flood] 7223 also to cause calamities 1942 not 3808 to us fall-calamity it 1942

12. terrified to come upon suddenly 1205 next 312 ones of origin 6924 to it. Not indeed 61 to cause new thing it 2322 Most High 5920 straight forwardness of right things Yah 5229-3050

13. terrified to come on suddenly 1205 will after this manner 3602 when 518 telling 559 these of this 1931 to by any means redeem-measure to define 6299-5429 not 3808 it shall be 1961 terrified to come on suddenly 1205 first 259

14. and these 1931 after of this 310. not indeed 61 shall any means redeem-measure to define 6299-5429 Most High 5920 to straight forwardness of right things of it 5229 [Torah] terrified come on suddenly 1205 these exhausted 4198

15. they shall explain 874 you wheel-wheel [round and round] again ones cast down 2904 it was to support selves 8172 was the first of thing doing 2223 mental weakness yielding to desire 2974 it put a difference between 6395 and making an end of it 5486

16. H " G powerless 3581 to destroy 3772 and like this " 3541 to collect 3664 and to explain making plain 874

17. cause to stop and 989 with consent theirs 225 by promise 561 also the wheel wheel-[recurring courses directing or controling actions] 1534 in regions 6285 these were nothing 369 of His strength 3581 forbid 3607 when to with draw 579 not 3808

18. shall assemble among 2331 with His also "I" measure any means to redeem 6299-5429 truly not yet 61 shall assemble among with His 2331 were caused tottering together 6375-5429 staggering [to incline to alter the arranged order writings ] 5128 in this very deed 552 [a form of spelling in a language-orthography]

19. these 1931 to show evident's clear declaring so 6703 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 also these 1931 will separate 914 in regions 6285 remove the shaking [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 theirs 1931

20. from beside of the adversary moving against 6655

21. and prevailing so 8280 desiring to please 6634 "H" 3068 it would seem a hard thing 7185 rising up of them 5944

22. and saying 559 were of the ones making disgusting of these 3811 in destroying pestilence 1696 these 1931 beside of an adversary moving against 6655 remove the caused staggering staggered [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 not 3808 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 remove shaking [the mixed arranged order, writings] 5128

23. when 518 just and right of manner 3651 they shall 1961 remove shaking [the mixed arranged order, writings ] 5128 body sense of a hard rain 1655 for 3588 the living body 5315 remove shaking [the mixed arranged order, writings] 5128 in man 120 it constantly 8548

24. over 5921 affairs of work 6045 each one 259 and it comes upon 7136 to His making one's of disgusting you 3811 in causing staggering [the altered arranged order writings]5128 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 to make disgusting 3811 to fail 3615

25. And you shall run away 7323

26. on account of causing 7945 they who have lived among 2421 making disgusting these 3811 for causing staggering staggered [the altered arranged order, writings]5128 mine not 3808 accordingly they shall 1961 to make staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings 5128 shall flee for protection 2620

27. out of on account 6903 to causing staggering of His [the altering of arranged order, writings] 5128 to remove 5710 language in allegory-speaking in proverbs 4911 that the man 120 it makes disgusting 3811 before you staggering [the altered arranged order, writings] His 5128 while beside of an adversary moving against 6655

28. things come up of self 4609 in regions 6285 which they to hide selves 2247 of it 1931 to have beside of an adversary moving against 6655 among the tribes 4294 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 glorious and 3513 they 1931 turn about-change be converted 2015

Image 0107: 1. having beside of an adversary 6655 caused staggering of His [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 yet truly 61 all 3605 appointed times 2165 their shall be 1961 He shall compass about 2347 that 834 understanding 995 remove the shaking [the mixed of the arranged order, writings ] 5128 and remove the staggering [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 [doubled the ayin]

2. observed of 8053 this 1931 regularly of you 8548 in this 1992 . It to be pleased with ? 7521 for 3588 not 3808 it pleasant 5207 to do 5648 to have power 4910 pushing forth 7751 to distinguish 6395

3. fear in softness these 4816 in the land 776 from condition of the mind at home and 4725 family 504 before with association to over shadow 6004 also 176 by being old theirs 1086 you will complete 3615 was nothing 369 clap hands satisfaction 5606

4. where to build of [stone] 68 shall go down 3381 below 4295 [implied of tribe] you have power 3027 to enslave 5647 will lay hands on these 5060 with His 413 because 1097 calling 7760 to Mine consent 225 will remove rest 4495

5. from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 will sink or drown 2883. In regions 6285 who of nothing 369 to build [stones] 68 to place 7760 they shall trust 2620 from ones of opposite 6901 to staggering these [the altered arranged order,writings] 5128 shall be strong of 193

6. the tribes 4294. And to prepare establish 3559 in loftiness 8064 which was nothing 369 to them 1992 calling out 7760 shall trust 2620 from ones accepted 6901 with staggering with [the altered arranged order] 5128 for 3588

7. the staggering [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 in the turning of selves 5437 was nothing 369 turning things upside down-lifting a sieve [it is empty]2017-5299 to those of such a thing 2007 they have straggered in Me [the altered arranged order scripture] 5128 to being old theirs 1086 you will complete 3615

8. out of being beside of an adversary moving against 6655 sinking and drowning these 2883 with might theirs 6108 [Job 30:21]

9. and to these resting on supporting selves 8172 that were going 1980 like to remember 2142 it caused their dripping to pieces-ruin 7447

10. people of the nation you 1471 in prosperity security 7962

11. when of 518 this first in place of it 7223 this is going to be of 1961 it 1931 in the former state of you 6925 and to disregard 3533 as you have rested [on it]5117

12. for eternity 5769 before to complete and 3635 to exist 1933 on account of this 7945 it living among 2331 which it shall be 1961 named 8034 to take 2505

13. among a portion 4480 His very presentance 4672 shall ascend of 5921 on it 413 to become His 1934

14. and to ponder-meditate 1897 also when 518 in eternity 5769 coveting 1942 they shall live among 2421 also they shall be 1961

15. presented of His 4672 weep complain shall 1086 and for this 3541

16. shalll be nothing 369 in regions 6285 also not 369 named 8034 it of the east wind 6921 leanness 7535 in course of life 1870 then will petition to loan 7596 to regions 6285 also was nothing of 369 of name 8034

17. appointed time 2165 like this 3644 also having explained seeing I declare 874 and also how 349 not 3808 it shall be 1961 named 8034 an appointed time 2165 forward of these seeing 6924-7200. And with 5973 becoming His 1961 [east-eastwind is associated with false reglious costoms ceremonies established by some authority]

18. A failure 1115 to quiver or rock to and fro wave, by this 5130 with like or resemblance of 1825 not 3808 enchantment-incantation-excitement eager by His 5173 for 3588 not 3808 are they of reverent fear 3374 all 3605 the adam-humans 120 all 3605 ones making right clearing selves 6663

19. for even 3588 not 3808 shall compare to use like 1819 let be 1961 a thing 1697 in the very presentance 4672 a failure 1115 violent rain 1652 out of this brings upon His 7158 and His to be circuspect intelligent to understand 7919

20. it will cause to die it will 4191 and they to bend the knee-prostrate His will 3766 and to repeat 5749 also this 2088 shall be right-rightness 6663 to the masters of 1167 in the mire 2563 and not 3808 by things 1697

21. those that comeforth-offsprings shalll cause to do 3329 from the firmness of good sense 3581 of this 413 in the action of 6467

22. H // D also the deeds-actions 6467 like this 834 they to make habitually to practice 6466 now-always 6256 and it gives rest to be confederate 5117

23. time always 6256 and like this 3541 is it not so 371

24. in regions 6285 also this 2088 shall be rightness 6663 in what of purpose 4100 also they shall trust 2620 to 413 the fixed time 2163 and will of deeds and actions 6467 to the Rock of you His 6697 indeed 61 will of make habitually to practice-you will see 6466-7200

25. bu concern for 413 also this way 1931 our being old 1066 from this trusting of you 2620 to fixed times 2163 accordingly to mark 2142 and also was nothing of His 369 actions of 6467 thing 1697 to the rock you of His 6697

26. appointed 561 which their 1931 actions of 6467 thing this 1697 on 5921 employment of affairs 6045 first 259 at the least 7535 on account of Mine 7945 it behold-seeing of you 7212 making habitually to practice of His

27. to ones turning back 5437 wanting in character-deficiency of 2642 will bubble of the mire 2563 and head person 8269 to mass an assemble 6633 " H " 3068[cause] to run away 7323 these spealing of us 559 where are those who came forth 3329 concern for 413

28. in this act 6467 twice of this 1838 these 1931 in having come forth of the off springs 3329 which 834 in among you practice 6466. Indeed 551 in having ones come forth 3329 to 413

Image 0108: 1. the acts-deeds of 6467 which 834 in doing acts-deeds 6467 not 3808 may live among 2416 with His thice of this they 8138 to complete 3635. And when 518 not 3808 they shall 1961 have work of practice 6467

2. removing employment 4399 they shall 1961 all 3605 having shaking [ bringing force to dislodge the arranged order scripture] 5128 making to lack to hire-who make singing and shouting 5414-7440 and this-of theirs 2088 untrue in words-liars 8266 like this 3644 when by us to let make plain-declare 874

3. among the sinking and drowning 2883. And to gather 1571 purpose of what 4100 also saying 559 when ones of new thing 2320 have of this twice 8138 they 1931 ones of to purify-prove 6884 was nothing of His 369 they kept it alive as before 2421 in regions 6285

4. where was purified 6884 " I " caused interpretation 6591 also whom of have new thing 2320 like which it is to give hire 5414 first 259 caused they have purified-good 6884-2896 removal-except 2108

5. will of again 8138 for 3588 for 3588 that which 834 "I" also will give-cry out 5414-7440 opening the eyes 5782 will be fresh to show 1319 the descendants of Cush 3569 to make clean 3835 opening the eyes 5782 will bunch together expiation-atone 810-5137

6. with them 2004 they shall be fresh new thing 2319 will constrain by principal-measured 6735-6310 distinction of them 996. And with 5973 these 2088 having twice of this 8138 not 2808 they shall be 1961 to cause 413

7. as before to stir up 5782 the Cushites 3569 to brage-lie 907 not 3808 as before stiring up 5782 in bunching together-expiation atone 810-5137 and plaiting together 3527 having the knowledge you have it 874 people of the nations you 1471 by first priorty 6927

8. where of striped of His 6584 also "I" make interpretation to explain 6591 it is going to be of His 1961 in employment 4399 bring to nothing ours 205 to strike-erase of among with His 4229

9. when finished 3319 to practice deeds of 6467 in eternity 5769. And causing this way 3541 how and what of 335 by causing interpretation-explaining these 6591 talk-deliriously 1957 consider 7760 twice of this 8138 in regions 6285

10. also will cause interpretation in explaining of His 6591 shall be 1961 where you shall be 1961 a plan-to think evil 2161 they cause t interpretation-explaining of it 6591 for living body 5315 in support of building up 539 a heap gathered ones 6014

11. a continuance 8548 a failure 1115 ones of bringing up 3318 to do acts-deeds 6467 of a portion 4480 in times 6256. And gives warning 5749 telling 559 whoever not of 3808 those living among 2333

12. where "I" have those appointed causing of 5414 a burning them 3345 to do again it 8138 first ones of it 6921 to fix a time you have 2164. Yet indeed 61 "I" interpret 6590 shall appoint His 5975

13. accordingly first 259. And have mentally superiority 4912 were like nothing 834 to your new thing 3219 they are 786 to you new thing 2322 you have agitated His 5127 in beside of and moving against as the adversary 6655

14. a rise in priority 4608 a people-tribes His 5971. And also how 349 you shall of 1961 it making it first [to the east refer: to eastern religions] 6924 in causing staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings]5128 because of 5921 you have shaking [ bring forced to dislodge and mix the arranged order, writings] 5128

15. ones made front of place 6924 sinking and drowning you are 2883 not 3808 ones made first-front of 6924 fixing a time have you 2164 and to unite 3867 not 3808 shall live among 2333 will do again of it 8138

16. for whoever they will rest 5117 first in place 7221 who of it shall be 1961 a failure 1115 first 7221. And also how 349 "I" make interpretation and explain [Isaiah-42:9] 6590 sharpening-teaching diligently "I" declare seeing 8150-7200

17. also they shall of declare 2004 in the eternity 5769 this 1931 their doing again 8138 the first-the ancestors 7221

18. H // H among the sinking and drowning 2883 they shall be against this 1961 and like this way 3541 nothing 369

19. in regions 6285 also a deceiver 5230 in this bitterness 4751 also accumulating 3527 ones of new thing 2320 in mire bubbling up 2563 first in rank 7221 these 2088 the sinking and drowning 2883

20 in this your new thing 2319 to His 413 in the rocks 6697 doing of it in close consultation of these 5475 against His a failure 1115 also shall be 1961 with His ones of before 6925

21. H // V among the sinking and drowning 2883 deliver over to them 5604 the ones of astonishment of the desolation whomever 8047 and like this '' 3541 were nothing these 369

22. in regions 6285 which assembles together already 3527 having explained declaring it seeing t 874-7200 accordingly was nothing 369 to these ones of set a trap 6983 the ones of acts or deeds 6467 the chosen "I" shall 972 in the sinking and drowning it shall be 2883 in regions 6285

23. which already 3528 you have 1961 filled 4390 a portion rising 8544-7426 this to 413 portion to rise 8544-7426. And on account of it's 7945 need needs good 6878-2896 to 413 to point out teaching His shall 3384

24. the ones bubbling up of the mire 2563. And also how 349 not 3808 they shall live among 2421 from this thing [desolation] 2063 in causing to lead astray 2937 leanness 7535 also of the heavens 8064 a failure 1115 will measure to define deliver-rescue 5429-6299

25. H // Z from sinking and drowning 2883 in the ruins 1942 and like this 3541 you people of he nations 1471 how why of nothing this 335-369

26. in regions 6285 who of this 2088 shall remove 4900 to the ruins 1942 will put this to death prepare her who conceived of it this will of it 4191-3559-2029 in the sinking and drowning 2883 in regions 6285 where it is going to be found 1934 of this 1931 measure to define deliver to rescue 5429-6299

27. to what of purpose 4100 also to you consider 1934 out of to allot 4487 the thing 1697 this of that 1931. And to unite 3867 they need good need also it is "I" who gives 5414 in the bubbling up of the mire 2563

28. in employment ones of 6045 also shall measure to define and to deliver 6299-5429 out of the portions His 4487 forming His 6696 in the beginning 7223 and one of ability 3201 to the front of this cause 6901 the changable-to be directed these a sweet odo-a pleasure 8136-8149-5208

29. And are hidden of the distance 5867 in the ruins ones of 1942 who were nothing of it 369 will measure to define need need 6299-5429 to things 1697 in employment of affairs 6045 among the ruins 1942 in the manner of work 4399

30. and with ones of fresh new 2319 will become circumspect-intelligent of 7919 they will be redeemed 7069 living body 5315 also ones of the calamities 1942 "I" will choose ones of 6901 to separate 905 not 3808

Image 0109: 1. they shall live among 2421 with His "I" will measure to define to deliver 5429-6299. And a head person-prince 8269 to mass a group of persons 6633 "H" 3046 will restore 7725 also these 2088 shall make right and cleanse 6663-2896 in such things of theirs-themselves 2007 by the way walking-manner of life 1870

2. in the sinking and drowning 2883 which they 1931 to deny benefit 4513 also they shall 1961 raise up of 6965 appointed times 2165 which were not 369 you shall complete 3615 to His in regions 6285 where accordingly are firm of 3581

3. with the sinking and drowning of 2883 these 1931 to stand boldly out-in announce and seeing and observing 5046 with appointed times of 2165 the Master 1167 they shall complete 3515 in regions 6285 also how and what-of desire 335 335 "I" cause to interpret and explain 6590 also telling 559

4. who of this 1931 the course of life-way walking of 1870 El 410 in their presenting seeing of 4672-7200 appointed times 2165 also were nothing 369 they shall complete 3615 to His. Desiring 176 this 413 in the arranged order 5738

5. also how 349 shall be 1961 the appointed things 1697 custom of ones manner-way of 1870 El 410 purpose of 4100 also how what 335 I cause to make interpretation explaining 6590 also directing 3318 in works of affairs 6467

6. fear-terror 1204 by reason of 4480 the times-awakening stiring up of them 6256. And this 2088 makes to declare and explain 874 will of ones hindering to stop. With sense of dumbness 198 in coveting 1942 will delight in acceptance 7522

7. this way 2088 not 3808 they deny benefit 4513 coming 1961 to the arranged order 5738 of appointed times 2165 also was nothing 369 they shall complete 3615 to His in a region 6285 also not 3808

8. to leave 7604 being firm of understanding 3581 to 413 him of this a name 2088-8034 also to you to have 1933 from Him a portion 4482 in the eternity 5769 limitation 7535 it is going to be 1961

9. not 3808 to 413 measure to define to deliver 6299-5429

10. H // CH also is not 369 to put or appoint 7760 ruin to be eminet chief of 5329 and like this of His 3451

11. to accumulate in number 3527 having explained making plain shall "I" 874 for this 2088 shall make right and cleanse 6663 in becoming 1934 so of the sinking and drowning 2883 indeed 61 not 3808 with ruins 1942 in pleasing 7522 which were nothing

12. to Him firm of understanding 3581 also it shall be 1961 you a force of means 2428 not 3808 to 413 the ones going to become 1961 and not 3808 to 413 the measure to define to deliver 5429-6299 surely of truth 551

13. other of 310 in sweeping to ruin are 8429 nothing 369 among His to put-place 7760 to be firm of understanding 3581 to 413 this in measuring to define to deliver 5429-6299 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 what of purpose 4100 him of this 1931

14. the ruins 1942 enough 7535 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 in the deeds of affairs 6467 to separate 910

15. H // Tet from when shall come 1961 the El 410 to keep back benefits 4513 wheel wheels [powered vehicles] 1535 in rolling shinning of them, a measure of standard-tribute 3556-4060

16. the decree of theirs 7010 and like this' will of nothing 369

17. in regions 6285 there accumulate 3527 shall explain 874 also not 369 the El 410 keep back benefits 4513 to have 7760 wheel wheels 1535

18. it makes altogether vainty 1892 among letting it remain 1961 the el 410 expansion 3315 to ones burden, as causing to faint, a tax in the form of forced labor 4522 all 3605 who are found of them 4672

19. and like this 3541 people of the nations you 1471 none of this 369

20. in regions 6285 also not 3808 they shall live among 2421 from letting it become 1961 to ones burden as causing to faint a tax in the form of forced labor 4522 a prepared apperatus of things 3627 will remove engraving 2710 in the flesh 5315 to build up or support permanent 539

21 when shall come forth 4672 in works of ones 6466 separate-sever 2351 to living body 5315 the Father is against "1" to make interpretation "I" cause 6590 not shall come forth 4672 to eternity 5769

22. it causes to go away 3318 people of the nations you 1471 indeed are nothing 369

23. for 3588 the works of affairs 6466 over 5921 the one moving against beside of 6655 when the good will be 2896 to be exception and 2108 not 3808 they shall live among 2421 with His of the ruins theirs 1942

24. ones of affairs 6466 cause the weak to stumble 3782 it coming forth 4672 among cause to receive-undertake of 6901

Image 0110: 1. this loading up on the things of those 2943 causing to slip out of ours 6403 such of these 1992 the way because of this 1870

2. H // A when of this consider 7919 these 1931 they shall be weak-have illness 2470 in the things of theirs 1697 in regions 6285 what of purpose 4100 when were found of His 4672 gathered-receptive dependence 1571

3. removed of the arranged order 5468 and will ones of make right 3474 and to maintain these 3557 making selves unified of them 258. Also how 349 " I " see 7200 also consider 7920 united of 258

4. those 1931 in their weak and sickness 2470 to such of them 1992 these 1931 which 834 of name 8034 in them 1992 removed good 2896 the arranged order 5468 and will cause to make right ones of 3474

5. who were found 4672 by them 1992

6. H // B in regions 6285 where we have caused 587 inherit-occupy 5157 to examine by us 2713 over 5921 all 3605 the things of it 1697 they found us 4672 by selves 853

7. ashamed of 3637 the destruction of their 1942 things 1697 from things 1697 also how 349 it was a lunation month 3391 to us causing to bring to rest 5117 such thing 1697

8. where you were seen of the destruction 1942-7200 because of His 4481 in the eternity 5769. And in regions 6285 where not 3808 was found 4672 in the bubbling up of the mire 2563 because 7535 of protection 4672

9. to see 2009 they are living among 2331 who it shall be 1961 in the bubbling up of the mire 2563 in this 2563 as a form 6699 what of purpose 4100

10. H // G also on account of pay attention 3282 standing out 3426 to His formed 6699 to be seen of 7200 where it was 1961 to Him staggering [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 to purpose sake 4100. And desired 176

11. " I " cause to interpret and explain 6591 where you shall be 1961 in strength of Him 193 the staggering these [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 were ever to find His 4672 for the ones concealed 5956

12. in regions 6285 also when 518 shall be 1961 just and right of manner 3651 shall be 1961 to faces of 6440 the ones concealed 5956 a great long time 5769 after 310 will augment in number 3527 whoever to cease 989

13. of this 2088 joining with 681 to cast out 989 bearing in mind hope you seeing 5452-7200 " I " create qualifying of 1254 destructiveness 8060 also how where 349 they shall live among 2421

14. starggering it [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 among with His in the failing shall be 1086 except only 1115 among to marry-seeing of 1166-7200 the arranged order 5468

15. H // D where ever sinking and drowning of 2883 this shall be to Mine 1961 not 3808 they shall live among 2421 when shall become His 1961 will measure to define to deliver 5429-6299 in regions 6285 for there is not of 369

16. to Me to change 2015 in regions 6285 where " I " measure to define to deliver 5429-6299 was nothing of us 369 in word of purpose 1697 among beside of the adversary moving against 6655 forms Mine 6699

17. for 3588 among the way-course of life 1870 the forms 6699 observing by-ones to guard 8053 in the ruins to bubble up 2563 when they 1931 to be His form 6699 witness of times 5707 they would become head person these 5330

18. sinking and drowning 2883 in the mire 2563. And they 1931 when of it strong-to prevail His 1396 will make habitually to practice of them 6466 over 5921 in the actions deeds of them 6467 and after 310

19. also these 2088 just and right of manner 3651 they shall live among 2421 when it is let be His 1961 the heavens 8064 they being old seeing His 1086-7200 will measure to define to deliver of them 5429-6299 and will conceal 5769' Except of 1115

20 who to measure to define to deliver 5429-6299 ample large of glory good seeing 155-7200 after 310 also they 1931 to fail 1115 who to measure to define to deliver 5429-6299. They shall live among 2421 become His 1961 failing seeing 1115-7200

21. ruins 1942 in regions 6285 which they were 1931 removed from changed 2015 by their deceit 5377. To with draw 7725 which these 1931 failed 1115 ones making right 6663

22. also looming up a mountain they 2042 will make circumspect-intelligent 7919 then to recover-redeem 7069 their 1931 ruins 1942 and failing 1115 will measure to define to deliver 5429-6299 this way 3644

23. also explaining and making plain we have 874. And of them self 2007 they shall explain make plain 874 will send out 2904 these 2088 in knowledge 1847 separating-selecting 680 counsel of manner 1697 load up of these 2943

24. teacher 4175 making right cleanse self 6663 and head person 8269 master of servants 6633 " H " 3068 to be peaceful these of His seeing 7599-7200 the teachers of His 4175 over 5921 ones fresh-new 2319 to the eternity-future 5769

25. are of substance 3426 out of appointed 4483 these 2004 being glad-cheerful 7797

26. H // A now making supplication of us 577 approaching us 7126 and examine -find out of us 2713 over 5921 all 3605 this and continuing of them 1934 and found of us 4672 with them 225

27. and continued of them 1934 confirming 4390 words of the matter 1697 in regions 6285 when in the pestilence 1698 a failure consider 1115 ruins theirs 1942 for what of purpose sake 4100

28. also this such 1931 violent rain 1652. Truly 61 whom are fresh new of His 2319 by causing to make strangers 6808 in the forming 6699 which 834 they are of such 1931

29. among the ruins's 1942 confirming 4390 words of the matter 1697 in regions 6285 which was nothing 369 was going to be 1961 thing of purpose 1697 He also gives it 5414 in power of these His 6099 and they rescue-restore 7725

Image 0111 1. to being of 1961 among enumerating-counting as enrolled 4487 in forming 6699 that of such 1931. And letting exist 1934 among as ones enrolled as one enrolled 4487 in form 6699 that of such 1930 even so of limitation 7535

2. where of these 1931 to exist 1934 with Mine 225 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 one's of form 6699 [fem. form] out of nothing 369 in affairs of 6045 He causes new thing of these seeing of 2318-7200

3. in forming 6699 by the destroying pestilence 1698 it being in existence of these 1933 in works-results of labor 4399 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 a handful shall be His 8168 forming seeing His 6696-7200 because of in humilation-walking with 3728

4. the faithful ones of trusting 540

5. H // B look 2009 search out us 2713 upon 5921 surviving-orphaned-[also peculiar of Hebrew children left behind in this spelling 2475 from 2498] 2475 which 834 perceiving understanding 995 in the destroying pestilence 1698 it existing of them 1933

6. And it failed 1115 to come of them 1933 and will find us-seeing His 4672 to come these 225 making selves to change these 2498-7200 among the three 7969 responding of them answering 6030

7. H // A behave selves being circumspect 7919 of manner 1697 causing a new thing 2318 of these 1931 will make 6213 in completion 8503 what of purpose 4100. When 518

8. not-nothing 3808 shall be of 1961 new thing His 2318 inquiring making search Mine 1240. And complete 3635 things of manner 1697 this failure 1115 causing rebuilding

9. And was nothing theirs 369 from laboring 6468 deeds of workmen 6466 was nothing 369 to them turn of affairs 5438 the barbarous ness they have [root not used] 2447 to fall with a crash 7582 telling 559

10. whoever of this such 1931 keep in mind 5452 to accomplish 6213 in completion they declare 8503 what of purpose 4100 already 3528 imposing of form of theirs 1935 which they have existing 1934

11. H // B wherever things of 1697 they are wearing out to declare seeing of 1086-7200 coveting among the ruins 1942 not 3808 they come forth His 4672 dumb 929 of things 1697 failure 1115

12. remove living among 2421 to the substance theirs 6106 in regions 6285 when not 3808 they come forth these 4672 on them leanness 7535 the pestilence of them 1698

13. you have caused to living among of them 2421 pacifying of 3711 these in sinking and drowning 2883 to separate 905. A people 5971 also in abundance 3527 they are impudent-stiff necked 7185 to withdraw you will 5117 what of theirs 335-2088 manner 1696

14. living among 2421 also it was 1961 theirs 2088 this manner 1697 it was found 4672 with 5973 they caused to exist 1934 this 834 not 3808 it shall be among the living 2421

15. sinking and drowning His. Causing not 3808 when 518 rest is given 5117 there to 8033 the workman 6466. Which 834 to join a league-society [union] 2266 strong yet 193 in things of manner 1697

16. terminate-end these 7117 will after 7117 according to such 3644 the ones of employment 6045 among the ruins theirs 1942 wherever things of manner are 1697 because of sowing to develop 4900 to accept 9522 in the workmen acting covertly treacherously 6466-4603

17. by ones of employment 6045 among-in existence of 1934 general employment 4399 they to practice 6466 among ones bubbling up of the mire 2563 first 259 of forms 8544 thousands 7239

18. remove renewing when springing up of this 2498 pacifying of 3711 to delight theirs 7522 a failure 1115 remove living among 2421 turn back 7725 ones 259 who ever you seeing 2004-7200 in the sinking and drowning 2883

19. it will bubble up in the mire 2563

20. H // G wherever things of this manner 1697 cause to fail 1115 their ruins 1942 not 3808 they find His 4672 dumb 929 things of manners their 1697 against the opposite side this 5676-2088

21 removal and scattering of them seeing 2108-7200 as one's of employment 6045 in it living these 2421 in regions 6285 also was nothing 369 among His turning back 7725 turn of affairs 5438 completion they shall 8503

22. like this 3644 also having explained and declare 874 and to testify 5749 where thing of manner 1697 how which 834 with their manner 1697 will alienate-alter 5674 removal and scattering of them 2108. This 1931

23. these of will tie in compact-league 7194 these will associate-implied to over shadow-hidden of His 6004 and desire 335 " I " cause interpretation explaining 6591 when have conspired against His 7194 they cause and where exalting selves 1933-7426 with this cause 413 beside of and against the adversary 6655 actions of workmen 6467

24. they will labor to bring forth 1518 to complete these 3635 that 1931 which 834 labored for 7194 therefore becoming one 3161 twisting together strong and 193 whoever was found of His 4672 and then 8033

25. a termination-end this 7117 will on account of intent 5668 a termination. Will after 310 a second time-again seeing the one of 8145-7200 explain and declare 874 of this 2088 here on this side 2008 ours search it out 2713 over and against 5921

26. all 3605 which they bring forth 4672 will be to close the eyes making powerful 6105 in the heavens 8064 when 518 makes these thick brush 3293 And make a record-write the record of 5608 the wheel-[recurring course directing or controling actions] of them 1534

27. and as the one's of expire of them 3518 and their places of relationship or things 7368 and those allied with these -seeing them 7138-7200 and from regarding in pleasure them 5027 will allow to sliding by 2498 staggering of them-seeing [the arranged order altered, writings] 5128-7200 and thirst-figurative to desire and taking counsel of 5780-6770 [2498 means to conceal self and or the actions of the problem]

28. will make rise up these 6965 with one's of renewing 2498 the portion of Yah these 2498 and will mingle of His 4197 carpenters and give charge them 6086-6680 and to find ours seek consent of them 225

29. for completion they declare 8503 will ones of pacification 7999 to the finish 7999 to His 413 shall be found 4672 which 834 to weep complain desiring 1058-176 time as before 5704

30. also when 518 shall be 1961 to measure to define to redeem 5429-6299 making few bringing to nothing 4591 removing arranged order-of leagues 5468 that of such 1931 were 1961 all 3605 who are found to be 4672

31. which 834 to be moan complain weep desire 1058-176 so to measure to define to deliver these 6299-5429 for to toss violently 7280 "I" have measured to define to deliver 5429-6299 arrange order theirs 5468 and ones of straightness to make right of them 3474 like such 3644

Image 0112: 1. also was declared explained and made plain also to see-to shine forth 874-7200-5135 to the masters 1167 in the sinking and drowning 2883 and the mishpat-judgments 4941. And also how 349 these were explained 874 making to rejoice 7797 in heavens

2. and strong 193 organized of appointed times these 6633 such things of 1697 in ones crossing over-removing of theirs 5674 completion good 8503-2896 will be things of such theirs 1697 a failure 1115 making you to live among ones of them 2421 in strength of substance of self theirs 6106

3. for 3588 will maintain theirs 3557 among ones bubbling up of the ruins 2563 ones 259 to strip away 6584 when things of theirs 1697 when crossed over 5674 except of you have made-seen of you 2108-7200. How also 349 this was caused 1992

4. coveting desire to maintain of them 1942 like so of this 3644 also was explained made plain to know 874-7200 in the beginning 6924. And they went 3212 in goodness 2896 with distinguishing and to terminate 6395-5486 to promise ones of His 561

5. will again-repeat of 8145 among the sinking and drowning 2883 going to select to join 680 have caused to say 559 make search of 1240 they will be insolent proud a portion of 2102-4482. Who to load up of these in seeing 2943-7200 the ones of promise 561

6. asking-demanding and 7592 they to deliver over of theirs 5064 in the ruins in consternation these of 8047 this 1992 among as strong of substance theirs 6106 remaining of seeing 3498-7200 great of 1419 whom are a portion 4310-4480

7. which they say 559 right of manner 3651 for a refuge to trust 983 and will sprout forth of them 6779 in regions 6285 which not 3808 they came forth of 4672 by the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] with these 1534 of this thing 1697

8. they will confide in hoping 2620 to 413 encounter these of 7136 and strong 193 that to be insolent proud a portion 2102-4482 like such 3644 speaking soft-whispering of ours 8102 against trusting 983 and will bring forth of them [because of them] 6779

9. from the cities of theirs 7149 thousands 7231

10. H // G shall let us explain declare 874 among the sinking and drowning 2883 when of to deliver over them 5064 in consternation of the ruins-waste of 8074 they 1931 to maintain His 3557 among the sinking and drowning 2883 first Aleph the letter

11. and against just and right of manner-way 3651-3212 nothing of ours 369 calling aloud 6963 will not 3808 burden 3513 in regions 6285 which they 1931 prepare things 3627 ones of arrayed against 6584

12. will from among cease 1820 portions-allotments 2506 will know by seeing 3037 things of theirs 1697 in the sinking and drowning of them 2883 which instead of one of 2506 rocks these 6676

13. who to sow in drawing away 4900 by teaching and they 8150 will bubble of the mire-ruins theirs 2563 breaking out 3551 not 3808 shall come forth 4672 in the bubbling up in the mire 2563 unified 259 rocks seen of 6676-7200

14. makes himself instead of these 2500 and also how 349 when 518 in consternation of theirs waste 8047 failing of 1115 coveting desires 1942 what purpose 4100 this 2088 whatsoever 834 they bring forth 4672

15. dumb beast 929 ones of instead of 2500 thousands 7231 for rocks theirs 6676 and because of to died these 4194 and how where of His these 349 their staggering cause them [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128

16. repeatedly 5750 which forms of 6676 to exist 1934 a failure 1115 forms of 6676 will again of ours 8145 and the one 259 proud thing insolent 1419 joining by spells fascinating ones of His 2266

17. as what of purpose 4100 and long for 3642. And the one 259 who lives among 2421 where of are His of them 349 to enflame selves 2552. and remove the one of 259 quiet excellent's /

18. and among staggering [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 the one 259 this causes to rise the appearance of leprosy 2224 to scatter thousands 6234-7231 and will be the one 259 among trafficking in goods 4627 to make have estrangements 2214-2219

19. and to why 4100 it shall be 1961 the one 259 master 1167 blazing stars-princes 3556 thousands 7231. And the one 259 master 1167 the prince 3556

20. one 259 and for purpose 4100 it was to be 1961 he to separate 2505 the one 259 from the wheel-[recurring course controlling or directing action] 1534 master 1167 of princes3556 and the one 259

21. separated 2505. And became 1934 strong His 193 out of your separating 1819 the ones separated and in presents of seeing 6440-7200 it shall be 1961 the prince 3556 the one 259

22. to enlightened 216 causing to make numerous His. 6105. And the one 259 out of taking hold on 6901 cursed his 779 among except theirs 2108. And to why 4100 whom of have separated and 2505

23. dipping in dye they-nationalities 6648 to blossom-flourish of 6692 the princes 3556 because of -[separating]5750 which the one 259 Edomite-edom 123 and has perverted-changing, to disguise 8138 to mentally distinguish 995 and they 1992-snarl roaring 5099 [B'resheet-Genesis 36:1 Esau-6215 he is Edom 123 changed a his name to reflect the character of the people soil-dirt. Also Obadiae concerning Edom despised among the nations read it only a short page verse :18 not shall be a survivor to the house of Esau-Edom]

24. produce of the earth 944-to maintain 3557[note: to wound one of 3937 kalem] among sinking and drowning 2883 each one 259. And to prepare establish 3559 upon 5921 according to the lunation month of ours 3391 to stand out 3426 to lodge 3885 to give thanks His 3034 also in the destruction 8060

25. from new moon of these 2320 keeping maintaining ones cause 3557 of strength His 353 they who shall celebrate and praise 5115 the ones about to perish-slaughtering knives 2498 who were found 4672 among them 1992

26. and shall hold on of them-well fed 4900-7704 in pleasing and delight 7522 having seen pit falls of destruction 7825 by the workmen 6466 with them 225 to stand out 3426 from nothing 369 of this 834 arranged order 5468

27. after this manner 3602 will give 5414 to these 1992 strength His 353 in the sinking and drowning shall be these 2883 and those of the rocks 6676 for this 1768 who shall repay 7999 among many 1992

28. ones of continuing 1934 of strength and 353 who were found 4672 in idleness 8220 and arranged order theirs 5468 and ones of to make right these 3474. And write the record 3789

29. who will put a difference of His and an end to separating 6395-5490 who staggering [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 this wheel-[recurring course controlling or directing action] 1534 continually of it 3117 from this arising -to appear as a symptom of leprosy 2224 to make an exchange 6148 the same 1931 to be enough to expire 1767-3518

30. for these shall be 1961 the staggering [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 to 413 the right side 3225 to regions 6285 which they 1931 to 413 have haunted 6679 these burdensome ones 3513 31.

31. And to a portion of sentence 6310 in their military post 4673 to be left 7604 in the wheel- [a recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 to turn about-change 2015 by the military post 4673 the daily routine-continually 3117 shall stagger staggering [to the altered aranged order, writings] 5128 will turn about-change 2015

32. in regions 6285 which they 1931 to rankle-wounding 3859 removed the right side seeing of 3225-7200 to 413 the left side-darkness 8040. And saying 559 people of the nations you 1471 also to be accountable seeing the ones 5437-7200 causing to unit-with one another 3162 [the letter resh is being combined in the tav, to represent seeing-understand 7200]

Image 0113: 1. staggering you of [to the altered aranged order, writings] 5128 the wheel- [recurring course directing or controlling actions] of theirs 1534 the supreme high of theirs 5945 this 1931 to revolve around 5437 will come near to present this 7126 according to 413 the day of 3117 which this 1931

2. cause shaking [to bring force to mix dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 with them 225 their staggering [to the altered aranged order, writings] 5128 forcefully, vehemently 2394 and ready will be diligently 4106 to change 2015 staggering seeing them, you [incline to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 with perverseness 3891 shall deny benefits 4513

3. causes of staggering these [of the altered aranged order, writings] 5128 remaining of 3498. And saying 559 people of the nations you 1471 which shall have changed 5437 out of thinning 4591-4593 who to have extinguished the fire of theirs 3518 who were found of them 4672

4. in the wheel wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] of them 1534 the humbled of them 8213 to bringing into contempt of 7043 their lifted up 4856 removing daily the cause 3117 theirs caused shaking bringing force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] with these 225. And with such things 2007 all of 3605 [Yeshayahu 23:9 all things contemptible of the land ]

5. this 2088 to be vain in words-chanting 1891 and desire of vexation of 7475 spirit-blown scent-smell 7382-from-7308 in regions 6285 also when 518 in eternity 5769 the ancient one 6917 your thinking of the innermost of the heart and 5452 also how 349 they shall cause to cease-seeing His ones 989-7200 [the resh in the tav]

6. cause to complete 8503 what things of purpose 4100 when they complete 8503 that were of it 1931 being nothing 369 to Him of mandates-judgments and behavior 2940 and of the spirit 7307. Also the right hand 3225

7. and when of the left hand 8040 // that elevates of station-condition of superiority thinking 4609 and distortion-iniquity // 4297 And faces that turned 6440 and ones afterwards 268 // they 1931 to tell 559 among it to be cruel-hard 7185 in eternity 5769

8. in the foundation these 3247 when where of the wheel wheel-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 was nothing 369 to Him the place of will wall up-enclose 1443. And to restore 5749 also let be 1961 the right hand 3225 was glorious 3513

9. remove the left hand 8040. This from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the pinion pivoting [Ezekiel 17:3] 83 then glorious 3513 then to be found 4672 with His but their 131 heart 3820 truly 61

10. in the wheel wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 also they 1931 of a whole to fail 3615 make selves dumb 1820 whom 4310 give 5414 with His the right hand 3225 let become His 1961 ones of to remain 3498 in glorious 3513

11. to attain 637 for 3588 the right hand 3225 from a portion and 4480 those turning 7725 to the left hand 8040. And ample large 155 when they 1931 are from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the mouth [as speaking-6311 this place] 6285

12. was caused to rise symptom of leprosy to declare seeing 2224-7200 who they 1931 were caused to be glorious 3513 of selves 2007 acting covertly-transgress 4603 these-seeing cause of 1931-7200 beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the one the star a prince 3556

13. who's to come forth 4672 with his. And also how 349 they shall live among 2421 with him where they shall be 1961 in the north 6828 remaining of seeing 3498-7200 glorious 3556

14. where they bring forth His 4672 among ones of destruction-contagious pestilence 6986 in the north 6830 stars, princes of 3556 increasing 7231 remaining to see -implied to excel 3498 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 of the south 1864 with these 1931 [Daniel 11:40]

15. like a counterpart 5048 in the place 4725 His glorious 3556 which they 1931 will cause returning 7725. And restoring 5749 whom 4310 changed 2498 from established 6632

16. a remainder 7605 in the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 from among clinging fast 6632 the wheel round and round-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 in the daily cause 3117. And to restore 5749 to those to be able 3201 where a prince of 3556 was nothing and 369

17. close-the door 1479 except 7535 give of warning-teach 2095 and to prepare establish 3559 not 3808 they shall live among-seeing 2421-7200 from appointed 4487 in word 1697 according of words him 1697. And restore 5749 when 518

18. in eternity 5769 a hero ancient 6917 whom 4310 they 1931 of this 2088 also 834 like this resemblance 7307 to the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 will humiliate 8213 surely 7592 he shall be 1961

19. among his princes 3556 increasing 7231 like after of ability 1767 make lite-despised 7043 the burden 4853 the Supreme High 5945 when 518 not 3808 will rest 5207 mark as of character 8034

20. deeds of workmen 6466 and ones of foundation 4349. And testify 5749 others 317 therefore putting a difference and coming to an end 6395-5487 will cause to hold out 3034 there destructiveness 8060

21. making of arranged order of them 5468 remove be stayed 7896 also how 349 to exist 3426 to rankle 3859 workmen 6466 and ones of foundation 4349 and how 349 on 5921 a lunation moon month ours 3391

22. standout 3426 to us to give thanks 3034 there in the heavens 8064 from new moon month theirs 2320. And after 310 also there you explain make plain-seeing 874 to ours

23. also caused you have staggering to staggered [to the altered arrange order, writings] 5128 they select to feed-create 1254 having whomever to explain make plain 874 also to gather 1571 they have cause staggering [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 and have agreed on a time 2164 when to create of theirs 1254

24. and faint with fear-terror 4199 "I" shall declare and explain making plain 874 people of the nations you 1471 ones of cause to stop-cease 989 hope think you-seeing 5452 "I" will answer thing 562 cheerfully 7797 therein 8033 of secret things 5956 was nothing 369

25. able enough 1767 out of the present writings 5612

26. H // D out of ones task 6045 the fixed time 2163 will make strong of substance His. Also of the fixed time 2163 of this 1931 removes the plague of 4347 in regions 6285 when glorious 3513

27. shall speak His 559 among His bring forth make plain 7737 and enjoy long it shall 1086 make plain 7737. And this 1931 cause of the plague-seeing 4347-720 will remove cause to cling follow close-seeing 1692-7200

28. who also say-also to Me are spit 559-7325 for theirs ones of cause to draw out long-restoring to soundness 748-724 but to dock off, stop 7114. And ones of the door keepers acting 7778 to end His of 3615 high of place 1116 when He 1931 to divide 2505 among accordingly afterwards of His 4481

29. who these 1992 ones of a peculiar treasure His 5459 will long for 3642 will cause you to cling by pursuit hard after 1692. And the longing for-will cause like to resemble 3642-7737 to be high 1116 when they 1931 long for, remembered 3642

30. their 1931 master-adoni 1167 completion-ended of 8503 in regions 6285 which they of 1931 the grain harvest-barley 8184 and those of the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] theirs 1534 for their master 1167 in the longing for 3642. How where 349

31. they shall live among 2421 faint with fear-terror 4149 who they shall be 1961 in the fixed time 2163 fearing terrified of-seeing 1204-7200 and yet the truth 571 and cast far off 1972 the grain harvest-barley 8184 made selves smooth of tongue 2506 to 413

32. what of purpose 4100 which they have enacted 2711 not 3808 completing 8503. And prepare establish 3559 it causes of the writings 5612 it you will do again-seeing 3254-7200 to 413 what of purpose 4100 also it you will do again seeing 3245-7200

33. to not 3808 finish "I" declare seeing 8503-7200. And different to theirs 8133 what of purpose 4100 longing for 3642 they to walk 3212 their arranged order 5738 their completion 8503 in twisting together-strong 193

Image 0114: 1. nothing of Him 369 their arranged order 5737 among the sinking and drowning 2883 strong of selves 8106 will long for-pine after 3642 truly-yet 61 for their arranged order 5737 that it 1931 was from reaching ability to take hold on 5381

2. from making reaching ability to take hold on Me 5381 will bow down 3721 and they 1931 with theirs add to [or] augment to continue to do 3254 and with ones of smoothness of tongue 2513 to reconnoiter walking about slandering 7270 acting circumspect 7919 what purpose 4100 which you will do again 3254

3. among His also of desire 176 you to divided of His 2505 the remnant remaining 7604 to theirs firm 3581 against 5921 these will continue to do this thing 3254 and these are of the smooth tongue 2513 in concealing 5769

4. indeed truly 61 all 3605 which 834 you will do again 3254 and shall divide 2505 the remaining remnant 7604 to Him continually 8548 complete to an end 8503 will accordingly die 4191

5. in regions 6285 which they numbered 4557 and were ones of harshness-offensive 8182 of nothing 369 among these forceful 3581 where they shall 1961 not 3808 number 4557

6. and not 3808 harsh-offensive 8182 truly-indeed 61 to these 1992 firm 3581 over 5921 who they were of His 1961 the remaining remnant 3498 ones of greatness 1419. And after this manner of 3602 fixed time 2163

7. you have caused to divide 2505 to 4513 what of purpose 4100 which they caused to divide 2505. And theirs added 3254 by your hand caused 3027 to 413 purpose 4100 who it shall be to add 3254 in the fixed time 2163

8. how they shall consume of you 5487 what 335 " I " cause to interpret 6590 strong to Me 193 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 will cause hindering 310 with them 1931 in concealment 5769

9. making to fear 1204 surely 3588 their arrangement 5737 the completion to an end 8503 when found 4672 among His nothing of us 369 with strong of substance His 6106 except 7535

10. what they have scraped away 5595 and the ones of flattering in words they 2513 truly 61 of purpose 4100 they to direct 3318 to 413 the workmen 6466 removing they will continue to do 3254

11. will cause ones of flattering words 2513 these 1931 to fear 1204 exceedingly. And repeating 5749 politically in strength and 352 shall be 1961 in the fixed time 2163 for the lords of the high places 1181

12. from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 becoming His 1961 longing for 3642 not 3808 shall find 4672 you staggering [to the altered arranged order] 5128 in the wheels-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 removing throwing out 3384 if 176

13. you have maltreated making bitter 2238-4784. ones remaining seeing these 3498-7200 from following you just and right of manner 310-3651 in regions 6285 who have remained seeing them 3498-7200 from this teaching 3384 whom have lived among 2421 where they let be 1961

14. officiating of 3547 to the staggering you of theirs 5128 in fixed times 2163 the ones crossing over 5674 ones remaining 3498 and when 518 and in the fixed times 2163 the ones crossing over of 5674 the ancient hero 6971

15. theirs for the lords of the high places-seeing 1181-7200 will accordingly die 4191 they have caused and numbered 4557 theirs staggering of His [to the altered arranged order, writings] seeing them 5128-7200 where they staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order writings] 5128 among His in the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534

16. for the lords of the high places 1181 and was nothing 369 for the lords of the high places 1181 exceedingly high 1419 seeing His causing to be terrified 7200-1204 and other of this 317 in regions 6285 where they were great 1419 and have grieved Mine 6962

17. this 1931 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655 the completion of an extremity seeing 8503-7200 and seeking an occasion against His 579 a spectacle to see of them 7210 in eager enjoyment 2363 the seperating of -surviving orphans 2505-2475 among staggering you have seen [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 7200

18. with skilful quickness of His 4106 and caused ones of to be delayed of them 3186 whom have lived among 2421 who it shall be 1961 of these 2088 untrue in words-liars 8266 and causing to cease 989 also how 349

19. they are brought in 935 to it 413 and they 1931 who it was 1961 in the fixed time 2164 in making afraid to terrify 1204 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 becoming His 1961 longing for 3642

20. cheating untrue in words 8266 and restoring 5749 where of the fixed times 2164 these 1931 from bringing about by accident 7136 follow close keeping fast 1692 to staggering it [the altered arranged order] 5128 longing for 3642 which these 1931

21. ones celebrated 3608 with you 225 in preventing 6925 and was seen afterwards 310-7200 in regions 6285 where these 1931 from harshness 8182 with you 225

22. you caused opening 8176 like what if 176 to His which it was 1961 to make fear 1204 in regions 6285 in which they stirred up-lifted up selves 5782 lords of the high places 1181 where they lifted up selves 5782

23. within the boundary in the territory 1366-1379. And also how 349 they have lived among 2421 which it was 1961 the appointed time 2164 with beside of the adversary moving against 6655 that 834 they 1931 left of 7604

24. the staggering it [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 with workmen 6466 make afraid and terrify1204. And this 1931 the fixed time 2164 they are serving 5744 .

