"Listen to Me-says Yahveh, you that know righteousness, you people in whose heart is My Torah fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid of their reviling condemnations." Isaiah 51:7 (Yeshayahu 51:7)

"Because you have rejected My Torah, I have rejected you" Isaiah 5:6-7(Yeshayahu 5:6-7)

Learn the parable of the fig tree (Matthew 24).

The day of April 20th, 2015, early morning before 2:00 a.m., a tumultuous noise and crashing was heard in my sleep. Then just two words were heard; "Of man," meaning the end of man's laws and ways. I didn't understand this at first, but then I heard of the Supreme Court ruling on perverse marriage. It appears that this is going to be approved, and that would mean that Psalms 91 begins?

In a vision shown to me the fifth month of year 2014 was said I am showing you what is coming and the thing was like concrete held in the air a large lump white and not was powder or anything living in it. One must act prudent and consider who you are serving. And now the first of the six month said to me it is close-[to coming the plague that comes from among us caused by us this is from Shem Tov]. And now the 1st month of the year 2015 the 10th day , I was shown three large container like bowls and to stack them sealing each make sure not to push out anything of the lower bowl, cover to [seal to support the top bowls not allow the bowls to settle into the lower bowl of the food stored] he made sure to understand this. The three bowls are three years the food to sustain selves for the three year. Now the seed fails in the time of the plague, image 0087 line 26,27,28, first year of little no new crops, that means to recover it will take time to arrive at the next planting season, the seed available not to allow the planting of GMO-Genetically Modified Organisms, left over-still availability. The end of the growing season to regenerate seed and food, do not allow GMO seed to be used. A time of the year to repentance and change to the instruction given to Mosheh called Torah then the famine will have ceased. Psalm 91 states His people will have food. And Yoel-Joel-3100 speaking to the old men of the land and in verse ten-10 the word changes to adamah-earth or global for the harvest perishes of the field and of the trees and gather the people declare a fast set apart an assemble of the land cry out to "H" 3068 your El for the time is great a ruin is at hand. The food is cut off from the house of El joy and gladness cut off the granaries torn down the beast are vexed the herds the flocks are perishing. To My El I will call for the fire has burned the pastures of the plains the trees of the field and have dried up the rivers and the wilderness the fire has eaten. Yoel-Joel 1:17 shrivels the seed under the soil worked are laid waste the store-houses are torn down the granaries for has dried up the grain : 18 how groans the beast-cattle are perplexed the vineyard and herds for the morning comes not is the pasture burned up it gathers missing are the sheep are guilty have punished: to ones of you "H" 3068 caused to call for the fire it has burned the pastures of the plains and the flame has burned all the trees of the field. :20 gather also the beasts of the field having panted to you for have dried up the river waters and the fire has devoured the pastures-homes of the wilderness-speech.

Why do you keep to your orthodox or doxology conforming to established teachings of doctrine of men, their formed religions theirs, commonly accepted a course of life in their religions their ways. We set through out the planet and watch from the grandstands the race to destruction following the words of preachers-priests you masters in the pits leading to the stacking of bodies a race to die, chose life in Messiah-Mashiyach Yeshu and His instruction to Mosheh, and win live. Then the plague will cease and we rebuilt in His instruction-Torah, the days of man , his commonly accepted orthodox teachings are death. Something to consider Messiah-Mashiyach Yeshu has said through the prophets I hate your days and get your foot of My Shabbat Shabaton, Hebrews 4:9 The rest for His people, this word Shabaton only appears with the weekly Shabbat and the day of Yom Kippurim a Shabbat Shabaton and the land Shabbat Shabaton and for us, His people Isaiah-Yeshayahu 58:1-14 and see chapter 1:12. And a look in Luke 24 only Shabaton is present so this would make it the weekly Shabbat Shabaton and from the Interlinear Book of Scriptures the word order is not in order, translators made an improper word order, not according to the Hebrew. Hoshea 6:1-3 His people He raises and they rebuild the waste places and Yeshu heals the people and the land, it now becomes our responsibility to teach Torah from the Father made possible through Yeshu, He saves His people.

Must see Psalm 91:1-Yeshayahu-Isaiah chapters 24-25 read all of each for it is close and be prudent wise you will need to store food, the ruin of the land see image 0051you must and image 0380 Mattityah.  The plague closes in image 0059, now with image 0083 the coming forth of His people continues. Now continuing to translate we must remember that those left are still in positions of leadership over the ones coming forth out of the ruins for Yeshu by Yeshu do not get involved in anarchy-lawlessness ask for help He hears. Also still a time of ruin and rationing and housing controls of many things out of control, one of the words used by the analytical lexicon to describe the Hebrew word of Psalm 91:6 # 6986 root is to cut off; ruin destruction or 6987 extermination also 1698 plague over all a contagion. Along with the ruin-plague there would be rapid communication of an influence [as a doctrine or emotional state ] an influence that spreads rapidly. The author of this word having related it to the French revolution? This to the whole of nations, this era of communications. Remember He is bringing out His. I cannot express the ruin, in ever way it is very hard to picture and the only way to stop it will be Yeshu and Ab-Father and our turning to Him so in Daniel 9, with our whole heart, and actions.

(Torah is the first 5 books of the Bible)

Updated 4/30/15

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We follow the teaching of Meshicah as He showed Moshe and the covenants. The assemblies worship as the first century followers. For in Hebrews 13:8 Yeshu Messhiach the same yesterday, today, and forever and the same in Malachi 3:6 for I Am, Yahvah, I do not change.

Ephesians 3:14 For this reason I bow my knees to Avinu-our Father and Father of Adoni Yeshu Messhiach from whom the whole family in heaven and earth are named. Yeshayahu-Isaiah 49:1-3 and He said to Me-[Yeshu], You are My servant O Yisrael-Yeshu in whom I [the Father] will be glorified.

Therefore Messhiach is called Yisrael and the family being built in heavens and on lands therefore is Yisrael, the sons name. The family will include the Ministering spirits of Hebrews 1:14 the trusted Melak-messingers of Yahvah in the heavens and the earth becomes our home.

Walking in righteousness and hating lawlessness. In western philosophies the natural state of man is morality and evil results are of social complexity. There is nothing pure about man, he is subject to the simplest of social structures, in which reside the seeds of evil, family. Morality is not natural and instincts cannot be trusted, just being yourself is trouble. Morality is a difficult course of training and restraint, the Instruction from our Father through Yeshu to Moshe the Hebrew Torah must be the guide. Change, and using the righteous guide requires great effort in a course of training and restraint for true morality and real peace leading to the Kingdom.