25. H // H of employment 6045 they have caused staggering [the altered arranged order] 5128 by arguments strong 6110. And answers of 562 to others of Mine 317 where they caused staggering [the altered arranged order] 5128

26. are of this 1931 remove longing for 3642 with this 1931 from making reaching ability to take hold on Me 5381 will rain violently 1652 and their longing for3470 will cause rain violently 1652

27. will cause 1992 to fear-terrify 1204 of such things of them 2007 this 1931 making to fear terrify seeing 1204-7200. And repeating 5749 when with strength of Him 352 when shall come 1961 to fear terrify in seeing 1204 not 3808

28. you come forth seeing 4672-7200 staggered [the altered arranged order] 5128 remove teaching of 3384 to wheels-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 ones over and above remaining seeing 3148-7200 from following the ones previous seeing of this 310-7200 accordingly to have marked to remember 2142 in fixed times 2163 [310 2nd Samuel 16:13]

Image 0115: 1. H //V : from employment of 6045 the exiles of 1546 the land 776 of existing 2007 searched out ours 2713 among 854 sinking and drowning of 2883 the land 776 and to know by seeing ours 3045

2. who are of the sinking and drowning they 2883 to be of ones 1961 having gathered together these 3664 from the waters 4325 having found ours 4672 before the exile they see 1546 you of the water channel , conduit 8585

3. numerous ones 6099 among the ruins they shall be His 1942 ones of distress Mine 3334 found present 4291 everywhere of purpose 4100 where they have 1931 by word 1697 among crossing over 5668 of the things 1697 following 310

4. such of this 2008 the same 1931 things of cause 1697 ruins 1942 also to remember 2142 for has seen Yah 7211 returning of the second time of them 8138 also how 349 was revealed and this 1540 in the land 776

5. new moon 2320 and after 310 which it 1931 will be new moon 2320 they shall make plain seeing declaring of 874-7200 people of the nations you 1471 when the heavens 8064 make lunation new moon month theirs

6. which to be ample large good 155 which their 1992 ancients 6924 also how 349 to rush over devastating 7722 was 1961 in the hollow of hand-power 3709 which 834 by the wheels-]recurring course directing or controling actions] 1534

7. to their abundance 8229 strong and 352 shall be found of His-who were found of them 4672 all 3605 with His 225 fixed time 2163 for the lords of the high places 1181and to gather 1571 you see shall be of theirs 1961-7200 all 3605

8. with a-community of persons and 225 their fixed time 2163 theirs for the lord of the high places 1181 to stop it 989. And ample large good 155 as were exiled of 1540 the land 776 they 1931 were scattered 4900

9. to turning seeing 5437-7200 to abound of resources 8228 the living body 5315 and food of all kind 7607 the princes 3556 who were found 4672 in the scattered to corners 6284 hidden of the north you seen of you 6828-7200

10. Also how 349 they shall live among 2421 which they have been 1961 they who are exiled 1540 from the land 776 to be heavy grievously so 3513 look in a moment-also to make selves perverted 8160-5791-line 10 reversed: they have made 6213 manner of life 1870 walk softly 1718 causing tribulation 6869 those of this 1992 in to the garden 1593 shall be 1961 to stand out 3426 requesting 994 unity of 3189 this manner 3541

11. in regions 6286 where to be hot there 228 a prince 3556 where they have live among-a prince of a small district 2421-6346 shall be 1961 a gazing stock-spectacle 7210 also shall reach ability to take hold on 5381 were exiles to be 1540 beneath of his 8460 to be grieved 3513

12. support selves to trust-to be blind of the eyes 8172 and not 3808 to be found 4672 where they shall be day by day 1961-3117 leanness except 7535 for foolishness 5014 a look in a moment consider be dismayed look away 8159 to curve bow down selves 3721 how why 834

13. let us explain 874 making this to be an edict of His seeing 7010-7200 it a lunation month of theirs 3391 and will make it the arranged orders 6186 and being untrue in words submit selves 3584 to become and seen of His 1961 in the land 776

14. a failure 1115 out of this will have pity 2347 to feed them-to be compassionate 3898-2347 of leanness 7535 to break down-e stop [to deny a previous action] 6979. And nothing 369 to promise-answer 562-561 also shall say 559 how 349 who were all 3605

15. from new moon 2320 for that 4100 not 3808 they will be against hand of power and 3027 a termination-end appearing 7117-7200 this nothing of them 369 for 3588 even if 518 from a portion theirs 4327. in regions 6285 joy gladness 7797

16. to their bitterness 4784 which others of 317 new moon month theirs 2320 then 8033 dumb 929 the pit falls of destruction 7825 strong theirs 193 in the sinking and drowning these 2883 to maintain ones cause 3557

17. and on account of cause 7945 to be able of manner 3201 in ones of to changing of-just and right of manner 8138-3651 you seeing of 854-7200 mandates of El these 6490 like when 3644 their employments 6045 in charge of an office-overseers 6496 the judgeships of regions 4582

18. which they 1992 are beneath-under[the lease of]in vigor perceived 8460-3581-7200 head of-beginning 7218 first 259 in regions 6285 to be circumspect 7919 making of habitually to practice cause of theirs your's of them 6466 will be sowing to develop experience 4900-7200 after 310

19. to be acceptable of 7522 the head 7218 causing will of arranged order 5468 to employ of it 6045 in judgeship of a district 4082 and not 3808 they will be able 7558 one 259

20. purpose of thing them 4100 to change seeing 8138 8138-7200 you-truly 854-389 cause of overseer-seeing theirs 6496-7200 and not 3808 by their alteration-change 2487 but others of 310

21. and looking of His 7210 the head person 8269 sense of desire to please 6634 "H" 3068 were caused 1992 toward Him 413 - reversed of line 21. And not 3808 of purpose 4100 "H" 3068 to gleam-be conspicuous 77 a net-trap 7568 and He shall gather His 717

22. H // A : also when 518 in eternity 5769 because it's lunation new moon month 2320 existing 3426 to with draw from 4185 according bear in mind hope you spotted as with hail 5452-1261 in face of passion of anger 639 slander of the tongue 3960 cause when to rescue 4872 [the word 4872 spelled as Mosheh working the true way into the understanding]

23. they have seen living among His 2421-7200 faint with fear 4199 a second time 8145 ones of cause to stop of them 989

24. H // A : who they shall live among of His 2421 also they shall be with His 1961 against with this turning of these 225-182-2088 bubbling up of the mire incite literally to dry up 2563-2787. Form as pressed out 6699 for 3588 not 3808 were found these-to be found 4672-4672 [the last was in the first word 4672]

25. bubbling up of the mire 2563 of leanness 7535 having formed 6699 and such as this 519 became 1961 to their form pressed out 6699 existing 3426 to His staggering [incline to the altered arranged order writings] 5128

26. will respect acknowledge seeing of you 5234-7200. And when 518 being of you 1961 from nothing 369 to His 413 in the staggering theirs [incline to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 when had happened seeing whoever of 4672-7200 in the future 5957

27. they shall live among who they have seen 2421-7200 where they shall be 1961 to faces of 6440 in the future 5957 eternity 5769 after 310. And a great long time 3528 anticipating 6923 in ones made to stop His 989

28. And when of selves 518-1634 telling 559 where was caused staggering these-seen [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128-7200 that they 1992 not seeing 3808-7200 have 1961 from portion 4327 to His 413 the staggering His seen [the altered arranged order] 5128-7200 [there are groups who through calculations note the precise time the moon reaches the point of new by orbit, conjuction, the scriptures are plain to the visual sighting, this allows all of us the people of the lands to keep the appointed times fixed , the observatory-observation is not, unless one were to calculate the visual sighting and this very thing according to the orbit, still needing the observatory, revealed in the next image-page. In the past there has been people of force by enthusiasticly showing making aviable passionate of the calculation this is not according to scripture. Now according to the science of today 2017 the moon is slowing and the earths wobble is increasing and at some point will reset. So by the writings the light of the moon first in the western horizon the lunation moon month is born and able to see for a very short time 30-45 minutes and it will be 5 to 7 degree left or right of the setting sun, twilight and will move east in the sky rising about 55 minutes earlier and moving east each day, light reflecting of the sun]

29. in regions 6285 which they 1992 have 1961 failed 1086 to change 7760 arranged order 5468 to cause turning away 5493 sense of weakness 648 perpetuity 5126 in employment of 6045 not 3808

30. to have resources-[to understanding, way they change the moon month] 8228 what of theirs 4100 to place 7760 eagerly coveting 1942 over time 5703 now seeing-understand 6256 feeding firm you 1277 in the future 5957. Also how 349 it shall be 1961

31. presented these of them 4672

Image 0116: 1. presenting them 4672 of the one ancient 6929 the lord of the high places seeing 1181-7200 to stop-cease of it 989. And testifying 6749 they shall live among ones of 2421 fearing 4199 which they shall have 1961

2. the arranged order of 5468 His divided-to separate 914 how 834 in crossed-transit on account of and 5668 you have 1961 caused to rise up staggering [the altering of the arranged order writings] you caused seen of these 5128-7200 in the destructiveness of 8064 the goal of truthfulness continually-forever [Isa.34:10]

3. to cause to come 4672 strong support to Him 352 that existed of them 1934 so 3644 who it was declaring 974 discontinued 6561 casting out 2904 all 3605 with their 225 fixed times 2163

4. lord of the high places -seeing 1181-7200 to make cease of this 989

5. H // B appearing sign 226 the observatory a place to be observant of 7906 unripe fruit sense of weakness 648 perpetuity 5126 which was nothing 371 in the ruins bubbling up 2563 that they 1931 have placed to over turn 7760

6. as a form 6699 shaking and it [bringing force to mix dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 indeed 61 where of this 1931 making staggering staggered [the altering of the arranged order, writings] 5128 causing to scattering His 6327 staggering these [the altered arranged order, writings] it 1528

7. bringing forth in pomp 2986 mixing and confounding you seeing 1101 7200 these 2088 by nothing of His 369 in regions 6285 which was formerly 3528 to see let us explain 894 in the sinking and drowning 2883 which was nothing 369 in the ruins fermenting 2563

8. among shaking [bringing force to mix dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 bind fast-close the eyes theirs 6105 And how also 349 where they cause interpretation 6591 when you shall be to-see this 1961 the thing exist of Yahh 1934-3050 it to stand out 3426 remove from contact 4185 and if 518

9. telling 559 also it exist of Yahh 1934-3050 to become seeing 1961-7200 [the use of the resh in the tav seeing appear are all to show you this thing has happened and will happen understand] from nothing 369 you have caused making to declare-to over throw 2522 like hope to purpose you 5452 teachers 4175 cause to make right 6663

10. they having lived among 2421 terror faint with fear of 4199 " H " 3068 will cast out of them 2904

11. H // A when to exist of to declare to you 1934 thing such 1697 accomplish 4390 such a thing 1697 in making of this to snatch at catching to over throw 2480-2522 not 3808 find theirs will cause 4672 by placing it again 7760-7725

12. to have 1933 with the sinking and drowning 2883 and by employment of deputy ship 4399 for 3588 when 518 inaccessible they will declare it 1208 in bragging 907 in regions 6285

13. which was nothing of His see 7200-369 bubbling up of the mire of these and you 2563 and nothing 369 to the many 1992 existing ones 1934 with strength of bones the ones of you see 7200-6106 indeed 61 they shall covet-desiring,seeing-understand 1942-7200

14. this thing 1697 will cause these to ride on -in a vehicle 7392 from strength of substance 6106 and a rock formed 6699 from this thing 1697 purpose 4100 how 834 for them causing interpretation solutions of these see 6592-7200

15. by choosing to admit 6901 one hundred 3967 the formed 6699. Indeed 61 the violent rains these 1652 not 3808 they have a new thing 2318 dumb 929 comprehend 3634

16. and with this 1976 were 1961 in the sinking and drowning 2883 with their employment of the deputy ship 4399 the purpose of them 4100 this thing 1697 from this thing 1697. and prepare establish 3559 He sees 7200

17. people of the nations you 1471 in purpose 4100 when they cause new thing 2318 in course of life 1870 they have lit upon by accident it 7136 and also how 349 they shall explain see 874-7200 who were 1933 in the violent rain 1652

18. accomplishing 4390 this thing 1697 how 335 " I " cause to make interpretation 6592

19. H // B who also how 349 this shall be of 1961 the worthless things 7385 when found 4672 in regions 6285 also with them seen-seeing 225-7200 widen in all directions to be driven out a shout of joy deliverance 7368-7438

20. dumb of 929 to have created 1254 this never ending 5769 existence 3426 out of nothing 369 were of 1961 worthless things of theirs 7385 before of the ancients of the eastern religions 6928

21. creating new things theirs and unparalleled and. They were already 3528 brought forth 935 signs omens the ones of 4159 afterwards 5921 to cease and 989

22. H // G nothing 4100 was 1961 in the turning of events 5437 new thing created you seeing 1278-7200 in the never ending 5957 to be despised 960 the condition of the mind 4725

23. to have respect of 6437 except of His 2108 for 3588 the forming 6699 His divide and separating seeing by you 914 not 3808 shall produce by labor 3018

24. ones of working for wages seeing these 6468 in a place-community 4725 of ones united for action 3162 in regions 6285 where lacking of it 369 in a place 4725 truly 61 the one abounding in resources 8228

25. on 5921 all 3605 the places 4725 will be suitable 7737. At the least 7535 on account of cause 7945 you seeing accordingly 7200 and shall produce by labor 3018 ones working for wages they have 6468

26. at least 7535 in places 4725-water 4726 gladness joy 7797 for these 1992 the setting out of plants a vineyard 3657

27. H // D this way 2088 the future 5957 find secure seeing 4672-7200 from among the living 2331 habitable spot desired 339 "I " interpret and explain of it 6591 where 335 to be with held-they are ours 4513

28. and when 518 they 1931 to find 4672 not-to you 3808 seeing it fair to measure out-balance 8505-7200 shall be of His showers-watering His see 1961-7377-7200. And when they 1931 from living among of 2331

29. not 3808 heavy sad 5620 being of His 1961. And also 349 this 1931 " I " cause interpretation 6591. And will cause interpretations and solutions 6591 they need need 6878 after 413

Image 0117: 1. heavy in sickness caused 5136 how 834 shall be 1961 with these " I " cause interpretation and explain of these 6591 before on account of 6903 this 2063 it is going to be 1933 to satisfy a debt theirs 7521 in deeds of the workmen 6467

2. H // H where deeds of 6467 in the beginning 7223 they lived among-seeing 2331-7200 becoming His 1961 workmen 6467 in firmness of substance 3581 of set apartness 6944 ones of the new 2318

3. in the future 5927 in regions 6285 where among of these refining of 6884 who were found 4672 to become one 3161 in this way 2004 they were living among 929

4. dumb 929 therefore when 834 it shall be 1961 the workmen 6467 in firmness 3581 where it shall be 1961 you will cause to make habitually 6466 making it a practice 6466

5. with firmness 3581. And will cause you seeing to practice 6466-7200 in firmness 3581 as for this 1931 violent rain 1652 it shall be living with 2421 where they shall be 1961 to appear 6437 ones of and continued

6. the misery for everlasting 6040-5769 violent rain 1652 and because setting up 3635 being of it 1961 violent rain 1652 a set pace 4390 of misery 1697 this 1931 from ones explaining 874 " I " will of cast out 2904

7. for 3588 not 3808 they shall live among 2421 where they have been 1961 before and ones of are going to be 1961 liars-disown of deeds 3584 which they have here in this way of 2008 confirming 4390 this thing-misery 1697

8. on them and profaned their word-a thing breaking ones word 2490-4248. And in deeds 551 they have of themselves such things 2007 the violent rain 1652 no-ignorant 3808 for purpose 4100 when of this 1931 the heave rain 1652 cause nothing 1077

9. dumb 929 also of their 1931 ba'al a Phoenician deity1168 rocks 6697 what end 4100 they will cause new thing and 2318 among His and after 310 push aside in contempt cause to Me 7589

10. with ones going to be 1961 remove from contact of 4185 among standing out of 3426. And not to stay 3808-3885 stand out ones ' 3426 refusing as nothing 3986-369 the circumcised-against good 4135-935. In comparison 3644 also were marked 2142 not 3808

11. to ours remove portion-separating 2506 to cause 413 when told 559 when shall be 1961 standing out 3426 ones of remove from contact 4185 beside of an adversary moving against 6655. And standing out 3426 from where 370 beside of an adversary moving against 6655

12. And ones put to silence-dumb 481 being 1961 ones of remove from contact 4185 they 1931 who were out of 1961 from ones bubbling up of the ruins 3563 and being of it-seeing 1961-7200 among nothing 369 they-see 1931-7200

13. who were to become-seen 1961-7200 out of the ones bubbling up of the ruins-mire 3563 to be missing 5737 from completion of 3635 formed rocks 6699 and these 1931 have who ran in delight of acceptance 7519-7223 to the abundance of their 7230 El He to scatter in bounty 410-6340

14. from luminous 215 to blush in shame and 954 in comparison 3644 when having explained they have seen 874-7200. And the despised 959 departed of [his 6655] the ones of clap hands in grief 5606 which 834

15. were born of it 3205 to hope seeing you 5452 cause sense of weakness not grown up unripe of mire 648-2917 and from it's appearing 6437 being of it 19961 remove benefits 4513 to these 2088 in the mire bubbling up 3563

16. the staggering you [inclined to alter the arranged order, writings] seen 5128 what of purpose 4100. And will of put to silence 481 that which 834 brings down seeing 5182-7200 missing 5737 completion of 3635 formed rocks 6699 not 3808

17. they to be dense 7185 to our thing 1697 in regions 6285 in ruins 8047 which these 2088 to walk and 1869 not 3808 it shall be seen 1961-7200 by His staggering it [ inclined to alter the arranged order] 5128 among 3588

18. the bubbling up of the mire 3536 not 3808 they benefit 4513 with nearness of seeing it 854 strong of substance His 6106 And what of purpose 4100 wherein to be dense-stiff necked 7185 to these leaving ours 3240 it existing of 1934

19. standing out 3426 among nothing 369 not 3808 shall be dense-stiff necked 7185 to this 2088 in regions of 6285 also a great long time 3528 left alone you of His 3240 to this seen 2063-7200 the existing of it 1934

20. to be sick of heaviness 5136 shall be full of 4390 pollution 2490 the future. And with 225 how 349 they shall live among His 2421 exhausted of 4198 polluted of selves 2930 by stewing over of them 2962

21. H // A also these 2088 have ones of bubbling up of the mire 2563 not 3808 have with held benefits 4513 from ones divide 2505 with this of these 1931 when 518 also will remain 3498-7200

22. from portions 4487 things 1967 alike 259 which these shall covet 1942 from apportioned His 4482 in the future 5957. Desiring 176 not 3808

23. and with consent 225 they were left-seeing 3498-7200. How 349 it shall be 1961. The ones left 3498 to cease of it 989. And consent 225 on account of cause 7945 how of 349

24. they to be dense-stiff necked 7185 also the huts 5521 when females flow of blood 4726 to give ones of greater-honor 1431 when it shall be 1961 like at least 176 to being of seeing 1961-7200 from portion His 4487

25. in the eternity 5769 being able to endure 7272 in regions 6285 who one of know by seeing-knowing 3037 ones brought up 1431 the concealed ones 5956 among bound by limits 1379 and will cause a wall surrounding 1444 that which 834

26. honors 1431 all 3605 and portion out 4327 will from their boundary 1379 son 1121 again 8145 a limit of theirs seeing 7099

27. H // B also they see-understand 7200 on account of cause 7945 they shall 1961 continue of this 1934 the secret thing 5956 found 4672 El to cause 410 from beside of an adversary moving against 6655

28. also to bring about 7136 who were to find 4672 exhausted 4198 in the mire bubbling up of 2563 ability-barley grain 8184-8185 making glad to these 7797 for His in the future 5957

29. and how 349 it shall be 1961 the beginning to see 8462-7200 the future 5957 wherein secure of reward seeing 7966-7200 from Him shall cause to bring about of 7136 and the proud-insolent-remove-dung 2102-1828 with 5973

30. where shall bring about 7136 fearing 4199 cause to cease 989 again of 8145 also when 518 not 3808 bring about 7136 who shall be 1961 just and right 3651 who then shall be 1961 in the pit falls of destruction 7825 [mixing of laws-torah Hoshea 10:10 binding to perversities]

31. from the power of the hand 3027 before ones of turning the wheel-wheel 212 also not 3808 have abundance of resources 8228 from portion His 4480 things 1697 by exception of His 2108

Image 0118: 1. H // G when 518 to standout 3426 of thing 1697 ancient hero 6917 as formerly of 6924 the el 410 they will live among seeing 2421 who it shall be 1961 yet the Eloahh 433

2. one to pine after of theirs 3642

3. H // D these will bubble up of the mire 2563 shall be 1961 anticipated of 6925 the future 5957 rest 5146 desired 176 among the staggering to staggered [the altered arranged order, writings] seen of 5128-7200 and when 518

4. shall be 1961 among staggering staggered [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 they shall live among His 2421 for these 2088 will ones of them cease 989 who were marked to remember of them 2142

5. to be weak-not grown up 648 of the mire 2917 and when to be impure-defiled 518-2933 they of this 1931 rest 5146 they shall be 1961 among the sinking and drowning 2883 then 176 will make a covenant. And also 349 who they shall be 1961

6. living with 2333 where it shall be 1961 to His sinking and drowning 2883 and forming rocks [fem] 6699 and they 1931 will flow out 6378 what of purpose 4100 where rest ours 5146

7. H // H on account of cause 7945 they come forth 4672 bubbling up of the mire 2563 leanness-enough 7534 forming rocks 6699

8. H // V on account of cause 7945 they will do 6213 among the sinking and drowning 2883 will work ministering laboring of 4399 manner 1697 El causes 410 among ones of the mire bubbling up 2563 to be pleasant seeing 4998-7200

9. to His and how 349 also 349 were let become these His 1934 all 3605 these of the sinking and drowning of them 2883 these rest quietly of them 7764 among ones of the mire bubbling up 2563 unifying 258

10. H // Z these 2088 the ones bubbling up of the mire 2563 the dying 4191 also 349 they choose to take hold on 6901 voluntary of favor 7522 those in pit falls of destruction 7825 [substituting and mixing laws]

11. H // CH surely 518 these 2088 ones bubbling up of the mire 2563 found 4672 to be living 748 found of His 4672 to Mine the sixth part 8341 from far off places of theirs 4801

12. and to be raised up 4608 and down less-beneath 4295 not 3808 they boast selves 559 cause not 3808 among these to cruel make stiff necked and ones full grown 7185-3733 in the wheel-]recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 how were 349 a great while 3528

13. to find 4672 the wheel-[ recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534

14.H // TET purpose of 4100 became 1961 the ones turning of events 5437 which 834 became 1961 the ones forming it 3335 to covet greatly seeing His 183-7200 now seeing 6256

15. and not 3808 was of before 6925 and not 3808 after 310 in a bond like a mother 517 let us rebuild 2318 against not 3808 will make know of 3045 sense of effort 202

16. firm seeing 358. to standout 3426 to the returned by His 7725 where of the destroying pestilence 1698 where nothing theirs 369 from ones of wages seeing 6468-7200 workmen doing work 6467 is it not 371

17. to ones searching out-seeking 2713 to purpose 4100 let be then 1961 disesteem 959 when appearing 8389 then at least 176 disesteem 959 like the dead 4194. And when cause to see 518-7200 of jump be violent like drive asunder 5425

18. among apportion 4483 when 518 not 3808 in regions 6285 to His turning of selves 5437 completely you will see 8503-7200 truly 61 to know by seeing 3045 to be astonished 7583

19. not 3808 shall be 1961 disesteemed 959 harshness of seeing 8182 not 3808 shall be 1961 to create 1254 the concealed thing 5956 and formerly ones of knowing theirs seen 874-7200

20. when existing of them seen 1934-7200 the concealed 5956 became 1961 remove pit falls of destruction seeing 7825-7200 among 5921 beside of the adversary moving against 6655 that of the good things 2896 and graciousness 2594 [8359 Hoshea 10:10]

21. and to prepare establish 3559 not 3808 shall deny benefits 4513 being of His 1961 expansion 3315 were found 4672 constantly of daily seeing 8548-7200 to wear out of 1080 this seeing 2063-7200 it the good things 2896

22. like on account of cause 7945 shall deny benefits 4513 being of His 1961 expansion 3315 were found 4672 constantly of daily seen 8548-7200 to wear out of 1080 this seeing 2063 it the good things 2896

23. like on account of cause 7945 have denied benefits 4513 among opposite 6905 it stands among opposite it will 6904. And water it suck out-exhausts 4325 causing-purpose to be clearer 6965 shall understand seeing 7200 the Torah-terumah-presented offering freely in tribute their bitter water [to Elohim] the things boiling up 8451-8641-4784

24. they to clap hands in compact 5606 this is a 1931 gift 1890 to ponder-imagine the good 1897-2896 will gather 1571 destroy out of hand 2026 was nothing 369 in regions of 6285 where El raises up these seeing of 410-6965-7200

25. was nothing 369 from beside of the adversary moving against 6655 the eastern religious ways 6921 flatted out 7534 from beside of the adversary against 6655 they shall shout in deliverance 7438 the ones of unhewn stones perfect these seeing 7999-7200 and strong of substance 6108 [the unhewn stones no make up-painted eyes what ever of man]

26. these to be able to endure seeing 3201 and gathered 1571 appearance glorious 1935 is it not 371 in regions of 6285 where knowing 3037 cause on account of 7945 shall mark out of extending 8388 the purpose 1697

27. in the vineyard 5737 nest of the nestlings of His 7064 El causes 410 according where way walking as course of life His 1870 where shall find 4672 presents of His in nest nestlings of His 7064 they who 1931 will after this manner 3602

28. these 2088 will bubble up of the ruins 2563 where was nothing 369 from way walking as a course of life His 1870 to the staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 not 3808 they speak 559 for Him when they 1931 rest 5146

Image 0119: 1. then 176 among the staggering staggered [the altered of the arranged order, writings] 5128. And " I " shall explain and declare " I " see 874-7200 when before of 6925 when new things cause to create seeing 1278-7200 the future all ways 5957 never-never 3808 shall 1961 prepare 2164 in regions 6285

2. where was not 369 there 8033 staggers [the altered arranged order] 5128 settled places seeing 4494-7200 and how of purpose 4100 where not 3808 they have staggered the staggering [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 and it to sit down 5117 not 3808 they wrap around-put on 3847 in appointed time 2165

3. according to such 3644 when was made plain 874 in the sinking and drowning 2883 and gathering-assemblies 1571 take away-remove 1898 was nothing His 369 in regions 6285 on account of cause 7945 let live seeing us among 2421 faces 6440 on account of cause 7945

4. to bring forth 4672 after 310 will give heed to it 1934 bubbling up of the mire 2563 failure of 1077 forming rocks 6699 on account of causing 7945 to bring forth 4672 ones before 6925 according to such 3644

5. where to having made plain explained 874 and gatherings-assemblies 1571 this of that 1975 where nothing of His 369 in regions 6285 whoever according to such 3644 also they hear and obey His 8086 in the bubbling up of the mire of 2563 when to takehold on-receive 6901

6. to delight of 7522 in circumspect intelligent 7919 the ones of things done 6467 will voluntary of 7522 though to the 413 seeing expansion 3315 choosing to take hold on seeing you 6901 the rocks 6699. And just and right of manner 3651 choosing to take hold on 6901

7. the forming rocks 6699 to be straight 833 shall act circumspect intelligent 7919 by these 1992 in the sinking and drowning 2883 to such 3644 of the rocks 6699 talking deliriously 1957 also they turn about return to pervertion 2015 remove nourishment-food 2109

8. they shall return because 7725 in being strong 6106 these were to Me nourishment-food 2109 will pine after seeing 3642 will run out of it these 6379 by it taking wings 83 and flies away 82. And prepare establish 3559

9. the hearing obey 8086 the ones bubbling up of the mire 2563 to form stones 6699 by ones of employment 6045 the staggering these [the altered arranged order] seeing 5128-7200 will of favor to declare 7522 who where adam-man 120

10 shall as pressed in turning, constrained by principal 6735 and are shaking [bring force to mix dislodging the arranged order, writings] 5128 will one of enlightment 215 the seeing of staggering these [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 they were separated cause to make wonderful seeing His 6381

11. not from except by removal these 2108 when it shall be ones of rendered sure 3559 for apportion 2505 to separate 2505 also 349 to be seen 7200 where they have new thing to do seeing 2319-7200 with it 413 steep places inaccessible 4095

12. the voices of these singing-sound 6963 cause failure 1077 ones pressed in turning-constrained by principal 6735 ones employed 6045 in singing 7891 and removing ones hostile to 6696 that they 1931 shall stagger-staggered [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 receive it 2505

13. these call out 6963 disesteem vile person 959 revolve around-wheel with this manner theirs 212-3602 where of these making difficult eparate 6381-5230. Humilated walking with 3728 also seen of by His 7200 to give thanks 3034 whoever of the good audience hears the announcement acting high make to go away 8085-935-5927

14. these of 2088 the bubbling up of the mire 2563 for what of desire 7522 the pit falls of destruction seeing 7825-7200 with alike-mutual relationship 1571 will by bending to ensnare it causes 6983 this to exist 1933 was nothing it 369 in regions 6285 their actions as though superiority of station 4609

15. and beneath of 4295 not 3808 shall think to use 559 from beside of and against the adversary 6655 it will enclose of the bosom-affections 2463 to learn the teaching 3928 wherever 834 with it causes failure braiding together of fetters 1077-3525 from beside of and against by the adversary 6655

16. in such things of theirs 1697 who were found 4672 with these and despised 959 figurative mentally to ensnare-beguile 6679 it causes staggering staggered [the altered arranged order] seeing of ours 5128 the voice calling 6963 in the present of thoughts arising to condition mentally 4609 and making burdensome 3513

17. to distorte-perverseness 4297 because of waviering in weakness causes 3782 shall be 1961 conspicuous 8034 voice reasoning mentally 6963 and burdensome 3513. Not to you 3808 shall be 1961 conspicuous 8034 acting covertly-treacherously 4603 and underlying seeing of this and shall enflame-hot self 8478-7200-2552

18. and will set up 3635 acting covertly treacherously 4603 and distorting to perversion 4297 not 3808 shall speak 559 cause not 3808 like joy cheerfulness 7797 conspicuous 8034 rain 1653 turning oneself 5437 making to staggering staggered [the altered arranged order 5128

19. and that which 834 not 3808 shall be 1961 despied 959 the rain 1653 bringing 7760 drowning and sinking 2883 remove sinking and drowning of them 2883 having wells 875 also not 3808

20. shall be 1961 there 8033 rain showers 1653 from circling 5364 and not 3808 upward 4605 and underneath 8478 and in regions 6285 where are the rocks 6699 also gives 5414

21. the strong of body 193 to rain showers 1653 there water of cause of them 4325 they shall see new things and 2319-7200 out of this except 2108 the staggering it [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 before you seeing of 6925-7200 in regions 6285

22. where existing of it 1933 became 1961 dumb ones of 929 removing arranged order seeing 5737 sense of pricking by thorns them to see 8068-7200 He shall weight out portions 4487 to 413 the sense of pricking with thorns you seeing 8068

23. he shall weight out portions 4487 which 834 they have 1931 accomplished 4390 happened seeing 4672-7200 to 413 had happend of ours 4672 not 3808 seeing it shall be 1961

24. conspicuous 8034 the staggering [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 and changed of 8133 because 3588 the change of 8133 from perverting 2015 to 413 the return 2015 and in regions 6285 on account of cause 7945

25. shall be 1961 conspicuous 8134 seeing staggering it [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128-7200 it shall be seen made plain 874 where seeing staggering of these [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 the existing of it 1933 this 1931 was before of these seeing 6925-7200

26. who when staggering these [the altered arranged order writings] 5128 and seeing of it 7200 when it shall be 1961 just and right of manner 3651 in regions 6285 where the staggering of these are [the altered arranged order, writings] seen 5128-7200 who were found 4672

27. from arranged orders of theirs 5468 removed existing of these seeing of 1933 which was 834. To them how also 349 caused to be grieved of it 3512 who shall be front of place 6924 those going to be existing seen of 1934-7200

28. to see staggering [incline to altered the arranged order, writings] 5128-7200 [see and seen to understand, the changed of arranged order readings of Mosheh and the doing]

29. And I 589 will say 562 bright and cheerful 7797 to ones enduring and stedfast 7011 hope of thing to purpose you seeing 5452 archer-teachers 4175

30. to make right 6663

29. reversed: the high 7311 seeing of manner 8448 before of sweet smell 5561 of obey-obedience 3348 being glad-cheerful 7797 elation 7312 then 335 to go His 4994

30. reversed: to the vomit 6892 to be turned 1750

31. and these 1931 who are the ones of the future 5957 to cause the existing to be strichen 1933-5221 removing the failure 369 was caused to catch 2480 and they will of make to cease of them 989 their prescribed manner of 3786 ruler-head person 8269

32. to please " H " 3068 nothing of theirs 369 when 518 beginning 7223 and they 1931 who are ones of shall declare 1961 things right of manner 1697 accomplish and confirm 4390 things of right of manner 1697

Image 0120: 1. And will cause to catch 2480 to 413 to set free they will of ours 6475 and like this 3541| was nothing of His 369 in the regions 6285 where in abundance to accumulate 3527 ones of explaining and making plain they shall 874 where was nothing 369

2. in these of harshness of labor 7185 ones of who are going to be His 1934 these will comprehend shall of see [understand] 3634-7200 to apportion they shall. And to establish-direct 3559 a people-tribes 5971 when shall be His 1961 going to be of them 1934 rain 1653

3. to fill of 390 rain 1653 not 3808 it take hold on [careful of the water rising] 4672 it is going to be 1934 in portions to declare 2506 " I " interpret and explain 6591 when shall come it of the ruins 1961 will comprehend these 3634

4. and food spoils 897 over to above 3148 rise and gather [warning to care for food to high ground1571-1342 in satisfaction 5606 the change of 8138. In regions 6285 where of cause shaking you [to bring force to mix dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 cause to happen 4672 in vain have labored without benefit these 7385

5. it develop of 4900 in the sinking and drowning 2883 caused to consider think 1934 after 310 becoming His 1961 will standout 3426 one of remove from contact 4185 and alike 1571 these will of rest from labor 988

6. imagines 1897 were nothing of His 369 in the regions 6285 where created new thing 1278 they of making to set up declaring ours 3635 to be among ministry-serving the 8335 El 410 their delight 7522 to be a branch of the tree 905

7. and were nothing 369 He may trust 2620 to 413 ones bubbling up of the mire 2563 setting up to finish 3635 according to manner 3644 this as written "I " have 3791 to prepare of them 6437. And to establish and direct 3559

8. by asking 7586 will cause to select and feed 1254 by the strong of substance 352 wherever of His 370 will fix and establish to stand 3559 by asking counsel 7586 according to 5921 the concealed 5956 the expiation- the sprinkingly atonement 5137 [Numbers-Bamidbar-19:1-22 word 5137 word 5956 also a secret thing-way and to ask-request counsel, the red heifer ashes are not available for the method described here so it would be proper to say that Yeshayahu has provided the way through the taking hold on] [also Bamidbar-Numbers the clean sprinkles the unclean, becomes unclean till washing and sunset clean]

9. the inheritance 2506 turned away of it 6437 by the sense of rain by constellation-zodiac their of ours 4208 for 3588 it is strong 352 to make so of theirs 1254 will take away 2505 going the way of though 259 not 3808 beat the drum measured amount of vomit 8608-5429-6892

10. they will petition 7596 lamenting 57 told of 559 after this 3651 rush to perversion 7323 seeing the pit falls of destruction 7825-7200 in the sinking and drowning 2883 was hidden 5956 among apportion His 4487

11. people of the nations you 1471 deceiver of 5230 in bitterness of 4751 full of self seeing 7646 seeing the created 1278 the future of 5957 to create 1254 rain 1653 accomplish to the full-need 4390

12. everything 3605 the places whatsoever 4725 in the empty of them 7324 not 3808 was left any 7604 even 7535 one 259. And after 310 where created unparallel 1278

13. to remove of these 1490 not 3808 even a favor 7522 the pit falls of destruction 7825 by separation of 905 the ones beside of Mine1115 to draw these 4900 to regard 7760

14. promise 562 not 3808 they need need good 6878-2896 to 413 ones of honor 5375 and also how 349 they will rest from labor 988 a shout 1906 where was nothing of His 369 to gather-assemble 1571 ponder-imagine 1897

15. in regions 6285 where afterward 310 there of such things 1697 shall unite to remain [Levite's the spelling] 3896 with delight in acceptance His 7522 expansion 3315 in the branch of the tree-chief 905 not 3808 it shall be among 2421 where it was of 834

16. the workers 6466 in force-for bad 3581 and shall be 1961 causing to make habitually-makes a covering to protect over them 6466-2646-5921 with vigor good 3581 in regions 6285 where they 2088 shall be 1961 to make of right cleansing 6663

17. among the ruins of perverse things 1942 in a manner of work-deputy ship 4399 in regions 6285 where they need need good 6878-2896 by concern for 413 ones bubbling up of the ruins 2563 to be pleasant-suitable 4998 for the work of His 6468

18. build up establish sure of truth 539 will make habitually to practice-work 6466 those of the pit falls of destruction 7825 Mine will of make to set up finish to declare seeing 3635-7200 where nothing 369 to Me preserve purpose 7760 they shall trust His 2620 tribes-people 5971

19. the ones bubbling up of the ruins 2563 not 3808 they will after 310 where of causing to make cease of theirs 989 when 834 shall give rest 5117 to stand boldly out 5046 shall shut up stop these 5462

20. My ones answering shall be 561 when it is going to be of Him 1934 this way 1697 to accomplish filling up 4390 this way 1697 it shall be to catch [men]2480 making to cease of them 989 stand out 3436 to us

21. to the ones trusting of firmness 547 and for them to be strong prevail 2388 for Him in regions 6285 where of hope to purpose cause 5452 of this way 2063 to be suitable pleasant these 4998 to 413 the commission Royal of laws and manners seeing 1881-7200

22. among as the poker raking embers together 181 in truth-trustworthy seeing 529-7200 when with covet these seeing 183-7200 will cause conspicuousness of them 4159. Standing out shall test you examine 3426-974 the strong 193 redundant-to be left 3508-3498 which 834

23. shall be ones of straightness-uprightness ours 3477 by truth 571 accumulating of 3527 will see of you 7200 cunning knowledge 1847 where of the future-forever 5957

24. to you causing to rebuild 2318 standing out 3426 from nothing 369 power of the branch 3709 what of purpose 4100 when of shall give rest 5117 to be suitable pleasant 4998

25. Torah of instruction in laws 8451 since Mosheh 4871 truth is seen 571-7200

26. These Torot the instructions of customs and manners His 8452 of truth 571

to break off 6561

Image 0121: 1. Saying 559 has caused first 259 now 3528 in having made you to know-taught 3046 turning of them 6437 to deliver 6561 to be joined together 1692 and redeemed 656

2. making straight and right His 3474 joy and gladness 7799 making intelligent-understanding 7919 were separated 914 among causing of the desert all 3605

3. that are to become of these 1935 the strong His 193 the humble of His 8216 and they are astonished 7583

4. " I " cause to interpret 6591 causing to remove seeing 2188-7200 these 2088. And like wise of manner 1571 " I " accept 3947 seeing ones of [the out house 5122]-7200 the Most High 5920 that happens 4672 when were separated of them 914

5. among the staggering you seeing [to incline to alter the arranged order, writings] 5128-7200 the wheel wheels-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] of them 1534 and these out of such 2088 who afterwards 310 to be restful-peaceful-secure His 7599 seeing 7200 where the wheel wheel-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] of theirs 1534 they cause 1992

6. making themselves to staggering staggered of theirs [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 constantly seeing 8548-7200 by the besieged-round and round 5437 and making perfect of His seeing 4362-7200 the staggering [the altered arranged order, writings] seeing 5128 of weariness sorrow 3021-3015 the complete peaceable of them His 8003

7. His will separate 63 will cause the arranged order 5468 the straight way 3474 happy to guide 833 to whoever was found 4672 by assuming the resembles of these the teachers His 8071-7919 like such 3644 when to let explain making plain 874

8. will break off 6561 these of before 6925 to this way 2088 and these 2088 answer to cause 561 to have bitterness 4843 also they shall 1961 when to encounter hostilities 7147 because 3588 of chance event causing 7136

9. not 3808 shall be constant daily time seeing 8548 also how 349 like such 3644 when it shall be 1961 besieged and distressed 4692 acting circumspect-consider of 7919 7919. And after 310 when observing times 1697

10. besieged and distressed 4692 acting circumspect of doing 7919 they shall live among 2421 where they shall be 1961 like such 3644 acting circumspect deceivers 7919-5230 to separate 914 the one 259 also if not will poison of 176 thousands increasing 7231

11. His let be-remain 1961 the first time causes 8462 these of His 428 the seeing staggering of His [the altered arranged order, writings] seeing 5128-7200 also was nothing 369 to these 1992 seeing the staggering caused of them [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 the sinking and drowning 2883 to declare of 2883

12. like seeing staggering caused these [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 in stone 68 to spread out 5186. Also how you 335 shall 1961 rest 5146 when they have acquired His seeing 5060-7200 place and received and 4725-4728

13. the traveling tale bearer-slanders 7400 where will cause staggering staggered [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 in course of life way-derek 1870 in the sinking and drowning 2883 not 3808 you bring forth 4672 for Him the staggering [of the altered arrangered order, writings] seeing 5128-7200

14. in the sinking and drowning 2883 to shut up-forbid 3607 they have quietude-let alone these 5118 in regions of 6285 where staggering of His [incline to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 in the day 3117 if to meet by accident 4745

15. when of whoever you shall 1961 separate out side-move away 2351 from places theirs 4725 in the sinking and drowning of 2883. Surely 3588 is there none 784 not 3808 having staggering staggered His [inclined to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 in places and of 4725

16. the sinking and drowning it 2883 and these of 1931 hollow of the eye 7086 to shoot out as painted of the eyes seeing of 3384 3384 wheel wheel-recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 how 349 whoever to change circle seeing accountable 5437-7200 you staggering of theirs [the inclined to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 of the self same 1931

17. observing a thing 1697 consider of self 7919 like staggering of theirs seeing [the altered arranged order, writings] 7200-5128 adam-mankind 120 will change being accountable you seeing 5437 to crack in pieces-discourage of 7533 and shall cause to open the eyes stir up open the eyes 5782 living body theirs 5315

18. and in regions 6285 when found of ours4672 [ words in the word whispering shame contraction in anguish 8103-579] to stars 3556 seeing staggering these [in the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 of their selves makes flatteries sprouts 2498 out of the east, sunrise 4217 to the evening sun, sunset 4628

19. and not to bring forth 4672 it 's destructiveness theirs 8060 and out of this cause to make new ones 4702 destructive of them 8060 to the western, the sunset. And among a portion theirs 4480 to preserving of 3498

20 in the land 776 it having lived among 2421 when it was 1961 living of 5315 the wheels-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 from shaking theirs [bringing force to mix dislodge the arranged order, writings 5128 and among staggering staggered causing 5128 intoxication of 7478

21. drinking of theirs you 4960 will among cause bereavement 7921 will measure to be able 3557 among to staggering staggered 5128 existing-to stand out 3426 by this from shaking [ bringing force to mix dislodging the arranged order, writings] 5128. How 349 to stand out existing 3426

22. like in contraction of anguish to approach 579 among shaking [the bringing of force to mix dislodging the arranged order] 5128 failure of 1115 making to staggering staggered [incline to alter the arranged order] 5128 and they 1931 consider 7919 His separating 914 which 834 they have trusted of Him 2620

23. the El 410 living these of them 5315 they have trusted 2620 the making of circumspect behave selves 7919 in the workmen of deeds 6467 to 413 living body 5315 the grieved before prevailing 109-7287. And were nothing 369

24. of commands 562 who are answering 559 what of destructiveness theirs 8060 the master 1167 living body 5315 bubbling up of the mire of these 2563 among adam-mankind 120 shall ones of reach being able taking hold on Him 5381

25. with you-unadvisedly speak 922-981 prating chanting-plucking out hair making smooth 6527-4803 staggering of them [inclined to an alternate arranged order] of them 5128 it will cause you to be of the new thing 2318 dumbness 929 making to set up 3635 certain times 6256 also where, how of 349 they act like an envoy of ours 6737

26. to let be-seeing 1961 to cease, end of 3615 like such of them 3644. In regions 6285 where of will also come upon-seeing 5381-7200 the prating chanting humming of these 6527 they need need-good necessity of 6878 El 410

Image 0122: 1. in eagerness ready of them 2363 like thus 3644 also to you explaining-teach-you seeing 874-7200 to deliver 6561 and will make know 3045 and admonishing 5749 how also 349 not 3808 it shall be 1961 the deeds of as springing up 6467-5927

2. it causes reaching 5060 what of purpose those 4100 clinging 1692 and after 310 by number 4557 in completion of 3634 agreed time 2164 in regions 6285 where they are of 1931 it shall be 1961

3. from beside of and against with the adversary 6155 from one of formed images 6736 increasing thousands 7231 joining of them 3867 shall be joined of them 4900 and became of them 1934 and shall define of let be redeemed of them 6299-5429 to regions 6285

4. also theirs 1992 to thing of 1697 scattering words and chanting theirs 6527 His to bring forth 4672 fear terrified 1204 what of purpose 4100 and in places 4725 what of how when 4100 also of general employment 6045

5. with smooth things-idolatrous habits 2506 staggering of you [incline to alter the arranged order, writings] 5128 the man 120. And making desert land theirs 6723 staggering of you [incline to alter the arranged order, writings] 5128 the wheels-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 first 259

6. will cause to pursue hard after these 1692 in completion 3634 agreed time 2164 like this 3644 which they shall declare and explain 874 among the sinking and drowning 2883. How 349 they shall live among

7. also you shall be 1961 to develop seeing 4900-7200 among ones of idolatrous image 6736 one 256 on them frustrate cause to cease 6565 also they 1931 revolve around surrounded and strike 5362-5362

8. in completion 3634 agreed time 2164. And the ones of the idolatrous image 6736 talk deliriously 1957 not 3808 they shall be 1961 nothing but 7535 besieged and distressed 4692 consider 7919 ours divide and separate 914

9. and to set right 3559 will destroy it 1504 cause terror fear to define His 7374-5429 and pull out-remove His seeing of 5265 also a turn of affairs you 5438 staggering of them [to alter the arranged order writings ] 5128 such of 1931 image 6736

10. consider of this it 7919 the wheel wheel-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] removed 1534 having to be still 8367 to the manners of 1823 to 413 understand success 7922 will divide and separate 914 like this 3644

11. also to you explaining seeing 874 will write the record 5608 in the heavens 8064. And standing out 3426 think hope to His 5452 myriads 7227 will tell in time certain 4557

12. who were divided and separated of them 914 what they 4100 shall say of His 559 when they 1992 intensify by restoration-[manner according to Torah] 8027 as the telling in time the manner 4557 the maidens-virgins unmarried 5959 and the progeny of these that come forth 3329

13. also they 1992 people of the nations 1471 as having progeny 5209 large estate 1431 stars-princes 3556 walking about 3212 for truly 3588 where the right hand of 3227 the El 410

14. Ours sweeps away his 3261 like such 3644 also when comes 935 progeny and 3329 also they 1992 shall look in amazement-dismayed 8159 as innumerable telling in time 4557 the wheels-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534

15. and what they 4100 shall say of His 559 also they 1992 remain of 3498 innumerable numbers telling in time 4557 all 3605 the staggering of these [to alter the arranged order writings] 5128 but not 3808 taken away 935

16. the conspicuous signs seen 4159-7200 by reason of 5921 disguised 7760 thing 1697 fear terror 4198. And progeny that come forth 3329 when so will divide separating 914 making a distinction 996 who were to be separated of them

17. of their nothingness-idol 205 not 3808 will go back-apostatize 5472. And not 3808 will portion out 4327. And not 3808 with any certain man 376 nothing in any way 7535 as when had happened 4672

18. shall say 559 going up theirs 5944 as with former times-associated with religious days 6921 and afterwards 268 like such 3644 also like branding's on the skin-any marks 3793 discontinue-to always covered 6562 ones of this enclosed by covering shall declare 2085

19. in regions 6285 where arises-acting high 5927 will when reaching being able take hold on 5381 ones of practicing 5953 and the ones defiled 5953 you seeing ones of reaching ability taking hold on 5381 going up His 5921. How 349

20. let be of His 1961 maintain sustain of them 3557 in this matter 1697 unite 259. In regions 6285 where then to divide separating of them 914 whom have this alike His 3162 and whom have bone-refers to strength of body as well as substance-abundant of might His 6106-8592

21 unite alike 3162 among these mislead through ignorance seeing them 7686 like such 3644 also mark to remember ours 2142 will tear off to deliver selves of them 6561 also turns away His 5674 and of such things 2007 theirs 1992

22. unite alike 259 will have the book-scriptures writings 5612. And here now 2008 knit together 7194 over 5921 this 2088 also how 349 they shall live among 2421 when shall let be His 1961

23. you people of the nations 1471 unified 258 with arise in priority 4608

24. their reverence in reverent fear 3372 and to have dominion 8323 a mass of persons organized 6635 " H " 3068 perfection these spread 4359-7234

25. joy and cheerfulness 7797 they separate and declare distinctly 6567 between them knowledge and understanding these 998 with innumerable numbers 4557 in regions 6285 where they 1992 make His to abolish-change seeing of 2498 that had sinned through ignorance these seeing 7686

26. until 3588 they bring up 5927 shall reach being able take hold on seeing 7200-5381 strong of substance these His 6106 from beside of and adversary moving against 6655 becoming His seeing of 1961-7200 formed rocks 6699 to purpose 4100 when these reach being able taking hold on 5381

27. one of will impose 5953. Seeing the experience of against 7202 among the beside of and moving against by the adversary 6655 the perfection of His seeing 3635-7200 and they shall unite of 3162. And they introduce bring in 5954 the ones of reaching being able taking hold on 5381 from beside of and against by the adversary 6655 with scattering words of chanting theirs 7200-6527

28. that which 834 to know by seeing recognition 3045-7200 which they 1931 of practice mocking 5953 to what of 4100 these to journey to a higher place 4609 remove the appointed His 4487. And presented of theirs seeing 4672-7200

Image 0123: 1. by this means-repeatedly of theirs 1157 by employment of the task 6045 by workmen 4399 ministering shall see of 8334-7200 assemblies of tribes-people-Yisrael 5971 the leaders you have 7218 also these shall declare explaining 874 to ones ascending 5927

2. to deliver 6561 the preserved 2421 also 349 they begin to rise in the reaching of ability seeing 5381-7200 substance strong-figurative bones 6106 reaching able to take hold on ones practicing seeing 5953-7200 among ones revolving around 655 will excel 3498

3. to restore-complete 7999 from events happened 4672 while beside the adversary moving against 6655 among them. And in regions 6285 free able to travel-comprehend of ours 8271 on account of cause 7945 they made ready of the 8003 arranged order 5468 strong of His 352

4. when to be found of these 4672 the humbled ones of these 8213 strong of cause 193 to set up to finish of them 3635 among His 413 in the wheels rolling of them [religious systems] which 834 among ones shaking [to bring force dislodging the arranged order, writings] 5128

5. these 1992 His concern for 413 when of will divide and separating them 914 when of to mark to remember 2142. Like this of 3644 who it shall be 1961 mourning-as contraction of anguish when approached 579 discretion of intelligent's 7922 to divide separate 914 unite 259 [the scribe has connected the lines of the word gemel to the shen in the line below indicating were of the religious systems-wheels rolling]

6. among with ones of reaching being able taking hold on 5381 the arranged order 5468 all 3605 His found of them 4672 will finish of them 3635 like this 3644 the task of employment 6045 with results of laboring 4399 will cause to change-or hasten away these 2488

7. on account of cause 7945 it shall be just and right of manner 3651 who of shall cause to rebuild 2381 finish of making to set upright these 3635 laboring of affairs 4399 first 259 with and from the writings-scriptures 5612. And also how 349

8. they shall live among 2421 also it shall be 1961 of every manner 3605 from the arranged order 5468 among revolving around it 5437 first 259 elevated and powerful of 1364 Most High 5920 to keep able to guide and maintain cause these 3557

9. you also labor to bring forth 1518 among them longing for seeking 3542 shall restore complete 8000 uniting 3162 multitudes His 8229 weight out such things as belong 4490 strong of His 352 what caused shaking of them [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128

10. and able to guide these 3557 among ones of revolving around 655 shall finish 7999 among these the arranged order 5468 to His 413 who were found 4672 and their arranged order 5468 and ones straight upright of them 3474

11. among ones revolving around 655 remnant of to remain seeing 3499-7200 made ready 8003 also " I " make interpretation explaining 6591. And also how 349 they to let be of His 1961 among shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 to His 413 in the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] of them 1534

12. able of to receive these 3557 ones practicing gleaning of them 5953 a termination of a portion seeing 7117 out of the termination a portion-repeating an action 7117-7200 and they shall be 1961 all 3605 to unify 258 what of purpose these 4100 out of with ones of reaching being able taking hold on 5381 what of purpose 4100 also ones of abundant resources 8228

13. from a portion His 4480 to each alike 905. Also when 518 shall be 1961 ones of practicing of these 5953 will glean ones of them 5953 they shall live among 2421 from these 1992 will become of them 1961

14. uniting 259 in to a higher place 4609.Like this 3644 who were marked to remember 2142 of leanness 7535 able to receive these 3557 remove revolving around her 5437 the head one-first in place her 7223

15. to each alike 905 of general employment 6045 as to cause ones of lead away 5090 the brawling contentious hers 4079 will make address in loud tone loud to praise to triumph seeing of your 7623-7200 desert hers 7889 a termination of a portion seeing 7117

16. of men 606 in employment 4399 first 259 and a termination of a portion of them 7117 will follow after you 310. And those of the pit falls of destruction 7825 to each alike His 905 shall reach being able to take hold on 5381

17. the abundance of resources 8228 able of to receive these 3557 and you will cause to live among 2421 removing mixing of wine-water you 4197 ones making habitually to practice of these 6466 and united of these 2249 in employment 6045

18. in the work of 4399 the ones first in place-rank 7225 in regions 6285 where the pit falls of destruction 7825 to be seen of 7208 when they to reach being able to take hold on 5381 the arranged order-of sedur 5468 where found of these 4672

19. will finish His 3635 in regions of 6285 where they 1931 have the ceder-arranged order 5486 out of a portion His 4480 expansion 3315 and they 1931 which 834 alike unite 3162 a termination of a portion seeing 7117-7200

20 in the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] of theirs 1534 will separate 2505 in separating 2505 faint with fear of a vision ones of 4199-2372 their arranged order-sedur 5468 and a termination of a portion seeing 7117-7200 with a termination a portion them 7117 following after 310. Among ones revolving around 655 also the finish 7999

21. remove completion theirs 3635 this their cedur-arranged order 5468 who were great and difficult 6381 remove completion these of them 3635 causes not 3808 the way to walking in life 1870 in the contrary 7147 and they are insolent presumptuous-to provoke 2102

22. and are nothing 369 to ones trust 2620 of employment 6045 great insolent 1419 despised vile person 959 to encounter contrary 7147 and they are proud insolent presumptuous to move 2102 a profane thing 2486. Also how 349

23. they shall live among 2421 joy and gladness 7797 united 258 among acting covertly 4603 to them 1992 and these1931 the pit falls of destruction 7825 [ones mixing and substituting laws and manners of Torah]. And to be know of you seeing 3045-7200 thousands increasing 7231

24. also they are of the pit falling to destruction 7825 one of shaking-bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 wheels-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 they cause the vilest loose morally shaking seeing 2149-7200 in regions 6285 when of long ago seeing now 3528 among ours going forth in ruinous quarreling having a course of life way 1870 strong theirs 193

25. they caused shaking of these [bring force to dislodge of the arranged order, writings] 5128 where they have shaking and [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 strong His 193 the wheels-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] of theirs 1534 with ones revolving around 655 it on account of them 7945 purpose theirs 4100 with arranged order-sedur 5468 how of 834

26. to you finding of these 4672. In regions 6285 what of 4100 these select and separate of them 680 remove the ones hostile of forming 6696. And also how 349 after 310 which they shall explain making plain 874 that it [their seder] the pit fall of destruction 7825

27. this 1931 will be known by seeing 3045 their arranged order-sedur 5468 to be seen of 7200 which are the ones shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 wheel-[the recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 what of it 4100 also when 518 not to be 3808 just and right of manner 3651 seeing of you shall be 1961

28. grieved of them 3512 acting high-take away work 5927 ones of shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 was nothing 369 of ones practicing 6467 to languishing-mad 3856. And testifying 5749 to cause going forth ruinous quarreling of ours 5327 the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 how of 834

29. their arranged order-seder will 5468 among a portion of 4480 to practice of these a thing made seeing of these 6468 thousands seeing 7239 from beside of and adversary moving against 6655 casting together of 7231 the shining princes of -[adversary] of His 3556 and will cause mixing of wine and water theirs 4197 to our places so as to stay of theirs 3320

30. and will give ones of 5414 you people of the nations 1471 firm 3581 before of the residue 7606 the shining princes 3556 from beside of and moving against by the adversary 6655 to be of them 1961 when dividing and separating of them 2505 will scatter abroad of them 6504

31. from portion His 4480 and to His to mix mingle-water and wine " I " have seen 1101 were found to be these seeing 4672-7200 to be after 310. How 349 were nothing 369 seeing of 7200 who shall protect and 2620

32. the mixed mingled-water-wine confounded seeing 1101-7200 to " H " 3068 to be alone -among and 905

Image 0124: H// A 1. 1931 they with reverent fear 3372 prepared establish 3559 skillful of knowledge 1847 captain 8269 to mass an army-servants 6633 "H " 3068 where of the pit falls of destruction 7825

2. a failure 1115 from shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128

3. to place charges 7760 wheel rolling 1344

4. in regions 6285 where was nothing 369 of like this 3644 to His an expansion 3315 where it shall be 1961 to His shall pity 2347 ones of to be purified of 6884 tribes-people 5971 to shake out despised 2108 and testify

5. also nothing of 369 seen or experiencing 7202 to His an expansion 3315 for shall trust 2640 even surely 7535 complete 3635 that had happened 4672 not 3808 divide-separate 2505 except 2108 separated selves 2505

6. and to this very thing 1967 answered His 559 of which these have 1931 expanded [from 6601 make room] 3315 out of shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 to point out of 853 making to sustain these 3557 in regions 6285 also to allot of 4487 people-tribes- " H " 3068 5971 portion of 4487 authenticity of might 5868

7. among faces of 6440 purpose 4100 also ones task of messengers-ambassador 6735 and they reach being able to take hold on His 5381 who were growing fearful of despairing 4523 . And the arranged order 4568 that had happened 4672 how 834

8. to be refreshed upon His 5314 expansion-open making room 3315-6601 which 834 abundance resources 8228 out of this His 4840 happens of them 4672 and happened seeing 4672 in the wheel-[the recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534

9. and going to be of them 1961 sustaining them 3557 when established proper 3559 you shall see 1961-7200 will of making habitually to practice seen by them 6466

10. and if 3863 workmen doing 6467 the making great 1431

11. themselves such thing 2007 where of the messengers 4399 were of a division of them 914 out of the mire bubbling up 2563 will render sure of you seeing 3559 hold on a controversy will defend 7378

12. the wise in words doing of them 2449 also they 1992 prepared 3627 the one creating 1254 the expansion 3341 and there it will cause one to make his bed of them 3331

13. creating others of remaining 7605 who were found of them. And will cause to seek after to worship 1875 the female lecturer-teacher 6953 which in order, seeing whoever is honorable 3513-605 7200 of doing for His 6213 /

14. making to bring forth His 6213 not 3808 were told 559 causing not 3808 doing of by His 6213 yet by the writings-scripture 3791 they are to be able to present 3559 they 1931 have a house 1004 to rule-judge and 1777 where to allot and 4487

15. over 5921 all 3605 pinion-working 83 and wing-support 83. And prepare establish 3559 saying His 559 over 5921 defining and securing 5426329 in the ruins 922 and shall prevail against 7287 the empty ness-nothingness 369 the graves 6913

16. making to preserve 6213 thing this 1697 to cause 413 when just and right of manner 3651 when to be made king-queen 4427 remarkable wonderful secret to be high 6383-1116 on account of 7945 a rise in station 4609. And since 2008

17. the thing this 1697 with who is like Yah 4318 4320 in spreading out 6566 seeing of it 7200 near seen of 854-7200 " H " 3068 they will return to 7725 Most High 5920 accordingly to measure and 5429 will complete 3635

18. desiring to please 6634 in the heavens 8064. And of knowledge 1843 where in of the arranged order-sedur 5468 there also caused to fault-tings wrong 7960 shall be found seeing 4672 remove the pit falls of destruction 7825

19. to standout 3426 of knowledge and manner 1844 multiply by myriads 7231 to spring out of presence these 6925

20. and to Me a front part 6921 to walk 3212 [absolute] in the priority of time 6927

21 standout 3426 having requested of these 7592 themselves of this-to point out 2007 the pit falls of destruction 7825 they of 1931 the few 259 making perfect 3634 beside of and against the adversary 6655 not 3808 these are ones of form-image 6697

22. to come with 935 returning 7725 there are more of 7231 and will unify 258 not 3808 they abound of resources 8228 from portion His 4480 because 3588

23. when-if 518 thing 1697 one of [image] 259. And how 349 what way you 335 shall have resources and 8228 from portion His 4480 expansion-[from 6601 to open] there are more of 7231 were of to be found seeing 4672-7200

24. having caused you seeing to changes 2498 will portion out 4327

25. And stands out 3426 from returning ones of you 7725 and answered of them 562 their pit falls of destruction 7825 not they resources abundant 8228 from portion His 4480 because 3588 when 518

26. were divided 914 one alike 259 and they 1931 then caused shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 by the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 in the day of 3117 and in the regions 6285

27. which this 2088 then was divided of portions 914 double 8145 portioned out 4327 ones of forms-rocks 6697

28. H // A what of purpose 4100 when ones of reach being able taking hold on 5381 from among in lust 1942 [Micah7:3] happened 4672 what strong 193 expansion seeing 3315

29. and they doubled 8145 what of purpose 4100 also these reach being able to take hold on 5381 bones as strong of substance theirs 6106 and gray heads theirs 1867 there are more of 7231 and caused the charioteers 7396 bereavement you have 7921

30. and to prepare 3559 from the cliffs of forms 6692 the first in rank former thing 7223 which they 1931 abound with 3513 make of the body and 5315 the resources are Mine 8328

31. consider-were foolish 7919-5530 when portions divided 914 double 8145 they are seeing 1931 the cause of shaking [to bring force to dislodge the arranged order, wtitings] 5128 wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 will except the ones seeing 2108. And from the forms ones of the cliffs-images idolatrous theirs 6697 a double-portion 8145 when of these1931

Image 0125: 1. consider 7919 and being able 3557[this word some what marked out or was it as it can still be made out in portion and in rare cases the marking have been complete] out of the portion 4480 in the beginning 7223 and they have abundance of resources 8328 wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 it became of them 1961. And following in this matter 3602 to a purpose 4100 when divided 914 the double portion 8145

2. from beside of and moving against by the adversary 6655 to a purpose 4100 when ones of reach being able take hold on 5381 removing of the pit falls of destruction seeing of 7825-7200 Mine have abundant resources 8328 to divide and separate of 914 the third day [Hoshea 6:1-3] of selves 1931 causing these to shake bringing force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 in the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534

3. when to point out 8376. And among to purpose 4100 when ones of reach being able take hold on -[others] 5381 making these seeing strong of same substance 6106-7200 wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 in the shaking of these seeing 2151 and after this manner 3602 to keep in-contain of them 3557 against 5922

4. the arranged order 5468 terminating 5703 then to bellow as cattle His 1600 in having to shake [bring force to dislodge the arranged order writings] 5128 wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 against the beginning to build 1129. And from portion His 4480 they have of resources 8328 to divide 914 ones of Mine accumulated 6237

5. they 1931 consider 7919 the workmen 6467 how 834 meet to help 6923 to make a record and 7559 tear in pieces 6561 words of this thing 1697 and this 1931 failure 1115 from shaking [bringing force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128

6. to place 7760 the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 and on it shall be 413 all 3605 when seeing to divide and distinguish of them 914. And in regions of 6285 where of compressed-confined of them 6696 to purpose 4199 thousands 7231 within cast together 7231

7. when divided of them 914 all 3605 the caused shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 in the portion double 8145 existing 3426 to them who it will be the third time 8027 ones of forms-images idolatrous-of them 6697

8. H // A-their cause in purpose of 4100 because of this ones of reaching being able take hold on 5381 removal of pit falls to destruction 7825

9. V H // B and gift 1870 covering up seeing of His 4603

10. V H // G musing 1910 among the strong of substance these seeing of His 6106-7200. Telling 560 ruined 8077 where ones of reaching being able to take hold on 5381 from perfect seeing of His 5927 because of 3588 their 1931 glorious 3513

11. caused of living body theirs 5315 My resources 8228 were divided 1915 after of 310 their 1931 shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 to unify alike 259 among wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] of 1534

12. having been knocked together they 5362 and accordingly dumb silence 1746 unite to remain 3867 telling 560 will keep-maintain [theirs] them 3557 will complete of 3634 these 428 the things 1697 with appearance of 5869

13. so many of the same 1992 things 1697 when of telling of them 559 not 3808 having understandings. And who 4310 now receives seeing 5414-7200 and may know 1843 purpose 4100 the thing 1697

14. how 834 in the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 ones of forming image 6697 who were separated 914 in strength theirs 6106 for 3588 those ones of forming image 6697 consider of 7919 disintegrated of gross stupidities these have His 6580

15. they shall live among seeing 2421-7200 take hold on seeing 4672-7200 wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 when this 1931 thing 1697 bubbled up of the mire 2563 and how 349 will be high 1116 whom have seen the body 1655 [peculiarly a sense the body yet the word is of rain]

16. this seen of 2063 having caused to stray-transgress 7686. And duplicating 5749 when 518 from one of formed image 6697 the cause of shaking [bringing force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 the beginning 7223 in bones strong and 6106 having resources 8228

17. wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 how 349 their resources abundant 8228 from ones forming image 6697 the cause of shaking [bringing force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 the double [portion] 8145 on them also they seeing going up 5921 when separated 914

18. causing shaking [bringing force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 to wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 having to be knock together 5362 . How it shall be 1961 making large of 1431 rich-glorious 3513 afterwards 314 a portion 4480

19. the beginning 7223 was nothing 369 of this 2088 because 3588 when 518 formerly 7223 freely of ample room 7304

20. and bring forth 3318 and engrave 874 perfection them 4359 on account of cause 7945 they shall live among seeing 2421-7200 on account this 7945 their abundant resources 8228

21. remove one [portion] 259 leanness 7535 firm 3581 unified 258 to this

22. in work of 6466 causing then to be quiet 2814 like fire 800 the cause of making a burning seeing 8313-7200 among a wall of protection 2346 in regions 6285 where a wall of protection 2346 they of 1931 His pluck off-gather 717

23. to accumulate 5595 again 5822 eyes closed seeing His 6105 and they to repeat of [root not used, used 8138] in habitually to practice will of them 6466 truly 61 in the work of 6466 when divided 1915

24. an exalted one theirs 5387 need need 6878 will habitually to practice him 6466 to preserve 7760 to repeat of 8138 to cause 413 numerous his 6105. Nothing 369 of theirs to practice seeing 6466

25. to have added an ornament-thing 3880 will habitually to practice ones of separate to distinguish and because 6466-6395-5921 [this word separated into three words] after 310 shall be ones left seeing 3498-7200 out of except His. 2108 And prepare 3559 telling 560 making circumspect 7919 the foolish of them 5034

26. to abound of resources and 8228 remove the pit falls of destruction 7825 and not 3808 will abound of resources and 8228 these 2088 faint with fear 4199 and they shall divide-separate and 2505 will portion out 4327 when in arranged order 5468

27. by My own hand 3709 of it striping out expunging-obliteration deletions this of theirs 6548 that caused to mislead by intoxication seeing 7686-7200 when 834 they reach being able to take hold on His 5381 remove pit falls of destruction 7825 and powerful subdue 3645 [this refers to the el of the moabites] wherever of pit falls of destruction 7825

28. not 3808 shall call out to-preach-teach 7121 having habitually practiced of 6466 when selecting-to separate selves of them 1915 against 1157 then the same 2088 nothing 7535 at home of His seeing 5115-7200 the rocks[refers to dumb idols] for 3588 they 1931

29. will give of 5414 rocks theirs 6697. Which 834 dumb beast 929 you shall raise up of seeing 6966-7200 from lusted after seeing of them 1942. And these caused to mislead by enrapture of these 7686 which 834

30. they have ones of reached being able taken hold on 5381 from a portion 4480 expansion seeing 3315-7200. And to accumulate in number 3527 they have mislead His 7686 portion 4480 the united 259 causing to strip out-remove 6584 the enraptured seeing 7686-7200 thousands 7239

31. among seeing dividing seeing of these 2505 when casting together 7280 and from the ones arrayed of-putting on [ornament] 5844 and ones given to pleasure 5719 not 3808 to establish or confirm these 8627 thing of [ornament] 1697 when how these are seen of 351-7200 they have rain seeing well -recently made such putrefying 1652-7200-2961

32. this seeing ? 2063-7200 these had reached being able taking hold of 5381. And will repeat 5749 who 4310 gives-distributes 5414 will of know by seeing 3045-7200 when of 518 it defiles of them 6031 whoever fashions 6213 it as a course-manner of life-work [a cursed thing]1870

Image 0126: 1. this of 2088 they having lived among 2421 who have it [idol] divide and separate 914 the remaining of seeing 3498-7200 of this vomit 7006 and proud thing 1419 and of such 1931 the ones remaining seeing 3498-7200 drawing near 7138 to the pit falls of destruction 7825

2. shall abound of resources 8228 the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 the remaining seeing 3498-7200 great of the matter 1419 and the remaining of seeing 3498-7200 make completion 7999 in strength of bones-substance these His 6106 and a star-prince of His 3556 will shine of teaching and 2094

3. will make habitually to practice are His seeing 6466-7200 and seeing staggering seeing of His [inclined to alter the arranged order, writings] 5128. And how 349 they are living among 2331 who have caused turning away 2017 from appointed station 5324 in the wheels-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 theirs with chanting and scattered words 6527

4. to be hollow 1479 hot 2535 they have lived among 2421 who it shall be 1961 remaining of seeing 3498 the Supreme Most High-Elyon 5946 for such like seeing of these you 2004-7200 causing to show light 215 to complete-perfect 3634

5. the mass of servants 6633 in the heavens 8064 and the workmen of deeds 6467 in the matter of purpose great 1419 these captives 7617 and the rest of the residue 7606 repeating of them 8134 accumulating thousands 7231

6. a contest striving 7379 appointed portion from the record written 5608

7. and the prepared 5225 in seeing of 5869 these 1931 Torot manners of laws and statutes-teachings of ours 8451[spelling is feminine of Torah] the set apart-keeping pure-clean of His 6918

8. and shall say 559 my El rise up 410-6965 let it be 1961 just and right of manner 3651 and it becomes 1961 right and just of manner 3651 who complete 3635 His make to observe 6213 and it shall be the arranged order 5468 delightfully pleasing of selves His 7522 seeing expansion 3315 [relates to the arranged order 5468]

9. will rush upon. And these 1931 seeing expansion 3315 to separate His 910 they will know by seeing 3045 in the revolving wheel 212 cedur-arranged order theirs 5468 and they shall prevail His 8280 in regions of 6285 also pleasing of His 7522

10. seeing expansion 3315-7200 will remove 4900 before knowledge develops seeing His 3045-7200 and knowing by seeing His 3045-7200 they 1931 are strong of substance these seeing of His 6106-7200 and strong of bone and substance these seeing and 6106-7200 not 3808 not 3808 they have reached ability to remove 5381

11. because 3588 not 518 to be strong of substance His 6106. How 349 they complete 3635 shall be forever 5957 removing seeing except by His. And these seeing 2108 who speak against 559 will write the record describe of 3789

12. their trash put on 7898 ignorance of darkness 3822 cover a secret thing and 5643 turning around neighbors-allied these seeing of His 5439 anointing of self these seeing His 5480 they will of this 1454 for 3588 when to reach ability seeing 5381 covering a secret thing seeing 5643 was forever 5957 [image 120 line 8 the making clean by taking hold on Messiah Yeshayahu]

13. a portion 4482 they finish 3635. If it is 3426 the turn of events 5438 and then a mixture 4538 from alloy to be removed by smeltering 913 of these 1931 better gain by seeing 3504 acting covertly cause seeing 4603-7200 strength of substance these seeing His 6106

14. expansion 3315 will cause failure of character 7642 closing of eyes seeing these 6105 see except seeing His. And these 2088 who speak against 559 will write the record describe of 3789 because 3588 not 3808 they see Me 7200

15. the Adam 120 and living 2416 and the possessor take hold on El 270-410 and not 3808 "I" live 2416 lifted up of self 7311-2088 to messengers 4397. And in this side 2088 so many 1992 removed praising of theirs-us 7624

16. in the course of life 1870 have concealed seeing 5641-7200 kneeling in adoration-blessing praising 1263 glorious in splendor of 3519 YHVH 3068 making you to be raise up His. And not 3808 saying 559 baruk-kneeling in adoration of 1263 "H" 3068 to teach this His seeing 3384 [ the beginning of adorations start with Baruk atth Kneeling to You praising You

17. who are strong of body and substance seeing His 6106 expansion seeing 3315 to forever 5957 among these 1992. And to be untrue in words 3589 because 3588 the most abased of them 8213 among them 1992. they who have barked-yepping as a dog seeing 5024

18. these to 413 which 834 selected of the preferred ours 5329 finish these [becoming] theirs 8003 build up certain of 542

19. and knowing 3045 where of messengers 4399 in regions 6285 knowledge cunning seeing 1847-7200 this of such 2088 they 1992 with reaching ability to take hold on 5381and of the youth 979 selected pleased with these 2652

20. only enough 7535 where was nothing 369 chosen you have of them 972 selected they have of ours 972 and will overtake them seeing 5381-7200 so will remove seeing of ours 5381

21. when choice young men seeing of ours 972 and the taking of ours being able seeing 5381-7200 them 1992 scattering by transport 921 you are making a new thing of them 2319 regularly to see 8548-7200 they shall come before 6925

22. for rewards these seeing of ours 6498 they have the arrangement. And completed 3636 ones of them the tasks 6045 and they overtake seeing them 5381 in things of ornaments-idols 1697 which 834

23. were 1961 completed of them 8003 to everlasting 5769 for now 6258 where to find His 4672 and of things being done 6467 the good 2896 to forever 5769. And not 3808

24. was found 4672 a distinction by them 996 although 7535 good 2896 surely 551 they 1992 making of months 3393 will habitually to do of these seeing of them 6466-7200 removing their pit falls of destruction 7825

25. And not 3808 they complete and 3636 to change every year seeing of 8141 selves 853 you seeing the overseers set up of them 6496 . And if united 3867 setting in order seeing His 8626 El has seen 2371 by the blessings-of words spoken well for the people seeing 1293 these to make repairs rebuilding 1129

26. they are blunt firm factual 6949 and fix appointed times 2163 will ascribe seeing of 5415 to these 1992 on account of cause 7945 they change 8133 selves seeing 853-7200 you seeing overseers that are set of them 6496-seeing things done 6467 certainty of truth seeing 571-7200

27. who of to practice habitually His will 6466 certainty of truth seeing 571-7200 And promised words appointed 562 where of pit falls of destruction 7825 scripture spoken of 559 El 410 they-you altered-changed-bitterness 4784 with His for 3588 not 3808 shall mislead-deceive 5377

28. to step away you of theirs 6587 the teachers 3384 which are nothing 369 able to make right seeing of you 3201-7200 against misleading and deceiving seeing 5377-7200 breaking away of them 6586. And speaking 559 the messenger 4397

29. to veil 3874 not 3808 consume-eat of 398 to doing things seeing 6213-7200 of this matter purpose 1697 repeatedly 5750 your coming in 935 a consternation 8047

Image 0127: 1. indeed 551 to standout-there is 3426 to these 1992 chosen of her-woman 972 among where you are seeing 351-7200 planning of these 6213 what of purpose 4100 when to separate 4560 defined and ready these 5429-1992

2. like suitable 7737 of themselves 2007 to raise up then you 5375 prepared of you 6437 gathering 1571 the thing made 1697 in a dream 1957. Shall see them 7200

3. who shall be 1961 for messenger 4397 chosen of her-woman 972 over 5921 the revolving wheel 212 ones of sending out these seeing and 7971 to cause delivery of 5337 you to meet 853-6440 to wrap3874 how 349

4. shall-they deal with His 6213

5. And despised-vile person 959 when of terror-fear 4172 make right 6663 making right 6663 separating 2505 make a distinction 996 discontinue of 6562 ask counsel 7592

6. break off 6562 tenth-section 6224

7. will wait-tarry these-His 4102 where of creating formative processes 1254 and with great desire these-His 183

8. saying 559 He causes become one-unite 3161 on this side 2008 a remnant 7604 to Me by explaining and making plain 874

9. to walk-course of life 1980 skilful of knowledge Mine 1874 on Me entrance of-[Temple rest] 872 foundation purpose of them 8356

10. they are 1931 skilful of knowledge seeing 1847-7200 these valuable persons precious defined and measured 639-3365-5429 and these 1931 skilful in knowledge 1847

11. Father " 1 " and will keep 5341

12. and "I" have drawn of them 4900 here after of His 311 and they 1931 ask a question at law-[asking required 7593] when have grow up-spread 6335 the mortals [the ending is fem. and masc. plural the way the tav is made] 582 to the pursuit of 1692 in making circumspect intelligent 7919

13. will separate dividing 914 into regions 6285 where to make circumspect intelligent of 7919 in the adam eagerly coveting 1942. And all 3605 eagerly coveting 1942 to be measured to define to deliver-redeem 6299-5429. And strong His 352 shall be 1961

14. "I" cause to interpret-explain 6591 these ones of follow close 1692 turns 7725 forever Mine 5331. And testify5749 also when 518 shall be 1961 the ones following close 1692 "I" cause to interpretation 6591

15. they turn 7725 effectively abuse-over doing of 5953 the burnt offering Him of seeing 5930-7200 and now this 2088 to hold back benefit 4513 who of intoxication 8358 where this has happened 4672 when 518

16. among to show opposite of them 6901 because 3588 these-[shall have] 1992 refining pot-good one of them 4715-2896 was the ones following close 1692 will restrain benefits 4513 will separate selecting 914

17. people of the nations you 1471 this was a prediction 5016 as with held their seeing 4513-7200

18. a gift 1850 skilful of knowledge you seeing 1847-7200 will cause stability of trust worthiness of them 571 in this place 6311 these ones of weighting mentally-think His and mouth-literal speaking eating of 6424-6310

19. and this way 1931 skilful in understanding seeing 1847 Torot-instruction according to laws Torah manners of ours 8451 the sacredness of El by eminence the Kadosh one 6918 when ones of clings too 1692

20. "I" cause interpretation a solution 6592. And "I" see of-looking to these of His 7200-7200 on 5921 this 2088 such of these seeing 1992-7200 aware of knowledge 1847

Reverse reading lines 5 through 11 and 18 through 20 [ are in different script meaning may be reversed in reading-translating]

5. untrue in words 8265 speaking after 6310 in calling aloud 6963 enclosed within-[mentally not sure] 2436 knowledge 1844 act high-haughty 7311 to rave not suitable or appropriate with His 1957

6. He sees 7200 stand out 3426 a transplanted person 6133 thoughts of mind speak 6310

7. then having marked 8420 Mine these 1931 increasing these 7235 take alarm among against 8429

8. cause to see 7200 mixing feed to eat scripture 1101 instructing through teaching 3384 repeating-altering 8138 shouting-sounding again 1906 lives-alive 2417 of purpose 4100 lift up self causes out of 7313

9. death 4191 and pushed out a member of their flock 7716 prating of the Father's name 178 House-Temple 1004 remove ornaments 5710 every-all 3605

10. your ornaments remove 5710 lusted after 183 turn off 5493 strike with violence 5362 because they have your ornaments removed 5710 they have

11. pleased with His 7522 coming 935

18. whoever 4310 portion His 6310 defined [the writings-scriptures5608]5429 and in speaking of Him 6310 removes makes self bereaved person 3490 among fear as an idol 367 you testify 5749 a vile person 959

19. maligning of 6895 sick 1738 push out 7716 evil uselessness 7723 make dust this 1854 and in My Torot- by manner of instructions [Fem. plural of Torah] 8451 you testify 5749 point out Him 184

20. make aware knowledge of 1847 what of purpose 4100 the only 2108 due season 6256 "I" shall gather Mine 717. Lightning figurative an arrow flashing through the air "I" cause 7565 coveting greatly 183

Image 0128: 1. H // A. request of these seeing 7956-7200 those making circumspect 7919 which 834 their sons 1121 reached being able to take hold on 5381 purpose 4100 where nothing was of it [the knowledge of Yeshayahu Messiah] 369 with strength these His 6106

2. to make circumspect 7919 it shall be 1961 seen of 7200 ones remaining seeing 3498-7200 when shall take hold on 5381 and shall be opposition present 6905 seeing purpose 4100 also to be strong these and 684 acting circumspect 7919

3. H // B. they are these of before 1931 where is circumspect 7919 they work in deeds 6467 cause to regard 7760 as their rocks seeing 6697-7200 stamping to pieces of theirs seeing these 1917-7200 causing then to make circumspect-good these seeing 7919-7200-2896

4. in works of deeds 6466 and have explained made plain 874 where regarding 7760 except His 2108 among appearance sake of 8389 purpose 4100 when they 1931

5. to see ones remaining 3498-7200 seen of 7200 where they appear fair of and to irritate-pain 8389-3992 in appearance seeing 8389 that they 1931 have acceptance of His 2108 for 3588 on fire 784 ones of the remaining seeing 3498-7200

6. to be seen 7200 wherever shall be seen appearance to irritate 8389-3992-7200 like which they 1931 inflame selves 2552 a portion 4480 have caused to be hot of 2552 out of a portion 4480.

7. And how of 349 seen to be 7200 whoever they shall be 1961 in the acting of circumspect 7919 in the deeds of 6467 by appearance 8389 also let be His 1961 making intelligent these-His 7919 to us //

8. which shall trust 2620 in being circumspect 7919 near to 413 causing those to be circumspect 7919 they 1931 shall trust 2620 Him being eager with excitement 2363 to 413

9. cause others to make hast eager 2363 like this 3644 because of having declared 874 will distinguish and define-measure His faces of 6395-5429-6310 and to establish proper 3559 like this 3644 also shall bring forth His 4672

10. will gather being eager with excitement 2363-2338 they take hold on able of these 5381 three 7969 matters of -manner of this 1697 [third day related]

11. H // A they are 1931 from beside of and against by the adversary 6655 having confronted and standing opposite 6904 they 1931 have caused one of tumultuously assembles-all in 7285

12. and doubled 8138 out of by this manner 6903 they 1931 are the formed rocks 6699 when of shall glide swiftly swarming 7430 in persons 5315 having caused tumultuously gatherings seeing 7285-7200

13 among faces of 6440 in the tumultuously the assemblies all in 7285

14. and a third 7992 from the shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 they 1931 will cause them to tumultuously to gather all in 7285. After this manner 3602 these living among 2381 whoever comes forth 4672 when taking hold on seeing of you 5381-7200

15. the ones circumspect intelligent 7919 from this accordingly 6903 they 1931 will act prudent having success 7919 in the ones bubbling up of the mire 2563. And from confronting-standing opposite 6904 of the self same 1931

16. the prudent 7919 will make clean-cleanse 5352 And shaking [bring force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128 of the self 1931 with by making to be circumspect-understand 7919 the workers of deeds agitates 6467-6470. And against when it shall come seeing 1961-7200 shall trust-a refuge 2620 these 2088

17. " I " cause to die it terrifying of 4191-367 [Devarim 32:39-Job 20:25] and from explaining making plain of having done so 874 among firm 3581 ones of cause to make gatherings tumultuously in assemblies 7284 which they 1931 shall comprehend 3557 by confronting opposite 6904 have caused tumultuously assembles 7284 when seeing bring forth 4672

18. by deeds 6467 separate out side 2351 for deeds 6467 by persons 5315 remove seeing explain making plain 874-7200 when of consider be prudent seeing 7919-7200 by confronting 6904 the seeing make to understand-prudent 7919

19. the worker of deeds 6467

20. H // DY. wasters of 1908 pull out of 8025 contentious ones-to debate of us 4683 in intelligent's consider 7919 in the bubbling up of the mire they 2563 whoever of these will repeat 1931-8138 causing staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 remove firm 3581

21. concern for 413 for the workers 6467 because with 413 provoke to jealousy to see it shall 7069-7200 they have this wisdom wittingly 7919 in regions 6285 where was brought forth 4672

22. from el theirs 410 causing this of them to guide wisely these his 7919 separate out side 2351 to person 5315 they 1931 by firmness 3581. And purpose what 4100 why the same of them 1931 [irritating of] in firmness 3581

23. will go back-apostatize 5472 they turn back 7725 into deeds 6467 will go back-apostatize 5472 this of theirs 1931 in lunation month 3391. And caused out of theirs considered intelligent's 7919 which 834

24. in deeds worked 6467 theirs 1931 when to divide distinguish in separating 914. How 349 in your declaring making plain 874 who the understanding and circumspect 7919 among ones of reaching ability able of taking hold on 5381 evidence seeing of theirs 226

25. And who of meekness-gentleness 6037 cause to maintain-guard self 5341 with security in rest His7954 in regions 6285 when to gathered abundance 3527 [reversed] thousands 7230 as humbled ones 8214 these returning 7725 desire good 7522 coming 935 these to accomplish doing of His 6213

26. when seeing declared made plain 874 deliver 6561 these 2088 [reverse] leap up on as a prey 2187 rising up 7426 seen of 7200 seeing daughters these 1323

27. where was nothing 369 all 3605 ruined 1942 will define measuring to deliver 6299-5429. And restore 5749 these according to their being able to take hold on 5381 the prophet 5029 in the understanding being circumspect in likeness 7919-8071 then will divide and separate to distinguish 914 [reverse]by evil report of these 1681 way walking 1980 pushing out sheep 7761 as hating ones of opposite tribe 340 drive away 5093 there is existing 3426 the implied a Chaldaean-Kessed relative of Abraham-astrologer 3778 and protesting 5749 in hiding by covering over 5639 a calamity 1942 to prepare-directing 3559 the fire 784

28. where nothing 369 there 8033 of this matter 1697 causing these a new thing seeing 2319-7200 in regions 6285 where of making these circumspect 7919 among portions of His 4480 in which they act wisely 7919 their understanding being prudent 7919-7200 [reverse] to have grown fat-rich concealing seeing 3780-7200 to the Chaldaeans -professional astrologer 3779 turning 7725 they are from the king 4428 made was 7760 the ones of in humiliation 8213 also pushed down-out cast Him them 1760 abundance of 4767 a sticky mess to Me caused 1707- to the hand of power to rebuild [final word and the first word following page]

Image 0129: 1. Who were to distinguishing and separating 914 that they 1931 will see His 5869 in this matter 1697 which shall by this means keep them 6903 for 3588 they 1931 are strong of substance Him 6106 in making to be circumspect 7919

2. in the things done 6467 and like wise of manner a cure 1571-1455 will load upon it 2943 this a second time 8145 nothing of it 369 in regions 6285 where formerly 3528 have caused to be explained 874

3. by delivering of 6561 it before 6925 this very [thing] 1976 to be glad 7797 when declared distinctly-to show 6567 separating mentally 995 it caused to ascend 5927 and will of gleaning thoroughly glean [also over done] 5953 in numbers large 4557

4. from beside of and against moved the adversary 6655 and shall have perished about to-children left behind 2498 they to be able taking hold on seeing you of them 5381. Here of this 2008 ones of strength rising 6965 vile person disdaining 959 when clinging of 1692 "I" cause to interpret explaining 6591 how 349

5. you shall be 1961 the inspired teacher 5017 "I" cause to interpret and explain of these 6591

6. And to know by seeing [reversed and repeatedly] 3045 who of the persons 5315 the inspired teachers of His 5017 theirs-fem. 1931 the ones remaining 3498 to be burdensome grievously upon seeing you 3513-7200 when in eternity5769

7. the foundation His 3247 and you become 1961 highest of His 5945 and these 1931 the mistress hers 1377 He causes to guide you 5090

8. to reserve 7605 the person seeing His 5315-7200 and not you 3808 shall call aloud 7121 when you see coming forth 4672 of this 2063 the person 5315 that was burdensome of you His seeing 3513-7200

9. forbids 3607 by the Master 1167 the ones of the forming process-of purpose it 3335 the forming the clothing of 8008 the pit falls of destruction 7825 for Yirmeyah-Yah will rise up 3414 will suspend-non occurrence 2962 cause to guard you as a bow shoot 5341-[this word also rocks you-natzar as bow shoot]

10. for within the heart-the very thoughts 990 to know by understanding-wisdom shall "I" of you 3045 reconnoiter-walking along walking about slandering 7270 when of the mental understanding to separate-causes to perceive 995 creating a new thing 1278 of the ruins bubbling up of the mire His 2563 and yet they have mental pressure in seeing turning applied seeing theirs 6735 before seeing you ones of which pertains of them seeing 3627-7200-7200 [the mental pressure on seeing the destruction how why we by our leaders and judges they have established manners of destruction to our land-people there is no other way,to save the few]

11. in the pacification of these His 8013 disintegrating into stupidity 6580 the thing this-of purpose 2063 shall not 3808 you need need good 6878-2896-7200 to build nest seeing these 7077-7200 "I" will make know ones of these seeing 3045 and "I" very wise ones of wisdom these seeing 2454-7200

12. for the severe of impudentance-obstinate of them 7186 sense of restoring to soundness of them 724 and then formerly in time seeing these 6927-7200 sense of soundness restoring of these seeing 724-7200 like this 3644 also shall be these seeing need need-good and 6878-2896 the remaining 7604 [primitive root of 724 to draw along make long-defer but only to a point]

13. for the severe impudentance-obstinate of them 7186 to restore soundness of them 724 and will stand firm these seeing 6965-7200 sense of soundness restoring seeing of these 724-7200 also shall be these need need-good and 6878-2896 the remaining 7604

14. when seeing faces disintegrate into stupidity these 6580 in regions 6285 where the are of seeing severe impudentance-obstinates of them 7186 the intelligent of what is know it of them 4093. Indeed 551 their standard 1992-4060 arranged order-sedur of them 5468

15. and the seeing make right of these seeing 3474-7200 will leave ones of theirs seeing 3240 by reason of 5921 the ones forming to purpose her 3335 the finish-end of her 7999 to their way walking to the arranged order of your's 1869-5468 and to become a gift His seeing 1961-7200

16. to masters Mine 1167 the forming of purpose it 3335 in seeing want-lacking 2637-7200 letting be between 996 having taken hold on being able 5381 among center-haft and half seeing and impoverished theirs 8432-4334-7200 purpose and spit 4100-7325 also were nothing 369 confirming His 7919

17. among being able to take hold on 5381 among theirs shall have pained concealed seeing of His these 2324 the eyes seeing-opened 5869 and that which 834 to bring about vomit and divination for a fee 7136-7006-7081 to see adam 120-7200 for the commencement in the beginning to cause the spit 8462-7325

18. forming of purpose seeing theirs seeing 3335-7200 who it shall be 1961 master 1167 of forming of purpose to her 3335 finished of her 7999 begin now 227 not 3808 shall need need good 6878-2896 to 413

19. these the severe impudent obstinate of them 7186 these the severely impudent hard and grievous of them 7186 that they 1992 truly 61 shall understand 995 and their being able to take hold on 5381 all 3605 the things of this matter 1697. They act intelligent consider a covering assuming the form of them 7919-8071 this they 1992

20. will revolve around [like] of them 5437 and the things of theirs 1697 they have caused seeing living among of them 2421 nothing an idol 457 a failure 1097 dispose of 7760 set a trap of 6983 [a line faint from 6983 through line 21word 7043 to line 22 word 7218 the letters Q calling lamed L to shen SH the head the adversary]

21. and ones of along time in making these seeing of 748 in regions 6285 where the things made 1697 they consider intelligent this of them 7919 a work produced by labor theirs 3018 by them for bringing into contempt a cursed things polished seeing 7043-7044-7200 proud thing 1419

22. among oppressing ruin 343 repeating 5750 dumb silence being astonished their 1826 nothing an idol 457 like a political chief theirs 352 it 1992 causes of them intelligent's seeing these 7919 the head it of these seeing these 7218 and like this 3644

23. falls with a crash a waste and 7582 causing to bring out depart of them 3318 by ones forming of it 3335 in the mortal-a man of little value seeing these [enosh] 582 a creation new thing 1278 for completion ended 8503 the wanting in character 2642

24. and not 3808 cause to separate mentally-making a distinction 995 change 7760 causing these to be circumspect 7919 and the allied of theirs 7138 making sound to Me 3190 the dumb beast 930 manner 3651 failure 1097 write the record seeing 5608

25. they shall live among 2421 whoever shall come forth seeing 4672-7200 creating a new thing 1278 for seeing you completing 8503 cause to finish these seeing 8000 allied with 7138 among the sinking and drowning 2883

26. the workmen 4399 not 3808 seeing you good need need 6878-2896 El 410 these that labor hard of them 7185 and the that bowed of these-poured out of them 6808 [added letters in letters] the sense of restoring to soundness from a high one seeing [demon] of these 724-7316

27. like this 3644 the workmen 4399 will of shut up the wealth of these 5459 likewise of 2063 the greedy 5315 to confront 6904 the spoken prediction 5016 will deliver of 7305

28. El raising 410-6965 for are acceptable 7522 they are measured of the pit falls of destruction seeing-understand 7825-6429-7200 by causing ones of to abound of resources 8228 ascending up 5944 from good and 2896 have favor put forth His 1921 and to cause pursue hard seeing it good 1692-7200-2896 [understanding and changing brings results of resources]

29. by when to distinguish separating of them 914 and among the expansion seeing of 3315-7200 to cause the ones of to make even in the right way 3474 remaining of 7604 the greedy-good of these 5315 will quake moved these seeing 5120-7200 removing of the truth seeing you 571-7200

Image 0130: 1 Will say 559 deliverance us of 6405 ourselves 587 for will terrify of 366 to them the ones reaching being able to take hold on 5381 what of purpose 4100 also coming 935

2. by Torah-laws just and of manner precept and statutes seeing His 8451-7200 and by the writings of 5608 seeing of the prophets 5030 shall be known by the seeing 3045

3. among portions 4480 seeing making few in number 4591-7200 and were strong to labor 5445 among portions 4480 the myriads-an indefinite number seeing 7233 they will spread 7234

4. their secret places these of seeing 4095-7200 their prophets 5030 they seeing shall divide of his 2505 My own hand 3709 seeing pacification seeing of your's to them seeing 8013-7200 will of you approach near when they are among your's seeing you of them 7126-7200

5. causing who were distinguishing separating of them 914 the caused pit falls of destruction seeing 7825-7200. You seeing the prediction 5016-7200 you being the 1961 dreamer 2472 then 176 in the abruptness of awaking 6974 My own hand 3709

6. acting covertly of seeing 4603 their prophet 5030 like this 3644 was also causing by declaring making plain 874 to break off 6561 will of this

7. and here of this 2008 will remain 7604 against of 5927 by the separating 6567 being glad greatly 7797 between-making the distinction of 996

8. those dreamers 2472 the prediction of theirs 5016 to it being old seeing 1087-7200 prediction of theirs 5016 and to appoint answer 561

9. knowledge 1843 where of it Mine awake 6974 these 1931 ones of employment of affairs 6045 to adam-man 120 you seeing shall be 1961 out of which you seeing banquet seeing 4961-7200-7200

10. in the flesh 5315 in vigor of firmness these 3581 they are utterly without walls-to be apposed to the exterior these seeing of [influences] 2435 and in vigor of firmness these seeing 3581 the faces of these seeing His 6440 become one-unite 3161

11. and the ones of old and the ones of old 3466 they 1931 ones of working of affairs 6045 these seeing you shall be 1961 the living body 5315 among also of you the swinging door seeing [in or out not sure] 1817-7200 in vigor firm well favored seeing 2896-3581-7200

12. measure to define to do the sinking and drowning of the good for these seeing 5429-2883-2896-7200 to separate a part of the tree these 905 measure to define constraint of oppression 6125-5429 large number-myriads 7231 and causing through-by this to adhere 2442 in vigor firm well favored seeing 3581-2896-7200

13. in the nephesh-living body these see of 5315-7200 in regions 6285 also the ones asleep have 3463 among the deaf these seeing you 7290 the vigor in firmness seeing 3581-7200 the wall of secularism apposed to set apartness-sacredness of good seeing these 2435. Will by confirm a direction -making proper 3559

14. seeing you remaining 7604 in the living body 5315 turn looking to regard Yah 6437-3050 among those 1992. And seeing shall cause good become strong 2388 before faces of those seeing of these His 6437 and seeing these you constrained of the oppression measure to define 6125-5429-7200

15. in the sinking and drowning of these His seeing 2883-7200 of the good remaining-seeing 3498-7200 because of 3588 those 1992 before of them 6925 spoiled others 958 and need need of 6878 ones of treat as adversary 6965 the closing of the door-to the senses of 1480

16. before of 6925. And after 310 you seeing them you move place and relationship remove of far away 7368 among living bodies of these seeing His 5315. And at that time 227 they seeing shall be the stronger 2388 firm 3581 will cause dumb to fail 1820

17. will of continue of theirs 1961 and the charioteers seeing these of theirs 7392. Will accordingly of such 834 ones of shine forth 3313 against of these 5921 give showing of 215 in firmness 3581

18. they consider of 7919 they shall be 1961 causing to make right 6663 will from judgement His 8199. And these were 2088 the dreamers 2472 those of the prediction theirs 5016 for 3588 that time 227

19. you seeing follow close 1692 the living body 5315 have caused dumbness 1820 will cause barnes 8205 drought 5868 for you a sign 226 like this 3644 when you seeing explain make plain 874

20. break off 6561 will of this 1961 and to do firmly 3581 in prudent's of 7919 shall be ones of sowing 4900 remove bones-strength of substance of them 6106 the spirit to Me of them 7306 having of them 1992

21.the things of this matter 1697 the secret things of theirs 5956 and shall reprove 1605 for causing dumbness 1820 and not 3808 ones of allow to stay these 3204 to walk 3212

22. after 310 you sprinkle to these of His [Exodus 29:21] and their charioteers these of His 7392 indeed 61 shall examine of 1305 who of striping off [ornaments] 5560 and ones of allowed to stay 3240 the carved images of vain things seeing shall 6459

23. and substance 3426 removed of them prophets 5030 to unravel -dissolve freeing of theirs 8271 like symbols devises reminders of these and living among 1819-2421 man 376 from thing of this matter 1697 vain things theirs 457

24. And what they are doing 4100 to unravel dissolve of them 8271 the splendor gloriousness 3519 [3520 carriage] who of seeing pit falls of destruction seeing 7825-7200 sense of their good driving seeing 4057-7200 vain things of theirs 457. And standing out 3426 dissolve unraveling of them 8271

25. and to report of them 8089 the things done 1697 of the stripping away of ornaments 6584. And what they are doing 4100 removing trapping ornaments 5716 expression of greatness-[sententious maxim dark saying , riddles proverbs] 2420 the finish making removal 3635 by their own hands 3709 acting covertly shall cover over these you seeing 4603-7200

26. the prophet 5030 will set up prepare to apply 3559 their own hand 3709 acting covertly you seeing 4603 the prophet 5030 proud thing and 1419 with seeing these seeing of his 225 and ones raised up making to good of them 6965 like this 3644

27. seize possessions [land] to 272-413 cast out of 6437 Mosheh casting out 6437 in fury-anger 2528. And face of 6440 it caused them to look about in dismay 8173 by covering over hide of 5603 to make repairs 1129

Image 0130 the reverse of line 1through 8 and the heading 7493-7604 tremble through fear 7493 remaining of us a remnant 7604

1. Father "1" pushes out of the flock 7716 narrow sides of the way 1516 overcome and beaten down 1986 who 4310 are strong 193 and guided 5148 now in asking 4994 will of take up 5190 gleam to make clear explain 6286 one hundred His 3967

2. a set time year 5732 who 4310 hates the adversary 341 illumination wisdom of light 5094 handful 6447 of shinning bright 925 these seeing among 7200

3. He renders clear 1262 spotted as with hail 1261 and He will cloth His 4403 perception judgment and understanding seeing 2940-7200 and from sleepiness 5124

4. from fragile and broken 8406 He raises up 6965 you seeing My command and 4406 a gift 7862 pour out His 6379 of a caldron seeing 7037 the day 3117 of hating the adversary these 341 "I" shall contend anger 1624 desolation to do 1822

5. shall pour out 6379 parch-dry up 6723 setting on edge [of destruction] 6949 send-grant 935 produce of earth-rain 944-945 hides self 2247 Yah you seeing 3050 the prating of the Father Name they will 178. You drive out occupy of their place His 3423 for the children of 3206 to rebuild of them 1129

6. And they of this 1961 valuable made precious 3365 fruitful 6500 your daughters 1323 of inspiration 5397 accordingly hating the adversary 341 these seen of scarlet dye color them 8529

7. to cry out 2980 great joy and gladness 7797 cause to set on fire 8313 to blurt out inconsiderately 3216 head-ruler theirs 7218 seeing His 2009

8. rise exalt of self up 7426 his desire 176 they to be suitable his 2969 sons of 1121 heart 3820 nothing 1097 desired long these will 2968 from him fresh new thing 3892 [trouble]

Image 0131:

1. They of like such Mine 2004 run to guard 7323 [M] to blossom flee away 5132 by declaring explaining 874 they having desired of His 183 will of before 6925 also cause to declare making plain 874 [of 7323-5132 blossom-flee away. hidden of 7323]

2. to prosper spreading 3212 ones of employment to task these 6045 also "I" cause to declare and explain making plain 874 when 518 faithful in truth and stability in you seeing 530-7200

3. the new of thing 2319 the removed lunation month they have [of the visual sighting 3391 Job 31:26 when makes a showing this begins our months also call birth confirms the month always by seeing, why the whole world then is on the times] will present gladly these seeing-understanding of 4672-2896-7200 they have desired these seeing 183-7200 when 518

4. not 3808 having knowledge having opinion 1843 gladness of 7797 changing of 8138 knowledge these seeing 1844 to you they cry out for joy it of them 7442 with this 2088

5. they 1932 to entwine-mixing in you 5440 teachers seeing 4175 to make right 6663 firmness stability of truth you of them seeing 530-7200 the ones of new thing 2319

6. you seeing [this] before 6925 by truth faithfully in stability you seeing 530-7200

7. they point out these seeing to His seeing 184-7200-7200 and having a sense of conspicuousness seeing 4159-7200 over 5921 right of manner 3605 in regions 6285 understanding guiding 7919 will separate these seeing 6318-7200 and their pointing out seeing their seeing 184-7200-7200 they 1992

8. to separate of His 680 creating a new thing 1278 glad of new thing 2319 existing 3426 from nothing 369 and to set up making ready 3559 it to will appease 3722 because created new thing 1278 on account of cause 7945

9. became of you perverse thing 1961-1942 existing of nothing 369 will of appease 3722 will in pointing out seeing these seeing 184-7200-7200 and when to bring forth it 935 how-what 834 they stomp to pieces 1917-1992 against of it 5921

10. have they finished 3635 with the Torah 8451 maintaining their cause 3557

11. now hold our tongue 2013 chief rulers 8269 assembled servants of 6633 " H " 3068 and these 1931 also pointing out His seeing these 184 maintaining their cause 3557 who were of 1961

12. their sun systems 8122 and making ready-render sure 3559 who have not grown up-weak 648 also to wander-shaking of it 5110

13. who were children of them 5764 their sun systems 8122 there in existing 3426 walking accordingly 1869 to theirs 1992. And this 2088 the showing [Isa. 30:30] 7200 to Me being of it 1961 when established 3559

14. ones of the transplanted persons 6133 to regions-lands of 6285 were was nothing 369 to be seen 7200 by you seeing uniting-adhering with these to finish of these 3867-3616-7200 things 1697 of excellent's 1431 like this 2088 having success 7919 their seeing torah 8451

15. the same as hers 1931 you seeing that is hung-also to be 8518 despised contemptible person 959 against 5921 sitting down take counsel 3245 to glare hot were 8273 with His it causing an allotment-slippery place of lands seeing these 2513-7200 and have hope bearing in mind seeing His these 5452

16. weakness-not grown up and 648 by the master it 1167 the seeing of Royal laws and Manners seeing His seeing 1881 yet weakness not grown up and 648 have removed the Torah 8451 how what 335 " I " cause interpretation solution 6592 to see giving seeing [to] you 5414

17. the causing to make judgment 8199 seeing not 3808 will of temple service to enclose 5329-2085 and not 3808 people of the nations you 1471 by supervision of 5329 [and not assemble-this had lines drawn through but left readable] 3588-3426] when 3588 there are of this 3426 to answer seeing [things] 562 [have things of idols or stolen-plundered there will be stuff scatted in houses shops do not touch]

18. which they may say 559 for 3588 not 3808 things seen 1697 seeing Torah 8451 over concern 5921 for future 5769 the messengers-workmen 4397 accordingly 3644 when seeing writings 3789

19. the seen of 7200 plundering-covetousness 1214 and to prepare 3559 portion of 6310| to create selecting 1254 cutting off a portion 1506 accordingly 3644 when having explained making plain seeing you have 874-7200 will cover over-hoarding you seeing 6854-7200 scream of cease of when seeing 6463-5117-7200

20. according of 3588 when whoever were ones of make to search out 2714 against 5921 declared of making plain you seeing 874-7200 in the future of 5957 then you will remember 2142 among seeing Torah 8451-7200. Not 3808

21. there was found 4672 with you thing 1697 spit 7536 existing 3426 depart-cease-remove it 4185. And to render sure 3559 having told-telling 559 when because thing this 834 will examine 2713

22. and will search out for 2664 over 5921 ones of employing of this action 6045 then seeing point out these 184 who were recognized-remembered of them 2142 in seeing Torah 8451 and in prophesy 5012

23. who were found of them 4672 wounding of to be ashamed 3637 existing 3426 removing 4185 the beginning 7223 the diligent observing 5172 they have a fresh new thing 2319 removed correction of chastising 4294 [from] bending away 5186

24. and making away with seeing you 1104 in the chastising corrections 4294 of the remnant-remaining 7605 have caused bending away declined of these 5186 the diligent to observe 5172 the same it 1931 also not of the people foreign 1109-swallowing down [figurative of destruction 1105] within and among will be 5750

25. enchantments and prognostications 5173 not 3808 will bend away [to destruction] 5186 within and among these 5750 distortion-iniquity 4297 and calling out to them 7121 bending away seeing declined of these 5186-7200 distortion making perverse declared 6140 a force of substance able seeing you have-you seeing ones of worldliness 2428-2469

26. will have an end them 5486 like this 3644 because of 3588 pulverize dust 6080 becoming seeing 858 and El 410 pulverize dust 6080 you seeing in returning you drive away 7725-7200-5380 and considered dumb 1819 and of the swamp a marsh leaper-frog knowledge of them will cause expiation-atonement 6854-1843-3725

27. then what of them 4100 stinging lice of them [root not used] seeing remove pulverized dust 6080. And making to wax fat 8080 El of supplication-riches 474 it shall be 1961 among you then turn about 2015

28. then to make luminous 215 when will complete of 3615 to make wax fat-rich 8080 like this 3644 when whoever turns about-change to tread down-crush with foot 2015-1915 in the distortion-iniquity 4297 by enchantments prognostications. By knowledge seeing 1847 prince-head person 8269

29. to mast servants 6633 " H " 3068

Image 131 reverse of lines 1 -29: 1. seeing the coming none can be broken these of His and to mark off [intense of designate- pointing out] seeing becoming old rocks ours to assemble His-7200-935-786-1751-8376-7200-1086-6697-5091

2. you seeing slumbering a people to Me seeing coming ones of to raise you out of their shaking[was the bringing of force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] all-5123-523-7200-935-7863-7721-4480-5128-3605

3. one hundred seeing and of the designated you seeing and ones of strength-strong to make repairs to entangle-snare them of the desolating evil idolatry lying cast out-overthrow -3967-8376-684-1129-2760-7723-1760

4. the ones of prominent's fearful things by signatures-desire of titles as trappings finery ornaments outfits the lifting up of also to stand out there are of stated times theirs testimonies their el -2099-3372-8420-5716-5375-3426-5713-410

5. to be insolent to declare showing you slumbering of the burning fires sacred places things dedicated sanctuaries you seeing of extolling lifting up you seeing wash to cleanse remove all of signs signs desiring to lust after covetous-7736-2331-5123-784-6944-7311-3526-185

6. you slumbering of El out of crushing beating to pieces you seeing-5123-410-1751-

7. what of purpose desired mark out seeing pointing out seeing these and to commandments to ones of enchanting or practice magic sorcerers witchcraft defrauding conspiring to deceive acting treacherously seeing of time sayings of the mouth become seeing of it mark off pointing out of-4100-8420-8376-413-6310-3784-5230-6256-6433-1934-8376

8. among push out of sound to be in increasing empty of this thing of smoking to all and cause of wailing from keeping in memory when away [let go of damage to body done] drive out-cast out it they will contend-defend seeing and scorn deride causing of-413-7716-338-7230-1249-6311-3544-3605-5204-7876-1760-3377-3945

9.these to blurt out inconsiderately hurry fearful of to rush a tempest of destruction mumbling prating fruits these seeing and puffing will slacken-cease-heal rightly of manner formerly to do ones of set a mark as to time [about smoking of all sorts]-3216-4116-7722-178-5022-8374-7503-7495-3651-570-8427

10. to reach of the friends of to point out extinguished these-1980-7327-3518

11. the day of will join to adhere destroy the mark astonished these of " H " causing a great thing taken captivite-3117-3867-3807-8376-7583-3068-1219-7617

12. the rule judge in ministering of judgment skirts hanging down comely goodly to all changing His changing a gift-1777-7757-3303-3605-7760-7862

13. theirs right of manner and were and continued they unite entwine to abide causing rain showers these His. from way walking as a course of life spreading sense of to conquer gladness joy of them a gift among rash gulped accept marry-3651-1934-3867-7377-2088-1980-7286-7797-7862-3886-5375

14. become pregnant these the ay walking as a course of life a booth these to become prolific spreading of clothing seeing you have in their quiver [arrows-children] and in sense of strength these a flame and distinguished-put a difference of enough carried away of His 2029-1980-7900-2088-1709-7234-8522-766-784-6395-7535-3261

15. He will increase measure to define them and these are calling aloud of unjust gain hot of and with these to purge out spreading His ones of a fortress-a city of Idumaea-rock Cela they waste away a running issue were against you screammer-vultures-7235-5429-6963-2535-1305-7704-5553-2100-1961-344

16. you seeing strength lightning-an arrow flashing through the air causing to be suitable a friend seeing these and to show self shining and they will cause chase away utter inconsiderately anxiety of the heart and to show self shining-8510-7565-2969-7327-1992-3313-5074-3212-1079-3313

17. threw her the El a gift shall be able to comprehend surely to grow up midst of them out of weeping-complaining redeem according to next of kin [see line15 city Cela] midst of them they are enclosed to be stupid what of purpose-7412-410-7862-3557-389-1342-2673-1058-1350-2673-2085-413-2954-4100

18. to be in oppression-fraud 8496 to put in charge you who are of mute justice from being rash of speech have been rash swallowed down seeing friend they spread of El the vinedresser-8496-7760-4310-482-3886-3886-7327-7234-410-3755-376

19. gracious and kind covers you scattering storms dashing to pieces seeing a family vision to look of fragrants the balsam plant you hiding a mystery-secret proud of many will be prepared finished and prepared His breath afterto love of words gathers2580-5774-5311-1004-7210-1313-7328-1341-7230-3312-3615-5689-717

20. El. The friends seeing You divide sort to nourish to fully develope to put in motion disturbing gulping rash He makes seeing shine to swallowing up casting out favour for nothing weace-laying a trap making to cease-410-7327-1334-2177-2000-3886-215-1104-7324-2580-7918

21. cast out graces and kindness causing to drive out tenants to right straight in succeeding unwilling-refusing to deal subtilly-deceive-conspiring of will. Put to change ordered also heavy-valuable inhibiting honor and glory spreading then in strength you-7324-2580-3423-3787-3986-5230-7760-3365-7234-684

22. who to hate enemy nebo idols of Babylon the friend of in waste water weak and faint of heart commit idolatry theirs you see these covetous of them they will shake [was by foce to dislodge the arranged order, writings] removing spreading out female servants theirs-4310-341-5015-7327-4325-7390-2181-183-5128-8198

23. impure and defiled these spoil and a waste in oppression fearing terrofied seeing favour for nothing and behold female kindred by blood to cause change to change join you who are strong these-2933-7701-2847-2580-2005-7608-7760-7760-3896-4310-684

24. and to boil up as friend to love dark covering ruins cause to swim these you were defiled-unclean at the beginning unclean seen you seeing of a ruin of heart us-1730-5645-4603-7591-7811-2933-7221-2933-5856-3820

25. of dress manner measured to let be united to satisfaction-suffice the desired mark good to enlighten a luminous group looking patiently good defines of knowledge the defilng polluting of self to bow to honor Royalty the Elohim these-4063-3189-7646-8420-2896-3974-6960-2896-not used root see page 474 analytical Hebrew-1844-2933-7812

26. shake with fear mend-heal give command and His measured portion of dress its standard of manner size be ashamed of disapointe seeing you mending caring for healed above the standard of manner to point out appearance of manner-modesty-to extend scream cry out of it you them will tumble in ruins perish them will of longer of sleeves and tunic-dress line His-2112-7495-6680-4060-954-7495-5921-184-8389-6463-4355-6446

27. subdue bending to[tame self] what is given by lot it shall be made and maintained it not removed-cease withdrawing by coontact His. Mend cure for healing perverseness turning to wrong-wickedness from the portion in kind [manner of dress] like this waste water of them such of theirs -3711-3052-1961-6213-3808-4185-7495-5753-4327-3541-4325-1992

28. seen as anet to catching of within against. Humble these languish exhausting defiled-unclean bending to tame lifting up accepting with wounds their rulers of to turn hostilitle and pain expressed-7568-5705-7807-3856-2933-3711-5375-4347-4910-5437-8298-162

29. " H " 3068 gleams conspicuously 77

Image 0132: 1. And in regions 6285 of ones seeing knowledge aware of Me 1847 also were nothing 369 ones of need need 6878 to have bitterness heavy 4751 who are fugitives-fleeing of them 5211 holding out these 3557 were seeing 1961 existing 3426

2. withdrawing-receding from contact 4185 nevertheless they 61 need good need 6878 rankled rejected 3859 people of the nations you 1471 out of resting on selves their 8172 sinking and drowning 2883

3. walking about slandering 7270 on account of cause 7945 laboring 1934 the things 1697 in way walking-course of life 1870 made difficult 6381 from cause of to be sprinkled-atonement 5132 bubbling up of thr ruins-mire 2563 then to seeth being proud-presumptuous among these 2102 nevertheless-truly 61

4. they seeing His drive away His 5090 and in part you 7118 among by effort drive away 5090 [earlier in text it was call over doing] of the sinking and drowning Mine 2883 like this 3644 also seeing write of describing seeing 3789 the seeing 7200-making away with swallowing down [fig. to die] 1104 because 3588 to complete 3636 making great 6381 swallow down[take in] for completion making great-5090

5. also who shall in seeing cause to rebuild 2381 to stand out 3426 seeing of to cause togather His 6960 like of-to resemble 1825. And will by discrimination-by taste-[thinking in heart] 2938 make intelligent consider expert among 7919 having the charge of 6213 and will of the pit falls to destruction 7825 [the last word the hey was irregular in shape thus a vav hey additional]

6. the upper ones 5942 things prepared 3627 act treacherously-subtilly of who of select and feed 1254 and they 1931 sinking and drawning 2883 even so 7535 who of this cause to despise withstand-constrain of strength 2388 firm His 3581 in way walking-course of life 1870 caused to make difficult of 6381

7. wonderful thing 8047 when "I" cause interpretation explaining 6591 to His for the practice of making 6466 in many of rank will of 7227 remove the disguised of them 8138 their practice of working 6466 seeing of make afraid 1204 one [letter alph]

8. and prepare 3559 to seize property El 270-410 by throne bushes 5573 ones of objecting of abhorrance 1860 by the commander 5057 cause to make great [a sense of] seeing these good 1431 on account of good 7945-2896 King 4428 a counselor of 4427 the advice of counsel seeing of them 4431

9. a hoard gathers 6910 wherein of the adam120 sinking and drowning 2883 and to make preparation 3559 to answer thing 562 confirming 7919 the vowed things 6381 were seeing of you ones of a newthing theirs 2319

10. in thing of 1697 to be suitable at home you4998 among sinking and drowning 2883 and by it were of to continue seeing these 1934 in working 6381 that they 1931 like of 3588 the sinking and drowning 2883 in the support of life 4294

11. to their seeing making to providing of seeing His 6213 out of a portion and 4480 when cast together many of 7231 causes the changing to different of them 8183 thing 1697 tribe of Arabia-Dumah 1746 to wisper a spell-magic 5172 and such of this 1931

12. the seeing of a maggot seeing you 8434 and the placing of seeing 8371 strong in a sense-a bad one of 2389 like this 3644 that place 227 of theirs having provided a place 6213 the wispering a spell magic 5172 to consider it these 8159. Gathering 157

13. for twice of them 6471 they shall manipulate to seize they will vacillate how to deprive of procreation powers-" I " have 8610-8528-4600 the ruling 4294 and they whom see shall be 1961-7200 from a portion 4480 to bring forth 6779 and the sprouts 6780 with this to gather and 3664

14. in the womb 990 with wispering a spell magic 5172 they also seeing to give 5414 to blood relations 1818 and the blood 1818 for relations to lie down sexual contact you seeing 7901 wickedness 4827 and will conceive seed 2232 by wispering a spell magic 5172

15. and when 518 the pit falls to destruction seeing 7825-7200 shall practice habitually 6466 all 3605 to Him 413 the ones growing old of them 3462 in peaceableness-restful 7282 to the making lawful in rightness 6662 prophet it 5029

16. was nothing 369 coveyed in disguised of 7760 setting a trap of 6983 dispise and disdain 959. And after this manner 3602 finish to set up3635 in the plague these seeing 4347 shall come forth of them 4672 will of make ashamed 3637

17. let you seeing rebuild 2318-seeing of the bubbling up of the mire 2563 to be at home being suitable these seeing 4998-7200 ones of the curse these 422 like this 3644 who created a novelty unparalled seeing it was 1278-7200 among ones of seeking to worship 1875 well doing 2896

18. and prepare 3559 to appoint 562 also the oil flask-pot of anointing 610 shall be seen -who will 1961-4310-7200 fill consecration of 4394 the liquid oil 8081 while sinking and drowning 2883 the oil of anointment 8081 to boast 1431 paring off causing to make few 4591

19. among you shall continue to do seeing of 3254-7200 the lunation month ones of them 3391 and will place of them 8371 the hard impudent 2389 firm of theirs 3581 to consider in amazement you are of His 8159 and to prepare 3559 asking of enquiring of 7592 among portion counted prepared theirs 4487

20. the prophet 5030 shall see the commander 5057 for his what of purpose 4100 gladness 7797 for house seeing 1004 1004 to become your's 1961 to be a token of standard a sign 5251 ascending theirs 5927 4937 supporting or a protector relied on 4937 from 8172

21. of the sinking and drowning 2883. And prepared 3559 from His fishery and catching of fish 6721 with El of Yahh and 452 multipling by the myriads and 7231 also saying 559 the pitcher 3537 the meal 7058 [First Kings 17:14-16] not 3808 you seeing finished of 3616

22. and the jar-cruse you seeing 6835-7200 the oil 8081 not 3808 seeing you did lack 2638 deliverance seeing you seeing 5337 " I "cause to feed them 1262 out of lumination in every sense 216 because are spread out of them in countries 7704. And prepare 3559 bending in kindness to favor by petition Yahh 2603-3050

23. and ones of companions of theirs 2270 one hundred seeing of us 3967 a fire to Me 5135 heavy honorable 3513 " I " brings forth 4672 among the sinking and drowning 2883 because of this 2088 will circle-revole around you seeing 5437 the revole around 5437 opposing 5549 the portion 4480 ones of a dwelling circle make plain 5549-4480-1757

24. like this3644 to seize and hold in possession El 270-410 and cause to Him 1961 to live 2421 you seeing seeing you to have existance 1933 in among smelting furnance 3536 when beside the fire 1157 in the fire 784 the incurable wicked 605. And when 518 firm of resources 2831 panting afte 5395

25. the presented [Torah] 4672 pointing out seeing you will 184 they of wealth shut up-hidden 5459 will toss violently of the seas of the skin boils 7280 to deliver over you seeing 2020 servants of His 5652 what of purpose 4100 you seeing her seas 3220 existing 3426 despised thinking to scorn vile person 959

26. and after 310 this 2088 knowledge 1843 the wonders there of you 6382 these of 1992 the Most High-Al 5920 repeating 8138

27. the course of life-way walking of manner 1870

29. new thing 2319 among strong of substance these 6106 like this 3644 the turn about change of 2015 the perverted 4297 to learn by experience5172 //

Image 0132 reversed: 1. A gift aviable showers watering the region ruled over who ones of to be written a prince opposite for delight of being shown they that are there whom are soiling-filthy they to perish and-7862-7377-4410-4310-5482-8269-4136-3588-7522-786-3487-5708-5307

2. shall pledge to them furnishing accordingly gather with to a captain of a good ship comfortable because of also seas-5667-6213-1571-3733-2896-6723-3820-3220

3. well being let us measure tribute of this will assess-impose dreamer of when 1000 accordingly to bring down pure-clean a liar this exist so consider he has made to self a prey seeing-understand-3820-4060-2088-7412-1957-518-505-3381-1249-907-1934-413-7997-7200

4. one thousand, 1000 to complete way by the hand-[confirm] breath after-[quality] gather seeing daughter-dam [female parent] seeing you preserve as a pledge this dies seeing of pour out and cure seeing "I " Am

5. they have pit falls of destruction 7825 they to judge good in young sheep to cover-veiling His. Let us measure His you seeing to pour out the dross-impure these for the six drive away-cast out you seeing to carry away-7825-2942-3775-5844-4058-3332-8337-1760-5375

6. one thousand-1000 for to rule His their speech vomit displacing you seeing to exist reviling eye paint voice angrily speaking unadvisedly coveting greatly and a waste also to carry summon to trail-505-7286-2441-6892-2118-7200-3426-7167-981-183-696=3212-3259

7. causing to see eye shadow to be rash of regions portions also there good it will be many in being rash intercede of make supplication lightning flashing through the air fever fire partiality-as separating up-5645-3886-6285-4327-1992-7227-3886-6419-7565-784-4856

8. who disgrace shall be made ashamed be confounded knead kneading[to make wonderful] these to their tails squirming to fish fishing these to let down subdue the circumstance differ subdued to outlandish not remove cause to punish give stripes His-4310-3639-3637-3637-3888-1709-1770-3381-5252-3808-2118-5221

9. and break clods unity to dwell in a region to succeed-prosper these and narrow of the measuring line to Me pledge a portion as measured to Me they push out goats casting forth these-7702-3189-8427-6285-3787-594-5667-4060-7016-1299

10. the impure-vile the pledged a hand in this pointing out the thousand-1000 His seeing you of this consider to be rash the tenth and vain unjust increase slow of response in speech-2933-5667-3197-184-506-1934-3886-2887-205-7227-1680

11. lusted after His these fall flat humble beseech in the shaking spreading to portion out of same also they have selected before and let out of dying these to be dismayed seeing to be against-185-7812-4128-7234-4327-1992-1262-4191-8159

12. to faint. And have caused against property these fall flat He's bending in kindness this to support ones selves and rested on and seep-lambs waited on for vomit remove of seeing ones of the lie-ruins you seeing acting high of this seeing-4127-4639-7812-2603-8172-2089-2442-6892-2118-8371-7200-1943-7200-5927-7200

13. for a thorn bush to you this before fermenting extortion they will be harsh cruel and when out of the ruins mischief they will by the impure vile resources in abundance water " I " have out of the sea elated presuming-5537-2557-2556-1943-2933-8228-3220-6075

14. to be hot-inflamed by watchful enemy this very cunning beware very seeing shall weep complain tears restore go walking away softly against portion measured of tribute they tear away existing grown to an end to stretch out measured [amount]-5645-3886-6285-4327-1992-7227-3886-6419-7565-784-4856

15. " I " cause to make shrivel up cheerful to transfer making sounds like animals gyrating having many together who are Ionian's of the pushing out of sheep and not to complete like foliage covering a tree shall judge of sheep to graze as a member push out one hundred His-1129-6965-6670-5746-7227-4310-3120-7716-3808-3636-6074-1835-7716-3967

16. ruled over among to be strong you in the mildest of to put out anger after this manner of this His. They flow freely to run after as water receding from contact with draws wailing caused-4410-684-8432-4100-3518-3602-2100-7783-4185-5204

17. passing the night -lodging survivors of ones selected-chosen as of another tribe to be placed you what of purpose Mine not of the fig tree hurled of to them also driven away by monster of the sea [sea people monster religious systems]-956-8277-977-340-7760-4100-3808-8384-7420-1760-8565

18. intelligent's of understanding mandates to raise a flag be conspicuousness highest to where the crippling of lending on security [figurative to entangle] and this burden to what it causes to hold to gather expression of pain a common field narrow and-2940-1713-5384-5670-4854-4100-3563-962-8309-594

19. therein of them selves not also act treacherously His and you seeing to hinder move against and adhere to wait vomit displace remove " I " will of them also to make an uproar of to delay Yahh seeing shall spread the palms of the hand seeing in-2007-3808-5230-6213-2442-6892-2118-1949-3186-3050-6447

20. where certainly of them in charge and to utter inconsiderately to prick a bramble bush a signature of Yahh seeing to their seeing crying out to her the place of birth gat to cause building-6213-3216-5572-8420-3050-2980-7797-4138-1661-2996

21. they have come seeing you cause to feed her crush with feet betraying there was her well-cistern not built fastening over a veil maimed of . Shall pledge-3212-3898-1915-7411-786-953-3808-1138-6777-5223-5667

22. ones of to pledge to initiate discipline dedicated to training of His. Who trample on treading down as grass you causing to water them what of purpose [know Mashiyach know Mosheh] cause to be multiplying thousands seeing you to set in order the ruins fearing El letting Mosheh to rescue [of them] seeing you to have favor His-1951-2596-4310-1758-7302-4100-7231 6680-7446-2844-410-4872-7200-2654 treading in pieces to conquer them causing to repair kept secret of them for the turn of events clear and pure a pledge with to be strong Mine clear adhering-to slander defame of ones sense of strength seeing Home of El gathering spot His ones of He will contend to show-335-7286-5640-5438-2134-5670-684-root not used also 1681-766-7200-5116-538-3377-2324

24. Mosheh His one hundred to be astonished to lift will complete to seven self to expire were attach unjustly they unite to Me Yahh His not to be removed there to place you-4872-3967-7583-5375-7650-3518-2050-3161-3050-3808-2118-786-7760

25.they flow as water a gift they died seeing they to give thanks of worship praising to fear seeing terrified to gleam rejoicing round cake baked increasing in abundance of the hen twelfths part measured and marked ones of strength you-2100-7862-4191-3034-1204-6670-5692-72353849-5429-8450-684

26. to make commitment to associate beside of along with these bound together as sheaf who are forever the irradiating to Me His-6213-5980-485-5703-2224

27. who because of subjugating-4130-7287

28. who favored by the impure-reputed vile bowing to subdue agitating greatly accordingly causing to make tipping over-depopulating swelled up of insolence in living by-2584-2933-3711-1949-6808-7736-2331 [the meeting of the reverse of image 0132 and looking back at last words of line 28 looking into, for continuity of content]

Image 0133: V H // B 1. in among the quiet excellent's of these 7119 before the returning perverting-presumptuously 2015 the power of 3027 the cleansing-purification theirs 2893 returned the painted eyes-these having seen 7167-7200 it in being suitable of these-your's 2969 people of the nations you 1471

2. a quarrel contentious debate of ours 4683 with them 225 unfavorable grief of 1082 way of the course of life of them as a manner 1870

3. H // A in ones of let fail divide you seeing of 5307 the prophet 5029 like this 3644 who say 559 the scriptures of written 3791 and he shall judge and make pray to intercede 6419 over by means within you 1157

4. and prepare to establish 3559 sure 518 a creation unparallel 1278 shall create of " H " 3068

5. H //B on account of cause to Me 7945 in dividing let fail seeing you 5307 the prophet 5029 except 7535 also shall exclude-cut off 1504 answering 562 and " I " these to be blameless 5352 to His like this 3644

6. go 1980 wash selves 7364 and be clean 2891 and prepare 3559 shine also to establish 8080 El to rescue 410-3467 and ones of to take of you seeing 3381 the flame [caused quarrel] between 5921

7. hostile-debate 8298 the fifth part of these 2549 to region of 6285 where the prophet 5029 that which being straight of guiding 833 they to adhere to [root not used not numbered] in finishing 3635 shall turn back 7725 all 3605 //[open waiting for history to make]

8. and fresh new thing 2319 with these 225 grinding small in a mortar conspicuousness a miracle of them 4159-3302 from beside of and moving against the adversary 6655 ones of covering the mouth-fasting 6684 to separate alone 905 in employment 6045 who were removing alloy by smelting of selves-terrible fear 913-1763 and was nothing 369

9. to them remarkable wonderful Mine caused to Me 6383 exhausted burnt out 4198 seeing 3544 themselves 2007 shall make habitually to practice to commit to Him 6466 Master of Mine 1188 the ones regarding 5869 the female companions 7464 while in the plague 5062 opposite of you of them-removed you of them-becoming thin famished you of them 4136-2108-7329

10. making to practice habitually works of His these 6466 great of these seeing 1419 beside of and against moving the adversary 6655 ones of rocks these 6699 to separate from 905

11. H // G who will have respect of knowledge teaching them 3045 in the pits of falling to destruction 7825-7200 by the prophet broken afflicted 5030-5218 not yet 2962 it is to be praised them 1961-7318 when complete-to be foolish 3635-3688 from the smarting-burning to whirl 3554-3769

12. besieged and distressed of them 4714 the ones of the contentious debate of ours 4683 by humiliation of them 3637 having caused fresh new thing His 2319 helpful 5836 prophet 5029. When of 518 [the hock on the mem points to the word Most High AL 5920 so new thing comes only from AL 5920]

13. to you seeing ones of being acceptable their seeing 5307. And when 518 to ones of the decree seeing His seeing 1510 also then 176 to the lawful making right His 6662 desired also 176 to have rescue-delivered His 5337. And to make provisions 3559 let be His 1961 with consent 225 Most High AL 5920

14. Prophet 5029. And with them 2007 examine intimately us 2713 among 5921 ones working business of them 6045 and ones of the contentious debate ours 4683 when humiliated 3837 to you seeing being acceptable to declare who shall see 5307-7200 good-well doing 2896

15. when 518 to these getting 7069 knowledge skillful of seeing you 1847-7200 well doing 2896 measure to divide 4884 and to purpose for intended 4616 you seeing writings book of evidence-scripture to encircled-protect 5612-3195 for scales to weight two ears think on it 239 son you b1121

16. and when 518 to ones standing up 6966 of the plague 5062 and gems-diamonds His 8068 will enrich His 2044 and beside of ones beside of them 2108. And when 518 to ones of delivered of them 5337 removed evil-the snare pride cause to shaking [bringing on by the force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 7451-7407-5128

17. because of eye paint ones of you seeing remove 7167 of them perishing 5486. And after 310 also they 1992 to cause extremity in completion of it seeing 8503-7200 doing well doing 2896 to be seen 7200 who it shall be of the arranged order His 5468

18. and the new moon month His 2320 among the ones going up 5927 of the working of deeds 6467 master-husband 1167 wise in understanding these 7919. And will of scattered words measure to define 6527 also a great while 3528 this of the fresh new thing theirs 2319

19. out of them to prohibit drive away of 1992-5077 powerful of them 6099 who when of mark to remember 2142. And lay charges seeing of 5414-7200 form of to lie along side to catch men 6699-6679 of it's 1931 form 6699 who of maybe separated seeing 914-7200 like thus 3644

20. who also to write the record describe to have recognition-suspicion of them 3789-5234 break off 6562 destroying pestilence 1698 and seeing deliver over 6561 and ones His 1961 and in regions of 6285 also there is going to be of define measure them 1934 the ones of such of this seeing 2063 they 1931 among a portion of 4327

21the ones going to be 1934 the pleasing of to declare these seeing 7522 you have caused of His trust you seeing 2620 in the pit falls to destruction 7825-7200 in continuing of among 1934 they will of keep out of sight 5958 you shall explain make plain seeing 874-7200

22. where of the pit falling to destruction seeing 7825-7200 deeds of things done 6467 with them 853. And in regions 6285 were also formerly 3528 will be made known His 3045 by the prophet 5029 will of mine cause exile these seeing of you 6808

23. messengers 4397 and they will do 3299 watchful of 6179 messenger 4397 like when to recognize remember 2442 with a blow you cause 4046 anger intense in 5573-2750 sprinkling of rain 3139 cheerful joy 7797 [it appears that a sprinkling of rain cause joy in this region of]

24 to messenger-teacher 4397 people of the nations you 1471an opening 3996 for maltreatment trust out them 3238. And prepare 3559 by the shadow over of designation of shape-form seeing of 6751 and ones of to count appointed number 4483 and companions of His 2270 one hundred ours seeing 3967

25. to their fear in reverence 3372 of ones burning seeing cause to Me 3345. And judge of El-Daniel 1840 out of the pit 1320 dwellers remaining of these caused to Me you have 1753. And written record seeing of 3789 head person 8269 mass of servants 6633 " H " 3068

26. who of faint with terror-fear be sprinkled expiation to spirit 4199-5137 shall see 7200 where of a sign seeing these pressed together crushing 226-7200-2115 they 1992 caused boundaries to be set of themselves 1379 and caused of arranged order of theirs 5468 also of strength of a political chief they 352 not 3808

27. they you shall be 1961 for messenger-teacher 4390 cause prophet 5029 among these. And a sign seeing 226 also how 349 they let be of His 1961 among theirs when lunation month of them 3391 to bring 935 and not 3808

28. they let be of his 1961 a sign seeing 226 against 5922 prophet 5029 he caused these turning away of Mine 7725 also these 2088 to render firm them 539 they shall be 1961 among beside of and moving against by the adversary 6655 they have caused this 6403

29. certainly 3588 by this 834 to approach 7126 the Adam 120 remove the cause in the pit falls to destruction 7825-7200 and messenger teacher of theirs seeing 4397-7200 and they to join together adhering 1692 with them 1992 continuing 4900 to His

Image 0134: 1. these 2088 the portion 4327 remove these looking sharply at having 7688-[5055 remove when pushing against] not 3808 in what of purpose 4100 where they of 1931 this way-dripping to pieces ruins 2088-7446 the man 376 nevertheless 61 by living will show 2331

2. when they to 1931 to kindle heat 228 man 376 proud and presumptuous to move 2086 when tired of 3019 to ones of an inaccessible secret thing 4095 for them 1931 [fem]. And like this 3644 also of remove of arranged order 5468

3. remove show bread -remove caused arranged order setting of equal of His 4635-6186 [this is big two words in the one and meanings of relative to a man making equal to Yeshayahu] you a failure to fail wear out His 1077-1086 the chosen 972 after of this manner 3602 this 2088 they caused of arranged order 5468 exhausting of 4198

4. the seeing among of a arranged order 5468 and of themselves seeing 2007-7200 then 8033 in the pitfall of destruction 7825 their 2088 arranged order of 5468 to it finish 8000 seeing what of purpose 4100 also a kindness mercy 2617

5. removing arranged order of 5468 with them 1992 the ones of the destructions Mine 8060. And like this 3644 where of when to separate distinguish of 914 works deeds of thing 6467 when will find to these of His seeing 4672-7200

6. from beside of and against moves the adversary 6655 ones of form-rock and 6699 in a part of the body 905. After this manner 3602 they work to make habitually of 6466 the prophet 5029 make afraid terrify 1204 being of seeing of His 1961-7200 with him 5973 like this 3644

7. also let us of you explain make plain 874 rendering to deliver 6561 additional 2058

Ending of tenth portion and beginning of eleventh A// Y opening: The beginning section has twelve parts and the book has twelve sections with parts in each section.

8. DELIVER 6561 YOD ALPH-ELEVENTH [continued the numbering and same image 0134]

9. will having of explained making plain 874 measure to secure to succeed 5429-6329 and the destructiveness 8060 " H " 3068 not of 3808

10. their knowledge aware of it 1847 to them 1992

11. and such things 2007 setting a trap to ensnare " I " cause 6983 seeing when 518 the pit falls of destruction 7825 by all ways overcome 3201 against 5921 all 3605

12. arranged commands 1696 seeing when 518 at all ways overcoming 3201 in it coming near to over taking them 5066

13 saying manners of laws 559 they cause to intensify 8027 after 310 on account of cause 7945 it's swellings up-fermenting 7603 condition of the mind 4725

14. sense of joining aside of theirs-them 681 to those will of reprove-correct 3198 by commanded 4406 emaciation 7534 by ones of employment of them 6045

15. "I " will question you 7592 to what of purpose 4100 ones of to be found liars His 3584 with three 7969 and how not 3808

16. accordingly to reply 8421 by Torah seeing 845-7200 with the ones of scattering 6566 seeing great were domineering they were 7235 then mental collapse bawling crying out 1794-2980 with seeing of the destruction [the power of ] 8060 " H " 3068 not 3808 was it to be understood-known of? 3045 [word # 6566 Psalm 6815 nations scattered suggest reading all of]

17. to them 1992. in the striking to punish 5221 having declared explain 874 where of the pit falls to destruction 7825 to be seen of these 7200 strength theirs 455 like which of this 1931 chastisement of El 110 Shaddai-the Almighty 7706

18. walking about slandering 7270 powerful 8623 and able enduring of 3201 to plunder 7703 the Showbread seeing 4635 [understand these are of Yisrael twelve tribes also called the bread of faces also bread of ordering Lev. 24:6]. In very deeds of 552 for also self same of 1931 " H " 3068 also these 1931

19. named a mark of character-authority 8034 archer-teacher 4175 over the ones going to be 1934 rising up of this 7311-2088 ones to declare coming seeing 1934-7200 Mashiyach our-Messiah 4899 to be level honest 833 they the same-to guide govern 5148

20. these 411 and adam-man 120 not 3808 this known 3045 strong of them 451. And attention paid of purpose 3282 speaking of 559 where destruction 8060 not 3808 this known 3045

21. by them 1992. Shall see consider 7200 where in the pit falls of destruction 7825 except removal 2108 then make stronger 6105 preparing to establish 3559 these 1931 seeing-understand stability of truth 571 where 8033

22. chastisement of El 110 Shaddai-Almighty 7706 rising up portion measured of this 7311-2088 beside of 5921 the Father " 1 " and the Spirit 7308 because will accuse 399 to reward 6468 all 3605 things 1697

23. certainly so 403 of the destruction of 8060 " H " 3068 when they have 1931 name mark of character-authority 8034 archer-teacher 4175 over 5921 the ones letting to be-His 1934 and this 1931 named marked of character-authority representing 8034 the son these are mud 1121-1206 or ones of to lie down to rest 7258

24. not 3808 will they appear 1540 to them 1992 among ones of the scattering of 6566 leanness 7535 against Mosheh-good 4872 who shall be 1961 to trust 539 seeing the house His 1004 and protest calling to record 5749

Image 0134: reversed of lines 8 through 15 because of the script in boldness: Line 8 measure grain 374 cause to heal 7495

9. to 413 " H " 3068 to touch feel 3237 the connection-vomit 6957-6958 Philistine-containing 5593-5592 as a form aspect 7299 hate as one opposite among 340

10. from removing far away 1972 they cause to stray-seduce 8582 to judge-rule over 1777

11. to complete 3636 concerning His 5922 for 3588 to butt-rebel 8495 causing great commotion tumult 1933 the men 376 set on edge 6949 will lament wail

12. among able reach ability to take hold on 5381 making a showing foolish 1984 a burning of them 3554 cause to spread 7234

13. blaspheme be corrupt these 4167 he first in place 7223 to 413 also moon month cause 3391 three 7969 what purpose 4100 causes to delude-betray 7411

14. portion out-sorting of 4327 your darkness-thick 5645 calling to 7121 and to cause taste awaiting His of these 2441 unite remaining out of 3867 they shall deride scorn Me 3945

15. these His 428 barefoot implied captive 7725 also pale ashamed 954 they taste 2441 shall break in discomfort 2000 to restrict implied prison 3607 astonished 7583

Image 0135: 1. To Me requesting you-weak made of selves-making prayers measured-7592-7326-2470-5429 when-wheat you 518-2406 the Father-the fathers your " 1 " will be able- they may complete-may finish 3201-3635 over-covering against of 5921-5844 all-covering veiling 3605-3875 judgement of things-great thing 1697-7239 and also-wheat-power of hand 349-2406-3027 when-wheat-to hide secret 518-2406-7328 these of shout of joy-wheat 1931-7442-2406 expansion-making selves fair you 3315-3302 observed acceptable-a male of sheep 7521-1798

2. for Yah to establish-to measure-shall cast down you 3204-5429-3381 when within the heart-who gathering together these 990-3637 this young women-like stink, dung hill-like mortar mixing beat 5959-5132-1743 like that seeing of-emiting fluid ulcerous theirs 1768-7325 by distinction-to boil with you 6304-1730 moulded of into purpose theirs-ranging in regular manner of these 3335 among going down-seeing-comparing to be alike seeing 3381a pit a trap of destruction-emiting fluid ulcerous 7845-1819 and separation of place-and shall rush headlong, being perverse 1505-3399

3. utter destruction ones of theirs-increasing-emiting ones of ulcerous fluid 2763-1342-7325-3680 when in eyes of it to Mine of -when building up 5869-1124 backwards-dazzling 268-6713 not-cover for secrecy - wheat 3808-3909-2406 it shall be-decreed of law-mire of calamity 1961 to burn - secretly trembling fear 3859-3909-7374 ones of sever, distinction to them -furnace-to be conspicuous a sign 6299-3564-5264. Purpose what-boiling love 4100-1730 to cover it-to remain 3722 to stand out-were 3426-3426

4. The ones returning-moving in a circle of dweller 7725-1752 they have become joined of -out cast-emiting fluid ulcerous 3161-1760-7325 drunkenness-an acquaintance-go gentle-a ram, male of the flock 7302-4378-1718-2318 who were of the decree-moving rapidly, become numerous-to defuse Mine 1510-1711-2237 also they to-love-wheat Mine 413-1730-2406 be able of-shall measure determine with Mine 3201

5.over-with making an end 5921-5239 who of all-teach to go 3605-7270 things in though, word-emiting fluid of ulcerousness 1697-7325 influence of drink-chastise with blows correcting you 7937-3256 in regions- by this manner after with Mine 6285-3602 to be seduced of-to wheat Mine 5377-2406

6. " I " cause to make interpretation-of wheat-emiting ulcerous fluid ones of 6592-2406-7325 to His-secercy of 3909 of the expansion-standing out of mouth, speaking 3315-3426-6310 to fresh new things-for like so against to rule these 2319-7287 in answering of things of them-for this their-power of hand 1696-1797-3027

7. words of this matter-complain, weep 1697-1058 also these pressured mentally, messenger entrusted in doing-in the cooking pot ones of 6735-3595 in finding and you have-heart of faintness- to flee of away -measure to determine 4672-7401-5074-5429 in the concealing of withdrawing 5641-5636 body and-after this matter in such case this 5315-3602 strong rolled together theirs-measured determined ones against His 193-5429-2406 you say-seeing wheat emiting ulcerous fluid 559-7200-2406-7325 also shall return-mire boiling up of 7725-2917-1730

8. They will inflame selves-some, slipping out to survive 2552-8277 [other] to deny the facts because of previous actions, estop-emiting ulcerous fluid 6979-7325 and they-in spreading of Me 1931-7234 while yet His -and the threshing time 5750-1788 hot-could over come 2525-3201 and those living-by power of hand-against the mire 3427-3027-3121 standing of-take up-flight be gone 5925-5191-4059 while yet His-our judgement 5750-1777 living of-they are a heap 3427-5067

9. in ones affairs, work-they shall maltreat 6045-3238 who put on hold His-to exile, remove 4672-5206 again-afflicted, broken 8145-5218 cause to ensnare them-that of-this manner-instructing you 6380-1768-3602-3348 like alone together- festival day 259-2282 when to lift up of together gathering-distressed 5375-5136 united-wheat-one together 259-2406-2298 and in appointed time-winning with these 2165 united-who, emitting ulcerous fluid 259

10. by-lamentating 3588-5204 manipulating to capture hold on to-by subduing 8610-3711 also to be confedrates at ease-also peaks,[breast] 5117-8149 these-deepened 2088-2088 you it shall be-to cause emitting ulcerous fluid 1961-7325 hundred the-faint hearted 3969-7401 have permission to rest, release-course of life one together 2010-1870-2298 to seduce seeing you-thankful-cause to make bitter 5496-3036-4843 she body desired- quivering rubbing up and down, purpose mistress, presenting for sex or prostitute 5315-5130-8282-5083

11. she disguises regards-stand out -faint hearted 7760-3426-7401 who they-faint hearted-tender heart weak 1931-3303-7390 excellent cold-to range in regular manner 7119-2905 they-move in a circle 1931-1752 hot-wheat grain 2525-2406 and purpose of manner-a first one 4100-2298 who they-this thrust away cleanse 1931-1740 living of-turn away 3427-7725 these-emitting fluid ulcerous 1931-7325 present of self - be gone 5975-4059

12. and repeadly still more-make to move away 5750-5110 also how -judge-seeing 349-1777-1768 it shall be-to sprinkle, expiation, to cover-instruct 1961-5137-3394 the things of-to conquer these 1697-7286 hot domineering 2525-7288 and because not-and breast-to walk way Mine 1115-1717-3212 hot-living-measure determines 2525-2425-5429 // And livingof -to stand out 3427-3426 and presenting selves-and Spirit living 5975-7308 be come joined-directing power of hand 3161

13. will rightly of manner-and knowledge 3651-1843 now here, then-expiation-sprinkled, atonement of- skip for joy you 645-3725-5483 to His-cover for secrecy 3909 expansion-their body 3315-5315 in new thing - to conceal in Me 2319-3582 the thing of- the seat of love the breast 1697-1717 the crossing over-deliverance shout-disappear 5674-7438-5110 because of purpose to Me-anoint a king 7945-5258 it shall be-descend to enemy 1961-3381 servants-grow thicker His 5658-5666

14. And AL, Most High-draws out enough 5920 course of life-tender hearted 1870-7390 ones of completness-for children 3636-3205 these-to cleanse 1931-1740 able of-laws and decrees, and secrecy3201-1881-3909 to purpose thinking, doing-have enough filled-aroma sweet 6246-7646-5561 all-thresh, trample 3605-1758 the things theirs-speech 1697-5205 the sight to behold you-treading in pieces, Him beside 7207-7286-3197

15. With laws inacted and-failing in want and poverty 2706-2637to hasten assemble and seeing with His-ones of to assemble with them 5789 and strong being together-and among all 193-3605 the causes of ending-to emit fluid ulcerous-powers of hand 1700-7325-3027 who are ones of adversaries -who ones of move in a circle 6696-1752 among found present ones of these theirs-generation of with these-wheat-time appointed full moon 4672-1859-2406-3680 not-fresh new things 3808-3892 it shall be-piling up a heap 1961-5067

16. secret ones destroy of concealing-range in regular manner-public meetings regular readings 5642-2905-4744 sorceress spirit of witch craft theirs 5315 sorceress spirit of witchcraft theirs-interwoven and spread boiled up of them 5315-5259 -7874 and have render sure of -as dew 3559-2920 established faithful-and a portion of-to drive away you 528-4480-5074 that were adversarial ones-their leader of flock-hold out the hand 6696-1798-3034 amng found of these-to ruler having dominion-will join of 4672-7300-3161 concealed of secret things destroy-love them-5647 of any appetite, sorceress, witchcraft their-cut off 5315-3683

17. in regions of-traverse, travel across of 6285-8308 where are deities, idols theirs-to be pointed out-how covered in secrecy-exalting of 433-8150-3909-7426 men whosoever these you-make right of straight way-crush to pieces 606-3474-1792 they-emit ulcerous fluid 1992-7325 again -soiled and defiled of 8145-2936 the perverting of selves-deepens-crushing destruction you 2015-3537-3589 that which-emited ulcerous fluid 834-7325 they-like such loved 1730

18. in completion it was perfect-oppression of - loved -to stand out 8503-1790-1730-3426 conceived progenity-remove exiled 2029-5206 to seize strong repairing-to scratch the itch 2388-2775 and they turn things up side down perversity-and after tis manner-prepare to set up 2017-3602-3559 young ewe lambs-judgement 3776-1777 these with such like-change them 2004-8132 in bondage of His-as long as much until 5647-5704 not- to swept away 3808 they ones of trust-gracious ones of 539-2587

19. passion of wrath-to encamp 639-2583 dweller of to Me- lurking for evil 7933-7789 builders they were to be astonished 1129-1826 bubbled up of the mire-draw out of 7324-2563 declaring-wheat-emiting ulcerous fluid 559-2406-7325 ones of to be peaceful-also cause judgement 7599-1779 to change of-insolence waste 7760 -7736 you still-light a lamp, [see self] 5750-5216 and they have caused confidence, trust-restrain enclosing of-stretch bending away 2622-7753-5186 distinction between-cause judgement 996-1779

20. The El-catch of 410-2480 and they cause to separate, make a distinction of-in such case of-liars-covering for secrecy-power their hand 914-3602-907-3909-3027 and the messengers of them -tread down-lambs-fierce-hand of power 4397-7287-2924-2300-3027 to regions of - lambs-make drunk 6285-2924-7301 to measure, comprehend of them-to watch scrutinize hoping-to reach forth 3557-7663-7971 against by reason of you-to strike-measured of 5973-5221-5429 let be of them-emitting ulcerous fluid 1961-7325 because difficult of -to tread in pieces coquering of 3515-7286

21. strong-to strike measured 6105-root not used-5429 and peaceable-making to act circumspect-cry out [help] 8015-7919-7442 that are going to be ones of -wail of ostrich 1961-7443 blemished-song of deliverance-will of wander, fugitive 3971-7483-714 shall appear-descending-wheat 4672-3381-2406 dumb beast-able to advance-foundation a beginning 1929-5375-5246 brutish you-like this-a male,ram 1197-1780-1798 by pit falls of destruction-intermixing of-He judges 7825-2935-1778 deficient of character these-having mercy-dumb 2642-2603-1745

22. disregarding violating words-Son 3533-1121 ones peaceful at ease-wheat Mine 7599-2406 to the ones comparing-lambs-domineering of you 6186-2924-7288 distinguishing separating-judgement 995-1779 in understanding being prudent of -lambs-judged of 995-2924-1779 man-to be severe harsh 120-2300 they keep bach withdrawing of -grumbling, rebelling-breaking, shouting 1639-7279-7321 setting a trap will of-after this manner-prison, hole 6354-3602-2352 their strong-bending away morally-judged 6105-5186-1779

23. also these-emitting fluid ulcerous 1931-7325 misers-terror to Mine 3596-7374 be at an end -lambs 4390-2924 withholding they are of His-wheat Mine-idumaean with your's 1639-2406-3763 and deficiency of character these-and a twig-emitting ulcerous fluid 2642-2415-7325. And such among of themsleves-shout of grief 2007-7440 to Mine in separating of them-lambs-part of the body-lambs Mine 914-2924-905-2924

24. servants of His-making to reveal of His 5647-6168 in regions of-after this manner with Mine 6285-3602 where many more-the best 1992-2898 servants of His-judge of His 5647-1779 by hundreds-walk softly you-pearls 528-1718-1858 because of unsatiable-desist from labor of-nevertheless-1115-988-3588 were of spreading of these-there to judge you-enclosed 6504-1779-3195 out of portions among His-act high, presumptuously 4480

25 hasten to asemble of these-eyes Mine 5789-5869 messengers His-seeing that-lambs-wheat-emitting fluid ulcerous 4397-1768-2924-2406-7325 loving affection of-and measured ones of 4312-4058. And calling by name-and judge you 3655-1779 in the heavens-cover in secercy-destructive 8064-3909-8060 messengers His-watering-cover secercy-wheat-for 4397-7377-5909-2406-3588 prepared to keep-divide,be alone 5648-909 assembles hasten to these-arrayed of selves-to prevail against 5789-5844-7287

26. messengers of His-as lambs-wheat watering of His 4397-2924-2406-7377 breathed on these, His- to love-remove it 7306-7325-3426 and like this-judged 3541-1779 | in regions of-lambs-prevail against 6285-2924-7287 where many more-also judge 1992-1779 to appoint sending out of them-lambs you 7971-1779 will separate ones of -separate more 2351-2351 by messengers you-able of ability-watering His 4397-1767-7372 the conspicuous honor by character-range in regular manner,goodly habitation hamlet to castle 8034-2905-2918

27. And also the trust secured of You-wheat Mine you 530-2406 where are to be found His-hooking of His-after this manner-loving 4672-2397-3602-1730 to the Eloahh [El of the Elohim] these-and as lambs these His 433-2924

28. and the people His-these the same-to love 6061797-1730 when lifting up- the Eagle 5375-5404 united-wheat-emitting ulcerous fluid 259-2406-7325 and because these-the ones of to love 1992-1730 three-to the Eagle to stand out 7969-5375-3426[the Eagle is by image,drawing]

Image 0135 four lines, 27,28,29,30. and 0136 five lines,1,2,3,4,5, reversed readings of large letters. : 27. sweeping to ruin and 8429 lambs making disgusting 3909-3811 and strong 684 in regarding of 5375 covering over. And among even Mine lusting,

28. the three 7969 what of purpose 4100 swelling up and insolence 7736 to show 2324 fire and 784 to daughter 1323 causes to duplicate 8138 an expression of grief 1929

29. and to conceal as valuable 8226 tremble in terror 7578 rebellious 5637 mother 517 lusting after 185 causes to outcast 1760 what a purpose 4100 evil 7723

30. cause commandment 6673 He will contend 3377 of this 1668 and to ones of existed before 1934 grief of hondred 3969 additional of Mine 3914 gathered in a box they cause 727

Image 0136: 1. bringing out before 3318 lambs to receive instruction 3948 in sense of harshness from refusal of you 4995 for 3588 to carry away 1541 it takes them 3947

2. to be impoverished 4134 among the returning 7725 from causing to mislead you have of 7686 lambs 2924 they to unite, borrowing 3867 being astonished 7583 commanded 6673 [Shemot 32:20] break up in pieces 7616

3. to reply, answering 8421 dwelling a nest 7064 the captain, head person 7218 to make good 2896 to prick as a bramble bush you 5572 shall of take 3947 building 1129 to despond 2976

4. wailing 5204 of hundred 3969 by lambs 2924 to lambs strick 2924-3807 for 3588 this 1452 to sort out 2178 one hundred 3969 from lusting after 183 to chop wood these fem. 2404

5. and build 1129 a room under 8478 for 3588 lambs before 2924 who 4310 and with bed you 4702 and withdraw 4085 wailing, lamenting 5204 one hundred these 3969

Image 0136: 29. and who of-will become derelict, wrong practice 1992 united of -wheat emitting ulcerous fluid 259-2406-7325 their-to be firm of 1931-3581 authoritative decrees-to wheat-butting ram, captain 3982-2406-3733 to cover hiding of-soft hearted-to entwine, for formation restraining of 5641-7401-7753 bodiment of desired things and-things prepared, sacrificial wafer 5315-3561

Image 0136: 30. are nothing-mire 369-2917 seen of -watering 7210-7377 by the ones faithful 539 with His and theirs-emitting ulcerous fluid 1931-7325 things of 1697 to bring out 3318

Image 0136: 1. to smite off-ones of possessing , holding of 4277-2631 they to-the wheat you 413-2406 people of the nations-arrogance 1471-1466 because 3588 was nothing-wheat measure His 369-2406-5429 by enactments, decrees His-restraining, implied the jaw 2706-7448 by the prophets-lambs- make stink, offensive 5012-2924-887

2. among before teaching diligently-inner most feelings 8150-990 they whosoever-as grain you 606-2406 and they cause to come near theirs-and lambs-judgement-defiled,-before the Eagle 5066-2924-1779-2933 with His-because His, Name Honored-dry straw theirs 834-3588-7119 like this-leader of the flock, life guardsman 3644-3746 [the image of Eagle attached to the shen of 5066]

3. where was nothing-to grind 369-2912 enactments, decrees His-lightning 2706-1300 for have made a secret, covering-something added-measured 3680-3914-5429 with inner most thoughts-shall put to shame the ones 990-954 causes to be left-to emit ulcerous fluid 7604-7325 designant these-to propagate these 5344-5220 [lightning set on fire ?]

4. the confidence of-like a generation 983-1859 and when-and to leap for joy 518-7540 you shall have assurance of-planning as in a bargain-to judge 539-3734-1777 this-to prevail1454-7287 people of the nations you-persons 1471-1465 you are able to prevail-range in regular manner-lambs 3202-2905-2924 for the ones of confidence trusting-cover secret-emitting ulcerous fluid 539-3909-7325-1777

5. and you ones trusting- and a generation-judge 539-1859-1777 these established-hostil-judgement 7760-8324-1779 strong of substance-and to measure-to love 6108-5429-1730 and " I " ones of make king-and they emit fluid ulcerous of you 4427-7325 humble of you His-and Mine after this manner of His 8430-3602 begin to rebuild His-judgement 1129-1779

6. And these-and wheat you 428-2406 the things of them-emitting ulcerous fluid-make prominent 1697-7325-3151 measured able of to contain-make to disappear-judged 3557-5110-1777 to cast away of them -as standing out 2219-3588-3426 joining aside-shout great-cover, chants, secrecy 681-7442-3909 the circumspect, intelligent-tremble terror-shall measure against 7919-7374-5429 and comes-judgement your 935-1777 the agitaters of you-covering for secrecy-emitting ulcerous fluid-belly swelling 7322-3680-7325-3770 to stop them-tremble in terror 989-7374

7. was nothing-judgement 369-1777 seen of Me-a generation 7200-1859 to mark of them-to chase away ones of-to strick 2142-5074-3589. And to let be-and so-to pine after 1961-3588-3642 the pit falls of destruction-inner most thought-soon hurry 7825-2910-2440 beside of-the lamb-able enough 1115-2924-1762 among to be drawn, out of-the emitting of ulcerous fluid-to this manner you 8388-7325-3602 they to over come able by you-to enclose Mine-to smell sweet Mine 3201-2085-5561 among these-wheat, lambs Mine 428-2406-2924

8. working affairs ones of them-and shall Mine prove, assay ones of these 6045-5254 nothing theirs-living or to revive ours 369-2425 wanting-emitting of fluid ulcerous-judgement of you 2642-7325-1779 select His -as from pressure to crack,[go back] 480-6875 the expansion-shall let be redeemed 3315-6299 according to manner-judgement His 3644-1779 where was nothing-inner most thought to Me, His 369-2910 wanting-to deny facts because of ones previous words or actions theirs 2642-2910 to man-to love-teachers His 120-1730-3384 bereave, [to loose of ]to Me-lambs 3782

9. able of to overcome-My lambs 3201-2924 to ones of protected-to love seeing 2387-1730-7200 strong of substance His-pearls His 6106-1858 attacked like nibbling-sequester self 5909-6166 indeed yet-lambs My 61-2924 they-to the wheat 1931-2406 finish His-privacy, quietly-holding together Mine 8000-7987-3563 grow hot you His- a part of after you His 2552 and strong of substance these and-to Mine emit ulcerous fluid 6106-7325

10 on account of to Me-a weighty burden bearing you 7945-5192 able of to overcome-they will act subtilly, deceive 3201-5230 to choose-exalt self harden of, weight, comparing 6901-5539-5537 this [way]-these emit ulcerous fluid 2088-7325 that changes ours you-judge of -defile- haste pounce 8138-1777-2930-2907 the ones of remove-become numerous these 1639-1711 // assemble like wise of manner-inthe sense of distributing, spreading 1571-1409 what of purpose-making self poor 4100-7326 where shall go-dirt to be swept away-tremble terror 935-216-7374

11. ones seen of Yah-emitting ulcerous fluid-to stand out 7211-7325-3426 among expansion-fainte hearted-to hanging up you 6451-7401-5541 and obedient 3348 and charged of-defiled infamous 7760-2931 " H " seen of 3068-7200 not-lambs you 3808-2924 were aware the knowledge cunning of Mine-to scorn-to stand out of 3045-5110-3426 in these-lambs-to be conspicuous 1992-2924-5264 were seen-emitting fluid ulcerous 7200-7325 also were nothing you-recently made so they 369-2961

12. spreading out as fruitful vine Mine-measured of 1238-5429 repair a breach 918 crumbled-judgement caused 1751-1779 ones language-violent 3961-2904 the Qadash, set apart of -to Qadosh, sacred 6942-6918 on account of theirs-to lambs His 7945-2924 who are seeing-continually 518-2956 not-lambs you 3808-2924 right of manner-shout of gladness 3651-7440 not-to wheat 3808 it shall be-Mine judged 1961 to you-lambs you 2924

13. being obstinate-wrongly to practise loving of 7186-7750-1730 things of-each alike 1697-905. And these-emitting fluid ulcerous 2088-7325 who excepted of -trembling terror 518-7374 shall be-ones singing of 1961-7891 writing of theirs-to turn back 3789-7725 not-lambs-emitting fluid ulcerous 3808-2924-7325 will declare Mine-judgement-because 3045-1779-3588 shall be-to light a lamp1961-5216 to you ascending-lambs these His-covered in secrecy-to stand out 5927-2924-3909-3426

14. keeping theirs-picking out Mine-and to love Mine 8104-5365-1730 over-hot and active-lambs 5921-3120-2924 the greates of-after this manner Mine 7235-3602 truly-wheat-emitting fluid ulcerous-measure of 551-2406-7325-5429 not-lambs-judge 3808-2924-1777 " I " will be know-troublesome these 3045-3275 ones writing of theirs-bring into subjection 3789-2916 where judgement theirs-mire to swept away 29422916 not-firm 3808-3581

15. you shall make know with theirs Mine-cry out for help-afflicted these Mine 3045-7768-1790 " I "wheat-able after 589-2406-1767 will in bones of substance-and by Mine will draw away them 6106-5080 to these-now to love Mine 1992-3588-1730. And ones of separate to specify-and knowledge-judgement 6567-1843-1777 the writing of-piling up-shake out measuring 3789-5067-4128 just and right of manner-judging 3651-1777. Like such-to disappear 2004-5110

16. Mine " I " have seen-known by seeing-distinction by power used of 7200-3045-3027 to these-by loving of 1992-1730 in astonishment of to Me-judging-inner most thoughts to Me 7583-1777-2910 strong chief-and lambs 352-2924 sliping out Mine-to have dominion Mine 8277-7287 able to endure-becoming numerous-softly 7272-1711-3909 and can away with-direction of power-lambs 3201-3027-2924 to be powerful-when emitting fluid ulcerous 7703-3588-7325 all-after this manner His 3605-3602 " I " selecting of these-in judgement-to love-by direction of power hand 1254-1779-1730-3027 [a line to 3651 just and right of manner]

17. able to endure-become numerous-lambs 7272-1711-2924 to be different-judgement of -to catching ones of in the net 8138-1779-2760 charge by oath them-spread out of - the arranged order 7704-5468-7650 and firm good these-to love to these 3581-1730 to welfare, goodness-these to resemble making plain 2898-7737 desiring also-inner most thoughts His 176-2910 to tend a flock-lambs-knowledge 7462-2924-1843. And will complete-and to love you-My lambs 3635-1730-2924 will declare of Me-firm-watchful 3045-6179

18. to them-to record, noted 1992-7559 firm Mine-out cast, pushed down 3581-1760 and are strong of substance-standard, a sign 6106-5251 enough able of-watering 1767-7377 in selecting of them-loving His-the open ones- His 1254-1730-3027 in conspicuousness a miracle-ones tender hearted Mine 4159-7401 building up support trusting them-wheat Mine-of judgement 539-2912-1779 make amazed Mine of - 8074 " H " 3068

19. able of to endure-enlarge growing up-lambs 7272-7685-2406 position honored-a sign 8034-5251 to Me shall be-wheat-tender hearted 1961-2406-7390 in order that-with judgement 834-1779 they-to My wheat 1931-2406 honor position-a sign My 8034-5251 " H " 3068[-twisted together His strong of 193] with certainty of truth-among wheat-emitting fluid ulcerous 571-2406-7325 fearing of-and ones loving 4172-1730 Most High Al -take away ashes, making fat 5920-1878 truth you-course-way of life Mine 571-derek

20. present of these His-matzo, unleavened bread greedily devouring course of Mine-well traveled road, a manner walked, way of -4682-734 to Me shall be wheat-tender hearted 1961-2406-7309 and binding firm of these His-loving ours 6105-1730 expansion of-Yah will liberate 3315-3301 when this-My out cast are pushed down-lights of a lamp Mine 834-1760-5216 there of making know-to love 3045-1730 to these lambs-ones loving 2924

21. in a conspicuous sign-beside of 4159-3197 not-to tire making weary of self-lunation moon month 3808-3811-3391 to these ones knowing of these-seeing-radiating out-blood red at the bottom of the covering, [full moon ? ] from a small opening 3045-1768-7325-1818 in regions of -lambs-hand of power Mine, way Mine-to flow out of 6285-2924-3197-6379 laid waste the destruction to them-to light a lamp theirs 7582-5216 was of the mire 834-2916 where these-judging-loving 165-1777-1730

22. causes to feed [teach]His-changing-spreading 2939-8133-7286 among living places before-ones of have dominion 2333-7300 the presented His-the rain-among judging rain 4672-7377-1777-7737

23. a strong hold , fastness-boiling up, loving you 4679-1730 powerful numerous His-to love His 6285-1730 portion-able of 6285-1767| where of a refuge, confidence ones of-also loving Mine 4009-1730 to unite-lambs, wheat 259-2924-2406 to Mine shall be-love-hand of power directed 1961-1730-3027 associates of to over shadow huddling together hiding you-tender hearted 6004-7390 among existing-love 1933-1730 with by bitterness, seeing -contending, judging-emitting ulcerous fluid 4787-7200-1777-7325 [3615 anilation, ceased the perishing-seeing, another way to translate the word both with seeing]

24. at this time-a portion 6258-4480 point out, teach-to bring forth 3384-1876 who are to become His-to love Mine and to love theirs 1961-1730-1730 people-tribes His-and able of 5971-1769 and consenting His-seeing-walk gently 225-1768-1718 the time now-subdue, conquering 6256-7286 being worn out-failing-lambs these Mine 1086-2924 among living places of before-loving His ones of 2333-1730 never the less Mine-mire theirs 61-2917

25 the thing-this matter-to conquer 1697-7286 "I " cause to interpret of-wheat-after this manner-watering, rain 6591-2406-3602-7377 when to be acceptable-judging of 7522-1777 where good a refuge ones of in confidence-causing to yield, perverting of-annihilate leave but a sixth part you 4009-5186-8338 these of El of kings-to wheat-lambs you 458-2406-2924 the refuge sure He- to love bring forth love 982-1730-1876-1730 when this the one-striking fire from a metal forge causing sparkling gems these 2063-3539 to rise out of the desolation-lambs seeing 7721-7722-2924-7200

26. shall be you-to boil up 1961-5518 . Assemble-blood 1571 from speaking things absolute His-[theirs]emitting ulcerous fluid 562-7325 where " I " will be [with] you-[Alph in the shape of a lamb] lamb crushing destruction 165-3589 also the good these- a covering 1931-2896-3875 there-demons 8033-7700 teachers-to confine you formative, protecting 4175-3589 in skilful teaching-crushing destruction 6264-3589 [after] reverence and fearing-power of the hand-enough able of 3374-3027-1767

27. where of ones refuge in confidence-definning of those-emitting ulcerous fluid-to boil up 4009-5429-7325-7874 and these of trust, a refuge ones of-will love-to have prevailed 4009-8280 when separated of those-" I " to love-standing out of those 6504-1730-3426 failed-lambs-who of 1115 among living places before of His-declaring of Mine, show of His 2333-2331 with these enough able of these -good ones 1992-1767-2896 they will cling-loving His 1692-1730 and they unite-subduing spreading 2249-7286

28. How-power of Hand [His] 349-3027 there-to conquer-prevailing as prince 834-7286-8280 shall be-to follow close, continually-power of hand theirs 1961-2956-3027 in firmness His-to flow as rain water pointing out teach 3581-3384 to the ones of refuge confident-lambs-sreading conquering-bringing down 983-2924-7288-3381 constantly of set times-push to fall theirs 8548-1762 with speech-lambs you-to rest 3956-2924-7764 in the besprinkling of -expiation [the covering of our sin and to make clean ]-to wave to and fro-seeking to worship 5137-5074-1875 and they-spread 1931-7286 to Me shall be-penetration, thrusting out-spreading out-causes to yield 1961-5365-5186

Image 0137: 1. That-these to be free-that 834-7300-2097 " I " will be-that-shall judge-power of hand 165-2097-1777-3027 fear eceedingly and in reverence-found wanting muster of 3374-5737 where, what thing- of the arranged order of 1697-5468 El His- lambs 410-2924 will cause interpretations-shall tremble in terror you 6592-7374 and who of this-course of life theirs 1931-1870 ones of to specify distinctly-showers-to judge 6568-7377-1777

2. among ones living spaces before-emitting fluid ulcerous 2333-7325 the ones found of-to conquer-they love it 4672-7286-1730 a snare-loving 4679-1730 keeping out of sight it-will judge His 5958-1777 for by it to provoke bitterness-loving 4843 that nothing-shout ones of-smite off [it] 369-7442-4277 [small arrows pointing to top of page arrow to previous page a word 4277]

3. ones found of it-to cry out-that it 4672-7442-1768 were told-wheat of-emitting ulcerous fluid 562-2406-7325 will ones of refine as metal-a stumbling block, slanderest 6884-1848 to-that-lambs 413-1768-2924 who were found of them-to prevail of-course of life 4672-7287-1870 who of bear in minde, hope you-to love-that name of 5452-1730-8034 the calling of teacher of them-that 7121-1786 concented His-to love it 225-1730 ascending you-lambs they that 5927-2924

4. the ones going up-to love it-to break it, treat it violently 5927 according to this-crush theirs to powder it theirs 3644-1793 who declared ones of you have-singing song-shall ones pusu over 874-7891-1848 will of follow-lambs-tremble in terror 1875-2924-7374 thing good-return 2896-7725 for 3588 by the eyes to be content of-shall open the eyes, wake up 5869-5782 then-to love 8033-1730 and also-need need and need 349-6878 that, that-to stand out 834 not-lambs-subdue 3808-2924-7288

5. will of be to know it-and knowledge His 3045-1843 covered a secret-this you 3909 will be-enough able 1961-1767 the name-shall restrict, bridle the jaw of - this it 8034-7448-2088 nothing-tremble in terror of use 3808-7374 will be known-to hate, odious of 3045-8130 to these-lambs-to love-that-[name] 1992-2924 this pit fall of destruction-gathered property of you 7825-7399 it what purpose-and to love 4100-1730 whos saying-weak-emitting fluid ulcerous 5597390-7325 to not-lambs of them-lambs you 3808-2924-2924 shall be known they have-to flee, get away from it's use of it-people of Mine-that 3045

6. to maintain as a cause-and of lambs 3557-2924 not--lambs you 3808-2924 it shall be known they have-get away of it flee-when of it, you of 3045-5110-6256 El of Yah these-tremble in terror-lambs 452-7374-2924 with closed eyes of it these-ones of loving-that 6105-1730-1768 for-let be 3588-1961 this pit fall of destruction-enough able of you, the Eagles to lacerate 7825-1767-5404 name it-this 8034-1768 and closed the eyes these it-will light a lamp these 6105-5216 unite-enough able of 259-1767

7. a brier-for 3588-7899 nothing-ones of grace 369-2581 to His they-dissuade, forbid-5106 name-measured they have 8034-5429-5106 among will add in continuing to do a thing-loving 3254-1730 against-lambs 5921-2924 the strong of substance Mine-conquered of-defines you 6106-7286-5429 and Name of Honor Mine- to spread out-able enough 8034-7704-1767 " I " will be that-cause rain 165-7377 that-just and right of manner 834-3651 " I " shall be that -spittle-not 1961-7388-3808

8. picture of fish flowing into a temple where they-emit fluid ulcerous 1931-7325 name His-a brier 8034-7899 teaching-emitting ulcerous fluid you 4175-7325 over-lambs-a tumor 5921-2924-6076 the substance strong that to love 6106-1768-1730 like such-of this manner you of theirs 3644-3603 which having made plain you have-returning of -cast into a dead sleep that 874-7725-7290 not-make and end of you 3808-5239 to know by seeing they will do-admonish 3045-5749 and that, that-to love-this 834-1730-1791 not Mine 3808

9. to know they will do-to love 3045-1730 to not-to cover secret of-to propagate by shoots,[change, figurative it is to be perpetual, be continued] you 3808-3909-5125 to know seeing they will-love-leave desttitue, empty 3045-1730-6168 eyes closed they will have-continued of -to love-among veiled these 6106-5750-1730-6777 accordingly Mosheh-they to ravage-like emitting ulcerous fluid it 4872-7325-7703 and they shall hide-they to stand out-bearing witness-you eagles 5785-3426-5749-5404 the writtings-loving His-desiring of 3789-1730-8373 just and right of manner-judging-just and right of manner-3651-1777-3651 and "Mine " able enough-rain showers-entreat-light lamps 589-1767-7377-4994-5216

10. " H "-to push aside contempt-Good-to love 3068-7589-2896-1730 not-to propagate by shoots 3808-5125 shall be known of " I " Am-also mire-these dumb of 3045-7847-1826 to these-lambs-course of life 1992-2924-1870 merely leanness-generation 7535-1859 who received-covered-shall measure 3948-3909-4058 the Name-covering secret-to impoverish-measuring of 8034-7576-5429 beat and bruised you-faint hearted, weak 1792-7390 ones of heavness-loving 3513-1730 like in regions of lambs-6285-2924 a rise in priority-a tumultuous crowd-lambs-loving 4608-7285-2924-1730

11. and writtings-loving theirs-these noted of 3789-1730-5344 fulness of-lambs-emitting of ulcerous fluid 4390-2924-7325 Mine-cover, secret of 589-3909 " H " -lead astray 3068-2937 Who's to draw out 1931-7324 Name Honor of -to hiss of in scorn 8034-8319 and like heavy ones of Mine-emitting ulcerous fluid 3513-7325 to other-lambs-firm 312-2924-3581 not-lambs-slowly 3808-2904-1677 these Mine-you emitters of ulcerous fluid of them 859

12. Deliver 6567 twelfth-12 th-desired 2968 by the laying open 6566 bright, cheerful 7797 distinguishing of to understand 995--reverse, producing fruit 5108 cheerfully 7797 princes 8269 according to 6310 because of in obedient's 3348 invigarated 7497

13. the collection of a people 523 and ones of the third time, restoration 8027 by the trusting believing ones firm 5040 in rebuilding 2318--reverse-also were outcast before 5080 to Me the hundred 3967 in restoration of ones His 8027 they will do hundred 3967

14. then a foothold a standing 4613 the ones of restraint Mine 7448 My fugitives 5211 to fear 7297 tears 1830 what of the purpose 4100

15. saying 559 because a third time 7969 these of stability certain truth 571 firmness fidelity of duty I have 550 not 3808 to Me slacken 7503 --reverse- they bear fruit 6500 oath your 422 are one hundred 3967 complete ones to Me 8535 three, 3 7969 what of purpose 4100 elevation to Me 7315

16. and to Me permit of Mine 5800. And seeing when 518 " I " accordingly come quickly 2439 with skill giving understanding 7919 --reverse- to be covered 3780 to think, muse over 7878 as 3588 one hundred His 3767 what is given 2053 put in motion,excited fearing 2111 desiring of 176

17. " I " will asign miracle, conspicuous-power of hand you-conquering 4159-3027-7286 was nothing-enough 369-1767 to bless-this 1289-1791 make an end of -cause judgement 3615-1779 in regions of-lambs-emitting ulcerous fluid 6285-2924-7325--reverse- " I " make a difference these 6395 and by this manner to Mine 3602 master with Mine 7227 your 854 mouth of them 6433

18. where ones of the nations-sweep away-rains 524-2894-7377 they-evil of-among after 1931-7451-1767 among to act treacherously-subjugation-emiting fluid ulcerous-lambs-powerful oppression 4603-7287-7325-2924-7703 to asign miracle conspicuousness of -secrecy-loving-rest 4159-3909-1730-7764 also these-spittle 1931-7388 remaining of-they will think good 3498-8232 to deny benefits you-to spittle-impose 4513-7388-7412 in making to be circumspect-to succeed-of lambs 7919-3787-2924--reverse- to young sheep, lambs you 3775 two fountains, eyes seeing 6046-5869 lamps you 5216 and one to be suitable 2969 one of political or morall support 8356 in mouth, speech 6433, 6310 of assoicates huddled together 6004 where 346 they will have hundred also 3967

19. to the separating and distinguish to understanding-lambs-judgement 995-2924-1779 untrue of words, to deny-stink 3584-887 which they thing to regard-sweep away as mire 2803-2216 to Him-lambs His for righteousness-lambs crumbs 6665-5350. And when-dash down 518-7376 not-ones inner most thoughts 3808-2910 to the ones believing-emitting ulcerous fluid to Me 539-7325 to hold back, restrict-a wash pan 3607-3595 with-to conquer 856-7286 which-is trembling in terror 834-7374

20. to let ones of judge-to stand out-storting 8199-3426-5170 consider the intelligents-singing 7919-8284 over of theirs-eagles-lambs 5921-5404-2924 they will have taught to Mine-mourns of 3045-7300 also-how-to change 349-1963-2015 to what of purpose-lambs-emit ulcerous fluid 4100-2924-7325 you to be true-fretting, painful you 539-3992 in renewing of-to be joined of His 2318-2303 ones of uporar to destruction-princes 7588-8269

21.My miracle implied conspicuous-and loves ones of-tenderness Mine 4159-1730-7390 coming-wheat-princes 935-2406-8269 over of His-eagles-they allow to stay 5921-3240-5404 and their untrue words ones of-loving of- enough-good 3584-1730-1767-2896 in considering, intelligents-fleece, shorn sheep-good-judging 7919-1488-2896-1777 being of-watering them-Mosheh 1961-7377-4872 words-love of 1697-1730 to be full of, confirm-love-emitting of ulcerous fluid-lambs-wheat 4390-1730-7325-2406 word things-cleansing of 1697-2715. And to what of purpose-judge 4100-1777

22. you confirm of-emitting ulcerous fluid it-judgement of 539-7325-1779 to have foothold, standing-watering-conquering 4613-7377-7286 Mountain-loving 2022-1730 Sinai, Cinai-distinguish of intelligently teaching 5514-995 they have cast far off-judgement-good-loving 1972-1779-2896-1730 having separated to understand-that-judging 7919-1768-1777 these untrue words ones of -they love-they love 3584-1730-1730 which they bring-returning-changing 935-7725-8135 their pit falls of destruction-emitting ulcerous fluid theirs-to boil up of them 7825-7325-7874

23. over-to covering, hide secret 5921-3909 looming up a mountain-rain 2042-7377 unify of thought-ones of to snare 258-6341 in the midst of -prepare 8432-3559 the clouds as covering, practise of enchantment-to be green, figrative prospering 6049-7488 to teach-secretly-lambs-emitting ulcerous fluid 3925-3909-2924-7325 custom of theirs-hush to keep quiet-to stand out 2708-2814-3426 and instruction, Torot, fem of Torah " I " have-power of hand to Mine-hurry, make haste 8452-3027-2439

Image 0138: 1. Respond shout pay attention-pay attention 6030 He causes to unite-disappears 3162-5110 were nothing-hear, two ears 369-241 to these-Eagle- ensnared ones to love-stand out 3369-1730-3426-5404 Reverse-- obedient 3348 to making effort not 5107 to push 1792 them that movement of 5270

2. training I was of you-training with you 525-525 to training you-allotment by courtesy you 525-4521 that fresh new thing 2319-- Reverse-- uselessness 7723 out cast 1760 slumbering 8572 to such 413 so 3588 slumbering to Me 8572

3. to measure-of the Eagle 3849 proper flavor, taste of judgement of them 2942 --Reverse-- whoever 4310 quarreling 4683 gladness 2898 violent of emotion spinning round 1523

4. H // A-He-to pounce as a bird of prey 1931-2907 also great while ago-to lie down for rest, sexual connection 3528-7901 knowledge of, aware of your-insolence, to devastate-arrange for order to battle 1847-7736-6186 to stroke this twice of them-great one of-their eagle loving of 6471-3733-1730-5404 thousands-before he loved them 7239-1730 where breaking open-Eagle good, Eagle sees eagles fresh new thing loving it 6566-5404-5404-5404 of insolents of great mans-village of female fortune-lambs 1419-2693-2924, -Yah judged-3092 standing out, great one-[the giymel line shows cutting the olive branch and it's leaves,tail feathers cut off] 3426 distinction between- make afraid 996-3372 [5404 appears as pictured images in words and small arrows point to upper line word and symbols] -reversed the letter--in shame 3001 born 3206 Geshur a region, village of Syria 1650 accordingly 6310 also to be broken up also 8406 who 4310 among covers, hiding 6073 for you 3588 witnessed of a people 5712 mixed with 7246 falls crash's, laid waste it 7582 [the female veil that, that appeared at this time recorded in B'reeshet-Genesis 38:13-16 as used by harlots, and again 24:65 Rebekah, out of Syria veiled herself on seeing Yitzak][also 1st Corinthians 11:7 the translators did not translate the second word in combined of with 2619,4422 this second word 4422 from the dictionary "cause to fall" so the words are translated not and thus making the reading mixed by corrupters, corrupted To veil the the face or completely of the head causes to fall, fail. There are so many of these examples in the books of the later writings, one must refer to the Torah if not in these books do not add the thing. Things in Hebrew read for the truth of the event and the approval or evil is by scripture-Torah established law not events.]

5. the things of them-to love-to stand out 1697-1730-3426 which-judging 834-1777 theirs-winning fork 1992-7371 garden, form of deceiving-judging to stand out 1593, 1589-1777-3426 were lacking of character-and loved- arrogance -love of self 2642-1730-2086-1730 with substance of-wheat-to the ten of 6108-2406-6235 the El-love-lambs. 410-1730-2924 and where ones of to be confined-that-they judge 6696-1768-1777--reverse--ones of make run away 7323 hanging down thing 7757 causes the bed, couch, [harlot] will break up the gleam 5214 sweep away these 5500 they are that 1571 causes of want, poor 7326 among He will contend 3377 proceed softly 1718

6. with ones presented these-loving Mine-the love-able enough-Eagle-good 4672-1730-1730-1767-5404-2896 of the stirring up, stimulating-assemble of persons counsel these-good 5496-5475-2896 mighty of substance-a foe watchful-love-a foe made selves poor 6108-6145-1730-7326 to remain-to subjugate-Eagle watch-brooding over young of 7604-7287-5404-7200-1716 the ones employed of them- loving Mine-inspect consider 6045-1730-8159 uproar ones of to destruction-Eagle good-foe these of 7588-5404-2896 dumb-for eagle in flight lacerating-Eagle good watching 929-5404-5404-2896-6822 excepted of limitation-to soften 7535-7401 lacking of character-love these 2642-1730 --reverse of-- ours hurly a pointed thing 7420 quiet excellent 7119 what of purpose 4100 to cause despair 2976 to portion out 4327 Mine to movement 5270 shake the head 7218 for out of small, few 4705 you with sweet smell 5561 take alarm to Me these 8429 fasting before 6685

7. having made know you-they of that,-they of love it 3045-1768-1730 regarding judgement theirs-good-assemblies of witnesses's-measured-portion 2942-2896-5712-5429-4480 -- reverse-- among to pare off few of 4591 causes protest Mine 6749 [B' reeshet, Genesis 38:13-16 veil over the face, it's symbol, a harlot, B'reeshet 38:13-16 and 24:65 out of Syria, 1st Corinthians 11:7 Greek 2619 and the 4422]

8. H // B and loved before seeing of , Eagle seeing that 1730-7200-5404-7200 also, [eagle-5404 very small ,hiding] were ones of renewing, new thing-to love His and judging 2318-1730-1777 their teachers wittingly-Eagle-you love 7919-5404-1730 they defend by reasoning of ones rulers-making selves polluted-and expanding 8199-2930-4298 over them-lambs Mine 5921-2924 and shall accordingly pulverize theirs-swelling of insolence-emitting ulcerous fluid of their eagle 7347-7736-7325-5404 for loading upon these, His -scour-standing out of that 2943-4838-3426-1768

9. " I " killed these-who emitted ulcerous fluid-ones of measured these 4191-7325-4058 among was punishment to be enough with these of Mine-to be destitute with you 5606-7326-1767-8138 and that-enemy-to be found present 518-6146-4291 with impious fools-to make bitter-lambs Mine 196-4784-2924 not-covering in secret-cause to love 3808-3909-1730 let be their-that Mine 1961-1768 conspicuousness thing it was-to bring forth you-that was dumb 4159-1876-1820

10. by knowledge skillful in deception your's-lambs to-love-judging 18472924-1730-1777 that of this way-Eagle seeing-Eagle judging 2008-5404-7200-5404-1777 these-loved these 1992-1730 ruin of His these-ruin of that you eagle 5859-5859-5404 among was punishment enough these-emiters of ulcerous fluid-eagle of-emitting ulcerous fluid eagle 5606-7325-5404-7325-5404 and they grow as grain-trembling terror-lambs 7641-7374-2924 caused to sit as Judge in ambush-to soften to Me-the Eagle 3427-7401-5404 to be thick-judgement-eagle 931-1779-5404

11. from raking together-collapse sore, contrite of 181-1794 repeatedly-how continue 5750-5710 who of that you-to conquer 607-7286 look to-emitting ulcerous fluid-judge-Eagle 7200-7325-1779-5404 who are weak, not grown up His-pointed to-of lambs His 648-7905-2924 prepared to weight mentally ones of and directing the mouths-judgement-lambs-for these 6424, 6285-1779-2924-3588 with time before of old theirs-eagle emitting ulcerous fluid these-a generation-of them 69317325-5404-1859 on account of cause to Me-Eagle seeing inner most part heart 7945-5404-7200-990

12. to become His-Eagle-for His 1961-5404-3588 their master-loves-lambs Mine 1167-1730-2924 decreed laws-stand out Mine 1882-3426 in the support firm trusting Him-emitting of ulcerous fluid-judgement His 547-7325-1779 holding a controversy, defend them-was to the mouth 7398-6433 and one to join, gathering His-enough 1767-2266 to mark, write as a record of them-love-derek,course of life 5608-1730-1870 when ones of to stand up theirs-to sift through a mesh of Mine 6966- // [eighth day]

13. of the truth no doubt trusting-wheat-the Eagle-to raise up 551-2406-5404-7311 by established truths, faithful, you have- by rain-after this manner 529, 530-7377-3602 were nothing-seeing self 369-7209 in the making of circumspect, understanding-we-all-lambs 7919-5168-3605-2924 out of you caused to sit as judge in ambush -become weak poor-of that-to turning 3427-1800-1768-7725[Yeshayahu, Isaiah 30:21] over you-lambs-hand of power 5921-2924-3027 to completing-enough-lambs these 3635-1767-2924 and image Eagle flying seeing- 5404-7200 these-tender hearted His 1931-7390-5404-7200- Eagle perched on bottom of vav 5404

14. things-emitting ulcerous fluid 1697-7325 removing ones of relationship-this-power of hand-a thorn 7368-1791-3027-5573 theirs Eagle seen-judging His 1931-5404-1777 raking together-judgement-after this manner 181-1779-3602 and with prating words, chanting of -like abundant, thousands 6527-7227 when will disclose disgraceful thing-wheel,-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] these Eagle seeing 1540-1534-5404 and will break in pieces them-muzzle-to be loved of-the demons 6536-1102-1730-7700

15.weight out the portion-loving of- lighting lamps you-emitted ulcerous fluid 4487-1730-5216-7325 and they removed that, making circumspect-loving-and loving-lambs7519-1730-1730-2924 among the portion-pearls you 4487-1858 in regions of-lambs 6285-2924 knowledge, understanding-loving of Mine 1847-1730 unwise of your-course of life-interlaced 2450-1870-2935 failing-covered secret of-able enough 1115-3909-1767 covering, veiled these-tender hearted-among who are dripping to pieces of 4539-7390-7446

16. completely-grain 3636 to My revealing-lambs-able you-lambs-judge 1540 2924-caldean-lambs-1777 and they-love you-to stand out-of that 1931-1730-3426-1768 overthrown of-have leave, permit-able 2015-7558-1767 in causing to take root-good Eagle-and to love 8327-2896-5404 //

17. H // G-smite with deadly intent-to stand out 2026-3426 these among ones of renewing-love Mine-loving 2318-1730-1730 not-lambs-tender hearted before 3808 2924-7390 coming forth-swarms 935-7430 the conspicuous signs-Eagle-loving His-shepherds you Mine 41597473 over-eagle watching-Eagle guarding-lambs 5921-5404-5404-2924 when hurling out of -just and right of manner-lambs-seeing 2904-3651-2924-7200 and gathers-slow moving 1571-1677 from places regions, stations-loving Me-loving you 4612-1730-1730

18. mountains-also emitting ulcerous fluid 2022-7325 Sinai-pushing out sheep, lambs 5514-7716 with-annihilate leave sixth part-lambs, sheep 413-8338-2924 you impudent, hard hearted-to be grieved of -judgement-separate alone 7185-3512-1779-910 acting high of-even so surely-judge 5927-389-1777 in regions of -put out fire, anger Mine 6285-3515 ones of uproar rushing to destruction-to regard 7588-5028 to His-lambs His arranged by direction-warriors grasping weapons 6186-2924-1574 and consider ours-a carnage, slaughter-judgement 1819-4347-1779

19. in security of you-were honoring-dung 530-1921-1828 for the third time-were beast-signal-by image watch 7968-929-5257 judge, descending of them-causes threshing ones of 2932-156 because " H " and " H " Mine 3068 3068 //

20. H // A existing-will soften ours, tender hearted of-by breaking, contrition 1933-7401-1794 were also faithful, trusting you-great mighty ones you-to love-judging 530-7689-1730-1777 /lacking of character-love to Me-after this manner 2642-1730-3602 with substance-a stumbling block, slenderest 6106-1847 the Eloahh-to dash down, pieces 433-7376 and to sprinkle, expiation-emitting ulcerous fluid of Mine-Eagle watch 5137-7325-5404 not-domineering of Mine 3808-7288 the just and right of manner-hand of power-they prepare to establish 3651-3027-3559 yet indeed-of My lambs 61-2924 they-love,1931-1730 Eagle watch 5404, by symbols

21. to finishes these-lamps Mine-loving-that 8000-53691730-1768 for His expansion-lambs-good-power of hand theirs 3315-2924-2896-3027 that were-seeking out to worship-the distressed 834-1875-7451 from the sinking and drowning-among, woven in 2883-2935 the peaceable-the fearing-treading down 7999-7374-5541 by the ones of abundance-prevailing against -good-for 8228-7287-2896-3588 among the ones peaceable these His-making selves poor-they love-they love-Eagle 7999-7326- 1730-5404

22. because of -were My lambs 5921-2924 reward of-let alone-love good 8021-1730-2896 among portion His-emitting ulcerous fluid, teachings of to them 4487-7325 in positions of elevation-power of hand-after this manner 4609-3027-3602 and prepare to establish-to make soft of them 3559-7401 except of-to loath 518-947 the pit falls of destructions-a sixth-to love of 7825-8345-1730 reconciliation, pardon-loving tabernacle 7521-1730-168 to the ones of abundance-lambs-to measure of-Eagle-wagers of tongue 8228-2924-5429-5404-3960

23. ones of reconciliation these His and-accordingly to love them 4919-3588-1730 over-to their covered secrets 5921-3909 the people of, tribes-trembling terror 5971-7374 in affairs of-healing of to Me 6045-8585 contending of these-to prevail over them 7378-7287 to complete them-in departing of 3635-3868 in acting covertly, treacherously of-lambs-enough of-into tight place, trouble 4603-2924-1767-6862 their teaching of prophecy-from dripping to pieces, ruin-also threshing 5016-7447-1758. And making clean-dumbness 2135-1745

24. in theirs seeing His-cause to fail, weak-power of hand because of them 7200-3782-3027 for delights of -these ones to be placed 5278-3455 " H " -judges 3068-1777 and inspecting, caring for-teach you, pointing out 1239-8150 in the Place His-of that-to bring forth 1964-1768-1867 with ones instructing and disciplined-for 3928-3588 consenting of these-place of meeting signal, against 225-4150 of manner and statutes-to Me slacken weak 2708-7503 make straight and right of them-ones emitting ulcerous fluid-also liars3474-7325-5220

25. and formal decrees, judgments Mine- image of a dog loving of-accordingly to separate-miracle, astonished 4941-3611-1730-8540 of established truths-and open the eyes-judge of-Eagle 571-5782-1777-5404 they may live-that-with lambs 2421-1768-2924 in them, the same-loving them-judging 1992-1730-1777. Existing becoming-that-and living of- loving-Eagle-judging of 1961-1768-2421-1730-5404-1777 now this-rain showers-for-that 2088-7377-3588-1768 in deficiencies-to love-boiling up of-insolence 2642-7874-7736 and of themselves-sorrow, grief-to satisfy, remove 2007-3015-1878 saying-to standout-image of dog, keleb-in reverence, fearing of 559-3426-3611-3372

26. Mosheh-to touch, feel of these-astonished-to conquer-that 4872-3237-1826-7286-1786 respecting of ours-threshing time caused to Me 7235-1786 Most High His-you change-a sixth part 5920-8138-8345 the security of reward-love-turns aside-separate these-bitter of that 7966-1730-7846-910-4751-1768 who-love Mine-love 4310 shall lift up-of reverent fear of-judgement 5414-3372-1779 all -after this manner 3605-3602 tribes-loving ours 5971-1730 " H " loving you, loving Mine 3068-1730-1730 and ger aliens of the nations were-of them 1616-2007 open word indicating the first word next page Beyt//Hey # 1890 holocaust offering

Image 0139: The heading hidden words in shadows, who of to be small ignoble to uncover His seeing teachers sleeping of the garden and will lift up. 1.Holocaust offering-conspicuous of -nation of -good Mine 1890-2123-1471-2869 where a foothold, or standing-to love His-to standout 4613-1730-3426 mountain, [people of the]-Eagle,watching -building of Yah-fall down humble selves 2022-5404-2998-7812 Cinai, Sinai-to stand out Mine-saving of 5514-3426-3469 shall be-to love Mine-sheep- loving 1961-1730-7716-1730-// slandering-silence that is of mute justice congregations 482 // out of Persia, these [today Iran] 6539 Kaleb these-to set out the vineyards-the threshing-to love these -3612-3661-1786-1730 to see-judgement 5869-1779 the tribes, people of-distressed-to rest quietly 5971-6887-7764 that were-ones turning away-loving 1961-6657-1730 among them-bring over one sixth-against plunder 1992-3051-8154 [a symbol referring to last word image 0138, indicating the first word next page to insert with last word this line-also slandering silence, common for closing the mind, or rejecting correction]

2. six-prominent-powerful-of them 8337-2117-7703 hundred-love-loving His, these 39671730-1730 thousand-failure of 505-5384 men-threshing time-to push over-slandering of 606-1786-1848 rulers-distinction of , redeem to Me-to love 1166 making circumspect-to be firm to Me7919-3581 with discretion-ones of loving-horses-seeking grass 6195-1730-5483-1877. And not-they pile up-to Me to be bright-good 3808-5067-5340-2896

3. these become-tremble in terror 1961-7374 ones of making light of -bending away of 7034-5186 the truth firm of stability-power of -also subjugate of-horses-and judge of 530-3027-7287-5483-1777 else again-to able of power 5750-3027 will be desolation-threshing-judgement- to love 7612-156-1779-1730 regard having seen-trodded out fresh of -loving 7200-5483-1730 like how great-make become thin, famished 4101-7329 twice, a second time-they emit ulcerous fluid-to standout 6471-7325-3426 " I " observe of these-to stand out -good 7521-3426-2896

4. by ones distributing-goyim, nations-good-loving-tender hearted 2505-1471-2896-1730-7390 concerning-imposed 5921-5190 Mosheh-emitting of ulcerous fluid-love of-covertly-judging 4872-7325-1730-5520-1777 and of former time theirs-ones of planting seeds, disseminate of 6928-2232 to His-piling up burdensome of-burden theirs 6022-5067-4853 Mosheh-manner rightly to Me 4872-3651-1730 longed for-emited ulcerous fluid-after this manner-to generation 3642-7325-3602-1859 with Mine-you to scream-of the deceiving- judging of 854-6463-7411-1777 and when distinguished of His-cause to bring out appearing-cause to press to withdraw hurry-to good 6381-3318-213-2896

5. strong of substance Mine-to crush-crumble to pieces 6108-17900-1855 out of the writings-to stand out-who emitting ulcerous fluid 5608-3426-7325 -to spin the hearing-the theirs-to interlace-who love-horses, skip for joy-lifted up 8085-2901-8308-1730-5483-5940 tribes, people-to tread down Mine 5971-6072 also-certainly Yehudites-pictured to eternity the course of life-to goyim, nations-conspicuous 3064-3588-1870-1471-2123 unify-forcible-to love-able 258-3612-1730-1767 with rod of teaching pointing out Him-of the living-in the mire-the good-shout of joy 4731-2421-1202-2896-2440 and shall rise up haughty ones against His-judge of-portion-skip for joy-lambs His 7311-1777-4482-5483-2924

6. will fight-the right hand-the arrogant 3898-3225-2086 tribes, people-demolish, impoverishing-defined of 5971-7567-5429 rulers-judgment ones of 4427-1779 //-dividing like streams of water 6388 great of mind-to themselves 1431-2007 and strong-loving-consulting together, advising-standing out-of fish, prolific 2388-1730-3272-3426-1709 from raking together-to love-cheerfulness to Me 181-1730-7799 in lands His-standing out-prancing of [show like horses]-to love 776-3426-5483-1730 in the midst-to weaken, cure-portion 8432-3545-4480 of house His-to wrongly practice subdue of 1004-7750-3645 will bear fruit-living place-will break up, frustrating to change-good-head person, sar-be glad, cheerful-6509-2333-6565-8138-2896-8269-7797 to measure ones of-bringing forth-good 5429-1876-2896

7. and not-wheat 3808-2406 among these doing secretly-to remain, dwell- to bring forth -good of Mine-skipping for joy 2244-1752-1876-2896-5483 to eyes Mine-the lambs-careful, be afraid-to cover secretly of 5869-2924-1672-3409 all-able of-to be pleasing 3605-3201-7521 to be servants His-to abrade, work the field 5647-7702 when have become His- turned 1961-1750 the dumb-judging-painting the eyes theirs 929-1777-3583 pine after-loved before-to conquer 3642-1730-7286 wise cunning-to point out-good 2449-3384-2896

8. great ones brought up of them-thorns-assembling 1419-6796-7284 because who-to initiation training of-outcast, things written-[H4385]-scrolls of theirs-834-2596-1760-5612 seeing of theirs-portion-to cut out portion 7200 how many-sense of separate two heterogeneity seed, confusion-continue cause of before 4100-3610-5710 [many] times-to make right-to love ones of 6471-3474-1730 weaving into cunning men theirs-carving stone, dividing of -the apple of the eye 2803-2672-892 to doing the things-of the mire, swamp-emitting ulcerous fluid to Me-things which should have been utterly destroyed-away to follow, seeking 6213-892-1206-7325-2764-1875 that consented of these-emitting of ulcerous fluid-living of-fabricated of in secrecy 854-7325-2331-2790

9. Mosheh-to attach of-disintegrate stupidity to Me-4972-3611-3680- wounding the writings-spreading-scroll, books of writings-of theirs-they are after this manner 3791,1795-7286-5612-2088-3602 and their practices will of -fidelity of truth-prominent 6213-7187-2117 it hollows out those who are of them-will join together-prancing of the horse for joy-of their writings-to love-and struggling together 2754-4310-2266-5483-5612-1730-7533 like wise of manner-to burn-judge1571-1514-1777 they-make bitter, to provoke 1992-4781 becoming to Him unmindful these-all-to hid a secret-loving-inspect of-to be dumb-ones of shall be-of this manner-spoilers7876-3605-7328-1732-8159-1826-1961-3602-7703. And " I " to strike-the power of their hand-the course of life-the raised up 5221-3034-1870-1730-1406 with them-after this manner before-to expel and-judging 854-3602-2957-1777

10. among the weak ones of-it was told-to blossom, showing selves-as a form-yelping, attacking-braggers, liars-loving-turning away-the faint hearted-oppressing-the need need-mental pressure-bow, pray-leaders, the rams-after this manner-when of-4578-5608-6692-7299-3611-3612-907-1730-5637-7401-7703-6878-6735-6739-1798-3602-518 to plague-to compare of -the yelping attacking dog-shutting in restraining ones of-skip for joy-desert to dwell these-to be broken, despond cause-to limit the edge of-like a sack as tied at the mouth-after this manner 4347-1819-3612-7753-5483-6728-3512-7099-3602 among ones different-making very few, little-twisting, interlacing-to trample,causes to threshing-to seek to worship 8138-4592-8308-1758 and over, from emitting ulcerous fluid these-to shine light-to look through glasses of blackened lenses, not seeing 5921-7325-5043-by symbol eye glasses blackened,- how the lunation, moon month and dividing speedily these-loving of these-dumb 3391-7323-1730-1820 of them the ones bringing forth-out of loving-among of that-gathered against- 3318-1730-910-7235 causes you to enter- symbol of yelping dog attacking legs cut off-hunt of-the tenders of flocks you-good 5181-3612-6679-7462-2896 power of hand these-shall judge 3027 sixty-that of you 8346 [moon month is by first visible light according to scripture, the Word]

11. cause to become many ones skilled-power of hand- yelping attack dog-[symbol for the calculated month by the orbit apex of the moon] 7231-3027-symbol, 3611 of men-eager of make haste-you loving-the Eagle-unite 606-2363-1730-5404-3162 to separating of-lambs-by the scrolls, writings-became numerous 910-2924-5612-1711 the women-the emitting of ulcerous fluid, teachings-for that-prominent of 802-7325-1768-2117 and the children-of that-scrolls writings, teachings-will continue of-this manner 2945-1768-5612-3602 and they to deliver theirs-of that-scroll, writings-to cut out, destroy of-after this manner-skip for joy-enough of this 5337-1767-5612-1491-3602-5483-1767 with them-your yelping attack dog-deliverance-you skipping for joy, horse eats their scroll, writings 251-3611-7305-5483-5612 wearing out of- 1080 twisting of trust in the circle 2342 [the commentary by ancients and the pray books of Yudah we are not do repetitive prayers or make many words]

12. and among not-that emitting ulcerous fluid theirs 3808-1768-7325 firm of force-and that-another of this-scroll writings of 5581-1767-1668-[5612 by symbol two lines =] for-that-existing 3588-1768-3426 who of -two hands holding supporting-from loving 4310-3027-1730 will perceive anticipate making of quick understanding-brier-hand of power removes 7306-7899-3027-[by symbol] " H " joyful 3068-7797 because of concern of His-this-stumbling block 5921-1791-1848 [with brothers your's] with ones coming after of you-prolific-beside of the adversary-shout of deliverance joy 251, 312-1709-6655-7438 ones of the breach you-spreading-by- prominence-portion of-to love His 1233-7286-3588-2117-1730 day-they love 3117-1730 near of kin to kindle fire, cremate-delay-powerful destroy 5635-3186-7703

13. will arise and confirm it's 5982 fire 784 and the clouds of 6049 gloriousness 3519 and descends down it 3381 the noise rumbling 1995 and " I " will bring you 3318 commands ones of His 4687

14. in the sense of binding firm 2496 who of these Mine 4310 and brothers of support 294 developed, nourished of manner 2177 and ones in compact 5606 necessities, needs of them 6878 among the ruins wilderness 4057 four of Mine 703 alter form preferred 8138 in the land 776 parch wilderness dry 6723 not 3808 sown 2232 and to long for 3426 sign Mine standard these 5251 and to do marvelously 6381

16. ones coming behind other 312 were nothing 369 abundance in number great of 4557 these will bear up, measured 8505 of this 2088 for 3588 seeing 518 among perceived understand making so quickly 7306 " H " 3068 because of His concern 5921 with seeing 518

17. jeopardy of life theirs 5315 among their refusing 3986 My words commanded you have 562 also of to sprinkle [atonement] 5137 shall be 1961 with skillful knowledge you 2451 Mosheh 4872 not 3808

18. remove these 428 far be it profane thing 2486. Themselves 2007 one of purpose think " I " was 6245 to Mosheh 4872 to be left of 3498 boasting insolents 1431 among purpose sake 4100 who shall be 1961

19. those will of 834 force firm 3581 with His to ones making habitually to practice commit 6466 to Me 413 these wonderful things of works, distinguishing 6381 in the substance strong 6106 all 3605 to stay permanently 7931 gladness joy 7797

20. in the nations ours 524 with commands collect of words commanded, Mitzvots His 4687 will cause by the illumination are of His-treading out 5050-1660 and testimonies, witnesses His 5715 when man 120 causes to make large of mind, honor 1431 when sprinkled-[atonement] 5137 seeing are Mine 7200

21. to all 3605 men 120 in the nations ours 524 with His and to ripen boiling up of 1310 knowledge skilful His 1847 from presents of Mine 6440 skilful of knowledge His 1847

22. [large letters] and these you 428 enough able 1767 with 225 to serve, bring forth-faces against you His 6399, 6398-6440 to exist-image of bowl, food 1934-reversed there they wail howl 3213 to exchange of you 2500 and to ruin 343 on the other side 3541 not His 3808 [bowl shows the vision of preserving food]

23. for which 834 " I " testify 5749 against these, their 5921 going 935 away they will of 5050 their murmuring 3885 in places 4725 thousands 7239 accompanying against 5973 becoming their 1961

24. Eloahh 433 according to their words-hollows out Mine 1697 shall be-to do writings, [of their scroll] 1961-5612 to examine you seeing 952-7200 in speaking words of 1696 will cause you a secret thing 2244 by clefts of 5357

25. rocks theirs 5553 and shall be 1961 point out aiming 3384 to the seeing, understanding 7200 will close the eyes 6105 to the honorable of 6440 the teachers of wisdom wise ones 2449. And shall 1961 to have enough of 7646

26. to finish of them 3635 in heart of anxiety 1078 shall exile theirs 1540. And you shall be instructed of His 3925 making ashamed 3637 to be 1961 men of frivolousness 7040 then firmness of trust Mine 530

27. fishermen these 1771 and shout for joy these 7321 stillness of trust these 1747 and the certainty stability trusting 571 also of judgement 1777 shall be 1961 in lunation , moon month 3391 and of it's movement around [elliptical orbit] 3883

28. [large print] ones swelling up, hooked, seeing 7195-the ones estop, denying the facts presented because of traditions-to wall up selves-revolting-by lot divination 5465-6979-5637-7080 of this to lop off 7082 good 2896 effort successful of ability, of substance 202 to wake out of sleep 3463 to sprout of family 3187 man 606 shall be weeping complaining 1058 the destruction, desolation 2717

29. growing up ones 1431 to the faithful ones 539 with His-mending the breach 918 after of this 310 death and 4194 that three 7969 hundred 3969 be given to change 8138 desire 176 remain ones of 3498

30. who 4310 shall be 1961 among the nations of theirs 524 with His. These were taught " I " Am 3045 they to standout 3426 of the community of nations 523 and tongues,languages 3956 shall trust ones of and build up support 539

31. except of them 2108. That which 834 by faithfulness you have done 530 with them 854 and " I " shall also make emotions of the abdomen, the deep feeling welling up of them 4577 and front of opposite theirs 4136 The reverse of 31, to compact a wall as gathering inmates 3796 the spot, blemish 3971 they not 3808 of the tribes 5971 unmindful and 7876 men 4962 of nothing these 205 sleeping 8572 to Me winnowing 1250 to you laying waste 7582 from compacting a wall gathering inmates 3796 because of this 2088

32. among are one believing of theirs 539 with you. reverse of line 32: Mine to be high 1116 " I " assemble 5091 hundred these 3967 // Hay // Gimel, first word next page is 2026 to strick with deadly intent

Image 0140: strick with deadly intent 2026 who have endured of the establishments 7975 mountain 5975 Sinai [where Mosheh received the Torah, Torot instruction laws] 5514 was wickedness nothing His-where 205-369-645 of the scattering 2213 separating, selecting 680 the behaving of selves 7919 in regions 6285 of the scorched, blasted 7710 [in regions to be very high to be high and very low His]

2. where was pit falls of destruction 7825 fully of 4390 all 3605 the lands 776 hornorable and 3513 with trembling of it's intoxication these 7478 and very low 4295 ones cast of purpose 7760 [ Psalm 101:3]

3. to separate, selecting His 680 and soft hearted 7390 on account of My cause 7945 their ability to teach 5381 honorable and 3519 to cause to Mine 413 for transparence in making clean 2141 these of reasoning of heart understand vital principles 3824 and who 834 will turn off 5493

4. the veil theirs 4533 covering 4603 facing of them 6440 young lambs 3776 and in their circumstances 1558 with 854 seeing eyes of 5869 devouring destruction theirs 1105 and of themselves 2007

5. because of their crumbling crumbling 1854 1854 in all 3605 of ones works theirs 6045 Torah of ours 8451 not 3808 caused to let find 4672 word 1697

6. in it they untrue in words theirs were 3584 in the making of circumspect, intelligent consider 7919 and all 3605 Yah has adorned 5718 in the living of them 2425 and providing of sustenance 3557 of ones works Mine 6045 Torot instruction Mine of you 8451

7. knowing of these 5234 coming His 935 tempestuous horrible strom of His 8175 will makes know Yah's 3045 El's 410 adult friends theirs 4962 //

8. Deliver 6561 thirteen, Yod//Giymel-placing of permanently-[13 tribes] 3322 wilderness-destroying plague 4057-1698 in affairs of labor 6045 [the two bars represent an open word or of events to be completed]

9. the wasted of them-destroyed 7703

10. asking counsel 7592 they will the three 7969 [Ecclesiastes 4:12-17] " I " have heard 8085 words of you 1697 will trust His to you-will load upon these of you-seeing you-will to Me bring forth-giving charge-able enough-and prominent you 8172-2944-3588-1876-1767-2117

11. with you 853 able of to maintain them 3557 " I " to lift acceptable of 5375 friend 7327 pay attention to purpose 3282

12. for Mine 589 causing to see 7200 by you portion 4480

13. the written records of them 3789 to reside permanently 7931 shall exist. True and real, of verity 551 to Me ones of to guide His 5148 continually 6258 among to establish in standing up of Him 6966 firmly 403

14. to Me asking counsel 7592 purpose of 4100 who to be acceptable of 7519 EL your's 410 in laboring of affairs 6045 in the waste one of them 7703. And when 518 you shall have assurance of ones-these 539

15. when presenting these [complete acceptance of Torah and just and right of manner] in regions 6285 also these 1931 stock of [Yisrael] 6136 ones noble and of honor 1431 with Torot, Instructions of Torah 8451 Mosheh 4872 and Torot, instruction of ours 8451

16. and with 5973 being of 1961 their teachers 7919 who untrue of ones word 3584 presenting them 4672 in the opposite of 6905 you certainty of truth these 571

17. and their eagerness ready 2363 will make known 3045 to be lofty these 5944. And gather of manner 1571 has taught were Mine 3045 skilful in deception to you 1847 in ones affairs 6045 the foundation ones these 3247

18. and will come against Mine 1961 with their mixing of water with wine 4197 with in their wheels-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] of theirs 1534 in regions 6285 where by skilful wisdom cunning of ours 2450 skilful in deception of knowledge 1847 flattering of tongue these 2513 to disteem,think to scorn 959

19. what of purpose these 4100 who shall desire bear in mind of His 5452 who will bubble up of the mire 2563 in the foundation ones of these 3247 to you exist in 1933 all 3605 seeking 1934 relationship in state of mind 4608

20. with support of life 4294 tthe ones of destruction 8061 and all 3605 to amass servants theirs 1633 in the lands 776 and all 3605 which 834 to be lofty 5944 what purpose theirs you 4100

21 the astrologers-they will be distroyed 1895-7665 who caused the foundation these 3247 were the creators of will 1254 out of the mire bubble up 2563 one's 259 were by chance in the way to meet 7125 become against Mine 1961 and they of such 1992

22. close the door of them 1479 men of numbers theirs 4962 with the destruction of them 8060 same such ones 1992 close the door of them 1479 save life theirs 2425 were created theirs 1254 out of the buubbling up of the mire 2563 to remain 3498

23. clear 2134 and guiltless 5355 out of the bubbling up of the mire 2563 the doing of foundation these 3247. And giving thanks 3029 who accompanying 5973 let be 1961 of the bubbling up of the mire 2563 their destruction ones of 8060

24. they 1992 of to remain 3498 clear 2134 and guiltless 5355 removed the foundation of these 3247 with such 1992 close of the door of them 1479 men of numbers 4962. Will walk the way these 3212 they will teach to Mine 3045

25. in the nations 523 let begin to theirs 6605 in teaching wisdom showing selves 2449 with them 1992 also watchful of opening the eyes 6179, 5782 understanding 998 ones remaining 3498 out of making selves wise of ours 2449

26. and exhausted of terror 4199 they are able to overcome 3201 by the understanding 998 and in the turning off withdrawing ones of 5493 who have separated distinguishing of the understanding 995 in completion 3636 ones making to practice of rewards 6466 theirs among of 413 things 1697

27. the ones going astray 7686 ones against 5921 to Me cause death theirs 4191 to appoint 3559 shall throw out-they will sleep of theirs 7993-3462 in becoming bitter-measured tribute a stature 4751-4060 who have caused opposite theirs 6903 shall be eminent, chief 5329 will complete 3636

28. and by reason against 5973 let be 1961 you shall 1961 explain showing forth 5046 the desire of purpose to Me 5452 was nothing of 369 it after this manner 3602 having exterminated 3615 //

Image 0141: line 1. To heed responding 6030 you have become ones 3161 growing in number, abundance of 3527 will cause to make know " I " will of you-sprinkle, expiation you 3045-5137 three 6471

2. myriads, become exceedingly many in number 7231 on account of cause to Me 7945 seeing of Mine 7200 this 2088 by seeing of Mine 7200 this 2088 and ascending, to rise up 3927 all 3605 this 2088

3. has taught you-after this manner 3045-3602 knowledge Mine 1847 will complete 3636 what of purpose 4100 will curtail harvesting, grain-to cut off this-to love-manner-deepen His 7114-1494-1730-3602-3537

4. knowledge 1843 who have testifed restoring Mine 5749 since 5704 the day 3117 this 2088 not 3808 seeing Mine have " I " 7200 among words 1697 their teaching of wisdom 2449 My words 1697

5. with ones of separating distinctly 6567 in answering to Me speaking 6032 closed eyes theirs 6105 and from lustng of 1942 the woman's, breast 7699. Their gathering 1571 was of nothing Mine 369

6. will know by seeing 3045 when of them 1992 ones of remove by roots 8132 with Torot instruction, by of ours Torah, laws [Torot is feminine plural of Torah meaning instructions of] and all 3605 the weigh mentally ones of portions theirs 6424-6310 who become His 935 by My hand 3027 things of words theirs 1697

7. ones untrue in words theirs 3584 will happen of them 4672 when 518 to standout 3426 fot the ones of truth, verity a true value 544 for wherever of them 1992 in regions 6285 where of the prescribed writings 3789 [where when repling of them 8421, the same spelling]

8. having testified to them 5749 ones rising up of them 5944 to break contrite of heart, crushed, they cry out 1794-2980 in the slaughter and 2077 in the swelling up, insolences of them 7739 not of the Eagle, watching 3808 Eloahh, [the El of the elohim] 433. Will stand up 3559 satan 7853

9. flying swiftly to his before 1675 and to pluck off 5394 shall deliver 3467 like a weaving 708 with the writings showing 3891 will rescues Mine 6561 to extinguish anger of 3518 El ours protect aid 5826 delivers 6561

10. to place permanently 3322 and unites 3161 and Yah has dipped 2882 who of sweet smell to El 5561-410 were invited 7121 to you to intercede of Mine ones of to enlighten Mine 3887-3974

11. to deliver 6561 loved of 3039 shall 1961 the messengers 4397 the ones of honor 1431 on account of [Eagle watching] 7045 thought arising 4609 casting off it 7993 let be 1961 master over it 1167 being glad of 7797

12. to be removed of them 3670 and they 1931 shall be 1961 master over 1167 second time of them 8147 accumulated of 6237. And Man 120 the bebeginning 7223 that was 834

13. shall be 1961 in dying will protect Mine 1478-1476 will elevate of His 4606 Elyon, the Most High theirs 5945 and to descend 3381 these 1931 and precious 5238 secure His 7954

14. out of the heavens 8064 and seeing 7200 who of the serpent 5175 shall be 1961 naked, exposed 6174 among the complete 3635 remainder of 7605 in the confidence loved 983-1730

15. and will persuade ones of His 5496 wlll of cast away things 7993 in breaking apart of 6626 with you 854 showing declaring living 2331 and was caused among making of ones bed things of her 3331 by adam, man 120 that such of theirs 1931

16. ones congregation theirs 5517 and learned customs, methods theirs 3928 [Job 1:9-10] all 3605 what of end 4100 which they say 559 and they are doing 6213. And make to fear 1204 cause to make vile, disgusting 7043 with these of such 428

17. by man 120 and by the serpent 5175 and in living 2331 with 5921 theirs making hast to Me 2363 will of cast away 1644 like wise of manner 1571 just and right what of 3651 for sweet smell to El 5561-410 and precious 5238

18. secure His 7954 out of the heavens 8064. Testify 5749 there 8033 to deliver 6561 dividing 6385 seeing 7200| promise 562. have made messengers of them 4397

19. to be happy guiding-to favor 833-2603 to be accepted His-fruitful these 5307-8081 among ones set apart you are-those denying facts, [estop becauseof ones words previously or of actions]-to scorch them 6918-5465-5467 seeing His firm of good His 7200-3581 with-grating the teeth 854-2786 daughters- making a vow-to conquer them 1323-5087-7286 striking fast-able of when 7013-1767 and like this-a generation 3541-1859 | and leading away to seduce of His -in subduing, conquering His 2937-7286 after of -those a ram-loving 314-3733-1730

20. will receive instructions His-and were sad with theirs-3948-5620 by these-who emited ulcerous fluid theirs 1992-7325 for wives-ones of to mark them 802-5348 to use writing of-to bring down,causing to fall 3034-3791-3381 and they see His and theirs emitting ulcerous fluid and 7200-7325 building of Mine-that see of 1129-1768 the El 's edict's rising-gift available-dancing for joy of them 410-7010-7862-7540 with 854 daughters after this manner seeing them 1323-1836-7200, of theirs a plan bad one-to betray cause to fall-you are foolish 2154-7411-5014 reversed

21. the man-loving-bending down to 120-1730-6915 and like of manner- to colapse mentally, phyical ruin 3541-1794 | and they to take His-and will depart 3947-3249 to them-loving theirs 1992-1730 for wives-after this manner-ones of intimacy in secret contact 802-1856-5475-reverse of-who 4310 to alter, change 8138 to purpose 4100 to shine light on 3871 their vomit 7006, like such 3541 cause plague 4064

Image 0142: page has only the heading, Opening 8167 Beginning7223 and one word of text readable: The heading reads; for all manner of stores 2177 take provisions 6679 to bring forth 3318 seeing this 1768 of manner 3602 to standout 326 caused to hide a mystery, secret 7328 flaming hot 784 center of page left one word; expression of grief-the sheep 1929-7716 all in images of letters and shadows by the scribe.

Image 0143: The heading contains symbols in the right Corner of appears rockets and the parallel lines meaning open.. The heading contains letters in letters and shading, meaning in amazement, dismayed of 8159 the dashing into pieces, slaughter of ours 7523. The header and footers content in small and shadows; With intentness a sinister design, truth Mine 6656 root of to hunt destroy 6658 ones of habitation, a row 2918 loving theirs 1730 to conquer 7286 good 2896 gleams in the air 6731 image of the sun, out of the east. Open 8176 beginning 7223 Judaizers Mine 3054 they will sleep these 7290 loving to Me 1790 second time 8578 to give a charge commands 6680 they shall ones of subjugate 7027 have of dominion 7300 the nations, goyim 1471 prominent of 2117 tremble violently 7460. Also the header and footer contain symbols appearing to be rockets and silos and conveyers many symbols of rocket images scattered.

Line 1. first word, has a large Hey shaded in the back ground of these letters the " H " 3068 He set the order [scripture, books] long ago. 1. And then who of them-a ram, leader theirs-the arranging of order-My scroll 4310-1798-5468-5612 and their rubbish -to love-to determine form, order-6083-1730-3335 by ones theirs laying foundation together 3245. Testify of 5749 to divide, excluding His 1504 cheerfully 7797 bubbling up of the mire 2563 then 645 causes to play the tambourine 8608 [play, dance to their orders] to maintain them 3557

2. calling out to they will of His 7121 shall be against Mine 1961 and among waging the tongue, slandering ones of us 3960 picking out Mine 5365 of the mire bubbling up 2563 beginning, and their 1931 thing 1697 their arranged order 5738

3. causing to complete it 3635 a form pressed out 6699 the procuring of His 7069 in their pit falls of destruction 7825 prevailing these as prince 8280 the form of 6690 cause to rain violently 1652 that 834 this same 1931 the cloud covering Him 5743 [in the desert]

4. and that you are clinging 1692 in affairs of work 6045 shall find Him 4672 with theirs in the people of the nations, goyim 1471 that are far off of places 4801 and after 310 were they a new thing with Him 2319

5. the form 6690 the body you have [the figurative waters of rain] 1655 were reserved of His 680 grandeur in form imposing 1935 foundation these 3247 this thing 2088 after 310 this 2088. And these shall be against Mine 1961

6. the sprinkling [Yeshayayhu 52:15] 5137 failure 1115 was found of 4672 right of manner 3651 by workmen 6466 for 3588 not 3808 they find 4672 with workmen 6466 bubbling up of the mire 2563 leanness 7535

7. nothing of 1097 form 6697 like 3644 where also of writings 3789 broken in pieces Mine 6327-[image] gathered 717 wrongly practice became idolatry 7750 nothingness 7535 when considering understanding of 7919 My ones judgment 8199 ascending of His 5927

8. and they call out to His 7121 they shall spread out 6584 and they 1931 speak 1697 " I " cause to explain 6591 also whom have desired 1942 among apart of 4480 all 3605

9. the body-rain 1655 and these 1931 from the chosen of 6901 all 3605 the rocks of these 6697 left behind ones children these 2505 among portions 4327 then 176 among man 376 when bubbling up off the mire 2563

10. in eyes Mine 5869 the form of 3335 also those seeing ones 7200 concerned for 5921 delivering these and 4672 for being of 1961 the foundation ones these 3247

11. cause to turn about of these 8419-2015 to Him 413 belonging to El these 3815. They who of them 4310 to dust 6083 and the dust 6083 for water 4325 //

12. and will make luminous ones 215 for water // And by who of them 4310 for making luminous ones 215 // and the ones made luminous-course of life His-and these for the store house, treasure 215-1870-214 for the foundation found 787-803 and the foundation 787 for ones making luminous 215 //

13. gathering 1571 among ones of ours sending messengers His 6680 to them 1992 staggering [incline to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 first 259 and these 1992 staggering [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 will cause to make right-among they have hostility 3474-8324 how you 349

14. were shown7200 joy 7797 by their 1992 speaking 1697 for which you play the tambourine 8608 they 1931 in the giving of 5414 to them 1992 this such 2063 their staggering [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128

15. and these 1992 bubbled up of the mire 2563. These of such 2004 the perversion of theirs 8419 the dust 6080 for water 4325 this 2088 was disgraceful 1540 from the well pit 875

16. against the rivers 5104 and their water 4325 for dust 6080 will point out 3384 in condition of the mind standing ones of 4725 power Mine 2392 the facts, estop, to deny because of words or action previously 6979 who because of that 834

17. takes down 3318 the rain 4305 against 5921 the stone 69 they have stone 69 out of the hand of power 3027 and showing oneself obedient you have 8085 joy 7797 with a region of Assyria-two words, writings-separate selves of [theirs] 5614-5612-6504

18. by ones of open eyes, waking up 5782 defining to determine 5729 of the nations His 1471 a source of satisfaction, the fountain ones of 4599 who like how 834 shall finish ones of to complete 7993 and by His tree the firm 6086 to declare stones 69 out of Hand of power in the dividing of you 6385

19. proclaim Mine 7121 friends 7462. Who of them, Mine 4310 And the waters 4310 for making luminous ones 215 reverence, fearing 3374 with ones turning out of concern sake 182 the ascending 5930 removing mourning 6937

20. for the ones made luminous 215 for who of these 4310 reverence of fearing 3374 seeing 518 having determined ours 7760 pressed closely together to Him 809 transparent , innocent 2137 ones of to keep secret 5640 in the making sound, acceptable 3190

21. in the midst of 8432 the snow 7950 within 5750 the portion of 2677 who of reverenc, fearing Him 3374 in thoughts arising 4608 among arrows 2678 in within the ones of 8432 establishing, hanging on 8239

22. waters of them 6325 increasing 7231 in regions 6285 where ones of luminous 215 also in the midst will be 8432 in waters with Mine. And these ones of luminous 215 to man 786 reverence fearing 3374

23. in the bottle [writings] 4997 that were disesteemed of them 5301 which " I " prtected 2387 the luminous ones 215 where in the midist and 8432 for the foundation 787 restoring 5749 good , against of 2896 twice of 6471

24. to it a burning ... The bottle 4997. And the fire 784 by ones luminous 215. They will see 7200 in flaming fire 7957 which 834 it luminous ones of 215

25. were burning 8313 where fire 784 the failure 1115 for a vision 7203 to their dividing you 6386 mark as a record these of His 5608 having crossed over on account of 5668 with His the seeing 7200

26. to build stone 68 ones marked 5608 and the ones luminous 215 to make clean 2135.Who when 518 shall be 1961 where seeing 7203 these of the mire and 3121 seeing of them a spectical 7200 appearing of His 226

27. with ones moving around 3883. To establish direct 3559 excluding His 1504 cheerful of 7797 bubling up of the mire 2563 then 645 who shall play the timbrel of 8608 by putting to confusion shame 3637 and they 1931 shall be against Mine 1961. And was nothing 369

28. for the things appointed 562 which " I " commanded 559 who have the foundation-to bring good 3240-3318-2896 the only one 259 bubbling up of the mire 2563 for the one 259 and this 3644 who forms 6696 the egg 1000, a metaphor [the word 3318-2896 are in the line of the hey]

29. bubbling up of the mire 2563 to be faint 5774 in regions of 6285 where was nothing 369 formed of 6696 the swamp 1207 bubbling up of the mire 2563 to be faint 5774 like 3588 these 1931 were lacking 5737

30. and the lacking, writings 5737 not 3808 shall you take hold on 6901. And was nothing 369 to say of 559 the people of the nations-goyim your's 1471 where lacking 5737 formed 6696 the egg 1000 these 1931

31. because of living in before 2425 found of 4672 formed 6696 the faint, weak 5774 inquire of you 7592 they who lived of before 2425 who shall be 1961 among completing 3636 no 3808 egg 1000

32. flee faintness 5774 inquire, interrogate you of 7592 who have considered, existed of 1934 the faint 5774 these stones 69 and these stones 69 cause to make circumspect 7919 then 645 what of purpose these 4100. No 3808 egg 1000

33. combining forms 193 over 5921 lunation months and 3393 Mine to be glad 7797 in changing these of them 8133 bubbling up of the mire 2563 here 645 among who have played timbourines 8608 and they 1931 were against Mine 1961 and bringing upon 857

34. you have able of to make distinction 996 cause to sprinkle, expiation 5137 also will complete 3636 now 645 these foundation His 3247 and to pant after of them 5395 [BDB] to stand out 3426 causes abundant's of 7227 to strike 5221 things of questioning 1697

Image 0143 in reverse of the words in the heading, to rule, associate with as friend 7462 [the shen in an image] to skip for joy 5483 to rest settle down 5117 rocks 6865

1r. Regnant's, representing the King ruling 4409 bending turning aside 3943 and also soft, sympathy 4578 to act high 7311 and ones of chaff 2842 and to hide a secret, mystery 7328 invade, attach 1467 of time until 5704 they to oppose ones raising up 5549 weak of mind 7504 perverting doing wrong and 5753 who 4310 to question, hesitate reluctant 4102 " H " 3068 [the Hey shadowed behind the word # 4102]

2r. to conquer 7286 Amorites-descendants 6063-5288 inventing feigning giving false appearance, pretenders and they will do 908. Theirs to let remain 7604 ones of to hurl away of 7420 the land these 778 and progeny and 5209 make distant and 7947 they seek to unite as a form of obligation 3867 and they will of the land 778

3r. Mine desiring earnestly seek 1158 lusting after 183 permit able of 1558 remove of will mislead causing to stray 7686 you to make run away 7323 to pull off of 8404 you to be firm His [root not used] entirely cleanse of 5352 will guard 7323 cause to run away them 3212

4r. drive away outcast of you will 1760 banish remnant by authority to remove from country 5928 then 176 shall of take away 3947 wild bull 7214 lifted up arrogance, exalting selves 1466 to come 935 Mine to fasten on 6777 ones of progeny 5209 will entwine 5688 and a curse 6895 decree, law these of His

5r. they unite as a form of obligation of them 3867 The light to appear 2224 expression of pained 1262 this 2088 hands extended of praise His 8426 estop, deny facts of previous actions and words they will 5465 and utter inconsiderately them 3216 and to migrate flock of men to another country 6629 they have caused to stray deceiving to transgress 7686 they will run dividing 7323

6r. calling brewery of 7121 to be acting high 7311 and take inheritance 2490 of cover obscurity 5774 comes 935 suffering thirst ones of 6770 to be able prevail 3202 cover faint weary 5774 with smitten affliction, broken 5218 fasting 6685 whom have heart of this 3826-2088

7r. uttering inconsiderately 3216 being thick, stupid 2954 in pursuing one's ways 3212 pushing out to graze 7716 untrue in words, liars 8266 and in making selves clean to Me 2891 shall inundate cover making to swim of 6687-6824 your children 1329 changing you 7760 breaking down 7323 shall understand of heart 3824

8r. to render sure 2559 causing to purpose 4100 and will butt rams 8495 driving out occupancies to inherit 3423 this place 6311 spreading 7234 marking out His 184 good 2896 boundary with them 8193 will behold 1887 leanness of theirs 7535

9r. to be high 7311 tasting 2441 elevating of 7863 coming 935 to Mine among daughters His 1323-[Psalm 4510-18] of the caldron 7037 and being acceptable of 7521 for altogether of manner 3605 to spread as a fruitful vine these 1238 to point out His 184 to reach being able 5381

10r. extension of hands in adoration and 8426 ones of covering [root not used] those of amazed against His 3124 to mark of Mine fasting 8376 fasting 6685 bowed down in sorrow Mine 5753 shall gather His 717 acceptable these 7421 these ones of shaking [being forced to dislodge the arranged order writings] among Mine 5128

11r. who 4310 of the front, beginning against 4136 abated 7503 bowed in sorrow and // being faint 7503 over them-not seeing 5921-[image] having questioned hesitated. And for things of nothing 434 self exaltation 534 like of mouth, speech 6310 completeness 8537

12r. domineering 7288 and to 413 be astonished will 7583 ask counsel 752 of ones seeing His 7200 domineering 7288 to 413 who 4310 of purpose and 4100 // among these oppiste, against 4136 ones of seing Him 7200

13r. restricting, holding back 3607 driving out tenants and 3433 those in it of perversity 5771 you now of these 645 bcome 1934 humble to Me 8430 the perversity of 5771 to be amazed 8539 obstinate being of 3885 fasting 6684 fear 4127

14r. the perversity you have 5771 twins 8380 adulterated 4107 ones of to charge 5414 the lusting 185 to break apart 6626 be weary 8104 liars 907 cut down 4107 so He will level 3438 gathering 727

15r. seeing His 7200 with purpose of 4100 the garden 1588 the assembles 1571 a sea of [many] 3221 for Mine healing 7495 overthrow their 5754 and to subdue you 3711 the such of them 2007 to be high His 7311 living by showing 2331 pointing out His 184

16r. able of [chaldean] straight right to succeed 3787 and to be blunt 6949 obedient of 3348 loose remove 2118 blasphemers corrupt 4167 those among you of violence 738 companios 7453 against 5921 who 4310 purpose His 4100 who of 4310 who and 4310 Torah 8451 fruit of 5011

17r. to a generation 1859 desperse of 6461 with gladness 7797 you have weared 3287 altering 8138 enough 1767 apportion 4482 it has come 935 let them go 935 being rash 3886 terror of 7374 honor of Mine 1922

18r. you to exile 1540 by speech of mouth-command 6310 ones of blood 1818 it has come to you 935 heirs the tiping over exile of 6808 and to be involved Mine 943 singing 7892 to desolate you 7582 equally with 5973 where 335 break off 1082 measure to define of 5429 with associates 7453

19r. they have conquered 7286 bind together 8960 they were rash 3886 you yes will soar 1675 the violent 738 showers rain 7377 and silence [mute justice] it's purpose His 4100 till the day 3117 they die 4191 spit 7388 calling to 6963

20r. ones speaking unadvisedly 981 in great commotion, rage 1993 measure to define you " I " 5429 will strike you 5221 caused heinous crime 2154 which stands out to Me 3426 and therefore a waste to Me 8074 by the violence theirs 738 from the day 3117 watering His 7377 dwellings clearly conspicuous 168

21r. clearly to manipulate, seize 8610 Kutz, Province of Assyria with 3575 will bring out 3318 heat hot 2536 to be rash 3886 all along 4393 poverty of 7389 it shall be parched, dry up 6704 knowledge 1843 to appear in 1570 Kutz 3575

22r. the violence theirs 738. Ask counsel 7592 watering of 7377 and their expression of pain 162. To be hot day of 3117 shall answer 4405 the Kutz 3575 to announce good news 1319 of suitable to attain 2969 humbled ones 8217 who 4310 surely, but adversatively of them 1297

23r. out of their bowels 4578 ones wallow in dust 6428 knowledge 1843 request counsel 7592 you announce good news showing 1319 of to be suitable 2969 watering 7377 of Mine to loosen 2118 to cause making glad, rejoicing of 8055 by reason of 6440 this 1668 produce fruit 5108

24r. watering 7377 cause desirable of 359 hill country 2022 be acceptable elation 7613 tremble inwardly 926 turned these of 7725 their violence 738. Watering and 7377 whirling in gladness wonder these 7583 this 1668 it spreading forth out of Me 6566

25r. His you are plucking up 717 and will ones of multiply by myriads 7231 time 6256 attributing honor, praising continued Mine 8567 humbled selves 7511 they spin around in amotion of joy fearing 1523 speaking of 6310 the strength of the ash tree 766 they have heart of understanding 3824 being astonished 7583 pleasing of 8232 to point out teaching 8150

26r. will mark 8420 who 4310 to make luminous 215 ones of to vanish 2057 will of Mine shout of deliverance 7438 like to be admonished corrected 2095 suitable of and 2969 ones prostrate selves humble 7511 speak by inspiration with 5012

27r. who to be suitable 2969 shall ones of unite 3867 desire of their 185 regnant, ruler 4409 take hold bending 3943 to assess of 7412 be silent 2814 existing of substance 3426 and hide a mystery a secret 7328 protect of 1598 all manner 3605 move around with, twisting 3883-3915

28r. theirs to appoint to establish theirs 5324 you make to run away 7323 consider you 7760 cast out of 1760 to 413 ones of hurl away 7420 cast out 1760 united of 161 masking ones of [root not used] common field 8309 of man 376 betrayed 7411 El 410

29r. they have run down 3381 responding testify 6030 where's 346 their hand 3709 and against 5921 to hurl of 7420 these appointed to establish theirs 5324 you make to run away 7323 to be raw, crude [root not used] ones abrading against 8192 gliter, brilliance 6326 to hurl away 7420

30r. pointing out 184 the appointed establishment 5324 you guard 7323 to prevail against 7287 making perverted 5753 fellow citzens, people of the nations 7934-1471 imposing 7412 to 413 the raw and crude theirs [root not used]. To 413 spread out as a fruitful vine you 1238 to subdue 7286 respond testify of His 6030

31r. the appointing to establish 5324 El 410 to you shall be 1961 to remain 3427 to unite 3186 rulers 5387 abundance a company 8229 come hastily 7323 large room 8372 fasting 6684 asking, requesting 994 to be hot these 3179

32r. the appointed to establish 5324 El 410 purpose among 4100 then 645 to grow fat, rich 3780 let us go from His 935 going let us of theirs 935 glitter, brilliance 6326 existed you have 1934 restricted holding back of 3607 ones crying 6463

33r. in the room 8372 and they unite as one an obligation 3867 pointing out His 184 to be open apart of 6626 as a mark 8034 now 645 to hurl away 7420 purpose what of 4100 to divest casting out 5394 who to stand out 3426 that 1768 and restful delighted 5207 tender hearted 7390

34r. ones of bitter rebel4784 apart of the body by the self 905 in making right of manner 3651 choose 1254 the setting of 7760 error oversight theirs 4870 give thanks 3034 ones of measured to define them 5429 then 645 to dominate 3532 their plot evil 2161 germination of to making to flourish will of 5107

Image 0144: lines 1. Those ones having running sores theirs 2342 and their trouble 6869 and ones of them causes rain violently 1652 the fountain 4726

2. The likes of how great 4101 " I " will wherever 349 and when shall be against Mine 1961 delude, deceived of the mind in judgement 5377 in remaining remnant 7604 and turning ones selves doing 5437 the living showing these2331 to be strong His 193 the four 702

3. rocks 6697 changes of course, forms 2487 from portion His 4480 people, tribes 5971 being of His 1961 bubbling up of the mire 2563 strip out ones of 6584 them 1931 who laid in wait, hunting of His 6679

4. the Most High 5945 those near of kin, allied with 7138 by the wheel-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 these the ones going around 5362 let us work 6466 among portion His 4480 and by this mean 6903 from portion His 4480 they to make clean 2141

5. and calling aloud 6963 to complete of 3634 purpose 4100 who shall be to remove place of relation, cast out 7368 among portion His 4480 in, against 6655 stretching to perverseness 4297 whom have crossed over 5674 to who of making great 3513

6. among the throns 5573 the ones making luminous 215 and are there 786 any of 1991 making clean 2141 brightening of these 7044 in regions of 6285 growing old slacking of them His 3462 among beside of and against His of 6679 the Most High 5945

7. and these of them 1992 and their rubbish 6083 these 1992 to be heavy, bad of them 3513 and troublesome of them 5917 in regions of 6285 slacking growing old these His and 3462 among beside of and against 6655

8. the humble 8213. The rubbish 6083 standing in place and 6725 the sinking and drowning Mine 2883 when tipping over to purpose 6808 the finishing 3635 in regions of 6285 when they 1931

9. make proclamation 3745 to complete of 3635 the age 5769 and before drowning His 2883 seeking out diligently 1875 the soft fearful such ones 4816-2088 . And sinking and drowning His 2883 calling out to 7121 and failing to dry up 3001

10. and these 1931 heavy good 3513 they have plundered 7997 and you are going up and 5927 in ruins these 1942 in ones guardianship 8119 the reasoning these 8394

11. and the embodiments of these 8544. The water 4325 sinking of these 2883 puiet excellence 7119 will shine tablets 3871 and standing place of them 6725 the settled Mine 2883 to rise up of priority 4608

12. remove rubbish 6083 and the distortions 4297 from the ones making luminous 215 in regions of 6285 which these 1992 remain, was left of 3498 despised things 7043 remove rubbish 6083 and the very preeminent, hidden of 3493

13. things honored 3513 remove ones luminous 215 and you are going up theirs 5927 among ruins theirs 1942 to set order and confirming 8626 the embodiments of images 8544 and they you make ones of terrified 1204

14. over 5921 things 1697 they by pollutions cast out common things, unclean 2490 with crashing destruction blows 3918 and will set limits lines, borders 1379. The ones luminous 215 sinking and drowning settle and 2883 Cham [the descendants of Noah through Ham the dark skinned races] and to give, placing 5415

15. to establish making ready 3559 they to strive after by prayer to worship 1245 change ever way 2015 in fear, faintness these 4816-2088 and place of theirs 6725 their sinking and drowning it 2883 to rise up of priority 4608 among loud sounds to be in uproar of these 1993

16. in regions 6285 who of it 1931 remains 3498 calling out 6963 purpose them 4100 and by rod of correction, tribes 4294 from the fire 784 in regions of 6285 which they 1931 heed to purpose on account of end 4616

17. calling 6963 out of portion His 4480 and you were going up and 5927 in ruins of them 1942 to be in peace of mind 7999 and to set order theirs 8626 and to have turned back these 7725

18. causing the taking away of these [Job 44:16] 7059 to 413 have the defined slackers of His 5429-6313 ones of the work 6045 to be able of 3201 crossing over in order 5674 by these 1992 will separate portion 2565

19. the firey of Mine 784 to boil up these 1310 the firey to settle His 2883 of Ham 2526 and to dry up 3001 way walking theirs 3212 these 1931 calling out to 6963 remove ones luminous 225

20. following of pursuit of worship 1875 among priority of relationship, falsehood 4604 to His standing of mind theirs 4725 the sinking and drowning Mine 2883 the bowl the eye their seeing His 7086-7200 the wheel,-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 in doing trembling terror 7578 within site of assemble, situation theirs 4186

21. extol of Most High 5920 in ones luminous 225 and you are going up and 5921 among ruins of theirs 1942 for in peace of mind 7999 and in thinness small thinness small these 1851 1851 and in mingled wine them 4197 in regions of 6285

22. where mingled water and wine theirs 4197 they 1931 will in this pluck off 5394 " I " will by this cast out 5394 according of heat, anger 2534 //

23. will know by seeing 3045 also swearing, cursing 423 of the sinking and drowning of them 2883 they to be removed of them 2883 for counseling these ones 3245 again 310 their forms being set 6696. Not 3808

24. seeing 310 having bubbled up of the mire theirs 2563 and He will of them rain violently 1652 in regions of 6285 where bubbled up of the mire theirs 2563 and He will cause of them violent rain 1652

25. certain ones 259 like this of purpose 3644 when ones of change boasting of selves they will 3235 and these 1992 chance meetings of theirs, estop denying the facts presented before actions 7136-6979 dumb 929 by 3588 their luminous ones 225 to be heavy in a bad sense 3515 pulling down, estop deny the facts before an action 6979

26. and these able of to restrain 6113 you descend down 5181 their land 776 and their water 4325. And was let remain 7604 it's forms 6696 arising ones you 7012. And was let remain 7604 it's forms 6696 ones arising of you 7012. Will establish 3559 their watering 4325

27. they shall grow hot His 2552 and can do good, profitable will 3276 in storage house-among ones luminous 686-225 will cramp forms theirs 6696 ones arising of you 7012 will apply fix 3559 that which 834 departed of you 3249

28. these ones refugees 4015 shall tread out the seeking of to worship His 1875 beside of and against 6655 sinking and drowning ones of them 2883. With surety of deeds 552 to be warm, blackish 2345 the fire 784 theirs 1931 in pulling down, estop denying facts presented before actions 6979

29. causes you to cleave to 1693 among whoever of the dark in color of these 7835 those of mixed peoples 6154. And to establish 3559 standing out 3426 to have bitterness 4751 cast it away against of 7993 alike certain ones 259 out of among

30. the foundation bottom His 3247 sinking and drowning 2883 among to unite with 3161. And their 1931 forms it 6696 they gave you 5414 by His the presenting of these 4672

31. and with them they of 1931 purpose 4100 which they 1931 have it these 1931 causes to kill it 4191 and closed the eyes let be theirs 6105 and it's form 6699 theirs 1931

32. a structured adjustment ones of 8498 to be weak 2470 it shall be theirs against Mine 1961 not 3808 you are to stray 7683 with hasters, Chushims 2366 shall draw out His 4900 with strength 451 theirs by blood of them 4726

Image 0145: 1. They have made enchantments 2814 for appearance of visions 4758 who's voices sound feminine 6963 they made these heavy 3513 where of it 1931 they spread their perversion of them 5186 among 413 beside of and against 6655

2. removal 2108 beside of and against 6655 and their things offensive 8182 and will cause ones of punishment these 5221 the four 703. And in regions of 6285 requesting counsel His 7592 the causing of pulling down of them 6979

3. these to have power as prince and 8280 among the sinking and drowning 2883 those calling of His things spoken 1697 in the sinking and drowning ones of theirs 2883. And " I " have explained making plain 874 to fear terror fainting 4199 who of cause shaking [bringing force to dislodge the arranged order, writings] 5128

4. will violently rain 1652 nothing was to ours 369 violent rain 1652 and those 428 the repairing of foundation 3247 in Cabta ones of [the Son of Cush] 5454 caused staggering of you [incline to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534

5. bringing about before of the circuit of you 5437 and in the land of Sabta ones of 5454 caused you to staggering [incline to the altered arranged order, writings 5128 they served 8120 with the spreading in bending away of these His 5186 the turning away of them 6657

6. who caused changing of them 2498 who have fresh new thing His 2319 among these staggering these [incline to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 who are of months theirs 3393 you have changed His 2498

7. in that 834 dumb 929 among the sinking and drowning these 2883 and then 227 they have new thing 2319 to them 1992 the ones in agreement, close association 6149 will cause you to be outcast 1760

8. and these have changed His 2498 and were also to be fragile 8406 portion Yah's these 2518 in portion of these 2517 making of no account of them 6994 thousands 7231 among ruins 181 by ones of the task 6045

9. they made an alliance with 2266 strong one theirs 352 by strength of body theirs 193 it sounds great to be accepted 3190. And then 227 they will make habitually to work His 6466 holding feedings them 3507 will ones of strike giving wound, punishing these 5221 such of this 2088 fear terror fainting of 4199

10. and they have mingled wine and water theirs 4197 with sounds great to be accepted 3190 and they make workmen 6213 purpose their 4100 thing 1697 now 645 they 1931 measure these 374 causes you to resemble 1819

11. in making to set up finish theirs 3635 these 1931 in the mingled wine and water 4197 and write the record 3789 bitterly curse measure to define of to make good theirs 779-5429-2895 [Cham] want of memory, oblivious these 7911 the foundation of these 3248 were how to remain these 7604

12. with mingled wine and water 4197 to have pardon 7521 also to Me remains Mine 5736 where in mingled wine and water 4197 they caused new thing 2319 to begin foundation these 3247 ones of cause to punish these 5221 seeing after 310

13. were doing judging 1934 way against Mine to bitterness 4751 where of portion 2517 the men of Mine 376 also with their mingled wine and water 4197 was nothing Mine 369 remaining 3498 hot 2526 and not 3808

14. remained 3498 ashamed dry up water 3001 remove portion 2517 the ones of the sea Mine 4325 fragmented and ruined His 7616 prepare to select 3559 feeding against them 1262 over 5921 all 3605 this 2008 firm of vigor these 3581

15. way against their bitterness 4756 forms these 6696 have made to stand firm these 5975 stability of truth these 571 and powerful of His these 6105 right happy 833 out of these 1992

16. to were you lived before and 2425 twist together strong of body His 193 these where of His 351 among them remains His 7604 and ones rising firmly His 7011 among them 1992 who surely 518 shall make to stop theirs 989

17. they shall do 1961 this 2088 will measure to define to ransom the remaining 6299-5429 not 3808 mingle wine and water mix 4197 with shepherds 7462 also portion Mine 4327 they being of 1961 those changed His 2498 by hand theirs 3709

18. portion Mine 4327 that mingled wine and water His 4197 and remains 3498 making like to resemble 7739 that mingled wine and water theirs 4197 they-murmured in pleasure 1931-1897 the Adam 120. And to render sure 3559 these 1931

19. they tarred long with incited passion 3186-2787 to make good 2895 lead away with His of them 7617. Will know 3045 when to bring forth 7737 the mingled wine and water 4197 the truth 571 slandering of 7270 when they are drinking, drunk 8854

20. among His the workmen 6466 and they were doing deeds 6466 failure of 1115 were found 4672 and these 1931 to with hold benefits 4513 also appeared doing 4672

21. in regions of 6285 when among portion His 4448 they have lived before 2425 also not 3808 they to bend away 5186 among beside of and against 6655 except to remove 2107 beside of and against 6655. And where 349 they have lived before 2425

22. caused to endure misleading 7952 shall withdraw 5117 and they shall staggering staggered to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 to bring forth them 7737 beside of and against 6655 what, how 349 was nothing ours 369 in place thinking of the mind 4725. And who 4310 have nothing His 369

23. in place of the mind 4725 was nothing ours 369. Rain violently 1652. And in time 3528 they we have caused 5168 violent rain 1652 this 2088 to change 2015 and cause to stop 989

24. to deliver 6561 Yah has dipped 2882 removing things 1697 with wheels-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] of them 1534

25. saying 559 " I " caused unite alike 3162 knowledge 1883 when saying His 559 compact against 2374 where wheels-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] of them 1534 theirs 1992

26. among ones bubbling up of the mire 2563 ones to strip out 6584 cleaning 2134 and blameless 5355 remain 3498.

27. shall out of the bubbling up of the mire 2563 will establish foundations 3247 and these 1992 lived among 2425

28. their teachers to act wisely 7919 and these will establish foundations 3247 and their 1992 dead bodies [fig of idolatrous] 6297 and to establish proper 3559 knowledge 1847 speaking by inspiration ones of them 5012 bond servants laboring teaching ministering 5656

29. building up trust sure of them 539 will give rest with them 5117 bubbling up of the mire Mine 2563 living them 2425 in regions 6285 also they remove staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings] of them 5128. And the staggering it [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128

30. not 3808 you shall do 1961 forbid 3607 by violent rain 1652 master over 1167 the body desires [covets] of mind 5315 and untrue words 3584 the desired ones of you 2531 surviving portion 7611

Image 0146: Line 1. Also you have caused staggering, you have of [to incline of the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 the sinking and drowning in declaring of 2883 so you staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 in the foundation repairing of these 3247 to prolong cause 748 you have been 1961 in guiding 5148

2. with the hand reaching you 5060 the conditioning of the mind 4725 and ample of 155 also of self 1931 the way moon month lunation to declare 3391 not 3808 you have done 1961 constantly to declare 8548

3. where of to insist, compel 597 causing to bring about 7136 and not 3808 have coveted 2530. and testify, again, and again 5749 they shall live by 2425 where it shall be 1961 theirs removed ones of the lunation moon month 3391

4. violent rain 1652 in regions 6285 laying waste theirs 7582 afflicting and wearing out 1080 consider 7920 not 3808 tired or weary His 3019 in commandments and edicts 3982 His distinguishing of 914

5. among these 1992 and of strength theirs 451. And fearing 4199 with intelligence in behavior of judgement 29440 in strength of substance Him 6106 they have lived among 2425 those that have caused 1961 the violent rain 1652

6. that these 1931 will have ones of the lunation moon month 3391 masters 1167 making to understand 7920 peoples of the nations you 1471 and also how 349 not 3808 to birth the new moon month it 3386 with permission of rest theirs 2010

7. the things commanded 1697. living of 748 they to remain 3498 seen of 7200 when telling 559 also these living among 2425 making teachers 7919. And testify, again and again 5749

8. secure of His these 7954 fulfilling will 7999 the strong of substance 6105 and the one going to be 1961 witnessing 5749 of desire 5375 in continuing these of them 1934

9. things commanded 1697 they shall be 1961 for them 1992 in firmness 3581 seeing with Mine 7200 when they reach ability these His 2381 the things commanded 1697 who of these 1992 before lived among 2425

10. lofty of them 5944 so they are of them 581 to complete 3635 they make afraid, fearing 1204 desiring to advance of theirs 5375 have caused bitterness 4843 also staggering causing them [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 were drawn along His 4900

11. in such things like 1992 remove their foolishness 5034 causing failure of Mine 1077 when have reached ability to take hold on and 5381 these 1992 by your things 1697. For 3644 the ones of the tasks 6045

12. with firmness 3581 they cause innocents 2135 and these caused to have ones of mental pressure 6735 which 835 in disseminating of information, planting the seeds 2232 for 3644 also this you declared 874 tearing away His 6561

13. in regions of 6285 being secure at rest to Me 7954 the delivering of selves 4422 among 5973 this 2088 to be secure at rest to Me 7954 they shall be of 1961 this 2088 in the workmen 6466 dumb 929 cause like a month their lunation 3393

14 also sinking and drowning it 2883 as ones task 6045 the firmness 3681 it will be remembered by these 2145 and caused their sprinkling [Yeshayahu-Isaiah 5215 and Shem Tov image 130 line 8 H5137] among them 1992 which it shall be 1961

15. such of this 1931 cause to make cease 989 like this 3644 also having explained making plain it was 874. And when of 518 testifying again again 5749 and you say 559 will remove 1972

16. to be 1961 it 1931 from the arranged order your's 5468 from knowledge 7922 it will distinguish of 914 it's the strength of theirs 2220 a failure 1115 among ones misleading of theirs 7686

17. things 1697 from officially constituted 4487 as were remembered 2142 delivered of 6561 children 2056 what shall you answer 7725 ours were nothing of 369 by the Kish [ancestors of Mordecai BDD] 7027 this thing 1697

18. this they 1931 were opponents of your's 6862 in causing to exist 1934 caused to separate 2351 in regions 6285 desiring to advance their 5375 thing 1697 purpose it 4100 close the eves theirs 6105

19. in thing commanded 1697 who of these 1992 peaceable Mine 8015 these were going to be 1961 and was nothing 369 among them thing 1697 complaining with weeping 1058 how shall bring distress you 6887

20. by causing to exist 1933 ones of to strike 4272 and to render sure 3559 how shall be things commanded of writings 562 load up on men and 7925 to be peaceful Mine 7599 the source going forth of them 4196 for making completion 3634 masters Mine 1167

21. body of life 5315 there 8033 among them 1992 among the sinking and drowning 2883 their beginning 8462 in the staggering caused them [to the altered arranged order,writings]5128 and in recompense theirs 6466

22. failure 1115 oppressed of you and them 6887 in recompense these 6466 by removal beside of them. Assuredly 3588 these will bring forth it 6779 there 8033 among His jeopardy of life [man] 5315

23. theirs of need need you 6878 who of it 1931 have caused to profane thing His 2490 in causing to be idolatry of His 2181 and to ones of making large in mind these 1431 failure 1115 oppressed and troubled of you 6887 when among

24. by removal of these 2108 except 7535 to pare of 4591 for work in bondage 5656 the land 127 and to reserve 3498 from a portion theirs 4480 where of 8033 for a refuge 982

25. because of failure 1115 out of things commanded 1697 beginning of 6462 the staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 by ensnaring of you 3369 among drawing together you these. And to preserve 3498

26. Among great trouble 1993 among men 120 there 8033 among His the beginning 8462 to select 970 these consenting 225 and to set in order 8626 the tending of a flock 7462

27. and when 518 after this manner 3602 with strength and 352 in bodies as closed senses 1480 the humble of selves 8217 disregarded 3533 who stand out 3426 in Mine protecting 8104 where of the destruction His 8060

28. these 1992 were honorable Mine 3513 the strong of substance 6106 where they have lived among 2425 appointed place 7760 with them the sinking and drowning 2883 the beginning 8462

29. they making restoration 7999 by them 1992 ones making habitually to practice His of them 6466 failure of 1115 shall need need good and 6878 in words of the matter 1697 subdue of 4272 and to establish proper 3559 saying 559

30. their speech, motion of lip you 5205 making circumspect these of our 7919 El 410 consider 7919 the wheel wheel,-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 because to put in order 6186 making large in honor 1431 violent rain these of theirs 1652 and making selves clean His 2135

Image 0147: 1. El of 410 grow up of 1431 body of water of hard rain and [sense of grown up cleaned] 1655 will make clean transparent His 2135 in regions 6285 who of Mine to be seen 7200 will enclose the senses seat of emotions 2436 the El 410 to render sure 5413 form pressed out 6699 to remain 3498

2. to be honorable you 3513 to 413 the bubbling up of the mire, ruins 2563 who are to be great 3513 from strong together 193 bubbling up of the mire 2563 the governors 6346 out of to place 7760 El 410

3. you bruised 4600 think good 2896 making Master, Adoni of theirs 1167 and write the record 3791 He puts a difference and have an end 6395, 5486 falls with a crash them 7582 shall be 1961 among the shaking [bringing force to dislodge to mix the arranged order, writings 5128

4. in the astonished desolation of them 8047 force firm 3581 with infliction of plague 5063 it 1931 causes to separate, divide of 2505 by this shall divide the portion 2505 the rain showers 1653 according to such like 3644 also for you to let us explain make clear 874

5. 6561 breaking off 6561 with purpose 1697 and to establish 3557 force firm 3581 not 3808 they shake [bring force to dislodge mix the arranged order, writings ] to appoint a fix time 2163 for lords of high places 1181 and these 2088 to be untrue in words 8266 in regions 6285 also let us explain make clear 874

6. among the sinking and drowning 2883 because to regard theirs 5375 among the desolations of them 8047 " I " cause solutions 6592 the breaking off of 6561 staggering it [the altered arranged order, writings 5128

7. And testify again, again 5749 to be astonished ours 7583 seeing of Mine them 7200 | what ever 4310 intoxication as a habit theirs 7937 remains of 3498 making to restore 7999 useful forward of theirs 3276

8. the staggering of theirs [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 for appointed times 2163 remains 3498 to harvest 7114 makes themselves to be continuance theirs 8548 remains 3498 fixed time 2163 mothers your's 517

9. also how 349 they have lived with 2425 what it was 1961 firm theirs 3581 make to fear, terrify, trouble of 1204 and where 349 they shall live among 2425 where you to define, measure, dropping of issue 6329

10. staggering theirs [the altered of the arranged order, writings] of 5128 the destruction of them 8060 sense of effort successful with 202 when was found 4672 to be eminent it shall be 5329 this 2088 to change 2015 make to cease 989

11. the second time 8145 circumspect remains 7919 ability firm 3581 in defeating 5062 it 1931 causing the staggering, staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 in meeting by accident it 4745 make to fear, terrify 1204

12. who are now His 6256 will complete 3635 remove staggering, staggered [ to the altered arranged order, writings 5128 when meeting by accident it 4745 strong His 352 the we of them 5168

13. firm 3581 not 3808 they shall live among 2425 you are portion His 4480 making to cease 989 in rest 4506 they were Mash son of Aram the descended of 4851 removing staggering you shall [the altered arranged order, writings] 5128

14. of the meeting whom have it 4745. Also they shall live among 2425 settle down you 5117 staggering you of[ the altered arranged order, writings 5128 their wheel, wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 the goal truthfulness of you 5330 and theirs 1931

15. untrue, deceitful.8267. How 349 they shall explain being plain 874 where the caused shaking [bring force to dislodge mix the arranged order, writings] 5128 the wheel-[recurring courses directing or controlling actions] 1534 sense of effort successful and 202 firm 3581 in defeating 5062 and render sure, proper 3559 destroy it 1504

16. where the wheel wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] of them 1534 it 1992 ones of oversight of them 4870 cause to separate mentally understand of it's desires of them 995 all 3605 what of purpose 4100 who of these 1992 caused ones to lead forth of them 5090 with His 225

17. and to standout 3426 to them 1992 causing to shake [bring force to dislodge mix the arranged order, writings 5128 when these 1931 making circumspect to understand 7919 were divide selecting 914 also sense of effort successful ours 202 close door 1479 yet not 3808 firm 3581

18. in defeating 5062. Like trees 636 extent of time 3528 writings you have 3791 to distort 5765 supervision over 6488 also by cunning knowledge 1847 head person 8269 summoning ones of wish to please 6634 " H " 3068

19. they to mine consent 226 with staggering it [the altered arranged order, writings 5128 these 1931 among beside of and moving against the adversary 6655 the caused staggering, staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings 5128 not 3808 among the beside of and moving against the adversary 6655 the caused shaking of [bringing force to dislodge mix the arranged order,writings 5128

20. strong to cause 193 when 518 was 1961 the cause of shaking [bringing force to dislodge mix the arranged order, writings] 5128 violent rain 1652 and where one of remove these cast far off 1972 for causing staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings 5128 not 3808

21. they shall live among 2425 cause not 3808 because who shall be 1961 of Mine to trust 2620. in the staggering of His [inclined to altered the arranged order, writings 5128. And to establish of 3559 the destructiveness their 8060

22. to regard of Mine 5375 to them 1992 a place 7760 they to pity 2347 among showing opposite ones of 6901 to staggering theirs [to the altered arranged order, writings 5128 for 3588 the staggering [to the altered arranged order, writings 5128

23. they turn selves of you 5437 was nothing 369 to change 2015 to you to gather in abundance 3527 " I " cause solution 6591 where they to staggering staggered [to the altered arranged order, writings] 5128 and to failure 1115

Image 0148: empty, of lines readable some symbols in the place of the heading,to the foundation 3246 and the hand of power you 3027 to flower, flourish 6731 hide a mystery Mine 7328 foreigners, ger with Mine 1616

There are lines when magnified greatly, not able to read.

Image 0149: 1. also weeping theirs 1056. You to finish 7999 with power to stand these 6617 imposing form of honor 1935. This has caused you to change you have of these 2498 and caused the renewing of these 2318 with staggering causing 5128 the activity, implied in the day, light 8120

2. in the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] and 1534 for 3588 the disesteeming of vile person 959 it paid 7999 will keep in memory with this 7876 mud, mire 1206 it changed them 2015 and will repair the foundation these 3247 they have dispatched 7392 everywhere 3605

3. consider to exist removing of these 1934 to establish 3559 the seeing, understanding 7200 to be destitute these 7326 strengthening 2388 when was of them 1934 in causing to come back of them 5437 the days theirs 3117 have caused lunation moon month it of theirs 3391

4. that was 834 found 4672 on account of 5668. the assurance of refuge 983 from this they trust for protections 2620 good end of purpose 4100 among these 1992 by turning of them 5437 the days of them 3117

5. and from these 1992 in lunation moon month it of theirs 3391. And preparing 3559 He to see 7200 the increasing of 7231 theirs living it of His 2421 theirs paring off of them 4591 were being draw along 4900 for the turning about of them 5437

6. the lunation moon month it of theirs 3391. And to establish 3559 boundaries theirs of 1366 the diseased of them 2456. And to establish 3559 they shall live with 2425 to people of the nation, goyim you 1471 among the remnant 7604 the turning of them 5437

7. when found of them 4672 in remaining of 7604 the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] of theirs 1534 and their mingled wine, watered down these 4197 ability firm these 3581 and when of shall flourish them 6692 duration of 5703 where caused staggering [the inclined to alter the arranged order] |

8. and the intentional plan of purpose good these of them 4284 and permanent rising them 7011 and becoming these 1961 the workmen ones of Yah them 6045-3050 measuring to be able these 3557 to sow and develops 4900 by these 1992 according to plan 3644

9. who were burning 8404 to deliver 6561 children 2056 and according to such 3644 who of the expansion spreading them 4666 this 2088 in lording over it of 1167 the sinking and drowning 2883 and their decrees accordingly 4941

10. and to set to apply 3559 the ones of stated assemblies theirs 5712 higher theirs 5927 the Torah 8451 and the Prophets 5030 and the writings of them 3789 the sick, diseased 2456 and they to be eager 2363

11. With Torah 8451 it let be 1961 for light luminaries 3974 for the expanse in the firmament 7549 of the heavens 8064 to give light 215 over 5921 the land 776

12. and they explain declaring plainly of 874 El 410 opponent rising against 7009 you 853 to change 8138 with luminary for lights 3974 and let be his 1961 for signs 226

13. and like this 3541 and so will owe making endangered 2325 ones removal of 6435 you lift up 5375 eyes of you 5869 the destructiveness of them of this 8060 and like this 3541|

14. which were 834 smooth of words flattering to separate of them 2505 " H " 3068 with them 854 to finish 3635 will over shadow become dim, hide ones of 6004. Shall see, understand 7200 consider of Mine 7919 organized together in hardship 6635 will over shadow become dim, hiding ones of 6004

15. out of this calling to remembrance of them My 6485 one hundred His 3967 of the expansion He will make 3315 and cause among you of them-reflex lied to 8371 when the acquaints induce to lead away you 5090 this these 2088 will impose a yoke on the neck them 5923

16. by the inspired speaker of them, false prophets 5030 hundreds hundreds 3967 will over shadow huddling to gather hiding 6004 not 408 the lowest of bottom for 3588 uniting and 3189 murmur in meditation study how 1907

17. among these their 1992 mouths 6310 El has seen of-good 2381-2896 the nations-goyim-Mine 1471 uniting His-theirs 3189 seeing against-to inculcate 7200-8150 sheep these 7716 admonition of warn instructing of them 4561

18. do be terrified of them 2865 and these 859 not 3808 terrified, amazed His 2865 and make ready to establish 3559 with ones of the portion-good His 4480-2896 and able of to maintain 3557

19. organize for war soldiers 6635 the destructiveness of them 8060 fixed places of theirs 5977 from the right hand of Him 3225 and from the left hand of Him 8041

20. with writings of theirs 3789 will know by seeing you 3045 to enact laws cut in stone 2710 out of the heavens 8064 when 518 shall place the charge of setting up 7760 among officials overseers theirs 7860

21. in the land 776 and intoxications- of emotions 7478 from officials overseers theirs 7860 the acquaints of induces to mislead 5060 among ones of the workmen 6045 of the officials overseers 7860

22. And like this 3541 by ones of seize hold in possession 270 by withdrawing of these 3670 in the land 776 and they shake of themselves overthrowing and 5287 to declare wrong of themselves 7561

23. among to appoint officially 4487 when so 3644 also to break apart distinctly shall declare 6566 wavered 6375 children 2056

24. El has seen 2371 was nothing 369 by you tender shoots 6212 and tender shoots 6212 caused by expansion 4298 to lift of you 5375 by their prince 3556 cause to rise of state 4608

25. to strike 5221 a sign to them 225 and appointed answer 562 to him grow great 1432. And for purpose sake His 3541 theirs to complete 3636 will hang up theirs 8518 by exhausting of 4198

26. when of to hurry eager 2363 how 834 their commander of the front his 5057 of their horoscopist, astrologer theirs 1895 to place of theirs 7760 from beside of and against by the adversary 6655 verdict against judgement of 4941 the prince of them 3556

27. " I " throw forth ones of them [to deny facts presented because of actions and words previously] 6979 will of wall up of them 6979 to interrupt, non-occurrence 2962 coming of theirs 935. and to be suitable 2969 on account of cause Mine 7945 shall weight out measuring of 8505 who told 559

28. where shall have 1961 staggering caused [incline to alter the arranged order] 5128 the princes of them 3556 by ordering of this 5668 that they also to war against His 5055

29. to curse 422 the things commanded 1697 their mouths 6433 protection of My 7753 house it 1004 bubbling up out of the mire 2563 for 3588 not 3808 did they measure out test 8505 theirs have forgotten You the Rock 7876

Image 0150: 1. Who are honoring 3513 among looking 7688 and keeping guard 7763 will it bring into contempt 7043. And when 518 shall be 1961 the reigning king 4427 to revolve the wheel 212 what purpose 4100 from looking 7688

2. with serving of theirs 5647 such things 2007 this 2088 in the conduit, course way of you 8585 their reigning king 4427 not 3808 to the conduit course way you 8585 who served 5647. And such things 2007 adulate, adore, praise and 7624

3. which cause the pit falls of destruction7828 keeping, guarding 7763 of Yisrael. And the written record 3789 when 518 " H " 3068 not 3808 shall as habit intoxicate as a state of , they also bend down, bow, bend the knee 7910-3766 places, cities 5892 and the written record of 3789 " H " 3068

4. keeper guarding of you 7763 and this 2088 the things 1697 of the writings 3789 like Torah 8451 and to keep in memory they have forgotten the Rock 7867 of the prophets 5030 and caused to restore of the third time 8027 with the writings His 3789

5. where of theirs the pitfalls of destructions 7828 keeping of 7763 the adam 120 and causes transgressions by enrapture, intoxication 7686 with theirs and these of such 2063 that also push against Mine 5056 when found of them 4672 among theirs

6. of the expansion 3315 when kept over 5669 of those 428 the things erroring of 1697. With tinkling ornaments these 5913-2088 it shall be 1691 the closed eyes theirs 6105 among the kept over 5669 the closed eyes His

7. and this 2088 was nothing ours 369 by His deficiency, want of character 2642 nagation of 61 the finishing these 8000 in regions 6285 also have caused sinking and drowning of 2883 the place 8000

8. to have ones of resources 8228 among able of to be at peace and 8013 against 5922 who 4310 also to be beneath, very low 4295 among weighing out 4487 by the conditions rising 4609 will by seeing know 3045 to incline the back to start and 7925

9. also bubbling up of the mire 2563 all 3605 the taking of counsel these 3245 just and right of manner 3651 bubbled up of the mire 2563 the wheels, [recurring course directing or controlling actions] 1534 unite 259 in regions 6285 to be at peace and 7599 seeing of Mine 7200

10. to measure to be able of them 3557 the staggering, [incline to alter the arranged order] these 5128 first 259 and this 1931 theirs revolving around of you 5431 the surviving, collect of orphens 2475 turning away of 6659 staggering,[the altered arranged order them 5128 from beside of moving against by the adversary 6655

11. the surviving collect of orphans 2475 refuges these 6697 and make provisions 3559 the ones 259 revolving around you 5696 sun rise east 4217 to sunset west 4628. And the ones 259 overturning 2015

12 from the sunset west 4628 to the sunrise east 4217 and saying 559 the writings 3789 the heavens 8064 numbers infinite 4557 weighty splendor of 3513 to such 413 and like this 3541| was nothing 369

13. words commanded 561 and was nothing 369 words answered judgement 1697 and like this 3541| and wounds 6567 shearing away 4177 to make right 6663 who came 935 to explain making clear 874 they point out and 184

14. the ones of the written records will 5608 how what 349 they 1931 to answer 561 who they 1931 among come to nothing 205 when speaking of 559 scandalist tale bearers 7400 to desolate them

15. making loud praises these 7623 for the pit falls of destruction 7825 failure 1997 ones of to cut off decree determined 2852 the ones of things spoken of 1697 and the calling aloud 6963 to cause 413 in the taking hold on you 5318

16. consider 7920 in separating 905 according to likeness of form 1823 the messengers 4397. Where ones of things spoken 1697 by men 120

17. they 1931 to them bring out 3318 for workmen 6466 purpose 4100 to grow with His 7640 with firmness 3581

18. building up knowledge fostering in trust 539 but wheels of theirs, [recurring course directing or controlling actions or methods of worship] 1534 instructive-of them 4905 in turning aside of by reason of 6435-5921

19. continuing regularly daily 8548[correcting pointing out]

20. saying 559 then 8033 turning 7725 they having grieved to curtailed 7114 seen " I " have 7200 [reverse] whom of " I " will make luminous 215 struggle together 7533 grow up rise 7054 ashamed 954 drawing out rescue 4871 deluded causes to to fail 7411

21. to let ones of remain 3498 such things of selves 2007 let alone consider of 7896 ones of punishment clap hands His 5606 great 1419 [reverse] ones of posterity treading out, in the sense of the grapes of wine press 1660 ones of strike to shake out 5362 the covering 5497 also this way 2008 rain showers of your's 7377 to the distance of time 1937

22. how 834 when bereaved 3495-3490 fearful thing terror 4172 cleanse selves do right 6663 to crack, ring off the head 4454 distinction separate between 996 to deliver, rescure 6561 [reverse] kool, quiet 7119 to turn 6434 pouring forth 2999 to cause to mark 5348 to glisten pressing out, double light 6671-6672 and will to extend of time 4970 the posterity 5104 who will cause to Me 2969

23. heralders proclaim 3744 will deliver 6561 weary selves 3811 among faces theirs 6437 who of their 1931 things 1697 [reverse] spreading 7234 pointing out 184 the gift aviable 7862 by speech, mouth 6433 the EL 410 to bring about 7136 end portion 6310 tossed about winnowing of 2219

24. coverings of garments 4603-4598 vile person dispised of 959 this to storm fear horribly 8175 cause together ruin 181-343 [reversed] ones against them 1668 tremble, earth quake so afraid 7493 their dwellings, habitation of 2083 sweep away of them 3216

Image 0151: line 1. Authoriatively decreed 3982 respect in understanding, seeing of 7200 El He 410 to protect, aid 5826 redeemed to deliver 6561 Yah is their El 3100 the destructiveness of them 8060 removes He will establish proper 3559

2. appointed times, festivals 3677 the splended honorable 3519 who will tell 559 because 3588 for white as snow 7949 it said of 559 to be of 1933 Mine able 7521 and these will be hard tough 7185

3. to masters, great men 7229 who shall be tough hard 7185 in seeing to understand 7200 to Mine 413 protect aid of 5826 when shall come 1961 thing 1697 take a hand full 4390 concern of things 1697.. And to establish-you 3559 searching out worshipers 1245

4. for ones of becoming 1961 the grown numb of the devastion 8074 condition of the mind. And what good end 4100 of them their cover in darkness ones of 5939 despiesed of 959 and it to be far of of time 1973 will ask counsel, answers 7592 people of the nations, you 1471 will cause to make luminous 215

5. by being confused, ashame and 954 to remove directing of -them 3559 who to be selected to feed-crying out for help-shouts of joy 1254-7442 seeing, to set upright of manner 3651-7200 appointed times, festivals 6677 to be splende honorable 3519 His strong of substance 6106 to remove their established direction 3559 to create 1254 and of truth 518

6. will open the mouth of speech 6475 give light of understanding 215 to shame theirs 954 and establish directing 3559 the appointed times, festivals 3677 things 1697 ancient, beginnings 6924 failure 1115 to create of 1254 these 479 presented lies 3384

7. to become his 1961 have prolonged 5186 by cunning knowledge of deception 1874 weak not grown up 648 to spin 2901. And when 518 shall be 1961 among ones trusting 539 making of former times-to occupy the nest 6927-7064 the appointed times, festivals 3677

8.these 479 shall be 1961 appearing to resemble 8389 by authoritive position 8034 not 3808 close door 1479 as with lye cleanse to Me 1252. And how 349 to Me cause solution 6591 who it shall be such like of them 2004 the matter 1697

9. to mark off 8388 and to remain 3498 who to separate 6381 cause to answer, promise and 562 to enlighten 3974 to shame theirs 955-to preserve ransom Mine 6299

10. H // B saying of these 559 in choosing to try of 977 and it shall be 1961 growing dark 6150 and it shall be 1961 of morning light of 1242 day 3117 unite of 259 making luminous 215 Yehudah 3063

11. to try in choosing 977 ones of sweet smell ours 5561 blows that wounded to Me these 4347 who shall be 1961 to arrange order 5468 appointed times, festivals 2165 before of 6925 in fixing to establish 3559 made luminous 215

12. willingly consent of Him 14 blows that wounded to Me these 4347 who were of 1961 theirs burying of 6900 mental discretion 995 have kept out of sight, concealing His 5956 and removing ones of the devastors these 2717

13. and this way 2088 remaining of 3498 ones of shielding 4043 remove first 7223 shall accept 7521 who answered 5161-5162 seeing understand 7200 Yehudah 3063 who caused to revive among 2425

14. also the appointed times, festivals 2165 projected selves anticipate 6923 in causing to make known 3045 gathering 717 to become derelict wrongly to practice, idolatry 7750 because were marked to remember 2142 by ones over 5921 break off, discontinue 6562 community 2268 who 834

15. in knowledge skilful in deception 1847 fearful thing 4172 cease make right 6663 not 3808 comes 935 their wanders, signs 4159 ones rising of them 5927. And authoritatively decree 3982 seeing 7200 consenting and 14

16. they shall live among 2425 when let be 1961 will of keep out of sight, concealing theirs 5956 casting together thousands 7231 as knowledge skilful of deception 1847 they will declare of 874 destructivesness theirs 8060 when 834 comes 935

17. the wanders, signs 4159 against 5922 to make of cease and 989 as were marked to remember 2142 Pecach-Passover 6453. And saying 559 the rabies 7228 who were of will be dense, stiff necked 7185 to these 428

18. they make selves wise, acting 2449 after 310 which saying 559 the writings 3789 day 3117 one 259 and day 3117 change of repeating 8138 when 518 not 3808 it shall be 1961

19. then 8033 the wheel-[recurring course directing or controlling actions] causing ones to surround of 5362 not 3808 brillant sun light heating hot 8121 to kindle heat 228 thing 1697 also to thicken verdure, greening of growing vegetation 3293 day 3117 one 259 to establish 3559 reviving with living 2425

20. presenting theirs 4672 appointed times 2165 will of anticipate 6923 the activity of light 8121-8120. And themselves of 2007 this such deed 2063 cause to die you 4191 cause beginning 6932 from 6923. And saying 559

21 enducing to mislead cause to Mine 7952 appearing to come forth 4672 with their sedur, arranged order to ones of 5486 caused to strick you 5606 and their 1931 thing 1697 their nothing nothing 1077-1077 master 1167 theirs decrees 1882 it to be made known 3045

22. faithful him 530. And writings theirs 3789 like much enough 1767 misleading to Mine 7952 having planted 5193 with theirs. Set in order arranged 6186 from words of theirs 1697 clean against 2134-this 2088 to El 410

23. AND AGAIN 8145 SHALL SAY, COMMANDING 562-burning 784 a directive, profane things, forbid of 2486 permanent 3885 to it provokes bitterness of 4843-Cushites 3568 untrue in words, deception 3584 to theirs assured of truth 539-cunning opinion 1843 who of intelligents 2450

24. the unraveling begins 8271 their untrue words of deception 3584 the dignified of them 1431 returns them 7725 they clap hands and 5606

25. their untrue words of deception 3584 who may say 559 who have assurance of truth it 539 despised vile person 959. And the separating 6381

26. remove the horoscopist, astrologers 1895 who when 518 among make good for nothing you 7489 to theirs 413 the weaving of cunning impute 2803 after this manner 3602. Who 4310 shall assure of the truth 539 to Mine who to know by seeing the cunning 1847 search out seek you have ours 8446

27. theirs 1931 what purpose 4100 who of they assured of truth they will do 539 it 1931 changing turning aside 2015 cunningly of knowledge by seeing them-Cushites 1847. And also how 349 themselves 2007 saying 559 seeing 7200 to circumvent ones as restraining 6117

28. over 5921 seeing 7200 cause to theirs help aid 5828 skilful in cunning deception theirs 2450 on account of 7945 seeing| cause to theirs help aid 5828 dumb 9745 to Mine these and ourselves 587 so of forcible [by euphemism a male prostitue, dog]

29. they will lap up,lick 3952 whoever of them 4310-seen 7200 and themselve seeing 7200| ones swelling up deceitful to Mine 6121 shall be 1961 the remaining 3498 intelligent of 2815 making fourth part of 702

30. to Mine accumulate riches and 5233 by separating selves measuring to define 6504-5429 and gather together 3664 for peace safty 7965 and surely to spread 3318 with peace prosperity-Mine. And saying 559 over 5921 seeing 7200 El of help aid 410 5828

Image 0152: 1. adversary contended cause controversy will-power of hand 7379-3027 desolate-measure to define them 7582-5429 they were 1961 all 3605 cunningly wise of 2450 Yisrael 3478 into hands 3709 weighted of in just balances them 3976 and looked on 7200 El of help 461 into hands 3709

2. ones different 8133 among bowing on knees 3766 you 853 against them 4135 and the ones able to reach 5381 after this manner against 3602 the cunningly wise of them 2449 on account of to Me 7945 ones of take hold on Him 5381 Adam 120 [the mem is in black, Cushites ?]

3. in their generation 1755 who speak 559 emitting ulcerous fluid, words of 7325 ones of supplanting to Me 6177 also were His 1961 to Him three 7968 hundred 3967 were going 1980 over 5921 plantings 5195

4. difficulty to digest of them 7180 and not 3808 to teach unaccustomed to disciple 3925 among portion and 4481 forbid 3607 first 259. And make long, defer 748 where 349 allowed to stay 3240 [ book 12 Mattityah to separation out Cushites] and because to be dumb1745 were ones of pleasantness 5207

5. cunning knowledge His 1847 and making faces of 6440 cunning knowledge 1847 beside of His 2408. And when scattering 6566 remove last of them 314 who 834 with it ensnared 3369

6. to first in place of them 7223 deputies, governors of small districts of them 6346 among the bubbling up of the mire theirs 2563 because of 7945 seeing theirs of 7200 the Negro, Cushites 6372 son 1121 enlightener 2971 and untrue in words 3584 with cunning knowledge 1847 [6372 defined in BDB page 810 appears with a yod, and in Analytical by Davidson page 628 root 6285]

7. that seeing 2088-7200 cause to make circumspect expert 7919 the Torah 8451 shall add something 3880 to it by cunning knowledge 1847 they hold a controversy, will defend 7378 and also 349 not 3808 to separate His 2505 and not 3808 will make collection of learned men 627 over His 5921

8. will make collection of learned men His 627 over of theirs 5921 all 3605 wise cunning ones of them 2450. And was making collection of learned men theirs 627 over 5921 furnace theirs 8574 because 7945 troublers cause Mine 5912 - 1681 slander's of us-His [the first word next line is loaded in symbols blackened-[Cushites, the black races] forms of letters, backwards and a hook to the letter below, alph and in the letter nun top line 3581 and the Cemek of two parts and implied the teyt one good one bad and before the first word a word faint of lines and found of the analytical Hebrew and Chaldee by Bagster]]

9. crushing destruction 3589 to be written 5482 hated His you 5572 firm of 3581 speaking 1697 not 3808 were sharply looked at ones of 7688 in speaking 1697 commanded answers of speech 562 who of the chiefest of man 7218 the skilled of wisdom theirs of 2449 Yisrael 3478

10. letting be confirmed 547 speaking 1697 desired after 176 theirs striking of hands in compact and 5606 for a profane thing 2486 despised thing 960 and such of 1767 to turn away boiling up 5493 unlawful lusting after sex, drunkenness, drugs 7301 with 854 seeing 7200

11. the perplexity, entangled 3998-943 with greatness 1419 of this it will be 1668 to make plain in explaining 874 repeating again, again 8138 strong 424 the commands Mine|

12. with My light 216 ever direction manner-seeing 7342-7200 and impatience, restless eagerness 7115 My own hand 3709 because 834 ones of the returning slaves of the Temple making to Me [Nehemiah 7:47] seeing from the heavens 8064

13. knowing, knowledge of 1843 who of this seeing 2088 the authoritative edicts 3982 because-judging 7945-1777 seeing 7200| ones of helpers of El-seeing 499-7200 they 1931 among to deliver-good of 6561-reverse-to accost persons 7121 mouth speech 6310 these 1931 emaciated 7329 over turned, ruin 5856 not 3808| seeing 7200 to piling up 5067 head person of them 8267 nations 523 with such 2088 also unclean, soiled 5708

14. the nations 1471 among make deliverance His 6561 with anticipation for help 6923 for His what of purpose 4100 also answers at law-Torah manner of 562 taken away 3212 with seeing to be loose morally, prodigal, wasteful lavishly 2151-Dedan name of the Cushites 1719-reverse-to press tpgether, crushing 2115 to act high-seeing 7311 with women 802 opposit of 4136 clothing judgement 4055 expected to bind together 6960 and heavy 3365 mouth, speech 6310 a threshing 4173 [letters partly blackened-also the word 7311 has two dots in it as eyes seeing]

15. filthy, soiling 5708 causing to Me 7945 to create 1254 the time, age 5957 shall be 1961 their graves-[churches] 6913 will make place 7760 separately, alone 910 and will rise up 5927 for cause to consider purpose 2803

16. to examine select will be to Me 1305 in the age 5957 and shall be 1961 ones of confined because of in times to alter manner 4692 will be among to devise in secrecy concealing ones-seeing 2790-7200 among 854 the age, times 5957 and not 3808 shall be 1961 to stand of 5975

17. resemblance of theirs 4911 resemblance 4911 in an imposing form 1935 the king 4428 to breed bring forth increase 8317 by daughters [churches]1323 rolling in dust of selves seeing of them-good ones 6428-7200-2896 on account of His 7945 except 518 was nothing of Him 369

18. ones of altered form 4692 and among to devise in silentes-good 2790-2896 in the land 776 intimacy in consultation these of His-to be written of His these 5475-5482 and men entering of with His 3969 [Ezekiel 43:11-12] and going forth of source to produce of His 4161 was nothing theirs 369 from beginning ones 8462

19. by daughters [symbols for churches] 1323 such things 3651 the graves, a buring place 6900 shall be 1961 among to devise in silentes concealing ones good 2790-2896 and ones of changed manner 4692 point out 853 the future time 5957 and not 3808 shall be 1961

20 of the standing place [churches buildings] 5975 filthy soiled 5708 also of ones turned by mental pressure-hired, hireling ones 6735-7919 point out 853 have caused returning ones [understanding scripture] these-seeing 2088-7200| things-that constitutes an end achieved 1697 to create His 1254 comes before 6925 [His will not endure untrue in words]

21 also these create 1254 you of the future 5957 and an el His 410 such like 2004

22. you have experienced 7202 curing 1456 to take the right hand 3231 restraining, with drawing 1639 throne, position 3679 as treacherous 901-reverse fishermen 1728-weeping 1056 hand of power, able of 3027 multitude of men 5519 longing for crying 6165 portion 4480 who 4310 ponder 1897 gathered of 717

23. in the remnant 3498 who are sanctified, set apart, pronounced clean 6942 and shall turn away idolatry 7726 and happy, well of 7965 making circumspect, instruct of 7919 ones spreading forth 4894-reverse- an offence 2408 there 8033 in Chus-Ethiopia His 3568 among to destroy 7738 by shame, confusion of His 954 to boil up 7874 rising 7054 trembling terror of before 7578 or [seeing 7200 you cry out 2980]

24. Torah-you seeing 8451-7200 from progeny, sons 5209 and just and right His 36| ever lasting, eternaty 5703 eight-8, one above perfect seven-7 8063 things of purpose 1697 our formative process, creating His 1254 in day 3117 beginning 7223 and just and right His 3651 | an el His 410 behold 2005

25. who have taken the right firm 3231 to Me acceptable, accomplishing 7521 they will drive out possessors 3423 living place 2333 cast out, throw out 7993 who are existing of 1934 and among Mine existing 1934-reverse- ruin His 1942 will of before of them live to declare, explain show 2331 because of manner 3606 to sink bowed down 7743 who seeing of 7200 oppression, adversary of 6887 when 575 to feel, touch 3237

26. will be complete 3624 and from taking the right hand, of Mine 3231-reverse- let who of them 4310 have fall upon us His

27. Heavens-shall determine 8064-7549 remove they render sure 3559 will create His 1254 the light in senses-and shall love them 216-1730 to be ashamed these 954 and like this will be 3541 | and write the record 3791 delivered 6561 to be afraid take though 1672 with pointing out, teaching of Mine 8150 feeding, choose, create 1254

28. expanse of heavens of theirs 7549 and you messengers of them 4397 and fire His 800 because-fault 7945 ruin 922 and fire and 800 to Me against, this 1454 to rage, violent these 3238 and like this making 3541 | and their burying place, and this caused to give, and theirs have despised 6900-8248-939

Image 0153: 1. To sit as judge of the living 3427 and like this 3541| over 5921 the fullness, the full Moon festival times 3677 to hold up of 7311 and ones carring out 5375 and fulness, full moon, festival times 3677 exceedingly proud 1364 and seeing hanging up will do Mine 8518 to cause raising up 5927 assuredly to appear-at the coming of His 938 and like this 3541 and to be weary of 7646

2. officers, deputyships of them 4399 who were dispatched will 1254 who cause force strong 2428 among minisrering of them 8334 to remove of theirs 6435 portion 4480 the spreading seeing you 6517-7200 and like this 3541| and manner like 1823

3. fullness, full moon festival time His 3677 how by the eye you seeing of the nations, goyim causes to illuminants 5869-1471-5050 sapphire, gems 5601 on account of cause 7945 to Me to make know 5042 teaching to make full, complete by utterance 7274 and four 703 living His 2424 making clean dedicated set apart qadash 6942 to form His 7069 hastening to speak in season 5790 over 5921

4. all manner there 3606 to search out slander, backbiting 7270 rebels, murmurers 7279 and like such 3541| everlasting 5703 within along with associates you 5980 the baking of with Mine them 644 with wheels of theirs recurring course's directing, contoling actions going on from place to place 1534 the charioteers 4818 and covered, secrecy with Mine 3780

5. they have brought back 7725 sitting in ambush 3427 over fullness of the moon, festival time 3677 to hold up 7311 with ones exalted 5387 and like this 3541| not full moon the measure of 5429 completion to perfection seeing 8502-7200 a measure missing 520-you 859-seeing 7200 these among eyed 5869 in authoritative command 3982

6. what purpose 4100 it's splender glorious 3519 and appointed charge to regard 7760 white 3835 these of His 411 and you will find it 4672 these turn back 5493 all of 3605 the ones clap hands in compact His 5606 and seeing with Mine 7200

7. to whomever 4310 who also answer His 562 and also explain making plain causes to His 874

8. knowledge 1843 ones of will reside permanently you 7931 seeing 7200 concern for Mine 413 protect 5826 cheerfully, glade of 7797 the nations, goyim 1471| indefinitely of time these 5957 and measured to maintain theirs 3557 by appointed word 3983 [the calculated calender] the pit fall of destruction 7828

9. existed 1933 always 5769 the supreme 5945 and existed 1933 always 5769 that was to distinguishing of times theirs 914 out of the mire bubbled up of it 2563 and that 2088 calls out to people and they will do 7121 full moon festival 3677

10. glorious honored 3519 which 834 existed 1933 fullness of moon festivals of 3677 " H " 3068 certainty of truth 571

11. a gift 1890 kept out of sight 5958 be alert confirm 553 a ruin to over turn 5856 and existed 1933 kept out of sight 5958 by the wheels, recurring course directing and controlling going on of actions one place to another 1534 and doing so stars, princes, demons 3556 and calling out to people 7121 to come of His 225 the heavens 8064

12. murmuring complaining 1901 exsting 1933 kept out of sight 5958 those made low 8213 and calling out to His of 7121 the land 776 and after 310 this 2088 having explained declared of 874 when completion, implied to end with perfection 8503

13 a creation new thing unparallel you 1278 third level 7969 kept out of sight these-seeing 5958-7200 the El His 410 they 1992 have enough-seeing 7654-7200 things of manner 1697 also who bring to rememberance, recognized ones of 2142

14. who were created of feeding formative processes to qualify His 1254 before, front of 6925 the kept out of sight 5958 in regions 6285 where for a great while 3528 making know-seeing 3045-7200 when firstfruit, first in place 7225 the planed purpose 4284 these 1931

15. seeing-completion ending perfection you 8503 things offered a work 4639 . And seeing you completion, end perfection all at power of hand 8503-7200-3605-3027. The actions good 4639 these of 1931 firstfruits 7225 the planded purpose 4284 . And this the things 2088

16. when to Me they 4672 come forth, presented 4672 when seeing you 7200 in manner arranged 1699 among going forth of source these seeing 4161-7200 others of 317 theirs that arranged the order 5738 and complete of fully just made ready His seeing 8003 after 310

17. with deficiency of character 2642 over 5921 arranged order 5468 ones of to step steep of inaccessible secret of 4095 until 5705 labor to work to produce 3018 completion implied end to perfection 8503 what of purpose 4100 and these standing columns 5982 to join His 680 will be know 3045

18. to lift, accept these, seeing His 5375 the completion of ending in perfection, good 8508-2896 these 1931 you have ones of render sure 3559 and to prepare establish 3559 to being of 1961 El His 410 these become enough 7654 manner of things 1697

19. seeing completion ending of perfection of 8503 those found of them 4672 to keep, being able 3557 according to manner 3644 who to Me declare, explaining 874 these 1992 head of 7218 the planned purpose 4284. And to establish 3559

20. answer of commands 559 also will declare, explaining His 894 to go before of 6925 this kept out of sight 5958. Able to endure 7272 front of part pushing ahead [of Torah] 6921 making circumspect instruct, these seeing 7919-7200 and to have seeing of 1961-7200 the replied answers 8666

21. their 1931 custom of life 1870 to 413 El His 410 the fullness of 7653 answers of speech 561 who they 1931 come before 6924 to complete 3635. The ones 2088 who to complete implied to end perfection of seeing 8503

22. all 3605 these will be examined of them 952 these 1992 going forth of them 3212 accessing way walking, course of life 4108 that had made peace these seeing 7999-7200 ending a portion these seeing 7117-7200 in termination seeing 7117-7200 testify 5749 to insolents wickedness, proud 2086 after this manner you 3602

23. things perfection of beauty, splended theirs 4359 the mans 120 certainly 3588 things to come upon-seeing 857-7200 shall appear 4672 who have perverted Mine 2342 to close, [door] 1479 to lack cause to fail 2637 among to ruin 343 in regions 6285 to lift of Mine 5375

24. ones presented these His 4672 for crossed over 5668 strong of substance and 6106 leanness 7535 in chariots-seeing 4817-7200 the rocks 6697 they have a company of person in counsel His 5475 and good rocks these of 2896-6697

25. that these of 1992 them 1992 peaceful these His 7999 and they have a company of people in counsel His 5475 these 1992 closed doors of theirs 1479 the dead ones 4191 and were insolent wicked, proud after this manner you 2086-3602 purpose of them 4100

26. the gathered, raked together 181 theirs with perfumed of Mine 6988 and theirs bending down oppression 343 they to live of 2425 by 3588 that which 834 shines to be light against 3313 with them 1992 bitterness trouble theirs-fearing theirs 4786-4816 from a place boiling 1310

27. with wombs hollow, feelings 990 the sense of strength-the earth 766-778 desire to alter176 estop-deny the facts presented because of actions before or words 6979 among ones to shrink as cogealed sort selves you will 7087 rushing of desire to ruin 1942 have caused forming of quarryed stones of them 2672 and by which 834 proud insolent after this manner you 2086-3602

28. you to remain 3498 whom become His seeing 3487-1934 cause to bud of them 6779. And that which 834 were proud insolent after this manner 2086-3602 to remain 3498 whom become His 3482-1934 to try select 977 and so as to straight level, honest 833

29. were insolent proud after this manner 2086-3602 your completion implied ending of perfection you 8503 seeing completion implied ending of perfection you 8503 make selves clean you 2136 when you seeing become His 1934 the man 120 because 3588 not 3808 quarrels, contentious of ours 4683 others of His 317

30. temered,wine and water mixed 4197 remaining 3498 for heavy boasting 3513 and like this 3541 you shall find 4672 with arranged order 5468 their ones of the task 6045 with theirs made 6213 with the head of to declare 7217 slanders 7270 removing put down 8214

31. not 3808 who are heavy in a good sense 3513 and shall be 1961 these 2088 just and right in manner 3651 in regions 6285 and they when 518 not 3808 so you are seeing will be 1961 violent rain 1652 they have perverted it 2342 not 3808 it shall be 1961

32. word of thing 1697 in presenting these 4672 with eagerness hurry of them 2363 and when 518 not 3808 let it be of 1961 their pervertion it 2342 with eagerness, hurry of them 2363 not 3808 it to behold 1887

Image 0154 1. fearful of Yah 3376 they also friends 4828 and they smell implied to perceive of 7306 strong of substance 6108 and touch, feeling 3237 that which spreads 4666 and when 518

2. not 3808 let be His 1961 to twist the body as rolled together and 193 that of misleads His these 1686 the haste of theirs 2363 not 3808 it to Me 1934 a course of life, manner 1870 in misleading cause to stray- seeing of 1686-7200 the ones of foolishness you 5531 according to 3644-as light His 5216 [out of 3644]

3. also was explained-seeing 872-7200 and to establish 3559 domicile to stand 5979 the ones forming of purpose 3335 and to finish 3615 with men 120. Except 3588 not 3808 intent of 1701 Torah of 8452 Most High 5921

4. ones formed, you 3335 the messengers 4397 and the wheels, things recurring courses of directing controlling actions of them 1534 according to 3644 their writings 3791 the Reubeniy's-the seeing and built of 7206-7200-1138 leaness, limitations 7535 with course of life 1870 cause to fall deception this of you 7411-2088 to separate of the body 905 and by course of life 1870

5. complete 3634 not 3808 in course of life 1870 separate portion 2505 for 3588 not 3808 ones of call to mind the record, rememberance 2142 from creation unparalleled 1278 the heavens 8064 El cause 410 the things 1697 straight and right 833

6. was arranged the order His 5468 with them for order sake 5668 the base, humble of them 8217 and was protection of you, as compression bandage to a wound 2387 in ones task, work 6045 athers 3117 also to you to declare 874 who will see completion, perfect seeing 8503-7200-7200

7. with creation of them 1254 they to present these, His 4672 Master Mine 1180 the Teacher 7919 and completion to end perfection these 8503 in order sake 5668 with their rising 8213 they in the refusal, dross 5509

8. course of life, manner of theirs 1870 and traveling, going about seeing theirs of His 732 and they 1931are who acceping, enjoy 7521 with Torah 8551 slandering 7270 the ones of arranged order 5468 they have caused to consider intelligent 7919 straight and right 833

9. among breathing bodies, the people 5315 their's the pit falls of destruction your's 7825 which 834 among portion His 4480 were abounding of abundance 8228 those cosidered intelligent 7919 for ever lasting 5769 and completion to end perfection-seeing 8503-7200 the Master Mine 1180 the successful guide 7919

10. theirs with revelation, visions 2378 with shaking, bring force to mix altering the arranged order-to dislodge of 5128 " H " 3068 will to seek, inquire 1239 in building temple theirs 1964 and they 1931 when was pierced 7527 will make small diminishing 1639 when to mention 2142 the morally evil against 5766

11. to be dismayed afraid 2727 and this supressed of them 1458-3238 they 1931 who changed, overthrow of 2015 for by sprinkled in expiation 5137 because of was remembered 2142 the morally evil against 6385 splite divides 6385 in regions 6285 mislead to Me 7952 restore His 8000

12. the ones of affair 6045 and covering up transgressions they will seeing 5403-7200 accordingly 3644 with ones of keep a look out seeing you 975 chanhe, overthrow His 2015 shall be 1961 these 1931 the before of 6925 to rebuke 1606 and of manner just and right you 3651

13. search out, viewing 7270 the firmness of 3581 the spirit of understanding to Me 7306 when to separate 680 out of pit falls of destruction 7825 who they 1931 kept out of sight 5958 then consider to understand of them 7919 in the separation of them 914

14. with the moving of and 2654 the